The Americans (2013) s05e02 Episode Script


1 Previously on The Americans This kid-- I'm telling you, he's not doing good.
Hates it here more than me.
His dad hates his homeland.
What did you do there? I am a consultant to your Department of Agriculture.
We think we know what happened to William.
Somehow, he infected himself with the virus he was carrying.
I'm afraid he has one last job.
William: Lassa fever is a very undignified way to go.
It doesn't hurt.
[ Grunts .]
[ Both panting .]
Everything all right? Hans cut his hand on the, um the [ Train horn blows in distance .]
We had to I'm very sorry.
You do understand we had to have it.
I think William would've liked us getting the virus sample off his body.
I'm getting signals from the Centre every hour.
They're not their usual picture of calm restraint.
Half our grain comes from America and its allies.
If they're doing something to it-- contaminating shipments, we don't know exactly what-- people will starve.
Going after people's food? I thought there were things they wouldn't do.
Well, they're doing the very best they can to track Morozov.
Something's turned up.
He's making a trip to Illinois, the Land of Lincoln.
- When? - 29th.
To think they once had a Lincoln.
Now a Reagan.
- [ Door closes .]
- She's not there.
What? Do you think she's at Matthew's? Without telling us? Maybe there's a note.
If she's over there, what if Stan had to call us, or-- If something happened, anything, and we're not here at this hour-- [ Sighs .]
Let's look downstairs.
[ Muffled murmur, thump .]
[ Groans sleepily .]
What? Paige, what are you doing in there? Mm, I don't know.
I-I couldn't sleep.
Sometimes I-- [ Sighs .]
Oleg, um - Hey.
- Hey.
So, I saw her again.
Oh, the gym lady? You ask her out this time? What is wrong with you? I mean, I talked to her.
We exchanged pleasantries.
That's something.
- But you got to declare, Stan.
- I know, I know.
It's just-- If you saw her, you'd understand.
She asked me what I did.
Well, that-- that's good, right? I told her, and she looked at me strange.
Strange how? I don't know, like it wasn't what she was expecting, what she's after.
You're an FBI agent, Stan.
Come on.
Women love that stuff.
Maybe when we were chasing Capone and Dillinger.
It's 1984, Philip.
Well what does she do? I don't know.
Beer? Yeah.
[ Crow cawing .]
Hi, honey.
Where's Henry? Library.
- Allegedly.
- [ Chuckles .]
- He's probably at the arcade.
- Yeah.
Want another lesson? Now? He's looking at Purdue, University of Minnesota.
- Nothing closer? - No.
But maybe with this Paige stuff, he'll at least consider it.
- We'll see.
- Maybe.
Hey, so, listen, I wanted to, uh, talk to you about Paige.
- Yeah? - You know, I love her, and this thing with Matthew is so great.
I don't want to stick my nose anywhere.
It's okay.
Go ahead.
I just noticed she seems-- I don't know.
S-- Is she okay? What do you mean? I spend a lot of time with her-- you know, dinners and Matthew and Maybe it's just teenage stuff, but sometimes I just-- I get the feeling that maybe everything's not all right in Paige Land.
She's always been that kind of kid, Stan-- always takes things seriously.
And this is her first boyfriend.
Oh, I get it.
I didn't mean to worry you.
No, no.
Relax your shoulders and follow through.
Feel the difference? Yeah, it's better.
How are things going with Matthew? Paige.
What's that mean? Fine means fine.
I really like him.
Why can't you just let me like him? I mean, when are you and Dad gonna trust me? - I'm not-- - Are you having sex? I don't care if you have sex.
It's not about the sex.
It's confusing when you get close to someone like that.
I don't think you'd ever tell him straight out, but you might end up saying something or acting in a way that would draw suspicion, and we can't risk that, Paige.
So I just can't ever have a boyfriend ever? Just not Matthew.
Any other boy but him.
I have homework.
No, wait.
Come on.
Let's finish this.
Come on.
Get in position.
Relax your shoulders.
Hans hadn't talked to his parents in a couple of years.
His sister is visiting from South Africa in three weeks.
He was all excited about it.
I guess she'll just call and Yeah.
I tried to talk to Paige about Matthew.
And? I mean, I think I just made her mad.
[ Sighs .]
Yeah, I know how that goes.
She tell you anything? No.
She's not talking.
[ Sighs .]
When I was over at Stan's, he asked me if she was okay.
He said everything doesn't seem right in Paige Land.
How long's it gonna be before she slips, Philip? I don't know.
But she's over there all the time.
And he's already picking up on something.
[ Telephones ring in distance .]
Stan Beeman, Alan Streiter from the CIA.
- How do you do? - Pleasure.
It's good news.
So, Oleg Burov is back in Moscow working at KGB headquarters.
We were all relieved to see that he was okay.
[ Chuckling .]
This is obviously a good opportunity for us.
We know you didn't get him fully recruited, but you got pretty far along.
Anything you can give us about how you gained his confidence, anything we can tell our officers in Moscow - in terms of approaching him? - No, no.
Uh, you're misunderstanding him.
He was not half recruited.
It was just because he thought the Soviet bio-weapons program was a threat to both countries.
Well, that's no problem.
We can talk to him about how we're all on the same side.
[ Sighs .]
No, it was a one-time thing.
He was very clear about that.
Well, we always want to use a more positive approach, but if it's all we got, we can go with the tape you made of him admitting their "defector" was actually KGB.
You got him committing treason.
I just don't think you're listening.
Burov will sacrifice himself before betraying his country.
He can't be turned.
How does he feel about his parents? What? Would he worry about taking them down with him, if things go bad for him? You're going to get him killed.
You know that? You want something to do? Why don't you figure out who killed Frank Gaad in Bangkok and why instead of going after a guy who gave us the tip of the century and then went home to live his life? [ Crow cawing .]
I'm going to ask for a meeting with the Deputy AG.
I want him to stop this thing.
You have a self-destructive streak, Agent Beeman.
I'm telling you because I went behind my boss's back before-- And you didn't feel good about it.
- [ Elevator bell dings .]
- Thank you for informing me.
No, I'm telling you in case you want to be there.
No, I do not want to be at your meeting with the Deputy AG, Agent Beeman.
And for the record, I advised you to leave it alone.
Oh, it looks like an old bird's nest.
Big enough to block it? Yeah, I think so.
You ever see the car that watches the, uh, Morozovs drive by here? No.
There's two good ways to the highway from there, so they could, but They show up at our door one day, you feel good? Yeah.
I mean, I think everything we've done will hold up, but, um, we never know how deep a check they might run.
If it doesn't hold? If it's just me home, you don't have to worry.
No, no, that's not what I mean.
I-- I'm like one of them.
"You know what the communists did to my country?" Okay.
Open the bag.
- Can I see? - Yeah.
Robin's nest.
You know about birds? A little.
The family I lived with in Seattle, the father was a real nature guy.
Nice people? Yeah.
How long were you with them? Five years.
They were nice to me.
Never gave anything to their other kids they didn't give me, too.
The mom, she was always worried about me.
But they were all so proud of themselves that they took in a boat person.
[ Scoffs .]
[ Sighs .]
- Hey.
- What? Uh, you just seemed really spaced out.
- Something wrong? - No.
I don't know.
I'm-- I'm kind of in a fight with my mom.
About what? Everything always has to be her way.
Like what? I don't know, like my entire existence.
I know she just wants the best for me and all, but I always got the sense your mom wasn't like that.
She'd let you do what you want.
You could live your life.
Well, uh, depends on the day.
[ Chuckles .]
My mom's great, but, uh, sometimes, uh, everything's about her.
[ Chuckles .]
I'm not even gonna be living there in a few years.
I just-- I need to be able to make my own decisions.
You already do make your own decisions, Paige.
Do you remember when we first met? Yeah, kind of.
- Kind of? - Well, no, yeah.
Uh, you guys came over, right? I had the biggest crush on you.
Oh, I can't blame you.
[ Laughs .]
[ Insects chirping .]
[ Indistinct conversation .]
Man: Hey, you guys hungry? I know a good burger joint on the way back.
[ Engine starts .]
Thank you for agreeing to see me, sir.
I'm always happy to make time for you, Agent Beeman.
So, what's on your mind? Oleg Burov.
I see.
Burov gave us information that let us capture William Crandall and stop the Soviets from stealing a deadly virus from one of our labs.
He put himself at risk.
He trusted me.
I can't just stand by while we destroy him.
I appreciate your concern, Agent Beeman, and your passion.
We've disagreed about how to run the Burov operation in the past, but you were right.
The payoff was huge.
That said, regardless of what you or I think should or should not have been done, that's all water under the bridge.
He's in Moscow now.
It's in the hands of the CIA.
I have no authority over the CIA.
That's bullshit.
Sir, the CIA listens to your boss.
And if they don't, his boss is the President.
Why is it so important for you to protect Burov, a KGB officer? We have to play by the rules.
Burov already paid.
The Soviets don't play by the rules.
You know that.
Burov is a decent man.
He did the right thing, not for money or because I twisted his arm, but because he wanted to prevent a lot of innocent people from getting hurt.
I just don't know what kind of organization we are if we punish him for that.
[ Sighs .]
I know it can't be easy to lose control of your operation like this.
I sympathize.
I truly do.
But as I said, it's out of my hands.
[ Insects chirping .]
[ Gate creaks .]
[ Padlock clicks .]
[ Door closes .]
[ Clang .]
[ Click .]
[ Rustling .]
[ Click, rustling stops .]
[ Insects buzzing .]
[ Insects buzzing .]
[ Insect buzzing continues .]
[ Water running .]
[ Grunting .]
[ Grunts .]
Come on, guys.
You're over.
[ Indistinct conversation .]
Is, uh, everything all right? Yeah.
Just this thing going on at work.
Something you can talk about? No, not really.
It's just sometimes, you know, I wish I was in charge of the whole goddamn FBI.
Hey, so, I took her out.
And? It was good.
- All right.
- Yeah.
- Great.
- Yeah.
Yeah, she's usually here about now.
She drinks beer.
She loves sports.
She knows more about sports than you, actually.
It was like being out with a female version of you.
- Wow.
- No, you know what I mean.
It was easy.
It was fun.
Oh, there she is.
Come here.
Oh, hey, Stan.
How's it going? Good.
[ Chuckles .]
Oh, shit, sorry.
I'm all sweaty.
Oh, I don't mind.
Hey, this is Philip.
Philip, Renee.
- Hi, Philip.
- Nice to meet you.
I had a great time the other night.
So did I.
So, you want to, um-- - Yep.
- Great.
Saturday at 7:00? Perfect.
Well, I, um-- I got to shower and get to work.
- Nice meeting you, Philip.
- You, too.
See ya.
See? All right.
[ Car horn honks .]
[ Fax machine rings .]
[ Door closes .]
So, does Morozov know about bugs? I don't know.
He's an agricultural expert.
Has he said anything to you about bugs? No.
He knows about wheat and what can kill it.
Maybe we should just get rid of him.
I don't think we're gonna figure this one out without him.
Don't look at me.
Keep walking.
Stan Beeman sent me.
We need to talk in private, soon.
[ Door closes .]
[ Country music plays .]
[ Indistinct conversations .]
Man: Cheers, everyone.
[ Glasses clinking .]
[ Laughter .]
[ Philip speaks indistinctly .]
- Oh.
- Yeah, I was just thinking.
Are you serious? I have no idea, no idea this was possible.
Alexei wants you to think we, um, starve in Russia.
No, no starve, no starve.
We eat, but nobody eat like this.
Only maybe Tsars.
- [ Chuckles .]
- Or big shots in party.
But here it's-- You don't like something, it's not a crime.
You order new food.
You want fish, eat fish.
You want steak, have steak.
Have two if you want.
[ Chuckles .]
Um, you come here often? Back in Michigan, we'd come once a week.
At least.
We travel a lot.
Our schedule is always changing-- different nights, different days.
So it's hard to make time for a real family dinner.
Everybody run, run, run in America.
Busy, busy, busy.
Yes, it's good, it's good.
We go out to dinner.
We, uh, eat.
We talk.
We say whatever we want, right? If I want to say I hate Russia, I can say it.
- I hate Russia! - Loesha.
If I said it in Soviet Union, I would be put in jail.
You know how easy it is to go to jail in Soviet Union? - [ Chuckles .]
- I've heard.
My father, he spent 15 years in prison camp.
15 years.
For what? For murder? No.
For stealing? No.
Just for being alive.
That's what they put you in prison for.
English, Pavlik.
I'm sorry.
Oh, it's-- it's all right.
It's fine.
We understand.
[ Clears throat .]
So, what was he saying-- Pasha? That he'd rather die back home than live here.
[ Chuckles .]
What? It's just such a stupid thing to say.
My whole family died back home.
I was out with my grandma when they bombed our village-- my parents, brother and sisters, aunt and uncle, cousins.
These kids have no idea-- family, more food than they can eat, all these clothes.
I can get Pasha to do anything I want.
He's weak.
You've done a good job with him.
Yesterday, I went to his house.
The car wasn't there.
- It was back today.
- Same spot? Yeah.
I don't know if there's a pattern.
I'm working on a schedule.
If they're skipping days, they think the threat's low.
Maybe they watch him for the first couple of months after they move in.
I still don't like showing up on their reports when we go over there.
- Just a matter of time.
- That's what I told him.
You're not taking that home, right? I think that's Gruzin-McDickoff or whatever.
Let me see the pictures.
Yeah, Gruzinski.
No kids, right? Uh Yeah.
Wife's here.
Last job in Buenos Aires.
Our teams have this guy down as probable non-intel.
Panin just went back in.
So, the CIA is planning on squeezing Burov in Moscow with the tape I made.
You have a problem with that? It's not right.
And it's not gonna work.
I talked to the Deputy AG about it.
Didn't get anywhere.
What'd he say? He said he understood, but it's the CIA.
They're gonna do what they're gonna do.
Side of the job.
Big side.
So, how about the girl from the gym? You gonna ask her out again? Already did.
Oh, Stan Beeman.
So, where to next? I don't know.
Someplace nice, but not too nice so there's room for growth.
[ Chuckles .]
What about one of those Bread Oven places? There's a new one on Pennsylvania Avenue.
I took a date there last week.
And? They have a see-through grand piano.
What else you need to know? What? I'm sick of treating her like a goddamn kid.
[ Sighs .]
[ Knock on door .]
Come in.
I was just, uh, going to bed.
Uh, we just need to talk to you for a minute.
Is it about Matthew? I don't want to.
We need a minute.
We can't stop you from seeing him, but we can help you manage things so the relationship is safer.
Please, listen to me.
Believe me.
I am not, I would not ever, ever tell him anything.
I promise.
I swear.
How do you know, Paige? Sex muddies things.
I'm not having sex.
Yeah, but you might.
And if you do, you're going to feel and say things to Matthew that you've never felt or said to anyone before.
How are you gonna handle things then? I You have to think about that.
I know you don't want to hurt us, but it can happen without you even realizing.
You wouldn't even know you've said it.
All right, all right, I'll just-- - I'll stop seeing him, okay? - Paige, listen, we're actually-- I'll just be alone for the rest of my life.
Would that make you feel better? Are you finished? There's something we can show you, a technique to help you keep your emotions in check, to help you stay in control.
If you can learn this thing, really master it, you can keep seeing him if that's what you want.
Do you want us to show you? Okay.
Before we start, if you ever feel that you're losing control with Matthew, really losing control, just tell him you need some time to think.
Then you come find us, and we'll figure out what to do together.
Okay? Sit down.
Now, if you're with him and things start to get uncomfortable or go bad, you're feeling overwhelmed or emotional or uncertain, rub your thumb and your forefinger together and picture me and your father to help remind yourself of who you are and where you come from.
It's just a little thing, but if you practice it, it'll always be there for you.
That's good.

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