The Americans (2013) s02e13 Episode Script


Previously on The Americans He met with Kate.
I saw him with her.
Maybe they're just a step ahead of us.
They're supposed to be taking care of him.
It's not you that I want.
It's the scumbags who killed my friends.
_ _ _ _ _ I understand it's some sort of computer program, but that's all I know.
And the fact that the KGB wants to get their hands on it.
They want us to move on something-- now.
Paint samples they use on a Stealth aircraft.
They make radar-absorbent paint, and we need a sample.
We have shoes with special soles that would pick up traces of what we need.
What the hell is going on here? When you deliver the Echo program to me, I will let Nina Sergeevna go free.
And you two love birds can fly off together.
Here you go.
Anywhere on the factory floor, The paint dust is microscopic.
You won't see it, but it's everywhere.
- Got it.
- And more isn't better.
Just get what you need and move on.
When you get back to your car, put them in here.
There's a dumpster on Rockland between 11th and 12th.
Just throw them in there, then call from a phone booth five blocks down on Purchase and 11th.
This is the number for this phone booth here.
You look ready.
Are you ready? I'm ready.
We'll wait for your call.
Good luck.
What's going on with you? Are you kidding? No-- it's not just that.
I know you.
Something else is going on with you.
Well, maybe you just don't know me as well as you think.
46 Alpha.
What do you want to do about Paige? I don't know.
I mean, she's 14.
She's going to give us a hard time.
I can't believe she's in Pennsylvania by herself.
When I was 14, my mother had diphtheria.
I took care of her for 10 months.
No one helped me.
I went to school.
I-- That must have been hard.
There were these gangs in Tobolsk for years after the war.
And I used to have to get milk from halfway across the city.
And, sometimes, I'd get jumped on the way back.
I was a couple years younger than Henry is now.
And one day, I noticed this kid following me, and I recognized him from the week before, which meant the others were waiting ahead.
And I just decided, "That's it.
No more.
" So I turned around, I double-backed, and-- - Attention, all units.
- and-- 127 Zone, shots fired at 5327 Industry Concourse Boulevard.
This is 42-Alpha, Dispatch.
Suspect has exited building-- possibly wounded.
Location unknown.
Suspect is described as white, middle-aged male - Go.
- balding Stop, stop, stop! Hello? I did it.
I got it.
I-I-I'm-- I'm shot.
Are you at the phone booth we talked about? Yes, and I out what you wanted where we said.
Were you followed? No.
I don't-- Oh, my God.
I'm bleeding.
The, uh, guard stopped me.
I didn't have a pass for the floor.
He grabbed me.
I pushed him.
And I ran.
There's a lot of blood.
Stay where you are.
We'll be right there.
He dropped the package.
He's at the phone booth.
North, south sides of location clear.
Units converge on East 10th to East 15th.
Copy that on East 10th.
it's 2 AM "No more nukes! No more nukes!" the gun's still warm maybe my connection is tired of taking chances Copy that.
yeah, there's a storm on the loose sirens in my head wrapped up in silence, all circuits are dead cannot decode my whole life spins into a frenzy and he says help, I'm stepping into the twilight zone place is a madhouse, feels like being cloned my beacon's been moved under moon and star where am I to go now that I've gone too far? whoa, oh help, I'm stepping into the twilight zone place is a madhouse feels like being cloned my beacon's been moved under moon and star where am I to go now that I've gone too far? - 44 Alpha.
- He got it.
Suspect appears to be in a phone booth at the corner of Purchase and 11th.
Copy that, 44 Alpha.
soon, you will come to know when the bullet hits the bone when the bullet hits the bone You have the suspect, Charlie? Uh, suspect in custody-- bleeding bad.
We need EMT.
Okay, paramedics are three minutes out.
Uh, he's Code Gray.
Get the coroner out here.
He's gone.
when the bullet hits the bone when the bullet hits the bone I appreciate your concern, Agent Beeman, but I can assure you there's no way the Soviets can get near Echo.
It's not on the ARPANET? No.
There is only one place where it runs.
It's here.
Single-compartmented vault.
One mainframe.
Well, I want to interview anyone who works with the program review their security files.
DOD Security reviewed all our personnel less than a month ago.
Can't you just, uh, review those reports? All right.
All right.
Just trying to save a little time.
You want to meet them, I can set it up.
Thank you.
What about copies of the program? There are three disks in the world, each kept in an EMP-grade hardened safe like this one.
So, this is it, huh? That's it.
There's a copy at Cheyenne Mountain and another in a location I don't know about, so I can't tell you about it.
But I don't think the KGB can find it without kidnapping the President.
And what exactly is on this disk? Code.
Code? Hard to believe the future of the free world rests on all those numbers and symbols, huh? Yeah.
It was amazing.
Two other church groups were there.
Everyone was marching and singing.
And not just at the base we were at.
People were protesting at bases all over the country.
And was it, uh, peaceful? No problems? We were peaceful.
I mean, we were there to protest for peace.
But the police-- you should have seen them.
They didn't care.
There were police? Cool! It wasn't cool, Henry.
It was-- Pastor Tim got arrested.
What? How did he get arrested? Well, he chained himself to the gate-- to keep them from moving their trucks and their weapons in and out.
Well, chaining yourself to the gate of an army base is a pretty good way to make sure you get arrested.
It's called civil disobedience, dad.
We know what civil disobedience is.
I'm not talking about the idea of it.
I'm talking about doing it, making a difference.
I don't expect you to understand.
Paige, we let you go.
This moved me, okay? I mean, this is the whole point of the church.
It's not all about just Jesus and the Bible.
It's about what he represents-- that he was willing to sacrifice himself.
Look, I-I'm sorry.
I know you don't want to hear this, but He was willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good.
And that inspires me.
In bed? Out like a light.
I don't think she slept the whole trip.
If she said one more thing about nonviolent resistance, I was gonna punch her in the face.
At least she's got some passion in her.
She wants to do something good.
She thinks a church pastor being arrested for loitering is some kind of hero.
I know.
I wish I could tell her about the real heroes-- you know, people sacrificing themselves for this world, not some stupid children's story about Heaven.
Someone sacrificed himself today.
I got to go to Martha's.
Still nothing from The Centre on Jared? No.
Uh once they get the exfil set, I'll head up there and send him off.
I'll see you tomorrow.
It's important you can share anything with me.
I know.
It isn't always easy.
Well, marriage isn't easy, I guess.
I just thought-- I've always imagined a family.
I am who I am, Martha, and I've tried not to hide myself from you, and I've done the best I can.
I'm not accusing you of anything.
Well, I know.
It's just you did say you w-would love me as I am and accept me as I am.
And I guess this is who I am.
And I don't see myself having children.
And I don't see that changing.
I am sorry.
Well, don't apologize.
But I am worried about you.
Will you be happy with me without children? Will what we have be enough for you? I don't know.
I honestly don't.
Let's have some wine, huh? That's a good idea.
Do you want a snack? No, I just want a drink.
Where's your corkscrew? Our corkscrew, Clark.
Um "Ours"-- I know.
It's in the drawer by the wall.
Oh, I forgot to tell you.
I-I finally did it.
It's called a Lady Smith.
Martha, do you even know how to use this? The man at the gun shop showed me.
It's pretty easy.
And the guys from the office are gonna take me to the firing range.
Hello? Oh, hi.
Yes, he is.
Of course.
Oh, of course.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
It's your sister.
Hello? Clark, I'm so sorry to call so late.
What happened? It's Uncle Drew.
He's wandered off, and no one can find him.
Mother is beside herself.
She just wants you to come home.
Yeah, yeah, of course.
Um, I'll be there as soon as I can.
I'm on my way.
I'm s-- I'm so sorry.
I have to go.
It's my uncle.
I have to go to Indiana.
I got a signal an hour ago.
The Centre cannot find Larrick.
They can't-- they can't find him? What, he's not in Nicaragua? He stopped sending reports.
The Centre started working their contacts.
Apparently, he asked the Navy for family leave, flew back to the States.
Now he's AWOL.
He got back just before George was killed and Kate went missing.
- We have to get out of here.
- Yeah.
Hey, kids! Get up.
Great news.
Get your bags out.
We got to pack.
Up, up, up, up.
Let's get dressed.
This is gonna be fun.
Come on.
We're gonna go out of town for a couple days.
Surprise vacation.
Come on, Henry.
Get up.
- What's going on? - We're going on a trip.
Come on, Paige.
Can you help me? What time is it? One of our clients canceled a motel reservation upstate.
And if we leave now, you can sleep on the way.
We'll have the whole day there tomorrow.
There's something wrong with you.
There's a lot wrong with us, but now we have to pack and go.
Paige, grab your shoes, okay? This will tell you where to leave the Echo information-- by tomorrow, 3:00 PM.
Am I supposed to just trust you? That you'll let Nina go? Are we known to keep our word? I believe we are.
It's for this very reason.
You really love her, yes? When we have Echo, where should we tell her to go? Tell her to meet me where we first met.
She will be there-- at 8:00 PM.
And don't tell her "I love you" so much.
A Russian woman doesn't like that.
She won't respect you.
Agent Beeman? Agent Gaad is looking for you.
Nothing beats American fast food.
Do you want something to drink? This is what I really look like.
You doing okay? Have you heard anything from Kate yet? As soon as I know something for sure, I promise I'll let you know.
We're almost there.
Thank you.
Morning, Agent Beeman.
Morning, Stan.
Hey, Beeman, come here.
Yeah? Take a look at this.
Is it even? Yeah, looks good.
You all right? Yeah.
I mean, I know things haven't been good at home.
Yeah, Sandra moved out.
Oh, shit, Stan.
I don't know what happens now.
Just got a call from Virginia Beach PD.
Jared Connors-- his foster mother called in yesterday.
He's missing.
I'm gonna go into town and get some groceries.
When's mom coming back from her hike? When she gets tired of the mountain air.
Shouldn't be long.
You guys want something special-- pop-tarts, Froot Loops? Strawberry-frosted.
Coming up.
Thank you.
Uh, here.
Why don't you-- Uh, let's take that over there.
Now, we're-- I th-- I thought we were up here.
Weren't we up here? Ah.
That's too high.
- Need help figuring it out? - Ah.
These backwoods roads can be pretty confusing.
Everything's ready.
We'll be set up ready to go in four hours.
You bring him to us.
He'll be with a woman.
Good luck with your trip.
Keep your hands out.
Where's mom and dad? Well, mom's on a hike, and dad went to the grocery store.
You want to play Monopoly? No.
Chutes and Ladders? Parcheesi? No.
Well, then, what do you want to do? I want to go back to sleep.
Why don't you go on a hike? By myself? Yeah.
Or just sit here and wait for mom and dad to come back.
If they're coming back.
Of course they're coming back.
What's your problem, Paige? I think Never mind.
What? You don't think it's totally weird? They wake us up in the middle of the night, drag us to a motel in the middle of nowhere, and leave.
Mom's on a hike, and dad went to the store.
What's the big deal? How long have they been gone? Where do you think they went? I don't know.
And I don't care.
I don't.
I'm done.
I'm counting the days till I can get the hell out of this lunatic asylum, go to college, be with normal people.
I guess 16 years.
I mean, I didn't see them all the time.
But when we did people like us don't have a lot of people to talk to.
I guess.
I never met anyone who loved their kids as much as your parents did.
And the risks that they took-- it was because they believed in something greater than themselves.
You have to understand that.
They wanted the world to be better-- for everyone, for you.
Yeah, Kate already told me all that.
But Kate didn't know them.
It was just They were amazing people.
And they never-- they never thought anything like this would happen, Jared.
In what you do does that happen often? Well, I guess I mean, it's always a risk.
And nobody's heard anything from Kate? How many times did you meet with Kate? Uh, a bunch.
Be quiet.
Hands! Drop the wood.
Walk! It's okay.
It's okay.
Don't look at me like that! I didn't start it.
You force me to do all these things.
And then, when it's finally over, you take the last thing that I give you and use it to kill my brothers.
That wasn't supposed to happen.
Over here.
Put these on.
Come on.
I'm turning you and your partner in.
I don't care what happens to me anymore.
You're such a decent man.
You kill his parents, his little sister.
I already told you-- I didn't do that.
Believe what you want.
I don't care.
Get in the trunk.
Now! Aah! H-hang on a second.
Hang on.
Got 'em.
You-- you have to tell K-- you have to-- you have to tell Kate that I'm sorry.
You have-- you have to tell Kate I'm sorry! Jared, you're hurt.
Just be quiet, okay? You have to tell them.
You have-- Who? Tell who? The Centre-- you have to tell-- you have to tell them that I saved you.
They have-- they have to know.
I will.
I will.
I prom-- I prom-- I promised her we were gonna be together.
I love her.
I love her.
And she loves me.
We were g-- we were gonna-- we were gonna-- we were gonna work together.
We were-- we were gonna do great things.
My parents, they didn't under-- I tried to tell them.
They didn't understand.
Th-- they just wouldn't listen.
You have-- you have to tell Moscow that I saved you.
You-- You did save us.
You-- you said my parents loved me.
They didn't love me.
M-my own-- My family was a lie.
My whole life was a lie.
When they found out, my father-- my-- my-- my father-- he-- he didn't understand the truth.
T-t-the-- the only truth.
Kate-- Kate told me who-- who I am, who I really am.
Jared, where did you get that gun? That day in the hotel, that's when he f-- He threw me up against the wall.
He said he'd never let it happen.
He was screaming like a crazy person.
He didn't think I knew where his gun was? My mother, she tried-- she tried-- she tried to grab me.
And what about Amelia? She w-- she w-- she was hysterical, and-- and she would-- she would have gone straight to the police.
And-- S-she-- she didn't deserve-- she didn't deserve that.
And you just cleaned up and went to the pool.
I-I had-- I had to.
I-I had to protect my cover.
What we do it's for something greater than ourselves.
K-Kate always-- K-- Kate alway-- Kate always-- Kate always said the work, the cause that's what-- that's what ma-- that's what matters.
You have to-- you have to-- you have to tell her.
You have to te-- when you see her! _ _ Great trip.
Can't wait to do that again.
Well, I had a good time.
Yeah, me too.
Hen, why don't you go upstairs, and we'll be up to tuck you in in a few minutes.
What the hell is going on? What happened with Jared was a tragedy.
Last year, The Centre started a program to develop officers they're calling second-generation illegals.
You do tremendous work, but your cover would never hold up to the type of background investigation required to join the CIA or the FBI.
However, one of your children, born to an American citizen, would pass one of these investigations.
The Centre asked Emmett and Leanne to bring Jared into the fold.
And they said no? The Centre didn't take no for an answer.
So they sent Kate to Jared.
I want you to know I had nothing to do with this.
I did not know about it.
I would have fought it.
I believe you.
The Centre-- they want Paige to be next.
That is not an option.
Those are your orders.
First-- soon, you need to tell her who you really are, who she really is, get her ready.
Then, develop her until the time is right for you to tell her that she will join our ranks.
It was unforgivable for them to go behind Emmett and Leanne's backs, but don't forget what's at stake in this war.
A second-generation illegal could change everything, and, for the right child, it could give their life a meaning and a purpose that they could never get in this country.
That's for us to decide.
Paige is your daughter, but she's not just yours.
She belongs to the cause.
And to the world.
We all do.
You haven't forgotten that, have you? I'm Philip Jennings.
I am often under surveillance.
I know, so you'll appreciate the importance of what I have to say.
If our organization ever gets anywhere near our daughter without our permission, my wife and I are finished.
How did it go? I don't think they'll go near her.
She's our daughter.
I got that across.
She does need something.
She's looking for something in her life.
What if What if this is it? What? How can you even-- We swore.
We swore we would never-- It would destroy her.
To be like us? Paige? Henry? Dinnertime.
Paige, can you grab the potatoes?
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