The Amazing Race Canada (2013) s03e07 Episode Script

I Dream About Eating Sandwiches

Jon: Previously on Amazing Race Canada Go, go, go.
Jon: 8 teams kept on racing to Sudbury, Ontario.
At the crime scene detour Man: Jackpot.
Jon: Nick and Matt Congratulations.
Jon: prove they're both brain and brawn finally moving them up the podium from 3rd to 2nd.
But they couldn't catch Gino and Jesse.
Are you serious? Jon: Who swallowed the fast forward, earning them their 3rd victory of the race.
You're team number one.
Jon: Brian and Cynthia were a bit stunned You have been unsuccessful.
Jon: on a leg that should have been a perfect fit for the police officers and former paramedic.
I still don't have a pulse.
Man: I don't think Cynthia was doing anything wrong.
Jon: And after a struggle to revive their life in the race, Nick and Sabrina finished last.
Now, 7 teams remain as they race to win a year of travel for two in business class anywhere in the world that Air Canada flies; the 2015 Motor Trend truck of the year, the Chevy Colorado; gas for life from Canada's gas station, Petro Canada; $250,000; and the Amazing Race Canada.
Jon: This is Sudbury, Ontario, founded over 100 years ago as a mining town.
Today, it's a modern city with hundreds of fresh water lakes, pristine forests and plenty of open space.
Sudbury is a playground for Ontario's outdoor enthusiasts.
It's here, in the nickel capital of the world, that racers will begin this 7th leg of the Amazing Race Canada.
Gino and Jesse won the last leg of the race and will depart first, at 9:01 p.
"Fly to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
" Jon: Teams must now travel 2,000 kilometers from Sudbury, Ontario to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, a city straddling the South Saskatchewan River, known as the City of Bridges.
Saskatoon is surrounded by the northern plains, land that has sustained indigenous people for over 6,000 years.
"BMO is here to help and you have a toonie "on your Cash Back World Elite Msstercard for this leg of the race.
" Okay.
Ready? Let's go.
Let's try to find a cab.
On the last two legs, we had back to back wins.
I think we're going to three-peat here.
"Fly to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
" Let's go, man.
We finally got out of third place.
Unfortunately, we only moved to second place.
So we're still hungry.
Here we come, prairies.
Brian: Taxi! Cynthia: We've been working really well.
We've been driving the body hard.
We'd like to have a bit more fun, which is extremely hard because you're so mission-focussed.
Get her done.
"Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
" Okay, let's go.
Brent's birthday is tomorrow.
So we're hoping to get first.
Good bye, beautiful Sudbury.
Watch out, everybody, we're coming for you.
Simi: Saskatoon.
Let's go, let's go.
We're 5th again.
It's now time to burst out.
We just need to burst out.
Kristin: Yeah! Let's hurry, that much I know.
We've tasted that first place and we want it so bad again.
Neil: We've got to get our butts in gear.
We've got to have a great start, great middle, great finish.
Leilani: Here we come, Saskatoon.
Dujean: Saskatchewan.
We're in last place; definitely have step that up.
I'm excited.
We have an express pass we have to use today.
We have to make sure we use it to get ahead because we don't want to use an express pass and get second or third.
We want to use it to get first.
So today's our day and this is our leg to do that.
Jon: All teams are now flying from Sudbury via Toronto to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Once they touch down at John G.
Diefenbaker International Airport, teams will make their way to the tarmac and find these flight boards.
(Whooshing) Go, go, go.
Keep going.
Let's go.
Man: It looks like the tarmac's this way.
Right here.
This challenge will test racers' knowledge of international time zones and world travel as they prepare a flight plan using a combination of Air Canada destinations from around the world.
Air Canada is our nation's largest airline and flies directly to 190 destinations here in Canada and around the world.
Using a mathematical equation and the universal time code to calculate a flight's duration racers must find a combination of groups that travel to at least three continents to total precisely 25 hours of flight time.
For example, if a plane leaves Toronto at 7:00 a.
and arrives in Vancouver at 9:07 a.
, that is 2 hours and 7 minutes.
Plus the 3 hour time zone change, adding up to 5 hours, 7 minutes of flight time.
Once they have found the correct combination of flights equaling 25 hours, they'll present it to Captain Pat, who will give them their next clue.
Simi: We need to build a flight plan of multiple flights that add up to exactly 25 hours.
The tricky thing about calculating all of these is that the departure and the arrival times are often in different time zones.
Man: I don't understand this at all.
It sounds pretty simple but what's throwing us off is the time zones.
To me, it's very confusing.
Kristin: Greenwich Mean time.
I've never heard of that before.
10-- oh, that's not going to work.
What? Brian: This is Cynthia's thing.
I can't wrap my head around this stuff.
I've got to take my shoes off to count past 10.
Making me nervous.
(Whooshing) Brent: Plus 0 or minus 0 is the same.
So it'd be what, 5? I don't know; I don't understand.
Sean and I are both design students so ain't never going to use math, ever.
We're at a standstill.
We're not making any progress.
Brent: I know.
Maybe we should use the Express Pass.
Do you want to? Yeah.
We're going to use our Express Pass.
Thank you.
They used their Express Pass.
Smart move.
"Who's ready to jump?" A roadblock is a task that only one person can perform.
For this roadblock that person must bounce their way to a high flying trampoline park.
After jumping into their Chevrolet Cruze LTZ teams will drive themselves to the north end of Saskatoon and locate the Apex Trampoline Park, where they need to compete a 3-part trampoline course.
First, they'll have to bounce through a pattern of non-sequential trampolines in the correct numerical order while not touching the surrounding mats.
Then they'll launch themselves over a foam wall without knocking any of the bricks over.
Finally, racers must catch some serious air time and ring this bell to receive their next clue.
Okay, I'll do it.
Let's go.
Sean: What car is it? Chevrolet Cruze.
We had to use our Express Pass today.
This is Brent and I's first time in first place.
We're hoping this takes teams a lot longer to figure out.
(Whooshing) Leilani: Can you help me figure out this math? 9:00 p.
to 11:00 p.
I don't think we're going to get this any time soon.
We both are terrible at math.
By terrible, I mean the worst.
If we take a penalty it will cost us 2 hours.
But I'm looking around and just thinking these teams are going to be here a while.
Let's do it then.
We're going to take a penalty.
Thanks so much.
"Who's ready to jump?" You are.
We have to run this whole thing now.
It's a trampoline park not a trapeze park so it's nothing too crazy.
Sean: I'm just excited that Brent gets to play the bouncy castle for his birthday.
I should have brought balloons and a cake.
I think Sean's a little bit jealous.
Well maybe.
Take lots of deep breaths.
Sean: The first challenge, you have to jump once on different squares but in the order.
They go all the way to 9.
That's hard.
Right now, all I can do is watch, hope that it's quick.
Good job! Good job! (Panting) Thank god.
For the second obstacle, I have to jump on this trampoline (Buzzing) and then make it over top (Buzzing) these 3 giant bricks.
I didn't think bouncing on a trampoline would be so tiresome.
(Boing) (Buzzing) On.
(Buzzing) Almost.
AC, AC zero.
Confirmation, please.
That's not correct.
(Buzzing) Neil: That's not right.
Kristin: Man! Let's see if this one is correct.
Can I get a check? No, that's incorrect.
(Buzzing) All these teams keep picking out random flights hoping that, by chance, they're going to add up to 25 hours, which is not going to happen.
Toronto Pearson to Hong Kong.
6:30 and 10:40 p.
There are so many different combinations.
There's tons of combinations.
There's so many different combinations.
You actually have to have a concrete formula and it takes time.
Kristin: Toronto, Hong Kong.
Neil: Toronto, Hong Kong.
Neil: Could I get one more check? That's not correct.
Really? Oh! Neil: We're going to jump.
You want to take the penalty? Yep.
Let's go.
We're going.
We got to fish or cut bait here.
Let's go.
We're going to take the penalty.
You do it.
You haven't done anything of interest.
What I'm counting on right now is the other teams not getting anywhere and know that we can maybe shrink that 2 hour penalty as the day goes on.
Kristin: I can't believe you took a penalty.
Neil: I made the call, it's that simple.
We've got to try to pick up speed and-- Kristin: I just wish you didn't take the penalty.
You could have talked to me about it first but Nice and high.
Take your time and get high.
(Bell dings) Awesome, Brent.
Oh, my god.
Everything's going fine.
(Ringing) Is that good? Yay! Oh, no, a bottle cap.
Original Founders.
Excuse me, do you recognize this bottle cap? It's downtown.
To The Great Western Brewery.
Still in first.
All right, let's go.
Go, go, go.
We took a penalty which means I have to do all of these challenges as fast as possible.
Ready? Two hours is looming.
Go, kid, you got this.
Dujean, focus, come on.
Whoo! My das we, like, "We quit.
" He didn't even ask me.
He just quit.
I feel that you're going to be there for a long friggin' time.
I am so happy that another team took a penalty.
You got this, dad.
Ah! As long as we stay ahead of the two of them we won't be eliminated.
Quick, quick, quick! And jump! Oh, cool! Whoo! Let's do it.
Nice job.
Fighting to not be last considering our penalty.
And Kistin--- told you she took a penalty? Yeah.
You know, we're still in this thing.
It's not over.
We're having fun, we're just trying to mix around numbers.
You know what we could do? What? Is we could convert this, all our durations, to minutes.
We realize that if we convert it all to minutes it's a lot easier to add.
We know that Brent and Sean already used the express pass, and we saw two other teams take a penalty.
And we know we have a good system and it's just a matter of time before we figure it out.
So we figure if we can work with the other teams and have them do some calculations with our formula, I think we might be able to catch Brent and Sean.
We have all of the numbers.
Do you guys want to start plugging in numbers? We have all the minutes.
Let's just get out of this.
Yeah, we're in.
Yeah? A combination of the two to add up to 25.
Try to get one of these and add one of these smaller ones.
We're going to be cutthroat when we can, and when we can't we're going to work together.
We're all just trying to get out of here.
Simi and I have always told each other in this race we're going to run our race without help from anybody.
Okay, we've got it.
Okay guys, we've got it.
25 hours.
Sir, check.
Check! Check, please! We'd like to submit an answer.
That is correct.
Thank you.
Who's ready to jump? Me.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Come on, Jess.
You don't want to actually work with people but in that situation that was a smart move.
I don't regret it.
I can't believe they got the answer.
We're feeling the heat.
We're feeling the heat.
It's not going to be easy at all.
Running the race by ourselves can totally end us.
Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! I'll work it out.
AC 883.
AC 883, 7 hours.
The other teams have left and we're determined to complete this challenge and catch up to them.
We'll see.
Check, please.
All of your flight durations are correct but the total does not add up to 25.
You're kidding me? Oh! Dad! I'll try not to.
Look at me! Look at me! Yup.
Breathe, okay? Oh my God! Matt, let's go! Okay, relax, relax.
Looks like fun! Did you guys take the penalty? No.
How are you doing? How do you think I'm doing? My dad took a penalty for us and you guys got it 10 minutes after we left.
You've got this, dad! Maybe not.
(Sigh) In pro wrestling, one of the little secrets that you don't really tell is that you do a lot of trampoline work.
Nick's very athletic, very agile.
Good job, bud.
Good job.
(Bouncing effect) Good job, Jess.
We're neck in neck with Gino and Jesse.
There you go! Hulk mash.
No wall stop me! (Buzzer sounding) Oh, nice, Jess.
There you go! Let's get out of here.
(Bell sounding) Let's go.
We are just behind them.
Great Western Brewery.
Oh, here it is.
Cap in hand.
John: Over 25 years ago, when this brewery was slated for closure and demolition, 16 original and dedicated employees banded together to save their jobs by creating the Great Western Brewing Company.
Today it's one of Canada's most successful regional breweries, producing over 14 million liters of suds every year.
Once here, teams will search one of these bins containing over 5000 caps for 15 bottle caps identical to the Original 16 pale ale caps they received in their clue.
Once they have all 16, one of the breweries' original 16 employees will hand them their next clue.
Ooh, it smells nice.
We love beer.
We love beer.
We'll probably have to drink some.
Pick a bin.
So we have to find 15 bottle caps that match the one that's in our clue.
This is what our garbage can looks like after a weekend.
Oh, oh, oh, oh! I've got one.
Good, good, good.
There's no point in panicking.
They could all still be trying to figure out what flight they're going on.
What's wrong with my math here? Yes.
Oh! AC 213.
I see what is confusing me.
It's the minutes.
It's not 26.
Oh boy! What's mixing me up is that I keep converting one hour into 100 minutes instead of 60.
Now all my calculations are in minutes which is much less complicated.
Yeah, check, please.
That is correct.
Oh, thank you! You know, when I was a kid I - Dad, no stories! No stories! I wanted to be a part of it, right? He has a lot to say.
Yes, finally.
Oh my God.
You've got this, dad! Nice and slow.
(Music wanes) Flippin'-- (Kristin counting) 4, 5, 6, 7.
That's it - 8.
(Buzzer sounding) Oh! It was close.
I'll get up.
Kristin: Nice and slow.
Oh! Son of a Gah! Oh, you're that close, Brian.
(Sigh) The thing is, the more you find the harder it becomes.
Oh, got one, got one.
One more.
So there's one more white bottle cap in here and we need to find it.
Oh, oh, oh, oh! Yay, yay, yay! There's supposed to be 15 in total.
Plus the one that's in our clue.
Yes! Yay! Thank you.
Thank you.
John: A detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons.
In this detour teams will get a chance to master one of two traditional techniques the First Nations people have been performing for thousands of years.
It's their call - Nimitook or Mikwap.
In this detour, teams will travel outside the city to the Wanuskewin Heritage Park.
These lands and this center are dedicated to teaching and celebrating the history and traditions of the northern plains' indigenous people.
Teams that choose Mikwap will have to build their own traditional teepee using these provided materials and this finished teepee as a guide.
Built to be durable and provide shelter from the elements year round, the teepee is full of intricate detail.
Once, Mary, the First Nations elder, feels they've constructed the teepee correctly she'll give them their next clue.
In Nimitook, teams must perform a traditional hoop dance.
This form of storytelling can incorporate up to 30 hoops or more that transforms the dancer into many different spiritual shapes.
Using an expert dancer for guidance, teams must dance to the beat of a traditional drum, and master the complicated technique of transforming their hoops around their bodies to create five spiritually symbolic shapes.
Once they have mastered all five spirit shapes - this traditional dancer will give them their next clue.
Nimitook is hoop dancing.
Hoop dancing.
Let's go.
Let's go.
We're still in first.
We're hoping no other teams can get ahead of us.
Is this it? Great Western, yup.
This is it.
Alright! So at this point our penalty is still looming.
Teams could catch up right now.
We need to find these bottle caps as fast as possible.
Oh, found one.
Found one? Yay.
Another one.
He is pulling bottle cap after bottle cap after bottle cap.
There's another one.
He's killing it.
Ahh! Be confident, dad! Be confident! Yes! Good job, dad! Good job! Just take a big breath.
(Bouncing effect) Argh! You've got it.
5, 6.
You've got it.
Argh! That was it! If we don't get this done now we may never get out of here.
I can't do it, Cynthia.
Yes, you can, Brian.
I'm telling you! I know my body! (Buzzer sounding) (Cynthia counting) 5, 6, you've got it! 7.
Argh! I can't do it, Cynthia! Yes, you can, Brian.
I'm telling you! I know my body! It's fine.
You'll get it.
(Cynthia counting) 5, 6, 7 - that's it! That's it! I told you, you got it! That was easy, right? You've got this, dad! (Springing effect) Oh my God, great job! That was so good! Live squirrel! Did you get it, dad? Yes! Woo! Good job, dad! (Paper tearing) Original Founders.
It's a bottle cap.
Alright, let's go.
We're making great pace.
We're going to make up that time penalty.
Here, daddy, here! Oh, another one.
One more.
One more.
We have a penalty.
Working well together is really a morale boost.
Oh, here it is.
Got it.
Oh! Congratulations.
Thank you, sir.
Nimitook, hoop dancing.
That was fun! This is my first time being out west in Canada so it's exciting.
Really beautiful.
(Vocalizing) Hoop dancing.
Hoop dancing, let's go.
This one's kind of like a light gray so I think it will look good on me.
I mean I pretty much look good in every colour, so (Chuckles) Let's go.
Hoop dance is a storytelling dance using these five hoops.
We're going to lie down the hoops in front of you because we honour Mother Earth in a respectful way.
Brent: The hoop dance is a form of storytelling, and you start the hoop dance with all the hoops on the ground.
They represent Mother Earth and then you're taking the hoops from Mother Earth and forming different elements from them.
The eagle comes through and-- Yeah, oh, wow! Wow! We have to make a snake, an eagle, a butterfly, and a flower.
We're going to end with Mother Earth.
This is really cool.
And then we finale with an entire Mother Earth.
Mother Earth around you.
In hoop dancing we can't let them touch the ground.
So wait, what do I do? Now take a big breath.
This is easy.
Lots of time, lots of bounces.
That's it! Good job.
Got it! Good job! (Paper tears) Brian: Terrible! We've got to concentrate on this next thing.
You did great and that's-- it is what it is.
Gino: It's coming up.
It's right here, the big building right here.
Gino and Jesse are right in front of us.
Let's go.
Which one, this one, G? This is finding 15 needles in a haystack.
Oh, I got one, oh, I found another one.
How many do we need? - 16.
Oh, found another one.
I'm on fire right now.
We've only got one each here.
Let's go.
Oh, another one.
Another one.
Oh, I found another.
Gino and Jesse are kind of like two really annoying mosquitoes.
Oh, I found another one.
We need one more.
Got it! Ya! Oh, yeah.
They're done already? We can't get rid of them; it's driving me crazy.
That's it, guys; you don't want to hang out? We'll see you guys later! Ha! (Buzzing) "Build a teepee.
" You've got this, Dad.
Ope: Oh, boy! Simi: You got it.
You got it! Oy! Good job! Hey! Thank you.
Next one.
Come on.
You got this.
Oh, boy! Faster, faster, faster.
I need to relax.
- I know.
and catch my breath.
- I know.
Oh, boy! Simi: Dad, get up! One more, one more left.
Want to help? Almost impossible.
Oh, here it is! See, 16, well done.
Alright, we're going to make teepee; time to catch up.
Great Western Brewery.
There's the wrestlers right there.
Who wants to drink a lot of beer? Cynthia: Yummy! Okay, here it is.
Kristin: Another car is here, another car is here.
Neil: Well, how do you want to do this? Kristin: Go, start, go! Do you want to try it? - Yeah, okay.
Just say out loud what to do, Brent.
(Vocalizing) Snake, then spin.
Okay, so now it's the eagle.
Come on, no good.
Oh, no! One fell.
I already failed.
Yeah, it's transition from the eagle which is the toughest.
Let's start over.
Here's another one.
Here's another one.
I think I broke a nail.
She just doesn't shut up.
Oh, wait, stop! That's 16.
(Paper tears) We should just get going.
One more to go.
Alright, Dad, let's keep going.
Oh, ho! You got it? Let's go.
Kristin: Do you want to go try Mikwap? Neil: Sure.
We have a two hour penalty ahead of us and we're at the back of the pack.
The entire 7th leg of the race is pretty frustrating right now.
You're overthinking this.
Do it.
You've got this! (Sigh) Ya! Oh, my god! Good job.
Now go do that third one.
I'm so proud of you.
Oh! Let's go! Let's get out of here! Woo! Let's go.
Oh, there's Brent and Sean! Oh, Leilani and Dujean caught up.
Shoot! We've got to hurry.
Leilani and Dujean show up to the dance.
They're professional dancers.
There we go.
So we're very nervous.
Okay, let's do it.
(Vocalizing) (Giggles) Come on, come on.
Woo! Sweet.
You need to work on your end.
On our end.
- Right, right.
Do you want to just right now go over that part? Dujean: Yeah, I'm going to go over that part real quick.
There's a park here or something up to the left.
Not the right park.
Cynthia and I are lost in Saskatoon and I'm feeling frustrated.
We're looking for Wanuskewin Heritage Park.
We're going to build a teepee.
The guy said you're on the other side of the river so I'm not impressed.
Let's go.
Brian, relax, seriously.
Don't tell me to relax, just drive.
We're going the exact opposite end of the town right now.
Pull over then.
I don't know what more you want me to do.
You can help me find this.
You're driving me crazy right now.
What are you going to do, give me a time out? (Vocalizing) Oh, my god! One fell.
I don't know how.
You need more practice.
Sean: Yes.
Mikwap? Oh, it's over here.
Let's go.
Let's pick a station.
Choose a station.
Gino and Jesse are over there.
Argh! Even though Brent and Sean used the express pass, Jesse and I are catching up quick.
This is right up our alley.
Oh, yeah.
We've done tons of renovations together.
We've built numerous amount of things.
So I'm just looking for certain little things that they do to it.
This one goes on the inside.
The other three go on the outside.
And then they add one, wrap it over.
Wrap it.
One you have your poles set you have to fasten the ropes tightly together.
If you do it incorrectly you have to backtrack and rip apart the tarp, disassembling poles, and that takes a lot of time so we're going to nail this one.
Gino, that looks pretty sick.
We're going to build a teepee.
Since we started this race I've been having the most ridiculous dreams.
One of the things I woke up was-- I was oh, I've got to build a teepee.
I dream about eating sandwiches pancakes sometimes.
Heritage Park there.
Dance to the left, teepee on the right.
Gino and Jesse.
Okay, now it's go time.
(Vocalizing) No good.
You have to work on your flower.
Yeah, I know.
I've got to work on the flower.
One, two.
What goes on this side, G? These two here? It's all technique here.
Gino and Jesse are gaining ground.
Their teepee is pretty much done.
We feel like we've gotten every move.
This is Brent's birthday leg so we need to get first place.
Okay, we'll try one more time.
(Vocalizing) And flowers.
Step out.
Yes! Yes! Thank you! Thank you! This was so much fun.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
"Make your way on foot and search for Jon at your next pit stop.
" Teams must now search the park on foot to locate the Wauskewin Lookout Point overlooking the stunning 600 acres of land filled with rolling hills, the South Saskatchewan River, and breathtaking skies.
Thousands of years ago, these ancient lands were filled with the thunderous sounds of roaming buffalo.
Today, it's the 7th pit stop on the Amazing Race Canada.
The last team to check in here may be eliminated.
Brent: Do you see it? Sean: No, Brent.
Brent: Yeah? No! I'm going to be sick.
(Gag) I think we got good, man.
Nick: They're getting checked already.
That's a good teepee, man.
Yes! You're the best.
Jesse and Gino just got their clue.
You're kidding me.
Again? We are going to make the three-peat happen.
Oh, my ankles, my back.
How did you think Sean and Brent did? I don't know, man.
(Gag) Oh, my god.
(Gag) (Eagle screams) First place.
First place.
There they are.
They're going to lose.
They're going to lose.
(Gag) Oh! Push, Brent! Oh, my god, it's so far! There they are.
First place.
First place.
Are we one or two? I don't know, man.
Pit stop! Come on, boys! Hustle! Oh! Oh, my god.
(Gags) Oh! (Gags) Oh, god.
Oh, god.
Not again.
(Gags) Welcome to Treaty Six Territory here on beautiful Wanuskewin, Saskatchewan.
Thank you so much.
It's beautiful.
Brent and Sean, boys, you're team number one! (Chuckling) Oh! Happy birthday, brother.
Thank you, thank you! Yeah.
Yes! As the winners of this leg of the race, Air Canada is sending you to the City of Love, Paris, France.
Both: Oh, my god! And that's not all.
Petro-Canada is giving you five million Petro Points that can be redeemed for a year of free gas.
That's amazing! Oh, incredible! We have four goals for the Amazing Race Canada.
We didn't want to get eliminated first.
We wanted to get the express pass.
We wanted to get first on the leg of Brent's birthday.
We've got three out of four so far.
There's just one goal left.
We want to win Amazing Race Canada.
Gino and Jesse, you're team number two.
You know, it was tough.
Brent and Sean they had the express pass so immediate advantage but we worked pretty hard today.
We did.
You guys are running this race with a fire in your bellies.
Where do you find the inspiration to keep going? We keep pushing each other.
We're brothers, you know.
I'm just happy to do this with my best friend, my brother.
(Chuckles) Jesse: Great job.
Nick: Not so much, Matt.
No? Relax.
I think we're ready for a check, man.
Alright, let's do it.
Oh, I'm sorry to tell you but your sticks are wrong.
The sticks are wrong.
We have to pull everything out and pull the canvas off every time we get a check.
Check! Your sticks are wrong.
I know that I have no idea-- none.
Just take this off.
Matt: Yes, dude.
We've taken it down three times.
Not getting it done is my frustration.
There's no way it's out here, honey.
Oh, here it is.
There's the route marker.
We walking or running? Brian: Whatever you want.
Brian, we're not out of this.
We've known each other for over 20 years.
We're two type A personalities.
We're used to green army tents, eh, Brian? I get frustrated way too easy.
I take it out on the people I love the most so I've got to work on that.
I want to succeed in this task because it's an honour to build it.
We want to build this teepee with integrity, being respectful to the Aboriginal people.
That looks very, very close.
I'm so pumped.
Ooh! Sunshine! Almost.
Just one more.
Just one more.
Oh! Yes! We're going with Nimitook.
We're so in this.
We haven't seen a team since this morning.
We're still banking on the fact that two teams took a penalty.
We remain in the race.
(Vocalizing) We've got this.
You've got this.
You've got this.
Woo! You did good.
Dujean: Awesome.
Thank you so much! Awesome.
Oh! "Search for Jon at your next pit stop.
" Let's go! - Wow, let's go.
Like I know take your time.
We're probably in last but also like not take your time.
Kristin and Neil just got here.
A little party of people making teepees.
Just give it a little twist.
Cynthia: Copy.
Yeah, check.
I'm liking it.
Your sticks are wrong.
That is not as easy as it looks.
Dujean and Leilani, you're the third team to arrive but because you failed to complete the flight plan challenge you've been given a two hour penalty.
You wait off to the side.
I'll let you know when you can check in.
Now at this point all we can do is sit and wait, wait and sit.
Sit and wait.
This is only our second attempt.
I think we're ready for a check.
Your wrapping.
Cynthia: The rope.
So take these all off.
How can we get the wrapping wrong? Wrap four of them.
Check! I feel good about this.
It looks strong.
I don't see why not.
Your first three poles are wrong.
They have no idea what they're doing.
How many ways could you possibly put these three sticks? Very, very close to losing my mind.
Matt may have had a dream about building a teepee but it's now quickly become my nightmare.
(Eagle screams) I don't get this knot at all.
I can't figure it out.
There are so many intricate loops, knots, and it is very complicated.
Do you want to try the dancing? Do you think it might be easier? Wouldn't you rather at least see if we think we could do better at it? Sure.
Oh, my god.
This is crazy tough.
Should we make the switch? This is like a Hail Mary in football.
We need to throw it up, and we need to get it right, and we need to get it right now.
Oh, my god! Jon: For more on the teams, exclusive videos, and so much more, head to ctv.
(Vocalizing) Neil: I think we need to make a call.
Should we make the switch? Do you want to try? It's up to you.
It's totally up to you, Dad.
Sure, why not? We're going to try! We're switching to the dance.
We've had luck with dancing before.
Why not now? Making a big bird.
Yeah, Dad.
There you go.
I love this.
Okay, Daddy, we've got this! Don't drop a hoop.
(Vocalizing) Kristin, I messed it up.
I dropped one.
Is this the butterfly? Yeah, you got it! I'll get it! I'm choking myself out here.
Ah! Don't laugh at us.
Don't you think it looks better? Yeah.
It's crunch time now, like we've got to get out of here or, you know, this might be our last leg of the race.
That's not acceptable to either of us.
Your sticks are still not right.
(Eagle screams) Do you want to try the dance, Nick? I really, really don't want to but I think we're just banging our heads against the wall.
Instead of this challenge here we're going to try the hoop dance.
Cynthia: Nick and Matt went dancing.
Brent: It's anybody's game right now.
(Vocalizing) Feel the bird.
Good job, Dad! Up over our heads, Dad.
That's not bad.
You did good.
Woo hoo! Yes! You did a good job, Dad! We can dance through hoops.
"The Sunburn Tipi Ring area.
" "Search for Jon.
" If we get there in good time we could start this penalty and we can get back in this.
I know, I know, I know.
How do we know which ones go where? Cynthia: The sticks are right.
There's one single strand, two single strands, and then a double strand.
You have the lash the rope around a certain way.
Cynthia, I think I've got it.
I'm on my tippy toes.
Can we have the elder check us, please? Looks good.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Very nice meeting you, Mary.
Airborne shuffle.
The wrestlers are still over there.
(Vocalizing) I just dropped the hoop.
We need to start again.
It's frustrating because if the hoop hits the ground you've failed the attempt.
I'm struggling with the hula hoops.
Come on! We're coming! Hi.
Good job.
You too, Daddy.
Neil and Kristin, you guys are the fourth team to arrive but because you failed to complete the flight plan challenge you've been given a two hour penalty.
If you could wait off to the side, I'll let you know when I can check you in.
Dujean, Leilani, your two hour time penalty is up.
If you can join me at the mat I can officially check you in.
You guys are team number three.
Woo! Wow.
Even though me and Leilani had our penalty we worked well today as a team.
We can potentially win this whole race.
Brian and Cynthia, you're team number four.
We're happy.
Oh, that's Nick and Matt.
Yes, it's here.
Look, there's a marked thing over there.
Ope: Okay.
We're going with Nimitook.
(Vocalizing) You did good.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Good job, buddy.
That was tough.
I just feel relief.
The teepees drove us crazy.
Nick and Matt, boys, you're team number five.
Not a good day.
It wasn't a good showing.
It wasn't our regular showing.
We're happy we're here but we're not happy with our spot.
What are you going to do to change the spot? Not build teepees.
(Laugh) Waiting is the worst part.
It sucks.
Mother Earth.
Mother Earth.
Good job, Dad.
Right now it's just between Ope and Simi and me and my dad.
Our fate lays in their hands and they're getting close.
(Beeping) (Eagle screams) We have 30 minutes left to wait in our time.
Let's do it.
There's still time.
Let's do this.
I just told Simi let's put the race aside and let's respect this culture.
They're sharing their identity with you.
For that moment you're part of them.
I am so proud to be a Canadian.
(Vocalizing) Ooh! Thank you.
You guys did good.
Thank you.
I respect you, judge.
Thank you.
It was a really special experience and I'm glad I got to do it with my papa.
(Paper tears) "Make your way on foot to the Sunburn Tipi Ring.
The last team to check in may be eliminated.
" Let's go! Do you see it? No, I don't know where Jon is.
I'm just hoping there's a shot they might still be there.
Kristin: This is the worst part.
Oh, my god! Hold on, please! Come on, Dad! Go, go, go, go, go.
Ope: I'm dead.
I know.
We're so close.
Good job, Dad.
I'm so proud of you.
(Panting) Kristin: There they are.
Simi: Dad, they're still there.
They're still there.
Look at them.
I love you.
(Panting) Neil and Kristin, I'll bring you guys to the mat as well.
Simi and Ope, you're the last team to arrive.
But Neil and Kristin took a two hour penalty, which means that you are team number seven.
Oh, my god! It just goes to support never to give up.
Just keep racing, just keep racing.
Neil and Kristin, I am sorry to tell you this.
You have been eliminated from the race.
It was so close, within minutes, you guys.
You make a call.
Sometimes it works for you and sometimes it doesn't.
That close to having that strategy work.
And it's not his fault.
We are a team.
He said what he said and I followed him, and I'm not going to hold anything over his head ever.
This man has been your hero your entire life.
What's it like to run this race with him? It's a blessing.
I'm the luckiest girl in the world.
This race was a total dream come true and being able to do it with him just made it twice as much fun and twice as easy.
I love you so much.
Team Lumsden out.
Both: Too early.
Jon: Next time on The Amazing Race Canada Fly to Calcutta India! Jon: Teams travel around the world to India Wow! Jon: where they must contend with chaos in the streets.
Taxi! Taxi! Taxi! Go, go, go! Go, go, go! This is so bad.
Jon: For some tempers will flare.
I'm trying! I'm just talking to you, man! Shut up! You're so annoying right now.
Jon: As others struggle to find their inner peace.
Oh, sorry.