The Americans (2013) s01e09 Episode Script

Safe House

Previously on "the americans" If we start killing scientists on u.
Soil, Who knows where it leads? At best, the secret war escalates.
At worst He got one of the scientists.
God damn it.
This is our worst failure in 15 years.
I swear to god, they'll pay.
This will not stand.
I've been so stressed lately.
You know I could get anything that agent gaad has.
Oh! What? You just -- you startled me.
Did something happen between you and irina? Philip: Nothing happened.
There's only you.
I asked you not to lie to me.
I made a terrible mistake.
Can we please just Try and start over? No.
We can't.
Can I have another piece of fried chicken? Elizabeth: Of course.
Me too.
Uh, white or dark meat? White.
Paige: Dark.
There you go.
Thank you.
I wish we could have fried chicken every week.
Twice a week.
Every day.
Your dad and I, um Want to talk to you guys about something.
Oh, my god.
You're too old.
I'm too old for what? To have a baby.
Jen's mom is ancient, and she's pregnant, And she's light years younger than you.
You're having a baby? No.
Where did you get that idea? You just said -- no, no.
Dad is going to be Staying somewhere else for a little while.
Are you going on a business trip? No.
You're separating? Well, no, we're not -- We're not separating, not exactly.
We're -- it's a little bit more like, uh -- Hitting the pause button.
For how long? I don't know.
We don't know.
You're kidding, right? I mean, this is a joke, isn't it? Why? Your dad and I have -- You know, we've been fighting a lot.
You always fight a lot.
Too much.
Philip: We know.
Then stop.
We can't.
When henry and I fight, you tell us to stop.
If we can, why can't you? I don't know.
The important thing is Other than the fact that we love you so very much, Is that dad and I need some time To figure things out.
Do you guys not love each other anymore? It's -- it's complicated.
And when you're grown up, You'll understand.
Bullshit! Paige You don't just stop loving someone! Are you gonna stop loving us? No.
That is -- I mean, it's impossible.
That would never happen.
this is so stupid.
This is your fault! You're always giving dad a rough time! It's not mom's fault.
Why are you defending her? I'm not.
Look, this is Our decision.
We -- we both made this decision.
Henry, please open up.
I just want to talk.
I love you so much.
More than you'll ever know.
So, I'll see you tomorrow at the beemans'? Are we really gonna go to a party together? If stan's work friends are gonna be there, I think we should be, too.
I got fresh meat, fresh meat.
You want a dog? Man: Yeah, I'll -- I'll have one.
Paige, do you want a hamburger? No.
Rough night? No one is doing particularly well right now.
Paige slept in henry's room.
How is henry? Not great.
Where are you staying? Motel in peterborough.
That sounds depressing.
It's okay for now.
It's for the best.
Yeah, I know.
I suppose we should mingle.
Announcer: Watching game 7 of the eastern quarterfinals Here in philadelphia.
Hey, how you guys doing? Gaad: We're doing great.
That's a big old -- That's a big, old plate of meat you got.
Rest your dogs.
Oh! Funny man! all right.
So, we're gonna do something.
We're gonna take one of them out right here in d.
They're on the boards Is this approved? If anyone should ask, no.
Who's the target? The acting kgb rezident.
Arkady? That's a big target.
They just killed three of our own.
If we don't hit them hard and fast, Those won't be our last casualties.
How's it going down? Arkady likes to jog Monday and Wednesday afternoon.
He's back in his office at 5:00.
When? Tomorrow.
And, uh, this is not an assignment.
Participation is strictly voluntary.
I'm in.
Me too.
I'm sorry, if this is extrajudicial I would rather stay away.
What's up with your brother? He looks like he lost his best friend.
He did.
My parents are taking a vacation from each other.
My dad moved out last night.
For good? Who knows? They say they're hitting the pause button, Whatever that means.
All right.
Only one way to stop a bully, stan.
I can't go in on this, chris.
I can't.
Your shoes squeak.
I get it.
Me? My shoes -- they don't squeak.
I'm fully lubricated.
Who's, um Who's the babe? Not your wife -- the other fox? That's my neighbor.
That's your neighbor? Mm-hmm.
I'd borrow some sugar if I was you.
You're a putz.
You know, I was sitting by the window the other night, And I was reading, and I saw philip leave.
I mean, I wasn't spying.
No, no.
Of course not.
Is everything okay with you guys? We are taking some time apart.
But I guess that's not something You can keep quiet for very long.
Um, why would you want to? Privacy, I guess.
There's no shame in it.
Do the kids know yet? We told them last night.
Well, you know, if you need anything, You don't hesitate to ask me, okay? Thanks.
Dad, I want you to come home.
We both do.
I- I can't.
Paige: Why not? I I just can't, sweetheart.
Please? I'm sorry.
See you soon.
Martha: Ooh, shoot yourself into me, clark! Oh! Take me! Oh, god, take me! I have to go.
There's a situation with the department.
What's going on? Three agents got killed and a scientist.
I know.
Everyone's upset.
Clark I'm in love with you.
I waited my whole life for you, And I would do anything for you.
All you have to do is ask.
Just please Just tell me one thing? Is this real? Yes.
Well, then, stay with me.
Just this once.
Where's henry? How should I know? Henry! What should I tell my friends? Why do you have to tell your friends anything? If they ask.
Tell them whatever you want.
Tell them the truth.
Which is what? That your parents aren't living together right now.
Henry, get down here right now! We're gonna be late! Rise and shine, sleepyhead.
Oh, wow.
It's been a long time Since I've had a man sleep in my bed.
I think I can get used to this.
But I got to go to work.
What's the rush? Well, there's a lot going on.
Agent gaad got a call from the white house A couple days ago, and since then, He's been in and out, having secret meetings With his old buddies from the c.
He thinks that I don't know, but I'm his secretary, not his potted plant.
What are they planning? Well, I think they're gonna kill a kgb agent.
It's an eye for an eye, clark.
But you Can stay as long as you like.
Can I help you? I don't know.
I'm with the federal bureau of investigation.
Can I ask you a few questions? About what? Why don't we start with who you are? W- who I -- I'm -- I'm just a guy.
Yeah, you're just a guy Who spent the night with a girl -- martha.
Oh, look, my friend, I don't -- I'm not your friend, friend.
What are you doing here? You know what? You got me dead to rights, 'cause me and martha -- We've been banging each other into ecstatic oblivion For the past -- wow -- Look, why don't we take this conversation downtown? Lock up your car.
Holy shit.
No, no.
No! Aah! What happened? He followed me coming out of martha's.
I need to go back and move his car.
I've seen him before.
At the beeman party.
He's fbi.
Does he know you're working martha? I don't know.
I suppose.
Uh, or this just could be a -- What? What? A total screw-up.
He might have been seeing martha himself.
A jealous suitor? But I got something from martha.
The fbi are planning retaliation.
They're gonna kill a kgb agent here in d.
He'll know what they're planning.
I brought morphine.
He needs to be in a hospital.
We'll do what we can.
The wound's pretty deep.
We're gonna have to pack it or cauterize it Once we take the knife out.
You seen amador? No.
He was supposed to meet me an hour ago.
He never showed.
It's not like him.
Amador: You've reached amador.
If I'm not working, I'm out having a ball.
Leave it at the beep.
Hey, it's stan.
Where the hell are you? Call me.
What'd you do with his car? I wiped it down for prints And parked it around the corner from his apartment.
All right.
Now, when I pull this, It's gonna gush like a broken pipe.
Ready? Yeah.
Okay, lift him.
Oh! okay.
Put him down.
It's all right.
It's over.
The hard part's over.
Thank you.
Chris? Chris! Amador: You've reached amador.
If I'm not working, I'm out having a ball.
Leave it at the beep.
Woman: Hey, it's cheryl.
We met at the crab shack.
I thought we could get together again.
You have my number, right? Woman #2: Hello, amador.
This is julie.
I'm in town for a few days And wanted to see if we could catch up.
Call me, cutie.
Woman #3: Chris, aunt lyla's coming for dinner tomorrow.
I told her you're busy, but you know what she's like.
You and papa can watch the game on tv, okay? So, you'll come? Good? Come.
Hey, it's stan.
Where the hell are you? There's just no way that amador would check out like this, without touching base.
He didn't answer his phone.
He didn't show up this morning.
I went to his apartment.
He hasn't been home all morning.
His car was around the corner from his apartment.
I had forensics check it out.
Gaad: And? No prints.
What? He wiped his own prints off his car? We don't know that the kgb has him.
I know it.
Look, I've got Every available agent out looking for him.
If he spent the night out on the town And woke up in the wrong room I'm telling you, that's not what's happening.
Or if the kgb does have him, We'll find him.
Let's not jump to conclusions.
Let's just do our job.
I have to get back.
The kids are gonna be home from school.
Yeah, go, go.
I'll, uh -- I'll give him some more morphine when he wakes.
There's nothing else we can do now.
Stan: A counterintelligence artiste? Yeah, I'm like picasso Only with a gun and not a brush.
My work is my life, and my life is my art.
I have no wife, no kids, no pets, no hobbies, No distractions -- Except for pussy.
I got no attachments.
I'm as unencumbered as bedbugs in a flophouse, And I like it.
It works for me.
El lobo.
Yo soy el lobo.
I am a lone wolf.
That's good, stan.
That's good, stan.
Anybody home? Could use some help.
I got mac and cheese and those pretzels that you love, The ones that are as hard as rock candy.
And I bought a wok.
What for? To make chinese food.
You've never made chinese food.
First time for everything.
Is that what this is about? You and dad split, and you start Cooking chinese food? So we'll have spaghetti and meat sauce, then.
I don't care what we eat, And I don't want to pretend that your life is a do-over, Because mine isn't.
So that's what you don't want.
What do you want? I want things to be the way they were.
I know.
Paige, I know things are hard right now.
But it's for the best.
For who? Hello? Mrs.
Costa: Hello, mrs.
This is mrs.
Costa, henry's teacher.
Costa? No.
Is this a bad time? UhThis is -- No, this is not a bad time.
Henry, you okay? Yeah.
Tired? I just got a call from mrs.
You have something you want to tell me? No.
Henry I know this is A terrible thing to do to you right now.
My parents Wouldn't have even considered it.
It would have been unthinkable.
But times have changed, and your dad and I Mrs.
Costa said You didn't do your social-studies project.
I did.
Are you saying she's not telling the truth? Show it to me, please.
Is this it? Yeah.
But you only wrote one sentence.
I didn't have anything else to say.
The kgb wants to know what your next move is.
They don't think you're just going to sit back After losing your scientist and three of your agents.
Has something happened? Who put the finger on amador? Who? My partner.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Don't lie to me, nina.
Do not lie to me.
You're hurting me! Stan: Do not lie to me.
Nina: I don't know! I swear! I don't know! Let go.
I don't know.
I swear I don't know.
You find out who took amador.
You find out where he is.
Amador: water.
More? Cold.
What do you want? Information.
Who are the fbi planning to take out? I don't know.
I think you do.
Several of my friends from the c.
Will be working with us on this.
This is ms.
Arkady will be leaving the rezidentura in one hour.
In approximately Arkady will be running his usual path Through danbury park.
Agent samuels will be sitting on a bench From your post at the interception point.
If he raises his newspaper, that will be your signal That the target is in the field.
But if agent samuels drops his paper at any point, We will abort the mission.
Because of the high value of the target, Any decision to take action Will be verified by us through the signal.
Any questions? Stan I'm glad you're with us.
Any word on amador? We're still working on it.
If we'd hit the kgb earlier, they wouldn't have him.
Who knows? Listen, if we kill arkady, We're signing amador's death certificate.
We have to take him alive.
There's something else we have to consider.
Amador knows the name of your mole in the rezidentura.
If the kgb has him and he talks, She's finished.
Elizabeth: Henry's teacher called.
Why? He was staring out the window all day, Was not participating, not talking in class.
How's paige? She hates my guts And isn't shy about letting it be known.
I'm sorry.
How's amador? He's weak, but he's awake.
Says he doesn't know anything.
He's lying.
I know.
They're gonna be looking for him all over town.
We have to get the hell out of here.
He's too weak to move.
We can't wait for him to come around.
We need information, and we need it now.
it's my turn to try.
We've met before.
I don't think so.
I would have remembered.
In a bar.
We both had too much to drink.
And we screwed our brains out.
You couldn't get enough of me.
And you? I came and went.
I don't know anything about a hit.
If I did, I'd tell you, baby.
Scout's honor.
We both know that's not true.
You're gonna lose this war.
You know that, right? You can torture me And you can kill me But we're gonna kick your motherland's marbled ass, And there's nothing you can do about it.
He's en route.
We're good to go.
Stand by.
Where's arkady? Abort.
Abort! Grab him.
Our orders are to stand down.
To hell with that.
Grab him now.
What?! Just keep your mouth shut.
Move, move.
God damn it, beeman.
What the hell did you think you were doing? They got my partner.
What would you have done? Go on.
We'll get into this later.
Uncuff him.
And his mouth.
Do you hunt? I don't understand.
Do you hunt -- You know, shoot.
Kill things -- animals.
When you shoot a bird -- duck or pheasant, say -- Your dog, your retriever, Picks it up in its mouth -- its soft mouth.
Soft mouth is key -- Otherwise, the dog sinks his teeth into the bird's flesh.
Anyway your dog brings it to you And lays it at your feet.
But sometimes, when you shoot the bird, It's not dead.
It's just wounded.
Strange thing is, Whether the bird is dead or just wounded, Once the dog gets it in its mouth, The bird goes limp.
Like a rag -- doesn't move.
It acts like it's dead.
Doesn't struggle or scream.
It justGoes limp.
Don't you think that's strange? You know what I think it is? Fear.
The bird's scared out of its goddamn mind.
who wouldn't be? I know I would.
Then again, maybe the bird is faking.
You know what I'm saying? Maybe it wants you -- talking about the bird now -- To think it's dead So when the dog drops it out of its soft mouth At its master's feet, It can take off.
It works sometimes.
You wouldn't think it does, but it does.
Not a lot.
Once in a blue moon.
please, I swear I'm not kgb.
I don't know anything.
PleaseI swear.
You're scared.
I know.
I would be, too, Because I've got you in my soft mouth, And you're not dead -- not yet.
Maybe you think you can run When I drop you at my master's feet.
Maybe you can.
Maybe you will.
But the thing is, you have my partner.
If you don't tell me where he is, You will never get dropped at my master's feet.
My bite will go hard, And you will know you are dead Before your heart stops beating.
please, please, I swear, I'm a diplomat.
I don't know.
Amador: I need morphine.
You'll get morphine When you tell me what I need to know.
What time is it? It's after 5:00.
What? Arkady.
The rezident is the target.
Too late.
He's already dead.
Man: Soviet embassy.
May I help you? I need to talk to the head of cultural affairs.
What is this in reference to? I have information about vladimir kosygin.
One minute, please.
Hello? To whom am I speaking? I have him.
Your man.
He's nobody.
He has nothing for you.
Well, that's probably true.
So, then, let him go.
Well, it doesn't work like that.
Tell me, how does it work? Amador -- release him.
This man I do not know.
Listen to me.
Listen very carefully.
I'm listening.
If anything happens to amador, vlad is dead.
I will personally send you his balls To wear around your neck at your next may day parade.
Hello?! Arkady? Yes? Arkady is alive and well.
How do you know? I called the rezidentura.
I spoke to him.
So we need to contact grannie.
I did.
She said there was a different target -- Vladimir kosygin, a first-tour officer.
Went out for a run, never came back.
What I don't understand is why.
Why would amador lie about arkady being the target? He fingers the head of directorate "s" To protect a first-tour officer? It doesn't make any sense.
He's playing us.
He's hiding something else.
What are you gonna do? Whatever it takes to get him to talk.
I'll do it.
Philip: I'll do it.
I didn't want this to happen, but it happened.
Things just got all crazy, you know? Yeah.
I wouldn't let a dog suffer like this.
Would you? No.
After he talks, give him the morphine.
Just let him drift off.
All right, chris.
No more time.
We need to know what you're holding back, And we need to know n-- I'm gonna pull every agent.
This will be the top priority.
It's family.
Stan: How did he die? Slowly.
He was stabbed.
He was dead before they dumped him here.
What's strange is that whoever did it Then took the trouble to try and save him.
It's probably too late To exfiltrate your girl in the rezidentura.
Amador didn't give her up.
Everybody talks.
It's biology.
He didn't give her up.
You'd risk her life on that? And mine.
Stan: Vietnam turned you into a skirt chaser? Amador: I was straight as an arrow when I signed up.
I was an altar boy till I was 17.
Really? Yeah.
Then nam changed things.
You know, there was crazy shit over there.
You never knew when your number was gonna be called.
I learned two things.
One, tempus fugit -- "time flies.
" One way or the other, you snatch it, Or it's gonna snatch you.
There's no pause button.
And, two There are worse things than dying.
Like? Shame.
Shame's not an option for me.
I don't understand How that has anything to do with you chasing pussy.
Pussy is a thing and it's not a thing, stan.
It's real, and it's not.
It's a metaphor.
For what? The whole enchilada.
Woman: Number seven.
Thank you.
What are you going to do? Eat.
So, you're kgb, right? Come on.
We both know it's true.
I just want to hear it.
But I don't know anything.
I believe you.
That's good, huh? Mmm.
Nothing beats american fast food.
It's probably filled With all kinds of nasty shit that'll kill you, but, man It sure tastes good.
You want something to drink? Yes, please.
I think I have a cola here.

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