The Big Cigar (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

What Are Friends For?

- Gun! He's got a gun!
No, no, no, no! What the fuck?
- Oh, fuck! [SCREAMING, PANTS]
[IVAN] Where the fuck is Huey?
- No, no, no. I I I I don't know.
[DETECTIVE] Hey, what's that guy doing?
- Get him outta here.
Oh, come on. Come on.
Hey. Hey! Blauner!
Hey. Blauner!
Blauner! Come here. Get in.
Get in! Come on. Come here.
Come here. [CHUCKLING]
I thought I lost you.
I love you. [SNIFFS]
What the hell happened to you?
Wait, were you hit?
Wait. You're covered in blood.
- Are you okay? You all right?
- [STAMMERS] He was right across from me.
I mean, he was literally
He was, like, right there.
And he shot, and I
I don't know how he missed.
It's [STAMMERS] I I think i
It was a miracle.
It wasn't your time.
I gotta call Roz.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa. No. No.
- I gotta tell her. What do you me
You don't gotta get Roz.
We gotta get Huey to the
Columbia jet. Where is he?
He's at the Mann Bruin in Westwood.
He's at the movies?
He loves Shaft.
[HUEY] That's what the fuck
we need to be doing, man.
- We'll take up arms?
- Yeah.
- Here? In Oakland?
- Yeah.
What we need to do
is we need to get down
with these brothers on the block.
- You dig?
- Mmm.
The brothers that's out here,
uh that's out here hustling, man.
Getting fucked with by the police.
[BOBBY] I think you on
to something, brother.
- "'Cause I'm tired.
- Yeah, man.
I'm sick and tired! I'm
tired of being sick and tired.
Lost in the wilderness of white America.
- Are the masses asses?
'Cool, ' said the master to the slave,
'No problem, don't rob and steal,
I'll be your driving wheel.'
And he wheeled us into
years of Black Madness
to hog guts, to conked hair,
to quo vadis bleaching cream,
to Uncle Thomas, to Watts,
to the streets, to the kill.
Boom honkeys gone."
- That's right.
- [CHUCKLES] All right, brother.
"Man, motherfuck the police."
- Tell it, Bobby.
- "And Parker's sister too.
Burn, baby, burn. Cook outta sight.
Fineburgs, wineburgs, safeway, noway.
Burn, baby, burn."
[CHUCKLES] My man.
That's our thing, man, the panther.
You see, the panther,
it'll never lash out.
Not unless it's backed into a corner.
Anybody who messes with the
big cat is a dead motherfucker.
- I can promise you that.
- [BOBBY] Whoo-whee.
- [BOBBY] Whoa. Hey, hey. Be cool, brother.
It's me.
Oh, man. You crazy? [BREATHES HEAVILY]
Sneaking in like that.
[BOBBY] I mean, I've been
knocking. I was calling your name.
It smell like some old ass chitlins.
It's the FBI, man. They, um
It's the third time this week.
You know they ain't really
searching for nothing.
They just reminding you they here.
[GROANS] Shit, man. They always here.
Every time I go out, the FBI come in.
I'm amazed you went out at all.
You gotta eat, man. [BREATHES SHAKILY]
But, uh, I ain't feel safe.
And you feel safer in here?
Man, I don't know whe
I don't know where I I don't
know where I can be anymore, man.
Where I can go. I don't, uh
I don't know don't
know who I can trust.
[BREATHING SHAKILY] Um, besides you.
[STAMMERS] Trust the Party.
Trust your brothers and sisters
who've had your back since the get-go.
Man, you know how many how many
so-called Panthers are informants?
Yo, come on, Huey. That's
Fed propaganda, brother.
Make us suspicious of
each other. Discredit us.
I mean, who's gonna wanna join
- if they think it's all undercover pigs?
Come on, man. You're letting
them get into your head.
How can I help it? [INHALES SHAKILY]
- Come on, man. My brother, you need
You need to just get back into
the sunlight of the spirit.
I got these, uh got these voices.
All the time.
I know it's not nobody
else, man. They
I know I'm I know
I'm not cracking up.
They're me.
And I can't turn 'em off, man.
They just They on
me. They relentless.
And every time I go to bed,
I get hit with these images.
myself in the Soul Breaker
or-or-or-or-or, uh or, uh
or, uh my, uh my own death.
Shit I've done, man. [STAMMERS]
Shit that's been done to me.
Some shit I wish I could forget.
It's like like one of
those View-Masters, man,
that the kids got at
the school, you know?
Like Satan's slideshow, man.
Click. There I am, laying on
that cold floor, shivering.
There I am, fucking somebody up.
Click. I'm dead on the sidewalk.
I'm gone.
I'm through.
Uh, witnesses say it
was a couple niggers
posted up at a booth that started it.
You had Cubans, Italians, the Blacks.
It was like the Bay of Pigs in here.
But for some reason, you
got a boner for the spades.
just this one. Um
Anyone see this guy?
Yeah, he wasn't here. He was.
- You sure?
- I saw him. He ran out.
Thanks, Detective.
- Hey. Anything?
No Newton. But he saw Schneider.
Really? That is interesting
'cause I just found out he's
gassed up the Columbia jet.
Chartered flight to Miami
from Van Nuys Airport.
Oh, shit. Let's go.
Man, I'm so glad I saw
that, man. [CHUCKLES]
That, uh, Richard Roundtree, man.
That's a bad dude, man.
He walking through the
traffic like that, man,
and, uh, tell the dude man,
"Fuck you, man." [CHUCKLES]
But that's what we need, you understand?
That, uh Them images of, uh
of empowerment, man, and courage.
You understand? And that And
that shoot-out at the end, man.
When When Shaft pulled that
thing out on that boy, and then he
Man, what the hell happened to you?
Same thing.
It was an ambush. The
Mob shooting at your guys.
Tajo took a shot at Steve.
Wait, you-you-you were in a
a shoot-out? In a Jewish deli?
All delis are Jewish. I think.
[BERT] Nah, the Italians
got 'em. Greeks too.
Bottom line is the Mob
has a hit out on you
because of your beef up in Oakland.
And Captain Tajo has
made his last flight.
Tajo dead?
Good. But what about our flight, man?
I got to get out of here now.
Uh, we're gonna have to lay low tonight.
First thing in the morning,
I'm taking you to the airport.
[BERT] Fucking Feds.
Okay. Come on. Let's go regroup.
Where? They're gonna be
turning over every stone.
I got a place no one's ever
gonna think to look for me.
[NEWS REPORTER 1] As you can
see here, there was total chaos
on Fairfax Avenue last night.
We've been told that members
of the Black Panthers
- were involved in the shooting
- Look, guys, I'm sorry, but I really
I really gotta call Roz. [SIGHS]
- No, you really do not gotta call Roz.
- Bert, if she sees this
She knows I was there last night.
If the Feds are at Canter's
and already at Van Nuys, man,
they they they all
over your house by now.
And it won't be long before
they walk through that door
right there, either.
Give me your keys, man.
- I'm go I'm going to Mexico.
- No way.
- What?
- Mexican government's shooting socialists
- in the street.
- Yeah, I'm not gonna just sit here
and wait for them to blow
my head off in Encino, man.
What kind of place is this
for a revolutionary to die?
Who-Who-Who place is this, anyway?
[BERT] It's Artie's.
[HUEY] The screenwriter?
You could do Yelapa.
What's Yelapa?
Bert bought a place in this
tiny Mexican beach town,
so we have a place to hide when
the fascists take over America.
[HUEY] Is it remote?
Federales are combing the beaches
- looking for revolutionaries like you.
Look, man, what about the, uh
What about those rich dudes,
man, with the boat down in Miami?
Yes. Yes. Look, Artie could
take that boat down, right?
He's gonna go down. He
goes to the Panama Canal,
picks him up, and then just
drops him off on the way back.
Even if he could, you're
not gonna get to TJ.
Not with the roadblocks.
There's a blanket on the border.
Right. Well, it'll be tight.
- Suicide.
- It's revolutionary suicide.
I gotta take my chances.
To a revolutionary, death is a reality.
Victory is just a dream, brother.
Che said that.
Fuck it. I'll drive you.
Call in Paula Feinberg
and see if she can work
any contacts at the border.
Wait. Where the hell you going?
Car shopping. [SIGHS]
We need a ride that's not
registered to any of us.
- Hello?
- Hey. Hey, it's me.
Are you all right? I saw the news.
Yeah. Yeah. Listen,
uh, I gotta make a run.
I need you to let Elaine know
that she's gonna have to run
the Party solo for a minute.
I'll be off the grid.
Huey, w-why don't you
want me to come with you?
Gwen, let's not do this right now.
Huey, we have been
together for six years,
and now you don't want me by your side?
[SIGHS] I don't even
know why I'm surprised.
You push away anyone who cares
about you. Just ask Bobby.
What the hell did you say?
You heard what I said. Just ask Bobby.
Bobby Seale. What's going on, my man?
So, this is how you deal with
that Fed shit? You keep using.
- You surround yourself with these niggas?
- You got a problem?
A man needs protection, Bobby.
So, you're sitting up here like
a warlord? We not this, man.
Yeah. You got a better idea?
Yeah. City Hall. Hmm.
I'm running for mayor.
[HUEY CHUCKLES] You think that the, uh,
co-founder of the Black Panther
Party is gonna be mayor of Oakland?
I ran for assembly in '68.
- Mmm.
- [BOBBY] Yo, open your eyes, man.
I started this shit with you.
What, now I gotta get two
dumb motherfuckers like these
- to prove to you I'm serious?
- You gonna let him pop off?
Be cool.
Take a walk, man.
Yeah, that's right.
Go ahead on.
Bobby, elections, man,
that ain't our game.
Well, shit's changed.
It is time we start legislating,
controlling the budgets.
You know how much shit we could
get done if I ran this city?
I mean, if we did?
Food programs for every
kid, free health care.
We pick the chief of
police. Oversee OPD?
Brother, if we had that,
then maybe none of this
shit would be happening.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah. Preach on, brother.
That better be an endorsement.
[BOBBY] Now, if you want a better deal,
then go on down and vote for Seale.
[VOTER 1] Yes, Bobby!
Because the only solution to pollution
is the people's humane revolution.
The only solution to pollution
is people's humane revolution.
- [VOTER 2] Right on.
- All power to the people.
- [VOTERS] All power to the people!
- I said, "All power to the people."
- [VOTERS] All power to the people!
- [BOBBY] That's right. And if you think
- that's jab
- Brother's picking up some steam.
- then y'all better listen twice.
- Yeah, he has the touch.
- [VOTER 3] That's good. Right on.
- Coffers are still tight though.
- Oh, we got that.
- I said, "All power to the people."
[VOTERS] All power to the people!
[HUEY] In the past, when
the Party needed money,
we could lean on capitalists
and philanthropic types.
[CHUCKLES] But, uh, when the
Feds tried to neutralize that,
we turned to the Black capitalist.
And then the squad had an idea.
Shake down the pimps
and the dope pushers.
- [HUEY] Now, I wasn't there, but, uh,
they always came back
with some donations.
But donations from the
underground economy meant
- we were fucking with the Mob's money.
[HUEY] That's what led
to the hit at Canter's.
Jesus! Fuck!
What the hell's the matter with you?
[BERT] Sorry. I wasn't
trying to scare you.
You almost gave me a heart attack.
I need a favor.
- [STANLEY] What?
- Can I borrow a car?
Hold on a second, Bert.
You know, just a the that
beat-up Mustang that's in the garage.
- I'll have it back for you in 24 hours.
- Bert
- I promise.
- the Feds came to my house.
They fucked with my family.
- They pointed guns at my kids.
- Ah, they're just shaking the tree.
- They're shaking up my goddamn life.
- No. They know you're not involved.
Oh, really? So, you
weren't about to smuggle
America's most wanted fugitive
out of the country on the Columbia jet?
I signed off on that flight,
Bert. I could have been fired.
It could have cost us
the family business.
For what? So you can fly
some fucking felon to freedom?
Stan, could you please
just give me the car?
- I'm totally committed to this.
- You're totally committed.
I'm so proud of you,
Bert. You're committed.
Good for you.
Fuck everybody else. Bert's committed.
You know, I used to actually admire
you for all the politics. I did.
Sure, I would scoff, but
secretly it made me proud.
And jealous that you had the balls
to throw it all away to help people.
I didn't get that gene.
both raised in the same house
by the same people.
Made me think, though,
about where that came from.
About why it was so important
to you to help people.
I can't stand by and just observe
the inequality in the world.
It's always disgusted me.
It's because helping everyone
in the world gives you an excuse
to treat everyone in
your life like trash.
No, no. You got it all
wrong. You got it all wrong.
Yes, of course, there were
times where I was an asshole,
it's different with Huey.
I love him like a b
Like a brother?
Say it. How could I possibly
know what that feels like?
I'm not gonna give you a car that
they can trace back to me, Bert.
This is a death trap.
They're gonna shoot the
shit out of both of you
before you even get to the border.
I'll be fine.
We'll be okay.
I hope so.
I love you, Bert.
Jessica, hi.
Wow. I haven't heard from you, man.
Ah, I know, I know. I'm sorry. [SIGHS]
I've really been up against it.
Um [SIGHS] it's
good to see you. [CHUCKLES]
Hey, I I was just wondering if maybe
you could help me out with a car?
- A car?
- Yeah.
Why? Are you in trouble?
Oh, no, no. It's-It's nothing serious.
I just need to borrow the car, and then
I'll have it back for you in 24 hours.
Okay. As long as you take care
of it. I know how you drive.
- Thank you.
You can take the Jaguar.
I'll get the keys.
Oh, but, um, you have
to leave right now?
I've got some friends
over. Why don't you come in?
You know, I [SIGHS]
I just had a kind of disturbing
conversation with Stanley.
Maybe just a little something
to take the edge off.
You know, give me a lift.
Of course. Come on.
Artie's shirt actually fits.
Thought he was a little more portly.
Do you want to take a
look at any of this shit?
I'm kinda just packing blindly here.
[HUEY] I'm, uh, writing
this letter to Elaine,
putting down everything she
needs to know to carry on
the Party's work while I'm gone.
Right. Well, you're gonna have
plenty of work on your own.
I mean, revolution's not
gonna start itself. Am I right?
Don't know how I'm
gonna do that down there.
Don't, uh Don't speak the
language. Don't know a single person.
Hey, Huey, are you sure you don't
want [SIGHS] Gwen with you?
It's too dangerous. She needs
to stay in Oakland with her kids.
If I get down there, and it's
safe, then maybe I'll send for her.
Would she go? I mean, you
told me you hung up on her.
Gwen's gonna always be by my side.
Hey, look, Huey. Um, and and
I say this as a man whose wife
She got fed up and and walked out.
But you can only take a good
woman for granted so many times.
Say, man, where's Bert with this car?
We said we'd be out of
here in the next 15 minutes.
All right, you know what? Let
me, um Let me call around.
I'm sure he's gonna be running
through that door any second.
I just want to let you know that
[STAMMERS] I I'm meeting a
a very important friend of mine
in-in a little while. [SNIFFS]
[SNIFFING] I can't let him down.
There's no one in the world like him.
He's the smartest man I've ever met.
[SNIFFS] He's my brother.
Yeah, he's my brother.
[SNIFFS] Man, he's not my real brother,
but I feel like he's my brother.
And when your brother calls upon you
to be there for him, you be there.
You know what I mean?
Do you know what I mean?
Do you know what I mean?
What time is it? Oh, shit. One last hit.
Tom Bradley pledged
to add an additional 300 police officers
to combat the rising ride of crime
in Greater Los Angeles.
In other news, Huey P. Newton
remains at large in the Southland.
[BREATHES DEEPLY] I can't wait
on his ass any longer, man.
- We gotta split now.
- All right, Huey, just calm down.
Stop. He's-He's gonna get here.
What are you gonna do? You
gonna walk there? Come on.
Artie didn't drive to Miami, did he?
I'm the dumbest man in
the universe. Come on.
- [HUEY] Yeah, I'm outta here.
- [STEVE] I'll check the garage.
Hey, let me, um Let me come with you.
Hell nah, man. What? You get
in one little, uh, gun battle,
and all of a sudden, you
think you the Sundance Kid?
Huey, in case you need to hide,
you are gonna need a driver.
[SNIFFS] Shit. Let's go.
Let's go.
Hey, you wanna know something
about the Sundance Kid?
This is something I'm not really
allowed to ever say out loud.
I hated that fucking film.
But I am honored to be
considered your new sidekick.
Careful what you wish for,
man. They don't tend to last.
This is a win, Bobby. You
got 42% of the vote, man.
Man, you almost did it.
Yeah, almost ain't good enough.
Hey, next election, man, you'll
blow that thing wide open, brother.
You happy, huh?
What? What you talking about?
Me losing says what you
want everybody to know.
That you the only one capable
of greatness around here, right?
you tripping, Bobby?
I worked hard for you, brother.
I mean, I Who-who-who
raised all that money for you?
[CHUCKLES] Man, come on, man.
[STAMMERS] It was your fundraising
that turned the people against me.
I mean, if it wasn't for for your
thugs terrorizing the streets now,
we could have won this.
[CHUCKLES] Man. Where-Where-Where
you get that idea?
I asked around.
[INHALES SHARPLY] That's right.
You know the number one
reason people in the community
decided not to vote for me?
What's that?
- You.
- Me?
- Yeah.
- Hey, Bob. Thing is, uh,
we always knew it was gonna
be, uh, tough soil, man.
You, uh You know, you
being a-a-a Panther
No, not the Panthers, man. Just you.
Brother, you lost your way!
Man, this-this some dumb-ass shit, man.
[SCOFFS] I mean, come on, man.
[STAMMERS] Bobby Seale,
running for mayor? [CHUCKLES]
Man, please. It was always Elaine, man.
Elaine was a leader, not you, brother.
You-You-You just a salesman, man.
I'm a salesman?
Come on, man. The Black
Panther Party for Self-Defense
was started by my Winchester
rifle and my shotgun.
Your shotgun?
- That's right.
- Mm-hmm-hmm.
I built those survival programs
while your ass was in
jail doing push-ups.
- You remember that?
- That right?
That's right.
Man, I helped your ass learn to read.
uh Say, you-you-you
Say, you helped me to learn how to read?
You know, man, them drugs
got you all fucked up
worse than the Feds ever did.
You think you Papa Doc and shit.
You ain't no
revolutionary, motherfucker.
- You know what, nigga? You out the Party.
- I'm out the Party?
- You out the Party, Bobby Seale.
- I'm out the Party? What Party?
That thing we started? Huh?
That thing that was great?
Well, that died long ago.
And, nigga, you killed it.
- Hey, don't slam my door, man.
Oh, shit. Huey.
Oh, come on. Come on.
Fuck! Fuck!
- Steve?
- Hello?
Hey. Hey, Gwen, it's me. Don't hang up.
- [SIGHS] What?
- Babe. Hey.
- [SIGHS] Where the hell are you?
[STEVE] No, I'm o I'm okay.
I'm o I'm-I'm okay. I'm okay.
You didn't come home last
night. You didn't even call me.
I thought you were dead. Are
you in the hospital, baby?
- [STAMMERS] Let me come get you.
- No, no, no, no. I
I'm on my way to Mexico. I'm
gonna catch a flight from TJ.
Why would you do that?
I'm with him.
Uh, get a get on a plane and, uh,
meet me at the airport in Tijuana.
Why should I do that?
I, um, thought about
what you said about Bobby.
I I I can't lose
nobody else right now.
Did you hear me?
Yeah, I heard you.
I'm tired, Huey.
I can't keep doing this with you.
[HUEY] I know, Gwen.
I understand, but I
I need you.
Babe, I can't sit around and do nothing.
You're a fucking movie
producer. Do that.
Roz. I was almost killed last night.
- What?
- I stared down the barrel of a pistol,
and I still have no idea
why, but I got lucky.
Babe, and what I can't do,
is I can't just come home
and turn on the Mets game and
pretend like nothing's happening.
Please, baby, Please.
I'm-I'm begging you.
[INHALES SHAKILY] What about me,
Steve? What about us? My kids?
- Michael.
Babe, that is the
How could I look that kid in the face
and explain to him when
the chips were down,
and I had a chance to help Huey,
that I turned my back on him?
Is that the lesson I
want to leave with him?
Is that the kind of country I
want him and Jane to grow up in?
I guess I kind of thought
you'd be proud of me for that.
I guess I assumed we
wanted the same things.
But I guess I never thought to ask you.
[SNIFFLES] If you do this
I will leave you, Steve.
I will leave you for a better man.
Do what you gotta do, Roz.
I said, I I I need you, Gwen.
[CLARK] Let's go, fellas.
[CHILD] Do you want a Chiclet?
Man, we gotta we gotta hurry.
No, no, it's okay. This
is how it always is.
Paula said, "Go to the first booth."
First booth on the left or on the right?
[EXHALES DEEPLY] On film, we
always start from, you know,
the upper right-hand
corner of the frame, so
But we read left to right, man.
[SIGHS] Yeah, but you know
what? I think she's more visual.
- Chiclet!
- Jesus! [STAMMERS]
You want Chiclet?
Fuck, no, n Sorry for cursing.
No, Chiclets, guys. No
español. All right?
Be cool, man. Be cool.
How you doing? Uh, I'd
love a Chiclet, please.
- Here.
Yo, you keep the change.
- Gracias.
- All right.
[CHILD] Chiclet! Chiclet!
Cute kids, man.
[SIGHS] You know, gum's
not really good for you.
It causes gas and bloating.
And I know that's, like, a big
concern of yours right now, I'm sure.
- Uh-oh.
- What?
[CLARK] Take this row.
Check every fucking car.
[CHILD] Chiclet! Chiclet!
Hands on the wheel. FBI.
[SIGHS] What do you wanna do?
What's going on?
You got anything in the trunk?
Put your hands on the dash, please.
Should we run? [SIGHS]
Get your hands up.
Put your hands up.
Let's go, Anderson.
- Ándale.
- Go, go.
Gracias, mi amigo.
Come on.
We're officially in Mexico. We made it.
- [ANDERSON] Excuse me. Excuse me.
- [CLARK] Move, move, move! FBI.
- Excuse me. FBI. Stop them!
- [ANDERSON] Hey, hey, hey!
- [CLARK] Stop them! Stop those guys!
- [ANDERSON] He's a fugitive!
You must stop them! Stop them!
Fucking FBI!
Hey, FBI! Go smoke a cigarette
'cause you just got fucked!
Hey, man, come on. Let's go.
We ain't out the woods yet.
Let's go.
Well, we are going to be the
laughingstock of the bureau.
Spend the rest of our lives
chasing down fucking
[STAMMERS] fish-snatching
Eskimos in Alaska. Fuck's sake.
Hey, bright side. At
least we can cut our hair.
You know, shower. Sleep in a proper bed.
Start collecting that bureau pension.
Hey, you with me?
Fuck the bureau.
The fuck are you doing?
Hey, Clark, you can't chase
after a suspect into Mexico, okay?
They will fire your ass,
and then they'll bury
it in a Mexican prison.
I don't give a shit.
That motherfucker can't
just murder someone,
shit on the fucking flag, and then
dance off into vaya con Dios.
Wherever he goes, I'm not stopping.
If I have to dress up like
a penguin in the South Pole.
I have a sovereign duty
to hunt his Black ass down.
Clark, don't do this, man.
Hey, at least reach out
to the Attaché Office.
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
We're here.
You made it.
Of course.
Stop! Stop!
I'll be on the next
flight, you motherfuckers!
- [HUEY] He still after us.
[GWEN] You think he'll
follow us to Yelapa?
[HUEY] Yeah, he ain't stopping now.
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