The Americans (2013) s04e01 Episode Script


1 Previously on The Americans PAIGE: I'm not stupid.
I know there's something going on.
You're out in the middle of the night.
The phone rings, and you're gone.
Just please tell me.
We work for our country The Soviet Union.
PHILIP: If you do tell anyone We will go to jail-- for good.
They're-- they're not who they say they are.
They're not Americans.
I want to arrange a trip for Elizabeth to see her mother one last time.
GABRIEL: I wish it were possible, but we both know that it isn't.
The FBI found the bug.
Martha knows about me.
I saw you today staring into your coffee mug for a minute, straight.
I can't take it.
They're not gonna let up until they find the person that put that pen there.
I-I am working on it, and I would do anything (yells) to protect you.
HOWARD: You're so stuck in your mind, but what you're just learning is that these feelings in your gut are just as important-- more important than all the shit in your head.
(footsteps running) (boy speaking Russian) - (grunts) - Ohh! (inhales deeply, sighs) (yells) - (thudding) - Nyet! You okay? Yeah.
You were right about Martha.
I have to tell her about Gene before she finds out at work.
(sighs) Hey.
What time is it? It's late.
I'm glad you're here.
I need to talk to you.
Is everything all right? No.
(sighs) In the next day or two, you're gonna get some disturbing news at work.
Gene Craft is dead.
What do you mean? What-- what happened? He'll be found in his apartment.
It-it'll look like he killed himself.
I don't-- I don't understand.
The recorder will be found in his apartment.
(gasps) The recorder? My recorder? It was the only way to protect you.
Oh, no.
(sobs) He's dead? Gene is dead? (gasps) (crying) Oh, no.
No, no, no, no.
No, I didn't-- I didn't agree to this! I don't want this! - Martha-- - How could you do that?! No, no.
Stay away.
I'm sorry, Martha.
Stay away.
Stay away.
What have you done? What have I done? (gasps) It's my fault.
I killed him.
- No.
- Oh, I did.
It's the truth.
Gene is dead because of me.
It's not because of you, Martha.
- I did it.
- (sobs) I said I would do anything I could to protect you, to keep you safe.
Oh, my God (sobbing) - Martha-- - Oh! No, don't.
Don't touch me.
(door closes) Jet lag? I've been up since 2:00.
I'll take some of that.
I heard someone leave around like 3:00.
Your father had to go to work.
Is he coming back? He'll meet me at the office.
What's he doing, exactly? He's meeting someone.
It's what we call a source.
He might get some information.
Is it dangerous? No.
It's more It's more about getting people to trust you.
To help them understand that you want the same thing that they want, which is to make the world a safer place for everyone.
Not everyone sees it that way, so it's all done in secret.
Did you eat? You want me to make some eggs? No, thanks.
I'm not hungry.
I'm glad you got some sleep.
Are you gonna be able to go to work today? I have to.
Oh (water runs) Martha, I'm not gonna be able to come back here even when the investigation ends.
Stan Beeman was suspicious.
He could come back.
But it won't change anything between us.
We'll be together at my place just as often.
Well, you getting up? No.
I might just skip work today.
I don't really feel like seeing anybody there.
I thought you liked playing with all the boys at the office.
You know, driving around in your cars and arresting people.
I used to.
Not so much anymore.
Everybody there kind of hates me now.
Hates you? Stan Beeman? How is that even possible? I know.
It's hard to believe, right? Mm-hmm.
But I do sometimes rub people the wrong way.
Well did you screw something up? Well, that's a matter of interpretation.
My boss thinks I should be executed.
But his boss thinks I should get a medal.
Well, you need to talk it through with your boss.
Be clear and direct about what you're feeling.
If his problems or lack of clarity are causing him to stand in your way, then your truth and clarity will blow right through him.
FBI doesn't exactly work like that.
ALL: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
(students chattering) TEACHER: Good morning, class.
If you are in field hockey, they're gonna be in the lower field, not the upper field.
GABRIEL: The Centre would like to know why I don't have the kind of relationship with you that keeps something like this from happening.
Gabriel, it was-- And they're right.
You lied to me.
There's no other way to look at it.
I told you they should go, and all you said was no.
When we disagree on something, the next step isn't to do it behind my back.
It makes them wonder if I can do my job.
If you could've seen Paige with her, you'd understand.
It was the right thing to go.
For a lot of reasons.
I came out of retirement to work with you, to help you.
But I don't want to be put in this position between you and the Centre.
If I can't trust something like this won't happen again, I'll go back to retirement in Sergach.
We can get you another handler.
Make a decision.
We want you to stay.
Both of you? Well, I'll take you at your nod.
There is something else that I've kept you out of.
But, um I can't anymore.
There are certain very powerful weapons biological.
We're not allowed to make them.
We've signed treaties.
But we think the Americans are making them, so we make them, too.
One of us has been getting American samples of pathogens for many years.
He signaled about a week ago, but when I tried to meet him, I caught surveillance.
If he's clean, you'll pick up the next package from him and find out what the hell is going on.
Anyone who gets near this has to be vaccinated.
I'm very sorry.
I tried to keep you out of it.
This is for a kind of meningitis you could get from the last two samples he got for us.
No dead drops.
Keep it in your custody.
Who is he? William.
How long has he been here? Longer than you.
He's running this alone? Yes.
He had a partner, but it didn't work out.
Not everyone's as lucky as you two.
(shudders) When they first showed me my room, I thought it was so peaceful.
(clears throat) So quiet.
Well, not exactly a prison.
Not for me.
I just wanted to rest there.
To sleep on the bed.
Use the hairbrush.
(sighs) I know this sounds silly, but I thought I could stay there for a long time.
(scoffs) Happily.
I'm sorry.
I know it's different for you.
(speaks Russian) (sighs) I'm a shitty husband, Nina.
I cheated on my wife.
- Well-- - That's how they got me.
They knew I would be with her that night.
If I'd been home where I belonged They would've gotten you another way.
But I think about my bedroom back home, - with my wife there - It's okay-- It's just I-I know what you mean.
That seems peaceful now.
I wish I could live that way again.
Anton Lazarevich.
(speaks Russian) PAIGE: I shouldn't have said anything.
PASTOR TIM: You needed to tell someone, Paige.
(sighs) No one can bear this sort of thing alone.
I-- They trusted me.
You're in church, Paige.
This is a place where you never have to hide the truth.
What am I gonna do? (sighs) Look, Paige, as unusual as this is, I am used to hearing secrets.
I-I know this may sound crazy, but d-do you think your parents would be open - to coming in and-- and - What? talking, the four of us, confidentially? - No! - Okay.
But your confusion and fear is not gonna go away no matter how much you talk to me.
If people are getting hurt, we have a responsibility.
You think everything is about talking, but they're not like that.
I've lived with them for all these years.
I know.
We can't tell anybody else ever.
So, let's focus on what's best for you.
You've said all along that you wanted to understand who they are.
Well, do you think you could ask them to tell you more about what they do? I guess.
I could try.
And then we'll figure out what to do next.
(sighs) When did you get Henry that cologne? I didn't.
Who did then? I don't-- I don't know.
He must've bought it.
- It's disgusting.
- Yeah, I know.
It's poisoning the whole upstairs.
I had to open up all the windows.
I told him deodorant is fin-- He doesn't need cologne.
He doesn't even shave.
I know.
Let's get dessert someplace else.
Not now.
You sure? Mm-hmm.
If we don't go now, he'll get too far away.
ELIZABETH: So, you did or you didn't see something? It's hard to say.
Well, you either did or you didn't, Philip.
(sighs) I'm, uh I'm not sure what I saw.
I had a bad feeling.
Had a bad feeling? Yeah.
Based on everything that I was taking in.
So, we were clear to go, and we broke off, and you didn't actually see anything? Gabriel broke off a meeting with the same guy because he thought he saw surveillance.
It is pretty likely that they're out here, so He did say be careful.
Gabriel said he saw a guy in a blue jacket a block and a half away from the target who he identified as a possible surveillant.
That's why we were called in with Hans.
What did you see? I'm telling you, it didn't feel right.
You okay? Is something wrong? Is something going on that I need to know about? I'm fine.
(Indistinct conversations in Russian) (boys yelling in Russian) PHILIP: There were two of them.
Older than me.
They used to steal stuff from me.
HOWARD: And you stopped them.
How do you feel? (breathing heavily) Angry.
Anger is a concept.
How do you feel in your body? BOY: Hey! (yelling in Russian) - (grunts) - (yells) Strong.
Powerful? I don't-- I don't know.
Why? I, uh (yells) What? (sighs) I don't know.
You got in a fight.
You were a kid.
What's the big deal? It's not just that.
BOY: Nyet! (yelling) (thudding) - Why? - Because-- (thudding) I can't do anymore.
Why? 'Cause I didn't need to hit him that much.
But you did.
(sighs) And to forgive yourself, you have to create a space for it to exist.
You're confusing the feelings with the event itself.
But they're different.
The kid was bullying you.
Why isn't he asking you for forgiveness? Did you ever talk to him about it? No.
Why not? (breathing heavily) (rock clatters) Because he moved away.
(applause) He's not saying that, if you forgive yourself, that means that you think that beating a kid up is okay.
He's just saying that spending the energy pushing it away is what, you know, is making you angry.
It's not really anger, even.
Then what is it? I just feel bad.
You have a lot weighing you down, don't you? Yeah.
- You need more support.
- (sighs) Going to EST, not telling Elizabeth? You need her.
Being dishonest with her is like being dishonest with yourself.
And there's a limit to how much progress you can make if you are not honest about what's going on in your own life.
There's a limit to how much progress I can make if I tell her, because she would kill me.
(laughs) (indistinct conversations) I'm just gonna borrow your (typewriter keys clacking, quiet conversations) (telephone rings) Sir? Call Walter Taffet.
Tell him to meet me in the vault now.
(knock on door) (sighs) WOMAN: I said I appreciated all the effort, but $6,000 is just a drop in the bucket.
That doesn't g-- (tape fast-forwarding) MURRAY: How should I know? I'm 86 years old.
I can barely remember the doctor's name.
PASTOR TIM: I don't think you should be going to these appointments alone, Mr.
(loud thudding) The church has volunteers who could drive you-- (tape recorder clicks) I just keep picturing her walking in there and spitting the whole thing out.
I thought everything was good in Germany.
It was.
But she's complicated.
(sighs) She's just so What? (sighs) Different.
We have to go.
Keep driving.
Green station wagon.
Had its turn signal on at the corner.
Came straight through.
(clattering, keys jingling) (lock turns) MARTHA: Clark? (sighs) (sobs) They know.
They know that he's dead.
(sniffles) Gene is (sighs) Everybody's shocked and (sniffles) And running around like crazy.
You're safe.
We're together.
(sniffles) Did he know? Gene, did he Did he know that it was gonna happen? No.
I did everything I could to make it easier for him.
Easier? Was he in pain? No.
It was fast.
Very fast.
(sighs) His apartment, it was, um It was filled with toys.
Like a kid.
Robot action figures.
I'm-- I'm glad that you told me.
I am.
I I have to know everything Even if it's hard.
I've been-- I keep having these memories from when I was a kid.
Just dumb stuff.
But you know how some of it makes you think "I wonder if this is why I act this way? Or why I'm so angry about that?" Thank you for telling me that.
It's better.
You'll see.
What? What is it? I I did wh-what I did to take you out of danger.
I won't put you back in.
We have to decide things together.
They want reports and assignments for a particular surveillance team.
(men yelling in Russian) Eh MAN: I didn't know him very well, so it's all kind of a shock to me.
WOMAN: I still can't believe it.
Anything? MAN #2: We're running through those files now.
I had a beer with him once.
You could tell he was a disturbed guy.
MAN #3: I know what you mean.
I-I always got a strange feeling from him, too.
It's like, Gene, this weird computer geek, right? (indistinct conversations) Martha, I know you liked Gene a lot.
I didn't know him that well, but I liked him, too.
I guess you never really know a person, do you? Yeah.
(copier whirring) PHILIP: From Martha.
Surveillance assignments.
There was no one on him that first night.
So I was imagining things.
You weren't.
Team member number three, March 10th, green station wagon.
It's a good thing we broke off.
No one on him tonight.
Or Sunday.
We should go tonight.
(sighs) You sure you're okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Didn't I see you here walking a dog a few nights ago? Yes.
I have two black Labradors.
Where's Gabriel? He called us in in case we had to handle something.
Did you know you were under surveillance? No, I just thought random people couldn't stop staring at me because I'm so handsome.
My laboratory just got a new contract from Fort Detrick.
That's why I sent the signal to Gabriel in the first place.
It's come along with a shitload of FBI surveillance-- all the scientists, probably, technicians Fort Detrick? Department of Defense, their bioweapons lab.
Keep this in the freezer.
Get it to Gabriel within 48 hours.
What is it? It's Burkholderia mallei.
Causes a disease called glanders.
The inoculation we got was against a kind of meningitis.
(laughs) This is to meningitis what bubonic plague is to a runny nose.
Gabriel and his friends at the Centre have been waiting my whole Goddamn life for this.
Tell them I send it with love.
(dog barking in distance) Stan.
Everything okay? STAN: Yeah.
Yeah, just, uh Hey, Philip, can I talk to you alone for a second? Yeah, sure.
Boy talk? Yeah.
What, uh what's up? Tori, uh, saw you with Sandra.
What? At a restaurant? We got dessert-- She said you were very intimate with each other.
Intimate? I don't know what that means.
Are you screwing my wife? (sighs) No.
God, no.
I-- You're lying.
Don't lie to me, Philip.
I'm not lying! I swear, we're just friends.
Then what were you doing with her? You're out with her, you never told me? I went back to EST.
All right? And she was there.
We went out after.
That's all.
We've always been friends.
Jesus! Stop! You don't think to tell me 'cause you went back to EST? I don't know.
It's weird, obviously, seeing you, seeing her.
I do-- I-I don't know what to say.
Screw you, Philip.
(sighs) (garage door creaking) (light clicks)
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