The Bear (2022) s02e09 Episode Script


- SYDNEY: Morning.
- Good morning.
You want me to make you some coffee?
- Uh
- EMMANUEL: Stomach still?
Ah, it's alright. I'll just
grab something on the way.
Thanks. Um, still coming tonight, right?
Most definitely.
- EMMANUEL: Are you excited?
- Yeah!
I don't believe you.
I am. I am. It's just I don't know.
I am. It's gonna be really good.
I have no idea how you do what you do.
But I am excited.
Well, thanks, Dad. It means a lot.
I know you can put
a lot of pressure on yourself.
Yeah, well, I live in a
two-bedroom apartment with you.
Don't own a car.
And for dinner the other night,
I had a left Twix,
so I think pressure's our friend here.
EMMANUEL: But that's okay is the point.
Because I love you very much.
And I'm very proud of you.
And if you need to live here forever,
I want you to live here forever.
I never want you to feel like
you have to make everything the thing.
Why can't we put everything that
we have into everything that we can?
EMMANUEL: Baby, if that's true,
then why put so much
pressure on this one?
Because I
I don't know if I could do another one.
Anyway, listen,
I'll see you later tonight.
It's-it's gonna be really good.
- EMMANUEL: I'll see you tonight.
- Yeah. Alright.
Love you, Chef.
The motherfucking glasses came off!
Carm, this is a good thing.


DONNA: Are you motherfuckers

- Hi. Hello.
You were the most excellent CDC
at the most excellent restaurant
in the entire United States of America.
What are you doing here, I guess.
You will be mine all the time ♪
Now fool might be my middle name ♪
But I'd be foolish not to say ♪
SUGAR: Morning.
You okay?
Mm-hmm. Fine.
(SIGHS) Got some super-fun
stuff I wanna talk to you about.
Okay, great.
I got a couple of those, too.
Wanna go first?
CARMY: Yeah, I'd love to. Um
Tipping versus not tipping,
which should be a simple conversation
and not unpleasant at all.
And also, what the hell is that?
- SUGAR: It's a painting.
- CARMY: Yeah, I hate it.
SUGAR: Okay, well,
I texted you a picture of it
and asked if it was okay to hang.
What, so you just hung it up?
What's wrong with your shoulder?
I said don't answer
if it's okay to hang.
My shoulder's just
Ugh. I don't know.
Okay, great. My turn.
Uh, the sandwich window can't open
because it isn't ServSafe certified.
It's gotta be ServSafe
certified in order to open.
And I don't know.
Ebra didn't renew
his ServSafe certification.
It was crossed off the list.
Yeah, well, turns out crossing off
isn't an exact science.
Any idea how we could
do that very quickly?
Yeah, I do.
- Jimmy?
- Jimmy.
Stevie and Michelle can't
come tonight, which is a bummer.
Also, I invited Mom.
You invited Mom?
It's Friends and Family.
Friends and Family is also
not an exact science, Sug.
I don't want you
to freak out if you see her.
I don't want you
to freak out if you don't.
What exactly is a ServSafe certificate?
- Don't deflect.
- I'm not deflecting.
I'm still thinking about that painting.
SUGAR: ServSafe is food safety training.
- CARMY: It's unlike me.
- SUGAR: Safety training is unlike you?
The painting is unlike me, Nat.
I'm fine on Mom.
You sure?
I'm fine on Mom.
SUGAR: Okay.
I'll get rid of the painting.
Thank you.
Hey. Uh, so we don't have full
waitstaff right now.
We just have runners.
Yeah, maybe we just do the nine course.
Yeah, yeah. No, that's
good for a run-through.
- Cool. Hmm.
- Um
- Maybe
- 86 the crudo?
- CARMY: Crudo and, uh
- One of the pastas.
- Yes. The, uh, cavatelli.
- The cava
- CARMY: Yeah. Perfect.
- SYDNEY: Alright.
Oh, did you get a hold of Tony yet?
No, not yet. Um, you have a
- SYDNEY: Oh. Yeah.
- CARMY: And Yeah.
Actually, I've got something for you.
- Okay.
- Uh, for later.
- Um, new uniforms in?
- Yeah.
Do you wanna just do
blues until service?
Yes, Chef.
- Yeah.
- Cool.
Um, hey, who is Tony again?
The fridge guy.
Fuck me.
- Fuck me. God fucking dammit.
- It's okay.
No, I'm sorry.
I just, I just missed him.
- Yeah, dude. Yeah.
- CARMY: I'm sorry.
I know you just missed him.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Fuck.
SYDNEY: I just feel like at this point,
I'm putting so much into this.
- I know.
- And I don't know, man,
- it's the same thing
- CARMY: I know.
- that you've been saying.
- I know. I know!
I'm not trying to
I just need your focus
like you need mine.
I-I don't wanna share it. I'm sorry.
I understand. Yeah Yes?
- Yes. Hi.
- Carm, I forgot to ask
because I'm slowly withering away.
Did you hear from Tom?
Who-who is Tom? Who's Tom?
- Tom's the fridge guy.
- Tony's the fridge guy.
No, no, Tony's the fridge guy.
- I'll do it.
- SUGAR: Tom or Tony?
- No, I I'll do it.
- Can you just call him?
- Okay.
- No. Hey, I'll do it.
- I'll do it. I'll do it.
- SYDNEY: Mm-hmm.
Do you have a phone these days?
Yes, Nat, I have a phone.
- Thank you.
- SUGAR: Mm-hmm.
Well, how are you, um,
feeling about menu?
Good, good. Menu looks good.
Looks like a menu. And
Just gotta do it, like,
a thousand times now.
- You good?
- I mean, ask me later.
What's your relationship
with your mom like?
Okay. Where did that come from?
Um, uh, Nat, Nat invited our mom to, uh,
to dinner, so
It's not-not-not good?
It's not good.
I mean, it's, um, it's fine.
It's fine for me 'cause I know
that it's like a fuckin' disaster.
I know what to expect,
but for Nat, it's
It's really not good.
She-she expects, like,
some kinda fuckin' miracle
or something.
Well, to answer your question,
I-I don't really have
a great relationship with my
Um She's dead. She died.
I could have probably
said that a bit smoother.
Yeah, she died
when I was, like, four. Lupus.
I feel I'm sorry. I feel like I should
have known that or something.
No. Don't, don't, don't, don't.
Don't do the that thing.
- The, like
- What?
"I'm sorry for your loss" thing.
It's okay, it happened a while ago,
and, you know, I don't know.
- Alright, well
- I was young.
- Whatever.
- I'm sorry.
- Thank you.
Yeah, so we don't really
have the best relationship
just 'cause of the whole,
like, dead thing.
That'll do it.
- That'll really do it. Yeah.
- CARMY: Yeah.
- What's up?
Why don't you go lay down?
Hmm, if I lay down,
I will never stand up again.
Show me the month.
Okay, um
Here, sit down.
Thank you.
- Huh.
- Huh?
- Uh-huh.
- Uh-huh what?
We're good for
a couple weeks and then
It's not bad.
- No, it's-it's not bad.
- It's not.
But it's barely good.
And we need great.
Well, food costs, labor aren't cheap.
All these cooks aren't cheap.
You know what else isn't cheap?
Cantaloupe and caviar.
- Dope, though.
- It's definitely dope.
So dope the menu has to go up five.
Yeah. Five, seven. Agreed.
- Yeah, you're thinking that?
- RICHIE: I think so.
I'm not actually entirely sure
what we're talking about.
Yeah, we gotta raise the prices
by five percent.
Uh word.
(SIGHS) I won't panic yet.
I'm not gonna panic.
- Yeah, likewise, Chef.
- Yeah.
How full are we next week?
Next week? We're full.
SUGAR: Yeah? And then?
And then, you know, not as full.
Okay, we die down, we die.
- Mm-hmm.
- Is there a waitlist?
How many holds every night?
- None.
- Okay.
I'm panicking.
No. Come on.
Fuck that. We got this.
- Yeah?
- RICHIE: Mm-hmm
We got this.
Alright, Chef, I need you
to salt that like a sidewalk.
Like my childhood home.
The fuck did you grow up, Arizona?
- CONNOR: Chef.
- CARMY: Look. Okay?
- Pans, please.
- CONNOR: Yes, Chef.
CARMY: Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa. Why is this on the left side?
It should be on the right side
'cause we're all right-handed.
- CONNOR: Whoa! Shit!
- SYDNEY: Jesus Christ!
- JOSH: Butterfinger boy!
CARMY: Okay, that's my fault.
Who the fuck put it on the left side?
The contractor, who's
left-handed, who called you
about fifty-eleven times
asking what side to put it on.
- Carmen, do you even have a phone?
- Yes, I have a phone, T.
Why didn't you tell him
to put it on the right side?
Because you're the one
who asked for final approvals
over all equipments, Chef.
- That was you.
- TINA: Focus. Please.
Bro, that's wild fast.
TINA: That's obscenely fast.
MARCUS: You all are
like making me nervous.
Carmen, I'm ready when you're ready.
CARMY: Yeah, I'll be right there, Chef.
Alright. Two hours to open, Chefs.
- Menu run in 45.
- ALL: Chef.
CARMY: Whoa. Whoa, whoa,
whoa. Chef, Chef. Behind.
- Did you taste this?
- DANIELA: Um, not yet.
Needs way more acid.
Reduce that for,
like, ten minutes maybe?
The consistency is not there.
Yes, Chef. Behind, behind, behind.
CARMY: We need the
handles at 45-degree angles.
Okay? We can grab 'em faster.
Every second counts. Chefs!
ALL: Yes, Chef.
- SYDNEY: Behind, behind, behind.
- Chef.
- Check.
- Looks gorgeous, Chef.
- SYDNEY: Checked. Thank you.
- CARMY: Marcus, you ready?
- Let's do it, Chef.
- CARMY: Behind.
- Syd?
- SYDNEY: Yep. Coming.
Behind you.
Alright, so we got number one
Mom's Honeybun.
- That's nice, Chef.
- Thank you, Chef.
Number two.
You guys seen this one already.
But Copenhagen Sundae.
- Well, this is like a classic.
- Right?
Number three is Sydney's Donut
in parentheses After Carm Destroyed it
Like a Little Bitch.
I don't really know where
the name came from.
Definitely not from some asshole
who's gonna feel like shit
about it for the rest of his life.
MARCUS: Yeah, definitely not.
But I am glad he feels like shit.
- I-I vote we workshop the name.
- Good.
- Yeah.
- Oh, we can talk about it.
EBRA: Marcus, package from Denmark.
Thank you, Chef.
And then number four,
bonus edition, special savory dish.
- CARMY: Wow.
- MARCUS: Wait one second.
This one is a little bit of all of us.
Everything that we all
kinda know about each other and
And I wouldn't know any of you
if I didn't work at The Beef.
What's this one called?
The Michael.
You can throw down, huh?
TINA: Jeff? Jimmy's out front.
Yeah, T. Thank you.
- TINA: Housekeeping.
- ALL: Chef!
So what I gotta do?
You'll be fine.
It's a eight-hour online test.
Just, you know,
have him take it tonight.
Health inspectors aren't coming today.
- You sure about that?
- Nope.
And then there's this.
I wanna know what this is?
Yeah, you most certainly
wanna know what that is.
That, my friend, is a State of Illinois
Business Certificate
which certifies that The Bear
is allowed to do business
in, and only in,
the great state of Illinois.
Congratulations, partner.
Thank you.
It's, um
It feels heavy.
Heavy moment, right?
I mean, odds are against you, kid.
- Is that right?
- Yeah, that's right.
May I share with you a story
of complete and utter failure?
- Yes. I've been waiting.
- CICERO: Wonderful.
Do you remember Alex Gonzalez?
Shortstop for the Cubs?
Um no. No, I don't think so.
Right. And it's a shame
you don't think so,
but I'm gonna explain why
you don't think so.
He was a good player. Solid player.
Moved around a lot.
Cubs had him, like, two years.
One of those years,
they're playing the Marlins.
- Huh.
- CICERO: Right?
Cubbies up three-one.
Top of the eighth. Game six.
National League
Championship fuckin' Series.
- CARMY: Hmm.
- Okay?
They win, they go to the World Series,
which at this point
they hadn't been in, like,
I don't know, 45 years, okay?
Runner on first, runner on second.
There's one out.
Miguel Cabrera hits a choppy,
shitty little thing to Gonzalez.
Right? And I mean an easy grab,
no-fuckin'-brainer kinda thing.
But for whatever reason,
Gonzalez is like,
oh, maybe I'll catch it
with my hand and then,
oh, maybe I'll catch it with my glove
and, oh, maybe I'll catch it with both.
He bobbled the fuckin' ball,
didn't make the double play,
couldn't send the Cubs to the ninth.
Unforced error, right?
The result of that,
the bases are loaded.
And the result of that,
all fuckin' hell breaks loose.
Error after error after error.
Oh, man. The Cubs
fall apart at the seams.
Marlins score five runs, Cubs lose.
So why don't we remember him?
Because that very same inning,
several plays earlier,
Luis Castillo hits a foul ball
to left outfield.
Right? And, oh, my God, it looks like
(SIGHS) it feels like, it smells like
Moisés Alou gonna
grab that fuckin' thing
and the Cubs are gonna be
four outs from the pennant.
But instead, just as
Moisés is jumping for the ball,
a fan in the stands inches from Moisés
does what any goddamn
fuckin' person would do
with a goddamn fuckin' ball
flying towards him in a
major league sporting venue.
He tries to catch it.
But his glove bumps into Moisés' glove,
the fucking ball drops, and end of play.
Fuck you, Cubbies.
- Bartman.
- CARMY: Yeah.
And everyone wants
to kill little Stevie Bartman.
But Alex Gonzalez's fuckup,
trust me, it's the real fuckup, right?
Led to eight other fuckups.
But then all of a sudden,
all those fuckups are a wash
'cause of Steven Bartman,
'cause everybody and their mother
wants to blame this fucking guy
instead of the actual
fuckin' motherfuckin' fuckups
who fucked it up.
Just a normal guy, right?
You know, with normal fuckin' headphones
just reaching for a foul ball
on a lovely night at Wrigley,
and he ends up taking the
blame for an entire squad
who literally
took their eye off the ball.
Okay. So we don't
wanna be Bartman, right?
No, dumbass.
You don't wanna be Gonzalez.
You don't wanna be unfocused.
- Are you even fuckin'
- Alright. Yeah. Yeah.
CICERO: Carmen. Carmen. Carmen.
You wanna be the guy, right?
- CARMY: Yeah.
- So be the fuckin' guy.
This business, like a lot
of businesses, it sucks, right?
But this one sucks extra hard
'cause the profit margins
are non-existent.
- CARMY: Hmm.
- Right?
And unforced errors,
trust me, they're contagious.
So you don't have the luxury
of hiding behind little Stevie Bartman.
It is all you.
It's all you. Right?
So you gotta put your fuckin' head down.
You gotta focus, and you gotta
live this shit and nothin' else.
I actually want this place
to work for you, buddy.
I really do.
I don't wanna,
I don't wanna take it from you.
I don't wanna knock it down.
I will take it from you,
I will knock it the fuck down.
I don't wanna.
But if this is gonna work for you,
you gotta give up every fuckin' minute,
every drop of blood you have.
You cannot
take your eyes off this thing.
And in return, you know
what you're gonna get?
A nice, sharp kick
in your little nuts daily
for the foreseeable future.
Now how is that all soundin' to you?
I, um
I've actually kinda been dating someone.
- Really?
- Yeah.
CICERO: No shit.
I gotta tell you, nephew, I don't
know if I've ever been so happy
to hear anything
in my entire fuckin' life.
And I say the following
with all the love of my heart.
CORTEZ: Family meal up front, y'all.
- SUGAR: Hey.
- Hi.
You okay on the puntarelle sub?
Yeah. Are you okay on, like, life?
Yeah. Yeah.
I just haven't eaten.
Oh, let me make you something.
No, I can't. I can't let you do that.
What are you talking about? There's
What-what do you want?
An omelet?
Yeah, I can make you an omelet.
- Yeah?
- Yeah. Go wait in the office.
Hey, thank you.
Ohh. (SIGHS)
I could cry. Honestly.
You're so good. Thank you.
- Okay. Don't watch me eat.
- I-I Okay.
You're a fucking genius.
Shut the fuck up.
keep fruits and vegetables
separate from raw meat, poultry and
EBRA: Makes sense.
MAN: Produce should always be washed
MAN: before combining
it with other ingredients.
So you'll also wanna clean
and sanitize the prep sink
and work area before starting.
I accept.
- MARCUS: Yo, Carm.
- Chef.
- MARCUS: Try this.
- CARMY: Yeah. Yeah.
- Bravo, Chef. Good.
- Thank you, Chef.
Uh, 30 minutes to open, Chefs.
ALL: Chef!
SYDNEY: Marcus, this is
(SCOFFS) incredible.
Thank you, Chef.
- It's all you.
- Fuck you talking about?
It's all you, dude.
MARCUS: Yeah. You pushed me.
Okay, because you let me push you.
That's because you know me.
Ok Uh, no, no.
We're not doing, like,
a corny fuckin' back and forth.
What are you, what are you doing later?
SYDNEY: Well, when's later?
I don't know, like, after work.
I'll probably fuckin' barf,
like, 40 times.
Okay, well, would you want to go eat
before that or after or in between?
Uh, well, I don't know if there's time.
Also, uh, we have to drill this
with, like, the servers,
so I'm gonna get them and then,
and then let's run through, um,
just ingredients, any allergies.
Um, that wasn't that wasn't
like an ask out or anything?
- MARCUS: No, no. No.
- Yeah.
No, no, no, no. I-I just
Sorry. I just wanted to make sure.
That would be weird.
I don't know why I, like,
assumed you're
- Weird?
- SYDNEY: No, no, no, no, no.
- Not-not-not weird, obviously.
- Uh-huh.
No, um, I just more meant
You know what I meant.
- MARCUS: Yeah, yeah. Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
Let's I'm gonna
This was very good.
- This was very good.
- Cool.
SYDNEY: Uh, thank you, Chef.
Okay. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
First day, lizards.
I wanna thank you guys.
Thank you all so much
for all your hard work.
There's nowhere else in the world
I'd rather be than right here,
right now with you guys.
We are in the fortunate position
of being able to
blow some fuckin' minds tonight.
But in order to do that,
we gotta read some minds, alright?
- Neil, how do we do that?
- We read the room.
RICHIE: Yeah. How do we do that?
We read, uh, facial expressions.
We listen for verbal cues.
We wanna be inside of people's minds.
RICHIE: Yeah. We ask questions, right?
Not too many. We be fuckin' nice.
We remember names.
We remember everything.
Alright? When we walk into this room,
we enter into a state of
profound, heightened sensitivity.
Now, who remembers
what Vasudeva,
the ferryman, said to Siddartha
on the banks of the Ganges River?
He whispered, "Listen better."
And that's what we're gonna do.
He also said water glasses
are always full.
Somebody gets up, that napkin
gets folded, placed on the seat.
If someone looks bored,
make 'em fuckin' not bored.
You know? If the food's taking too long,
make that food not take too long.
If someone looks cold,
Gary, what do you do?
We make them not cold.
That's right. But don't make 'em ask.
Listen, you know.
Watch. Execute. Alright?
We're gonna be streets ahead tonight.
Anticipation creates luxuriation.
Fuckin' abra-fuckin'-cadabra, Chefs.
- Cousin?
- Yeah. Beautiful.
Thank you. Thank you, cousin.
Um, okay, so, uh
Tonight is dress rehearsal, right?
Um, it is designed to find the cracks.
Um, we're gonna be doing a tasting menu.
It's nine courses. That's the
best way to practice, okay?
Uh, it's gonna be crazy.
It's gonna be overwhelming.
That is the point. Do not get crazy.
Do not get overwhelmed, alright?
I want you guys to just try to focus.
- Okay?
- ALL: Chef!
CARMY: Yes. Um, mistakes will
be made so we can learn from them.
We're all here to learn, right?
I want us to remind our guests
that there are no checks tonight, okay?
We've got Gary and Neil over here.
They're our captains.
They're gonna be floating around.
Uh, Nat's gonna be
in the front of house.
Uh, I'm gonna be in the back
should you need anything.
Uh, thank you. Thank you, guys.
- Thanks so much.
- SYDNEY: Chefs.
ALL: Chef.
Sorry for being late. Uh, we, uh
The-the menu will be as written,
uh, with the exception of escarole
is gonna be subbed for puntarelle.
And, uh, there's
a new addition to the menu.
The, uh, mortadella
and parmesan cannoli,
uh, with a mostarda caviar.
"Caviar." It's not really
- Thanks.
Um, and also we have
a pistachio crush on that.
So, you know, if you have any questions,
feel free to ask me or, uh, Chef.
But, yeah. Thank you.
- ALL: Chef!
- CARMY: Thanks, Chef.
SUGAR: Sounds good.
Uh, last reminder, A, B, C.
Always Be Communicating. Okay?
I want the front to know
what the back is up to,
and I want the back to know what
the front is up to at all times.
Keep the notes moving,
keep the dials dialed
and, yeah.
Twenty-five to service.
Let's go to work.
Thank you, guys. Thank you.
Thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you.
Let's go.

I'm so excited but I'm scared
but I'm so excited.
I'm aware. I'm aware. Stop talking.
- You're moving around too much.
- And I'm lookin' really good.
So I'm thinking you should
start calling me Chef.
Well, I'ma keep calling you
jagoff, 'cause that's what you like.
Fak, can't find a screwdriver.
Can I get one, please?
Does it look like I would know
where a screwdriver is?
I'm front of house now.
Oh. Wow, you've changed, huh?
Yeah. Fuck, yeah, he's changed.
Yeah, I'm different now, okay?
I'm front of house, and I don't
know where screwdrivers are.
RICHIE: Yeah, fuck screwdrivers.
- FAK: Yeah, fuck 'em.
- Okay.
- I'll go fuckin' find
- Kidding, kidding.
Come on. Here. I got it on me.
Respect. Thank you, buddy.
- Hey, Carm.
- Yeah?
Uh, is Claire bear coming tonight?
Yeah. Yeah, no, I believe,
uh, I believe she is, yeah.
Yeah. We We love her so much.
- She's nice.
- RICHIE: Yeah. I like Claire, cousin.
Yeah. No, I like her, too. Uh
You guys look handsome. Good job.
Alright. I'll see you out there.
FAK: Thank you, Chef.
Dude, we look good.
- Bup, bup, bup, bup, bup, bup.
Bup, bup, bup, bup. Read your mind.
- Al Capone shit.
- Dude. (GIGGLING)
- Hey, Syd.
- Yeah.
Hey, can you come here
help me for a sec?
- Yeah, sure.
- Thanks.
Um, it's a little uneven.
If you could just get under
here and hold that top up.
- Yep. Okay.
- Good?
Oh yeah.
- Yep. Nice.
- SYDNEY: Okay.
- Um
- Oh, God. I'm sorry.
- No. You're good?
- Yeah, yeah.
Look you, um
You deserve my full focus.
And I'm, uh, I'm sorry.
- No, don't.
- It's just, it's, um
- It's not Claire's fault.
- I-I didn't s I didn't
I don't think it's Claire's fault.
- No, I know. I know. I'm just
- Like
I'm just saying, my attention
shouldn't be split. You know?
It shouldn't have to be shared.
I understand.
I don't want you to think
I was, like, being jealous
or, like, bitter or whatever,
because that's, like,
not the case at all.
And like thank you for-for saying that.
And also, she was really nice.
I'm sure she's great.
She is. She is. She's great.
Yeah. She's so great
it scares the shit outta me.
I don't know why
I like said all that stuff.
I think I just, I don't know.
(SIGHS) I was scared, and
Yeah, it came out wrong.
- What are you scared of?
Yeah, actually, um
if you can get that side,
I'll hold it up.
- Yeah.
- And then just say more, please.
(SIGHS) Okay.
- Got it?
- Yeah.
Go ahead.
Uh, I don't know. I guess
I guess I'm scared that, like,
I don't have what it takes
to, like, not fuck this up.
You're not gonna fuck it up.
Dude, I fuck things up.
I fuck things up
all the time, like, every day.
Yeah, but not
Not like this.
- You could do this without me.
- I couldn't do it without you.
Yeah, you could.
I wouldn't even
wanna to do it without you.
You know, you
You make me better at this.
You make me better at this.
You still love to cook, right?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
Best part of my day
Like ten minutes ago,
I made Nat an omelet.
You love taking care of people.
Yeah, I guess.
What was in the omelet?
Boursin, and uh,
I put chives and potato chips on top.
- Yeah?
- Oh, yeah.
What kinda potato chips?
Sour cream and onion.
- Oh, fuck.
- Yeah. Type with the ridges.
I bet that was fire.
Oh, it was fuckin' delicious.
That's good.
(SIGHS) That's good.
If no one comes
then nobody comes.
And if they do come
and the food is like total ass?
(SNIFFS) Then we'll work on it.
And what if I just like
completely melt,
like, I just fuck up and fail?
I won't let you.
I, um
- Got that thing I wanna give you actually.
- Yeah.
I'll be here ♪
Come back ♪
Come back ♪
A friend helped hook this up.
TINA: Yo, Jeffrey, sign off on this?
You're not alone, Syd.
Neither are you.
It's criminal ♪
Five minutes to open. Chefs!
- Lights up!
- ALL: Yes, Chef!
We're tasting everything again.
Okay, Chefs?
- ALL: Yes, Chef.
- Tuck in your shirt, please.
Pull butter from the shelves, Chef.
Yes, Chef!
Open this. Put it away quickly.
Quickly, please, Chef.
CARMY: Grills hot, Chef.
- Yes, Chef. Yes, Chef.
- Steaks tempered.
I want timers on every station.
to your station now, Chef.
All fish for pick up on seven fishes
- should be portioned and ready.
- Did you taste it?
- Yes, Chef.
- MAN: Corner!
Yo, yo, why am I lookin' at you guys?
Parm for Carm. Got some Parm for Carm?
Richie wouldn't let us in the front.
CARMY: That's good.
If you want blood ♪
- Bucatini. Portioned?
- ALL: Chef.
- Backup on pancetta?
- ALL: Chef.
- All trays cleaned and polished?
- ALL: Chef.
- Get out right now.
- This used to be my spot!
We met in line.
Carm, you look good, bud.
You look good.
I should restart it, right?
No. It's tremendous, Chef.
- RICHIE: Cousin, up front!
- CARMY: Yeah.
Thank you, Jeffrey.
Listen, Jeff, um, I've still
been using your knife.
I'm sorry I didn't give it back.
I don't remember
ever asking for it back.
Thank you, Chef.
- Good?
- CARMY: Hey.
Good. Good?
Fifteen minutes stagger.
Mm-hmm. Thirty minutes
till we're packed.
Forty-five minutes
till we're in the shit.
For the guy?
For the guy.
Our Mother of Victory.
BOTH: Pray for us.
(SIGHS) Chef Sydney!
It's your ship now, captain.
Say the word, Chef.
Let it rip.
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