The Bear (2022) s02e07 Episode Script


INTERVIEWER: So as you've
been coaching over the years,
what would you say are the
most important, uh, lessons
of leadership that you've learned?
COACH K: The very first thing is that,
you know, in order to get better,
you change limits.
And when you change limits,
you're gonna look bad
and you're gonna fail.
And at West Point,
I learned that failure
was never a destination.
In other words,
when you are knocked back,
you know, figure out why
and then, then change.
The other thing is that you're
not gonna get there alone.
You know, be on a team.
You know, surround yourself
with good people
and learn how to listen.
You're not gonna learn
with you just talking.
And when you do talk, converse,
don't make excuses.
Figure out the solution.
And you don't have to
figure it out yourself.
I always wanted to be a part of a team
and obviously I wanted
to lead that team.
You know, what a,
what an interesting life
it is to be a leader.
That's something.
Fuck you, cousin.
Jesus fuckin' Christ.
You gotta be kidding me.

Hey, forks.
No, no. I'm Richard.
I'm Garrett, back wait staff.
You're forks.
Change your shirt.
Chef, are we done with the forks?
Yes, Chef. Almost, Chef. Let me ask you.
Every stage shine fuckin'
forks his whole first fuckin' day?
- First week.
- Week?
GARRETT: First week is forks.
And if you get lucky,
you make it to spoons.
Can we chill out on the
swearing, too, please?
- How long am I supposed to be here for?
- A week.
You want me to fork, I'll fork.
I'm not gonna give cousin the
satisfaction of coming home early.
I can do my time standing on one foot.
So let me get this straight.
He's punishing you by making you work
at the best restaurant in the world?
Yep. He's punishing me
for being ancillary.
GARRETT: Great. Let me
give you some purpose then.
Dry those properly.
You see those streaks? That's bad.
Thanks, Junior.
- Where's the boss?
- Which one?
Big boss. Capo. Terry.
Chef Terry is always watching.
Fuck you, cousin.
Now I'm wakin' at the crack of dawn ♪
To send a little money home ♪
From here to the moon ♪
Is risin' like a discotheque ♪
And now my bags are down and packed ♪
For traveling ♪
Lookin' at happiness ♪
Keepin' my flavor fresh ♪
Nobody knows I guess ♪
How far I'll go, I know ♪
So I'm leavin' at six o' clock ♪
Meet in a parkin' lot ♪
Harriet Hendershot ♪
Sunglasses on ♪
She waits by this ♪
Glass and concrete and stone ♪
It is just a house ♪
Not a home ♪
And my head ♪
Is 50 feet high ♪
Let my body and soul ♪
Be my guide ♪
Yo. Garrett. Chef.
I've been doing this forever.
Can I wash dishes or something?
No, we got the best
dishwashers in the world.
You're just gonna slow 'em down.
That wasn't clean.
I've been doing this for nine hours.
I think I know what's clean.
I'm telling you, that's not clean.
That was not clean either.
Please do them properly
Yo. They're goddamn forks.
GARRETT: Do you think
this is below you or something?
Man, I think I'm 45 years old,
polishing forks.
No one is asking you to be here.
I don't think anybody
remembers your name.
Nice try.
You think I don't know how hard it is
hiring people since COVID?
We don't have that problem.
You really drink this Kool-Aid, huh?
Yeah, I do.
- Why?
- Because I love this, Richie.
I love this so much, dude.
Did you know that when this
restaurant opened 12 years ago,
it won the best restaurant
in the world the same year?
It's retained three stars
because we have
a waiting list that's long.
Five thousand people waiting
at any given moment long.
Do you see their faces
when they walk in here?
How stoked they are to see us
and how stoked we have to be
to serve them?
It takes 200 people
to keep this place in orbit.
And at any given moment,
one of those people
that is waiting in line
gets to eat here.
They get to spend their time
and their money here.
I'm sorry, bro,
but we need to have some forks
without streaks in them.
Every day here
is the freaking Super Bowl.
You don't have to drink
the Kool-Aid, Richie.
I just need you to respect me.
I need you to respect the staff.
I need you to respect the diners.
And I need you to respect yourself.
I can do respect.
Lovely. I'll see you inside.
MANAGER: Tonight's PONs include
Kimberly Foxx, district
attorney of the city of Chicago.
- We have Maurice Cheeks
- What's a PON?
Person of note.
MANAGER: as well as
comedian and musician Bo Burnham.
On 29 at 7:15,
we have Tim and Jill Perry.
They're both
Elmhurst High School teachers.
And according to Jill's Instagram,
it's always been her dream to
dine at a three-star restaurant.
And they have been, quote,
"Saving up for this."
I wanna go above and beyond tonight.
Every supplement and caviar, please.
A tour of the kitchen,
a champagne tour in the gallery as well.
And, guys, we're not gonna
let these people spend a dollar.
Do not drop a check.
I wanna blow their fuckin' minds.
ALL: Chef.
MANAGER: Last thing,
still, no one is
owning up to the smudge.
I wanna clarify that it's not
so much the smudge,
but rather the fact that no one
is taking responsibility for the smudge.
We're not children.
It's okay to make mistakes.
We can smudge things,
but we need to own up to them
with immediacy, integrity, and honesty.
Does anyone wanna talk
any more about the smudge?
Couple menu updates. Uh, per Chef Terry
the duck roulade will now be served
with a, uh, Concord grape reduction
instead of the cherry.
We're gonna be adding
a dish to the menu.
That's gonna be the six-course,
a Dungeness crab
with grapefruit and champagne.
- Did you talk about the smudge?
- Only a lot.
I know this sounds ridiculous.
I am aware that I've had to say
the word fucking "smudge"
20 times in the last two days,
but we had to reset
the plate with the smudge
because the persimmon glaze was smudged,
which fucked the set because
we had to take it to a four-top,
which meant we have to match
the other three plates
to the smudge plate,
which cost us 45 seconds.
- Forty-seven seconds.
- Forty-seven seconds.
Now, if you cost us that kind of time,
you sure as shit better own up to it,
because we sure as shit
are gonna pay for it.
Now get back to work!
Fuck you, Garrett!
Yes, Chef. Fuck me.
Hi. Hey. How are you?
RICHIE: I'm, uh, I'm good.
I'm great, you know.
What's going on? Is Eva okay?
No, she's great.
She's totally great. Um, yeah.
Oh, yo, uh, Jimmy Um
I got those Taylor Swift tix.
- TIFF: You did?!
- Yeah.
That's ama
Oh, she's gonna be so excited.
- RICHIE: I know, right?
- That's incredible.
RICHIE: Actually I got three
if you wanna come, you know.
You don't have to.
No, no, no. It's n I-I
That's so sweet. That's so sweet.
Um, I I just, uh
I know you're really busy, so I
wanted to just tell you something,
um, and it's a little bit hard to say.
Are you alright?
TIFF: I'm fine. Yeah, I'm fine. Uh
I just want you to hear it from me.
RICHIE: What do you mean? Hear what?
Frank proposed to me.
What did you say?
I said yes.
He's like a really good guy.
That's great, Tiff.
TIFF: Thank you.
And, and I want you to know
that nothing's gonna change between us.
That's awesome.
TIFF: You know. And
I Um
And I love you. (SIGHS)
I love you.

MANAGER: Hi, I'm sorry to interrupt.
I just wanted to let you know,
no check tonight.
Thank you so much for dining with us.
WOMAN: Oh, my gosh.
MANAGER: Alright.
MAN: Is he serious?


You're trailing today. Get changed.
No more forks?
No more forks.
You look good.
Feels kinda like armor.
Yeah, man, that's the point.
Start with tables
10, 20, 30, 40, so forth.
Stagger the reservations by 15 minutes
so we do not stack the kitchen.
Start with the two tops,
move to the four, so forth.
All the servers
take temperatures of the room.
They communicate.
How do they do that if they can't speak?
This is our Hamachi.
You can see that it's frozen
in liquid nitrogen and curled,
served on our basil gel.
Nineteen are a bunch of assholes.
Bogeys on 19. Walk everything fast.
ALL: Chef.
Chef, what do all these
different colors mean?
Orange is a dietary restriction.
Yellow is outta town. Green is a VIP.
And blue means kitchen tour.
And what about those notes?
Table 15 likes to eat faster
so we speed up their tickets.
Twenty-three likes it slower,
so we add an extra amuse
not to back up the kitchen.
Twenty-two doesn't like
people to speak to them.
- How do you know all that?
- Know what?
About the people eating?
We have a designated staff member
that researches each guest.
Yeah. Wiretap those motherfuckers.
- What's that ticking?
- Waitlist.
The minute somebody no-shows or cancels,
we pull somebody up.
How do they get here that fast?
Oh, we'll send a car.
Gangster. Okay.
This shit is crazy.
How do you do this all day?
I need you to stand in that corner
and get the fuck out of my way
for one minute.
Five, distillation.
Eyes on four.
- Twenty-four walking in five.
- ALL: Chef.
Two, tasting amuse on deck,
get them out fast, please, thank you.
Twelve, walking out. Let's pick it up.
- Every second counts.
- ALL: Chef.
Three going to 21.
- Pick up two Hamachi, please.
- ALL: Chef.
JESSICA: Eight walking in five.
Triple-check five, please.
- White chocolate allergy.
- ALL: Chef.
- Every night you make somebody's day.
- Huh?
You asked me how I can do this,
and that's how I can do this.
I think I see the pattern.
I'm very happy to hear that.
Thank you.
- Three going to 21.
- ALL: Chef.
Uh, one minute. Table desserts, please.
Nineteen, go. Twenty, go.
- Hold 18.
- ALL: Hold 18, Chef.
Thank you. We have a birthday on 24.
Pick up a cake, candle,
and two balloons, please.
Kill 31.
Thirty-three, go.
Pick up Wagyu, please.
- And 19 walking in four.
- ALL: Chef.
Three-oh-five, hands, please.
My hands, Chef?
Garrett's hands, please.
- Follow Garrett.
- Yes, Chef.
- WOMAN: Oh, wow.
- GARRETT: Alright.
- We have the hibiscus tea
surrounded by a series of small bites.
And to finish it off,
the hibiscus cloud.
- Beautiful.
How do we eat it?
That's my favorite part.
- WOMAN: Wow.
- WOMAN 1: Oh
- WOMAN 2: Fun.
- Fuck me.
- Language.
Took the words right outta my mouth.
WOMAN 1: Thank you.
WOMAN 2: Oh, my gosh.
Do we just dive in?
WOMAN 1: Chef Terry's done it again.
- Chef!
- Relax.
- Chef.
- Go.
RICHIE: Guest on nine.
Emily overheard her tell her family
that she was bummed
that she was leaving Chicago
without getting a chance
to try deep dish.
Got it. Thank you.
Slow down, eight and nine.
Surprise on nine.
- ALL: Chef.
- What's the surprise?
Take a wild guess.
You're gonna make 'em a deep dish.
- What's up, dude?
- Pick up for Richard.
Corner. Behind.
Behind, Oliver. Behind.
JESSICA: Walk four Wagyu to 21.
- P2 is no dairy.
- ALL: Chef.
JESSICA: Pick up canapé for two.
Behind these two canapé,
go right into four more canapé.
That's six, you're going on two by four.
- ALL: Chef.
- Faster, please.
- Fire six rabbit.
- ALL: Chef.
JESSICA: Fire four
Hamachi. One is nondairy.
- I'm looking for a back on 42.
- ALL: Chef.
- By round.
- Yes, sir.
JESSICA: Twelve, walking out.
Three going to 21.
Pick up two Hamachi, please.
- CHEF: Basil gel.
- JESSICA: Kill 31. 33, go.
- CHEF: Tweezers.
- MANAGER: Yes, Chef.
- Micro basil.
- Yes, Chef.
- Micro basil. Fuck, yes!
- Language.
JESSICA: Pick up Wagyu, please.
Three going to 21.
Send it.
Chef, can I b-bring it to the table?
Go get 'em, Richie.
Thank you, Chef.
Walking add-on on table nine.
ALL: Chef.
Alright. Look alive, team.
- Almost there.
- Just another seven courses.
I know you guys have probably
waited a very long time to be here.
Thank you.
Uh, but I couldn't live with myself
if I let this beautiful family
leave Chicago
without sampling one
of my personal favorite dishes.
Pequod's deep dish.
WOMAN: No. Oh!
You did not hear me say that. (GASPS)
Mangia, baby.
Oh, my God. You all are wonderful.
No, stop it. You're wonderful.
- You guys good on drinks?
- WOMAN: I can't believe this.
That old fashioned's
not gonna drink itself.
You guys want some Bacardi and Diet?
Little B&D, should I send some over?
- Enjoy, guys.
What a service.
It's way better than New York. Right?
- WOMAN: Don't you say that to my mom.
- MAN: Hey, hey.
- WOMAN: Don't you say that to my mom.
- MAN: I'm just saying.
WOMAN: I think it's magic pizza.
Four seconds.
Three seconds.
Uh, apple cider gastrique.
Apple cider gastrique!
That's my freakin' boy right there!
- Alright, let's go.
- Another one.
- Go.
Oh, come on. That's Bercy.
W-wait. Wait. No.
Velouté derivative.
- That's an Allemande.
- Ooh, yeah, it sure is.
Oh! Oh! Hadouken!
MANAGER: Uh, what year
did the restaurant open?
- 2012.
- Yes.
And what year did we get our third star?
- 2012. Trick question. Nice try.
- JESSICA: Correct.
And lastly, what were
tonight's specials?
We don't have specials.
We do however have supplements,
including tonight's caviar pairing.
Up your ass!
Romeo, save me,
they're tryin' to tell me ♪
How to feel ♪
This love is difficult,
but it's real ♪
Fuckin' go. Fuckin' drive!
We'll make it out of this mess ♪
It's a love story ♪
Baby, just say, "Yes" ♪
(MOUTHS) Thank you.
Oh, oh ♪
Marry me, Juliet ♪
You'll never have to be alone ♪
I love you
and that's all I really know ♪
I talked to your dad,
go pick out a white dress ♪
It's a love story ♪
Baby, just say, "Yes" ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
Oh, oh, oh-oh ♪
'Cause we were both young
when I first saw you ♪
RICHIE: Yo, let me ask
you, am I the oldest stage
that's ever staged here?
GARRETT: I don't know, dude. Probably.
- How old are you?
- That's an HR violation.
- You're not supposed to ask
- Fuck off, Garrett.
- How old are you?
- I'm 30, dude.
- Thirty.
- And you're like a chef?
- What?
- RICHIE: You like to cook?
- You like, uh, rattle the pots and pans?
- GARRETT: No, I don't like
No, no, I don't like to cook.
Then why you work at a restaurant?
GARRETT: I don't know, man, because
A couple of years ago,
I had a drinking problem.
And I got sober.
I'm good now, you know,
like I feel healthy
and I'm happy and I'm grateful.
And through that experience,
I learned about acts of service and
I just like being able to serve
other people now.
You know?
- Service.
- GARRETT: Yeah.
You know, I used to work
for this guy who used to say
that taking care of people
at the highest level
was like working at a hospital.
You know, like it was like medi
Okay. That's a little much.
I'm just saying,
I think that's why restaurants
and hospitals use
the same word, "hospitality."
Yeah, no shit.
I wanted to say thanks for a
fun week, man. It was dope.
Thank you, my man. It was fun.
GARRETT: Yeah. Um, you know,
we have a new stage
coming tomorrow morning,
and, um, I think we're all
really gonna miss you here.
Fuck, man.
I'm just gettin' the hang of it.
GARRETT: I know, I know. I know.
We have one more
shift tomorrow, but, yeah.
Let me ask you, like, what if, uh
I mean, I don't know
what the situation is like,
you know, but
if something opens up, you know
That'd be awesome,
but you know it's not my call.
I mean, I got another job anyway.
I am needed elsewhere.
Thanks, bro.
- Yo, cousin, what's up?
- What's going on?
CARMY: I'm watching Fak do something
- FAK: I'm recalibrating.
- I'm watching Fak recalibrate.
Yeah, I'm recalibrating.
We, uh, we failed
the fire suppression test.
Another one, dude?
CARMY: Yeah, yeah, another one.
We have one more shot.
RICHIE: How bad is it
if we fail that one?
It's fuckin' bad
- (SCREAMS) Goddammit.
- Shit! Fuck, man!
- FAK: Okay, I'm just
- CARMY: Please be careful.
It's bad, cousin. What do you need?
RICHIE: What do I need?
(SCOFFS) I don't need anything.
- Just calling to tell you I'm done.
- CARMY: Yes, yes.
No, that's right. How'd that go?
Bro, you're going to fuck yourself.
RICHIE: It was fine.
Yo, I know you sent me there
to get rid of me.
What To get rid of you?
Fak. Fak. Fak!
- I fucking told you.
- RICHIE: Yes.
- Please!
- Yes.
I was annoying you and you
wanted me out of your hair.
- What?
- RICHIE: Yeah, you sent me
- No, no.
- RICHIE: No, cousin
- No. No, no, no.
- I-I-I sent you there
- RICHIE: No, cousin.
You sent me there
to fucking humiliate me,
you fucking jagoff.
Make me look like a fucking jagoff.
You're the fucking jagoff, Carmen.
What the fuck you talkin' about?
- (SCREAMING) Fuck! Fuck!
- Yo! Fuckin' Christ!
- Fak! Jesus!
- Stop! Stop it!
- CARMY: Just fuckin' stop.
- FAK: Stop!
- Yeah, I'll talk to you later.
- CARMY: Take a break.
FAK: I actually think I hurt myself.
Hey, I'm about to go over staff reviews.
- You wanna observe?
- Oh, uh, thanks.
I gotta finish this last bin.
We loved having you here.
Thanks for everything.
Thanks, Chef Jess.
You know where the polish is?
That bullshit keeps moving.
Try that drawer over there.
What are you making?
I'm just peeling mushrooms
for the lamb des tournelles.
Peeling mushrooms?
Yeah. It's just
a nice little fun detail.
So when the diners see it,
they know that someone
spent a lot of time on their dish.
Do you wanna have a go?
Okay, so hold it like this.
- Mm-hmm.
- Knife, 1300.
Grab the end and just peel like that.
So slowly.
Thirteen hundred, huh?
- TERRY: Yeah.
- Did you serve?
- Dad did.
- RICHIE: Yeah. Same.
Staff sergeant.
A lot of standards.
Turns out, I like standards.
Did you move around a lot?
Yeah. You?
- I know Carmen.
- RICHIE: Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry that he pulled a favor.
Not at all. I don't do favors.
- How's that?
- That's great.
- Can I do another one?
- TERRY: Yes, please do.
So why do you do this?
(LAUGHS) I do it for a living.
No, but, like, don't you
have stages that do this shit?
Yeah, well, I like
starting the day with this.
- Why?
- TERRY: Respect. Feels attached.
I think time spent doing this
is time well spent.
RICHIE: Time well spent.
That's what it's all about?
Yeah, I think so.
When did that start?
Oh, I st I tried to open
a giant place years ago.
I had all these accolades.
I was younger, I was on fire.
I was arrogant, and, uh
I tried to move too fast.
I couldn't keep the place open,
and the market crashed and I got killed.
Public wipeout?
Oh, yeah. The most public wipeout.
So how'd this place happen?
Well, now, that was on my
- My 38th birthday.
- Hmm.
I was out walking all night,
unemployed, angry, depressed.
Blaming everybody else
for all the time I'd lost
and the money I'd lost, all of it.
And it was raining.
And I was walking through
Lincoln Park. My phone had died.
And so I stood under this awning
waiting for the rain to stop.
And I just stood there and stared.
And eventually the sun came up
and it turns out I was right there.
And then I walked 'round to the front
and I saw the sign.
It was an actual sign.
It was a restaurant for lease sign.
- never too late kinda thing.
- TERRY: Yeah.
Never too late to start over.
How did you get the money to open?
Um, well, my dad had died
the summer before,
and only child, my mum sold
the house and put it in here.
- Oh. Family business.
- TERRY: Yeah.
You close with your ma?
Yeah, she's my best friend. You?
My best friend's ma was like my ma.
TERRY: Ooh, yeah?
What about your dad?
- No.
- Yeah. (LAUGHS)
Are you close to yours?
- Hmm.
- Yeah. Yeah, it's funny.
I learned the most about him
when I was packing up his house.
All his belongings,
like, his whole life.
And I found this
stash of pocket notebooks
that he must have taken with him
when he was on tour.
And full of all these details,
like the palm trees he'd seen
or escargot he'd tried.
Or this time the ocean looked purple.
And, um, the way he wrote everything,
it was like a reminder,
like a don't forget this moment
or don't forget this
interesting, strange detail.
Hundreds of these entries.
JESSICA: Chef Terry?
And he'd-he'd sign each one off
the same way every time.
- Chef?
- Yes, Chef?
Arnaud upstairs.
TERRY: Oh, thank you, Chef.
Don't be a stranger, Richie.
Say hi to Carmen for me.
Yeah, will do.
TERRY: Thank you.
He believes in you, you know.
What makes you say that?
He told me.
He said you're good with people.
He's not wrong.
Nice talking to you, Chef.
TERRY: Likewise, Chef.
Uh, ch Chef?
Uh, you never said
what he signed off with.
What'd your dad
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