The Bible (2013) s01e08 Episode Script


[narrator] previously on the bible Great heroes has forged the jewish nation in faith.
Moses freed the people from egyptian slavery.
Lord! Follow me! Joshua led them into the promised land.
David united the israelites and delivered the city of Jerusalem.
But now their descendants are ruled by Rome an the Pontius Pilate.
Roman scums! Roman thieves! Hundreds are heading to see the prefect Pilate.
What? You'll have them cut down before they can get anywhere near him.
It's time you understood what your masters do for you! Pilate has already masacred hundreds of jewish people.
High priest Caiaphas fears any fear of disorder could make Pilate kill again or shut the temple.
In the provence of Galilee Jesus has already been making the waves.
If you hunger for righteousness, you will be filled through me.
I've had reports of a young prophet Jesus of Nazareth.
He has a big following in Galilee.
He works miracles.
Jesus has cast out demons, cured the sick, and has even raised the dead.
Thousands believe he is the Mesiah.
They want you to be their king.
King of the jews! You can lead us like an army.
This is not the way.
Not by force.
Now Jesus and his followers are heading to the centre of the power Jerusalem.
The Mesiah from Galilee in Jerusalem that passover her timely (not sure).
Does Pilate know? Sunday The week before Passover [narrator] Passover is the biggest jewish festival Of the year.
Thousands come to jerusalem To thank god for releasing their ancestors From egyptian slavery.
[boy] looks, it's jesus the messiah! Jesus' entrance creates a storm.
[shouting and cheering] The prophet zechariah predicted that a new king of the jews Would enter the city on a donkey.
[crowd cheers] [crowd chants] messiah! Messiah! Messiah [low muttering] Where is he now? He's just entered the city.
On a donkey.
"see, your king comes to you, "righteous and victorious, "humble and riding on a donkey.
" - Where's he headed? - Towards the temple.
This agitator from galilee, he's trouble.
The crowds, how are they responding, hmm? Have the romans made any move yet? - No.
- Well.
So far He must not interfere with passover.
God will bring his wrath down upon all of us.
And, who knows what pilate will do, If the crowds run out of control.
Nicodemus, go with malchus.
If he enters the temple, watch him.
Do not blink.
I need to know everything.
[crowd cheering] The kingdom us coming! The kingdom us coming! Messiah! - It's barabbas.
- Messiah! The king of israel, why don't you make us free? Save us from the romans, lord.
We come in peace, barabbas.
[crowd chants] messiah! Messiah! Messiah! - Move! Get out of the way! - Get back! [man] he's going into the temple! The temple is the holiest place in the bible.
During festival times, selling sacrificial animals And changing money has become a thriving business.
- Do you exchange money here? - Yes, yes.
[man] change your money here! Two, five [man] what are you doing? [crowd shouting] Jesus, please! Is it not written? Wait! Is it not written? "my house "my house shall be called a house of prayer.
" But you You have made it a den of thieves! [nicodemus] who are you to tell us this? We teach the law, not you.
You pray lofty prayers And love your shows of piety in the temple.
You cannot serve god and money.
This is outrageous.
And you were little help! He's clever.
The crowd worship him.
There's something unusual about him.
There's nothing unusual about him Apart from his ability to cause havoc! If he returns, challenge him.
Make his supporters see their messiah For the simple-minded peasant that he is.
[narrator] in the week leading up to passover, Jewish pilgrims visit the temple daily.
Alms for the poor! God bless you.
Jesus also returns to preach to ever larger crowds.
It is much harder for a rich person To enter the kingdom of god, Than it is for a camel to go through the eye of a needle.
The most important thing is that you should love your neighbor As you love yourself.
Teacher! They say you are learned.
So, tell us Should we pay taxes to the romans? No! [crowd] no! It's a trap.
Well, teacher Should we? Pay the romans taxes or? Not pay! Not pay! Not pay! [chanting] israel! Israel! Israel! Tell him! Whose face is on the coin? Caesar's.
Then give to caesar What is caesar's.
And give to god What is god's.
[shouting and cheering] Messiah! Messiah! High priest.
That man, there with jesus.
He approached me.
He wants to help us.
Really? That could be useful.
You let him get the better of you.
Yet I may have found a way to deal with him.
[jesus] teachers of the law, obey them.
Do everything they tell you.
But don't do what they do.
They don't practice what they preach.
Everything they do is done for others to see.
'you have only one father, 'and he is in heaven.
'you only have one teacher, 'and heIs the christ.
' Messiah! Messiah! Messiah! Do you see all these great buildings? Not one stone of this place, not one stone, Will be left standing.
[man] he said he'd destroy the temple! He said what? Not one stone will be left standing.
He threatens to destroy the temple.
We must move swiftly, but softly.
We cannot arrest him openly or his supporters will run riot.
No, not at passover, no! We must bring him in quietly at night, before passover.
Malchus, what was the name of that follower you pointed out? - Judas, high priest.
- Judas, yes Bring him to me.
- Sir? - We're eating! Sir, a jew has been causing trouble in the temple.
So? Yesterday he attacked the money-changers.
Today he says he will destroy the temple.
[pilate snorts] He has a large number of supporters.
What's his name? They call him jesus of nazareth.
My servants talk about him.
He's caiaphas' business.
But you keep an eye on the crowds.
If they get out of hand, I'll shut the temple.
Festival or no festival.
[indistinct dialogue] Rabbi? I am nicodemus.
- Welcome.
- I come here of my own accord.
The high priest knows nothing of this.
What's he doing here? Surely he doesn't want to sit with us.
Your friend from galilee has caused quite a stir.
One cannot deny that he has followers, Especially amongst the less well-educated element.
But you, judas I'm intrigued.
He He has a power.
It's hard for me to put into words.
A power to cause trouble.
To stir things up.
Attacking money-changers, Threatening to destroy the temple, The holy of holies.
If he were the son of god, If, Would he abuse the house of god? The true messiah will unite israel, not divide it.
What do you want with him? Just to talk.
If the romans step in, can you imagine the slaughter? It will mean the end of the temple, The end of our faith, The end of our nation.
Is that what you want, judas? Judas, you are his friend.
Bring him here.
Let us try to stop this, while we still can.
And what's in it for me? [coins jingle] Good.
We shall expect to hear from you presently.
They say you can perform miracles? That you have seen the kingdom of god.
You can see the kingdom of god.
But you must be born again.
Born again? How can you be born again? You must be reborn, Not in the flesh But in the spirit.
[wind picks up] The wind blows where it wishes.
You don't know where it comes from, Or where it goes.
And so it is when the spirit enters you.
God so loved the world, That he gave his one and only son.
Believe in him and you will have eternal life.
[narrator] the closer it gets to passover, The tenser it gets in jerusalem.
Just thirty years ago, the romans killed thousands During passover demonstrations.
Roman scum! Roman thieves! [crowd jeering and shouting] This is a mess! I must inform pilate.
Since I've been prefect, You jews have tested my patience to breaking point.
- Now I'm beyond it.
- Yes, but prefect I'm speaking! If the disturbances today are repeated tomorrow, I will shut the temple immediately.
There will be no passover.
I will put this city under curfew.
I will crush any rebellion.
Do I make myself absolutely clear? [indistinct dialogue] We thank you, lord, By whose word everything comes to be.
This is our last meal together Before I die.
What do you mean? I'm going to be betrayed to my enemies, Arrested And condemned to death.
[caiaphas] malchus, any word from judas? Nothing, high priest.
I won't wait any longer.
Malchus, we arrest this false prophet tonight.
How do we know he is a false prophet? Has he fulfilled any of the signs of a true messiah As written in our scriptures? Well, nicodemus, has he? He will be tried according to our law.
We remove this man or the romans destroy everything.
Remove? Execute? Yes, nicodemus.
The life of one peasant for the future of god's nation.
Don't be afraid.
Trust in god.
Trust in me also.
You know the way to where I am going.
We don't know where you're going.
How can we know the way? I am the way The truth And the life.
Take it.
This This is my body.
This is my blood.
Remember me by doing this.
I'm going to the father, But I will always be with you.
But now I must tell you That one of you here will betray me.
Who? Whoever eats this I will not.
I will not betray you.
Do it quickly.
Let him go.
[retches] You will all fall away.
Rabbi I will not fall away.
I will lay down my life for you.
Will you? I will.
Peter, I tell you Before dawn You will deny me three times.
- Judas.
Where is he? - I Do you know where he is now? I know where he's going.
Lead my servant to him.
Wake up.
And keep awake.
The time has come.
The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.
I must pray.
Father Father I know It must be as you will it.
Father, take this from me.
Spare me? Lord, I know you are pleased with me, For you sustain me in sincerity.
We thank you, our ancestors, for watching over us.
Father Praise the lord, god of israel.
Everlasting and everlasting.
Amen and amen.
If you will it, father.
If you will it Your will Is mine.
Do what you came for.
Traitor! Take him! Take him! Run, jesus! Run, jesus, run! Run, jesus! Peter He who lives by the sword, Dies by the sword.
[groans] Run! Come on, you, move! Move it! Take him back.
- What about this one? - Get out of here! Come on! - I won't leave him.
- Peter! Come on! Come on, mary! [shouting] Keep him moving.
[groaning] Drag him! - Tell caiaphas we have jesus.
- Yes, sir! Not you.
"therefore, night trials involving death penalty "may not be held on the eve of sabbath "or on the eve a feast day.
" The best scholars say we must hold our trials by daylight, But the trial is tonight.
You cannot go through with this.
It is not legal.
Our scholars say it must be in court, in daylight, in public.
- It is necessary.
- Why the rush? You know why.
Pilate will close the temple.
We must be rid of this jesus.
But what if he really is who they say he is? We are to decide precisely that, now, with god's guidance.
God demands we obey the law! Let me remind you what the law says: "anyone who shows contempt "for the judge or for the priest shall be put to death.
" Anyone.
Tell me, speak to me.
Why are you letting them do this to you? No, no, no, get back! Have you seen the man they arrested? Have you seen the man they arrested? Get back! [indistinct murmuring] Brothers, thank you for coming at this hour.
You know I would not have asked you if it were not so serious.
Get him up.
Jesus of nazareth, You are charged with blasphemy.
Mary? Oh, mary What has happened? Where is my son? - Jesus has been arrested.
- Arrested? We don't know where they have taken him.
Arrested? At night? They want to keep it secret.
They don't want any protests.
He has employed demons to heal.
He has threatened to destroy the temple of our lord.
But brothers, we must listen before we judge.
And so I invite the prophet to speak.
Tell us the message you bring from god.
Nothing? Nothing to say? Surely Tell us this Are you the chosen one? Are you the son of god? I am.
And you will see me coming with the clouds of heaven, Sitting at the right hand of god.
This is repulsive! With god? Imposter! Fool! Blasphemer! We have heard enough.
There is only one verdict.
This is wrong! This brings shame on our council.
- Does it not? - Brothers The sentence is death.