The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) s06e44 Episode Script

The Inquisition

Is the library up to date with the district guidelines?! Let me check.
We should get an answer in a couple of weeks.
Goshdarnit! I'll just check myself.
Zoology What the?! Are you telling me this is the latest edition? The monks should finish the new one by the end of the next Renaissance.
You have five minutes to find me some modern textbooks.
Uh Okay.
The vegetarian option is 'less ham'? Yeah.
But to be honest, that was because we were running low on ham.
We're supposed to feed the kids five fruit and vegetables a day! Do mushrooms count? Yes.
Where are you going? To scrape the walls of the locker-room showers.
When I come back, I want to see green everywhere.
I should've done this before, but I need to check your work references, starting with you, Corneille.
Elmore penitentiary.
You worked in a prison? Well, I did eight years' hard labor, which I guess is technically work.
Pull yourself together Nigel.
You sound like a winded Chinese opera singer! What's wrong? He's coming.
Who? The School Superintendent.
Elmore Junior High.
My name is Superintendent Evil.
Let me reassure you, I did not come to this school to break you and rebuild you from the bottom up.
I came to break you.
This school and its 'students' is in breach of every conceivable rule -- Including the rules of decency.
This is going to change.
Any questions regarding my authority will be severely punished.
I am here to correct your outlandish behavior.
Any questions regarding my methods will also be severely punished.
This school is diseased, and I'm the medicine.
Any questions? Very good.
Looking forward to working with you.
Medicine? What kind of medicine is this guy? Not the kind you put in your mouth.
Do you realize what you get when you change the letters around in Superintendent Evil's name? You get Superintendent Vile.
Dude, his name is literally Evil.
E-vil? I guess.
You got to want it though.
I said "stand up straight," young man.
Everybody knows the crescent is the shape of the slacker - the hammock, the despondent Frenchman's croissant, the moon that's too lazy to turn a man into a werewolf.
But what do you want me to do? Stand up straight! Better.
Now, detention.
There's a dress code in this school, and bare midriffs are forbidden.
And I'm counting four on you.
He is so mean.
That's nothing.
Because tattoos are forbidden, he made Teri erase her face.
How is she holding up? Well, she tried to answer the phone, but hole-punched her ear, and then got detention for having a piercing.
Well, at least she finds comfort in feeding the science-lab lizard.
Have you seen Simian lately? She's totally trying to get with Evil behind Principal Brown's back.
I'm mean, if she's gonna have two faces, why do they both have to be so gross? What do you mean we can't see each other anymore? I'm sorry Nigel, it's just not professional for two members of staff to be in a relationship.
Hrrm Simian, I'm cutting your pay in half.
What?! Why? For being half asleep on the job.
Your left eye is closed.
You've been a teacher here for 300,000 years and your methods are still as slack as your everything.
Oh, well, he's not all bad.
I think that moment warrants an extra special high-five.
Mm, definitely higher.
I forgot there's no sound in space.
Watterson and Watter-adopted-son -- Detention.
But we didn't break any rules.
You broke the rules of nature.
That egghead is literally an egg.
And William is a telekinetic flying eyeball.
Everyone here breaks the rules of nature.
Not for much longer.
Listen to me, Elmore Junior High.
I've had enough of your cartoonish conduct.
From here on, any abnormal behavior is to be corrected.
Now, get to class.
The normal way.
So brave That's a broom closet, though.
Can you believe him? I'm pretty sure there's laws against these laws.
Well, I can't believe Carrie had to be buried if she wanted to attend class.
And I can't believe they used manure instead of soil.
- We got to do something! - What can we do? He's got the whole school in the palm of that weird fleshy pink thing on the end of his arm.
Whatever you do, do it fast.
He forced me to have a body.
My heart is in my mouth.
Although, judging by the taste, it may be my lower intestine.
He's right.
We got to move fast.
I mean, half the class is already in Evil's office getting 'fixed'.
'Fixed' is a good thing, right? Tell that to a dog.
Gumball Darwin You're next.
Masami? Sure! We'll be right with you.
Who are you?! - I'm Tina.
- Who are you?! - I'm Tobias.
Who are you? Uh Sussie? Yeah.
Okay, that's a massive improvement, but still - What's the hurry? - Join us.
It's quite painless.
- It's better this way.
- It's better this way.
It's better this way.
It's better this way.
It's better this way.
It's better thi Trust me this is in your best interest.
What are you doing to them? Fixing them.
And their transformation is almost complete.
Almost? Bring them to me! Huh? Ew! We've got to get out of here.
We have to go back.
You're right.
We've got to to fight them.
No, I mean we have to go back because I left my butt in there.
But, yeah, that too.
Track them down! They must not be allowed to escape! Banana Joe.
What has he done to you, buddy? Remember who you are.
- Ba-na-na-naa.
- No! No, no, no.
- Bannnaaaaaaaaaaana.
Bananana bananana banananaaaaaaaa.
Bananana bananana banananaaaaaaaa.
Bananana! Bananana! Banana na na naaaa! Baaaannnaaaaaanaaaaana Banananaaa! - Whoo! Join us, Darwin.
Sussie, are you sure you don't mean -- Mayonnaise?! - What? - Sussie say whaaah? No.
Sussie can't help herseeeeeeelf! Hey, Penny, this'll snap you out of it.
Gumball! Oh! Sorry, Penny.
And sorry to whoever you are.
Hey, Leslie! Ah! Yes! Yeah! Affirmative! Stop that! What do you think you're doing? Putting an end to your nonsense! We'll see about that.
Fist fight? Really? Take him down.
Huh? What the? Rob?! But who's hiding behind this mask? Oh.
Sorry, everyone.
It is just Rob.
Well, let's take him down to Punch Town! Yeah! Then, we can kick his butt there! No, Punch Town is is never mind.
You fools I did all this for a reason! Don't you understand what's going on in Elmore? You have two choices -- Live in ignorance about what's gonna happen here or listen to what I have to say.
It might just save your lives.
Okay, good.
The reason I've been trying to transform you is bec-- I think that's quite enough.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Argh! Why did they stop me? Transformation is the only chance they have of escaping to the other place when this world Oh, no.
It started.