The Bear (2022) s03e01 Episode Script


- So, tomorrow?
- I'll call you tomorrow.
- Call you when I get there.
- Okay.
Got everything you need?
New York's got everything.
Sea scallops with layers of truffle,
wrapped in spinach and
wrapped in puff pastry.
Oh, you fucking… [SNIFFS]
… smell like a goddamn donkey.
[DAVID] What the fuck is this shit?
It's way too many components.
Basically made nachos.
You wanna add another fucking sauce?
Anybody got any more
sauce we can add to this?
We have a dish with dill
in it. You knew that, right?
Yes, Chef.
Never repeat ingredients. Move on.
That's how you do better.
Faster and cleaner, Chef.
- That's good. Thank you, Chef.
- Chef.
Faster please, Chef.
[LUCA] Chef.
Let's fucking go, yeah?
- Chef, let's fucking go!
- [LUCA] Got it, got it, got it.
- [CARMY] Thank you, Chef.
- Chefs, quiet.
Sorry, Chef.
[CARMY] What's wrong?
I just feel like
Maybe I'm never going to see you again.
You're gonna see me again.
[CARMY] Three cuts on each side?
Exactly. Three or four cuts.
It depends on the size.
Do we have a problem?
You're nothing.
[DANIEL] All good, Carmy?
Yes, Chef.
- Keep it flat.
- Mm-hmm.
[DANIEL] Excellent.
Fuck you.
- Hey.
- Yeah.
Okay, bye.
I'm so sorry.
We made it.
No, you made it.
With everyone else.
I left you alone.
So, don't let it happen again.
It's never gonna happen again.
You should call.
You think she wants to
hear from me right now?
That's not who I was talking about.
I don't I don't really
know what I said,
but I know I didn't mean it.
I know you didn't mean it.
And, um…
Yeah, I think we just, um…
I'm sorry.
And I love you.
And I'm sorry.
And, um And I'll see
you tomorrow. Okay, bye.
[CARMY] And I love you.
And I'm sorry.
And, um And I'll see
you tomorrow. Okay, bye.
- Five more seconds on these, Chef.
- Chef.
You good?
- Yes, Chef.
- You got this?
- Yes, Chef.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, Chef.
- Do you need me to finish it for you?
No. No, Chef.
Five more seconds on these always, Chef.
Thank you, Chef.
Keep the spoon, Chef.
- Nat.
- Carm.
I'm okay.
Okay. But if you're not,
and if it's too hard,
if it's too much in New York,
you can come home.
- Nat, hey.
- I
I'm good at this.
I know you are, honey.
Yes, Chef.
This needs to get good or go away.
I know tonight was really a lot.
I just hope you know that
we're all here for you. Um.
Whatever you need, and
take all the time you need.
You don't even need to
respond to this at all. Um.
So sorry, Marcus.
[LAUGHS] What the fuck is that?
Why a restaurant?
Why not a restaurant?
I don't want a shot.
I know. I understand.
But we're gonna have a staring contest,
and whoever blinks, they lose
and the winner gets a prize.
Ready? One, two, three.
Did you blink?
You blinked.
Oh, my God. I lose, and you win.
You did it. You did it!
Much more. Good.
We need salt and pepper.
- Thank you, Chef.
- Chef.
- Faster, Chef.
- Yes, Chef.
- Want me to finish that for you, Chef?
- No, Chef.
- You sure?
- Yes, Chef.
[CARMY] Watch that, Chef.
I'm sorry, Chef.
Hustle, chefs. Every second counts.
- [ALL] Chef.
- Thank you.
Beautiful drawings.
- Thank you, Chef.
- Very creative.
Check that out.
What the hell is that?
Absolutely no fucking idea.
Yo, Mikey, let's get
the fuck out of here.
- Let's go. Come on.
Open the fucking door.
I want you to have this.
- Please fucking take it. Please!
- I'm not gonna do that.
I'm not gonna fucking
take your money, Nat. No.
I love thyme. That's the only
flavoring we need with the fish.
- [CARMY] Yeah?
- Salt, pepper and fresh thyme.
What's very important is that
you don't want smoke,
but you want music.
- You hear the music here?
- Yes. Yes, Chef.
Yeah? You like the music?
- Yes.
- Fuck.
- Geez.
I'm sorry, Chef.
You shaking? You nervous?
No, Chef.
[DAVID] You want to
step out for a second?
A little too much?
Hey, guys, why don't you all stop?
I'm gonna let Carmy catch up.
Yo, call me back.
Where the fuck are you?
Okay, let's lose the blood orange
and the zucchini and add fennel.
- Yes, Chef.
- Just take your time thinking about that.
- Yes, Chef.
- Just wait longer for that to process.
You know that's gonna be my dish then?
Yes, Chef.
[SOBS] Carmen.
[SUGAR] It's Mikey.
[CARMY] We could do this, you know?
- [MIKEY LAUGHING] Let it rip.
[MIKEY] It's getting louder and louder.
This guy's nothing, and he's nobody.
[MIKEY] Let's go!
[DONNA] I don't think I can
do this by myself anymore.
[UNCLE LEE] Tell us a story
we've all heard a million times.
Tell the story about how
you're living with your mom.
[DONNA] Say it!
This is your brother's house. Remember?
I was running it fine without you.
Why didn't he leave it to you then?
Where did you work before here?
[CARMY] I staged at The French Laundry,
and a family-owned restaurant.
Oh, did you cook there?
Hung out there. Yeah.
Have you ever been to Copenhagen?
You're okay! You're okay!
[WHISPERS] Keep going.
Let it rip, Bear.
I love you.
I love you.
[DAVID] Why are you so fucking slow?
You know, maybe we've reached
as far as your talent can go.
It's a fennel allergy. Sub blood orange.
Yes, Chef.
Thank you.
[SERVER] Paupiette of hamachi
with blood orange. Enjoy.
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