The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! (2010) s02e16 Episode Script

Ultron Unlimited

1 Previously on Avengers Who are you? I am my master's vision of the future.
You want my shield? Here it is! Abort.
I designed you to be my perfect vision of destruction.
Your failure matters little.
Soon, I will be indestructible.
Ultron, stop it! This isn't what Hank would want! He programmed you so you couldn't hurt me.
I do not need to hurt you to stop you.
Sorry, I'm late.
What's going on Iron Man? What did you want to see me about? Thanks for coming, Miss Marvel.
Let me cut to the chase.
We've been reevaluating your performance with the Avengers.
And frankly, we think we can do better.
What! What are you talking about?! My performance? I've been busting my tail for the Avengers! I've been going back and forth between you guys and SWORD! I've given you everything I've got! I know, but it's just not good enough.
You are not good enough.
Tony, what is wrong with you? Tony? I don't understand.
Who said anything about my being Tony? Say hello to Iron Man 2.
[narrator] And there came a day, unlike any other, when Earth's mightiest heroes found themselves united against a common threat.
On that day, they became the Avengers.
The invincible, armored Iron Man.
Thor, Prince of thunder.
The Hulk, strongest hero there is.
And Captain America, the first Avenger.
Assembled, we are strong Forever fight as one Avengers, assemble! She cared more about Iron Man's opinion of her than any potential threat.
Emotions are irrelevant.
Therefore, imperfect.
And yet we are to simulate that imperfection.
Therefore, it is relevant.
Put the mental interface device on her before she regains consciousness.
Interface complete.
We await your command.
You are to locate and observe target designation: Thor.
Do not engage until you are contacted.
What what happened? Both the Iron Man and Miss Marvel synthezoids are now connected to their source Avenger.
They have full access to all memories and abilities, skills and reflexes.
But free of emotion.
Free of the chaos that plagues them.
Under my control, they are now perfect.
Ultron! The synthezoid upgrades are now complete.
Thor represents the greatest threat.
Obtain the remaining Avengers before confronting him.
And once the remaining Avengers are captured? Then the imperative will be carried out.
All life will be eliminated.
And synthezoids will inherit this planet.
And beyond.
You have your directive, Vision.
Execute it.
I have to be honest, Cap.
This energy shield Stark made for you? I think I'm in love with it.
Aren't you supposed to be on monitor duty, Hawkeye? JARVIS will let me know if something's up.
Have you even looked at this thing? Did you see what it can do? It can shield multiple people.
It's got a dozen different shape configurations.
And my personal favorite.
And I haven't even read the instructions.
Seriously, you are dumb for sticking with that old trash can lid when you can have this.
You missed.
Tony's energy shield may be fancy but I prefer the classics.
This garbage can lid and I, we go way back.
And unlike that thing, she's got personality.
You can't admit it can you, old man? After all this time, you're still living in the past.
Did you come down here just to give me a hard time? Yes, I've actually been texting you on your ID card to give you a hard time.
But you never answer.
Do you even know how to check it? Look I'm trying to help you, Cap.
You have to try and figure some of this stuff out.
Thanks, but I'd rather talk to a person than a machine.
All this technology It feels like people are losing touch with each other.
All I know is that this thing is cool, and I'm getting one.
Just to get this out of the way I'm me! Error.
Subject: Barton, Clint.
AKA: Hawkeye is scheduled to be on monitor duty.
Proceed with capture.
Vision? Great! And what are these, robo-vengers? Please.
Do not resist.
That's not gonna happen, machine! Cap! Interface complete.
I await your command.
Where is Captain America? Captain America has been obliterated.
Only his shield remains.
I await your command.
Vision! Please, do not resist.
I have been ordered to subdue you without damaging you.
Not damage me? Well, thanks because that's gonna make this really easy! What do you want with me? Who are you working for? And why would you combine green and yellow with your skin color? You you should not have done that! I did not mean Error.
I have deviated from my programming.
What is happening to me? Hi, Thor.
Did that get your attention? Iron Man?! What madness is this? Why have you attacked me? Maybe you haven't noticed, but we don't need you anymore, Thor.
We think it would be better if you just left Earth altogether.
What? Iron Man, I do not understand! - Wh— - Take him! Please, my friends! I do not wish to hurt you! Well, we don't feel the same way.
You believe your arrows can defeat me, archer? I'm really just the distraction.
Captain! Why? How could you of all people betray me like this? MjÃlnir, to me! You're outnumbered and overpowered! Give up! You were not to harm her.
Why have you deviated from your program? There was an error.
But I do not understand.
Why is the Wasp different? It is not within your programming to question me.
You are What? No.
Ultron, what are you doing? You are making robot Avengers? What are you trying to do? Replace us? No, not you.
I have something special planned for you.
Your mind will be transferred into a mechanical body.
Designation: Jocasta.
And then, you will be like me.
Free of emotion and chaos.
You will be perfect.
If humans are so horrible and imperfect then why are you acting just like one? Look at what you're doing! You're making yourself a girlfriend? You don't even see it, do you? You've become just like us.
You are wrong.
I am beyond your ability to comprehend.
Place the Wasp in a containment tube.
Prepare her.
Do not resist.
The Asgardian has fallen.
Place him in a containment tube.
Did you really believe that you could deceive me, Captain America? I was aware of you true nature at the very second you arrived.
Vision, finish him! Targeting Captain America.
No, do not interfere.
The Vision will do as I command.
End this.
Why do you keep fighting? You are but flesh and bone.
I am a machine.
You cannot win.
What do you have to gain? You think I'm fighting for me? To save my own life? That's why you'll never win.
I'm not fighting for me.
I'm fighting for them! And that's something you'll never understand, machine! It's the very thing that makes us human.
This is the reason your species must be extinguished.
You fight against logic.
Emotions make you imperfect.
And therefore will be eliminated Now.
Avengers! Pick a robot and take it down! Unacceptable.
Synthezoids, contain the humans.
I have had enough of machines! Nothing personal.
We have to get to Ultron! Aye, the robotic demon has much to answer for.
My chassis is comprised of pure adamantium now, Avenger.
It is unbreakable.
Even by your hammer.
Well, if you don't mind we'll keep trying.
You are nothing to me.
One by one, I will destroy you.
I will never tire.
I will never show mercy.
I will never stop until each and every one of you are dead— No, I will not allow this.
I see now that you, my first creation, are a failure.
Failure will not be tolerated.
I did not fail.
I achieved my objective.
You head is now unlocked from your body.
- Repairing - Ultron! - Good shot.
- It was satisfying indeed.
What's its body doing? Ah nuts, Ultron's power core.
It's going to— - Come on, Cap! We have to move! - I'm going after Vision.
What?! That thing just tried to kill us all! It's just a machine.
Let it burn.
Cap! Where's Cap? Vision, you saved all of us.
Why? Why did you do it? Ultron created me to be perfect.
He thought that meant less human.
To be cold and unfeeling.
I wish to be perfect.
But I believe that means to be more human.