The Bad Seed (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

- You adopted her, right? - Yes.
And you got to watch her get her first teeth and learn to walk.
- My Elke.
- She's my Elke too.
Aaaaugh! Mereana? Guess who's prescribing her anti-depressants.
- Your bloody doctor.
- My bloody doctor.
Your lawyer.
Your relationship with Miss Costas became sexual when, exactly? I told you.
We got close after her baby died.
It was just a casual thing.
I never meant Anyway, like I said, it's over.
- When did that happen? - About a week ago.
- How did it end? - I told her I couldn't do it any more.
She was fine with that? We had our ups and downs.
It was hardly a surprise.
What sort of ups and downs would they be? If you think I so much as laid a hand on her Since then, 13 text messages and five phone messages.
You must have left her in quite a state to be that concerned.
Are you sure you didn't visit her again? No.
How many times do I have to tell you.
Jesus! My client has already stated that he has not seen Ms Costas since the relationship ended.
So, she wasn't happy with the break-up after all the ups and downs.
Is that right? - It wasn't like that.
- But you are like that, Simon.
You're exactly like that.
We know that, from what happened when you were 13.
Bringing that up again?! I did my time, I put it behind me.
That matter was resolved and is of no relevance.
Look, it's late, my client is tired.
If you're not gonna charge him, there's no point in us being here.
I'm a shitty husband, OK? But having an affair is not a crime.
No one wants you to find her more than I do.
They said what? That something has happened to another woman he knows.
Something has happened? I don't know! I don't know anything.
I just the look on his face, Ford.
They didn't say a name or anything? No, I can't I can't remember.
Never heard of her.
Honestly, I- I've been married to him for 17 years and I just feel like all of a sudden he's a complete fucking stranger.
Well, he has always been a dark horse.
So who is he? Really.
Well, the truth is, I don't think even he knows who the real Simon is any more.
Who is she - this woman police are talking to you about? She's, um, gone missing.
I said who is she? A friend.
- Karen? - Get out! - Claire, do you have hockey tonight? - Yeah, 5 to 7.
- 'cause I have dance.
- Whatever.
Karen, we need to talk.
I know we do, Simon.
Now's not the time.
Elke, eat.
- Come on.
- Hey, what's the rush? I need to drop you guys off and be back in time for Pilates.
Well, I can take 'em.
Shit, sorry.
Roza, hi! Hi! I was just dropping something off for Izzy, two doors down.
Hope you don't mind me popping in.
No, no, no, not at all.
Come in.
It's lovely to see you.
Aw what a welcome.
Can I get you coffee or anything? Uh, no, I'll get it.
You get the girls ready.
Elke, do you wanna get your bag? Roza, won't be a mo.
Come on, sweetheart.
- What the fuck are you doing here? - I had to see her.
You can't do this.
I haven't even told Karen yet.
We need to deal with this carefully.
You have no idea what this has been like for me.
I don't care what it's been like for you.
We're talking about my daughter.
She's my daughter.
- What about a taxi? - We're getting a taxi? To school? Uh, hi, yeah uh Mum's got Pilates and Dad's got a baby.
- I could take them.
- No, no, no.
Ford will take them.
You're busy.
Don't want to keep you.
Don't you ever do this again.
How dare you? Where did she go? - Simon? - She was in a hurry.
Yeah, so are we.
Come on, girls, your chariot awaits.
- I'll call you later, about the cops? - Mm.
This better be important.
You followed Lampton's girls to hockey, you had Simon come to the house while I'm out, and you drop in on them at 8 in the morning.
What exactly is going on with these people? Are you drinking again? Using?! What the hell is going on? You have your people, your politics, your stupid bloody election, what if I want something of my own? An affair with some obstetrician? - Oh, David, no! - Then tell me what's happening! I have a daughter.
What? I had her when I was young and I adopted her out.
And now the Lamptons have her and I want her back.
Why didn't you tell me? Because of this.
'Cause of the look on your face right now.
I've proved to you over and over that I'll love you no matter what.
- Do you still? - Of course.
But this if it gets out, we're so close right now, and we're about to get everything we've worked hard for.
Everything you've worked for.
You've been basically stalking her, Roza.
And her family, have they got any idea? - Just Simon.
- You talked to him? Last night.
He's a problem, but it's Karen that I've really- The Lamptons will fight you tooth and nail, and the media will tear you apart.
I don't care about any of that.
I just want my daughter.
I made a mistake when I was young.
A really stupid mistake, and I've regretted it every day of my life.
And then I met you and I I thought you could fix me.
But look at me, I'm not OK! And she's why.
And you can help me.
I need her.
Karen, what are you doing? Something I should have done a long time ago! Karen! Karen? Karen? Karen! That fling with the nurse, you said 'Never again.
' I forgave you.
What's happening? It's OK, girls.
Go to your room.
I'll sort it.
Go to your room.
Oh right, so you're not fucking Roza Hallwright?! I saw what as going on with you two this morning.
Jesus, no, Karen! I can't even stand to be in the same room as her.
And this Mereana woman.
Are you fucking your friend Mereana? Are you?! For once in your life, Simon, please just tell me the fucking truth.
I was with her the night Julia was killed.
And now? She's gone missing.
Did you have anything to do with it? No, of course I didn't! I was What? In love? You're in love with her? No! I d I wouldn't hurt her.
I wouldn't hurt anyone.
Oh, fucking hear you! I have given you everything you said you wanted.
I want you out.
- I can't.
- Now! There's something else I need to tell you.
Guys, you need to take this somewhere else.
The girls can hear everything.
Just go, Simon.
Can you? Can you just go? Mereana doesn't have a passport, no activity on her bank account, no phone, no email, no sign of her anywhere.
And the blood on the floor has just come back as definitely hers, so we're escalating this to a homicide inquiry.
There'll obviously be some crossover with the Simon Lampton connection, so liaise with forensics.
It's been 10 days since Julia Stevens' murder.
- We need results.
- Yes, sir.
Simon Lampton said he hadn't been to Mereana Costas' for a week before we discovered she was missing, right? - That's right.
Data from the cell tower near her house.
He lied again.
Please don't drag my family through this.
If you wanna talk to me, let's go back to the station.
You haven't been honest or forthcoming with us at all, Dr Lampton.
You've been detained for a search of the premises regarding the investigation in the murder of Julia Stevens and the suspected murder of Mereana Costas.
Are we under arrest? No, it's OK.
They're just looking around.
You have the right to remain silent.
You do not have to make a statement.
You have the right to speak to a lawyer without delay and in private before deciding whether to answer any questions.
Police have a list of lawyers you may speak to.
Sorry for the intrusion.
Our forensics team will be looking at a number of items of interest.
We need you to sign some paperwork and then you're free to go.
I have done nothing wrong.
You are wasting your time.
You should be out there looking for Mereana.
I thought they said she'd been murdered.
No, she's gone missing.
If she's the only one that can get me out of this shit fight, I'm gonna find her.
How? You're in no state to do anything.
It's my problem.
I'll deal with it.
Mereana's in a bad way.
I think you might've heard.
I need to find her.
I can help.
We haven't seen her for a while now.
If her cousin, Serena, if she comes in, can you get her to call me? - 'Sup, boy? - Two beers.
Two beers.
The police messed up my room.
It's not all about you.
When's Daddy coming home? Where's he even staying? Mum? Mum? Can you give us a minute? Your father and I, we love you both very much.
Sometimes adults do stupid things.
Those women he didn't he didn't hurt them, did he? Oh, hon, of course not.
He's got nothing to do with that.
The police have got it all wrong.
Your father's he's very stressed at the moment.
He hasn't done anything criminal.
So who did the stupid thing? Mum? Is-Is he sleeping with someone else? He's under a lot of pressure at work and sometimes Jesus, don't be such a fucking doormat! Claire, this is hard enough as it is without you turning on me.
Can I see him? Not right now, darling, no.
Can I talk to him? Yes, of course.
Please don't be angry at me.
At you? It's not your fault.
- It doesn't name him.
- No.
But the fact that I know it's him means his neighbours, his medical circle and God knows who else knows too.
Your friend the suspected murderer.
Oh, and adoptive father of Roza's secret love child.
What a vote-catching cocktail that is Calm down, Ed.
Calm down?! We're already being eaten alive.
We're four points down in the polls.
And I suppose Roza had nothing to do with that either.
Stop being so bloody dramatic.
I'm not the one with the exploding closet full of skeletons.
If this gets out If this gets out and we've played our cards right, it could actually help us.
Look, if we distance ourselves from the Lamptons now, find a way to challenge their guardianship But two weeks out from the election? Are you insane?! Let's get in front of it, call in some favours, use it to re-frame Roza in the public eye.
That would be suicide.
For godsakes, Ed, you're the one who always wants to control the media.
Grow some balls! My balls got us where we are.
I got us to where we are, and don't you forget it.
I know you had your doubts when I was fast-tracked by the committee.
You did a good job of hiding it, and we make a good team.
You've pushed me when I've needed pushing, but it's not you they're gonna be voting for in two weeks' time, it's me.
This country is crying out for leadership, and by God, it starts here in this office: me leading you.
So do your fuckin' job.
- Knock, knock.
- Oh, God, am I pleased to see you.
Same, babe.
This is like being at high school again.
You have no idea what my life has been reduced to.
You know, you could always try telling me.
Obviously somewhere without shitty tea, plain biscuits and this situation.
Maybe after the election.
It's just there are cameras everywhere, even at my house.
If they so much as see us together Wow, so I'm just basically a drug dealer now.
Don't be silly.
You're a dear and trusted friend.
- Aren't you? - Yeah, of course I am.
Don't forget your lucky last.
Go on Did you talk to Ed yet? - It's a work in progress.
- Really? How long is this gonna take? David.
You said that you were gonna talk to him.
Hang on a minute.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you.
It's OK.
What should I do now? Nothing.
I told you, leave it with me.
- Yeah, but it's - Listen.
I have a plan, but you need to steer clear of the Lamptons, just like you promised.
All of them.
Otherwise it will jeopardize everything.
Do you understand? I love you.
OK, one at a time.
One at a time, and we'll get to your questions.
No, no, no.
Tell me it wasn't us who leaked this.
Kids are sorted, door's locked.
What is it? Hello? Dad.
- Thanks.
- It's gonna be OK.
Trust me.
I'm gonna go away for a day or so.
- What? Why? - I'm taking Simon with me.
- Right now? - Yeah, he needs a wake-up call.
He doesn't realise how good he's got it.
How good he had it.
It's bloody over, thanks to him.
Yeah, I get it truly.
I want it taken down now.
Gotta go.
I was just heading home.
I wouldn't recommend it.
Karen's seen the blog.
I tried to call.
Fuckin' journalists.
They're hounding me.
Yeah, you're not the only one.
- They're hassling her too? - Nah, not her.
The old man.
Offering him money.
Fuck him.
What the fuck does he know?! I haven't seen him since Shit! He wouldn't? Last time I saw him he was flat broke.
He called you? I think he's looking for a better offer.
Call him back.
I'll give him whatever it takes.
You think he's got a phone? He was calling from the pub.
I'd offer to take the money home myself, but I think you should go.
You sure you don't wanna take your car? This one's slower.
- If he sees me pull up in mine - Yeah, right.
Hey, you don't have to come with me.
I can face him on my own.
Wait, wait.
You've been running from this place for 20 years, bro.
It's time to face it.
There's no sign of Costas' body, no weapon for either murder.
Forensics came up with nothing.
The teenage assault.
What if there's more than he's hiding about his past? Time for a fresh direction? Yeah, hi, hi there, um I'm wondering if you can help me? I'm trying to track down a Pat Greville.
He used to work at a Northland boys' home in the early '90s.
He was a terribly frightened child, not tough like the others.
He'd hardly say 'boo' to a goose.
Held it all in.
Can't imagine what that poor boy had been through.
The mother was a drug addict and had left, and little Simon talked about the brother all the time.
Adored him.
He never visited Simon once.
Neither did the father.
You know, I don't think that child had a moment's kindness in all his life.
That's why I remember him, dear.
Because one nice word and he opened like a flower.
This is a bad idea.
Hey, you've come this far.
About bloody time.
What, you think this is easy for me? You pay him off, and then we get out of here, OK? Welcome home, my son, the famous murderer.
Well, can he speak or did he give that up when he left? I didn't kill anyone.
Is that right? You weren't so sure last time you got into trouble.
What's that for? I know people have been talking about me.
I don't want them to know anything.
You're gonna buy me off?! Let me go! Dad, open the door, please! Stop fucking around.
Dad! Open the door! Open the door! Come on! Are you gonna help me? Well?! - You get used to it, remember? - No! Well, I did.
'Course I spent more time in here than you, though.
Oh, you think I had it easy?! Foster wasn't fucking summer camp.
Might as well have been.
Jesus, Ford, really? There's a window there.
Don't you remember that's why he used to tie us up? Fuck's sake, give me a hand! Relax, mate.
We can do this.
Wondered how long it would take ya.
- You sick bastard.
- Says the guy wanted for murder.
It's abuse! You should've looked after us.
Knocking a bit of sense into ya, locking you up every once in a while, that was discipline, boy! Better that than walking out on you myself.
As for you, you don't know half the shit that little bastard got up to.
Know what? He's got what he's wanted, we don't need his shit.
Oh, stop pretending like you care all of a sudden.
He's the only one that did.
You got a degree, but you never figured out why you really got taken away.
Ah, don't listen to him.
He's talking shit! Oh, he really did a number on you, mate.
Shut up! Shut the fuck up, Dad! I'd never sell you out, you stupid little shit.
Simon, come on! Wait, what did he mean? - Nothing.
- I was taken away.
Nothing, bro.
He's off his face.
He's fucking wasted.
He's just trying to He's trying to set us off against each other like the old days.
If we can't trust each other, what have we got? Hey.
All right, people.
Here we are, our possible murder weapon.
Now, pathology with the help of hunting experts suggest the blade is typical of a home-made hunting knife.
I think we should go public with this, boss.
No, not yet.
Let's not narrow our focus too much, just in case it stitches us up down the track, all right? He didn't do it obviously.
But he's been seeing someone else and now she's gone missing.
Aw Karen, I'm so sorry.
I had no idea.
I thought you two were the perfect couple.
Oh, we're really not.
I even thought that maybe Maybe? Oh nothing.
Everything's just a complete mess.
And how's Elke and Claire taking it? Claire's furious and Elke's just sad and confused.
I'm so sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't be dumping this on you.
No, don't be silly.
No, you've got so much on your plate with everything - the election and - Karen, that's what friends are for.
Thank you.
- Such a mess.
- No, you're not.
- I have been patient! - And you need to stay that way.
Where the Lamptons are concerned, there's a strategy at play.
She's my daughter, not a chess piece.
Look, I know what she means to you, Roza, truly, I do.
but we need to be smart.
It's gonna take time.
There's a blog post out, all but naming Simon as a suspect.
- I know.
- And? And we make the wrong move now, it will play right into the public's Oh my God, this is not you, this is Ed! I'm trying to help you here, Roza.
I need you to help me in return.
Stay sober, straight, away from that bloody family, it'll pay off.
It might not feel like it at the moment, but Polls they're up.
Yeah, great news.
Hey, stranger.
- Not now, Tamara.
- Yeah, yeah, but I just wanted to I think you might've just saved the country.
I should never have taken you.
No it helped.
I always thought maybe I was like him, but Even this mess I'm in, cops, Karen, Elke.
- Elke? What do you mean? - Nothing.
I can handle it.
And Karen? I've been going through the motions with her ever since I met her.
It stops now.
Divorce? I wanna be a good husband, a real husband.
What? D'ya think she's always trying to make you something that you're not? I mean, isn't that why you went looking elsewhere in the first place? Nice try, Arty.
Thanks for wasting more of my time.
Uh, no.
Look, I got this from a close friend of hers.
You can see it's her.
I can't.
No one could.
Put it on YouTube like a normal person.
But then no one would believe it.
This is a real story.
I just had that nutjob Arty Cole in here who's trying to flog footage of David's missus snorting coke.
Not saying it is her, but it certainly could be.
- How fucking could you? - What? The drugs.
I know about the fuckin' drugs! What are you talking about? I'm clean.
I've seen it, Roza, you in some toilet.
Someone tried to sell a bloody video of it.
And you believe them? You're lying.
I can see it written all over your face.
And I bet if I look hard enough, I'll find where you've hidden the damn stuff.
David, David, please! I've waited for so long, and now when I'm so close - All you had to do was trust me! - You're not doing anything! Who do you think made the leak? Karen, I just spoke to the lawyer, the blog's gone.
They'll pay for this, I promise.
Oh, it's too late for that.
Damage has already been done.
Look, you have every right to be angry with me, but there's something we have to deal with.
Something I've been trying to tell you.
Oh, let me guess, you did kill Julia and Mereana.
I suspect we'll all be reading about that tomorrow.
This isn't about you or me.
It's about Elke.
- What?! What are you talking about? - Roza Hallwright.
The reason she came to the house.
It's not me she wants to see.
She's Elke's biological mother.
- Jesus Christ! - What? She told me when I took the handbags back.
That's why she's been reeling us in all this time.
They're talking about your birth mother.
I think she's having some sort of breakdown.
What does she want? She wants Elke to be a part of her life.
Roza Hallwright.
Jesus! Karen, we need to protect our daughters.
We have to work together on this.
No more secrets, no more lying.
I promise.
Don't come near me.
Maybe just let them come to you, tell you properly.
You must've wondered who your real mum is.
Now you're gonna have the chance to get to know her.
OK, downstairs.
- Bye, Roza.
- Thanks, Janet.
Elke! Dad said you were my real mum.
Is that true?