The Bad Seed (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 Hey, it's all right.
Ah, you bastard! - Winning bastard to you, old fella.
So, how are you feeling? Oh, two David Hallwrights - all my teenage dreams are finally coming true.
- Ah.
Mwah! - Dad, you stink.
But it's a winning stink.
How's hockey practice? Paige doing what she's told? - Yeah, right.
Hey, so, chicken's been cooked.
You just need to dress the salad.
You look nice.
Where are you off to? Fundraising meeting at Tish's.
- Ah.
How much is it costing me this time? - The usual.
Come on, Karen, haven't we done our bit? David Hallwright's gonna be the next prime minister.
Don't you wanna be a part of that? Ford, keep the girls here.
Tish, are you all right? Yeah, I am, but Julia Yeah, wh-what about her? The pool man said she's been murdered.
What? What did she say? Ford, you're supposed to keep them inside.
- They got away on me.
Obviously, tonight, the meeting.
- Of course, go, go.
Murdered? You don't have to whisper.
People get murdered all the time.
Not around here, they don't.
Julia Stevens - 42, separated, lived here on her own.
Multiple stab wounds, one fatal.
There's signs of a struggle, but so far not of any sexual assault.
Murder weapon? - Forensics are on to it.
Could have been one of her own knives, but they look pretty clean.
Looks like she just got home.
You got a time on that? Uh, supermarket receipt says 8.
30 Sunday.
Looks like she was killed shortly after arriving home, around 9.
30, so dead approximately 20 hours.
Where is she?! Oh, Christ, no.
- Mr Stevens? Yes! - I'm really sorry, but I'm gonna have to ask you a few questions about Mrs Stevens.
You two are married? Um, about to be divorced.
And when was the last time you spoke? - We don't.
There hasn't been much speaking.
I had an email from her yesterday.
And if you don't mind me asking, what did she say? That I was scum.
She'd hoped I'd die.
I met somebody else, so oh, Julia, she She wasn't happy about it.
She wasn't happy about anything.
Thank you.
Police have reported that a woman's body has been found in the Auckland suburb of Remuera tonight.
While her death is being treated as suspicious, no further details have been released to the public.
Police are appealing to anyone in the area to come forward if they have any information Ed, are you watching this? - Police under pressure, creeping crime rate.
This we can use.
Take the spotlight off Mrs Hallwright for a change.
Future New Zealand Party candidate David Hallwright launched his prime ministerial campaign today, but critics say the slick campaign launch was overshadowed by his wife's latest gaffe.
It was an eye roll.
I don't need media training.
I just need to stop rolling my eyes.
There, see, I'm trained.
Don't take it personally.
It was just the campaign's You mean it's Ed's thinking.
It's a matter of public perception.
We can't ignore it.
We need the public.
Yeah, well, my perception is that unless I rise up out of your first wife's grave reincarnated, Ed's gonna keep hating me, along with everyone else.
Nobody hates you.
You're the most amazing woman I've ever met.
I was hoping all our hard work would've paid off by now.
Oh, hard work, was it? Yeah, what wonders that would do for those perceptions.
Oh, you smell good.
It's just- It's ridiculous pretending to be someone I'm not.
We're all pretending to be someone we're not.
Did you check the girls' windows? - Yeah, I said that I would.
While in Auckland police have formally released the identity of the murder victim.
Julia Stevens body was Can't sleep? Nah, not with a bloody killer on the loose.
expect the murder occurred on Sunday night.
The former model was found dead at her home, and police are appealing to anyone in the area to come forward if they have any information or Isn't she the psycho that turned up at the house the other day? Ready for your first patient? - Absolutely.
Thanks, mate.
The ex's alibi checked out? - Tight as.
Wasn't him.
DS Da Silva.
Detective Bennett.
Sorry to bother you, Mrs Lampton.
This about Julia Stevens? It's horrendous.
Come in.
Come on through.
Did you know Julia, Mrs Lampton? Oh, to look at.
We met at a David Hallwright fundraising thing once, but that was about it.
But I was at the house, right next door, the night she was killed.
That's why we're here.
The book club meeting, is that right? - Yes, yeah.
We were all there.
Just I didn't see a thing.
I mean, not that I was looking, but you know.
Well, no one can quite believe it.
Sorry, can I get you tea, coffee? I'm fine.
Just water will be great.
There's been a spate of burglaries in the area recently.
Did you know that? Probably connected.
Oh, we're looking at all the possibilities.
So, who else lives here? My two teenage girls, Elke and Claire; Simon, my husband; and, for my sins, his brother, Ford.
The brother a problem for you, Mrs Lampton? - No.
Oh, God, no.
No, he's just between girlfriends, houses, you know.
Seems to quite like it here.
Do you know where Simon and Ford were on Sunday night? Yes, they were here, both of them.
Can you be sure if you were out? - Absolutely.
They let the girls watch The Shining.
I was furious.
I'll get some uniforms to work on some regos.
Yeah, and there could be something in those burglaries.
I've just got the cakes and the decorations for Robin's going-away.
Can I just leave them here? Gonna have to park miles away.
Got what you wanted.
Girls, dinner.
I can't believe there's a murderer out there.
Oh, look, I know you're worried, but lightning doesn't strike twice.
Actually, you know, from a tree surgeon's perspective, that's not entirely true.
Can we not liken Julia Stevens to a tree.
Hmm, here's the birthday girl.
My baby 13! You're getting all grown-up on me.
She doesn't even wear a bra yet.
Shut up.
Claire, it's her birthday.
Can we just be nice? You gonna check that? Hmm, leave a message if it's urgent.
Look at that, birthday magic.
Hey, so your golden girl got a pasting in the media today.
- Who? - Roza Hallwright.
Dick move parking in a disabled space.
- Claire! I dunno why everyone doesn't leave her alone.
I like her.
Anyway, he's the one we'll be voting for.
Our old man would have a fit if he saw you chucking money at that lot.
You should be giving it to the Greens.
Did you know there's an island of plastic as big as Mexico in the Pacific Ocean? Just check it, will you? It might be urgent.
- I told you Is it a baby? Breach.
I organised cover.
I dunno why they're hassling me.
Because you're the best, that's why.
Yeah, you should go, Dad, cos what the planet needs is a lot more population No, 13, cake.
I'll save you some.
I dare you to eat it all yourself.
Love you all.
Even you, you old leftie.
- See you later.
478? 478? 478? I was with my family.
Now you're with me.
Sorry I'm late.
What's going on? You'll never guess who's in your office.
- My first appointment? Mrs Hallwright? Roza, please.
Sorry for barging in on you like this, but it couldn't wait.
If you're after treatment, I do need referral from your doctor.
No, no, no, it's not about that.
I'm sorry, then how can I help? Uh, well, it's personal, I suppose.
God, sorry, I am making this sound very cloak and dagger, aren't I? Urn, no, it's just you've been so generous with your donations and your wife with her campaign work, and it hasn't gone unnoticed.
- Well, thank you.
We think David um, you and David are doing a great job.
Well, you can tell him in person.
We're having drinks at home on Friday night, and we'd love for you to come.
I don't know what to say.
Say you'll be there.
You have two girls, right? Yeah, bring them.
She just turned up out of the blue at his clinic? - I know.
Did he fall on her helpless swoon like most of the men she seems to captivate? I don't know.
Simon, Roza turn you weak at the knees? I was to surprised to notice, to be honest.
Well, you really are the perfect husband.
Hey, I'm Ford - his brother, tree guy, overstayer in general.
- Tish.
Karen, you never told rne there was a second charming prince in the family.
Well, she has told us a lot about you.
Hmm, well, as it happens, I have a rather large garden crying out for an arborist.
Dare I ask you to come and give me a quote? Well, actually, there's a tree a little bit closer to home that needs some attention.
I thought the jury was out on that.
- I love that tree.
No, no, it's rotten, has to go.
So OK, then.
Nice to meet you, Tish.
What do you think? Yeah, you've definitely got some rot in here.
- The rest of it looks fine.
Yeah, well, that's the thing about rot, is it eats away from the inside, and then one day, everything just falls apart.
Can we just wait for the day? Yeah, I can do some thinning and put some kerosene in it, but the rat's still there, bro.
I can live with that.
So can Karen.
Good luck with that.
Simon Lampton, husband of Mrs Lampton from the book club? Quite the email exchange.
'I'm gonna ruin you, you arrogant bastard.
' Jesus.
That's not all.
Simon Lampton has a record.
You mind if l? Aggravated assault.
Dr Lampton.
DS De Silva, Detective Bennett.
We were here yesterday.
Hi, Mrs Lampton.
What can we do for you? It's just a routine follow-up.
- Come in.
Where are the girls? - Up up in their rooms.
Can I have a word in the kitchen? In here.
If you don't mind.
I'm sorry.
This is ludicrous.
In what way? I'm not gonna murder someone for sending me threatening emails.
What, you get a lot of them? No.
But in this situation, I don't blame her.
That's very understanding of you.
Look, IVF hadn't worked.
Her marriage was falling apart.
She was a woman in her 40s, and she went off the deep end.
Where you aware that your husband had been corresponding with Julia Stevens? Corresponding how? Have other patients ever threatened to get you 'struck off,' to 'ruin your life', to 'make sure that you never practice medicine again'? - She was unhinged.
I felt sorry for her.
If she was a patient, of course, I wouldn't know about it.
So, you weren't here the day she came to the house? - This house? Did you tell your wife about Julia Steven's visit? No.
It'd only worry her.
And it didn't worry you? I told you, she wasn't in her right mind.
I never took it seriously.
It's an insult you're even here talking to him.
He's a highly respecting obstetrician Did you know your husband has a conviction for aggravated assault? Are you even allowed to bring that up? I was 13.
Is he telling Karen? Where exactly were you on Sunday night? I told you, he was here all night.
I was at the clinic, I think, delivering twins.
Any idea what time you got home? - 10 maybe, 11.
Look, I honestly don't know.
So you saw him when you got back? Simon didn't kill Julia Stevens.
And you went straight to bed with your wife? Actually, I sleep in a spare room when I'm late or on call.
You didn't talk to your kids or your brother? I had two very complicated deliveries, followed by twins.
The whole day's a blur.
He reckons he was at the clinic.
- She reckons he was at home with the kids.
- Does she know about the assault? - Not a clue.
It was no one's business but my own, that's why.
But, Simon, I'm your wife.
You told them I was working Sunday night? No.
You were here, remember - The Shining? That was Saturday night, Karen.
Jesus Christ, now they'll think I was lying.
- Shit.
You've been shoplifting again, Simon? Piss off, Ford.
What did they want? To talk about Julia Stevens.
I mean, do they know him? He wouldn't even murder a boring bug.
- It's not funny, Ford.
They said Julia harassed him and that Simon has a record for aggravated assault.
Did he really hurt someone? He was just a kid.
Honestly, it was a lifetime ago.
- I want to know what happened.
You should ask him that.
You know what he's like.
I'm asking you.
It was just dumb teenage party shit, nothing out of the ordinary.
Girl got hurt, and the cops got called.
They took Simon to a boys' home.
A boys' home? Oh my God.
Why wouldn't he tell me that? - It's bad luck, Karen.
He was 13.
It was just an accident.
He's a completely different person now.
It's gone viral.
What exactly do you expect me to do about this? Not give the wonderful world of social media quite so much to play with.
You overestimate my power, Ed.
They love you, just not in a way that's helping us.
I didn't want the cakes to get wet, so bring out the haters.
It's not just that.
It's the billboard, the clothes, the whole - All the red! The clothes? So, what are you, my stylists now? Obviously, we all love your style, Roza.
But Women's Day calculated your outfit as costing more than $3000 the other day.
The blue-collar voters have trouble with that.
- That's who we're losing.
The thing is we can fix this image problem very Oh, so you're gonna fix me now? They're just trying to help.
Well, I'm just trying not to drink a litre of vodka and shoot myself in the head.
So why don't you put that on your fucking billboards and see how far it gets you? Don't worry.
I'll get her over the line.
- Mav.
- DS Da Silva.
I'll, uh I'll catch ya.
So, how are you handling the gig so far? OC Suspects.
I'm stoked.
Yeah? It's a great climate for moving on up.
Just knock this one off as soon as you can, OK? Don't worry.
I'm all over it.
- I love the dedication, and so will DI Gregan.
Anyone looking good for it so far? - Could be.
I remember that look from police college.
You got someone in your sights.
What the fuck?! It's just Nelf.
He's harmless.
What's up with you, anyway? You're distracted.
You seem miles away.
Police came to see me yesterday.
Haven't felt like that since I was a kid.
Guilty? No, worse.
- Not what you're used to, eh? - Hmm, grew up on white bread.
Your mum a crack cook like mine? My mum was a drug addict, who left us with our piece of shit father and then died.
For real? For real.
Hey, it's OK.
Mereana, you're a good mother.
Let's go down to the local, eh? A couple of drinks, a bit of karaoke.
We never go out.
For fuck's sake, it's not like you're gonna see anyone you know.
OK, one drink.
No singing.
Second thoughts.
I should be getting back to work.
You need to stop being so bloody uptight.
Come on, it will be fun.
For today I remember your I remember your.
I remember your smile! Oooh.
My turn.
I remember This is what Dianne thinks I should wear to the party.
My first primary school teacher had the same outfit.
- Exactly! Though, I did have a thing for her, as it happens.
I'll look like I should be baking cakes for the Country Women's Institute.
Mmm, cakes.
Seriously, though, David, I get it about the media stuff, but I don't want your people dressing me.
OK, just Just wear what you like.
I'm sorry.
I have to take this.
Got you, sucker.
Mate, again? It's getting tragic.
You waiting in that shit box to gloat? Shit box? What are you talking about, mate? That's vintage.
So, this is where you live? Mereana, what are you doing here? You think you can just pick me up and put me down whenever you fucking feel like it? - Who's this? - No one.
Just a patient.
Yeah, I'm no one.
That's right, you fucking bastard.
I'm no one.
Hey, hey, hey.
Look, she she lost her baby.
You cannot come here.
Mum's looking for you.
Hey, Elke.
A friend of mine has just had a little bit too much to drink, but it's all good, OK? She's freaking out.
You're late for the Hallwrights.
- OK, sweetheart.
You go.
I'll call her a taxi.
- It's OK.
- Who the fuck are you? Look, that should get her home.
I don't want your fucking money.
- We can talk about it later.
- Please - Come on, let's go.
- Get off! I know.
Come on.
Let's go.
Do I look OK? You look great.
Let's just get this over with.
What? We're about to meet the next prime minister of New Zealand.
You should be thrilled.
Look, it's just been a long day, that's all.
Look, I get you don't want to talk about your past, OK? Don't go there, Karen, just Can you just make an effort tonight, please? For me? Of course I can.
Thank you.
David is all for access journalism, so if there's anyway we can help each other.
Shit, what's he doing here? I don't know, but get rid of him.
Can you wait outside, sir? I was just gonna get a drink, but My God.
That is one journalist who will never have access.
Excuse me.
The inner sanctum - finally.
So wonderful to see you both here.
Especially after everything you've been through.
I saw the police paid you another visit.
And, you, my dashing cheque book.
You must have been furious.
Tish, the party chairman is spitting all over some poor woman.
Do you mind relieving her? Lovely to see you again, Simon.
- Likewise.
- And you must be Karen.
- Hi.
Thanks so much for having us.
You didn't bring the girls? - I told you they were invited.
Oh, no, just David's two would've loved some people under the age of 104.
I'm so sorry.
Well, Claire's actually studying, and then Elke's not much of a social butterfly.
Lovely name.
Lovely girl too, but she has just turned 13, so dunno how long that will last.
Hopefully longer than it did with her sister.
Well, he was here twice on Saturday.
No weekend, poor man.
And practically all day on Sunday.
When did he leave on Sunday? Uh, he delivered twins, actually, at 7.
49 p.
and 7.
57 p.
- And then? - And then I guess he went home.
How long after delivering the babies? Hmm, they were almost full-term with no complications, so there's no reason to stick around.
He is allowed a life, you know.
- Thank you, Paula.
- You're welcome.
Who are they? Campaign contributors.
Simon and Karen Lampton.
He's an obstetrician.
She's a Tish Dawson acolyte.
- Tish invited them? - No, Roza did.
An obstetrician.
My wife does like her secrets.
- Mrs Lampton, what a pleasure.
- So nice to meet you.
I hear you're a fundraiser of Olympian proportions.
Oooh, I dunno about that.
But you are actually the first politician to speak to me, so She's one step away from putting your poster on the bedroom wall.
Oh, don't let that happen.
You'll have nightmares.
Well, you will.
Oh, excuse me.
I should take this.
- Yeah.
- Nice to meet you.
- Lovely to meet you.
Simon Lampton.
Dr Lampton, Detective Sergeant Marie Da Silva.
How is your evening? Well, I'm busy, I'm afraid.
How can I help? We need to get a formal statement.
ls now a convenient time? Well, I just said I was busy, so perhaps you could get back to me tomorrow.
Can you get that? Elke! Come on, answer me.
over the water, and it's beautiful.
- Where did you stay? You'll have to go.
A place called Milano.
Detective Sergeant Marie Da Silva.
This is Detective Bennett.
- Are your parents home? - No Do you mind if we come in for a quick chat? OK.
ls everything all right? Cops are here.
- At the house? - Yeah, Claire just let them in.
- Jesus, they're talking to the kids? - Sy, what's happening? Just tell me what's happening.
Maybe I can help you.
- I really fucked up, Ford.
- How? Julia Stevens, my alibi.
I really fucked up.
What am I gonna do? Relax.
We can sort this.
Girls, go to your room.
- Daddy? - To your rooms.
- You talked to my kids.
- Lovely girls.
Very helpful.
You can't do that.
This is my fucking family! Simon, you're making it worse.
You should listen to your wife, Dr Lampton.
Look, it's my fault he's upset.
He was working on Sunday night.
I got it wrong.
We'll go to the cop shop.
We'll make a formal statement.
No big deal.
OK, let's go.
So, you got home from work around 9 o'clock.
That's right.
The girls were in their rooms, on their iPads.
I mean, they're never off the bloody things, so I had a hard day.
Ford came and suggested we go for a run.
He gets wound up if he doesn't exercise.
I mean like, y'know, he really needs it.
We've done it ever since we were kids.
We're insomniacs, like our old man, so we set off down St Stephens Road, along Brighton Way, around the Basin.
Along Hobson Walkway, around the point and then up St Stephens again.
Makes me tired just hearing about it.
The brother clean? A couple of unpaid parking tickets, but otherwise he's a whistle.
We went down Parnell Road, into the domain, past the ducks and the rotunda.
Home just before 11.
Yeah, home just before 11.
What do you think? If he's lying, he's good at it.
He's lying.