The Americans (2013) s04e13 Episode Script

Persona Non Grata

1 Previously on "The Americans" Don't be scared, sweetheart.
Uhh! [Moaning.]
It's dangerous what you and dad do? Sometimes.
Henry's really close to Mr.
Beeman, and we have no idea what he's saying to him about us.
You always say we'll get through this, but you never say how.
PHILIP: You wanna be Matthew's friend? Be Matthew's friend, but don't do anything because of us.
STAN: I just saw Burov.
He gave me enough pieces to put something together.
Probably an agent in place working on biological weapons.
Just got something new in from Fort Detrick.
A modified strain of the Lassa virus causes a hemorrhagic fever that liquefies your organs.
Louisville field office found a William Crandall.
Foster Medical, right? Got him.
I know you've lost your sense of why we do this, but I promise you, it matters.
You'll do this one last thing.
[static crackles.]
WOMAN OVER RADIO: Radio check, Delta vehicle team.
MAN: Delta 15 on Palmer.
[radio chatter.]
[click and creak.]
[container clicks.]
[keys jingle.]
Light just went out.
[engine revs.]
Get ready to move.
He's getting into his car.
4-door, brown Chevrolet Impala.
Getting into a 4-door, brown Chevy Impala.
WOMAN: Copy.
He's moving.
Driving south on Ferry Street.
MAN: Delta 11, Tango heading north on Ferry.
WOMAN: [speaks indistinctly.]
passing Palmer.
Tango, 10-5 on Union.
[engine starts.]
Scoot over.
If we're in danger, if things can happen, maybe I need to learn how to defend myself.
I can teach you a few things.
MAN: Delta 6, he's out.
He's on Richmond Road.
WOMAN: Copy.
Go one more block, then turn right.
MAN: Bravo 8, Tango left on Elm Street.
WOMAN: Bravo 16 has the eye.
She's gonna be too close.
Pull back your lead follow.
She's too close.
MAN: Delta 11, any further back, we'll lose him.
Maybe we're just nervous.
MAN: Bravo 10, Tango turning right on Rochester Terrace.
He didn't go into the park? You guys expecting him to go into the park? [Static.]
MAN: Walking east on Rochester.
I think he just broke off.
Let's grab him before he disappears.
We're taking him.
[tires screech.]
MAN: He's running.
He's heading into the park.
Damn it.
[tires screech, horn honks.]
[tires screech.]
[tires screech.]
[tires screech.]
[radio chatter.]
[tires screech.]
[continues panting.]
[tires screech.]
[radio chatter.]
[radio chatter continues.]
[chatter continues.]
[helicopter approaching.]
MAN: Keep your hands in the air! Don't move! MAN: Hands up! [Man shouts indistinctly.]
I suggest you don't move.
You might want to get me to a hospital with a bio-containment treatment facility as soon as possible.
Listen to him! Stay back! Everybody stay back! [helicopter blades whirring.]
[man speaking indistinctly.]
[helicopter blades whirring in distance.]
I'm up.
[Inhales deeply.]
[switch clicks.]
William didn't show.
Did you see any surveillance? Stan didn't come home again tonight.
When's the alternate? Tomorrow.
I told Paige a little bit about Smolensk.
Do you ever wonder what it looks like now? Back home? It could be totally different.
Probably not that much.
[man on radio speaking Russian.]
[man continues over radio.]
[door unlocks, creaks.]
Semenov! [man continues over radio.]
[patriotic music playing over radio.]
[door creaks, locks.]
[man continues over radio.]
[monitor beeping.]
[button clicks.]
I'm Agent Beeman.
This is Agent Aderholt.
We're with the FBI.
[monitors continue beeping.]
At a time like this, we can all just be human beings.
If there's anything we can do to make you more comfortable Comfortable.
There is nothing you or a-anyone can do to make me comfortable.
In a few days, everything that's inside me that matters will have oozed out through my orifices.
[labored breathing.]
I'm a dead man.
It's a very unusual feeling.
Would you like a Coke? [scoffs.]
Hi, Hon.
[keys clatter.]
Alice had her baby.
Boy or girl? - Girl.
Claire Louise.
- Oh.
Pastor Tim left a message.
I haven't called back yet.
I didn't know what to say.
Well, I guess we should, um, all go visit them.
All three of us? Henry, too.
- Is it too soon? - [Sighs.]
How soon until you wanted visitors when you had me? I didn't have many friends, so [sighs.]
Maybe I should go first after church tomorrow just to say hi.
- Yeah, call first.
- Yeah.
And then we can all go see them later when they're home.
That makes sense.
- I have a gift you can take.
- Good.
Where's Dad? Working? No, um, he's at this it's sort of like a class.
He's at a class? It's called EST.
Uh, it's like a seminar in thinking about yourself.
Remember, he went with Stan one time? Right.
Did you eat? No.
I'll make something.
PHILIP: [Amplified voice.]
Travel agent is pretty much the only job I've ever known.
Uh, it it suited me.
I-I like to travel, see new places and meet new people.
But, I mean, you choose a job before you really know if you'll like it, right? I mean, when you're young, you don't know anything who you are, what you wanna do, be.
You pick something because it fits what you like, what what you need.
But life changes things, you change, or or something.
And then one day you wake up, and you don't want to go into the office.
You don't wanna make arrangements for people you don't know and don't give a shit about.
You You don't wanna do it.
You just don't.
Every morning, I wake up with this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.
So why don't you quit, find a new job? I can't.
Why not? Because I have commitments.
I've made promises.
To who? To people who trust me and people I love.
And you don't wanna let them down? No.
But it's okay to let yourself down? Do you think your family would no longer love you if you quit? Do you think the world would stop spinning? 'Cause I got news for you.
You ain't that important.
It was two different intercepts, and he doesn't show up at your meeting or your alternate.
I've called him three times.
They've got him.
The question now is William.
It's not like he was so happy to do this in the first place.
I'm not saying he walked it over to them.
But now that they have him, they probably have something enticing to offer.
You spent more time with him than I did.
I hadn't thought about him like that.
I mean, he bitched and moaned and was an asshole.
I guess it's possible.
He's been here.
We better go.
[door creaks.]
[sighs and sniffles.]
[door opens.]
[door creaks.]
[indistinct conversations.]
[baby crying in distance.]
[indistinct conversations.]
[exhales deeply.]
To what do I owe this pleasure? We recently arrested a man named William Crandall.
He was a scientist working at a lab called Foster Medical Research, but in fact, he was a member of Directorate S spying for your government, stealing secrets to be used in your nation's biological weapons program.
That's very surprising.
To my knowledge, my country doesn't have a biological weapons program.
In fact, it is my understanding, according to the treaties, yours doesn't have one either.
So it would be shocking to discover that you're working on such a We only work on research to create antidotes and medicines for the weapons we know you're making.
You should really make these baseless accusations to the Ambassador.
I'm just Cultural Attaché, as you know.
We know exactly who you are, and we will be speaking to the Ambassador directly, as well as to the Foreign Minister in Moscow.
President Reagan expects your country to keep to the treaties it signed.
And he will be bringing this incident up with Andropov shortly.
You've gone too far.
Bugging my predecessor's office, having one of your officers marry his secretary, which is the lowest thing I have seen in my entire life.
And now this you're being expelled from the country.
- You have no proof.
- You killed Frank Gaad.
- Agent Wolfe - I don't care.
I wanna see his face.
You've got 48 hours to get out.
[monitor beeping steadily.]
ADERHOLT: Are you in pain? The strain I gave myself gets to the hemorrhagic fever stage pretty quickly.
Anyone you'd like us to contact, Mr.
Crandall? [breathing unevenly.]
Agent Aderholt STAN: We have channels we can use.
No doubt.
After so many years in your country as your unwelcomed guest, there is no one.
Besides, anyone who needs to know, knows.
They don't know if you've told us anything.
They don't know that.
Did you like it what you did? It was exciting at first.
Like all new things.
Auspicious beginnings and all that.
I was committed to something.
[breathing unevenly.]
And I was invisible.
- To us? - [Grunts.]
T-To everyone.
Made me feel special, like I was the star in my very own movie.
Then over time, the thing that made it special, made me special, my secret power, as it were [breathing unevenly.]
became a curse.
I was alone, isolated.
Very lonely.
I'd reach out to people.
[breathing unevenly.]
Not friends, exactly.
Maybe acquaintances, more like.
But there was always a distance.
Aa barrier.
The absence of closeness makes you dry inside.
But still committed.
It was the only thing I had left.
[monitors continue beeping.]
- Anything new? - No.
But the longer they have William in custody, the greater the risk to you.
- It's been a hard year.
- Yeah.
The problems pile up.
It's hard to know when it's too late.
If William talks to the FBI, risks on top of risks, when do we stop? I think you two and your children should return home.
What? Philip, your heart hasn't been in this for a long time.
Elizabeth, you've been doing this for almost 20 years.
The job wasn't meant to be forever.
So what, the Centre wants us to pack our bags and come home? You've had a good, long tour.
The Centre would welcome you with honors the moment you tell them you're ready.
But with William under arrest, you're in immediate danger.
I know.
I know you've always been in danger, but that can dull the senses.
I think it's time.
I want you to go home and get your kids.
And get yourselves to a safe house.
But, of course, it's your decision.
[Leonard Cohen's "Who By Fire" playing.]
[Claire coos.]
LEONARD COHEN: Who by fire - Hi, Claire.
- Who by water Hey, baby girl.
Who in the sunshine Who in the nighttime Wanna hold her? - Who by high ordeal - Okay, Claire, meet Paige.
- [Claire babbles.]
- Who by common trial Here you go.
Who in your merry-merry month of May Who by very slow decay And who Who shall I say Is calling - [car doors close.]
- And who in her lonely slip Who by barbiturate Who in these realms of love Hi.
I'm Paige.
Who by avalanche Who by powder Who for his greed Who for his hunger And who Who shall I say - [engine starts.]
- Is calling And who by brave assent Who by accident Who in solitude Who in this mirror Who by his lady's command Who by his own hand Who in mortal chains Who by common trial And who Who shall I say Is calling [exhales and sighs.]
[door opens and closes.]
[labored breathing.]
[labored breathing.]
[breathing heavily.]
[switch clicks.]
William? [breathing heavily.]
They They want always wanted more.
More information.
More samples.
They wanted me married.
I tried.
We were fighting.
I was I wish I could've been with her for all these years.
Like them.
Couple kids.
American dream.
Never suspect them.
She's pretty.
He's lucky.
When we had the interception, we really dug a grave for ourselves.
And it's like the old saying if you make the bed hard, you gotta lay in it.
[Door opens.]
- Hey.
- Hey, Mom, Dad.
Thanks for watching the Super Bowl with me.
I-I'm sorry.
We we got caught up with work.
What what happened? We lost by a lot.
It sucked.
MAN: Pins the Redskins back at their own 12-yard line with only I'll be down in a few minutes, okay? Raiders defensive coach Charlie MAN: This particular play, uh, Joe Washington swings out.
He gets grabbed a little bit by Lyle.
I tried to get it over Lyle's head, and I never saw the linebacker coming in.
I anticipated them being in a zone a zone defense.
As it turns out You're not that into sports, are you? [mouth full.]
When I was little, I was.
Um [clears throat.]
My dad and I played a lot of football.
But now, uh - What? - Yeah, I don't know.
Just the whole thing with my dad.
What? He cheated on my mom.
Did you know that? I heard 'em talking about it.
You know what's gross? My friend at school was like, "What? I would never cheat on your mom.
" [sighs.]
People are stupid.
But in a way it's good, right? Seeing them as people.
I guess.
But they're still my parents.
No, I-I know.
Believe me.
[exhales deeply.]
Sometimes don't you just wish you could go back to being a little kid again? I don't know.
[man speaking indistinctly over TV.]
I used to think my dad was having an affair at work.
Really? Yeah.
He was working late a lot, and it happened to my friend with her dad and his secretary.
I asked my mom about it.
- Really? - Yeah.
What'd she say? She said no.
She trusted him.
But I don't know how you know.
Like what we were saying they're just people, and people Shit happens, you know? [man continues indistinctly over TV.]
sacking him six times and forced three turnovers.
The cornerbacks for the Raiders, Lester Hayes and Mike Haynes, frustrated the Redskins wide receivers all game long with their physical bump and run coverage.
MAN: I guess a lot of people is gonna think like that, but if you can really view the film, you know, any football expert, you would see that, you know, I was open the entire game.
- [bed creaks.]
- [sighs.]
You wanna pack? Get the hell out of here? Maybe.
I don't know.
You trying to picture them there? [whispers.]
[car door opens and closes in distance.]
Stan's home.
Hasn't been watching the Super Bowl.
Work must be busy.
At least he doesn't have five FBI cars behind him.
So that's a good thing.
You should go get Paige.
- Hi.
- Hey, hey.
[lowered voice.]
So I just got home.
Matthew and Paige I don't think they were just watching football.
What? I don't know.
It was It was all like - You know.
[Clears throat.]
- Oh - When I came in.
- Right.
Father of the bride, you're paying.
You can use my backyard if you want to.
- Yeah, good.
- [whispers.]
All right, come on.
MAN ON TV: Came into this game expecting to win Hey.
- Hi, Dad.
- Hey, Mr.
See you got all your Super Bowl snacks there.
How was the game? Heard we lost.
Uh, yeah, it was a total blowout.
Oh Okay, let's go, Sweetie.
- What? - It's getting late.
[TV continues indistinctly.]
- Bye.
- See ya.
- Bye, Mr.
- Bye, Paige.
- Hey, uh, racquetball Tuesday? - You bet.
STAN: Okay.
[door opens.]
I don't want you to see him.
That's ridiculous.
Don't do this, Paige.
You have no idea.
No idea.

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