The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) s06e39 Episode Script

The Mess

So you're sure it's not a problem to babysit my little sister tomorrow? Ah, Penny, please.
I'm the most responsible kid I know.
I agree.
Usually when something goes wrong, you're the one responsible.
Pff! Come on! I might struggle for like half an hour or so, but after I find my footing I -- Aah! What? Uh, nothing, nothing.
So, yeah, I bought all the stuff on the list you gave me -- Peanuts, almonds, cashews, mold spores.
That was a list of her allergies.
That's what I'm saying! There's none left in the place.
Okay, so the house is toddler-proofed? Sure is! I can't see any baby breaking in here.
Okay, but promise you won't stay up all night playing games online like you always do.
Uh, we didn't stay up all night playing games online.
We stayed up all night watching other people playing games online whilst talking about what it feels like to play games online.
All right.
I prom-- Dude, I told you, it's a troll gif.
It's just looping.
- Just one more minute.
- Eyyyy.
- Eyyyy.
Totally worth it.
Oh, no! Penny! Oh, hi.
Oh, you've been up all night, haven't you? Your eyes look like saggy oysters.
Oh, we're fine.
Where is the little peanut? I made you a picture! Aww, thank you! What is it? It's Bigfoot! - So it is.
- Hee! Okay we'll be back from the movie at 4:00.
Can you manage her till then? Don't worry.
I'll take it from here.
Thanks, Gumball.
Bye, Polly! - Bye! I think everything will be just fiiiiiii-- Aah! Aah, aah, aah! Gumball! What's happening? I-I don't know man! Something's wrong with us! Check our symptoms on the Internet! I'm not sure searching online for "meat snowman surprise" will yield the most constructive results.
Where are you?! In the middle of losing my mind, I think.
Dude! Where is Polly?! - Polly? - Polly? - Polly! - Polly! - Polly? - Polly? - Polly? - Polly?! We have to find her! Or we dress me like Polly, our parents take me back with them, I join their family, and they raise me as their daughter.
Twenty years later -- "Congratulations, Penny's sister, you're gonna be a mother.
" - What? - Then I move to the suburbs with Pompadour, my rainbow frog husband, and raise a couple of windmills and Yeah! We need to find her! Should we just order a cab? Yeah that should help us cover a little bit more of the neighborhood.
- Ahh! - Ahh! Okay.
- Aaaaaaaah! - Aaaaaaaah! Officer! Do something, please! Please wake up! - Aaaaah! - Aaaaah! Officer, wake up! Aah! Wait, why did you guys wake me up? Because we're in a car sliding down the road upside down.
Well, thanks, now I have to deal with two traumatic crashes rather than one! What do you mean? What is happening here, man?! It's like our lives are being edi-edi-edited by some 13-year-old-- Vlogger or something.
One minute we're here, then the next thing you know, we're like -- raaaar! Then two minutes later, we're like -- woo-yoo-yoo-yoo! And that leaves me completely like -- urrrrgg.
You know what I mean? - I'm not sure.
But it seems like every time we blink, time skips forward.
So I say we don't close our eyes until we find Polly.
I agree.
"Your cab is arriving.
" No, stop it, stop it! Gumball! No, stop it! Stop! - What?! I think we already got what we wanted.
Polly's in there? - Aaah! - Aaah! Where is she?! More importantly, what do we do about him?! - But Polly! - But innocent mugging victim! Okay, okay, we, uh We -- We make it look like it happened from natural causes! What? How? There.
Like this.
"Exercise blows"? Yeah, maybe not.
Oh! I know! We'll make it look like an accident! There! A canoe accident.
No, that's not quite right.
Oh! God, this isn't working! What do we do?! Oh, yeah, Tina?! Well, if that's the way it is, get ready for a taste of my -- Uh My bullfrog's harp! Back off! Dude, why are you so angry? I don't know! I'm irrationally angry! Aaaagh! Come and get it, you Halloween turkey! I have to say boys, I took you for a couple of slack-jawed buffoons, but you did a really good job.
Oh, my gosh! You're aliiiiiive-ly child.
Congratulations, sir.
She must take after you.
Or -- Or you, Mrs.
It's hard to tell.
You look so alike.
Are you related? Polly, say goodbye and get your stuff.
Goodbye, kids.
Uh, bye-bye.
- What happened?! - Uh, nothing! Why would you say that? Okay, okay.
We lost her.
Then what happened?! That's the thing.
We -- We don't really know.
I do.
It started when I arrived.
Thanks, Gumball.
Bye, Polly! - Bye! I think everything will be just fiiiiiii-- Would you like an orange juice? - Uh-huh! Hey! Jingle dance! Jingle dance! Jingle in your face! Chilling out like sauerkraut Who just caught himself a trout! Hey! Jingle dance! Jingle dance! Jingle in your face! Gumball! Put some clothes on! The neighbors can see you! Aah! Well, on the upside that cat certainly knows how to work those heels, heh Okay, what happened next? Then they started harmonizing La la la la laaa La laaa - La la laaa La la laaa - La laaa La la laaa - La la laaa La la laaa - La la laaa That went on for about and went to the backyard.
Then when I came back, they were gone, so I went outside.
Hey! What's going on here? Jaywalking, huh? What the Hey! Hey do you have any mints or water? What?! Who do you think I am?! Uh, a one-star driver by the look of it.
Yeah, not surprising when you see the state of the back seat.
Smells like a turtle tank in here.
Right, I'm taking you two downtown.
Maybe a night in the cells will improve your attitude.
Dude, this tune blows.
There's no lyrics.
Do you mind if I just - What the -- stop it! - I'm just changing stations! One seven, one seven.
X-ray Charlie, X-ray Charlie.
One seven.
- Stop it! Charlie, Charlie, Charlie.
One seven, one seven.
X-ray, X-ray, X-ray, X-ray.
One seven, one seven.
Mm, did they have to call the fire department too? 'Cause that song sounds lit! No? Okay - What happened next, Polly? Well, they went through town looking for me.
- Polly! - Polly! Polly! Oh, I-I know what to do! That's not how you do it.
Well, just You do it, then.
Okay, I would like you to breathe in and breathe out.
No, no, no.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
There! He's relaxed now.
You need to give him CPR.
Ahh, thank you Polly.
Wait, you were following us the whole time? No, Polly was using the Force to appear to you as a hologram.
I'm sure there's an explanation for that too.
Of course she was with you! W-What happened after the guy woke up and attacked us? He didn't attack you, he hugged you.
Oh, thank you so much! You saved my life! Anything! Ask me for anything you like, and I'll buy it for you! I would like the golden twinkle in an old man's eye as he holds his infant granddaughter.
-What? -Okay, then I'd like the power to lay eggs.
That went on for a while, but you finally settled for a stuffed bullfrog that plays the harp.
Okay, but what about the fight with Tina? That happened when you bumped into a charity worker who asked if you wanted to save a child They only wanted a couple of dollars but apparently you guys decided to give above and beyond.
This is all for you, Polly.
Okay, Tina, let's get on with it! Actually, I'm in line for Darwin.
Sorry, but I'm the only one who's allowed to kiss Darwin.
That's in the rule book.
Right here.
That's not a book.
That's two potato waffles stapled together.
Yeah, well, that's how it is, so just beat it.
Then I want my money back.
It says on waffle two "no refunds"! Come and get it, you Halloween turkey! Okay, that explains Darwin's lips but not how we ended up back here.
We took the bus.
Goodbye now! Well, if you'll excuse us, I think it's about time that we go get some sleep.
Oh, I don't think so.
Not before I'm done screaming at you.
I counted on you, you glute lord! You goof wizard! You dork pilot! You dope sandwich! You fool taco! You meat muffin! You slack-jawed slime nugget.
You Uhh, I think that's all I got.
Do you forgive me? I'll think about it.
Yeah, I'll be honest, I'm a bit disappointed with that bus ending.
Yeah, I expected more.
Night-night, dude.