The Americans (2013) s04e10 Episode Script


1 Previously on "The Americans" Listen, I have to thank you again for another fantastic deal.
Those rates were even better than the ones for Kenya.
Honestly, we should be thanking you.
You and the church have been great for business.
They asked me to come up and see the Director.
Well, that could be anything.
I'm pretty sure they're not calling me up for a commendation, Stan.
PHILIP: What happened to your old boss? He retired.
He's going on a long trip to Thailand.
The most virulent pathogens are on Biocontainment Level 4.
I don't have access to Level 4.
PHILIP: We're working on getting you the access code.
ELIZABETH: I didn't find anything.
- Hello.
- Hi, Don.
You should plan dinner for the kids because I'll be home late.
We don't have to go through with it.
We've been over this.
I'm not saying because of me.
I'm saying because of you.
You don't want to do it to her.
I'm sorry.
I'm I'm sorry.
(sighs) YOUNG-HEE: (laughing) So, Don is at the top of the hill, and I'm down at the bottom, the kids are on the sled, and the snow was like frozen, thick ice.
And I think, "It's okay.
Even if they come too fast, I can stop them.
" Well, Don let them go, and they are starting to rush down the hill.
- Whoosh! So fast.
- (laughter) They are coming at me so fast.
They're like a bullet.
And all of sudden, I realize, "If I jump on them, I will kill them.
" (laughter) So, what did you do? So, I jump out of the way.
And lucky there was no cars coming.
But Don, oh! He said a funny, funny thing.
You remember it? No.
Oh, sure you do.
I I have to do some work.
Well, he said, "Well, at least we know you have the good reflexes.
" (laughter) PHILIP: Bouillon? That's right.
Flavors the noodles.
Was your mom a good cook? She made a soup I liked.
You told me your dad died when you were six.
He's on his Walkman.
What did he do? For work? I come from a city called Tobolsk in Siberia.
It's surrounded by forest, and he was a logger.
Did you like it there? (chuckles) I don't know.
We didn't think that way.
There were things there that I liked.
But my dad worked very hard.
And when he came home, he was tired.
My mom She was She was very tough.
That's what Mom says about her mom.
Well, that's the way you had to be.
After the war, people didn't have much.
It wasn't about what you liked.
It was about hard work and protecting your family.
I had a job after school at this thing we called a cooperative.
We made rakes.
One week, the guy who ran the place, he got greedy, and he tried to pay me half of what he owed me.
My mom went over there.
And then he paid me all of it.
37 points.
(sighs) She's a librarian.
You wouldn't even notice her if she sat on your lap.
How'd you find her? I saw "The Militant" hanging out of her bag when I was checking out my book.
She and the older man, plus Hans, gives us enough of a team to move forward with William.
- Tea? - Yeah.
- Elizabeth? - No, thanks.
And is William ready? He's been monitoring the shift changes at the lab.
He thinks he'll be ready at best in a few days.
At worst, a few weeks.
How close are you to getting the codes? Close.
How close? Let's talk through this for a second.
Maybe she's not ready to do this.
It's okay.
Um Maybe days.
Last time, we did nearly start an epidemic.
Oh, you think I forgot? It's supposed to be 10 times worse.
The best deterrent is strength.
Even their president says that.
(sighs) Okay, so 6:30, then.
I'm glad it worked out.
I'll see you then.
WOLFE: Agent Aderholt.
Check your margins, please.
- (door closes) - Welcome to Munchkinland.
If I knew it would be like this, I would have retired with Gaad.
(chuckles) Hey, you got plans tomorrow night? Not really.
You want to grab a drink? - Okay.
- Great.
There will be three of us.
You, me, and Martha's dad.
Oh, come on, Stan.
It's a favor.
He's in town.
I said I'd grab a drink.
Come on.
There's a word for what you just did, Stan.
- Where are you going? - I have a test.
Without clearing your plate? I'm behind.
That's what you get for being better at school.
When you're done with the dishes, mop the floor, Paige.
- (doorbell rings) - Ha ha.
Probably Stan.
Uh, tell him there's no leftovers.
Henry, if that plate is not clear by morning, you're eating off of it for breakfast! HENRY: Good! More flavor! Alice.
What a surprise.
ALICE: Can I come in? Yeah, of of course.
Is everything okay? Tim is missing in Ethiopia.
- What?! - Oh, my God.
He and Allen Woods decided to go to another village on their own.
And they never came back.
Do they know where the village is? Near the Eritrean border.
If you have anything to do with this - What? - Alice.
I don't want to hear your stories! Alice, what are you talking about? Tim wants to believe the best in everyone, but I know what you do, and I know that you have people all over the world.
Would you please lower your voice? - Henry is - No.
I don't care! Alice, this is crazy.
- Is it? - Yes.
Ethiopia's a a dangerous country.
Everybody knows that.
Anything could have happened.
Well, I called the embassy for help, and they told me to call the State Department, and they told me that Ethiopia is a client state of the U.
And there are Soviet troops everywhere.
- You cannot think that we - I don't want to hear it! I know how the world works.
I made a tape.
I gave it to a lawyer.
It's addressed to the Justice Department.
It says exactly who you are.
- Alice, please.
- I'm sorry, Paige.
I know that you have nothing to do with this, but there's nothing else that I can do.
If Tim doesn't come home or if anything happens to me, that tape goes to the Justice Department.
That's all I want to say.
Alice! (Tatiana moaning) Shh.
(laughs) (moaning resumes) (laughs) (both laugh) His door was closed.
He heard yelling, but he couldn't understand what we were saying.
I told him that Pastor Tim is missing and Alice is upset.
ELIZABETH: Well, it's awful.
I feel awful for her.
Well, of course.
With the baby coming What? Nothing.
I-I just I mean Is there any way? - Paige.
- Let her finish.
"Is there any way" what? I don't know.
Say what you want to say.
Alice is scared, and it's understandable.
But it doesn't make sense, what she's saying.
"Is there any way" what? I don't know, okay? I just I mean, I don't know what kind of people the Russians have in Africa.
I-I just I wonder, okay? I don't know.
(sighs) We don't want this.
This is a disaster for us.
For you? - No, I meant if you think - Look This is pretty good for you, actually.
That's the thing.
He goes to Africa all the time.
But now, all of a sudden, when you're so worried that he knows your secret, he disappears? Paige, that's crazy.
What? Do you think we kidnap people and what? - That we kill them? - I don't know.
I-I mean, in a Russian-controlled military country, he disappears? That doesn't sound that crazy to me.
Well, it's not true.
But how am I supposed to know? I mean, even if it were, that's what you'd say, right? You'd have to.
I mean, she comes in here and I don't know.
How would I know? - Tell me.
How would I know? - Paige, listen to us.
We couldn't have made this happen even if we wanted to.
Paige! Paige.
Wait! (sighs) Is there any way? No.
Not without telling us.
(sighs) I just can't believe it.
After we bent over backwards not to do it So she wouldn't hate us.
(sighs) And does she really think we'd be so stupid that we'd leave Alice? Unless they have something planned.
You're worse than she is.
(sighs) I'm sure we have a lot of people in Ethiopia.
We'll have Gabriel see what they can do.
If he's alive.
At least it's something to offer Alice.
Now I'm thinking we may have to run.
(sighs) I thought I could live like this.
(indistinct conversations) (indistinct conversations) Yes, I'll hold.
They found the Jeep, but no one was in it.
(sighs) Is Alice here? She's in with Mrs.
Woods and Assistant Pastor Dale.
I I'll just come back after school.
I promise I'll call if we hear anything.
Oh, God.
(sighs) Ohh.
Do you want to sit? Oh, it doesn't make a difference.
Alice, I just want to say I love you and Pastor Tim so much.
I know, sweetheart.
(sobs) You've done so much for me.
(voice breaking) I'm just so scared.
(sobs) (sobbing) You remember that flood in Kansas in the early '50s? I think so.
Martha was in the first grade.
She raised $50 to send to the families.
That's the kind of person Martha is.
I just (sighs) I find it hard to understand.
You haven't heard anything yet? Uh, typically we don't in cases like this.
But the KGB? Isn't that jumping to conclusions? I mean, he could be any kind of con man.
People disappear for all sorts of reasons.
She could be drugged or or kidnapped.
Based on the evidence, we're You're acting like she's the criminal.
She's not.
It's this Clark or whatever his real name is.
Martha is the most honest, loyal, kind person in the world.
Hanson, that's just the thing.
It's often that understanding, decent person who's susceptible to these kinds of manipulations.
Yeah, but not Martha.
She's too smart for that.
And if you'd find her, you'd see.
You guys have to do everything in your power to get her back.
You'll see I'm right.
Just promise me this.
Promise me you won't give up.
It's an ongoing investigation.
I assure you, no one's giving up.
(thumping) I checked the tape.
It's mostly nothing.
He's in Ethiopia.
Then Alice calls about where he is, but there's nothing to a lawyer.
(thumping continues) Do you think that bothers the neighbors? - Does it bother you? - Yes.
He could break the garage door.
It's just a tennis ball.
(door opens) (thumping continues) Couldn't he break the garage door? Yes.
Did you see Alice today? (sighs) And? We prayed.
Paige, we talked with some of the people we work with.
We have colleagues in Ethiopia.
And they're gonna talk to them and see if they can help find him.
Who knows what happened, but if there's any chance, you should let her know that we're doing everything we can.
What if she sends the tape? We might have to leave.
You and Dad? All of us.
Where? (thumping continues) Wait.
Are you serious? We're not there yet.
Are you serious?! - Paige.
- Paige.
Henry, too? We couldn't leave him behind.
- If we can keep Alice calm - No, no, no, no.
- No, it's true.
If we can - St-Stop! Stop! Paige, you need to calm down.
No, I don't! I don't need to do anything! Are you serious? Do you hear yourselves? Listen.
If you would just listen to what we're saying.
- I don't want to listen! - If we can keep Everything you say is crazy! Go back to Russia? I've never been to Russia.
What, are we gonna speak Russian? What are you gonna do there? You can't be Russian spies in Russia! Then where are we gonna go? What country? Who are you gonna lie to? Who are you gonna make disappear? Paige! We have nothing to do with this.
(thumping continues) I'm going.
Okay, sweetheart.
It's on the northwest corner.
I know.
If I'm not there, I'll be in the shops next door.
I'll see you in half an hour.
Don't buy me anything.
(door opens) What's the matter? You forget some (Russian accent) Frank Gaad.
(door closes) Sorry to bother you, Mr.
We're not here to hurt you.
We have a proposal for you.
Get out of my room.
You should listen to us.
And if I don't want to listen to you? I think you'll be making a mistake.
(speaking Russian) Ohh! (breathing heavily) (breathing slows) (breathing stops) (door closes) (owl hooting) What'd I miss? An owl.
You saw it? I'm not sure, but it made an owl sound.
Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! And then it flew off.
(laughs) Okay.
You've got the best pot, James.
You're like a I don't know.
Like a Pot connoisseur? Yes! Yes.
How are things with, um What's his name? His name's Pete.
Like you don't know.
Things are okay.
What's wrong? Nothing.
It's okay.
"Okay" means "not okay.
" He's young.
I mean, he's my age, but he's - Young.
- Yeah.
Plenty more fish in the sea.
Like you would know.
(chuckles) Mm.
High school is pretty much fished out.
You want to know something? Sure.
It's a secret.
(chuckles) Dad doesn't work at the State Department.
He took another job? No.
He never worked there.
He works for the CIA.
Do you believe that? I don't I don't I don't know.
How do you know? He told me.
It's like Everything in my life makes sense suddenly.
His travel, the way he is around the house.
Like, not here when he's here.
(sighs) Have you told anyone? You.
Tell Pete? (scoffs) Are you kidding? What? I don't think you should've told me.
- Why? - Because it's a secret, and telling it breaks your father's trust.
It could bring you and your dad closer together, but only if you keep it.
Is Henry here? Uh, no.
Um I guess he went to Doug's.
All right, well, thanks.
Um Do you want to hang out? My dad's working this weekend.
I'm just here, so Uh sure.
But just for a little.
I have to stop by my church.
Uh, can I get you a soda or something? Actually, do you have coffee? Sure, big shot.
So, you guys aren't big on interior decorating.
What? Are you crazy? That's all we talk about.
Do you think it's cool that he's an FBI agent? Or weird? Uh, for me, he, like, never really talked about it, so it was weird.
But, uh, now that I'm around more, he's chatty about everything, so Well, that's good.
Yeah, I think he's trying to show me he's, uh, glad I'm here or something.
Yesterday he told me he went out with this guy who was the dad of the secretary in his office who was a spy.
W-What do you mean? His secretary was was a spy? No, not his secretary.
He's just investigating it.
Uh, she just disappeared.
And the father's really broken up.
You know, it's intense, you know? So, uh, tell me about church.
Oh, it's, um, it's the Reed Street Church.
Do you go somewhere? No.
Uh, we're not really religious.
My parents aren't, either.
I got involved 'cause of the youth group.
It's really cool.
But there's this this horrible thing happening now.
Our pastor is missing.
What? He's on a famine relief trip to Ethiopia, and he just disappeared.
Oh, my God.
Yeah, it's really bad.
I'm pretty close with him and his wife, so I've been I've been checking on her every day.
Uh, do you want sugar or anything? Oh, no, just the just the caffeine is great.
I haven't really been sleeping much.
Actually, I-I should get to the church.
(sighs) Uh, what? I just I still have my permit, so I have to ask my parents for a ride.
No, I-I can drive you.
Really? Yeah, I have my mom's car.
Are you sure? Yes.
I'll just go get the keys.
I'll be right back.
(indistinct conversations) There's Paige.
- Be right back.
- Okay.
Paige, you won't believe it.
They're okay.
What? They ran out of gas.
They tried to walk, and they got lost.
But they're fine.
Oh, my God.
Tha That's great.
Th-That's really great.
God is good.
(sighs) Oh, um This is my friend Matthew.
Matthew, this is Zach.
- Hey, Matthew.
- Hey.
Uh, Matthew actually plays guitar, too.
- Really? - Yeah, well, a little bit.
Um, I just I have to go check on the pastor's wife.
- I'll be right back, okay? - Yeah, of course.
Maybe you can tell him about youth choir.
ALICE: Paige.
Come on.
Come back.
Would you excuse us for a moment? Thank you.
(sobs) You never saw me cry before.
Now it's all I do.
It's okay.
I'm so relieved.
Me, too.
I feel like I can breathe again.
(exhales deeply) (sniffles) When's he coming back? Tomorrow.
Oh, thank God.
I know.
I know.
It's a miracle.
This baby must be thinking, "What is going on out there?" (both laugh) Paige, honey.
I've never been scared like that before.
I mean I'm married to a minister.
Yeah, I know.
Please tell your parents I'm sorry.
It's It's okay.
They understand.
Are you hungry? Everybody brought food.
There's so much, I don't know what to do with it.
JOAN: This is a message for Patty.
YOUNG-HEE: Hi, Patty.
It's Young-Hee.
What we talked about, it's getting worse.
His behavior He's (sighs) I don't know, but something is wrong.
(voice breaking) Patty, I don't know what.
(sniffles) I'm sorry.
Please just call.
I really want to talk.
(click) He got lost.
They ran out of gas.
Where? What happened? They were trying to find their way back the whole time, and then they just showed up.
He and Allen Woods were walking for days.
- Thank God.
- Yeah.
I know.
Alice feels really bad about what she said.
And I feel really bad about what I said, too.
It was just It was so weird.
Listen, Paige.
The hardest thing we do in our jobs is trust.
We never know for sure if other people are telling us the truth.
But the one thing Dad and I have is we tell each other the truth.
And now that we told you about us, you're part of that.
We can't always tell you every detail about our job.
But we will tell you what we can.
And we won't lie to you.
I don't think we should ask Alice for the tape right now.
You don't? I was going to, but She didn't bring it up, and it felt weird with us just finding out about Pastor Tim.
I didn't want her to think that Yeah.
I just felt it would be better to wait.
I think that sounds smart.
(sighs) When are you gonna tell Henry? I mean, you are gonna tell him at some point, right? A lot of that depends on Henry.
(knock on door) (Russian) Yes? (Russian) Thank you.
(door closes) (printer whirring, telephone rings) Look, Stan, I just heard some news.
There's gonna be an announcement, and I don't know any details, but Gaad is dead.
The D.
was down.
I overheard him telling Wolfe.
Like, a-a heart attack? I don't know.
On his trip? I-I just don't know anything.
(knock on door) All hands on deck.
Wolfe's got an announcement to make.
GABRIEL: We did have people looking for him.
Sometimes the best move in this business is having a little bit of luck.
(chuckles) This guy's wandering around, no idea where he is.
(chuckles) Trying to feed people, though, I'll give him that.
A good Christian.
(chuckles) Are you ready to move to get the codes? Yeah, I think so.
You think so? Yes.
I am.
What's the problem? Nothing.
There's no problem.
You know, it's possible for people like us who give everything to our country and the world to forget ourselves.
You sound like Philip after an EST meeting.
What are they like? The family? They're close.
And loud.
You'd like them.
Well, you like them.
I suppose I do.
It's okay.
What if we couldn't get in this way? You've already done the hard part.
(sighs) No.
The next part is the hard part.
After that, they'll never recover.
Your feelings matter.
No, they don't.
Or they shouldn't.
They can sometimes.
Let's ask.
How about this? Before we take the last step, I'll ask them to look for another way in.
There's no harm in asking.
We don't know everything they know.
Do you want me to ask? Yes.

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