The Bad Seed (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 If you think you can threaten my child and my family, you're wrong.
One call.
I didn't kill anyone.
- Are you gonna help me?! - You get used to it, remember? Of course, I've spent more time in here than you, though.
Oh, you think I had it easy? Borstal wasn't fucking summer camp! You got a degree, but you never figured out why you really got taken away.
Ah, don't listen to him.
He's talking shit.
Oh, he really did a number on you, mate.
Shut up.
Shut the fuck up, Dad! I've been married to him for 17 years, and I just feel like, all of a sudden, he's a complete fucking stranger.
Well, he has always been a dark horse.
So who is he? I'm not a murderer.
I just wouldn't want to be in your shoes.
That's all I'm saying.
Well, you seem pretty fucking comfortable in mine, living in my house with my wife and my daughters.
- Karen doesn't want to be your wife.
- What the fuck are you doing? I suggest you take some time to consider what's really best for everyone here.
The only thing I need to consider is what's best for my daughter.
Over my dead body will you turn her into an election issue.
When I was 19, I had a child.
The decision was made to adopt her out.
It's something I've regretted ever since.
And, for years, I have struggled to put it behind me.
As the mothers among you know, the bonds are so strong.
And now, with the support of my husband and the generosity of her adoptive parents, my daughter, Elke, and I have been reunited, happily.
It is a private matter Everyone knows.
due to the circumstances, we are delighted to You have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about, and if anyone tells you differently, you tell me, and l'll And she'll pop a cap in their arse.
What we need is for something else to break the whole thing open.
Like the murder weapon which we're not going public with for now? However long that is.
Long enough already, if you ask me.
Hi! Elke, Claire, Simon and Karen aren't home right now, but please leave us a message.
Please call me back.
I just need to know you and the girls are OK.
There may have been a significant breakthrough in the Julia Stevens murder case.
It's been revealed to Eight News by anonymous sources that this knife may be similar to the murder weapon police believe was used in the brutal killing of 42-year-old Auckland woman Julia Stevens, who was attacked in her upmarket home more than two weeks ago.
Police believe that the weapon is most likely a homemade hunting knife, and are appealing to members of the public to come forward if they know anyone with such a knife.
- Yes? - Did you send your brother to scare me off? My god, Mereana, are you OK? I saw the knife, Simon.
I fought him with it, and he tried to kill me.
Uh Did you send it? No.
Of course I didn't.
I'd never do that.
Karen? Ford? Karen? Oh, hey, girls.
Hey, is your Uncle Ford here? - No.
- OK sorry.
Um, I've got some information about that knife on TV.
I know where it is.
What the hell are you doing here? Listen.
I can't explain everything right now, but you've got to trust me.
Trust you? Seriously, Simon? You are not safe here.
You and the girls you need to go now.
What? No! You need to leave.
- What's happening? - Nothing, hon.
Claire, are you dressed? OK, sweetheart.
It's OK.
Listen to me - you can't stay here.
No, you're right! I can't stay here.
Thanks to the mess you've made, we have to spend the night with the Hallwrights so the media can see what a big, happy family we are.
You need to leave us alone.
Girls? - Karen? - Do not be here when I get back.
What do you want? Police are at the house again.
They found a knife.
I don't know what to do.
Yeah, I'll be right over.
This way, guys.
Oh, sorry, sweetie.
There she is - the reason we're gonna stay in opposition.
- Hi! - Hi! You look lovely.
Thanks, Karen.
We can get a driver to bring her home.
Not for a 13-year-old on her own.
I've got something special to show you.
- I'm sure we'll be fine, if you wanna - I'll be right here, OK? - Would you like a flag? - No, I don't want a flag.
- Ford Lampton? - What's going on? See, I just think that sounds wrong.
You mind just coming inside? Can't you see how it all fits together? What I can see is that you've changed your story yet again, Simon.
And the other Mr Lampton I've just been hearing about you.
Why, Ford? Why would you do this to me? What are you on about? Mereana's alive.
She called me.
She recognised the knife on the TV.
Jesus Christ.
You killed Julia.
Mate I understand that you've been under a lot of pressure, but I think that Stop the fucking lies! OK.
Yeah, OK.
It's probably time I did tell the truth.
That night that, uh, Julia was killed, I I'm sorry, I did lie.
I was just trying to protect him.
I wasn't with him.
I don't know where he was.
Come on, bro.
You're just making this worse for yourself.
Hidden up the tree, just like we were told.
You phoned it in.
He planted it there.
I've never seen that in my life.
He's a fucking arborist! Come on! Look, I need you both to come down and make a formal statement.
Now! He knew Julia was out to wreck my career.
He knew I cared about Mereana.
He hurt them to get at me.
And you're realising this now? After we find the murder weapon on your property? He needed me to cover for him, and I did.
I always have.
Then why stop? Well, you saw him.
He's lost it.
I mean that poor journo.
I never touched Arty Cole.
Yes, I was there.
I called the ambulance, but it was an accident.
So what happened to his phone and computer? He begged me to get rid of them.
He took them.
How do you think they ended up with you? You guys need to stop him before he hurts anyone else.
If you let him out, he could go home to my family.
You have to believe me.
Brother against brother.
Something's not right.
I think Ford knew that knife was up the tree.
Simon's alibi goes down the shitter, and he admits to being there the night Cole died, and suddenly, you doubt him.
There's still no evidence.
- Come on.
We could nail this guy.
- Unfortunately, she's right.
Pathology says that Cole's injuries are consistent with an accidental fall.
I wouldn't be doing my job if I ignored Don't you dare say hunches.
The look on Ford's face when he saw the tree.
Let's just hope that the knife comes back with one clear set of prints.
Until then, keep at them.
Just coming back to you, Aroha, things not quite going David Hallwright's way.
Well, he did choose to throw himself on the mercy of the New Zealand public over his private life, a risk he may well be regretting now.
Quite possibly, and we are seeing that in the numbers somewhat, do you think? We are indeed.
I think Stay here.
Excuse me.
- Ah, Mrs Lampton.
- Don't worry.
He's going to win.
I didn't fucking vote for him.
With 91% of the votes in, this election could still go either way.
David Hallwright needs at least one more seat either for his party or No need to worry yet.
You know we were expecting this.
There's still some big numbers to come in.
Why do you think Ford is framing you? He's trying to take it all away from me.
What's he trying to take away from you, Simon? Everything I have.
In fact, he already has.
So any idea why Simon would accuse you of murder? No.
Hell no.
I mean, we've been close-as since since forever.
Even when he went to borstal for hurting that girl.
And you visited him while he was there? Yeah.
All the time.
He's my kid brother.
He never visited his brother in borstal.
The guy's a liar! That's what you said about Simon.
Yeah, and I was right about Simon, OK? He was lying about his alibi, but because of the affair, not the murder.
Sorry, guys.
That was forensics.
Nothing on the knife.
That just leaves Mereana.
And you believe that? That she called him? She might be the only evidence we've got.
And she may yet be another wild goose chase.
Charge Simon with what we've got.
- Gregan? Charge him and let the other brother go.
Just don't leave town.
We might need to talk to you again soon.
Yeah, yeah.
Of course.
Anything you want.
Hey, you take care of him, OK? Simon Lampton, I am charging you with theft in relation to the personal effects of Arty Cole, and making a false statement.
You're not listening to me! These are holding charges.
We will continue our inquiries, unless you wish to change your mind regarding your statement about Mereana Cor I told you! She is alive! She's alive! Where? I don't know.
But you can trace the call, right? She will tell you where I was that night and what Ford did to her.
Are you offering me your phone as evidence, knowing that anything we find on that, we could use against you? Whatever it takes.
Just as long as I can get home before you let my brother go.
You are still holding him, right? And we are calling it: with his coalition partners Aotearoa and the Justice Party, we are looking at a Future NZ David Hallwright-led government for the next three years.
Hey, I got a lot of faith in ya.
I'll stick with you, kid.
That's the bottom line Yeah, ya have a lot of fun, don't ya? And living with you is a ball of a time.
Hey, beauty, when the mood gets you down, Your bottom lip's near dragging on the ground.
That's when I gotta play the clown for you.
Black humour made you kick your blues Mum? Hey! Mum! - What are you doing? - I'm not going down without a fight.
Her love shines over my horizon.
She's a slice of heaven.
Slice of heaven.
Warm moonlight over my horizon.
She's a slice of heaven.
- Jane? - Oh, hey.
- Um, sorry, I'm not sticking around.
- Seriously? What is going on here? All of a sudden, David Hallwright's your best mate.
I don't get it.
David Hallwright is going to ensure my promotion to headquarters.
You could be looking at the first woman commissioner.
Have I ever given you a reason not to trust me? No.
Do you remember why we even joined the police force? - To catch crooks.
- Exactly.
And because I trust you, I'm going to tell you now that David Hallwright is the biggest crook of them all, and when he promotes me, I am going after him, and the Securities Commission and the SFO are coming with me.
- The long game! - The long game.
What? I have to catch a crook of my own.
I need your help.
I think I've been looking at the wrong brother.
- Hey, can we go home? - Yeah.
- Hi.
You OK? - Yeah.
Congratulations, but it's time we ought to go home.
Oh, no.
We have a private celebration planned.
I think she's had enough celebration.
No, Mum.
Do I have to? Karen, it's such a big night for us.
She just wants to be a part of it.
You could stay the night! Mum, can I? No, darling.
I'm afraid not.
You've got ballet in the morning, and we have a school project that needs finishing, so - Please? - I'll make pancakes! - No, I want to stay with Izzy.
Photo of the girls? Come on, Karen.
Let's not make a scene.
Would your adoring public still love you if they knew about the drugs? Will Simon send Elke postcards from prison? - So can I stay? - I just want to spend time with her.
Please? OK, but I will pick you up first thing in the morning, and you can text me at any time.
Well, can you at least send a patrol car to the house? - He hasn't done anything.
- Yet.
Just find Mereana.
What now? - Is Dad on drugs? - What? No.
Hon What's he got against Uncle Ford all of a sudden? I don't know.
So Simon walks again thanks to your friend in high places.
Did you leak the knife? What does that have to do with anything? Ford Lampton never visited Simon at borstal, and he knew where the murder weapon was.
So my plan is to find more evidence to prove that Ford is guilty and Simon is innocent.
If you can prove the opposite, then go for it.
Look, I know you don't agree with the way I'm going about this, but right now, I need you on board.
We need to be in this together.
That call you asked me to trace from Simon's phone came from a superette in Port Waikato.
And when I say "together", I mean "in different places".
Where do you want me? Not in use! It's all right, Nelf.
It's about Mereana.
- Nah, nah, nah.
Tried that.
- We think she's OK.
We just just need to see if you recognise any of these men? HA9732.
- These are flight numbers.
- No shit.
Karen, let me in.
- What the hell is wrong with you? - Is Ford here? No! You have got to stop doing this! Claire thinks you're on drugs.
- Where are the girls? - Get your hands off me! No, please! Please, just tell me where they are.
Claire is upstairs and Elke wanted to stay at the Hallwrights'.
- OK.
- Simon, what is going on? - You're not gonna believe this.
- What the hell is it now, Simon? I've just come from the police station with Ford.
Ford killed Julia.
Wh what? No, he didn't.
I'm telling you the truth.
He's been setting me up.
And the police have let him go.
He could come here and hurt us.
You are not safe here.
He's a killer.
Well, going by Nelf's flight numbers, Paula can verify that Simon was delivering a baby at the time we think Mereana was being attacked.
And Arty Cole's laptop has been most revealing.
Did you hear the one about the dead man who sent an email? Why would Simon send his own dirty laundry to a blogger? The question is 'how'? We were with him at the time, and the computer was already gone.
De Silva was right.
Turn up the heat on Ford Lampton, get everything you can: his recent movements, his vehicles, CCTV on payphones, everything.
Do you really think he could hurt us? The lies he told De Silva! Until today, she really thought I was a killer.
You're a liar, Simon, but you're not that.
Simon Lampton.
Detective Bennett? No, he's not.
What's happened? Go and check on Claire.
Yeah, we're just doing that now.
Claire? Claire? No, she's fine.
Nah, we're OK.
OK, thanks, Detective.
They've got their evidence.
They're out there looking for him.
Should we call the Hallwrights? Tonight, of all nights, Elke couldn't be safer.
The less we tell them, the better.
- Uncle Ford.
- Hey.
Good idea wearing those.
They are going for it downstairs.
Don't even know what Dad's doing here.
Having a breakdown, by the sounds of it.
- For real? He seemed batshit crazy earlier.
It's really not ideal for you to be here.
Meet in the kitchen, and get out of the house for a bit.
Now? I think she's scared that your dad's going to go off the deep end again.
Good evening.
Hey, um, have you got that CCTV footage that I called you about? Sure.
That's her.
- Do you know where she's staying? - Nah.
You probably do know that you shouldn't be selling beer this time of night, according to the liquor license issued to you by Yeah, OK.
Yeah, OK.
Just go back down the road you came from.
It's the first gate on the left.
Where are we going? Family batch up north.
There's a family batch? Yeah, he didn't tell you about it? It's a beautiful spot.
You'll love it.
Dad never talks about that stuff.
Yeah, well, that's part of his problem.
He turned his back on where he came from.
You can't do that.
Whose car is this anyway? You stay here.
This is private fucking property! I'm looking for Mereana Costas.
I need her help.
You need to piss off! Well, if she's in there, please just tell her Do you have a warrant? Tell her that the man who attacked her, he'll keep hurting people unless she helps us.
- You should probably get some sleep.
- Yeah.
Claire? Simon! Claire? Simon! Oh god.
She's gone.
I need a wee.
Hey! Claire! Can I borrow your phone? Mine's run out of juice.
I think mine has too.
OK, well, I'll check it while you're in the loo.
Claire, baby, where are you? Karen, I'd love to chat, but it's Simon I want to talk to.
Let me speak to Claire! Tell me she's alright or I'm calling the police.
You breathe a word to the cops and it'll be you who suffers, OK? Please, Ford.
Don't hurt her.
Tell me what you want me to do.
Come and meet me, back where it all began.
- Up home.
- Where else? Hey, and you tell Karen that you're coming on your own, OK? Or you're gonna be very, very fucking sorry.
It's your mum.
Come on.
She was just saying that your dad's acting a little crazy, so it's a good thing we got away.
- I'm going.
- No, we need to call the police.
No! You heard what he said.
We can't take the risk! - Simon, if he has hurt people - He's after me.
He's using her as bait.
- I'm coming.
- No, you're not.
- I'm not putting you in danger.
- Simon, don't fuck with me! I said I'm coming! Frank! - This is the batch? - Real dream come true, eh? What's that for? You know, it's not much to look at, but your dad and I, we had some pretty great times here.
Come on! I'll show you our favourite place.
I wanna call Mum.
- Can I have my phone? - Yeah.
Let me just show you this.
I want my phone! Well, we don't always get what we want, Claire.
Maybe it's time you learned that.
Come on! Come onnnnnn! - There's no signal.
- Really? What the fuck?! Get off me, Uncle! Get off! Get off! Somebody help! Get off! Help! No! You should text Elke.
Tell her she needs to stay at the Hallwrights'.
- Geez, we're a good looking bunch.
- Not bad! - OK? - Mum texted.
Oh, that's great! We can spend the day together.
It'll be fun! Look at me.
I look terrible! Y-you go.
Written statement! From the 'alive but has been better' Mereana Costas.
Simon was with her the night of the murder, and Ford was her attacker.
Ford's ute, parked around the corner from the skip where Cole's computer was dumped.
But no one's seen him since he left here.
"Hi! Elke, Claire, Simon and Karen aren't home right now, but please leave us a message.
" No one's answering at the Lampton's.
You know, you can cry all you want, Claire, but at least you're not Elke.
I mean who really cares? What's Elke got to do with it? Oh, come on, Claire bear.
You must have seen it? "Elke this", "Elke that" You must get sick of it.
But I love Elke! I mean, they're fighting over her, for fuck's sake.
And you, you're just you're just wallpaper.
Shut up! That's not true! Hey.
I'd watch my mouth if I was you.
Simon's car is gone.
They left without locking up.
This feels wrong.
Singh? Claire rang Simon's phone from where? Shit! No message? Thanks.
Do we know exactly where up north the Lamptons grew up? Simon.
Hey, you know what to do.
- Where the hell is she? - I'm gonna get her, Karen.
You and Claire are going to go to the police.
She's all you need to worry about.
It's gonna be OK.
Dad! Finally.
Please, Ford.
Do whatever you want with me, but let her go.
Dad! Dad! It's OK, Bear.
Everything's gonna be OK.
No, no, it's really not.
- What are you doing? - Calm down.
OK? Everybody, just calm down.
Hey, hey, easy, easy, easy.
There you go.
Run! Claire! Come here.
You're OK, you're OK! What the fuck are you doing? You must know that I wouldn't have hurt Claire.
I mean, you knew that, right? That's my fucking daughter! You destroyed my life! You were faking it.
That whole bullshit world that you built.
- Fuck you! - No, fuck you! It was always it was always so easy to take you down.
You know I smacked that girl? Yeah, I got you sent away.
You got the free pass, mate.
You got the good life.
You killed someone for that? That was a fucking lifetime ago! Not for me, mate.
You left me here! I went to fucking borstal! You left me here! You left me here! Ooh! Yeah, there he is.
There he is! Come on! Feels good, doesn't it? Come on.
Come on! Come on! No no No, no! Stay here.
They're in the shed.
Ford's got a gun! Daaaad! - Claire! Are you all right? Go.
Get in the car.
Give me that! You ruined us.
Just do it, Simon.
Drop your weapon! Drop it, Simon.
He did nothing.
Step aside, sir.
Stay where you are.
Ford Lampton, you are under arrest for the suspected murder of Julia Stevens, the attempted murder of Mereana Kostas.
You have the right to remain silent.
Nice to finally meet the family.
This is me.
Can we get Elke? Yeah, yeah, that's exactly what we're gonna do.
I'll see you soon.