The Bible (2013) s01e01 Episode Script

In the Beginning

Another one! In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.
The earth was a formless void, and darkness covered the face of the deep.
And God said, "let there be light", and there was light.
On the second day God separated the waters to form the seas and the sky.
On the third day God created the land with trees and plants and fruits.
Will we ever see land again? Of course.
Of course we will.
The next day he put the sun, the moon and the stars in the heavens.
And on the fifth day, all the creatures of the sea and of the air.
And on the sixth day all the creatures of the ground.
And then he made us.
To live in paradise.
Until Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate the forbidden fruit.
And with one choice, they learned both good and evil.
Since then, since Cain killed Abel, God has seen too much evil in human hearts.
Wrong choices, wrong decisions.
That's why this is happening.
Our creator decided to cleanse the earth.
God warned me.
He told me to build a boat.
A boat to save our family, and all the animals.
Every other living creature Would die.
And on the seventh day, God Rested.
After the floodwater's engulfed the world, there is a new beginning for Noah's descendants and a chance to restore the relationship between God and humanity.
This is the Bible.
Lord! It has begun.
What are we going to do? Change the world.
A nation and a people find faith in an all-powerful creator.
You only have one father, and he is in heaven.
You only have one teacher, and he is the Christ.
Their story helps define who we are.
If you hunger for righteousness, then you will be filled through me.
The choices we make.
Whoever believes in me shall never die.
How we live Blessed are the poor, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Ho how we love.
Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.
How we struggle and overcome.
There will be no more death, or mourning, or crying or pain.
I am coming soon.
Before billions can believe in him one man must hear God's voice and have the faith to follow.
Abraham, leave your home and go to the land I will give to you and your offspring.
I will bless you.
I will make you a father of many nations, with descendants as numerous as the stars.
All the peoples on earth will be blessed through you.
God has spoken to me.
Come with me.
Lot, my nephew, walk with us.
Abraham? God has spoken to me.
He will lead us to a new home.
But we have a home, a good home.
Away from the city to a new land.
For our children.
But you have no children.
You can never have children.
But we will.
He has promised descendants as numerous as the stars.
He spoke to me.
He promised.
Sarah, believe me.
Believe me.
And, lot, you are with me? He will lead us to a land of wonder.
Such wonder! Driven by the belief that he will father a great nation Abraham leads his small tribe to the land promised to him by God.
What else can I do? All the other land is taken! You can't have mine! Calm down! Stop! Come away! This can't go on.
You've got to tell Abram what we decided.
What's going on? His men are trying to take our pasture.
God gave us this land to share.
Then he should have given us more of it.
Tell him.
Abraham, there just isn't enough land.
There are too many of us.
The Lord will provide.
Have faith.
In a God we cannot see? It's time we go our separate ways.
No, we must stay together.
Stay and starve? Stay and watch our men kill each other over a blade of grass? Uncle.
We're leaving.
Very well.
Where do you want to go? To the greener pastures closer to Sodom.
Sodom? They are dangerous lands.
Take care.
With no children of his own, Abraham's nephew lot is the closest thing he has to a son.
How can I lead a people when I can't even lead my own family? Quickly, help him! It's one of lot's men.
Samuel! Hurry! Here, lean on me.
What happened? We didn't stand a chance.
There were so many of them.
And lot? Alive, but taken prisoner.
Help him.
Here, take my hand.
Lean on me.
That's better.
Tend to him.
We have some trained men.
Abraham, you are not soldiers.
I told them to trust in God.
I made lot come with us.
And then they left us.
They had their pick of the land.
It was their choice.
They are family.
We have to help them.
God will take care of us.
I think I'll need a hand on this one! Leave her alone! Let her go! Abraham.
There are too many.
Leave her! Trust in God! Lot! Oh, lot! Ah! So few of us against so many.
God is with us.
We're carrying on to Sodom.
Lot, many men have died to save you.
I've lost men too.
We must stay together.
No, Uncle.
We can't.
The future is in the city.
Come with us.
We have to carry on.
Let's go.
Abraham? Come inside.
The stars.
The stars.
- Abraham? - The stars.
All of them.
Count them.
- Abraham.
- Count them, count them.
- Our creator - Shh.
who made the stars, will give us as many descendants to populate our land.
He has promised.
You will have a child.
- I won't.
- You will! I won't.
I can't.
It's too late for me.
But for you there's still a chance.
The servant girl.
No, no, no.
Come on! Hold it steady, ishmael.
Sarah, did you see that? Did you see that? Oh! My boy! My boy! My boy.
Your boy.
Go with your mother.
Welcome, Lord.
Please join me.
Bring water.
Prepare food for our visitors.
Yes, master.
Have you traveled far? Yes.
A long way.
Where is your wife? In there.
Next year, Sarah will have a son.
Why do you laugh? - I didn't laugh.
- You did.
And when you have a son, you will name him Isaac, which means laughter.
Thank you for your hospitality.
We must go.
Can I help you on your way? Where are you going? To decide the fate of Sodom.
Get out of here! Sodom has become corrupt, a city of sin.
But my nephew lot lives there.
He has a family.
The outcry against Sodom is great.
Its sins are very grave.
You're going to destroy it? The whole city? Good girl! You are a just God.
Will you destroy the good men - This way.
- Along with the evil ones? Please! Help! Help us! Help! What if there were 50 good people in Sodom? Will they suffer the same fate as the wicked? Please help us! We will test them.
If my angels find 50 righteous people in Sodom, I will spare the whole city.
- Find these prisoners! - Please, help us.
- They went this way! - Help us.
Or fewer? 30.
You would not destroy them, surely? - Please! - Down there! Help us! - This way.
- Please.
What if there were ten righteous men in Sodom? Would you not save them? Lot.
What are you doing? Who are these people? They need our help.
I'll do what I can for you.
Even if I find only ten, I will save the whole city.
- This way! - Show yourselves! Shh.
They're here! Open the door! Open the door! Give us the strangers! Bring them out! Bring them out! They are guests in my house.
- Let them be.
- We'll take you too! Open the door! Show yourselves! Step aside.
- We must go.
- I can't see! Come on.
For Abraham's sake, the Lord is saving you.
Keep moving.
That's it.
There they are! Let's go.
Have faith, Abraham.
You are safe now.
You must get away.
The city is being punished.
Do not look back at the city of sin.
Do not look back! Lot.
Oh! Don't look back! No! Lot's wife is turned into a pillar of salt for disobeying God.
Lot and his daughters flee to the mountains never to see Abraham again.
How is she? How is she? Oh! Oh! A boy.
As he promised.
Ooh! Your bread.
Eat your food, ishmael.
Ishmael! - Come and see! Hurry! - I am! Ah.
It's good.
Sarah? What's the matter? That woman thinks her boy is going to inherit what rightfully belongs to Isaac.
What do you mean? Who is to be the first of all our tribe, Abraham? The first star of all those stars in the heavens? Our son? Or hers? - Sarah, I - Abraham.
Abraham! You decide.
Or let God decide.
Be brave.
Assured by God that they will survive, Abraham sends hagar and ishmael into the wilderness.
Goodbye, ishmael.
Oh, my boy.
My boy.
When you grow up, God will bless you with many children.
Mwah! Let me make you some breakfast, Isaac.
After years of struggle, Abraham has learned that to be chosen by God is a blessing and a test.
He must prove his faith again and again.
A sacrifice? No.
Have I not shown you enough faith? Eat up.
When you have children of your own, you'll want them to grow up as big and Abraham? What's the matter? God wants a sacrifice.
My boy.
Come with me.
Father, we have the firewood.
But where's the lamb? The Lord will provide a sacrifice, my son.
Did Abraham take a lamb? No, mistress.
Oh! Bring the wood.
Father? What are you doing? You're hurting me, father.
You must trust in God.
Please, father.
Forgive me.
A sacrifice? Oh, my boy, my boy.
My boy.
My boy.
Oh! No.
Isaac! Oh! Abraham has passed the ultimate test.
He will become the father of God's nation.
Now it's up to Isaac.
He will have a son called Jacob.
God will rename him Israel.
The promise of descendants as numerous as the stars is coming true.
But soon famine forces the Israelites far from the promised land to Egypt.
Here they are enslaved by Pharaoh.
Over the next 400 years, Abraham and God become a distant memory.
All his people reduced to beasts of burden.
Except one.
You're not going to fight again.
I can't refuse.
He's Pharaoh's son, mother.
The fighting between them has to stop.
Moses doesn't want to fight.
It's your son who forces him into it, and keeps losing.
You may be my sister's favorite, but I will be Pharaoh.
I will be God! Please.
Fight me! I order you! Moses! Enough! He needs to learn his place! But you were the one that started it! I will be Pharaoh! Then you'd better start behaving like one.
This is your fault.
You should never have let her keep him.
- You're not one of us! - Silence, I said! What's he talking about? You'd better tell him now.
You! Come with me! Mother.
Tell me what? What?! Moses.
I love you like a son.
But you're not my blood! You were born a slave.
Fetch them all! Father killed so many children.
He feared a rebellion.
Your people were too many.
My People? I saved you.
Your people are out there, Moses.
Our slaves.
The Israelites.
You had a brother, Aaron.
And a sister.
But they are not like us.
Come on! You! Come on! Come on, up you get, whore! They worship the God of Abraham, and he has deserted them.
Israelite scum! No, please! Please! I beg you! Jump! Run, run! I will hide the body.
My Lord, the amulet of Moses.
Shall we hunt him down? No, let him go.
He's no threat now.
Welcome to your new life, Moses! You are nothing now! Nothing.
Your people are out there, Moses.
You're not one of us! They worship the God of Abraham.
You should never have let her keep him.
And he has deserted them.
I will be Pharaoh! Moses.
I am here.
I am the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and Jacob.
You are real? I am.
I have seen the misery of my people.
I am sending you to Pharaoh to bring them out of Egypt.
But how can I set them free? I will be with you.
With your power, I will set my people free.
In Egypt, there is a new man on the throne.
Moses's old rival is now Pharaoh.
Thank you, father.
One day you'll have an army of them.
Real ones.
Come on! Nothing has changed.
So much suffering.
Hey, you! Hey, you! Back to work! Wait.
I'll take care of him, master.
What are you doing? Trying to get us all a beating? Who are you? What are you doing here? My name is Moses.
Moses? You are Moses? I need to see your elders.
Come with me.
This man says he's Moses! The runaway prince.
You're wanted for murder.
If you're who you say you are, why would you return? God has sent me.
I am here to set you free.
God has sent you? Yes, God sent me.
To speak to you.
Have you forgotten God? Even if you have He has not forgotten you.
In case you had forgotten, Pharaoh is the only God we have to fear.
And you think he's just going to let us go? Who created the earth, sea, sky? Who created you? Pharaoh? Or God? You're demented.
No! He isn't! He's my brother.
Moses! God sent me a dream to say you would return.
This is Miriam, your sister.
My children.
My family.
My people.
Our people.
- God's people! - God's people! Old Pharaoh may have been fond of you.
But it's his son you'll have to deal with now.
Why would Pharaoh even see you? Oh He'll want to see me.
You have a son.
An heir.
Our dynasty will last forever.
Why are you here, Moses? Have you come to ask for forgiveness? No.
God saved me for a purpose.
Yes? I come to demand that you release his people from slavery.
Demand? Let my people go.
You always were a fighter, Moses.
But you never knew when you were beaten.
If you defy God, you will be punished.
You return, after all these years, to threaten me? Tell me.
Is it your invisible God that's going to punish me? The one who abandons his people? The one who runs from his responsibilities, from his past? From his family? Teach them who God is.
I am God! I am God! Moses! You've made Pharaoh angry.
He will punish us.
Don't make it worse.
God has spoken to me.
He will force Pharaoh to free us If he has to.
What should we do? Sister.
All of you.
Trust in God! Pharaoh is over there.
If he didn't listen to you when you were six feet away, why would he hear you now? You will see.
Put your staff To the water.
Master! Come out of the water! There's blood! There's blood! There's blood! Blood everywhere! - Your majesty! - Swim to us! Master! You are not a God.
You are just a man.
And you will set my people free.
Ah! Ah! Ah! Move away! Moses! Do you doubt, Joshua? All my life, I have been Pharaoh's.
I will never be a slave again.
God is with us.
This is just the beginning.
Our Lord is sending ten plagues to change Pharaoh's mind.
Let my people go.
No! No! No! Locusts.
Come away! Master! No! Moses? What is Pharaoh's answer? Surely he will see sense now? No.
He refuses.
Again? Give up, Moses, before it's too late.
God will keep on doing this until Pharaoh breaks.
What's wrong? Soon there will be a final plague.
The angel of death is coming.
Every firstborn son will die.
But not us? Why would he punish us? Death is coming for us all.
Why us? The angel of death is coming.
Every firstborn son will die.
No, please.
But not us? Why would he punish us? Death is coming for us all.
Why us? Friends! We can be spared God's vengeance, but only if we do exactly as he tells us.
Don't spill! Every single house must be marked with blood.
The Israelites paint lamb's blood on their doorways, identifying them as God's people.
We promised God would free our people, but now he sends us death.
We must trust in him.
It's coming.
- Will we be safe? - Don't be afraid, my son.
God have mercy.
Pharaoh has not listened.
Whatever happens to his people is now on his head.
Once I counted them as my people, Joshua.
Our freedom comes at a price.
The angel of death finds every israelite house painted with blood, and passes over.
Why? Why? Why should israelite slaves have life, when my son is dead? Get up.
Get up! Go! And leave my land, and take your wretched God with you! Load up, get ready.
Come on, do it.
Moses! Moses! We are going to fulfill Abraham's covenant with God.
We're going to live in the promised land with descendants as numerous as the stars.
My son.
How could slaves do this? I vow to you, here and now, that I will bring the Israelites back and make them build you the greatest tomb the world has ever seen.
And Moses's body Shall be buried in its foundations.
This is the exodus.
After 400 years of slavery, the Israelites are free.
I still can't believe Pharaoh just let us leave.
- But he did.
- It's what God demanded.
And only a madman would defy God again after what he's done.
Brother? What now? Brother? God will provide a way.
Why have you brought us her God brought us here.
And what does God say about getting across? Egyptians, on the hill.
Where is your God now, Moses? We have them! They're trapped! Die! Horses! Chariots! They're here! The Egyptians.
Fool! What do we do now? Or is it because there were no graves in Egypt that you brought us here to die? Because that is what you've done! They're coming! What do we do? Well? Moses? Yaah! Yaah! Yaah! Moses! Lord, I cannot believe this is the end you planned for us.
Yaah! We have watched you bring terror on our enemies.
Die! You kept death from our door.
- Moses! - Moses! Lord! Come on! Come on! God is with us! Follow me! God is with us! We're going to go straight through there! Get your men together! Hurry, hurry! We have to leave now! Light torches quickly! Let's move! Let's move! Let's move! Move it! - Let's move! - Quickly! Hurry! Have faith! Come on! Keep moving! Hurry! Don't be afraid! Have faith! - Come on! - Come on! Keep going! We're nearly there! Wait! After them! Attack! Now! Bring me Moses! Run! Run! Run! Keep moving! Hurry! I see their torches! Come on! Keep moving! They're coming.
They're coming! Hurry! Run! Hurry! We're almost there! They're still coming! Come on! Come on, old man! Hurry! Hurry! We're here! They're still coming! You are not a God, Pharaoh.
There is only one God And he is here with us.
No! No! Moses.
Moses! Freedom! My friends! My People.
God has delivered us from slavery.
We are free.
You have come a long way.
I know.
But our journey is just beginning.
We must trust in God.
We must follow his path.
Moses leads the Israelites to mount sinai, where God first spoke to him in the burning bush.
Aah! God gives laws to Moses, written in stone.
The ten commandments.
God has Renewed the promise he made to Abraham.
We have new laws, preparing us for the promised land.
If we are true to God, he will keep his promise.
Abraham's dream.
Our future.
You are our people's future, Joshua.
You must take the land promised to Abraham and all of his descendants, as numerous as the stars.
Lord, I was with Moses when he handed down these commandments.
I was witness to the covenant, the promise of a holy nation.
Help me to forge that nation, to lead your people to inherit their land.
Joshua! Joshua! The Lord brought us out from Egypt.
He promised us this land.
And soon It will be ours! Come.
Are you ready? We'll search the whole city.
Just find me a way in.
We must take Jericho.
It's all that stands between us and the promised land.
Hey, hey! Only collect water in daylight.
Go home now.
- Please.
- Go.
Stay indoors.
The Israelites can attack at any time.
Get home.
My little whore.
Oh! What are you doing out, hm? - You know it's not safe? - It's safe enough.
- Oh! - No-one is safe.
I can look after myself.
Go home.
What are you men doing here? Get out! Get out!! Israelites! Brother.
- For Israel! - For Israel.
- The enemy are in! - Quick.
Sound the alarm! It has begun.
The Lord parted the waters for Moses.
For you he will split rock.
If we obey the Lord, anything is possible! Saul, I anoint you the first king of Israel.
God is with me! Samson, your strength comes from God.
Your duty is to drive the philistines away.
David, the people will look to you now to defend them, unite them.
Jerusalem, our new home.
When you have my crown, will you not kill my descendants, bury my name? Wherever you go I shall hunt you down! What the Lord gives he can take away.
What is your name? My name is Delilah.
Your God has abandoned you, Samson.
And taken your strength with him.
No, he wants me to destroy you all! The Lord told me the house of David will rule Israel forever.
Israel! There will be no more death, or mourning, or crying, or pain.
I am coming soon.