The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) s05e02 Episode Script

The Rerun

It's like nothing is happening today.
I know.
Today's so boring that if it was a person, it'd wear a polo shirt and khakis.
But it's a Saturday.
The possibilities are endless.
That's the problem with infinite possibilities One of them is infinite boredom.
What? How did that even get in here? Maybe something will happen if we just wait a little longer.
No, we've already been sitting here for so long that your butt has fossilized.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Aren't you coming? Mine's grown roots.
Ooh, you're gonna have to wax that.
That's okay.
I'll just prune it.
There's nothing going on out here either.
Ah, puddles.
Perhaps I should partake in some infantile joie de vivre that becomes a boy of my age.
Blegh! I just don't understand.
There has to be something interesting happening somewhere.
Dude, I'm just saying I think we should swap every now and then.
I'm always stuck on the night shift.
It's not fair.
You know you couldn't handle the day shift.
You're just not bright enough.
Tell me you did not just say that! Wait.
I-I didn't mean it like that.
It's just that you're not a a star like me.
Oh, so you're the star of the show even though I do half the work, huh? Well, I'll show you stars, you giant gas bag! Pbht.
Even the weather is boring.
Please stop.
You know very well that ain't gonna work.
Oh, yeah, why? 'Cause you're so hot at fighting, too? No.
Because I'm 95 million miles away from you.
Yeah, well, you didn't hit me either, so let's call it a tie.
Huh? This is an emergency.
We've got a code zero.
There are zero doughnuts left.
I'm going to the doughnut store.
Chief, there's a black and white car speeding out of control on West Elmore Boulevard.
That guy again, huh? He's my worst enemy.
That kid that called you Pinky McHole? - No, the other one.
- Cholesterol? No, the 4:00 offender.
But don't worry, I'll get him this time.
He took a left at Fourth and Pico.
Aaah! Aaah! Dude, there's no point holding your breath.
Nothing interesting's gonna happen.
Somehow he's made it to Seventh Avenue.
This ends today.
Aaaah! Okay, you better find a shortcut.
He's heading right.
Now right again.
Now left.
Uh, Chief, I just figured out why you can never catch this guy.
You know, how you always run out of doughnuts at 4:00? Not now.
I'm closing in on him.
Okay, sure.
Uh, yeah.
You go get him, sir.
Ugh, man, this guy's definitely collecting for something.
Hi, there.
Can I have a minute of your time? Nah, hold that thought.
Hi, there.
Can I have minute of your time? We'd like you to help us find a use for a brand-new product we're developing.
I know just what to do with this.
Ah, ah, ah, ah! Oh, oh, oh, oh! Ah, oh, oh, oh.
Aaah! Oh, oh, oh.
Ow, oh, ow.
Ohh! Ow! Ah, ah! Can you see any better? No.
- How about now? - No.
Any other comments? It hurts tremendously.
I'm not sure if I'm tanning or it's just my birthmark spreading.
Aah! Hmm.
Guys, I finally found a use for it.
Here's your reward.
Well, now we know this has no use whatsoever.
Off to the trash with you with all my other useless inventions.
Uggghhh! This day is so boring.
They say a thumb can't change his print But lookin' at this window's tint I see the boy I used to be If he saw me, what would he see? He'd look at me in disbelief A dirty, no-good thumbprint thief Forever stealing, gettin' busted On the run, or being dusted But this symphony of car alarms Has reminded me of music's charms As a boy I dreamed that I'd go far As a bona fide musical star I sung a little song, did a little show Got sick of the producers saying no So I turned to crime, stealin' all the time Life lacked reason, life lacked rhyme Now it's time to say I'm sorry What better way than in a song Give me back the car you stole I'll pay you back in rock 'n' roll You took my daughter's trampoline Well, how about this tap routine You stole my mother's diamond ring It doesn't really matter 'cause I can si-i-i-ing No, you can't! Oh, come on, it can't be that bad.
Ah, then you only have yourselves to blame for this.
What? I thought I heard something, but, eh.
Good afternoon.
I'm here to tell you about today's special offer.
There! Something's gonna happen! - Oh! - Aaah! Aaah! Aaaah! Good afternoon.
I'm here to tell you about today's special offer.
Two bottles of detergent for the price of one and a half.
Did you guys see that? No.
Oh, don't worry about it.
I got it on my phone.
Dude, you had it on the face camera.
Yeah, but you could really tell how good it was by how much I'm laughing.
What do we do now? We're going home to watch the clock until this hideous day finally ends.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is the one.
Ugh! Why does time only slow down when you're bored? Hi Five Ghost, ride the whip.
Hi Five Ghost, ride the oh.
Good morning! - Oh.
- Good morning.
You know, it's funny, but in this picture, the house looks kind of pink.
Uh-huh, matches the one we got on the back.
No, the one we got is blue.
Uh, no, that's blue.
Just like the frosting on this doughnut.
You're colorblind, aren't you? Hm? Cotton candy? - Also pink.
- No! Is this the dwelling where I shall find two brave strangers to help me on my quest that will be perilous? We will go to places man has never dared tread.
But above all, it will be the journey of a lifetime! You're in luck, little man.
We know just who you need.
Yeah, there's these two geeks who are really into role-play.
They'd be perfect for it.
They live two blocks down on the left.
Oh, you sure you two wouldn't Oh! Wait! Those two guys! Oh, you've had second thoughts.
They're not two blocks on the left.
They're two blocks on the right.
Oh, all right, whatever.
I guess we learned something today, Darwin.
Life doesn't come knocking at your door.
It's down to you to make things happen.
Shall we get on with it then? Nah, I'm not much of a doer.
I'm more of a moaner.