The Apprentice (UK) (2005) s12e02 Episode Script

Advertising Jeans

1 I'm not here to make any friends.
The process is not personal.
It's business.
Lord Sugar is on the lookout for a brand-new business partner.
It is a very competitive situation.
I need to see who's got a good business brain.
Fighting it out for his funding .
18 aspiring tycoons.
Not one of you geniuses ran this thing properly.
I feel so angry! You're coming across a bit thick.
At stake, a quarter of a million pounds .
and a 50/50 deal with a business heavyweight.
Your best hope for 250 grand is to buy yourself a scratchcard.
- Yeah, yeah.
Go, go, go! - Right, run! It's an investment worth fighting for.
- Please stop talking.
Please - OK, go on.
for the love of God, stop talking.
We're meant to be grown-up women, we're acting like little schoolgirls! 18 candidates I'm not getting angry, I'm just telling you cos you're not listening to my point.
- Boom! - Smashed it! .
12 testing weeks This is getting really, really childish now! If I was project manager, I'd be trying to motivate my team.
So that's not cool.
That's not cool.
one life-changing opportunity.
You're fired.
You're fired.
You are a loose cannon.
You're fired.
Previously on The Apprentice You will be selling antiques and collectables to the public and trade.
Oh, wow! .
it was straight down to business.
Both teams got a garage full of goods Got a nice pair of jugs there, Trish! .
including hidden gems.
That could be crystal.
I just want to check for vintage Chanel or something.
Led by Paul I think this is very hipster, East London.
the boys aimed high - I reckon 300 quid for it.
- 300 quid for that.
turning trash - Aargh! - 175.
- OK.
into cash.
I just love the sound of money! Let's go.
Under Michelle's leadership - What would you give for it, then? - 20.
- Deal.
speedy sales 15? Yeah, got a deal.
and dire decisions My gut feeling is Camden.
I'm going with Camden.
led to the girls losing their way.
What does your stall look like? - Have you got umbrellas or have you got a wooden stall? - I don't know.
In the boardroom, Lord Sugar questioned Mukai and JD's value.
I believe we worked well.
According to Karren, you looked like lost lambs.
But a vintage victory for the boys .
left the girls coming up short.
- Who sold those green vases? - Me.
The valuation was 300.
Rebecca had a close call - You are the wrong type of candidate.
- Please, Lord Sugar! - Can you please be quiet? - I'm sorry.
but it was Michelle I see you responsible for not laying down the rules to your team.
who became the first casualty of the boardroom.
- You're fired.
- Thank you.
Now, 17 remain to fight for the chance to become Lord Sugar's business partner.
- 'Good morning.
'Lord Sugar would like you to meet him at Istituto Marangoni.
'The cars will be outside in 20 minutes.
' OK, OK.
Thank you.
Cars are coming in 20 minutes! 20 minutes, guys! Come on! That's a lovely view for anyone just looking in there.
- What a treat(!) - LAUGHTER Istituto Marangoni.
- Italiano.
- It's a fashion store.
- School.
- School? School of fashion.
If we are working with Italians, you should put brown shoes on because you only wear black shoes in Italy to a funeral.
I AM going to the funeral of the other team.
Ooh! - Their egos have gone up a peg, haven't they? - I think so, too.
Looking fresh! In the heart of London's trendy East End, Istituto Marangoni.
- Good morning.
- ALL: - Good morning, Lord Sugar.
Well, this place used to be a textile factory and is now a renowned fashion school.
Your task today has got a lot to do with fashion.
I'll be providing you with a product - jeans made from Japanese denim.
I want you to come up with an advertising campaign.
You'll be pitching your advertising idea to some leaders in the jeans business, as well as some top advertising executives.
They'll be reporting back to me - the client - and, as ever, in the losing team, at least one of you will be fired.
Or hung out to dry.
Like one of those things there.
- Everything clear? - ALL: - Yes, Lord Sugar.
- Off you go.
The teams have two days to create their brands, shoot TV adverts for their jeans .
and design a digital screen the public can interact with.
- I think we have the best model for our video.
- Dungarees.
Nothing else.
- Like, really tight, as well.
- I think I'm too hairy up here, I reckon.
If I wanted to be like everybody else, then I would have plucked my monobrow.
- We'll wax you! - Nobody's touching my hair! But I don't want to be like anybody else.
Everybody else wants to be like me.
Not here, not here and not anywhere else! 11am.
Base for both teams .
ad agency Rainey Kelly.
My skills lie in branding and advertising and marketing.
It's what I do every day.
Going head-to-head - I brand all types of businesses, so - I've got a fashion brand.
pitching to project manage - I don't do the visual side of branding, but - I brand, every day.
Rebecca and Jessica.
Whoever's chosen as project manager, we could maybe do sub-team manager.
I'd like you to work with me.
- OK.
Rebecca - go.
Two, three, four.
OK! - We split? - 4-4.
- Four and four split.
Hands up for Rebecca again.
- You can't vote for yourself! - Oh, I suppose that's stupid.
- Right, so it's Jess.
- Right, OK, brilliant.
- What? So, hold on.
There's eight of us, isn't there? I'm going to be project manager on this task.
And there's a 4-4 split.
I voted for myself and everyone told me to put my hand down, so I think I've probably just been somehow duped into not being the project manager! That's awful! I really want I OK.
Can we all get behind me here? Already running the boys' team So, first I'd like target market.
marketing man Mukai puts forward his plans.
I want to go with teens.
I know we want to do it democratically but can we just go with that? What else do we need? We need brand name.
I thought Ichiban was a good name.
I don't know if that fits.
- Ichiban.
Itchy jeans? - I just don't know what it means.
- Emojeans.
- DILLON: - Emojeans.
I love that.
Let's write that down, yeah? I'm sorry.
I'm going to, kind of, veto that.
I lead a team from the front.
I've got one.
Day After Yesterday, which isie, today.
I'm always challenging and asking questions and that could potentially be an annoyance to some people.
It could be D-A-Y.
I think we'll go for it.
Day After Yesterday.
Can we please think of brand names? Sights set on a luxury brand for women Stripped Back, Unclaimed or Reinvented.
for the girls' team, nail the name.
- The reason I liked Unclaimed - I like Unclaimed.
is you could go for things like - Girl stood there taking a selfie and she's claiming her own look.
- I like Unclaimed.
- We're calling it Unclaimed.
It's a play on a word.
- Fantastic.
Yeah, Unclaimed.
So, what I want to do now, ladies, split into Team A and Team B.
Team A are going to be in charge of the brand and TV adverts.
My strengths lie with TV adverts.
Team B is going to be the packaging, which you said you were very strong on, didn't you? You don't want me doing branding? - Even though that's what I do every day? - Who's going to lead Team B? Jessica Let me finish, please.
Everyone's talking over.
Right, OK.
They're only half an hour in and Jessica is already flustered.
Erm Oh, God! This task is huge.
Maybe the girls have just chosen the wrong leader.
- So, Team A, Rebecca? - Yep.
- Team B, we've got myself.
Can I just be really clear? Everything has got to be very stylish.
I don't want anything like dog masks or anything like that.
Jeans in hand, half of each team hits the road.
I'm a little bit concerned about Rebecca as sub-team manager.
Personally, I think Frances or Grainne would be a much better team leader because they're a stronger character.
If you call her and put her down, it's going to cause friction in the group.
You'll completely destabilise the team.
I want to go to a premium shop.
- We may not get a broad enough spectrum - We're on Oxford Circus.
For both teams, a chance to get the measure of their target markets.
Which one feels more quality to you - this one or that one? These ones are too flannelly.
While the girls get the lowdown on luxury shoppers If you saw a pair of jeans, what would make you like them? If the model looks really good in them.
The fit and the feel of the fabric.
Thank you so much.
the boys Make sure that we're pulling the right type of people in.
seek out teens for their unisex jeans.
- How old are you? - 25.
- 25.
If it's 25, it's a little bit too old, actually, for what we're looking for.
- What brand jeans do you like to buy and why? - I don't wear jeans a lot.
I don't think you're going to be much use to us.
We have a few questions to answer.
Do you know anything about Japanese denim? - No, I'm afraid not.
- Fine.
We're really out of time now.
We've got, like, about ten, 15 minutes.
It's very hard to find people of that age group - I know.
- Listen.
You haven't been able to tell me - Let's not argue.
We need to get this done.
- We're going to stay here.
I'll try and find the right target people.
Mukai - he's just trying to be like, "Look, I can lead, I can do this, I can do that.
" Everyone else's input is coming a close second.
Come on, I need a little bit of direction.
Let's go.
Back at the ad agency This one's really cute.
in charge of branding for the boys, art director Dillon.
- Day After Tomorrow.
- Yesterday.
- Yesterday, sorry! Personally, I think a vibrant yellow is quite unisex.
Dillon, I've never seen colour on a jean.
- It will pop right off a denim colour, black.
- Perfect, perfect.
Dillon, where is the yellow going to come again in this? - It's going to be on the label.
- OK.
Mate, I think it looks good.
I'm not happy with "Day After Yesterday Denim".
Why do you have to say "denim"? It's on jeans, right? We know what it is.
- Nobody says Coca-Cola is a drink.
- Yeah.
- CLAUDE: - Excuse me, guys.
You're going to miss deadlines if you don't hurry up.
Dillon, we need to start thinking about a few straplines.
Could you have a question/answer thing? "Want to have fun the day after yesterday? - "That's today.
" Or something like that.
- Can you talk quieter? I will come up with an awesome strapline but I can't be constantly interrupted in my thinking process.
Thank you.
Always Japanese, definitely cool.
I think that works.
- I kind of like that.
- KARTHIK: - Dillon, we need to rush.
I'm anxious to talk to the other team, though.
I'll call them.
- Great.
- Hi there, Dillon.
Are you OK? I need to relay some thoughts to you.
Check the straplines Sorry, Dillon, stop, stop, stop.
As an art director, I'm letting you have the rein.
But I have to say that See you later.
It just stopped.
- CLAUDE: - That should've been a very important discussion.
Mukai has shown absolutely no interest in finding out what his sub-team has been creating.
Frankly, I don't know how he thinks he's going to be able to produce the billboard adverts without this critical information.
We're under pressure, we're behind.
What's next? - Do you know what I love? - Also searching for a strapline "Claim your fit.
" Do you know what's also quite funny? "Claim you're fit!" .
industry expert Rebecca builds the girls' brand.
Are we saying our strapline is going to be something like, - "Claim your fit"? - Claim your fit.
The strapline as in the strap of the jeans? No, no, strapline as in the thing that sits alongside the branding.
Oh, yeah, the strap.
So, the colour Neutral grey.
Can we see it on just a long strip as well? I'd put, like, a wee, like, hashtag, if you can do that.
- Not a hashtag.
- Not on the logo.
- Ooh! - Beautiful.
- That's what we like! That's going to be our logo.
Unclaimed - luxury Japanese denim.
- Come on, then.
- Let's do it.
- Here we go.
Planning the photo shoot for their campaign So, ideally, I just want a really clean image of the quality of the jeans.
project manager Jessica.
Where the hell are the jeans? - Where's the jeans? - The jeans have been left.
Who had the jeans with them? I said, "I'm leaving them with you guys.
You look after them.
" Waiting at the studio, a professional photographer.
On the team's to-do list, pictures for bus shelter posters and interactive displays.
The one issue is, we can't find the jeans.
What do you mean, you can't find the jeans? Er, basically, the last location, we put the jeans down and then we've not picked them back up again.
So you'redoing photographs for your jean campaign without your jeans? Right.
- TEARFULLY: - I'm sorry, I'm I'm so sorry, but Jessica.
Jess Jessica.
Go outside, go and take a breath, calm yourself down.
We'll all be here when you're ready.
SHE HYPERVENTILATES Right, guys, let's try and pull this together.
Let's try and talk while she's not here.
Can't rely on her, yeah? Just get in the zone, just get in the zone, Jessica.
Oh, God! At the boys' photo shoot - Were they meant to book the model, then, were they? - Yes.
with his photographer waiting, project manager Mukai has nothing to shoot.
We haven't got any information.
We don't know when they're coming.
- They should be here by now.
- Let's try and get through to the sub-team.
OK, here we go.
I skateboard, I fall.
I'm like He looks at you and he gets distracted and falls.
- 'This is the Vodafone voicema' - What? - What's going on there? - This is unbelievable.
- This is a joke.
- So, you look very athletic.
- Thank you.
- Is there a six-pack under there? - Yep.
Thank you.
I'm very happy.
Dillon's quest for perfection is all well and good, but he's fallen well behind.
Imagine you're flirting with somebody.
- I'll use you as a girl.
- OK, I'll be the girl.
He's enjoying himself too much and, really, he needs to focus, because the models should already be at the studio.
- How you doing? You all right? - Good.
I'm fine, thanks.
- Oh, very good, very good! - I can see Dillon blushing.
It's just the hot lights, I promise! - Let's go and get changed.
- OK, cool.
Reunited with their jeans, the girls look closer to home for models.
I wish I had had spray tan done! - Keep this one down.
- And wear a heel with that one.
- That looks ridiculous! - Just take it.
That's not going to sell luxury, is it? Just a little note - are we going to do one for the billboard? I'd forgotten the billboard.
I genuinely don't think she knows what she's doing at all.
Really natural! Just do a fake laugh.
Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! We haven't had any direction.
We lost on a lack of organisation last week and, like, we're going to lose again and it's just embarrassing.
And then look at the camera.
OK, perfect.
Let's go to the graphic designer.
The bus shelter and our interactive billboard - it's all so disjointed.
- It's not disjointed.
- So if we can try and pull it together We're using the same colours throughout, so that's tying it in.
We're using the same jeans throughout.
You're coming up with problems to our solutions.
- OK.
- OK? - Hi there, I'm Mukai.
- Tia.
- Oliver.
How do you do? 7:30pm.
Nice to meet you.
With only one model sent by Dillon, another's needed for their unisex campaign.
- So, I'm wanting a volunteer.
- Courtney.
- Yeah, that works.
- OK.
I'll step up to do it, yeah.
Cast complete, next - the plot behind their posters.
She's talking to one of her friends, texting or something.
He'd be walking by.
Could be on a skateboard.
They've both got the jeans on.
You might have something like "#seizetheday" - yes or no? - You like that? - Let's get something on camera.
So, you kind of go up to her and, yeah, exactly.
Give me a look of love, though.
Like, "Oh, my God! Who's this hottie?" Ah, he's gone all shy! Come on.
Seriously, we've got to win this task! One hour till work must stop Good evening.
so interactive bus shelters can be built overnight.
Share your image.
Shake it out! While half of each team create soundtracks to prick the ears of passers-by Cloo-cloo! Do-do-loo! Brr-brr! Do-do-loo-do! Om-om! .
across London - Why don't we just do one the other way? - Hang on a minute.
Let's just .
the rest must turn pictures into posters.
- Is that the interactive one? - Yeah.
and a digital screen the public can interact with via social media.
- On this, can we upload a picture onto that? - Yeah.
And then I think it must be interactive when you go up to it - and then you can take pictures.
Is that right? - Yeah.
- Fantastic! We've only got 25 minutes.
Today has been a comedy of errors, and I'm mortified! Jessica.
Logo, "#turnitup", and then the best image we can get of these two together.
People keep chipping in and clouding my vision, whereas tomorrow is a new day and I'm going to make sure I stick to my guns.
- Guys, I don't want to go over the deadline.
Just leave it.
- Yeah! - OK, that's it.
- Thank you.
- OK, let's go.
Talk about cutting it fine! We should have some images that were - sent previously from the studio.
- Yep.
Running out of time Just to let you know, we need to do the posters first and then the dynamic.
Come on! .
the boys We've got five minutes and it is a deadline, hard deadline.
- We can't do both.
- You don't have time for the digital? - No.
We haven't got what we should have.
We haven't got the full digital advert.
- We've just got an image on a bus shelter.
- Let's just go with that.
I think Mukai's walking a dangerous line.
I've got a list of things that have gone wrong.
There was no communication.
And you know what? If you're going to not listen to your team, this is exactly what happens.
- Unfortunately, the interactive has not been completed.
We missed the deadline.
- We're going to have to make an awesome advert tomorrow.
- OK.
We'll stay positive, get some kip, come back, bounce along, knock out the video - happy days - win the challenge, win the task, get the treat.
Job done.
- Good morning, guys.
- ALL: - Morning.
For the boys, a chance to check in.
Dillon's great in art.
But when it comes to the management part of it, he tends to get a bit flustered.
So I would like you to take on sub-team leadership.
To answer that point, I'm going to be moving to the A team on the TV ad.
And I am going to put Courtney in charge of the sub-team to lead the packaging, if that's OK with you, Courtney.
- I'm completely happy.
- Everybody OK? - Yeah.
- Fantastic.
THEY TALK OVER EACH OTHER Can everyone calm down? Everyone's talking over everyone, so I can't listen.
I'm not having this again today - trust me! Managing her manpower, project manager Jessica.
With the packaging, I think Rebecca's going to be well suited for the packaging, so we're changing team leaders.
I'm going to go on Team A today for the TV advert, and you're going to be on Team B.
Aleksandra, I'd love you to work with me as well, cos I loved your input yesterday.
Honestly, Rebecca, we've got some really good creative people.
Everyone likes to have their input - trust me.
I'm joking! I'm not.
Come on, let's do this! Today, teams must create packaging So that's the key, then, is that you keep that box once you've taken your jeans out.
and shoot their TV ads.
Interesting Jessica wanted to go to the TV ad side.
- I think she wanted to get away from me.
- Do you think? Why? It was the weirdest, maddest day I've ever experienced.
She just lost the plot! She completely collapsed under the pressure.
For both teams, Designworks.
We've got a pretty clear idea of what we want to do.
Help to dress up their denim.
That! I love that! Thinking outside the box Cylinder - tick.
the girls.
The logo's going to be washed out on there.
Lift this white off of this logo and put it directly onto this brown.
Loving it! This is fun, isn't it? - TRISHNA: - I think it looks really slick.
Next door On the inside of the box, we'd like the cherry blossom print.
leading the boys, designer Courtney.
We'd also like "made in Japan", a bit like the seal of approval.
We want the packaging to be something you want to keep.
Is that a feature you think users are going to pick up on and appreciate? I mean, I've kept a box, a fragrant box, for 15 years.
Which now stores minidiscs.
What would the ongoing function of that box be for you guys? Will they put their minidiscs in it? Central London.
- Here are your lines.
- Thank you.
- Confidence is key.
Bam, here I am! Location for the girls' TV ad - a posh Japanese restaurant.
So, Grainne, do you want to start with make-up for the models? Calling the shots Aleksandra, help Grainne.
project manager Jessica.
Natalie, can you help me SHE LAUGHS Oh, actually, you're going to do - their hair with the styling, aren't you? - Whatever.
Today I feel a lot better.
Yesterday was just absolutely horrific! But today, we'll be fine.
Three, two, one - action.
The next best thing to Japanese food is the jeans they make! Fierce! So far, the advert, I have to say, is looking good.
You need some more of that lipstick on.
You look gorgeous! Grainne did really well on the make-up.
Action! Jessica did really well on the direction.
OK, cut.
The three of us gave good input.
Natalie, bless her, is looking at the timelines.
- Natalie, have we got the time? - Eight minutes past.
In terms of contribution, there isn't any more from Natalie.
Main setting for their luxury brand campaign - Up here.
- It looks like a girls' toilet with a full mirror and room to move.
Love it! .
the loo! Take your shoes off, right? Turn your jeans up.
Action! Beautiful! - Perfect! - Yep? Fastest shoot ever! - Yeah! Shall we head over to the editing suite? Brixton, South London.
Let's get on the point! Backdrop for DAY Denim's teen-focused ad.
That's a nice colour.
- When you fall - Yeah? - .
can you take off your sunglasses? Director for the day - Dillon.
Clear the set, please! Sofiane! It's a skate park.
It supposed to be a bit dirty.
Action! Cut! Let's do it once more.
Oh, God, it's so hot! I feel like stripping, man! He's like Marmite.
One day you love him, the next you hate him.
But I don't want it to become a meat market with all the chicks coming after me, so I'm just going to deal with sitting in my shirt.
I think I'll opt with love him, though.
- I think I'll go with that one.
- It's sunny weather! Action! Push his shoulder, like, "Get out of here!" - Cut! - That's good.
- That's a wrap, yeah? - Fantastic.
Oxford Street.
' For both teams, the big reveal of their bus shelters.
' - Oh, that looks all right! - It looks pretty good.
Oh, I really like it! Well done! Well done! For the boys, a basic display.
It would have been better if we could have had some interaction.
While the girls Can we borrow you to take a quick picture? .
use social media to spread their message.
- RECORDING: - 'Share your image!' - ALL: - Yay! 'Oh, my God! Are you OK?' Yeah, that one.
A central London editing suite.
OK, and the next scene is Tia.
'Always Japanese.
' Director Dillon hones the team's TV advert.
I'll wait until you finish, then I'll play with the thing on my own, and I want to see what I can come up with.
You're not going to play on your own.
So, what, you won't let me sit and do it on my own? Are you scared? We're trying to get the editing correct.
If there's something wrong with it, you can have your say.
- 'Hey, a perfect fit! - Always Japanese.
' 'Definitely.
' - It looks good.
- I like that.
So we now have a 30 second rough-cut.
I'd really like to get everybody's comments on board.
- Is that OK? Does that make sense? - No, it doesn't.
What I want to do is I want to spend five minutes with him.
We haven't actually discussed what we've seen yet.
I want to see what I can do in five minutes.
You've made your point, I've listened to you.
- I want five minutes now - No, you will not get five minutes.
You can wait five minutes No, I will.
- I'm overruling you.
- No, you are not.
'The problem with Karthik is whilst he may have a lot to offer,' his aggression, in terms of trying to get his voice heard, has turned the others against him.
Consequently, the more he tries, the less they listen.
- I know he's your choice - Let me speak.
Please! Karthik! I'm telling you right now, I need to speak and you need to listen.
- I am telling you - You need to be overruled.
Karthik, please, for the love For the love of God, stop talking.
No, I'm going to tell you what I want to tell you and you have to listen to it.
# I hate you so much right now I hate you so much right now No, I don't think this is Yeah, scrap it.
Selecting a soundtrack for their ad the girls.
Got nothing in my brain - Follow the lyric.
- You like it? What are we shaking off, though? Why are you choosing that? Shake it off.
She's just shaking off whatever.
She's like, - "Yeah, I'm in power!" - Are we happy with Shake it Off? Aye, Shake it Off.
The good news for Jessica is she is lot calmer today than she was yesterday.
- One, two - cut! - But the girls' advert doesn't work.
You're filming in a toilet, the song is Shake it Off - very unfortunate.
'The next best thing to Japanese food is the jeans they make.
' And you're comparing the jeans to sushi food.
It certainly doesn't say luxury product that empowers women to me.
Got nothing in my brain - "Got nothing in my brain!" - Oh, gosh! Shake, shake, shake.
Today, both teams will pitch their campaigns to a panel of industry experts.
- Hello! - Hi! - But first - Thank you so much.
- Thank you! - Have a lovely day.
a delivery of prototype packaging.
- Do-do-do! - It's like Christmas come early.
- I'm liking it.
- There's no doubt that there's jeans in that box.
- Really cool.
- THEY GASP - "Made in Japan.
" - That is well done.
THEY GASP Oh, wow! Fabulous and chunky, isn't it? So do we think that the packaging is luxury enough? - I think it is.
- I think that's really luxurious.
So obviously we've got the big pitch today.
I'm introducing us and I'm going to lead onto How are we going to coordinate between each other? Then you have to, sort of Day one, all I had as a project manager was people talking all over me.
I'm not having everyone chipping in.
- Jessica, just one thing.
- Yeah? Are you going to feel comfortable being calm? Calm is key here.
We cannot be flustered.
Oh, thank you for that.
I didn't realise that(!) Good.
JD on the branding.
Precision planning his team's pitch I think it's a really important part.
- .
- Establish the fact that the campaign is an integrated, multichannel, 360 campaign.
The key thing is benchmark for quality.
Teen-youth market, premium, with a high disposable income.
That should come in branding though, for sure.
- Are you clear on that? - Erm West London.
Headquarters of outdoor advertising heavyweights JCDecaux.
Casting an expert eye over replicas of both bus shelters.
' .
experts from the worlds of fashion and digital signage.
' 'Woo-ooo.
' - Clangers! - The Clangers! 'Doo-doo.
' First to pitchUnclaimed.
Watching on the rest of the girls.
How are you all? Thank you so much for inviting us here.
- Alex, it's a lovely building.
- Come on, Jessica.
We were given the task to do a marketing and advertising campaign for jeans.
What we decided to do was target women aged 18 to 35.
When we were creating the TV advert, we wanted to put across that the jeans were quality and also the fit was crucial.
So if we just play the video.
- Jessica, she pulled it off really good.
- She did.
Cos the players gonna play, play, play, play, play The next best thing to Japanese food is the jeans they make.
# I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake Shake it off.
Unclaimed is a beautiful brand that we've put together which we think encapsulates the feeling of owning your own look - and claiming that look - She's so calm, isn't she? - She's brilliant.
and adoring what you're wearing, no matter what you're wearing.
This packaging, it feels very solid.
It's actually quite easy to associate that with luxury because if you hold a beautiful big diamond in your hand, that's going to have some weight to it.
I'm just not sure it says luxury to me.
Really? - Your branding is targeting more of an older consumer.
- Oh, right.
I can't bear this.
- Then your TV advert - it's a little bit younger.
- Yeah.
Probably mixed messages there for me.
Thank you very much for hearing us today.
Thank you very much for taking the time.
- Would you like me to leave that with you to have a look at? - You can keep them.
- What? - "You can keep it.
" - That's a great indication.
Well done.
THEY EXHALE No, seriously, well done.
Next, D-Day for DAY Denim.
So good morning, everybody.
Day Denim really means Day After Yesterday really means the fact that It's We're talking about We're aiming for the teen market here.
So we really I'm really sorry, I've just completely fluffed it.
I'd really appreciate it if we don't mention that to him and just forget about it, OK? Today we're presenting a multichannel advertising campaign for the launch of a new denim brand.
I'll now hand you over to JD to explain a little bit more - about the brand.
- Thanks, Mukai.
Afternoon, guys.
When you're picking a name and It takes a bit of time.
It takes the creative juices to really get going, get people excited.
The names are flying around and after a couple of juicy conversations, we came up with Day.
We feel this is a good name.
"Yes, Day Jeans! Love them.
"I'm going to buy some.
" So Sorry if I'm going a bit quick.
'Oh, my God! Are you OK? - 'Did you tear your jeans? - They hardly ever tear.
- 'They're Day Jeans.
- Mine, too.
- Hey, a perfect fit.
- 'Always Japanese.
- Definitely cool!' We're up all night to get lucky.
Please explain to me your unisex idea.
We didn't see any reason why we couldn't have a denim that could be for a boy and a girl.
Obviously, different cuts, different designs.
That's not unisex.
- But that's not unisex.
- That's not unisex.
So if you're saying there's one product but a man or women could wear it, that's unisex.
- Thank you so much.
- Thanks, guys.
- All right? - Quality, man.
- How's it going? Everyone was unbelievable.
Makai from day one was like, "Oh, I'm this creative director.
"I'm going to do this, I'm going to do that.
" That's been his whole attitude the whole time.
'What's going through my head right now is that we're the losing team.
' Pitches over, there's nothing more the teams can do.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
For Lord Sugar, feedback from the experts.
- So let's start with the girls' team.
- We struggled with the name.
The focus was on "claim your fit" but it was called Unclaimed.
The packaging - I don't know there's a pair of jeans in there.
It's very bland.
Their advert was a younger message and the packaging was speaking to an older woman.
They could actually be two different brands.
So, now, the boys' team - DAY.
You know, they missed a great opportunity by not deploying the digital screen.
- They had a unisex message.
- Yeah.
The group didn't really understand.
It didn't work.
You can go to the boardroom now.
Good afternoon.
ALL: Good afternoon, Lord Sugar.
Well this is, traditionally, one of my favourite tasks.
I've been a marketing man for well over 50 years.
In simple terms, the commodity is jeans.
I asked you to come up with packaging, television advertising, bus shelter - that's the whole project.
OK? So, I'm going to start with the boys' team.
Mukai, you were the project manager.
Yes, Lord sugar.
I've worked in fashion as well as I've worked in marketing and communications, so - Right up your alley, then.
- Yep.
Right, OK.
Tell me What happened? We went with the name "Day Denim".
"Day" standing for "Day After Yesterday".
The day after yesterday, meaning today? Meaning today.
That sounds like a James Bond movie to me.
Tell me how you split your team up.
Because of our background, I felt that Dillon would make an excellent sub-team leader.
So, you had to do what? The logo Designed the logo type - And the copy.
- .
the strap line So, I had a chat with Claude.
What comes across here, Dillon, is that you are a person - of great detail and a perfectionist.
- Yeah.
Nothing wrong with that.
The only thing is, I think you forgot to look at your watch.
- Correct.
- Dillon is a great artist.
He sat there with the graphic designer and he started getting into his little artistic world, but he forgot about the people management, process management, what are the deadlines? All we were working on was the logo.
I don't think that's entirely fair.
- Delegation of work was very important.
- Karthik I really appreciated your input.
It was just that your delivery was very aggressive - and it was hard to fish out - I was getting so frustrated Karthik Karthik, you'll hear me say this many times - if you've got an expert, unless you've got some constructive input, then you shut up.
But, you see, the thing is, this time mismanagement may have cost you dearly in the sense that there's one element, your digital bus shelter, that didn't get completed.
We just had that logo in the centre of the screen.
Anybody want to tell me how that came about? We had no communication with the other team.
This is you, right, in your Leonardo DiCaprio role? I mean yeah.
You know, this is disappointing.
We did the photo shoot in 10-15 minutes and I had 20 minutes to create the bus shelter campaign.
HE SCOFFS What caused the delay? We were waiting for the model.
The sub-team hadn't communicated any of the information to myself or any of our team.
The problem was that you did make a call but you didn't listen to what they had to say.
You said, "Got to go now," and that was it.
Dillon, from what I can understand, you spent a lot of time in the casting to see whether the models were going to be any good in the role.
If we were remaking Ben Hur, perhaps we'd have the time to do it.
I will say that it was a massive learning curve for me and I gave it my all, and I was doing my best.
Look, somewhere down the line, someone has to be responsible for the timeline management.
Mukai, you're the team leader Yes, could I clarify that, on the second day, because of the lack of communication, I decided to move to manage that team? So, I was there for the video shoot, as well as the editing process.
- And you're directing that, yeah? - Yeah.
We can carry on discussion after I've had a look at this thing.
'Oh, my God.
Did you tear your jeans? 'They're Day jeans.
'I love Day After Yesterday jeans.
'Always Japanese.
'Definitely cool.
' We're up all night to get lucky "Always Japanese.
Definitely cool.
" HE SIGHS So And then you went off and done a pitch to the experts, is that right? Who led the pitch? I led the pitch as project manager.
How did that go? Unfortunately, it didn't go perfect.
So, my next question is, good team leader? Nope.
From my side, in my humble opinion.
It was a team issue.
The whole team wasn't functioning and, if the team's not functioning, we're not going to get the result we want.
That's just the basics.
Look let's talk to the the other team at the moment.
Rebecca, you're in marketing.
Did you put yourself forward? I did.
Jessica put herself forward and we asked the team to vote, and Jessica, kind of, just became project manager.
Jessica Well, talk to me.
Tell me what you're doing.
OK, so, we decided on the name of the company, didn't we? Which was Unclaimed.
Unclaimed? Unclaimed, yeah.
So, we decided, first of all, that our target market was going to be women and then we decided to do a luxury brand.
What kind of age-group? We assumed, sort of, the ideal customer would be about 25, or maybe a little bit - You night need to just slow down - Sorry.
- .
just a touch.
I'll just take a sip of water.
So, we went for the strapline, "claim your fit," to go with "Unclaimed" as a play on words You have to be careful, in a television advert, using Unclaimed, cos you might sound like an injury lawyer touting for some business.
Right, now, the photography took place on day one and I believe you left the jeans somewhere.
The jeans were left and we didn't realise until we were at the photography studio.
Well, on the way there.
Which makes the name Unclaimed like the lost property office.
So it was a comedy of errors.
I heard you were a little bit flustered.
I was very flustered.
It was horrific.
I have to point out, there was a loss of control from Jessica - throughout the day and we had to - THEY SPEAK OVER ONE ANOTHER - .
piece Jessica back together.
- OK.
Anything you say to Jessica, you would have to tread on eggshells because Excuse me.
Please let me intervene.
The reason why I got so tearful and upset, everyone was undermining me - Jessica, you're paranoid.
- Please let me finish.
- You're paranoid.
- OK, I'm paranoid.
- No-one was undermining you.
I didn't realise how big the task of day one was going to be and, yes, I did get flustered.
I think, at this point, we best look at the advert.
# Cos the players gonna play, play, play, play, play # And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate Baby, shake it off, shake it off 'The next best thing to Japanese food is the jeans they make.
' Interesting.
"Japanese" seems to have ranked quite high in your themes.
The boys You make a bit of a point about "Japanese" in your box.
Do you think that the end consumer gives a damn? "Oh, I'm going to buy a pair of jeans that, oh, "must be Japanese fabric.
" Did you all go off spending too much time talking about "Japanese" in your adverts? Lord Sugar, we hadn't thought that through enough.
Not only did you choose a Japanese restaurant, you chose the toilet of a Japanese restaurant.
I'm getting more and more disappointed, really.
I mean, I saw your bus shelter.
This thing, here.
What has this got to do with jeans? It's all to do with getting your ideal customer to interact with your brand.
But what has it got to do with jeans? I'm just coming along and I see this What is it?! Is it packets of crisps that you're trying to advertise there, a fizzy drink, or whatever? So, you know, you wait ages for a terrible bus shelter advert and then two come along at the same time.
This is the packaging.
A ã100 pair of jeans in this? The brand logo, Unclaimed - Pretty insipid, I think.
- Really? The boys' one is a bit more in-your-face, but, I mean, you know, this is HE SIGHS Normally, in this task, I make the decision as to which of those were the best Well, I'll tell you what I'm not putting my name to either of these advertising campaigns.
They're useless.
Both totally, absolutely useless.
I feel so angry that not one of you geniuses came through and ran this thing properly.
Never mind Mad Men, more like Demented Dimwits.
What annoys me is, I understand that there are some people who have not pulled their weight, just general hangers-on or deadwood, as I would call it.
For example, Oliver, you didn't open your mouth once.
Do you think you contributed, in any way or form, in this task? Lord Sugar, I wrote down a number of questions, which we carried out on the market research the first day.
HE SIGHS And, Natalie, what do you think you did? Basically, I done the model's hair.
Like, cleaned up and Cleaning and hairdressing? Not skills Lord Sugar's looking for, Natalie.
- And - OK.
- .
I gave my input - End it there.
There's no winner here.
Right? It's never happened before on this particular task.
Get out of there and have a chat amongst yourselves about this because, when you come back, I'm going to invite the two project managers to choose two people to bring back into the boardroom.
I mean, second week, my favourite task I I'm just lost for words, really.
The truth of the matter is, it was a cock-up.
I tried to manage, the best I could, a really bad situation that we were in.
You ignored what other people were trying to say.
- Did we get the market research done? - Let me finish.
Let me finish.
He's useless.
You're not a good PM.
And if anybody else goes but Mukai today, that's a travesty.
You was being dismissive when we were sitting there making decisions.
I have to take some of the responsibility, as PM.
However, I feel Karthik has been a disruption throughout.
He's actually had a net negative effect on the task.
There are two kinds of people in this world - spectators and players.
If you're a player, you'll roll up your sleeves and get in there.
Yes, you will step on people's toes and you'll be labelled a disruptor.
I saw people not pulling their weight and that's what leads to frustration, because it feels like I'm pushing custard up a hill.
THEY SHOUT OVER EACH OTHER Right, the reason we failed the task is because all of us, as a group - not just me, not just you, not just anyone You two were marketing, - you were in marketing.
- Yes, exactly, and who listened to me? Nobody.
I've got a luxurious women's fashion brand.
- So why weren't you leading us? - Excuse me, I was leading you but you said, "Let me put you in charge of the branding.
" - You were shouting at us.
- Oh, God, shut up.
I have never experienced anything like that in business.
- Did day one go swimmingly for you? - Yes.
Day one didn't go swimmingly for me.
If Jessica had led with her strengths rather than whirlwinding and emotion, then we might have understood what she wanted.
Why have we failed on the marketing? Because you didn't listen.
I got that bloody flustered on day one cos I had you two yipping at my ear nonstop.
I think there's a lot of people, in this process, that are too busy trying to get heard.
If you're building a business, you need team players.
They are not people I'd want working for me at all.
You said you worked well with me on day one.
Because I didn't want to bring your confidence down for day two.
She's an utter nightmare to work with.
You, actually You're too good at patronising people, honestly.
This is the first I've heard from you because you've been so quiet.
There you go again, patronising people.
That's bullshit.
Bullshit, darling.
What the hell is going on? We're meant to be grown-up women, we're acting like little schoolgirls! Well, I I'm bitterly disappointed about the outcome of this task, to be quite frank.
Have you thought about which two people you're bringing back into this boardroom? - Yes, Lord Sugar.
- Who are they? I would like to bring in Karthik, cos he is such a disruption to the party.
On the other side, I'm sorry to say, JD, although he's a very nice fellow, I thought that the branding points that we needed to express, actually none of them were covered during the presentation.
What about your team? Have you thought it through? Erm, I'd like to bring Alana back into the process.
The only contribution she made was, she kept coming up with problems to solutions.
I think I'd like to bring in Natalie, just because she wasn't heard enough.
- There's more she could have done where she was.
- OK.
HE SIGHS That leaves 11 of you.
You'd better up your game on the next task.
Honestly, you have got to up your game, cos I am terribly, terribly disappointed with what I've seen today.
OK? Go back to the house.
ALL: Thank you, Lord Sugar.
Right, I'm going to start over here.
Could you give me an explanation as to what JD's doing here? Before the presentation, we had discussed branding points that we needed to, kind of, communicate.
Unfortunately, none of those points - were actually communicated during the presentation.
- JD? The presentation didn't get off to a great start, cos Mukai was stumbling like a bit of a fool, so when I stepped in, I thought I'd keep it lively and try and cheer them up a bit.
I may have missed out some points, but there was a lot of information I was given compared to everyone else, and I felt that I pulled my weight.
I helped Dillon.
I asked you to do the strapline because the deadlines - were mounting up.
- I'm talking at the moment.
You can have your moment, I know you want it.
But the simple thing was, I'm not the project manager, I'm not the sub-team leader.
I'm trying to help them as a member of their team.
- Do you think you did, then, do you? - I think I did.
I took up the project, the pseudo-project manager, - if you like, for that particular sub-team.
- Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? You were a massive disruption.
- I turned to him and I said - You were a massive disruption.
I'll come to disruption in a moment, I've got an answer for that as well.
So he didn't want to take up the work on his own.
There's no single piece of work that he'd take up on his own.
Who came up with the strapline? I came up with the strapline.
This guy is absolutely fabulous in coming up with ten minutes of - rubbish every half an hour.
- So why did you bring him back in? Karthik, unfortunately, everybody has found him incredibly disruptive.
Not everybody, you're wrong.
- A lot of the team found him disruptive.
- Gang up on me now, huh? You stopped me from doing it.
- In terms of the altercation - Can you please let him speak? - Sorry, sir.
- Just give me the bullet points, why you brought him back in.
In total, he has been a constant disruption.
I would have, in hindsight, not have him in my team if I could make that decision.
Ten seconds, Lord Sugar.
Just ten seconds.
Mukai's a good fashionista, he's a good employee, - but he's not a good employer.
- You're not very subtle, are you? I mean, it's like you're trying to play a piano with boxing gloves on at the moment.
You're all over the place, really.
He's saying that you are responsible for the failure because other people couldn't get on with their job.
But, Lord Sugar, it's hard to work for him because he cuts you off, - and this was a complaint - Just to let you know, it was my design, it was my music.
I was asked to shut up when you were speaking, now please let me complete as well.
- So you're blaming him for the failure of the task? - Yes.
You were blaming him a while ago.
I think the fault lies in both these people.
One person, in my opinion - Not you? - If I was not there, yes, the disruptor would not have been there, but how would deadlines have been met on the branding day? I'm going to come back to you in a minute.
Erm, Jessica Yes, Lord Sugar? - Basically, you cracked up on the first day.
- Oh, massively, yeah.
Yeah, and Rebecca should have been the project manager - 100%.
- .
in the end.
On day one, when I lost my head, honestly, that's not me.
On day two, I pulled it back together and I came back fighting, but day one, all the important decisions were already signed off, but I did, unfortunately, I had a couple of the stronger characters undermining me and flapping me and I'm flapping now, but Oh, sorry, I've lost my train of thought.
Can you explain to me the reasons as to why you brought these two ladies back in? Alana was nothing but disruptive, she didn't listen.
When I made a decision, she'd undermine me and then, if we didn't go with her decision, she'd sit there with a face on.
It brought the whole team down, it just wasn't a great atmosphere.
The reason I brought Natalie back in, she could have done more, but she was just getting on with the jobs, the small jobs that were there.
Can I explain what happened? Because you probably think I'm a real quiet character, but I'm actually not.
So what did you do in the team, then? Where was your creativity? OK, so when we did the photo shoot, Jessica was really upset.
I was upset, Alana, though, because all you'd done I know why, we had a personality clash, - that is why you were upset.
- It wasn't a personality clash.
- Yes, it was.
- It was everything I said, you went against.
- If we didn't go for your idea, there was an argument.
- No, it wasn't.
I don't know anything about marketing, it wasn't Calm down and tell me what you contributed to this task.
I was in a grump because I was stressed and I'm really sorry.
- To be fair - Let me just say what I did, please.
- OK, go on.
So the two posters were my design.
Right, Natalie.
You say in your CV that you are creative.
Where were you creative in this particular exercise? Er, Lord Sugar, I done the best I can, like On day one, I was working with Rebecca, designing the design.
Rebecca took control of that, because that's what her strong point was.
- But you didn't offer any alternative ideas, did you? - I tried, I did say.
- Well, I was there - I just didn't I says - Natalie I says cleaning and hairdressing THEY TALK OVER EACH OTHER Alana, you've had your say, darling.
Your reason was she didn't do a lot and now you're defending her, because you're trying to gang up on me because you don't like me.
One at a time, please.
I did my best and I certainly just didn't clean and do hairdressing.
If you weren't there, what would have been missing from the ad campaign? I gave my input, I done the best I can.
I wasn't listened to, so maybe if they listened, then it would have been done better.
- Jessica, why shouldn't I fire you? - Because I've got two businesses.
I've got a business model that works, the most energy.
I'm used to working 16, 17, 18-hour days.
The only reason why I'm here is because I want you as a business partner.
- Well, so does everyone else.
- I know, but I want it more! Hmm - Erm, Karthik - Yes, Lord Sugar.
you are a loose cannon.
Lord Sugar, I am a quick learner.
I am a project manager and in the next task, if you let me stay, then I will take up the project management mantle, because You don't even know what it is.
But if I was the sub-team leader, just imagine, Dillon would have been free to go and make the best logo he could.
This is what happened to Dillon, he got flustered.
If I was the sub-team leader I should think so, with someone like you hammering away at him! Yes, Lord Sugar, but just imagine Trying to calm you down is like trying to baptise a cat.
I've learnt from that.
Alana, my two colleagues here, they don't see you, they don't get you.
I really I really do feel I don't feel like I'm in the background.
I don't understand why I'm coming across like I am.
You're not doing very well at the moment convincing me as to why you should stay in the process, really.
- Natalie - I will not let you down.
I've got more to bring to the table.
I obviously was just getting settled in.
I feel on day two, Jessica, I worked hard.
You didn't even need to ask me to do stuff.
I'd done it, Lord Sugar.
I do 100 hours a week.
I do it with passion.
- Are you ready to talk to me? - Yes.
Erm, so I .
I think I can, erm I'm This is so embarrassing, I genuinely I will not fold like a deck of cards.
I'll give you 100%, Lord Sugar.
I don't want to hear any more.
Jessica .
you shouldn't have been the project manager.
And Alana, I see you struggling there.
The one that I'm finding very difficult to come to grips with is you, Natalie, someone who, from what I've understood from the last two tasks, has actually not done much.
JD, do you know what? I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt, OK? - You're staying in the process.
- Thank you, Lord Sugar.
But you, Mukai I think there's some fatal errors that you made in this task, to be perfectly frank with you.
- I've got to say, Karthik, that you are a loose cannon - Lord Sugar - No, no, keep quiet.
- OK.
- .
and I can't put up with loose cannons.
This was just the one task - Yeah, I said I can't put up with loose cannons - I'm sorry.
and for that reason, I'm struggling.
Erm But, for a potential business partner of mine, Natalie, you've been a bit quiet.
You've not been pushing yourself forward.
It is regretful, it is only the second week, but, Natalie, you're fired.
Thanks, Lord Sugar.
Alana, you are struggling.
You are struggling.
I know the tension and pressure that exists in this room and I'm sympathising with it a little.
Karthik .
I can't put up with what I heard from Claude.
- Second week, you said you can learn.
- Yes, Lord Sugar.
Just go back to the house now, OK? ALL: Thank you, Lord Sugar.
It's the name of the game, isn't it? People sink you, obviously, to win, but I'm not that kind of person.
I'm, like, I'm real.
It's been a pleasure meeting Lord Sugar, but not getting his investment is not going to affect me.
It's really hard.
I certainly learned a lot and I think, in a way, I'm happy it happened to me now.
I just feel that it's not how hard you hit, it's how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.
JD, you're awfully quiet.
It's been a long day and there's a lot of people - talking a lot of nonsense.
- You're right.
Now, 16 candidates remain.
Lord Sugar's search for his next business partner continues.
Next time I want you to manufacture and sell your own range of sweets.
creating candy - Keep going, keep going! - Guys, please just listen to me.
- I'm worried about this.
- .
for mouthwatering profit.
Come and get your candy! I stood back and just watched what was going on.
- Standing back and watching isn't the answer.
- No, no, no But in the boardroom Can you hack this process? .
a Sugar overload.
Your best hope for 250 grand is to buy yourself a scratchcard.
You're fired.