The Americans (2013) s05e12 Episode Script

The World Council of Churches

1 Previously on "The Americans" Claudia: The man you photographed Evgheniya with is an SIS-1 officer.
The Centre will probably want her back in Moscow with him so they can use the affair against him.
There's these kids at school.
Real assholes.
If I got in with them they could make things really bad for pasha.
Bad enough that his mother will want to take him home to Moscow? When you're walking in the dark you don't know the answer, but you have an instinct for how to move forward.
We're all machines.
I want to get out of here.
We should just go.
I mean it.
Pastor Tim: So, who's going to the pantry with Mary? - I'm going.
- I'm going.
- I'm going, too.
- Yeah? You guys have rides home? - Yeah.
- Yep.
- Yeah.
- All right, okay.
- Thanks again.
- Bye.
You guys did a great job.
See you Thursday.
- See ya.
Shotgun! - Bye.
Young woman: Bye.
Thank you.
(Engine starts) Hey, how's that college list coming? Oh, uhm I-I know I should be thinking about it, but Oh.
You've got a lot on your mind.
I was thinking about George Washington, but I don't know.
Well, I'm sure you'll have lots of choices.
So, listen, I need to tell you something.
I have been offered a job with the world council of churches in Buenos Aires, running their interfaith mission.
Buenos Aires? The offer just came out of the blue, and we're going to take it.
- Wow.
I - (Chuckles) - (Sighs) Wow.
- I know.
We're going to miss you, Paige.
You and Alice have been really really good to me.
Meeting you changed everything for me.
Well, we're going to keep in touch.
Yeah, of course.
Who's going to um, who'll be the pastor? I-I just told the board last night.
There will be a hiring committee.
It's two months before I leave.
We love our life here, the congregation.
But we just started talking about Claire Louise, growing up seeing more of the world, speaking Spanish I was down there after college, in Ecuador.
Being bilingual would be great for her.
I know.
I just hope Claire Louise grows up to have as big a heart as you.
Philip: Hello? Hey.
(Utensils clanking) So Pastor Tim is leaving.
He took a job in Argentina.
At the world council of churches.
That's great.
It's good when things can work out for everyone.
I think it's almost more about Claire Louise than them.
They want her to see more of the world.
That's nice.
Thinking about her speaking Spanish.
That's that's what he said.
How exactly did you get him this job? The Soviet Union has worked hard for peace.
It has a lot of friends in a lot of organizations all around the world.
Religious organizations? Well, some of them fight for justice, which is good enough for us.
(Sighs) Philip: Paige.
(Rustling) You have to wear it until he's gone.
(Sighs) (Footsteps ascend stairs) Mm-hmm.
(Breathes deeply) (Sighs) (Door opens) Hello.
(Clears throat) This is Gennadi.
I know it would be better if I told you he comes before he comes.
I'm sorry.
But is okay.
I trust him.
Okay We will get married.
- You're getting married - Yes.
(Russian accent) Yes.
I'm, uh Gennadi Bystrov.
Nice to meet you.
- Stan.
- Dennis.
Nice to meet you.
I tell him all about you.
I was very much want to meet you.
You are my only American friends.
And I want to share, uh, this happiness with you.
Well, that's Very nice.
I see you surprised because this happen so fast.
People fall in love Yes.
When we start to know each other, it was hard to wait.
Well, we're very happy for you.
Thank you.
One minute.
I have something for you.
1976 team.
Everybody sign.
This is me.
- Ah! - So, keep it.
It's for you.
- Thanks.
- That's great.
Tha thank you.
Maybe it's not easy for you that I come.
We just, uh Weren't the expecting the engagement.
Me too.
I'm not yet used to it.
But it's it's very good.
(Clears throat) He want to talk with you.
- Okay - Only to say that I that I understand what is going on.
And I am not political.
And Your country, my country for me, important, you know, both sides try to understand and get along.
No war.
I hate war.
- Yeah.
- Okay So, Ilia will be my son now.
And Sofia will be my wife.
And my most desire is that they are happy and and safe and there is no trouble for them Stan: Uh-huh.
and you helped people I really love.
And we are on the same side, it means.
I just want you to know that there is nothing to worry about from me.
I-I come today because I want you to know that.
Sofia: Mm-hmm.
Aderholt: All right.
That's it? Gennadi: Just one question.
Sofia say you pay her five hundred dollars every month.
That's right.
She is shy to ask, but it's dangerous what she's doing.
Maybe she should get more, yes? Seven hundred dollars, at least.
Think about it.
If it makes everything better, I could be big help for you.
I am a courier, so Maybe we can work together too.
(Laughs) I am sorry that I'm so businessman.
I just really want good things for my for my new family.
Pastor Tim took the job in Argentina.
When does he leave? Two months.
Paige feels good about it.
We've been talking about whether it's time for us to end our tour here.
I understand.
I've found when officers start to think seriously about it, it's usually time.
When you're ready, I'll have the Centre start putting things in place.
Thank you.
It takes two or three years to really adjust.
Longer for the kids, of course.
But people don't usually regret coming home.
What about the kids? They have very interesting lives.
I don't know what you're thinking.
But I wouldn't tell Henry until you're there.
(Indistinct conversations) (Telephone rings) (Typewriter keys clacking) (Coughs) Mm-hmm.
(Scoffs) What is this? Oh, it's for your dryer.
So your clothes don't stick to each other.
Clothes don't stick to each other.
(Both chuckle) Well, a little bit.
(Laughing) Pashenka! (Gasps) Pashenka! (Arguing in Russian) (Door slams) (Sighs) You see? Someone hit him.
(Sighs) Oh, Dee, things are so bad at school.
He's not telling me, but I know.
Yesterday, he cry.
Have you talked to the teachers? Yes.
They say he need talk to them.
But he no talk to them.
Alexei say it will get better.
It not get better.
It get worse.
You know, it's so hard raising boys, especially when you're somewhere new.
And they need their fathers.
But the fathers don't always know what's right.
They think they do, but sometimes we have to tell them what our boys need.
I tell him.
I beg him.
I say this place no good for Pasha.
This life no good.
But Alexei don't hear.
When Brad gets like that I don't cry.
- I don't beg.
- (Sniffles) I tell him how it's going to be.
And he knows, if he doesn't listen, there's gonna be trouble.
Because you know what? Ninety-nine percent of the time, he does get his way.
Alexei try to listen, but he has to be right.
To come here.
So he don't believe in anything else.
Say Pashenka must learn.
(Crying) Nothing I can do.
I go see if Pasha need Hello? Tuan: In here! This country I know.
Some kids kicked Pasha's ass today.
I heard.
Did you see him? With his big black eye? When this is all over, I gotta teach that kid how to fight.
If my son came home like that, I'd do something.
But Evgheniya Alexei's not going to take him back home and Evgheniya can't change his mind.
And it doesn't look like she's going back without her husband.
We need to rethink this.
You have kids? Yeah.
How's that? It's good.
I mean It's hard with this job, but it's good.
We'll figure out Pasha.
We can get them there.
It honestly sounded like the class we had on dangles at Quantico.
Half the shit he said.
You don't think they've raised their game in the twenty years since those scripts were written? Maybe, maybe not.
What about her? If she's a part of this, she's the best long-game player I've ever seen.
Honestly, we're worried about her.
If she's already blown, and they're using her - My god - Slow down.
Take a breath.
We don't know anything.
Just like every other operation.
You've done it before.
The plan all along was to go way outside the Rezidentura and see if we get something.
Maybe it's working, maybe it's not.
We'll find out.
(Laughs) A compass.
Wouldn't want you getting lost again.
It's great.
You've meant a lot to our family It's been quite a road.
Um, before you go I'm not leaving just yet.
I know.
Um but we wanted to get your advice on a family thing.
Do you think that we could ever take Paige and Henry back home? To (Chuckles softly) To live.
Is this something you want to do? We're thinking about it.
We don't know if they would ever really adjust to life there But with the situation here, and everything most of which you know about, and, really, everything that goes along with it um, it's not much better either Does Henry know anything? (Sighs) I think you'll have trouble either way.
It's hard to imagine all the problems that two American kids will have adjusting to life over there.
But there's a lot about life here that's not so great You can't predict what a person's life will be.
And you can't deny them the challenges that will shape them.
Does Paige know you're thinking about this? - Not yet.
- No.
We will talk to her soon.
We're just The temptation is to put off making hard decisions, but then that becomes its own sort of decision.
Paige and Henry are teenagers.
At this age, the transition would be a very difficult one for them but in a few years, it won't be your decision to make anymore.
I wish I could tell you what you should do, but I don't know.
(Door opens) Surprise! What's this? Well, I made you dinner.
You? Made dinner? - Well, we.
Chris helped me.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
So, we have meatloaf.
Pasta salad.
Mashed potatoes and gravy and asparagus.
- You hate asparagus.
- Yeah, but you like it.
(Both chuckle) Oh.
We didn't have a chance to clean up.
I'm I'm gonna clean everything.
Don't worry.
What prompted this? Well, you saying I can go to St.
- If I get in.
- You'll get in.
I know this was all kind of a surprise for you guys.
But you've been really cool about it, and Thank you.
Chris: It's a great school.
Henry's gonna love it.
Paige: Is the feast ready yet? It looks delicious.
- So, let's eat.
- Oh, I can't stay.
My dad's on his way to pick me up.
We're having dinner at my grandma's house tonight.
Paige: I had nothing to do with this.
I offered to help, and he wouldn't let me near it.
It's so great that you're letting him go.
What? (Henry and Chris conversing) Nothing.
Everything's fine.
Good night, Mr.
and Mrs.
I hope you enjoy it.
I'm sure we will.
- See you tomorrow.
- Yeah.
I'll call you later.
(Machinery rumbling, steam hissing) (Indistinct shouting in distance) Hey.
Henry got a ride to school with Chris.
Is she his girlfriend? She's definitely something.
I slept through the night yesterday for the first time in like forever.
- That's great.
- Philip: Yeah.
I'm glad about Pastor Tim.
That I won't have to hang out with them at the church all the time and That sounds mean.
But I just I keep picturing him gone, and it's better.
Philip: Yeah.
It's amazing that you could do that.
Sometimes you want to be able to do things.
We'd never do anything like that lightly.
Where did our name come from? Paige: Jennings.
Um, well, before we got here, our people worked it out.
What happens in these cases is you need a new name to fit in, where you're going.
So they look for the name of someone who died.
They're they're not using it anymore.
So that's where it comes from.
Philip and Elizabeth Jennings are dead people? Well, Philip Jennings is.
And Elizabeth Korman, who married him.
Do you know anything about them? Who they were? Uh, when they were born.
Where they're from.
Same as us.
So do you feel like those names are your real names now? Yes.
But I miss my old name, too.
(conversation in Russian) Mm-hmm.
(door closes) Who will they talk to? At first, until they speak Russian.
They'll learn fast.
They're smart.
I think Paige would do really well there After she got used to things.
I mean, I think she'd like it.
Would they just go around Moscow as Paige and Henry Jennings? Well, they should take your name.
What about you? Place in the country.
Just as the railroads opened up the old west, air-conditioning made growth possible in the '20s.
(Door closes) I think it's done.
I told Pasha his parents aren't taking him seriously because they don't believe he's really desperate.
So tonight he's going to slit his wrists.
What? He's going to do it at seven o'clock.
His parents are coming home at seven, seven-fifteen the latest.
I showed him how to cut his veins and avoid the artery.
It'll take a long time to bleed out.
His parents should find him in plenty of time.
How do you know he won't hit an artery accidentally? I showed him exactly how to do it.
I made sure he understood.
But Tuan You told me we need to come up with a new plan.
It just came to me, when I was with him.
It's gonna work.
I worked with him on the note that he's leaving.
It says it's all because he hates his life here and they forced him to live in the United States.
They find him, they find the note, they'll take him back.
Either way Even if he dies, Evgheniya will leave Alexei and go back to the Soviet Union.
If he lives, she'll bring him back home like he wants.
- Do you think it's going to work? - It could.
Pasha could also end up dead.
Call Pasha, tell him not to go through with it.
What? If his parents answer, make sure they look for him, just in case he already did it.
What are you talking about? This is this is gonna work.
I know this family.
We don't have time for this, make the call.
You're gonna blow the whole operation.
We can do it without this.
I didn't realize that Pasha was the priority here.
You said I needed to do something.
I did it.
(Dial tone, dialing) (Telephone ringing) (Ringing continues) (Door opens) (Receiver slams) Elizabeth: Brad? Honey, please Car's there, as soon as you turn.
Go back to the house.
Listen to him.

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