The Arrangement (2017) s02e03 Episode Script

The Sessions

1 Previously on "The Arrangement" This is your lead actor.
This is your star.
I thought it was more important to focus on directing, and let Megan carry the film.
And you you honestly think she can do that? Oh, Megan's gonna blow everybody away.
I said don't look at me! If you stay, we're talking about a full-blown affair.
Please welcome the incredible Xavier Hughes! That's my boyfriend.
Have you ever acted before? [SOLEMN MUSIC] I need you, 'cause I'm gonna burn the whole thing down.
- It's not just stress.
- Are you okay? My stomach.
Something else is going on, and I think you and I should work together until we figure out what it is.
[BRIGHT AMBIENT MUSIC] So describe how that felt.
It was strange.
It was, uh, strange.
It was also kinda cool.
You didn't feel self-conscious? No.
Not really.
It was a relief.
A relief? Explore that.
Not caring what other people think.
Working in this industry, it puts these standards, this enormous pressure on people, on on women to Megan, don't externalize blame.
It's an escape from self-reflection.
Talk about you.
What do you feel? [SOLEMN MUSIC] Sometimes, I Sometimes, I find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning.
I just lie there, waiting to be judged, picked apart by a world that doesn't know me, and and that's overwhelming.
Any stomach pains lately? No.
No, not since You were diagnosed with extreme stress.
Do you feel you've conquered that? No.
But today helped.
Okay, let's stop here.
There's a table read coming up.
I have to focus.
Our next session's in a couple of days.
I'll talk to Zach about the schedule Don't.
I'll talk to Zach.
I'd like to accelerate things.
- Accelerate? - Yeah, our work together.
You have to stop bullshitting me.
T-Terence, I'm I'm not Yes, you are.
You're deflecting.
There's something else at the core of your stress, somewhere you don't wanna go.
But if you want my help and you wanna get better, then we have to go there.
And we will.
Time to dig deep.
Thank you to everyone who came out today for the start of an amazing adventure called "Technicolor Highway.
" Whoo! [APPLAUSE] I cannot wait to start shooting this thing in three days.
It's all I can think about; it's all I can talk about.
This one knows: our leading lady and my soon-to-be wife.
Thank you so much for putting up with me.
You're very welcome.
[APPLAUSE] And a big thank you to DeAnn, our fearless producer, who has kept this train on its tracks.
- Not an easy gig, I know.
- [APPLAUSE] [MOUTHS WORDS] So let's dig into this thing, shall we? Exterior: night, deserted country road.
That's not fair.
You can't Can't what? Leave? I don't owe you a damn thing.
You're in this with me now.
- We're in this, and I need you - Need? You don't need anyone.
I don't even know you.
Everything you've told me is a lie, so don't try and pretend you give a shit about me! Like you need me.
What do you want me to say? Something real? Anything.
I don't know what real is anymore.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] It was just a table read.
She's gonna be incredible on the day.
Yes, she will, because her director will get her there if she isn't.
Now, what about our other problem? Xavier? Three days.
I'll work with him.
- I'll get him down to earth.
- 'Kay.
How 'bout we set something up later today? Oh, great.
Look, we've been over this a dozen times.
I'm getting sick and tired [SOFT, INQUISITIVE MUSIC] I don't care.
If I have to get someone else on this case, I will.
Do you understand me? Well, put more officers on it, canvass the city.
Do something.
Listen to me, Dave, this guy put a goddamn gun to my head, and when he goes on a rampage, I'll make sure the press knows exactly why.
- Hey.
- Shaun, hi.
- Is everything okay? - Yeah, fine.
Terence? Hey, how was Megan today? I thought she was fine.
She was focused.
Uh you know, a little cold, but you'll get her there.
No, no, I mean your work with her.
Oh, come on, Kyle, you know that's private.
Just don't rattle her.
You know, we're three days out.
I need my lead actor on point.
You want her to get better, right? - Yeah.
- All right.
Focus on prep.
I'll worry about Megan, okay? No, sorry.
What if you asked him to take you back to the Facility? Maybe next time I'll never get to see what you saw, Megan.
They won't let me.
And, besides, I think I need to tap the brakes a little with James.
I don't want Terence to get suspicious.
Welcome to my life.
And I can't keep faking my way through these sessions.
Terence is too sharp.
Maybe not as much as you think.
What do you mean? I saw him on the phone just now.
He was pacing, upset.
He seemed distracted, like, not like himself.
I'm telling you, Megan, something is going on with him.
What's the most dangerous thing you've ever done? I hitchhiked from Hoboken to Virginia Beach.
What's your greatest fear? Maximum security prison.
Thoughts? I'm being glib, defensive.
I see fear, someone hiding real pain, a pain you're still hiding.
No, that's I'm not.
I worked through all that.
We worked through that together at the Facility.
Megan I worked through what I did to my brother.
I learned to cope with my anger, my choice to go back.
Megan, our work at the Facility isn't a cure, it's a process, and it doesn't stop the second you leave.
Something is Is still triggering you, and it's manifesting itself in physical pain.
I told you, the stomach pains are gone, and I don't I don't believe you.
Do you wanna get better? Then you have to start being honest with me.
Let's go back to your greatest fear.
Maximum security prison, that was bullshit, wasn't it? - The question is bullshit.
- Really? How so? It's not about the answer.
It it's about how you act.
It it's about how you react when Ow.
[GROANING] Megan, you okay? [SIGHS] I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Okay, just breathe.
- Center yourself - [INHALES, EXHALES] Let it pass through you.
Megan, the imperatives are only bullshit if you want them to be, but if you're open to exposing your deepest self, those answers can be incredibly potent and revealing.
So tell me again, what is your greatest fear? Can we just take a break, please? Don't think.
Just speak.
Say it.
[SIGHS] Your biggest fear, what is it? You.
You control every aspect of my life: IHM, the contract Kyle.
I live in this constant fear of disappointing you, letting you down, and And watching it all just Watching it all go away.
And on top of that, I have no idea who you really are.
So when I'm in the same room as you, I find it hard to breathe, let alone open up to you.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] [INHALES SLOWLY, SIGHS] Okay Let's go confront your fear.
The fries here are really good.
Fries? Okay, noted.
[LIGHT MUSIC PLAYING] So how is this all gonna work? Work? I I ask you questions, and you tell me stuff.
Well, that's up to you.
This is your opportunity to get to know me, - so ask me anything you want.
- Okay.
What is your greatest fear? - Snakes.
- Snakes? - Seriously? - Yeah, snakes.
What, are you Indiana Jones? - Maybe.
- No.
- You're deflecting.
- [CHUCKLES] And it's not gonna work.
Don't bullshit me.
What is your greatest fear? [TENSE MUSIC] - Don't look at me! - I'm not looking at you! - I said, don't look at me! - [GUN CLICKS] - [GRUNTS] - Terence? You okay? Yeah.
So you two ready to order? Uh, yeah, I'll have the burger, no lettuce, please.
Club sandwich, side of fries.
You took my recommendation.
You seemed pretty confident.
I love fries.
It was my favorite food as a little kid, and there's a tidbit.
You as a child, somehow I I find that hard to imagine.
It seems impossible.
I used to eat them with butter.
Fries? Ew.
Eh, my mom agreed with you.
She, uh she forbade it.
But I'd do it anyway.
Had issues with authority.
[CHUCKLES] Sound familiar? Somehow, she always knew when I was sneaky, though.
She'd find me in the pantry with my fries and my butter, and she'd grab me by the ear and drag me down the hall, screaming into the kitchen, and she'd sit me down, put a stick of butter in front of me And make you eat it? The whole stick of butter? A couple times.
I'm sorry.
Is that story supposed to make me less scared of you? [CHUCKLING] And so I ran, dropped the gun, and moved, like something possessed me someone.
And I knew I'd never be that person again, that little kid that ate peas one at a time [EXHALES SHARPLY] And so I ran, dropped the Shit! [BREATHES HEAVILY] Xavier, breathe.
It's okay, all right? Feel it, don't force it.
I'm trying.
The words, it's it's like they're dying in my mouth.
[CLEARS THROAT] Put the script down.
- What? - Script, drop it.
Come over here.
[CLEARS THROAT] What, we about to do trust falls? - [LAUGHS] - Ha, ha.
No, here.
Take a seat.
All right, buddy, let's talk about you.
Forget the fact that you're about to star in an amazing motion picture, directed by a one-of-a-kind true artistic force [CHUCKLES] You're prepping for a big show: concert, thousands of people.
How do you get yourself ready? I get angry.
Angry? Rage it fires me up.
It's the reason why I'm here.
It's the source of all my ambition, my music, my art.
If I'm being honest Please, by all means.
I was bullied as a kid.
Group of older kids used to jump me on my way home from school.
And I couldn't tell anybody, 'cause then I'd be a pussy, so I had to internalize it [SOLEMN MUSIC] Push that shit deep down.
And now it burns inside me.
Hey, is something wrong? Hm? No.
No, uh, but your music, it's It's so sensitive.
I've never felt any of that rage.
I don't let it out.
I keep it just below the surface.
- And what if it comes out? - It won't.
I'm in charge of it, and it makes me feel confident.
That's a dangerous game.
[CHUCKLES] I like a little danger.
[BOTH CHUCKLE] All right, pick up your script; let's go again.
Remember, feel that anger, don't play it.
You got me? Yeah.
[EXHALES SLOWLY] [RELAXING INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC] Well? That might just be the most revolting thing - I've ever put in my mouth.
- [CHUCKLES] - There's a joke there.
- Mm resist the urge.
So You and your mom Me and my mom? Go ahead.
You still talk to her? No, not really.
She's dead, so - Sorry.
- No, don't be.
Last time I spoke to her in in person, I was 19.
I told her I wanted to be an actor, and she did not support that.
Yeah, Kyle told me that you used to act.
- Always blows my mind.
- [CHUCKLES] Why is that? I don't know, you're not the most emotive person I've ever met.
Well, maybe that's why I'm not Kyle West.
Does that bother you, not being Kyle West? No, it doesn't.
Oh, come on, you must be a little jealous.
Why would you say that? Being in the shadows your whole life, that can't always be easy.
No, I I embrace that.
Guiding people, helping them fulfill their true potential, that's my talent.
But once they reach that potential, they get all the glory.
Well it does take confidence to stand next to someone like Kyle.
The heat around him can get a little overwhelming, but you certainly get that.
I'm getting married to it - the heat.
- [CHUCKLES] - Wedding of the century.
- Yeah.
It's all been worth it, though, existing in Kyle's orbit, watching his his journey, his rise.
It's one of the great joys of my life.
You really love him, don't you? Yeah, I do very much.
He's he's like a son to me.
All right, you're not that old.
[CHUCKLES] You and DeAnn ever thought about having one? A child? - Came up early on.
- And? We, uh we we both agreed it didn't really fit for us.
You disapprove? Mm.
We all have a choice to make.
We all aren't meant to be parents.
What about your own dad? - What about him? - Were you two close? He died also, when I was six.
You seem to be fixated on my childhood.
Why do you think that is? We're talking about you, remember? Fine.
I don't know, maybe Maybe me pretending there's a little boy sitting across from me makes you less terrifying.
Okay, whatever helps.
It does 'cause you're just a person, scared as the rest of us.
[TENSE MUSIC] Yes, that's true, but my fear, Megan, I've worked very hard to control it, to harness it.
- Have you, though? - I have.
- I don't think so.
- Why is that? 'Cause you never answered my question.
- Which? - Your greatest fear.
- Yes, I did.
- No, you didn't.
And when I pressed you, I saw it; you got lost.
Like a little boy, you looked terrified.
What are you afraid of, Terence? - We should get the check.
- No, no, no, no, say it.
- Let go; be yourself.
- I am being myself.
No, you're being who you think I need you to be, which is very generous, but stop.
Take a rest.
Tell me.
Greatest fear.
Do I have your word you won't tell anyone else? Of course.
- Not even Kyle? - No, not even Kyle.
Last week, someone tried to kill me.
What? Terence A man approached me in a parking lot, he forced me down to the ground, he pressed a gun against my head, and he pulled the trigger.
And in that moment, I thought I was gonna die.
I was sure of it.
Have the police No, they They can't find him.
They probably never will.
And there's nothing There's nothing I can do about it.
And that feeling that feeling of powerlessness It's How your mother made you feel.
Every day.
And he hasn't talked to anyone else? - No - [SIGHS] I think he's embarrassed.
If there's one takeaway from last night, it's that Terence does not like to be vulnerable.
But he was to me.
I'm taking him out for drinks tomorrow night.
He's exposed and I need to take advantage.
- Megan - What? - The guy is traumatized.
- Wh what? - PTSD.
Maybe you shouldn't - Wh the guy? - This is Terence.
- [SIGHS SOFTLY] Okay, fine.
No one should go through something like that.
It's awful.
But this is not a good man.
I know that.
No, I know.
It's Just be careful.
I will.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] Xavier, we love your music! Sorry.
DeAnn's idea.
Hey, it's cool.
We totally understand.
Anyway physical stuff, daunting, for sure.
The emotional shit, though? I can't freakin' wait.
I'm loving this newfound confidence.
Well, thank my director over there.
He's been working with me around the clock, helping me dig into my performance, turning me into an actor.
Oh, come on, man, you were born for this.
We're just bringing it out of you.
It's been really exciting, though, you know? Working these big emotional scenes and finding the personal.
It's been super helpful.
You should join us.
Uh, yeah, that would be fantastic.
Oh, I I don't wanna break up a good thing.
What, this whole sausage-fest going on? Wow, where did that come from? [LIGHT LAUGHTER] [UPBEAT POP MUSIC] Big scene.
First up Monday: Hospital; Clyde says good-bye to her sister.
I'm well aware.
I've been prepping the hell out of that one.
You know, maybe you could draw from the stuff, uh, with your mother.
Yeah Kyle.
That's a good idea.
So then, suddenly, he's up, and he's pacing literally all over the room, and I look over at Kyle, and he looks so helpless.
[LAUGHS] I wanted to laugh, because it was [SMOOTH INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING] Okay, I guess you really had to be there.
I have to go back to Napa.
I thought you were planning on staying through the month.
One of our major buyers pulled out last night, so it's a bit of a all-hands-on-deck situation.
So when you're done with all that, you can fly right back, though, right? - It's not like slapping a Band - Aid on a cut.
I'm needed there.
I'm sorry.
I guess I'm just not ready for you to leave yet.
Hey This has been amazing, you, me existing in this This bubble, this very fun and sexy bubble.
Please don't do that.
Don't diminish this, us.
I'm not.
Babe, I'm telling you I have to go.
I've been here for months, and my My business is suffering.
Or you just got scared.
Okay If you're gonna take this personally and lash out Mason, of course it's personal.
This is what you do; this is what you've always done.
We are closer than we've been in decades, - so you run.
- I never ran.
- You made a choice back then.
- I made a choice? N no, you pushed me away.
You wanted Terence, this career, this life, so stop it with the revisionist history crap.
I have a life.
I built one.
My business, it matters to me.
I wish I could stay, but I can't.
Guess I didn't realize that topic was so off-limits.
My dead mom? Yeah, not my favorite topic for happy hour.
Okay, point made.
I'm sorry.
Can we please drop it? It just seemed a little hostile, the way you brought it up.
Well, that's not what I meant.
Or, I don't know, like you were testing me or something.
We are two days out, Megan.
I just wanna make sure that you're ready.
Meaning you don't think I will be.
You seem distracted, okay? [SOFT PIANO MUSIC] [SIGHS] Not that I blame you.
We're planning a wedding, you're about to star in a movie, and on top of all that, you're with Terence half the time, - trying to explore your psyche.
- Terence? I collapsed in public, Kyle, and he's helping me to figure Yeah, I know, and I'm glad that he is, but a lot's riding on your performance.
You're afraid I'm gonna suck.
[SIGHS] That's not what I said.
You implied it.
I wanted to rehearse with you weeks ago, but you didn't think it was necessary.
Yeah, that was before you barely performed at the table read.
The table read? Wh [SCOFFS] I was Flat, emotionless.
I was taking notes, finding moments.
I didn't think it was a live show.
Come on, Megan, don't be so naive.
You have never carried a film before, all right? There's a lot on the line.
I am well aware of the stakes, but thank you so much for reminding me over and over again.
Don't you trust me? It's kinda hard when you shut me out.
Stop putting this on me.
We both know what this is about.
- You're scared.
- [SCOFFS] Okay.
You're scared shitless that you're gonna mess this up.
Hey, Megan, I am trying to help you here.
No, no, you are projecting your fear onto me.
And I hate to break this to you, but I am gonna be ready in two days, prepared.
I am working on my shit with Terence, so why don't you back the hell off and go deal with yours? [TENSE MUSIC] [GASPS] Good morning.
You still mad? I'm fine.
Just, busy day.
Look we don't have to do the whole apology thing.
We both said things last night that we didn't mean.
Stressful time, right? Yeah.
I do trust you.
[SOFT AMBIENT MUSIC] You know that, right? Yeah.
I'll see you later.
- [KNOCK ON DOOR, DOOR OPENS] - Hey, Terence.
- Sorry to bother you.
- Not at all.
Come in.
So I have some good news and some bad news.
Which do you want first? Oh, come on, you're better than that question.
Well we closed the deal with Scholastic Associates.
Good, finally.
However, the campus you scouted for the First Life Initiative, we've hit a bit of a snag.
A local environmental group filed a complaint to block the sale.
It's bullshit, and we'll fight it.
But these kinds of things can get trapped in lower courts for a long time years.
We're trying to do something here, help children explore, nurture their better selves.
Why can't people see that? [SIGHS] I see it.
[SOFT INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC] I spent years [CHUCKLES] My entire career up until now, feeling like what I was doing had no purpose, but now, working with you, I feel like I have this focus.
And I saw what you do up at the Facility, how you help people.
And now with First Life, I just I know I believe in this, what we're doing.
I'm not giving up.
I might have someone who can help us.
He's off the books, not IHM, but he's someone I outsource certain problems to.
[CHUCKLES] We're not waiting years.
[FOREBODING MUSIC] Hey, cut yourself a break.
If Nasim and I made a movie together [CHUCKLES] it would not be pretty.
[CHUCKLES] Why's that? Land mines everywhere.
[CHUCKLES] Land mines No, I can't step on any land mines.
This movie is too important.
[UPBEAT POP MUSIC PLAYING] You know what you said earlier about rage? I get that.
I really get it.
Kyle West has rage issues? [SCOFFS] Come on.
Wh what do you have to be angry about, huh? Kyle freakin' West? Holy shit.
I love you You're so badass! - Thanks, man.
- No doubt, no doubt.
Dude, can we hang? Uh, sorry, we're having a private conversation, but thank you for the kind words.
- I appreciate it.
- Oh, come on, come on.
A drink, a selfie, a little shot.
What's a little something, something? - Not today, boys.
- Kyle, come on.
Get me in your next film? Ah, all right, never mind, never mind.
Let's go.
What do you say? One more pitcher? Eh, not today.
Big day tomorrow.
You need to unwind.
You scared me a little just now.
I'm sorry for how I acted the other night.
I don't wanna go back to once a year.
I can't.
I need more.
So I'm gonna clear my weekend, and I'm gonna come up to Napa, and we'll figure this out okay? I'm in all night.
Call me back.
[PHONE BEEPS] [LIVELY MUSIC] To your recovery.
To both our recoveries.
[GLASSES CLINK] How's that going, your recovery? Fine.
You don't have to worry about me.
Someone has to.
I can worry about myself.
That sounds lonely.
It's better that way.
It's easier to Easier to what? To protect the people that need me, the ones I make sacrifices for.
I've gotta be strong for them.
Not tonight.
Lourdes, two more.
You said that tot he director? On your first film? First feature-length.
I did a couple student shorts, but, you know, pretentious black-and-white bullshit.
Man, you have balls.
"We can't move on until we have it.
Do you think we have it?" [BOTH LAUGH] Ky-le! I mean [CACKLES] I mean Kyle.
- Mr.
West! - [SNORTS] Mr.
West-Kyle-West-Kyle-West-Kyle-West! Kyle West, you so pretty.
Like, what the hell? Oh, Kyle Kyle, can you autograph my napkin, please? Kyle West, sir? With your dick? [LAUGHTER] That's a good one, man.
You are clever! Xavier, hey, it's not worth it.
- What'd you say to me? - Hey, take it easy, man.
- You heard me.
- Xavier, hey, take it easy.
No, I didn't hear you, see, 'cause the the sound quality in this place is shit.
Okay, here you go: You are clever.
Now sit down in that chair, asshole.
Oh, I'm the asshole? You're dead, little pussy.
- Hit me.
- Jesus, Xavier.
[GRUNTING] [BILLIARD BALLS RATTLE] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What do you think you're doing, you jackass? Xavier, you okay? - Yeah.
- Let go! Come on, let's get out of here.
Ha-ha, stop lying.
It's regressive.
[LAUGHS] [SLOW, SMOOTH INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC] [WOMAN SINGING IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE] What you said before about not wanting to compromise anyone else, what did you mean? Nothing in particular.
It didn't feel that way.
Just certain things I've done, choices that I have to live with.
- That you regret? - Oh, we all have regret.
You said that yourself back at the Facility.
Yes, I did, and that's why I opened up about my regrets.
And in doing that, exploring what I had done, talking, it freed me.
Then why are we here? - Because, you needed to - No, no, we're here because you collapsed at a public event.
How's that free? Okay, but your choices Why are you so interested in me? I'm just trying to help you.
I thought I was your greatest fear.
Remind me why that is again.
- Because you - Because I'm an enigma, right? 'Cause I control every aspect of your life.
But I'm starting to think that's just a projection, isn't it? Your fear of me.
I'm just a stand-in.
I'm just a stand-in for the true enigma in your life: the person who abandoned you when you were a baby, left you and your mother, because he wanted nothing to do with you.
Wait, what are you Are you talking about my father? That's not why he left.
No? No.
Then why did he? You don't know, do you? [SOFTLY] You don't know.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] My father abandoned me too.
He dropped dead of a heart attack when he was 40, and I hated him.
I hated him for leaving me with that woman who controlled me, and that experience, that hate, it dictated every choice I made from that moment on.
It defined me.
It's who I am.
And I think your father leaving has defined you.
It's who you are, or at least who you think you are.
You are a person that other people leave, isn't that right? [BREATHES HEAVILY] I need to get some air.
Your mother abandoned you too, didn't she? And after she died, what's the first thing you did? I can't I can't talk I can't You traveled across the world to confront the step-brother who abused you, and then also left you.
And what kind of a person agrees to a contract marriage? Enough! A person who needs it, who feels worthless, who hates herself.
Megan, you're so angry, and you've been running away from that anger your entire life, but it's catching up to you, and if you don't turn around and confront it and take control of it, it will keep eating you up from the inside.
Trust me I know, Megan because you and I are the same.
- Yeah, I'm good.
- Huh? Man, I'm good! [GROANS] [PEOPLE CHATTERING] - Everybody back up now! - I know, we never should've been in that bar in the first place.
Enough! [CHUCKLES] What, that's it? Where's my lecture? [SIGHS] Not in the mood.
[SOFT INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC] [GASPS] Ta-da! [LAUGHS] Oh, my God, you didn't have to I wanted to.
This is a big deal.
- Thank you.
- Congrats on your first day.
[GIGGLES] Uh, could you, uh, hold these? Yeah, I'll I'll just be a second.
So how'd it go last night? What happened? You okay? I'm fine.
I'm just I'm regretting the whole thing.
I I stayed out really late, and now I feel off.
- And - Megan Big day.
- You ready? - I am.
By the way, our little problem's been taken care of.
That's a relief.
What problem? What is he talking about? Nothing important.
- I gotta get to work.
- Okay.
- You are gonna be great.
- Thank you.
[GIGGLES] - All right, bye.
- Bye.
Okay, picture's up! Final touches.
You heard her.
That's 3 1/2.
It's good.
Quiet on the set! Hey.
'Kay, um [INDISTINCT] - Does it look okay? - Mm-hmm.
- Thanks.
- Where's that mic I want? Thank you.
You all good? Good.
Let's put this up.
- Here you go.
- Second team, stand by! - Ready to go, guys! - [EXHALES SLOWLY] Hey.
[SOFT AMBIENT MUSIC] - Bell up! - [BELL RINGS] And roll sound.
87, take one.
A and B calling mark.
- [SOFTLY] Hey, okay - [CLEARS THROAT] Is this am I in the right frame? Okay.
You're great right there, Megan.
All right.
And action! I'm here.
It's me, Clyde.
Randi, I know I I haven't called in a long time, and that's on me.
That's something that I'll I'll have to carry with me.
I'll always I'm sorry, can we roll back? Uh, do you wanna cut or No.
Back to one.
All right.
And action! I'm here.
It's me, Clyde.
Randi, I know we haven't spoken in a long time, and that's on me.
That's something I'll always carry with me.
I'll always carry it with me.
[SOMBERLY] I missed We missed so many years, and I wish I could get that back, that time.
But we both know that That isn't We can't.
- And cut! - [BELL RINGS] [LIGHT CHATTER] That was amazing.
Now do it again, 27 more times.
[LAUGHTER, APPLAUSE] [PERCUSSIVE MUSIC] Hey, you set the bar high, overachiever.
[LAUGHS] - Good job.
- [LAUGHS] I don't think I can do this.
Clyde, listen to me, you don't have to be perfect.
Just talk to her.
- Cut! - [BELL RINGS] All right, that's a wrap! First day of "Technicolor Highway" in the can! - All right.
- [PEOPLE APPLAUDING] - Congratulations.
- [SMOOCHES] - Thank you so much.
- You did great.
I have Adam from the studio.
Tell him we just wrapped and I'll get back to him He says it's important.
"The Kill Plan" test numbers just came in.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] Adam, hey.
So the news is not good.
Okay Amazing.
I'm so be proud - That's a good start.
- Thank you.
Strong first day.
Thank you.
- What's this? - A gift.
He lives in Lompoc, couple hours north of here.
He's a painter, lives alone.
Twice divorced.
No kids.
No other kids.
[SOFT INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC] Our work together's done, but now your real work begins.
I think it's great.
Thank you.
You look quite pleased with yourself.
[CHUCKLES, INHALES SLOWLY] [SIGHS] I'm starting to wonder if we didn't sell ourselves short back then.
What do we do for a living? We help people, right? We guide them to do their best work, achieve their better selves.
And I just think that we would make amazing parents, and maybe it's time to reopen that conversation.
Uh, is Mason there? Oh, hi, Wes.
I'm a friend of your mom's.
I've been trying to get a hold of her.
Is she What? When? Hey.
[SOFT INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC] You did great today.
Back at ya.
You okay? Yeah.