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1 Previously on The Americans There's no easy way to say this, Henry, but we've been having a-- a rough patch at work I thought you said things were looking up.
I know, but they're not.
One of our negotiators has been secretly meeting with a CIA officer in the Soviet Division.
We've got to find out what he's saying, but I'd need your help.
You'd have to meet Kimmy in Greece.
Was that out of line? I-I liked it.
Have we ever gotten one good thing off that X-ray? Aw, come on.
You're like a goddamn broken record.
Our job was to protect them.
Promised we'd keep them safe.
Now they're killed.
7 years old.
Finds his mom and dad covered in blood.
- Hey.
You okay? - Yeah.
You know, just sounds awful.
I can't meet you in Greece, Kimmy.
If somebody tries to get you to go to a communist country with them, don't.
Oh, hi.
How was work? Nothing new to report.
I'm tired, going to bed.
Stan came by.
He was very upset about a couple that was murdered right in front of their seven-year-old kid.
Defector and his wife.
I didn't do it in front of their kid.
He was in another room.
I-I didn't see him.
He saw them covered in blood.
What do you want me to say? I'm not doing the thing with Kimmy.
Of course you aren't.
You were never going to do it.
No, I was.
You got me.
Somehow you got me.
You just wanted to fuck her.
You weren't getting enough action here.
You can think whatever you want.
I'll take care of Kimmy.
Don't agonize over it.
I warned her not to go to any communist countries.
I'm never gonna see her again.
It's over.
That's over.
The guy who showed up in the cream-colored Rolls-Royce? That guy owns a motel? It's a wreck.
But the mayor's good to his friends.
Gave the guy a city contract to house DC's homeless there.
Yeah, but that doesn't buy you a Rolls.
It does if you let him slap a four-star rating on the motel and get the city to pay the new room rates.
Sorry to interrupt Hey, you guys know Dennis Aderholt, he runs CI-- the most screwed up division in the Bureau.
Not that it's his fault.
Thanks for that.
I gotta talk to you.
I don't know, man, every time I go down there, someone winds up dead.
Easy there, Stan.
You got any more steam you want to blow off? No.
I mean, get it out now.
I'm fine.
What's going on? Bystrov.
Before he died.
One of his diplomatic pouches had a circuit board for some kind of sensor in it.
Sensor? Yeah, picks up radioactivity, or Brooks knows more about it, ask him.
Altheon makes them.
They've got a plant in Chicago, and a warehouse here out in Newington.
Eight days after Bystrov's pouch leaves the country, there's a break-in at the warehouse, - three guards get killed-- - Jesus.
They're obviously after one of these sensors, but they didn't get it.
This circuit board in Bystrov's pouch came from the Altheon plant in Chicago.
So our people out there started looking at the employees, consultants, anyone who could have had access.
We get onto this one engineer.
Forty-two years old.
He folds in like five minutes, tells us about this man he met in a bar, who ended up recruiting him.
They were apparently very intimate.
No shit.
So we had him set up another meeting.
Or date, whatever.
We were there.
An illegal? Codename, Harvest.
Lives in Skokie, runs an accounting business in Chicago.
Him, two other accountants, and a secretary.
We've had a team on him out there for almost two weeks now.
It's been a gold mine.
We've been getting all sorts of intel on how he operates.
Most of it's tradecraft we've never seen before.
We're starting to use it to track down the rest of them.
Now, I know you don't want to be down here, Stan.
But look what's going on.
We got Rennhull, a key general in the SDI program, once accused of being a Soviet spy, commits suicide in a public park.
Then Bystrov and Sofia, the-- the sensor in his pouch this illegal Burov shows up out of nowhere studying traffic, or whatever it is The Russians are sitting down with us in public, trying to negotiate this big treaty, but behind our backs, they're stealing our weapons and our technology, as usual.
They want to look peaceful, but, really, they're just trying to screw us.
We're close, we're really close.
We got this guy in Chicago, we're gonna get the illegals here and all over the country, based on what we're learning.
It's gonna happen fast.
You've been mad about this a long time.
I get why.
But this is it now.
You should be here.
Have your tickets ready, please.
Bus to New York.
- Hey! - Hey.
How are you? - Oh, good.
How are you? - Good.
- Hungry? - Yeah.
- Leave it.
- Hey, stop.
Keep your eyes on the road.
- Leave it.
- No.
How're finals going? Oh, everyone is panicking.
- You? - No.
Me and a couple of guys from my team started this study group, so we're fine.
I do have to finish this Thoreau book, though, so don't be mad if I'm stuck in my room.
Dad, I don't-- I don't want to leave school.
I know you don't.
I know you don't.
I'm doing the best I can, Henry.
I-- I talked to Mr.
Sato about it.
And he said that there were still a few scholarships - that I could apply for.
- Okay.
Oh, also, I'm gonna get a summer job.
I know you're trying to help, but, Henry, tuition alone is almost nine thou-- Nine thousand.
I know, Dad, but I'm not talking about a job at the mall.
My friend Jason's dad owns this tannery in West Virginia, and Jason goes down there every year to work.
And he said I can come, too, so Look, they pay seven-ten an hour, and they put you up.
Look, I-- I know it's not enough, but I was thinking there might be some stuff that we could do to help the business.
But don't get mad.
What? Jason's dad owns a couple of different companies.
And I told him we were having some problems with the travel agency.
Henry W-- Look, he was totally cool with it.
He said he'd had a few failures himself.
I-I haven't failed.
I haven't failed.
I j-- All-- You-- You told him I failed? No, but it doesn't matter.
He doesn't care.
Look, he said he'd be happy to talk to you about it and give you some advice.
Well, I don't-- I don't know this guy.
He's really nice.
And you might end up, you know, planning a trip for him.
And then he'll tell his rich friends, and then you'll have more clients.
Are you mad? No.
I just wish you'd talked to me first.
It wasn't like I was trying to talk about it behind your back or anything.
It was-- We were just talking about the job and it came up.
I'm sorry.
Look, can you please just talk to him? I don't know.
Dad, I busted my ass for three years, and if I don't actually graduate from St.
Edward's, it doesn't mean anything.
So please just think about it, okay? Yeah.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
This is "Rififi," right? Uh, yeah.
Oh, good.
I walked into "Bob Le Flambeur" by accident.
It's a great movie, but I've already seen it.
You'll like this.
Oh, you've seen it? Uh, thi-- third time.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
It's the greatest heist movie in history.
Can't believe it's not more packed.
Is anybody sitting here? - Oh, no.
Go-- Go ahead.
- Thank you.
I guess everyone's saving their money for "Three Men And A Baby.
" Yeah, right.
Although the original, "Trois Hommes Et Un Couffin," isn't bad.
Surprisingly good, in fact.
There are thousands of places they could be renting as garages here that match the kind of places we tracked Harvest to in Chicago.
We've found about two hundred so far, to check out.
We've cleared a hundred and eighty.
We're on the other twenty, and we're trying to find more.
- Can I hang on to this? - Sure.
Now, the guys in Chicago may have identified one of Harvest's safehouses.
Someone there is paying the utilities in advance, so that could be how they do things everywhere.
We'll want to check the utility records here, find out which accounts are being paid the same way.
Now, take Llewelyn and Vignau if you need help.
- Okay.
- Come here.
Let me show you this.
Hey, anything on the wiretaps out there? Well, they've been picking up something, maybe telemarketers, maybe coded signals.
Nothing definitive.
But they figured out how he gets some of his cars.
They found two vehicles in undercover garages.
Both bought for cash, from listings in the classified ads.
Legally? Fake ID on the registration.
How the hell do you track that? You track down the registration of every single car bought with cash in the DC area.
Anything sold from a newspaper ad, a Pennysaver, Autotrader you start in 1987, work back to '78-- you pull together a list of likely fake IDs, you cross-reference them with the rest of what we're getting from the illegals' tradecraft maybe they used the same name on a lease or a utility bill Why don't you take this one, Stan-- work with Samuels.
Lotta cars.
You can pull in as many guys as you need on this.
And that heist, I mean what was that? - Like a half-hour of silence? - Twenty-eight minutes.
- It's incredible.
- I know.
- I couldn't believe it.
- I know.
Uh, uh, smoke? I can't say no after a French movie.
- Thanks.
- He's, uh, not French.
- Who? - He's not French.
- The-- The director.
- Oh.
Jules Dassin.
Here you go.
Grew up in Harlem.
Then was then blacklisted by McCarthy, so that's why he had to go and work in France.
- Crazy.
- Yeah.
- Have you seen "The Naked City"? - No.
That's him too.
It's film noir.
It's shot completely on location in New York in 1948, when, like, no one did that.
It's really amazing.
- You know a lot about film.
- Yeah.
It's the greatest art form of the 20th century.
I was gonna go get some pizza.
You want to tell me more? I have to be up really early for work.
But it was good talking to you, though.
- You too.
- Yeah.
- Hi.
- Hey, Mom.
Can I bum one? Whoa.
What are you-- Mom, what are you doing? No.
Holy shit, I was jo-- I was joking.
Put them away.
Are you trying to give me cancer? So, you been smoking a lot? I smoke.
I always smoked.
It relaxes me.
I get it.
I guess I smoke more now than I used to.
But you're an adult now.
I don't have to hide things from you anymore.
Did you eat anything? No, not really.
I'll make you something.
- Hey, Dad.
- Hey.
You're up early.
Is Paige home? I don't think so.
Why? Someone was sleeping in her bed last night.
I was just wondering.
That was Mom.
She had to get up early Mm.
Aren't you late for work? Yeah.
Unless I am the boss.
How'd he wind up in the hospital? His shirt was off in the tray over the back wheel.
And then, uh, it slipped into the spokes.
- Man.
- Another wipeout.
Alright, let's try it again, okay? Thanks.
Yeah, he lost control of the bike, and he flew over the handle bars.
And he smashed his hip into a metal pole.
That's terrible.
Yeah, the doctor said that it was like the equivalent of stepping on a cracker.
He gonna be alright? I don't know, I hope so.
Five more laps to go.
Can't even walk, either, so he's not gonna be back into school until after Christmas.
Fuck! I got it.
Car 3 did not slow down.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Is it work? Uhh no.
I mean, yeah, yes, but Is it Mom? - What do you mean? - I don't know.
It's just that you don't really talk or Henry, everything's fine.
Look, I love your mother.
She loves me.
It's just, sometimes Everything's fine.
Orange Line train to Vienna/Fairfax.
Next stop, McPherson Square.
Doors open on the right.
" Oh, yeah.
I haven't seen "The Naked City" yet.
Oh, hey, you've got to.
You've got to.
Yeah, I know.
Too much work.
I know.
Yeah, tell me about it.
What do you do? Um, I'm a-- I'm an intern for, um, Sam Nunn, the senator.
- Oh, I know Sam.
- You do? Well, not directly, but he works with some people in my firm.
W-Which firm's that? McAlraith.
Yeah, I think I-- Yeah, I've heard of them.
Um what is it-- What is it you guys do again? Consulting.
Which no one ever really knows what that means, but Corporate strategizing, management advice Okay.
So what-- what does that all have to do with Senator Nunn? Well, someone has to tell him what to do.
I'm kidding.
Sort of.
Orange Line train to Vienna/Fairfax.
Next stop So, your friends don't like foreign films? Uh, no.
No, not really.
It was the same when I was younger.
I always had to go alone.
So, you planning on getting into politics? Not-- Not really my thing.
Just I'm-- I'm just kind of here for the semester.
Putting off going home to work for my dad.
What's he do? We make pavement sealers and maintenance products.
And you don't find that interesting? Well, let's just put it this way.
- No one in Marietta, Georgia, is going to "Rififi.
" - Right.
But, you know, it's-- it's not like they're backwards.
- It's just kind of like a very small town.
- Yeah.
You know, like, the, uh-- the one big family trip we took was to, like, London once when I was 15.
That must have been exciting.
Yeah, uh I came back home with an English accent.
You know, my Dad couldn't stop talking about how "They drive on the wrong side of the street" the whole time.
You know what? You should give me a call.
McAlraith's a cool place.
Your dad would be really impressed with the business side of it.
But we also figure out ways to bring culture to corporations-- make them more human.
And we've got a great management training program.
- Really? - Yeah.
Farragut West.
And besides, us film nerds need to stick together.
What's your name? Oh, it's Jackson.
Give me a call, Jackson.
Excuse me.
Hold that, please? Uh, you wanted to see me, Mr.
Philip? Yeah, um Have a seat, Stavos.
As you know, we've been under pressure lately.
And the bottom line is I-- I know this.
You do? I know you, Mr.
I see stress on your face all the time.
Yeah, it's-- it's been a hard year.
Really hard.
I'm gonna have to let some people go.
Oh, no.
I've been over the books a thousand times.
There's no way around it.
And I wanted you to be one of the first to hear because you've been here a long time.
And I think of you as a friend, Stavos.
Uh Me? You-- You're firing me? You and Lacey and Steve.
I-- I looked at everyone, and I just had to see who wasn't pulling their weight on the sales side.
I'm-- I'm so sorry, Stavos.
Hey, where you going? They got me outnumbered.
I have to take a shower.
We'll be done by then.
Just wash your hands.
Mom, can you preheat the oven? Three-fifty? We need to make them into crumbs.
Hello? This is Mrs.
Thank you.
That was work.
I have to go.
We can handle the rest.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
We have someone in Chicago.
Just sent an emergency signal.
He's under surveillance.
See if you can get him out.
Apparently, he's been working on whatever it is you're working on.
It means he can't get arrested.
Bulgaria isn't gonna happen.
Philip wouldn't do it.
We need to talk strategy about Nesterenko as soon as you get back.
I may have someone in Sam Nunn's office.
Where are you going? Chicago.
Now? That's not gonna look good.
It's Thanksgiving.
Figure it out.
What's going on? We should talk, because it's better not to let bad feelings fester.
You can take your Forum bullshit, and you can shove it up your ass.
One of us is in trouble in Chicago, Philip.
I'm going there to help him.
Someone who's doing his job.
Someone who still gives a shit.
You sure I can't come? It would raise too much suspicion at Stan's.
Should I-- Houston, business emergency.
- Okay.
- I'll see you when I get back.
Bye, Mom.
So, how's it going at school? It's good.
You know, just classes, hockey, the usual.
Girls? Oh? Anyone, uh Well, I dated this one girl for a bit, but didn't really last long.
Why not? I have no idea.
You want to come up and interrogate her, though? The wine's poured.
We put the baby to sleep.
Did he help? Are you kidding? I coached.
Oh, and Dennis.
Thanks for putting in a good word.
- Oh, sure.
- Is this about the job? Yeah.
I can't believe it.
Dennis told me.
You want to go to the dark side? That's what I said.
- Happy Thanksgiving.
- Thanks.
Come in, come in.
- Thanks.
Hi, Stan.
- Oh, thank you.
Perfect timing.
Where's Elizabeth? Hi.
On her way to Houston.
- Oh no.
- Oh, what happened? We have this client, organized a big family reunion.
The damn airline stranded Uncle Somebody and Cousin Whoever in Atlanta.
He's pissed.
He's a CEO, one of our biggest clients, threatened to drop us.
He finally agreed to meet her, but she has to fly down there.
So - Oh, that's too bad - Yeah.
I know how it is when work gets in the way.
We'll make sure she gets leftovers, at least Great.
All right, everybody to the table.
Uh, hi.
Hi, everybody.
I'm sorry not everyone could be here today.
But I am grateful to be with friends.
And family.
Grateful for everything we have in this country.
You know, not everybody around the world wants us to be able to live in peace.
And freedom.
But aren't those the things the Pilgrims came here for in the first place? You ask me, we should all be willing to fight to hold onto them.
Because there are people out there who don't like our way of life They're afraid of it.
Of us.
And we have an administration right now-- President Reagan and his people they know that the only way to get to peace is to stand firm against those who wish us harm.
And believe me, they do wish us harm.
Make no mistake about that.
Happy Thanksgiving.
- Happy Thanksgiving.
- Happy Thanksgiving.
Let's eat.
- Sweet potatoes.
- Pass these down.
say what you want say what you want say what you will say what you want say what you want say what you will 'cause I find you think, what makes it easier? and I find you think, what makes it easier? say what you want say what you want say what you will 'cause I find you think, what makes it easier? and lies spread on lies we don't care belief is our relief we don't care 'cause I find you think, what makes it easier? and I find you think, what makes it easier? and lies spread on lies we don't care belief is our relief we don't care I think this is our best bet.
I wish his commute was a little less straightforward.
Makes it easy for them to cover.
But we should be able to get him right here.
This plan, I don't know Just between us, what are the chances we'll pull this off? Not great.
You should get Erica more patchouli oil.
Patchouli oil? She likes having her feet rubbed with it.
She let you touch her feet? You should get some rest.
We both should.
- How's it going? - Oh.
We got fifty guys spread out in seven offices working the phones.
Don't ever buy your car from Pennysaver.
It's not a completely reputable bunch.
- Hey, we just need one hit - Yeah.
And listen, can you handle this without Samuels? I need him to help with the priests.
Priests? Yeah, they saw Harvest meeting with a Russian Orthodox priest last week, so we're looking at the ones around here.
That-- That was nice.
- Yeah.
- Sorry about the rug.
Oh, it'll come out.
Renee is so crazy about Calvin, he could pour a bowl of soup on the rug, she wouldn't mind.
So, y-you guys thinking maybe? Uh, we're pretty old, Dennis.
- Emily's sweet potatoes.
- Hey, hey! Mm.
Hello? Hi.
It's Mom.
Hey, Mom.
Uh, Dad's not home right now.
Th-That's okay.
I'm calling for you.
Oh uh, great.
How's Houston? Um hot.
How's everything there? Cold.
But it's better than New Hampshire.
Well h-how's everything going? Uh, it's okay.
School's good.
It can be great sometimes and a drag others.
Do you have a favorite class this year? Uh American Lit, I guess, but we're reading a book right now called "Walden," and it is literally the most boring book ever written.
I ne-- I never read it.
Well, it's about this guy who sits at a pond and just thinks about how boring it is.
Why do they have you read that? I don't know.
It's important literature, apparently.
Got any girlfriends? Uh, working on it.
Well, uh Okay.
Good night, Henry.
Good night.
Is that the last piece? Second to last.
Mom called.
What'd she say? She called for me.
That's nice.
But she was asking about, like, school and the weather.
It was weird.
'Cause she never really calls me.
We barely ever talk.
But all of a sudden, she's calling me from a business trip and asking about English class I don't know.
I just really don't understand why she's so unhappy.
What? I don't understand why she's so unhappy.
She has a nice life, right? Yeah.
I think so.
Hello? Hi.
Hi Is everything okay? Yeah.
I just, uh Just calling to see if everything's all right.
I don't know.
Not really.
What do you mean? It's just a, uh hard one.
You might lose the client? I'm not sure I can accomplish what I came here for without Just gonna be tough.
Without what? More help.
Are you asking me to come? I'll handle it.
This is my side of the business.
I don't think that's been working these last few months.
A-And he's not the only client in the world.
Why don't you come home? What's happened to you? Nothing.
Still the same asshole as always.
Doesn't care about anyone but himself, right? I'm not coming home.
I'll come.
N-Nobody's asking you to do that.
I know.
Just sit tight.
I'm on my way.

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