The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) s06e09 Episode Script

The Faith

And in other news, scientists have discovered a completely new color -- A mixture of blue and red called "bled.
" And here it is on TV for the first time.
Yeah, typical! Stuff always breaks just when the warranty runs out.
When did it run out? About 20 years ago.
Uh, I think there's something wrong with our mirror too.
I don't think that's the mirror.
You look like a pair of English buttocks.
Yeah, well, at least I'm not eating kitty litter.
Huh? Eww! Mom! I got confused, okay? Everything was in black and white at the supermarket.
I chose that one because I like the picture.
It literally says "non-clumping" on the box.
Uh, I assumed that meant it was full of fiber.
Huh? Aah! Okay, something weird is going on here.
What the what? All right, all right.
Everybody calm down.
I'll take care of this.
Okay, dark-gray car, move forward.
Aah! Not you! Light gray! Reverse, reverse! Aah! Medium gray, move forward! Aah! Somebody do something! What is going on around here? It's like the color's been sucked out of the world.
"Excited for our blind date and first kiss.
I'll be the one wearing gray.
" Huh? Eh.
The spell is broken! I don't have to spend my life supporting this team anymore.
Now I can finally dedicate my time to my real passion -- Close-up magic.
And I can get back to the greatest pastime of all -- Embroidery! Magic.
Magic! Embroidery! Juicy! Hmm.
What's all this now? There's something we're not seeing.
Oh! Dagnabbit.
Oh! Aw, come on, man.
No, no, no.
Watch out, dude.
It's all right.
I got this.
Ow! Right in the neck.
What's this? What is going on here? This place looks like a gas-station restroom under UV light.
I know what happened.
Aah! Aah! The kid who used to clean off the tags hasn't come for a while.
Uh, you got a -- you got a little bit of paint on you.
Did I get it? Uh, yeah, sure.
One last thing -- Could you point the way out? Sure, it's that way.
I really don't know why I thought that would help.
I think there might be trouble ahead.
I can smell it.
Well, it actually smells like popcorn.
Aah! You can't stay here! What? Why? Aah! Aah! The sun! Aah! The sun! What's wrong with the sun? The nice boy who did the recycling has given u-- Wait, has what? He's given up.
So what? What the what, dude?! You look like a trucker's elbow! You look like a medieval coin sack! Wait a minute.
They stopped recycling, didn't they? And burned a hole in the ozone layer! Ah, I got it! Of course! The sewers! Good idea! You meant use the cover as a shade, didn't you? Yeah, that's what you meant.
What's going on here? Stop! I'm sorry, kids, but you can't go this way! Why? The kid who used to feed the ducks has stopped.
So? So? Uh, I guess we'll go via the old folks' home, then.
I wouldn't.
Why? The kid who used to run the bingo has stopped doing it.
Mayday! Mayday! We need backup! They're coming through the gosh-darn walls! Aaah! Whoa.
Turns out the rules of bingo are the only rules in an old folks' home, huh? Whoa! All right, you know what? It's every man for himself now! By the way, avoid the zoo! The kid who used to volunteer there has given up too! I think I'll take my chances with the ducks.
Dude, the atmosphere is getting kind of creepy.
It's like we're being hunted.
Not hunted.
Clever boy.
Aah! You're scouts! Aren't you supposed to be nice, build birdhouses, and play the bugle and junk? Our scoutmaster left us, so we're an army without a leader.
This is our territory now.
You're either with us or against us.
Aah! We're with you! We're with you! Huh! What's our motto, then? I'll give you a clue.
Starts with "B.
" "Be lieve in men who wear short shorts in the woods"? Badges! Scouts love badges, right? You want badges? When the leader left, we found his stash of badges.
We have all the badges now.
Wait, aren't you supposed to earn them by actually learning the skills? Pff.
Like, technically, yeah.
So did you "technically" learn how to tie knots? Uh fshh.
Mm Meh, shame they didn't earn their self-defense badges either.
Looks like we found the source of it all.
Come on, let's investi-- Oh, what's the point, Darwin?! We'll never figure out what's going on! What am I talking about? There's no reason we wouldn't.
No! Life just pointlessly stirs up the dust that you'll eventually turn into! Ah.
That makes sense.
Someone like him gives up, then the whole world loses its glow.
Hey, Alan.
What's wrong? I've lost it.
It's all right, man.
Whatever it is, no one ever thought you had it, anyway.
Psht! All right, fine.
What have you lost, Alan? My faith in the world.
So that's why you stopped all your voluntary work.
But why? You were doing great.
No matter how much I try, the world will never be perfect.
Well, you got to get back on the horse.
Oh, why bother? Because we need people like you to do all that work, so that people like me don't have to.
There's no point, Gumball.
People don't change.
Goodness knows I tried to stay positive and turn the other cheek.
But what happens when you run out of cheeks to turn? Well, I can think of a couple more cheeks -- But, Alan, you changed the lives of so many people.
Yeah, but what about him? In spite of all the effort I've made to be friends, he still can't look me in the eye.
Ha! That's not -- That's not true.
Yes, Alan.
We are frie-- We are frie-- See? He's physically incapable of saying anything remotely positive about me.
Prove him wrong.
Give him a hug.
Uh eh uh There you go.
Good job.
Give him a good squeeze.
That's right.
Can you feel the love? Ah, no, no, no, no.
That's too much love.
See?! Well, I'm sorry, man, but that's just not how life works, okay? Oh, really? Then how does it work? Well, Alan, life doesn't work in black and white.
Let me give you a little insight.
It's one big shade of gray And the dark kind, I'm afraid to say.
Because there's war and fighting And the bad guy often wins So you have to find some comfort in the smallest little things There's shouting and there's stealing There are mortgages to pay But that's a grown-up thing, and you are still a kid today The prospects for society are turning for the worst The environment is suffering and might not be reversed But at least the nasty kid who makes every day so rough In the end gets hit by karma Which will kind of make you laugh And, sure, the future's looking pretty grim The light on the horizon is pretty dim But you're a kid and all of life is still ahead of you Unlike the 90-something guy who got the avian flu Life ain't perfect, it's meh Some bits are okay, but most of it is ugh Life ain't perfect, it's meh You got to find the good That's in this great big load of And, yes, the more you work on it The worse it seems to get Looking at the news Can make you break out in a sweat That's the way life is so you got to deal with it There's not much else to say right now To lift your spirit Tell me how's all that Supposed to make me feel better? My life's unraveling Just like threads pulled from a sweater There's no sunshine in my future It is gray, desaturated Tell me why I shouldn't feel so deflated Because Because If you stop halfway up the mountain You will never see the view But when you look how far you've climbed You'll find the courage to pull through You'll wonder how on earth You can put up with all of this Then you'll come across a memory of perfect bliss So keep following the light No matter how much your heart aches 'Cause this sad old world Will need your hope to fix it when it breaks And at times when you can't take it And you want the day to end Take my hand and you will find Life is beautiful, my friend Thank you, Gumball.
I guess this makes us friends now.
What? Pff! No.
All right.
Maybe a little.