The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) s05e25 Episode Script

The Diet

How about this? I can guess the time.
Okay, what time is it? Friday.
Dude, I don't think that counts as a special talent.
How about this? I can bend spoons using my mind.
Uh, I thought you were gonna use your mind.
I did.
My mind told my hands to bend the spoon.
That doesn't count.
Oh, oh, oh! I can talk to animals! Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy? Dude, that's not talking to animals.
That's talking at animals.
I can crack my neck! Once.
Why is it so important for you to have a special talent all of a sudden? Because everyone else has one! Carrie can go through stuff.
Clayton can shape-shift.
And even Alan can float! I'm like a superhero whose only power is converting oxygen to carbon dioxide.
That sounds cool.
It's just breathing, dude.
You could learn a talent.
How about art? We both know how that ended last time.
I call it "Global Warming.
" Aah! What is that?! That's my second piece.
It's called "No Escape.
" People just aren't ready for me.
How about your party trick? Oh, this? That's not so much a talent as it is a medical condition.
Hi, honey.
Hi, Mom.
What's for dinner? Broccoli for me, trees for you.
That's what I'm gonna do! I'm not sure making schoolchildren disappear is a talent you want to have.
No, dude! I'm gonna learn magic! What? You know, I'll be like that boy in the book who was told he was special by a bearded guy who took him to a big castle to learn magic.
Oh, yeah, the nice boy with the scar and the spectacles.
No! The butt-kicking one with the snake and no nose.
Oh, yeah.
No, wait.
What?! Dude, this sounds like trouble.
What's next? "10 Ridiculous Objects Wuggles Use Instead of Magic.
" They eat turkey for the winter solstice instead of children?! Ah, durpadabra! I've lost the Witch-Fi! Oh, come on.
There's gotta be a signal around here somewhere.
What are you doing here? Teach me! Ah.
I'll teach you.
some manners! But I brought all this witching stuff Eye of newt, toe of frog, wool of bat.
They'll never let us back in the zoo after this.
Please, just Just give me a chance.
Beat it! You don't have what it takes.
No! I'm gonna prove to you that I'm worthy! Try me.
No! Witch trial! Witch trial! Witch trial! All right, okay, fine.
You can come in.
Just stop screaming that on my doorstep.
I really don't see how this will teach you magic.
Uh, duh! It's teaching our hands to make perfect circular motions for spells.
Right, Mrs.
Jotunheim? Eh See? I think she's just using us to get her chores done.
Why would she make us sweep the floor if not to teach us how to fly on a broomstick? Yeah, I know what you're gonna say This is teaching us how to wave a wand or something.
Bup-bup-bup! Sounds like someone needs a little motivational song.
So you've got a new ambition to become a great magician But first, you must do time for Mrs.
Jotunheim You need to beat away the dust if you want to earn the trust Of the wizard and the druid, so get out your cleaning fluid If you want a crystal ball, be sure to clean it all Do your chosen focus to learn the hocus-pocus Yeah, yeah, yeah Whoo Get down and do the graft to be a master of the craft You got to clean the decks if you want to learn the hex Perfect your washing motion to get good at making potion Clean the fridge and then the oven To join the witches' coven You don't wanna be a doctor, a lawyer, or a dentist You wanna study magic, be a sorcerer's apprentice If you wanna be a witch, well, here's the sitch Look at me, I was born magical powers Wait.
I think I can feel something! You're right! I can feel my magic powers growing! The power It's happening! What the?! What are you doing?! You don't have enough brain cells to afford to fry them like that! Wait, what? We haven't learned any magic? No.
What?! Why?! Because you, uh haven't finished cleaning the basement.
Oh! Oh! Just don't open the Door of Forbidden Secrets! Why? Well, 'cause it's, uh really, really boring? Hmm.
There's been a lot of dust today.
We won't touch that door.
Ugh! Dude, that boring door looks like the most amazing thing I've ever seen.
What are you doing?! She clearly doesn't want us to go in! I'm just polishing the handle.
Oh, no! It opened by mistake! So I got a question.
Do trolls, like, uh, normally eat people? Normally, trolls bait people to make them angry.
They feed on people's anger.
And then they eat them.
Please tell me you didn't feed the troll.
I didn't feed the troll? It fed itself on Darwin.
This is terrible! A troll on the loose and a missing child! This could lead to a witch trial! You mean with pitchforks and flaming torches? No, way worse With lawyers and court fees! And it's my money that's gonna burn! It's okay.
I'll help you, using the magic you taught me.
Oh, yeah, about that I wasn't training you.
I just tricked you into doing my chores.
But how?! Was it some kind of magic mind trick? Nah, just a regular mind trick.
Ohh! Ah, come on.
Put this on.
It'll give you magic powers.
Global warming isn't real! I'm sorry, but there are scientific proofs that I think you mean "There is scientific proof.
" Don't they teach grammar at yoga academy? For your information, yoga is a very physical and noble activity.
No need to get so excited, hon.
I am a man! Hard to tell with that voice and that ponytail.
You don't have to get all defensive.
I'm not being defens Lite? You only have the demo version of my powers.
Every spell you cast has a watermark.
Now, you take care of the troll while I erase Mr.
Small's memory.
Unexpecto amphibiosos! Aah! What are you doing?! Disappeariosis! Ha! Gotcha! Agh! You didn't make him disappear! Aaaah! You made him invisible! I think I know where he is.
Take this! Electriosis! Watch out! Aaaaagh! Uh er T-T-Teleportarion! Aaaaah! Pacificosus absolutus! Oh! Oh! Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! Mmm! Oh, man! Ha! Potroficus! Oh, no! My hat! Too late, little man.
You got beat.
I think you mean "beaten.
" Ha! You think you can troll a troll? You got a lot to learn.
I know.
I always thought trolls were, like, those little porcelain guys on the lawn.
That's gnomes.
You know that's gnomes.
You guys are the ones with the lucky charms.
No! That's leprechauns! You're talking about lepre Aaaah! Oof! You found his weakness! Trolls are only as big as we make them.
Keep doing it.
Keep doing what? Being yourself.
So, if you're a troll, why don't you have an Irish accent and live at the end of a rainbow? That's totally leprechauns! Stop doing leprechauns! Got it So the orcs are the ones with the big feet that live in the burrows.
No! The orcs are the Oh, no, no, no, no.
You're right.
Orcas are the panda-looking whales.
Ugh! Man, it stank in there! He's disgusting.
Actually, elves are quite cute when they're small.
I am not an elf! Would you Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! I think we found your talent.
What is it? You're supernaturally annoying.