The Bequeathed (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

[strident music playing]
All of these
These sons of bitches.
Really, these damn sons of
These fucking sons of bitches.
Ah shit, I hate these bastards. [grunts]
[raucous cawing]
[strident music intensifies]
[music ends]
[opening theme music playing]
[woman 1] Hello.
[woman 2] Hello.
- [Seo-ha] Oh, is that the last one?
- Yes.
- That's it.
- Just set it down right there.
Mm, hey, thanks for the help.
Go get yourselves something, okay?
[door closes]
Oh, you came back.
Hey, what's all this?
Professor [clears throat]your book, it
it's finally out.
Oh, that one, right.
[sighs] They could've used
a better picture at least.
I "This era's own, Kim Chang-seok,
takes you on a journey
through Minjung Art History."
I think it sounds great.
That's a little much, "This era's own"
you worked hard writing this, Ms. Yoon.
I didn't I didn't write the book.
It's just, I mean
I just took what you usually say
and put it in print,
that's all I really did.
Look, it even says right here,
"Written by Kim Chang-seok." Mm.
You're right. Anyway, good job.
What would I do
without your support and hard work?
Please keep up the good work, Ms. Yoon.
Oh, yes. If you could
please put in a good word, sir.
That way I can keep on helping you here,
so if you could just put in a word or
- Later let's talk about it.
- Right, sir.
Oh, Ms. Yoon.
- Yeah?
- Hold on.
Thank you so much, Professor Kim.
No problem.
Okay then, I'll be on my way, sir. Yes.
[phone buzzes]
[melancholy music playing]
[phone buzzes]
Yes, hello?
[woman] I'm calling
from the Namil Police Station.
Am I speaking to Ms. Yoon Seo-ha?
Yes, this is she.
But what would the police
We are contacting you because
Mr. Yoon Myung-gil has passed away.
Please come to the police station
as soon as you can
for the body transfer process.
Who did you say?
I said Mr. Yoon Myung-gil.
You don't know him? He's your uncle.
Uncle? But, uh
I didn't even know I had an uncle.
[man] Thallium was detected
in a makgeolli container
found next to the body of the victim,
Yoon Myung-gil, 75 years old.
Thallium, what's that?
It's a poison, sir.
Uh, they detected a trace,
non-lethal amount of the substance.
So thallium isn't something
you find in makgeolli, right?
- I bet someone put it in there.
- I'd bet on it.
[sighs heavily] That's reason enough
to pursue this as a homicide.
I mean,
once the autopsy results come back,
we'll know for sure.
Where is Sung-jun? Does anyone know?
[creaking loudly]
Excuse me.
I'm from the police.
[suspenseful music playing]
[faint clatter]
[loud barking]
Ah, you scared me there.
[barking continues]
Hey, you little Quiet.
[dog continues barking]
[suspenseful music continues]
[barking continues]
[glass crunching]
[woman] Is someone there?
Oh, hello there. I'm with the police.
The police? Why are you here?
Oh, well, I'm sorry, who are you?
I thought Mr. Yoon lived alone, didn't he?
I live right down the road from here.
And you and Mr. Yoon are close?
Well, um, we're just neighbors, really.
I see.
Well, Mr. Yoon doesn't have family here.
How long has he been here?
Well, he's lived here alone
for a long time now.
Although, he did have a brother.
But he was crazy and I heard he died.
Ah, I see.
Did Myung-gil do something?
What's going on?
No, I mean, well
He didn't do anything wrong.
[police sirens approaching]
Wait. What's all that?
Sir, you are already here.
Hey, forensics! Check for any signs
of intruders and get any and all prints.
[man] Yes, sir.
[officer] Dong-soo, see if you can find
any white powder.
[officer 2] Widen the search area
over there.
- Hey, hey. Hurry up!
- [officer 3] Someone come here!
- Hey. Be careful with that, okay?
- [woman] What in the world is going on?
What's this? Huh? Huh?
Oh, and Mun-ho, check and see
if there's any makgeolli containers first.
[Mun-ho] Yes, sir.
[officer 1] Don't just search here. Look
Hey, Sung-jun.
Who told you to report here on your own?
We're not even sure
if this is a murder investigation or not.
[gasps] Murder? Myung-gil was
Are you saying that
No, no, we're not sure yet.
We're investigating.
Come on, escort her please.
If you wouldn't mind
stepping over here with us.
Huh, why?
[detective] Are you going to answer me?
I said, who told you to come here?
[Sung-jun] I was just trying
to move quick, that's all.
"Move quick." What do you mean by that?
[laughs softly]
I get it. I'll report first from now on.
Does it feel weird taking orders
from someone
who used to take orders from you?
Or are you trying to get ahead on your own
like you did back then, huh?
Wow, our dear captain
sure is prickly this morning, isn't he?
Then turn in your badge and quit.
Go home, kick your feet up and relax.
Instead of taking shit
from your old subordinate.
It won't happen again, sir.
[officer 1] What did the autopsy say?
Call National Forensics.
[electronic lock beeps]
[man] Hey, babe, I'm home.
[lock beeps]
Oh, what's this? It's finally out.
Let me see.
[scoffs] Professor Kim never fails
to look like an asshole.
What? "Plum blossom"?
What a sleazebag, Jesus.
Ugh, how do you work
with someone like that?
So what did that asshole Kim say, anyway?
About putting in a word
for the professor spot?
Did he say he'll do it?
You going somewhere?
Go put something on.
What? Why?
Well, apparently, my uncle passed away.
This is the first time I've
I thought your mom
was an only child though,
but she had a brother all along?
I guess my father had a younger brother.
The police called and told me they need
to transfer the body or whatever.
Oh, you mean,
that asshole who abandoned you
at seven, that man?
Who never once reached out.
I thought he died?
I don't even know, okay?
Just hurry
and let's just get it over with.
[sighs heavily] Yes, ma'am.
Hey, this uncle of yours, I mean, um
hopefully he didn't
leave us with any debts.
[scoffs] I can't believe
you have to hold a funeral
for your deadbeat dad's brother.
Blood really is thicker than water.
[Jae-seok] Jesus, that's gross.
[detective] Ms. Yoon, this is your uncle,
Mr. Yoon Myung-gil. Do you recognize him?
I've already mentioned this
over the phone,
but I've cut all ties with my father
a long time ago.
I didn't even attend his funeral.
So it goes without saying
his brother was a stranger, you know?
Oh. We'll have to see the autopsy results,
but we found a trace amount of thallium
in a bottle next to the body.
So now we're treating this
as a homicide investigation.
[scoffs] Whether you're treating this
as a homicide or not,
I really don't know this man at all.
Even so, you're his only known relative.
Look, sir, see, this man has nothing to do
with my wife whatsoever.
So what's the point of any of this?
[detective] Then
if you would just sign
your inheritance forms now, please.
An inheritance?
What's he talking about?
[detective] Mr. Yoon left behind
a family burial ground.
And seeing that
you're the only living relative,
you and your husband here,
are the sole inheritors of that property.
[Jae-seok] Huh?
[Sang-min] What do you think?
[Dae-su] Well, there don't seem to be
any particular red flags.
It really seemed like
they didn't keep in contact.
- Oh, I'm freezing.
- It's cold.
- Hey.
- What?
That old guy finally died.
[girl 2] Yeah, after all of that, too.
Isn't that great?
You were gonna run a store
out of the chief's building?
Mm-hmm. I was, yeah.
Well, what if your mom has you help out
at the store once you graduate?
Ugh, please!
I gotta get the hell out of here,
no matter what.
- Hey, it's here.
- [bus approaches]
What's wrong with this place?
'Cause now it's gonna be busy.
- Mm-mm-mm.
- It's gonna be cool now.
Uh-uh. There's no way.
Quick, come on.
[both] Hello.
[bus drives away]
[Jae-seok] Family plot?
What plot?
At least he didn't stick us with any debt.
But anyway, how much could
a countryside burial ground go for?
A 100 or 200 million won?
What should we do for the funeral though?
Should we contact a funeral company?
I think we should.
Oh, but won't the inheritance tax
be a lot?
Ms. Yoon Seo-ha?
[ominous music playing]
Yes? And you are?
My God.
The resemblance.
I can see the resemblance. It's uncanny.
I'm the chief of Jinseong-ri Village.
That's where your uncle lived.
Oh, I see.
I heard you were dealing with
the funeral services. Is that correct?
So I asked if the police wouldn't mind
letting me talk about it with you first.
For what reason?
Well, that's, uh
Mr. Myung-gil was very close
with the people of the village
for many years, you see?
To hold a funeral, you'll need to contact
a bunch of places and it's a lot of work.
And I heard that Mr. Myung-gil and you
weren't exactly keeping in touch.
So I I figured that this situation
could be a little overwhelming.
Oh. That's great, huh?
That's We were just talking about
how we're gonna handle this.
Oh, my.
He was such a beloved fixture
in our village, so for him to
Gosh, it's
[angrily] These God damn bastards
[normally]said that the body transfer
had to be approved by the relatives.
But the fact of the matter
is his true family was the village, see?
Anyways, just leave it to me,
all of the funeral services.
We'll get it taken care of, okay?
The only thing you have to do, miss,
is just sign your name over at the morgue
and it's all done, okay?
[ominous music continues]
[music fades]
[woman on video] What are you doing?
- [man] What?
- [woman] What?
[woman] Why do you
keep giving her perilla leaves?
I like perilla leaves too.
Why do you only give them to her?
- Don't just brush it off!
- [man] Come on
[officer] Detective Choi!
Hey, good job today.
Anything happen?
Yes, CSI came by earlier
and swept the place.
Yeah, I just came by to have a look.
Don't mind me.
Go on in. It's cold out.
Yes, sir.
[tense music playing]
[PA chimes]
Hello, residents of Jinseong-ri Village,
this is your chief, Yuk Sung-soo.
I am sad to announce that our neighbor,
Mr. Yoon Myung-gil,
has unfortunately passed away.
His funeral will be held
at Jinseong-ri Village Hall later tonight.
If you have the time
[clears throat] excuse me,
please do your best to attend
so that we can bid our beloved friend,
Mr. Yoon Myung-gil, a fond farewell.
- [children laughing]
- [indistinct chatter]
[woman] The kids are just excited.
Leave me alone.
[indistinct chatter, laughter]
Well, I'm in a good mood,
so let's take it up a notch!
[Chief Yuk] My goodness, you made it!
- Oh, goodness, Chief!
- So glad you're here!
- What a turnout.
- Good to see you.
You worked hard today!
- Chief Yuk, come this way.
- Here, take it.
Come here, quick.
[Chief Yuk] I'm gonna get a drink there.
[loud chatter and laughter continues]
Hello, I'm Detective Choi
and I work for the Namil Police.
You have my condolences, miss.
[man breathing heavily]
[Chief Yuk] There we go.
[ominous music playing]
- Jae-seok.
- [man sobbing]
[gasps] Oh, my God.
- Um
- Uh, what are you doing?
My dear sister
- Huh? Can you Can you let me go?
- [ominous music builds]
My name is Young-ho.
I'm your younger brother.
Brother? What're you saying?
- [Jae-seok] What's the matter?
- Let go. [gasps]
I said we're family, aren't we?
I'm your half-brother.
We even have the same father.
Did you know that?
- Let go of me, now!
- Hey.
I can't believe this is how we meet.
- [Jae-seok] Let go of her.
- You have a great life.
All while I'm living miserably!
[Jae-seok] Excuse me.
- [yells]
- [people exclaim]
[ominous music continues]
What? You don't see it?
Is it because I look like this?
Let's do a DNA test then.
[Chief Yuk] This is a funeral hall.
I really am your brother.
Let's go do a DNA test then [grunting]
I'm her brother! I'm her brother!
I have every right to the family grounds
as she does. I do! [screams]
[music fades]
[chatter fades away]
[ominous musical sting]
Yoon Myung-gil's cause of death
was a lethal dose of thallium.
The makgeolli bottle and the substance
in his system was a match.
During the search of his residence,
we found thallium
in a significant quantity.
Discovered in his prescription drugs
and other common items.
I'd wager he died
not even knowing he was addicted to it.
[detective] Right.
[Sang-min] Who the hell
would have gone that far?
Did we look into his family?
- [detective] Seems like Yoon lived alone
- Captain, look at this.
[detective]with no spouse or children.
Yoon did have one older brother,
but Yoon Myung-gil
inherited the family burial ground
and had been managing it ever since.
Yoon's older brother,
Yoon Seo-ha's father, Yoon Myung-ho,
is already deceased.
And their younger sister, Yoon Myung-hee,
passed away in 1992.
[detective 2] We thought Seo-ha
was his only relative,
but, apparently,
he had an unknown nephew out there too.
[detective] Kim Young-ho,
her half brother.
He is the one who caused the scene
at the funeral the other day.
Are we sure he's actually her brother?
Beyond what he said?
Well, we ran a DNA test.
We used the DNA
we got from Yoon Myung-ho's remains,
ran it against Kim Young-ho's DNA.
The results were conclusive.
Since that's the case, Kim Young-ho also
has a claim for the family burial ground.
[melancholy music playing]
[doorbell rings]
Hi there.
Oh, you're back, Seo-ha.
Say hello. Remember I mentioned him?
This is your daughter?
You're really pretty, like your mother.
Yeah. So pretty.
Seo-ha, I wanna talk to you.
What do you think of that guy?
We could go live at his house, you know?
He's got a lot of money.
And you know those new city apartments?
He lives there.
We can go live there too.
You know we're behind on rent
and the deposit's all gone.
This is what's best for us, Seo-ha,
I mean it.
This is our last hope.
Yoon Seo-ha, I wasn't finished.
[man] Yeah! That's right.
Okay. One, two, three.
Just pretend you have training wheels
and step on the pedals.
[boy laughing]
- That's right. My boy's a natural!
- Wow.
- [man] Whoa!
- [boy] Oh, wow.
That's it, you're doing great. [chuckles]
- [bicycle crashes]
- [boy crying]
Oh, no. Oh, Young-ho.
Are you okay? Oh!
It's okay, it's okay. Stop crying.
Daddy will be in soon,
so you go inside first, hmm?
[Young-ho cries]
There, there. It's okay.
You're okay. You're okay.
[sobbing] I really am
your younger brother.
I have every right
to that family burial ground as you do!
It's obvious, isn't it?
These two half-siblings
are fighting over this plot of land.
Okay, let's find someone who knows
about the deceased's family first.
Kim Young-ho and Yoon Seo-ha,
find their mothers while we're at it.
Actually, we already did that.
Yoon Seo-ha's mother passed away.
Kim's mother was never around.
I don't think he ever really knew her.
Oh, really?
That means only those two
have a right to the family plot.
That's correct.
By the way, anyone see Sung-jun?
Did he give any orders?
He asked me to find out about census data
of the village, nearby gas stations,
and buildings registered
under the chief's name.
But I haven't finished yet.
Is he just trying to waste our time
while the rest of us are busy
with this murder?
[detective] Sorry, sir.
Listen carefully.
I want all of you to stop listening
to what he tells you to do.
Instead, I want you
to bring me what I want, okay?
[all] Yes, sir.
Son of a bitch.
[suspenseful music playing]
[camera shutter clicks]
[door closes]
[suspenseful music playing]
[suspenseful music intensifies]
[sudden knocking]
Oh, wow. You're here early.
Good morning.
Isn't it just amazing?
This tree
This tree is over 200 years old.
This tree is basically
the guardian of our little village.
It's like, uh a jangseung.
The village guardian.
That's a grave.
Why is it just in the middle of a field?
Well, they didn't want to pay
for a charnel house,
so they put him close to his home.
It's pretty convenient.
A lot of the folks do that here.
But not Mr. Myung-gil.
Him being interred in a charnel house
was really nice.
Oh, yes. That
Thank you again for your help with that.
Oh, it's nothing. Hmm?
We should help if we can, right? [laughs]
[vehicle approaching]
Thank goodness. There he is.
Over here!
[aggressively] Hurry up!
How dare you arrive late
when we have such an important guest?
Goodness, I'm sorry.
I made you wait so long. Uh, Ms. Yoon?
- Yes.
- Nice to meet you.
I'm Kim Kwang-soo,
the development team leader
at Jijo Construction.
[Seo-ha] Ah, I see.
Why did you want to meet with me?
Well, I heard this whole thing
kind of sprung up on you and
Well, we're we're willing
to buy your family grounds.
[suspenseful music playing]
[camera shutter clicks]
[music fades]
Ah, I know we went late today,
but you really kept up with me.
You know exercise always pays off, right?
I'll see you tomorrow at 6:00. Drive safe.
[woman] Yes.
Tonight, rest up.
- Okay.
- Good.
Why haven't you been answering? Huh?
- Oh.
- We can't be late today.
Hurry up and get changed.
It's Professor Kim's birthday, remember?
Ugh, why is that man
having a birthday party at his age?
I mean, seriously
[sighs] All right. Okay, okay.
I understand, ma'am.
- Oh, this is really nice.
- Yeah, it is.
- Oh, give me the whiskey.
- Here.
- Oh, great. Which year did you get?
- Huh?
Uh, 17 year.
Hey, I thought I told you to buy the 30.
Hey, who'd get something that expensive?
That's That's beyond our means.
You never listen to anything I say. Ugh.
Ugh, really.
Happy birthday!
This is for you, Professor.
I thought you said it was just us.
Oh. Oh, you're here.
Of course. I couldn't miss your birthday.
- Oh, you're both here. Hurry, come in.
- [Jae-seok] Yes, yes.
[Professor Kim] Well, let's sit.
[man] Professor, happy birthday.
[gasps] What's this?
Thirty-year-old Ballantine's?
Professor, let me pour you a drink.
Wow, my gosh.
Thanks to you,
I get to try something this expensive.
Actually, my father told me
to get it for you, Professor.
Really? Oh my, I'm speechless.
How is he? His blood vessels
improved a lot, haven't they?
Yes, he's been doing
a lot better recently.
- He goes golfing every week.
- [man] Would you like a drink?
Wow, your father, he's truly amazing.
Oh no, I'm driving.
Oh! Oh, actually,
we're also here to celebrate Professor Han
being appointed as full-time professor.
I thought
we should all celebrate together.
Ah, oh, that's right.
We didn't tell you yet, did we?
When Professor Seo retires,
Professor Han here
is going to take over in his stead.
I invited you all here
to celebrate the good news. [chuckles]
Let's have another.
To your new position.
[Professor Kim] Congratulations,
Professor Han.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Mm.
- [man] Wow.
- Wow. Yeah, wow.
- [Professor Kim] It's good, huh?
Professor, I won't let you down.
Thank you so much.
[chuckles] Hey, it's not us
you have to think about from now on,
it's the students you have to worry about.
[Professor Han] That's true, Professor.
Well then, good night.
Good night.
[car drives away]
Aren't you going to head out?
I will after I see you off first.
I think I owe you an apology, Ms. Yoon.
You already know this,
but I can't do anything
without you, Ms. Yoon.
Do you remember telling me
you would continue supporting me here?
Now just isn't the time.
So just wait a little longer.
Next time, it will be you, Ms. Yoon.
For sure, huh?
- Yeah.
- I'll head out now.
- Yes.
- Alright, let's go. Come on.
Good night, Profess
Oh, what's this? They all took off?
Wow. They really sped out of here. Huh?
Hey, the full-time professor, uh
Ugh, shit, this again.
Let's not talk about it. Hmm.
[mournful music playing]
[exhales heavily]
[groans softly]
[lock beeps]
[mournful music intensifies]
[officer] Are you the husband?
[Sang-jun sobbing]
Dad, I'm
[metronome ticking]
[line ringing]
Hey, Dae-su.
Get everyone back in the building.
After looking at the bus stops
and gas stations in the village,
we can conclude
that outsiders rarely visit, it seems.
There's almost no commerce.
But soon after
the death of Mr. Yoon Myung-gil,
the village seemed oddly excited.
People were celebrating
like they hit a gold mine.
And even though it seems
it's not really that developed,
the mountain in Jinseong-ri
is a prime location for a golf course.
The construction company managed
to acquire almost all of the land,
except they couldn't get
Mr. Yoon Myung-gil's family burial ground,
so the golf course development
was indefinitely suspended.
There was a building
that was being worked on.
It seemed to be a commercial building
that was going to open
after the golf course's completion.
However, due to compounding unpaid debts,
the construction halted,
and the construction company
exercised its retention rights.
And since Mr. Yoon continued to resist
selling the burial ground,
the project sponsors
were feeling pressured.
And guess who the owner
of that building was.
Yuk Sung-soo?
The village chief.
Thallium isn't that easy to get.
You can't purchase small amounts.
So they hid the thallium in that building
to make it seem
like it's for construction.
We have to move quickly.
Yuk Sung-soo,
we need to grab him for questioning.
[all] Yes, sir.
Oh, that construction site
- [officer 1] I'll check there first.
- [officer 2] I'll go to his house.
It happened again, huh?
Are you ever gonna become a professor?
Hey, if the next professor
works until retirement age
that's only, what, 10 years left? [scoffs]
Hey, this is a fraud marriage,
you know that?
When you first came to my yoga studio,
you said you were a professor.
A professor!
Hey! Are instructors professors?
[brakes squealing]
Jesus! [panting]
Oh. Christ. Hey, are you out of your mind?
What the hell?
I want a divorce.
What? What? Divorce?
Yeah, I'm an idiot.
For marrying you
without knowing what you were really like.
I wanted a normal a normal
a normal marriage. Just normal.
And I tried really, really hard
to make this work,
and I just can't do it.
Hey, I remember you begging me
to get married, over and over again.
After all that, you're not a professor,
you don't make good money.
What are you doing?
And you want a divorce now?
Get the hell out of here. Hey.
Hey, I'm not gonna grant you a divorce.
- What?
- The inheritance.
No divorce until that family plot
is completely settled.
I also have a right to it.
Oh, that's funny. You have a right to it?
Don't even think about it.
I will never let you have it.
Ugh, this is ridiculous.
It's not happening, okay? Huh?
Look, you and me, we're married,
so half of that burial ground is mine.
Don't you know how the law works?
- [detective banging table]
- Mr. Yuk Sung-soo!
Mr. Yoon refused to sell you
his family burial ground,
so construction on the course
kept on getting impeded,
so you put thallium
in his makgeolli, didn't you?
No. Well, I told I didn't I didn't do it.
This thallium was found
at the construction site
inside your building.
Where's playing dumb gonna get you, huh?
Detective Jin,
there's more than enough evidence,
so take him away.
Just dump him on prosecution already.
[Dae-su] Yes, sir.
Detective, I didn't do anything wrong.
Kwang-soo was in charge of it.
[Dae-su] Kwang-soo? Who the hell is that?
Kim Kwang-soo, my college friend.
Shit. He works for Jijo Construction.
He told me
I could get a cut of the profits
if I convinced people to sell.
That fucking Mr. Myung-gil wouldn't just
[shouting] He wouldn't even budge on it!
So that bastard went and did it.
Thallium, makgeolli,
all of it was Kim Kwang-soo!
That motherfucker, he did it all!
[Seo-ha] The burial ground?
Are you serious?
What are you doing?
You're gonna bring that up
after what you did?
There's no way.
Wow, and here I thought
people only did shit like this on TV.
What the fuck was I supposed to do?
Oh, yeah, it must've been so hard.
What, you run out of students to fuck?
- Hey!
- What?
It's taking everything in me
not to beat you to death. Get out.
Ugh. Stop overreacting. [scoffs]
I don't want to sit
next to disgusting trash.
- I'm telling you, get out!
- "Disgusting trash"?
- Yeah.
- "Trash"?
- "Disgusting"? You're really fucked up.
- Get your hands off me.
- What, does that sting?
- No. No, I won't
- Let go! Let go! Let go!
- Fucking
- Ah, fuck! You're really [screams]
- Get out! Get out!
Get out of the fucking car, now!
God damn it! You fucking
God damn it. Fucking seriously?
[growls in frustration]
[Jae-seok shouts]
God damn it, Seo-ha!
Fuck! She's really going.
She's really gonna go, damn it. Fuck!
Come on, Yoon Seo-ha!
- [pop music playing on speakers]
- Jinseong-ri's faithful and true!
Hey, fill your glasses, okay?
This was a long time coming, huh?
We've crossed the first hurdle now, okay?
I guarantee I guarantee
that you'll all be rich after this.
All right, now,
raise the glass for Jinseong-ri!
Jinseong-ri, let's go!
[door opens]
- Jinseong-ri, let's
- Freeze!
Everybody, freeze! Don't move!
- [man] Who the hell are you?
- Place your hands over your head.
Kim Kwang-soo? You are under arrest.
You fuck! Get the fuck off me!
[all exclaiming]
[detective] Hurry up!
Hey, you bastard!
Ah, shit. Seriously!
Hey, which way did he run, huh?
- Run, run, run!
- There, there, there, there, there!
- Hey!
- Hey, stop!
You okay? Go! Keep going. Keep going!
- Catch that fuck!
- Leave me alone, motherfuckers!
Dae-su, get in!
[Kwang-soo screaming]
- [bang]
- [groans]
[Kwang-soo groaning]
Stop moving, asshole!
[detective] Captain, I'll take over.
Jesus, ow. Hey.
[detective] Jesus Christ.
[Kwang-soo groans]
[detective] You have
the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can
[line ringing]
[Jae-seok] Ugh, fucking
Cheating isn't illegal.
I didn't do anything wrong.
It's always fucking drama.
[cries] Hey, I got caught tonight.
[sinister music playing]
[train horn blaring]
[lock beeping]
[sighs] God damn it.
[discordant music playing]
That's strange.
[closing theme music playing]