The Anarchists (2022) s01e03 Episode Script


All righty, we are here in the airport,
getting ready to leave.
Right by the duty-free shop
as you can see,
good things there you can get.
Lookie who I found sitting right here.
- Hello there, Gina.
- Hello there.
All right, well, hey,
we will see you around
as we continue the adventure here
for Anarchapulco 2018.
We're taking a trip to Mexico,
I'm really excited.
I'm not so much of an anarchist.
I don't even like that word, per se.
We're on a Gulfstream G4.
About to be in Acapulco, chillin'.
- Anarchapulco, ready to go!
I finally made it!
Look at that. That's just the parking lot.
It's hotter than damn
donut grease here right now.
So, I'm sitting there at the computer
and I'm trying to find a flight
for somebody,
and, like, there's no flights
available to Acapulco.
There's 20 flights a day.
There should be hundreds
of seats available.
And then I was like,
"Oh shit, that's us!"
- These are all anarchists.
Like every fucking seat
on every plane.
Anarchapulco, all booked out.
That's badass, man.
- Nathan!
- Hey, Lee Ann.
- How are you?
- Good, how are you?
I had been following this community
and the sudden burst of the crypto markets
was, by far,
the most pivotal thing to happen yet.
The next conference was happening
just two months after
Bitcoin's 20,000-dollar peak.
And with that,
the rest of the world wanted in.
And the anarchists? They wanted more.
Most of our people
were buying into Bitcoin
at like, 30 dollars, 50 dollars,
100 dollars.
It went to 20,000 dollars
that year, so all of a sudden,
like, most people had a lot of money.
I mean, everyone was coming in
on private jets and yachts.
Everything was sold out,
the whole place was packed with people.
How are you feeling right now?
we haven't really even started,
and I'm already exhausted.
But I'm feeling pretty good,
like, I'm excited
and it's going to be,
in the words that I've used
to describe it to the team,
"Fucking epic!"
What's up, Anarchapulco?
to bring together
to see if we could
become something more.
In time, the state will know
what it's like to lose.
Welcome to Anarchapulco.
The state as a whole, as an institution
functions, down to the detail,
the way toxic narcissists function.
Can I see
a quick show of hands,
who here paid for their attendance here
in cryptocurrency?
Get all your friends and family
and everybody else around you
using Bitcoin Cash, Dash,
Ethereum, take your pick.
They're all wonderful at this point.
For me, this started with parenting.
Anarchist-type of parenting
is what I want to share with you.
And we're not going away.
You can't stop a good idea.
Jeff Berwick,
the Dollar Vigilante is with us.
Hello, guys.
This is a huge event.
I mean, it went from large last year
to now, what, 1,700 people?
I keep hearing the number go up.
I think it's somewhere
- Yeah.
Our audience became broader.
Usually, there's a lot more men,
and bachelor men,
you know, and like five women.
It really makes women not want to go.
And so we started workshops for women,
so we could get them
to feel more comfortable.
If you're ready to take a step
forward in your life,
I invite you to come forward, yeah?
Come forward, stand up.
I feel connected to the ocean
that's just outside of here.
Can you feel her calling?
Shamanism and energy work
is an important aspect of,
you know, the anarchy movement.
The thing is that it's super male,
it's a lot of male energy.
It definitely needs
the other aspect of it,
the heart, creativity,
and an intuition kind of balancing it.
We started to get
more attendees that were women.
Workshops were full.
Everything was full.
We got the conference
We can scream it loud
Or we can sit down
For the silence of the rewind
Hey, hey, we're here at Anarchapulco
with the Hey!
Tons of energy, cameras,
you know, interviews happening
all over the place.
Definitely taken on a life
We have public data
and then we have private data.
We have collected around 900 in crypto.
Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash.
Our conference had
a lot more sponsorship.
It's never been easier to reap
the rewards of cryptocurrency mining.
Like BitClub.
I've been blessed to be able to come back,
year after year and speak,
and talk about all the cool projects
we're doing.
We had a lot of big names.
We've got motherfucking
Ron Paul in the house.
If you become aware of these things,
then you have a moral obligation
to do something about it,
and that is to spread a message.
So, we just realized
Wu-Tang Clan is here
to learn about crypto,
and they're gonna perform tonight.
Cash rules, everything around me
C.R.E.A.M., get the money
Dollar, dollar bill, y'all
Straight to the moon, bitcoin all the way
Dollar vigilante, all up in your hearsay
Dropping crypto knowledge
The energy was so overwhelming,
in a positive way.
It was a paradise for anarchists
and freedom lovers.
During Anarchapulco that year, I felt
like a fish out of water, I hated it.
You too Yellen
"Oh, look, we're gonna
take over this hotel as anarchists."
Like, "Look at how big we are,
look at how big we are!"
Everybody was cocky as hell.
Everybody had extra money to burn,
so they were burning it.
We were all high on crypto, right?
And so, everybody
was feeling like a baller,
money was moving around,
it was a big party.
They're all like, "I'm fucking gods,"
you know, "We're the shit!
We're all the shit!"
In the fucking house,
enjoying the beach. Dude!
Most people are
at the weird vibe beach party.
Not sure if I want to be
at said weird vibes beach party.
I don't wanna be immersed in this vibe
because Anarchapulco is just getting
more of that, like,
you know, "Let's be rock stars"
type of thing.
It was almost like a reinforcement
of like, this is why I'm doing the Fork.
If Anarchapulco becomes
about being on vacation with people
that call themselves anarchists,
we'll lose the whole idea
that it was born around.
John and Lily scheduled Anarchaforko
to happen just one week
after Anarchapulco.
The conferences
weren't affiliated in any way,
so the success of the Fork
hinged entirely on their ability
to promote it themselves.
I was just so exhausted.
Socializing and getting people
excited about Anarchaforko.
We did not attend any speakers this year,
and getting ready for the Fork
during the daylight hours.
Most of the time we were getting here
just as the sun was going down
and were almost here
until the sun was coming up.
I literally disassociated my way
through that entire conference.
And then, like, Paul was trying
to be a little mini kingpin.
Selling cocaine at Anarchapulco.
I don't know where Paul found
that source, honestly,
but he had the source
before he moved in with us.
We thought he could be
stealthy enough, you know?
So, we had him selling
our edibles too.
So, like, the idea was,
he was going to get
people's contact information
and meet them places,
and like do it real decentralized, like,
and try to not even do the drug sales
on the property
of The Princess if he could.
But Paul couldn't do anything
that wasn't in his vocabulary.
he set up shop in some dude's room.
He had all the party favors.
He got his hands on everything
and was distributing
to everybody to make sure
everyone had a good time.
Everybody was like, "Have you tried
Paul's cocaine yet?"
Like, I'd be talking about the conference
and people would be like,
"Have you tried Paul's cocaine?"
Paul even posted flyers
for his services on Facebook,
using an alias account
he created under his alter ego,
"Shepard Spook."
We told him it was a stupid idea,
but we couldn't do anything about it.
It is so obvious,
everybody knows who he was.
He was up for days on end, using.
He wasn't necessarily grounded to reality.
John and Lily invited us up to the room
where Paul was working.
But they insisted we absolutely
could not film anything.
He would set up a table,
wait for people to knock on the door
and come in and order their drugs,
sometimes do them.
It's almost like, dude, you're not even
supposed to be staying there,
like, you don't stay there.
You're supposed to leave with the drugs
and go somewhere offsite,
like, that's Drug Dealing 101.
Lily told us repeatedly
that, although, Paul was selling
cannabis products for them,
he was selling cocaine purely on his own.
But they all seemed
to be taking a huge risk.
Paul started getting into straight-up
like chases and stuff
with their security team,
'cause they were trying
to get rid of him.
Because he was our roommate,
he would come up and he'd talk to us,
so the security started watching us too.
this is not okay.
Not okay at all. We were pissed.
When you run a conference in Acapulco,
when you have a lot of Americans
they're gonna want to party.
And so, we got to know the people
that would supply our conference.
Nathan received a phone call
from our supplier.
He said that there are gringos
and "We're coming in, they're done."
Nathan said, "Can you please
not do that at the conference?"
"Let me go talk to them."
Nathan told them, you need to stop
or there's going
to be serious consequences.
so we didn't end up having
a shootout at the conference.
Kym and I went in that room.
that they were selling drugs, right?
- We don't know.
We were there, they invited us,
but my memory was John and Lily
were just hanging out in there
and they were doing some drugs.
I didn't see them actually doing anything.
Well, that's the best part.
The people in charge don't do the stuff.
They have somebody else do it,
so then they're
never doing anything. Yeah.
Did you pay me for the ICO thing?
Why isn't Berwick on right now?
Well, well, he's going on now.
- But he wasn't here, so, we had to break.
- What?
- Ladies and gentlemen,
please take your seats,
we're about to begin..
Wait, hang on,
- Where's this going?
So fucking normal.
Coco, Kolo, come here, Randall.
We're sits. A lot of sits.
Jedi, sits. Okay, go.
there's an article
that just came out today.
In it, he called me a, "Recluse,
watching the conference on livestream
from his mansion in the hills,"
is what he said.
And I laughed at it first
because it sounded like, crazy,
like I'm Howard Hughes or something.
But then I thought about it, I'm like,
"Well, yeah, that's actually
what I'm doing, so, am I a recluse?"
"Is that what I am?" I don't know.
I've actually been a little depressed
the last couple of days.
Like, there must be a reason
I feel that way, right?
Now I have to think about that,
why do I feel so alone,
when I'm surrounded by so many people?
And I've realized, a lot of them
stem from my childhood.
I blocked out a lot of my childhood.
I don't really remember a lot.
I had no friends, really.
I was a computer nerd,
I was always getting beat up at school.
And my dad said maybe 30 words
to me my whole life,
and it was usually "Shut up."
I was just like, you know, 15, 16.
And all of a sudden
I actually got all this anger
inside of me.
I learned how to ignore all my emotions.
I'm going through so many changes,
You know, I'm not drinking
without the alcohol, I just don't want
to be around people and talk to people.
His closing words for this conference
are about to come, listen to this
as we welcome, Jeff Berwick!
How have you enjoyed Anarchapulco so far?
I also have enjoyed it.
Nathan learned very quickly
that Berwick wasn't somebody
and he became a babysitter.
Basically, Nathan did everything
and Berwick really, once in a while
would say, "How are things?"
So we're at the end of Cryptopulco here.
I've actually been watching
most of the speeches
With Nathan,
you could see he really believed
in what he was doing and he cared
about trying to organize
doing a million things that really
shouldn't have had to be his job.
Instead of going, "That isn't my job,"
because he so much believed
in the underlying goal.
I knew I could do it.
Nathan was getting exhausted.
It started to get on the family
because he's absent,
completely absent from the kids.
Ira Belle was a baby,
so I was in a different
stress-level mode for sure.
It just became more and more clear
how much the conference
affected us, personally.
I'll see them during the day.
Axiom would run up to me.
He'd be, like, "Daddy!"
and he'd give me a hug
and I'd be like, "Hey, sorry, I gotta go!"
I think at one point
we literally had this exchange.
"I'm a single mom taking care
of three kids."
- Yep.
- "I'm a single dad
taking care of 1,700 kids."
It's my role as an activist
to help facilitate this vision.
We're trying to change the world.
Is there a limit to the sacrifice
that you're willing to make
to fix the broken world?
Welcome to SmartCash SmartTalk Radio.
And we have Lily and John
with Anarchaforko.
How would you like to introduce
our audience to Anarchaforko
and tell us what it's about?
Honestly, most people
don't understand it yet.
It's kind of a completely different idea,
'cause everybody with a ticket
can add an event.
You know, it's not up to us,
it's up to them to do it themselves.
That we want to give people
the opportunity
to sculpt the experience
they want out of Anarchaforko.
The whole idea of this thing
is it's supposed to be the participants
that do most of the actual content.
They all seemed to wait
until the last minute, to advertise
what they were doing.
So, to us organizers,
it almost seemed like
nothing was going to happen.
We're most excited to see
just what people put on
and what people are interested in.
I've had so many people
come up to me today,
and I was even a little worried myself.
They're like, "What are we doing today?"
And I was like, "Well, maybe
I should look at the schedule."
If you feel anything let me know.
So that way,
the more we use the system,
the more financially we benefit from it.
There was everything from like,
workshops on aromatherapy
to like jam sessions.
It was pretty much like, all the stuff
that people were saying
that they wanted to do
at Anarchapulco, but then Anarchapulco
is currently too big to do.
You start to reorganize stuff
from the inside,
you are making change on the outside.
So, that's why I'm saying, like,
how we could bring more anarchy
- Yep.
This was completely free
and voluntary, and self-organized.
And it was spontaneous! That's the thing.
I loved it. I love the idea,
I love the start to it, it was humble.
It wasn't, you know,
this extravagant thing.
It's kind of your baby,
so you always want more and whatnot,
but we definitely weren't disappointed
with the numbers we got.
It was above our minimum,
to consider it a success,
- so we were happy with it, you know?
- Yeah.
This is the OG Broncnutz
from the 719 West West,
still down here at Anarchaforko,
- Hey, guys.
- Hey, guys.
SmartCash sponsored us.
SmartCash is like a fork of Bitcoin.
And they sent
representatives and everything
as part of, you know, the package.
"You wanna try some cocaine?
You wanna try some cocaine?"
"You wanna try some cocaine?"
It was literally to everybody,
including our sponsors.
After that, SmartCash
just wasn't really around.
We just thought they were flaky.
We started to, like, plan the next one
and we contacted SmartCash,
and they're like,
"We're not interested because of this guy,
who said he represented
your event." We're like,
"He had nothing to do
other than that he was there,
and that he was staying
with us at the time."
When you say something
Was that a firework?
What the fuck Paul?
That was the point
where John and Lily just decided
they didn't want anything to do with him.
They locked him out.
They didn't want him there anyway
and they didn't give him a key,
and they made sure
that the doors were locked.
And then you step in.
I didn't say,
"You can stay with me."
He just says,
"I got no place to go, brother,
they put my stuff out in the street now."
We picked up his stuff and put it in a van
and moved it down to my house.
I took him in because I felt bad
and we were bro-y.
And John said, "Don't let him
move in with you."
And I'm thinking, "Don't tell me
what to do, you know,
like, what are you doing?"
We were just like,
"Why are you helping him?"
And he was like, "Somebody has to."
And we're like, "Good luck!"
It seemed that
these two divergent visions
of an anarchist conference
could potentially coexist.
But this new foundation that the community
had built itself on,
was beginning to crack.
Bitcoin has fallen from 16,000 dollars
to, currently it's about 9,000 dollars.
Bitcoin continues its steep slide
down more than 20 percent.
How low can Bitcoin go?
Today we will, of course, be talking about
the latest drop in the crypto markets.
Bitcoin was slowly declining in value
ever since its peak the year before.
We need to find a bottom,
and then once we find a bottom,
we build a foundation,
we go up. That's how it works.
But still hungover
from 2017's crypto euphoria,
the movement doubled down.
I'm holding on to my damn coins,
I'm not giving up!
The fact of the matter is
that this is a completely normal
market retracement
to a wild and crazy 2017.
Scared money don't make
no money, man. Fuck it!
It's just so hard for me to fathom Bitcoin
going that low, honestly.
The time to buy is when there's blood
in the streets.
The blood is in the streets.
So, what are you gonna do?
Despite the hope for a long-term rebound,
the community's crypto lifeblood
threatening their forward momentum.
Don't get to close
to the edge chasing bubbles.
Anarchapulco put a lot of stress
on our family.
Every year, it's kind of like
when you have children,
you forget the first six months
after they're born.
- Yay!
- Yay!
So, you're like, "Oh, you know what,
let's have kids," and you forget
so you keep doing it again.
- You're really hungry?
- Yeah.
- What would you like to have?
- I don't know.
- I don't know how to make "I don't know."
- We're actually out of "I don't know."
We were feeling nauseous
throughout the day.
Yeah, I'd wake up shaking,
and go to bed crying.
I'd have nightmares
where we were about
to start the conference
and I realized I'd forgotten
to buy any of the plane tickets
for the speakers.
Or like you didn't have pants,
and, you know.
I'm having one.
He was getting exhausted.
I told him it was time that we started
getting some help with the conference.
And I really pushed.
I'm like, "We need to get
somebody professional
to be sort of more in the background
doing the logistics."
"And you can do the big stuff,
and, you know, we can do the ideas
and the management, you know, aspects,
but, logistically,
we need to start delegating."
Jeff agreed we needed
to have more people involved
and we wanted to bring on
somebody full-time.
And I suggested bringing on Dayna Martin.
Hi, everybody.
She had such a deep background
with Anarchapulco.
She had been to all four events
up to that year.
I'm here tonight with Larken Rose
and Amanda Rachwitz.
- Hey guys.
- Hey.
She knew the speakers,
she knew the audience.
I think that compassion
And she has great creative ideas
about how to set up events like this.
I believe that we're all connected.
Berwick had somebody else in mind,
her name was Jessica Kill.
She approached Jeff Berwick and said,
I've got all this experience
producing events in Hollywood,
why don't you let me help
produce Anarchapulco next year?
And she was already embedded
in the conference through BitClub.
She was their main logistical person.
She seemed professionally competent,
definitely assertive.
Jeff and I agreed that, yes,
these are two people we'd like
to add to the team.
This is really wonderful.
I'm really excited.
So, for those of you who don't know me,
I'm Jessica Kill, I'm one of the producers
on the team for Anarchapulco.
I'm the community producer of the event.
Such an honor to be here
Dayna was offered, like an assistant job
because she didn't have as much experience
in coordinating a conference
the size of Anarchapulco.
So many things just came together.
Ever since Anarchapulco,
I don't think he slept that whole time,
and I think that took a toll.
And I think after what happened
to Gino, he got worse.
Gino was one of Paul's friends
in the community.
They were both military vets.
They both battled and they both saw things
a certain way, and they could
speak a certain language
and they'd understand each other.
Paul took a liking to him
because he was another messed-up guy.
Paul kind of had this kinship
with people who were just a little screwy.
They both have drug problems
and they would train together,
like he would join them
for workout sessions at the Anarchastle.
Gino was being very aggressive
and belligerent.
And in Acapulco, like,
if you get aggressive
and annoying for long enough,
eventually someone is gonna deal with you.
Gino got into a fight and got killed.
Do you know what happened?
I was told he picked
a fight with a few guys
and then they crushed his head.
Those who know Gino,
know how deep he cut me. True soldier.
You understood me.
You stood with me through my hell.
Gino's death just compounded
Bored off my ass, and made friends
his past experiences
with bad relationships.
It just added on top
of the mess that Paul was.
Paul, like, he did not get over Gino.
I realized after that,
that there's a lot of bloodshed
in the city, just all over the place,
all the time.
We started following that page
where they report
all the murders and stuff,
"Lo real de Acapulco."
We also kind of realized
just how bad it was
when we went to that cemetery
at the top of the hill.
You'd find entire families
buried in the same plot.
Paul was very rapidly declining.
There were times where you'd
just see him weeping,
and there were other times
where he's just feeling violent
and he wanted to fight.
There was always just
this rollercoaster with Paul.
He put his whiteboard in my living room
and started drawing up plans,
and nonstop talking
about how he was gonna
take advantage or hurt somebody.
I had mentioned
in passing with Paul one time,
that my ex-wife had life insurance policy
that pays out to me.
He saw that I was sad sometimes,
and he really wanted to help me,
in his own bizarre way.
He kept offering to kill my ex-wife.
And I was just like, "I'd rather be broke
in a ditch, dude, let it go."
And then over three weeks,
for a little while
until things cooled down.
My plan to get out of that situation
was to use my mother's birthday
as an excuse
to come back to the States.
and just get away from him.
But that one seemed like, kinda,
curved, a little bit.
Is that music I hear?
Oh, did I not bring my phone.
I don't need my phone, do I?
Here. Let me have your hand.
Oh, gosh, I just realized
just how emotional I'm gonna be
by the time we get down there.
Why are you gonna be emotional?
we're gonna be in front
of all our favorite people,
and Mommy and I are gonna talk about
how much we love each other
and how happy we are to be together.
The energy of the conference
was so overwhelming.
Nathan and I were like,
we need a fresh start.
We never really had a fancy wedding.
I wanted to do the big wedding later,
after we'd stayed together for a while.
Like, let's prove that this is for real.
- You look beautiful.
- Thank you.
- Me too!
Okay, good!
Lisa and Nathan,
when you first joined
in marriage some 14 years ago,
you really had no idea
what life would have in store for you.
So, in 2018, we made the decision
that we're gonna be with all our friends.
You know, we don't have
to fly everybody in,
they're already there
for the conference.
So why don't we have
a ceremony on the beach?
This is the circle
you have now built together.
- Mommy, it's okay. It's okay.
that support you,
and who you, in turn, support.
This is today's ring.
- We made it.
- Wow!
- Love you.
- I love you too.
Thank you for everything.
Thank you for being my partner.
And loving me and putting up with me.
I love you.
Nathan, do you reaffirm your love
and commitment for Lisa,
and care for her
in sickness and in health?
I do.
Lisa, will you continue to support Nathan,
your husband, and continue to live
- in this happy, loving marriage?
- I do.
So, by the powers invested in me
with the sign of affection
that you choose.
I love you.
I love you.
All righty, guys, we're gonna go ahead
and start up a Streets
of Acapulco Series 2.0.
And then we'll see
a bunch of people looking
at me all funny.
When I got back into town,
John and Lily took me in.
I've got no AT&T signal out here.
But there's lots of cute
little restaurants and little bars.
This is where you come if you
want a beach vacation.
We got right back into a daily routine
of hanging out every day,
and we just started trying
to pull ourselves together
and get the Fork ready.
I was going to the market.
was Paul, and Chris, Henza's ex-wife.
Paul had bounced
around the community a little bit.
And, one day he ran across my ex-wife
and they took him in.
He was just quietly hanging out
at ModProbe's mansion,
enjoying the pool and just
sitting back and relaxing.
I tried to warn her
that he wanted to kill her,
and that didn't go well.
Paul admitted to it.
He says, "Yeah,
but he wanted me to kill you."
And I just threw my hands up
in the air, and I said, "I give up,
I'm not talking about this anymore,
and hopefully, you won't get hurt."
And then right when that happened,
that's when Paul started threatening us.
I came to know John and Lily very well
during my stay here in beautiful Acapulco.
I actually saw the true side
of these wannabe celebritarians.
I know where the next step
in the escalation of this will go.
Trust me, children,
you do not want me taking things
in that direction, so behave.
He would threaten us,
and then he would obsess about us all day.
Paul was crusading for his justice
in his own mind, from being turned away.
Paul felt like he should
always be accepted by us,
regardless of who he is,
what's he doing.
When you talk as much shit
we might have to take it
outside and fight it out.
We can wear gloves so I don't mess up
that pretty face too much.
But John Galton, we gonna throw down.
I started getting weird messages
from Paul.
He was ranting to me about Lily,
and there was something
that he didn't like about John.
We weren't even that close.
I couldn't even place
why he thought I should be messaged.
It seemed to me like a lot
they weren't just about Lily and John.
They were about his own stuff
that I never fully understood,
and I don't think he fully understood.
I'll never forget that, like, in the slew
of incoherent messaging I got,
he said, "Regardless of things I did,
I really cared about those kids."
The way he was talking,
sounded like something happened
that was traumatic.
So much so, he didn't seem to be okay
with saying what it was.
But I could tell that
it was definitely connected
to stuff he did in the military,
that I think
he didn't forgive himself for.
He felt this overwhelming
moral justice belief system,
that he was the antihero,
that he was the only one
that saw things as they really were.
He felt like he had this job
to protect people,
but didn't see how his behavior
was causing people
the need to be protected.
In my nurturing personality,
I would, you know, check in with him
and just let him know
that someone's thinking about him,
that someone cares about him.
invoke, like, pull the best out of him.
And like, suppress the other, right?
Like, I was trying to,
like, influence him in a good direction.
I really advocated for him
to do labor on a,
like a fruit farm kind of thing, you know?
A chance to restart a new life.
You know, even in Mexico, I researched.
I had done this research,
cause I wanted to present solutions.
But he didn't want any of the solutions,
any of the ideas.
So, at that point, I had been in Acapulco,
you know, over two years,
I think two and a half.
wanting to rest and recover.
Erika left Acapulco and moved to Belize,
to restart her life away from the turmoil
of the community.
I don't know what the percentage would be,
but it's like blindingly white.
I stared to feel an accumulative effect
of being so "other."
I'm the "other" other.
I'm like expat, but even among the expats,
I'm still aware that y'all
are having conversations
that you hold for when I leave.
I know this.
And I just thought
that there could be more represented,
than just drama and crypto.
There were all these variables,
like volatile things,
unpredictable things, dangerous things,
and they're all, like,
kinda like, being juggled.
I could not keep account
of like, whose hands threw which balls.
I just know that there were all
Something was gonna implode eventually.
There's a Telegram group,
all about the communication of everybody
in the production team
and Nathan was blocked.
He was no longer allowed
to be in this group.
And then he was cut out
of Anarchapulco's email.
Nathan and I were really concerned
that there was some very sketchy stuff
happening behind the scenes.
I'm here with Nathan Freeman,
in beautiful Acapulco, Mexico.
Nathan Freeman, he runs
Nathan moved out with his entire family.
the chief cat herder.
- Great to see you, man.
- Yeah.
As a person, I've always gotten along
really well with Nathan,
and we had a lot of fun
running Anarchapulco.
He did so many things great,
especially the people sort of stuff.
He knows, like,
the community very well,
he's friends with most
of the people in the community.
there's always lots of problems.
'Cause Nathan didn't really know
how to run events, he was just winging it.
Which worked fine for a couple of years,
but it grew to such a big size.
Special gratitude
from the Anarchapulco team
for your attendance
at this lovely event here tonight.
VIP dinner with Ron Paul and everything.
It is great to be here
Before the event, there's like
people lined up
for like, half a kilometer,
and I'm like, "What's going on?"
They're like, "There's no one there
to even take the tickets."
And I was like, "Where's Nathan?"
And someone's like, "He's sleeping."
So, the only thing
that changes Washington
is when the prevailing attitude
I actually had to take
tickets for like an hour.
And I'm like, "So sorry about this,
But Jessica Kill, she's like,
"I got spreadsheets."
She was really good with times and money,
like a real pro person
who knows how to run events.
He decided that she should be
the executive producer.
He described it as a CEO role.
Which was a little weird,
'cause I was like, "Huh, then what am I?"
That makes no sense.
The guy who's been running it
for three years, you're gonna push out,
when he's the one that has
all the information on how things run?
He kinda felt like it was,
like, his thing.
And it's not even, like my thing, really,
like, I just want it to run well.
Kill sold him on her ability
to delegate and be in control
of a conference.
It never sat well with him.
And I think he kinda felt like,
that really wasn't the case
and, I don't know,
it just got a little weird. Just weird.
Bitcoin getting a beatdown today,
falling below 5,000 for the first time
- in more than a year.
If you're looking at the market right now,
you're probably freaking out.
Crypto crash!
Dawgs, look at Bitcoin, all-time low,
why is the price falling so low?
Holy fucking shit!
I'm losing everything, bro!
Near the end of 2018,
cryptocurrency prices bottomed out.
Bitcoin plunged nearly 17,000 dollars
from its peak just one year before,
bringing the rest
of the market down with it.
It was tough, I was working hard.
Not a whole lot of money was coming in.
And the conference had a problem,
which is, where do you get the money from?
And the money is coming from sponsors.
And who are the sponsors?
Well, they're crypto projects
that are looking for attention.
SmartCash sponsored us big
when they were over a dollar a coin,
and then they were a quarter of that.
And then it was just like,
"Well, we got no money to sponsor you."
And you'd just hear it
on social media, like,
"I'd like to go, but, you know,
this year and I can't afford the,
you know, the expense,"
and all that kind of stuff.
We were struggling.
John was borrowing money
just to pay for rent.
No money, nothing going on.
We're all getting
pretty desperate up there,
and John and Lily
were just at their wits' end
because they weren't making it,
We were done, over.
The new year.
This was the best part
about living in Acapulco.
We were shooting fireworks
off our house.
Like big fireworks,
like professional fireworks.
So, how do you remember
feeling around that time?
So exhausted.
Fuck, I'm exhausted thinking about it.
I don't know
what we were thinking, honestly,
like, we were just trying to survive.
"I wish my life was simpler."
That's all I remember thinking,
was that I wished my life was simpler.
what now?"
What the fuck is this year going to bring?
Somebody showed up right
after we finished eating
and they shot John and Henza,
and I was in the house,
and John's dead at the gate!
We were attacked.
I've been shot three times.
I'm not doing so good.
Henza's in the other room dying,
and I really need help.
Somebody, please come!
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