The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) s06e42 Episode Script

The Decisions

So, dude, what do you want to do after school? TV or go to the mall? I don't know.
You know how bad I am at making decisions.
I haven't even decided on a signature.
Hey, will you sign Teri's birthday card? Uh, sure Hmm.
Hmm, no.
Making decisions is easy, just use your brain.
I mean, what else is it doing? Uh Breathe in! Breathe out! Breathe in! Breathe out! Breathe in! Breathe out! I think it's busy.
Well, you can either go on like that, or you can let me make all your decisions for you? Uh It's decided, then.
It's going pretty well, don't you think? Really?! You said it would be better for the environment if I chewed on sugar cubes instead of gum! I can taste sound! What about your date with Carrie? Rather than express my feelings, you said I'd seem more cool and mysterious if I answered every question with a question.
Aren't you gonna eat that? Aren't you? Uh, no you know I can't eat stuff! Do I? Well, you should do, I'm your girlfriend! Are you? And the perfume I got Teri for her birthday, I wanted to pack it with bubble wrap, but you said Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, dear Teri Uncle Brian? Well, I was only trying to help.
Well, I've had it with your advice, and I'm not going to listen to you anymore! Uh, dude, I suggest you get off the bus No! before the doors close.
Okay, but from now on, I'm gonna get my advice from someone else! Mm, who to choose? Ladies, the Equator called, it wants its hotness back from me because I'm hot for you or you Tobias, you don't have enough respect for girls.
Ha, sure, I do.
You're literally leaning on Carmen.
Aah! Mmm, too slimy.
What about Joe? Hey, everybody, watch this! Wahahahahaha! Oof! Tah-dah! Nah.
Too weird.
Hey, who wants to check out the new milkshake place after school? You know your boy Gregor is all about his milkshakes! Who even is that guy? Wait! Aaaaaaaaaaaa Of course, Alan! Why can't I eat chocolates instead of vegetables? Because, sweet child, chocolate is fun for a treat but vegetables are the cornerstone of a healthy diet! And are very important.
And you need to make sure you eat at least five a day! Delicious! If you were talking while you were eating, then where did that -- - Hi, Alan! How can I help, Darwin? Alan, you seem to have it all figured out.
Could you help me make the right decisions? Of course, I'd be delighted to.
Isn't fruit one of your five a day, too? Anyway, Darwin, let's get out there and start making some better decisions! It was so refreshing you just straight-up apologized to me.
Normally, you'd try some kind of hare-brained scheme to win my heart back.
You're definitely making better decisions, and I think everyone's starting to notice.
Uranus and Neptune.
Well, that's the best solar system diorama I've seen all year.
Well done, Darwin.
You boys remind me of myself when I was a -- Disgusting, vile sewer rat! But little Wilfred chases anything.
I'm just glad you saved him.
Thanks, Mrs.
Alan advised me to call the relevant authorities rather than going into the drain myself.
He's the real hero.
I never said you were a hero.
But still, I'm very grateful.
All I can say to you is -- - Eat it, greaseball! Son, we couldn't have done it without you! Thank you, Officer.
Rather than trying to take out the criminal myself with an elaborate scheme and risk accidentally joining his gang in the process, Alan told me to just call you.
I didn't ask but I'm sure the Mayor will invite you to city hall so you can both be -- Whipped to perfection.
Thank you, Darwin.
This is the tastiest meringue I've ever had.
Huu, you're okay? You don't seem yourself? I'm fine.
In fact, I've never been better.
See ya later.
Well, looky here, who's made a decision about who's going to make their decisions.
Hello, Gumball! Won't you join us? Really, join a Head Zeppelin and its air-head puppet? What do you mean? Come on, dude, look at you, you're -- You're turning into him.
And I don't even wanna know how you got inflated in the first place.
But I'm making good decisions now.
No, dude, you're just doing whatever he says.
That's not true! I'm making all my own decisions, all on my own withoutany help from anyone else.
You're right.
I'll never be my own person until I start making decisions for myself! Huh, that went pretty well, don't you think? Uh, no, he ran off crying.
Well, like I always say, you gotta break them down to build them back up again.
Then you break them down again, and then you build them up again then down again, then up again then it's down, down, up, up, down, up.
Then, all the way up, and then a little bit down, and then you're done! That sounds like a cheat code for how to be a terrible friend.
Come on, we better go find him.
Oh, you would go that way, wouldn't you? Well, I say we should go this way! Darn it, they are good meringues, though.
Okay, I can do this.
Just make a decision to do something and stick to it! Hey, kid, why not go pick up a burger? It's half-price with this flyer! Yes! Yes, I will! There! I made a decision to do exactly what that guy told me One burger, please! Sure, which one? Hmm.
Get the Slaw Crime! It's on promotion.
Okay! One Slaw Crime, I guess.
Excellent choice, sir.
Oh, one more thing Would you like to go large? Hello? Hello? Hello? Kid, which is it? Uh Oh, come on, kid, just go large! - No! Go small! - I say go medium! Hey, don't push! Aah! Aah! There, there he is! He's in trouble! Quick, Darwin, get to the exit! No, Darwin, Stay! Establish dominance now! The riot can smell fear! You're locking the doors, Chief? Best way to deal with rioters.
Seal them in, and let them get it all out of their system.
Hey, look, those people down there are jostling.
Kinda looks to me like they're fighting.
I said they're jostling! Fighting! Jostling! Fighting! Hmm? Mmm.
Pepperoni! Why, you! Oh, no! What do I do?! Climb up to higher ground! No, sing a song! That usually seems to wrap things up! Winter time is a time for bells That's not even a song about this situation! Get in, kid, there's room for one more! We have a spare life preserver! In exactly your size! No, hop on this arcade machine.
It's on fire.
And it's sinking! - Um - Really?! Obviously take the one that's an actual boat! But what if you get boring on there? Get on the arcade machine, dude! I think it's time we do something! The water's getting higher! You know what? I'm tired of all your dumb advice.
Why don't you just tie a knot on it? Of course.
That is not what I meant! There's too much water.
I can't hold it all in! I know, if I run into you hard enough it'll force the water back up into the pipe.
I'm not sure that's a good idea! Gah! Gumball! Wake up! I can't stop! Huh? Aah! Help! Help! Help! Help! Gumball! I've gotta do something.
Larry! How do I stop the water?! There's a crank in the basement! Thanks.
Wait a minute, do you want to go large or not? Sorry, Gumball, I thought this would make things better.
Well, you always did have an inflated opinion of yourself.
Ah! Neat! Aah! It -- It stopped! Yay You've ever thought about being a vet? No, a plumber! I turned off the water supply and it was all my idea! Nice work, buddy.
But the mall is still flooded.
Well, I think we should soak it all up with as much rice and dehydrated fruit as you can find.
No, you should find a call box and alert the relevant authorities.
Urgh! You would say that, you Hey, where's Darwin? What? I just pulled out the plug.
Yeah, I guess that would work, too.
But what about me? Let me do this one! No, no, no, no, no, no! Chief, I can't feel my legs.
And I feel like I've been dunked.
Ah! Well, at least Darwin is making his own decisions now.
Yeah, and I'm sure I'll be able to work off all the loose skin in no time.
What can I get you boys? Three ice creams with chocolate sauce, please.
Wait! Make that two chocolate and one with strawberry.
Oh, we're out of strawberry.
Whatever, three chocolate then.