The Baby (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

The Rage

- Let's get out of here.
- A hundred percent.
- (BABY CRIES) Barbara, give me the baby, please.
No, I can't let you leave.
NATASHA: You don't understand a single thing about this situation.
So, please, stop being an annoying bitch, and give me the baby.
See, you're letting your anger at me get in the way of caring for your child.
Sorry, are you tryna tell me about my anger? You are un-fuckin'-believable.
See, this is what I was talking about.
You have to start working through your pain.
Children are like sponges.
They feed off your emotions.
Oh, fuck off, Barbara! At Jupiter House, we try not to raise our voices in anger Yes, I know.
We only raise them in joy and it's wonderful! Now let's all raise our voices in fucking joy! BARBARA: Calm down, Natasha.
- Don't tell me to calm down! - BARBARA: Natasha I said don't tell me to calm down! (MUSIC PLAYS IN HEADPHONES) (BABY CRYING) (CAR ENGINE STARTS) ♪ (BABY CRYING) Let's get out of here.
Give me the baby.
I'm not fucking around.
Okay? (KIDS YELLING) What What (EERIE, DISTORTED MUSIC PLAYING) ♪ (BABY CRYING) NATASHA: What the fuck happened last night? MRS.
EAVES: I don't know.
I've never seen him like this.
Like what? This angry.
EAVES: About his mother.
Like you.
- (RUSTLING) - Quiet.
♪ Bobbi! - Sorry! - What the fuck, man! I have a light footfall.
Have you seen the kids? No why? 'Cause they ran off with the baby, and he's in a right state.
Have you tried the den? BARBARA: Children, where are you?! - SEARCHER: Sally! - BARBARA: Sally! Children! Misty, come on now! I don't know what's gotten into them.
This was meant to be such a lovely solstice.
(SEARCHERS CALLING OUT) It's obvious, isn't it? They got riled up.
If you've got something to say, Honey, just for Christ's sake, say it.
Well, everything was fine until Natasha came down to the bonfire.
She's an upsetting energy.
Yeah, and you're a joyless twat.
There we go, and now everyone knows what everyone else thinks.
EAVES: Helen.
Give him to me.
He wants his mum.
His mum's right here, darling.
CHILDREN (REPEATING): Mummy's gone into the water.
Mummy's gone into the water ♪ - MRS.
EAVES: Natasha, make him stop! - How?! - Ah! - NATASHA: Oh god! Stop! - (KIDS YELLING) - You're gonna hurt yourself! - (GRUNTING, WINCING) - (YELLING) BOBBI: Sally, Sally! Get the baby! Where are you?! (MUSIC PLAYS IN HEADPHONES) YOUNG BOBBI: Tash! ♪ (CAR ENGINE STARTS) - (GRUNTS) - BOBBI: Tash! (SOFTLY) Tash Tash.
Bobbi! (COUGHS) Are you okay? I know they're home-schooled, but they seemed like normal kids.
Think I sprained my ankle.
- Can you run? - I can power-limp.
- Okay.
- Okay.
(GRUNTS) (TENSE MUSIC PLAYING) SEARCHER: Misty! Come away from the water.
Come, come away from there.
- What's the matter, children? - (BABY CRIES) Let us take the baby.
Stop! Stop! Stop that, children! - Stop it! - (GRUNTS) Stop it! Aah! (WINCES) NATASHA: Imagine if Barbara had brought us to live here.
BOBBI: I used to fantasize about it.
NATASHA: Yeah, but then you'd have to live with Barbara.
Just do your fuckin' head in.
BOBBI: I don't know.
She tries her best.
NATASHA: Exactly.
- (HEAVY BREATHING) - (GRUNTING) - You got good at magic, you know? - Thanks.
You've always known what you wanted to be.
I'm jealous.
You got purpose.
So do you now.
You're a mum.
Put the rock down.
Put the rock down, please.
And then we can all be calm together.
Sally don't! Stop it! Don't! Put it down! Barbara fuck off! BARBARA: No! Sally, Sally! Oh goodness.
(GASPING) (ALL SCREAMING) No! Ah! (GASPS) Sally, no! (MUFFLED SCREAMING) He-Help! - Help! - Oh my god, Mum! BARBARA: Help! ♪ Stop it.
(SHOUTS): Stop it! Bobbi, the coins! What? Distract the baby! (EERIE, CHATTERING VOICES) BOBBI: It's workin'.
(VOICES CONTINUE) - (HEAVY BREATHING) - (GRUNTING) Barbara! Barbara! Mum! (CHOKES, COUGHS) BOBBI: Uh, Tash I'm running out of moves uh.
Improvise! Um (DARK MUSIC PLAYING) (BARBARA CATCHING HER BREATH) Ta-da! (CRYING) (FAST-PACED MUSIC PLAYING) (ALL SCREAMING) (PHONE RINGING) Shit! Uh, uh, Patricia, hi! Fantastic to hear from you! PATRICIA (ON PHONE): Is now a good time? Absolutely! PATRICIA: So, listen, Bobbi, we think - you and Sam are fantastic candidates.
- Great! But we're just gonna ask you to wait another six months, and then we'll touch base to reassess, okay? Sorry? (GRUNTS) - PATRICIA: Hello? - BOBBI: Patricia, Patricia! What are you doing?! ♪ (KIDS YELLING) PATRICIA: Are you sure this is a good time? BOBBI: Oh, oh, I'm here.
I was Sorry, I was babysitting orphans.
(KIDS YELLING) Quick! Close it, close it! I don't, um Did I do something wrong? PATRICIA: Bobbi, it's just your overwhelming commitment to this adoption, the sense of urgency you have.
Being a parent is for the long haul, and you won't be able to do everything perfectly.
That's why we want to put the whole process on pause.
Pause? PATRICIA: To give you some time to set more grounded, more realistic expectations around being a parent.
Then we can reassess.
So what you're, you're telling me is that, uh, you're not giving me a baby because I, I want a baby too much? Because I-I'm too perfect? PATRICIA: Um, look, w-we're not not giving you a baby, Bobbi.
It's just not for six months.
But I-I don't want a baby in six months.
I w-w-want a baby now.
- PATRICIA: Bobbi - No.
N-No, I want my baby.
PATRICIA: I just It's really I want my baby, Patricia.
Give me my baby.
- PATRICIA: Oh, Bobbi - I want my baby.
Give me my fucking baby! - I - Shh.
Give me that.
(HANGS UP) They want us (CLEARS THROAT) to wait six months.
How, how am I supposed to wait six months? It'll fly by, Bobs.
Anyway, fuck that woman.
She doesn't know a thing.
It's easy for you to say, though, isn't it? Bob This was the most important thing in my life.
And I suppose I'm the one who fucked it up? BOBBI: I don't know.
You were there.
Is that what the social worker said? - Adoption social worker.
- If you had told me about - the adoption in the first place - You didn't tell me you had a baby.
Jesus Christ, Bobbi, that's different! Of course, because it's not really your baby, is it? This is all just one big joke.
- Ha, ha, ha.
- Ha, ha, ha, fuckin' ha.
Enough! We are sorting this right now.
- Absolutely not.
- BOBBI: No way.
Now say it.
You're unhinged.
Natasha, you first.
You're my sister and I love you.
BARBARA: No, say it like ya mean it.
You're my sister and I love you.
You don't think I should have a kid, do you? - Jesus, Bob.
- Do you? Don't lie.
Do you think I should have a kid? No.
Why not? - Bobbi.
- Why not? 'Cause this.
'Cause you're still a child.
You're still terrified of everyone leavin' you.
Do you think bein' Sam's sidekick means that she won't eventually get bored and fuck off? You want a baby because a baby can't reject you.
Least not for a couple of decades anyway.
So, no, Bobbi I don't think you should have a baby.
I think you should have a dog.
It'll love you unconditionally and for longer.
(CRYING) Are you for real? Someone tells you something you don't like, and you curl up on the floor and cry? If you have a kid, at some point in their lives pretty early on, I'd imagine, the world is going to shit on them from a great height.
You're gonna have to stand up for them.
You can't even stand up for yourself, so what chance does a kid of yours have? Wow.
Thank God for you.
Natasha Williams the unrecognized martyr, the one who kept everything together.
We must never stop thanking you.
- The fuck, Bobbi? - What have you got that qualifies you to be a parent? You don't keep everything together.
You fuck everything up.
And that's why everyone is moving on without you.
And it's not because you're some maverick who's too edgy for a normal life.
It's because you tear through people.
So, what's the big plan? Hm? What's the big plan? Right.
So, why don't you just fuck off with telling people how to live their lives, and why don't you just fuck off out of mine! Now you're both in a lot of pain.
- We can heal from this.
- Don't you start.
This is not about you, Barbara, yeah? Your dad and I Don't you say one word about Lyle.
Lyle was a fucking saint.
Well, Lyle asked me to leave.
That's a lie.
Why are you even saying this? I'm trying to tell you what happened.
What happened is you left.
(MELANCHOLY MUSIC PLAYING) Well I, I was drowning.
I mean, some weeks Couldn't even get out of bed.
(CHUCKLES) You'd bring me crackers and butter.
Probably too young to remember.
And you'd climb into bed beside me, stroke my face.
And I felt so ashamed.
(MELANCHOLY MUSIC PLAYING) And that's why I had Bobbi.
So that you'd have somewhere to put your love.
WRIGHT PLAYING) Sometimes I feel ♪ Like a motherless child ♪ Motherless child ♪ Sometimes I feel ♪ Like a motherless child ♪ Motherless child ♪ Sometimes I feel ♪ Like a motherless child ♪ Motherless child ♪ A long ways from home ♪ This world out here ♪ Is lonely and cold ♪ (WHIMPERING) This world out here ♪ Is so lonely and cold ♪ I'm sorry about your mum.
This world out here ♪ Is lonely and cold ♪ Oh, I guess I'll go back home ♪ Sometimes I feel ♪ Oh, sometimes I feel ♪ Bye, Barbara.
Don't call me.
It's easier when you don't call me.
Oh, I feel like a motherless child ♪ Sometimes I feel ♪ Sometimes I feel ♪ Oh, I feel like a motherless, motherless child ♪ A long ways from home ♪ Oh my god.
- What happened to your leg? - It's nothing.
What happened to your arm? I had a heart attack.
Jack's still alive.
Please, we will have a chance.
(SOFTLY): For fuck's sake.
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