The Big Leap (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

I Should Have Gone to Motown

1 All right, show me.
Oh, perfect.
Soft feet, strong hearts.
Posture, poise, and frame.
Lovewells against the world.
Posture, poise, and frame.
Dominate and destroy.
Posture, poise, and frame.
Whoo! Okay, go on.
Who wants a treat? Welcome to The Dairy Duke.
What can I get you for your travels, milady? Yes, could I please get a set of twins with some danceability and killer instinct? - Excuse me? - I need a set of twins that leave it all on the dance floor.
- What don't you understand? - This is my first day.
- We have King's vanilla - Oh.
Well, that sounds like something winners would enjoy.
Not for us, not today.
I made a vow I'll be there when you want me Ain't no valley low enough Okay.
Look, I know this isn't really a priority for you, Gabby, but I need to look amazing on TV.
Do we have to do this? We need the whole cast dancing to Motown for a feel-good package.
So maybe try to look like you two feel good about it? Sure, yeah.
But do we have to do this? Sorry, it's unexpected pairings so we don't tip the season.
Yeah, fine.
Maybe we could do a popular dance or something.
How about the electric slide? Oh, am I at a banquet hall wedding? Okay, that's a no.
What's your favorite dance movie? I don't know.
My mom says the movie theaters are for people who can't afford air-conditioning.
I'm gonna kill you.
Just gotta get through this.
Did you play video games? Every day after school, Justin and I would play RRD.
Shut up.
Yes, I was obsessed.
Simon and I used to play Rhythm Rhythm Dancer all the time when we lived on a cruise ship.
Sorry, what? You lived on a cruise ship? We were onboard entertainment.
That is so interesting, and it explains so much about you.
Should we, like, do an RRD dance? Hell yeah.
Let's do it.
Yeah, we can make that happen.
Oh, sorry, did you just say I'm interesting? And that's rehearsal.
Great work, boys.
You know, I don't think we nailed that last part.
- You wanna do it again? - Yep, absolutely, right now.
Beautiful performance! Bravo! Mommy? Looks like I got here just in time.
Our brand is "the twins.
" You two are not interesting as individuals.
Now, what do I always say about subplots? No subplots until the family brand is strong.
So why am I seeing you two gallivanting with other cast? Well, they wanted unlikely pairs for some dumb Motown package.
I got Gabby.
Look out for your sister.
You know she can't make friends.
Yes, Mommy.
And what were you doing with that Justin kid? The show wanted us to rehearse.
The show want you to kiss too? 'Cause yes, I saw that, and yes, I want it to stop.
He is a good dancer and adorable.
There is no taking his light.
End it now.
And what happened to the NFL player? What happened to no subplots? Simon Michael Jackson Lovewell, I have had it with your lip.
If you wanna hitch your wagon to someone, do it to someone famous.
He is an NFL player, and Brittney bags him.
None of us have to work again.
So, Brittney? He said he had to focus on his career.
- Ugh.
- Mommy, it's true.
Or that's what he said.
Please, whatever.
Look, if the show is forcing you to spend time with Gabby, find a way to take her spotlight.
There is no way that she is the wholesome underdog that they're making her out to be.
You got any dirt? No, nothing.
All right, in the meantime, I'm gonna work the producers for some more screen time.
So the pilot airs, America loves it.
They're still drying their tears, but wait, it's the after show.
Monica and Wayne are introducing America to our cast, and here is something you're gonna love.
Uh-huh? Uh-huh, wait for it.
See, we're filming background packages for our cast dancing to Motown, right? It's our love letter to Detroit.
Okay, you can turn it off.
Love so much about this.
You know, I feel like I'm springing this on you.
Feel free to say no, but everybody loves a yes.
Could you do it live? Ooh, okay.
Could we take our pretaped after show and make it into a live show - - in less than 48 hours? - - Yes, exactly, I mean, I just feel like it would go a long way to forgiving past mistakes.
You know, if this show were a big hit, I just think it would be received warmly.
Warmly, what do you mean by that? I just feel like this show could make people maybe forget about some stuff that happened in a house that was out in the ocean.
Feel free to say no.
Say no if you wanna say no.
If you wanna say no, just say no to me right now, but I just it would be really great if this was received warmly.
After show is gonna be live, people! - Nick, this is crazy.
- All right, listen up.
Here's what I need.
First off, Q&A.
Our cast is green.
We need to prep them for speaking in front of millions without peeing their pants.
Dante, I need a script for Monica and Wayne.
- On it.
- Thank you.
Where's Ally? - Right behind you.
- Okay.
Ally, listen, a live show needs some splash, okay? - I need an A-list guest host.
- I'll start making calls.
You're on that? Thank you very much.
Jessica, you're gonna be our stage manager on the night, so I need you to coordinate with a network.
Get a live truck down here ASAP.
We need it if we're gonna broadcast all across America.
- Okay? - Copy that.
First things first Dante? I just walked in a circle, didn't I? - You did, boss.
- Okay, all right, guys! Hey, ain't no mountain high, ain't no valley low to keep us from making a live show.
That's not the excitement I was looking for.
Come on, people! Let's do this! Here we go! Gabby didn't even mention the note? Never even brought it up.
Man, that sucks.
Mikey, loosen up those hips.
- Oh.
- There you go.
You know, I never had to deal with this when I was playing football.
What's that, dancing? Oh, rejection.
Yeah, I mean, normally I'd be the one doing the rejecting.
I gotta get back to football.
How about just no more notes? What note are we talking about? Reggie wrote to Gabby and kind of dumped all his feelings out there, and then she left him hanging like a chump.
You know, you really don't have to tell everyone.
You're right, sorry.
Put that shame aside.
A handwritten note is a lovely gesture.
You sure she got it? Everyone gets everything.
They see your text? They saw it.
They get your voice mail? Yeah, they did.
And they ignored it.
Did they get the earrings you got them for their birthday? Yes, she did.
She posted on Instagram without tagging you or thanking you.
You okay, man? You good? - Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah? It's just hard to connect.
Yeah, I feel you.
Sometimes, you know, no answer is an answer.
Can't listen to Mike.
He's angry.
Still hasn't forgiven Paula.
What's to forgive? I'm just never putting myself out there again.
Not worth it, lesson learned.
And now look at me.
I'm thriving.
Oh, yeah, no doubt.
You're thriving.
Good, we talked it out.
Now let's dance it out.
All right? What prevents us? Yes! Ain't no mountain high Ain't no valley low Ain't no river wide enough, baby - Oh, sorry! - You're good! Call me no matter where you are No matter how far, don't worry, baby Uh, uh, uh! I'll be there in a hurry You don't have to worry Sophia says, "Mom, call me back" I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
No, that's okay.
No, it's fine.
It's no problem.
Pleading face emoji, folded hands emoji, skull emoji.
Hi, honey, what's the emergency? 'Cause I'm in the Well, I don't know her or her mom, so no.
Sophia, these are not microaggressions.
You know, even if they are, I'm your mom and I'm allowed all of the aggressions.
Sophia? Sounds like a fun call.
Oh, yeah, my daughter wants to go out tomorrow night with this Lilly person I don't know.
No, no, no.
It's premiere night.
Her mom's premiere night is not exactly high on her social agenda.
You know, my career used to be convincing people to do things they didn't wanna do.
I'd be happy to try and convince her.
That's okay, it's not like I've never missed a dance rehearsal or basketball game, but whatever.
Let's dance.
Let's do this.
I'll be there in a hurry You don't have to worry 'Cause, baby, there ain't no mountain high enough Ain't no valley low enough Ain't no river wide enough To keep me To keep me from getting to you Ain't no mountain high enough No mountain high, no valley low No valley low, you don't have to worry Ain't no, ain't no Aah! I can't believe I remembered how to play.
It was like muscle memory.
Yeah, you're really good.
Oh, thanks.
You know, you're really good too.
Sorry, Sam texts me every week to remind me that it's pizza night, even though we've never forgotten, bud.
I'd love to come to pizza night.
- Nick! - Yeah.
Nick, come here.
Trailer with all-white rooms, white linens, fresh fruit, fresh flowers.
Yes, okay, bye-bye.
You got a guest host? She's in town shooting a Soderbergh movie.
She's bored.
She misses being around dance.
- We got JLo.
- Hell yes! - Oh, I needed this.
- It's very close.
And her rep says she is very motivated to do this.
- Yes, she is! Oh, thank you.
- Yes! Thank you, thank you.
- It's gonna be so good.
- It's gonna be so good.
- It's gonna be so good! - It's gonna be so good! So show's gonna be live? Who are you, and why are you at my desk? I'm Simon and Brittney's sister, Tonya.
Yup, there's a third twin.
I'm kidding.
I'm kidding.
I'm Tonya Lovewell.
And I have got a bone to pick with you.
Let me guess, you want more screen time for Simon and Brittney.
You did them dirty in that trailer.
We all know that the twins are the most compelling cast that you have.
But let's look at this in a different way.
What can I do for you? Do you need more dance names for your red carpet? No, no, I'm good.
I'm gonna look through my DMs.
I get you dance influencers, you point a camera at my kids, deal? No.
Please don't book anyone or act like you represent the show in any way, shape, or form.
What is a show, Nick, except for transactions, favors, and debts, am I right? I don't know what you're saying.
Well, get it done.
- 'Cause guess what.
- I'm not guessing.
'Cause it's the Lovewell love-way.
Oh, ooh.
This is gonna be perfect.
Hey, I'm just gonna park myself right here.
- That's where Brian sits.
- Not anymore.
Millions will be watching.
It's no big deal.
Try to act natural, all right? Zero pressure.
Let's do this, guys.
So, Gabby, you were given a second chance to audition.
- Was it worth it? - Oh, I mean, It's been everything I hoped for and more.
I mean I won a car! Oh, I'm so sorry.
I'm not supposed say that, am I? Gabby, take your energy down 25%.
How has being on the show affected your life thus far? It's different.
That's all you've got to say? - I mean - Please take your energy up 50%.
So who in the cast surprises you? My sister Brittney surprises me every day with her natural talent.
My brother Simon surprises me every day with his natural talent.
Surprise, surprise.
Have I felt overwhelmed by Swan Lake choreo? - No way.
- Never.
- I can do it all.
- If anything, I was underwhelmed.
You were all underwhelmed by the timeless ballet classic Swan Lake? - Yeah.
- Easy, actually.
It's a little basic.
So the cast is really great, super Everybody, please stop the work! Everybody just stop the work.
Go ahead, please.
Yeah, it's just a very positive environment.
How will I juggle home life and life on the show? Well, I yeah, it's gonna be damn difficult without Don't tip the season, Julia, please.
It'll be fine.
I am happily married and have a super supportive husband.
The Big Leap let me check an important box on my bucket list, to dance again after I was sick.
It also let me say to others in a similar situation that you're more than a diagnosis.
Finally, a coherent answer.
Should we talk about what happened today? What happened today? You're messing with me.
What do you want, Justin? I'm talking about our kiss.
Yeah, that was just for fun.
Haven't you ever kissed somebody before just to see what it's like? Well, actually, no.
Not exactly.
You should.
It's a great way to test-drive the options.
Okay, gotta go.
You were so amazing during that Q&A.
Seriously, the answers that you gave, the stories, you were just you were articulate and persuasive, but oh, my God.
You know what? I've changed my mind.
Will you please talk to my ungrateful daughter? Of course I'll talk to your ungrateful daughter.
All right, let's do it.
There you go.
Hi, Sophia.
This is Paula, your mom's friend from the show.
I've heard so much about you.
Listen, I can't wait to meet you at the premiere, so I'm gonna send my driver to pick up you and your sister, on the early side so we have a lot of time on the red carpet for videos with celebrities.
And if you wanna make any stops anywhere, just let him know.
See you soon.
Oh, my gosh.
Incentivize, flatter, push an agenda: persuasion 101.
It also helps not to be her mother.
Yeah, no kidding.
That was amazing.
Thank you so much.
Oh, that's my doctor.
I gotta go.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- Everything okay? - Yeah, yeah.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Okay, see you tomorrow.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
So what was life like on the boat? Was it isolating? Did you make friends? Mom, maybe Brittney doesn't wanna talk about that time in her life.
- I wanna dance on a boat.
- Hey, dream big, baby.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait, Gabby, what is that? Oh, that's me and my friends in high school.
We dressed up as High School Musical.
We're all in this together When we reach, we can fly, know inside, we can make it Wildcats, sing along Yeah, you really got it goin' on Wildcats in the house Everybody say it now Wildcats everywhere Wave your hands up in the air That's the way we do it, let's get to it Time to show the world GINA: Oh, my.
What? I thought you didn't watch movies.
I don't, but my mom's boyfriend at the time stalked Vanessa Hudgens, and he made Simon and I watch it, like, a million times.
So he is in jail now.
- I'm so sorry to hear that.
- That's awful.
It's okay.
That wasn't even the worst guy she dated.
Some of her exes would steal money from us, or some would leave without saying goodbye, so My mom was not very good at making decisions.
We all try our best.
- Have more pizza.
- Can't.
My mom wants me in a calorie deficit at all times.
Eat more pizza.
Eat more pizza.
Yeah, she doesn't have to know.
Hey, your secret's safe with us.
- To the premiere! - To the premiere! Aah! Another round, please.
Thank you.
Take it easy.
You don't wanna be hungover.
We are celebrating.
Tomorrow the world gets to meet Mike Devries, the guy who joined a dance show to win his wife back.
Didn't work.
Okay, well, all right.
We get it.
And here's the must-see TV.
Ole Mike falls for another woman on the show, happens to be the evil corporate overlord who fired him.
- You hit me! - You're being a giant baby.
Where in Daring Greatly does it say to hit people? Brené Brown would've slapped you too.
I don't know how much longer I can sit here and watch you like this.
You gotta move on.
The rest of the world has.
What's that supposed to mean? Paige is pregnant.
Marie ran into her at Kmart.
Pregnant? With Patrick? - That was quick.
- Who cares? You realize how hard it is to find happiness and somebody who cares about you? Paula made you happy.
Paula cared about you.
So what? She was doing her job.
Now, you can be an angry old man nursing grudges, or you could be a happy guy in love with a beautiful woman.
Oh, it's a difficult decision.
Which one should I choose? Life is happening.
Go embrace it, jackass.
What are you drawing? It's for you, but I'm not done yet.
Are you gonna come to the premiere? It's past my bedtime.
You have a bedtime? That's lame.
Okay, check it out.
Like it? Yeah? You got any more of these around here? There's more coloring books there.
So I have vanilla and strawberry.
- Can I please have vanilla? - Yup.
Brittney? You know what? I cannot do lactose.
And I just remembered that I have a thing.
Thank you for dinner.
She ate so much cheese.
She's in for a long, violent night.
The live truck just entered Pennsylvania.
It should be here afternoon to night-ish.
Mm-hmm, so an hour before we go live.
Are you trying to kill me? It just do No, don't do not tell me.
- JLo dropped out.
- No, no! - No, I'm not hearing that, no.
- I just need to know No.
- JLo dropped out? - Mm.
You know, Wayne and I have danced in front of thousands of people every night for most of our lives.
I'm sure we can read some questions off a teleprompter, and I can pretend to be warm and charming.
A live show needs something extra.
It needs a different energy.
It needs another voice, okay? You've produced live television before.
Why are you so on edge? I'm never gonna live down Atlantis, all right? Pretty soon, I'm gonna be doing a dumb dating show or a show with animals or a dumb dating show with animals.
And I'm gonna die alone in my car, and no one's gonna clap for me during the in m The dead people part of the Emmys.
That's not what this is about.
If I don't pull this off, I don't know if I'm gonna work again.
My daughter already thinks I'm a clown.
I can't be an unemployed clown.
She won't have any respect for me.
You know, when I feel the way you're feeling, there's a little mantra that I like to say just to help pull myself out of it.
Oh, yeah? What is it? Get up, you stupid little bitch! You'll do whatever's asked of you, and you do not get any food or water until the job is done.
- God, what is wrong with you? - What's wrong with you? Get up.
Figure it out.
You have a live TV show to produce.
See you tomorrow morning.
Get up, you stupid little bitch.
You'll do whatever's asked of you, and you won't get any food or water until the job is done.
Six sugars, not five, not seven, six.
Okay, yes.
- And, Alan? - Yes? - I'll know.
- Okay.
You were right.
Reggie didn't wanna focus on football.
It was Gabby.
Come here.
All we've got is family.
Last week when we visited Gabby's high school, I heard something.
- Excuse what is this? - Who are these people? Happy premiere day, huh? - Oh, God.
- You didn't sleep.
Sleep? What do I look like to you? A basic cable or streaming service producer? I have a broadcast reality show to produce I mean, look.
- It's a big truck.
- It's a live truck.
This baby is state of the art, ready to broadcast to an audience all across America.
It was in New York ten hours ago.
I had to finagle police escorts across most of Pennsylvania and parts of Ohio.
And how does one do that? Well, let's just say you two will be appearing at a lot of state fairs this summer.
Come on, follow me.
So your script should be flying in any second now.
Dante, script! So I timed out the video packages and the Q&A segment myself.
- Script.
- Thank you.
Here you go.
Alan and I emulated the rhythm and cadence of both of your voices Show 'em, Alan.
I'm stunningly beautiful, but for some reason, I'm angry all the time.
Yeah, and then I timed it with the stopwatch hanging around my neck.
Do you guys see my stopwatch? Anyway, once the cast arrives, we'll get 'em prepped, hair, makeup, wardrobe, yada, yada, yada, you know, red carpet ready.
Hey, speaking of red carpet, what do you got? - Confirmed guest list.
- That's what I wanted.
Nick, how much coffee have you had? All of it.
I had all the coffee.
Plus Alan and I had some of his Adderall.
Hell yeah, we did, whoo! Oh, by the way, meet our guest host.
- Reggie's the guest host? - Yeah.
Sometimes thinking outside the box means you gotta look inside the box.
Oh, my God, Alan, write that down.
- It's so good.
- So good.
- Oh, my God.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Where do you want me, Nick? - Just on that mark.
Thank you, Reggie.
Reggie, are you sure you can do this? What, ask questions on TV? - Yeah, I'm pretty sure I got this.
- He's gonna kill it.
Nick, stay away from the light.
There he is.
There's my guy.
We thought we lost you.
Zach, I didn't know you were coming.
Of course.
Had to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.
We're off to a bumpy start.
Alan, what are you doing? I was a lifeguard at Raging Waters.
I'm trying to see if you have a concussion.
Follow my finger.
Oh, your hand smells.
Get away from me.
Is he gonna be right? I think he needs to go to the hospital.
Absolutely, he needs to go to the hospital.
Health is wealth.
We can't get another Nick.
But we also can't get another premiere.
So let's not burden the hospital with that.
- Sounds fine.
Looks fine.
- Okay.
- He's fine.
- I'm good.
Look at that, see? - You're helping him stand.
- Not very much.
He's clearly concussed.
Were you a lifeguard at Raging Waters? Okay guys, guys, I'm not going to the hospital.
I have a show to produce.
Alan, out of the way.
I'm going to the truck.
Okay, just don't look at any screens.
Alan, that's my whole job, looking at screens.
I'm okay.
Just a change right here.
Just wanna be aware of that.
You see that change? Make sure you've got that.
If you have any questions, you can reach out to me.
Excuse me one sec.
What are you up to? Have you talked to your sister? She was distraught all night over that football player.
Yeah, I'm sure she'll be just fine.
- What are you up to? - I don't like your tone.
But if you must know, I have a deal with Nick.
- Nick made a deal with you? - Yes, he loves me.
Brittney didn't have any questions in the Q&A.
Now she has one, if that's okay with you.
Just please, please, don't do anything crazy, okay? This is really important to us.
Come here, hey.
You know that I want the best for you, right? I know you're upset over Justin, but I'm just looking out for you and Brittney because I love you more than anything in the world.
And we have to stick together, right? - Right.
- Come here.
You're my baby boy.
I love you, Mommy.
Gabby, we needed you in hair and makeup, like, 30 minutes ago.
Have you seen Brittney? No, why? Do you need something? Yeah.
Could you give her this? It's a little gift for the premiere.
Thank you, okay.
We're over here? All right, pretty people arriving and smiling.
What why are you doing that? Can you stop that? You said you have a show to produce.
- Well, I do, but - I'm saving your life.
Oh, okay.
Who's ready to shoot this? When I say Big, you say Leap.
Big - Ugh, I'm leaving.
- Leap.
I'll see you on the other side.
If he falls asleep and dies, the blood's on your hands.
- Amazing red carpet so far.
- Yeah.
Reggie as host? Inspired choice.
Thank you.
All we got to do now, make it good.
Ain't no mountain high, no valley low No river wide enough, baby If you need me, call me No matter where you are, no matter how far Just call my name, I'll be there in a hurry You don't have to worry Ain't no mountain high enough Ain't no valley low 30 seconds to air.
Host last looks.
Ain't no river wide enough What prevents us, people? It's a live show, and it's not time yet.
Keep loose out there, guys.
We only got one shot at this.
Everybody have a good show.
Nick, Nick! I don't have my glasses.
Wardrobe doesn't have them.
I don't know where they are.
All right, well, can you read without 'em? I can't even see my hands in front of my face.
Okay, 20 seconds to air.
Okay, we need high energy from the audience! Alan, I need you to go to Wayne's room, find his glasses, and fly 'em back in the next 15 seconds, or the show is ruined.
Baby, my love is alive way down in my heart - I don't see 'em! - Did you check his desk? And if you need a helping hand Ooh, God.
Move it, Alice! Sorry, Alice! - Get 'em in there.
- Move! Ain't no valley low Ain't no river wide enough To keep me from getting to you In five, four, three, two.
America, we are live from Detroit.
Good evening.
I'm Monica Sullivan.
And I'm Wayne Fontaine.
Welcome to The Big Leap After Show.
All right, everyone.
I've got Reggie on his mark.
All right, everybody stand by for Q&A.
And three, two.
Welcome back! During the premiere, you all watched as we selected the Big Leap Dance Company.
Monica, is it time to talk to the cast? Oh, it's time.
I'm ready.
But first, we have a very special guest.
You know him from his nine seasons as a tight end for the Detroit Lions.
But at our dance studio, we simply know him as Reggie.
Ladies and gentlemen, Reggie Sadler.
Let's go, Detroit! Come on, baby! How we doing, fellas? You all right? That's right.
I'm here for y'all, baby! Oh, oh! Hit 'em with the I see you, boy.
What up, family? Y'all good? - All right.
- See that? You cannot teach that.
It gives me chills.
I think what impressed me the most was the talent in this cast.
I mean, I can barely even begin to describe the dancing.
You know what? I think maybe we should just take a look, huh? You heard him.
Let's take a look.
Brittney, Brittney, Brittney, hi.
I got you a present.
It's no big deal, but Jessica has it.
- Great, thanks.
- Okay.
Oh, I hope the pizza last night didn't make you too gassy or bloated.
Well, Simon, you're one of our ballroom dancers.
Is there anyone in the cast who surprised you? His sister.
Well, I shouldn't say my sister, but I'm gonna say my sister Brittney.
She surprises me every day.
But Justin surprises me more, his talent, his body awareness, annoying how fast he picks up choreography.
Justin's undeniable.
I might have looked a little tough in the premiere, but the truth is, I'm a sucker for romance.
Reggie, got any hot goss? Dish.
Who are you right now? Oh, no, my lips are sealed.
Oh, come on, man.
Spill the tea.
- You really wanna know? - Mm.
- America? - Yes! Yes! All right, all right, all right, maybe just a little.
Roll it.
See my girls in the second row right there? Yeah.
They look like they're having fun.
They better.
Thank you, by the way.
Hey, are you okay? The other night when you were talking on the phone with your doctor, you seemed like Yeah, yeah, it's okay.
That's just test stuff.
It's okay.
I'm fine.
- You sure? - Yeah.
Mike and Paula, I don't want to read too much into that fire escape dancing, but is there something there? Anything's possible.
We're just friends.
That's it.
- Well, there you have it.
- All right.
There is dancing.
There's romance.
There's an NFL player.
Yes, there is.
But at its core, The Big Leap is about second chances.
Gabby, I'm sorry, but this is the end of the road for you.
Please fasten your seat belts and return your tray tables to their upright position.
Almost home, everybody.
Now, Gabby and Reggie, can you talk about how you've helped each other reach new heights? Yeah, I needed her.
Gabby's been really patient with me, and I couldn't have asked for a better partner.
Yeah, I felt 100% supported by Reggie, literally and figuratively.
Now, the last question is for Brittney.
I never approved a question for Brittney.
Who changed my script? Hey, Wayne, let's get out of this question and throw to the Motown package Copy that, please.
And being so accomplished and blessed with such incredible genes from your mother's side, how and where do you find your inspiration? Well, I'm inspired by my mother and by Simon, of course.
But I've been really impressed with my new friend Gabby.
Yeah, she's a young woman.
She had to give up on her dream because she had a baby with her high school teacher, and her resilience is really inspiring to me.
Love you, Gabs.
The hell is wrong with you, girl? - How could you say that? - Did you know about this? No, no, I swear.
I didn't know about this.
Why would you say that? - Girl, what is your issue? - That's messed up.
Okay, I really don't like calling other women a bitch, but what a bitch! Student-teacher relationship? - We had a whole meeting about this.
- I know.
We were not going to talk about this.
What do we do? - Wow, not cool.
- Hey, guys.
Let's if Gabby wants to respond.
Gabby, would you like to respond? Yeah, I would.
Thank you.
Brittney, that was not your secret to tell.
You know, there is a reason you don't have any friends.
You are a vain, scared, lonely person who needs to tear others down to seem interesting.
All I did was answer the question.
Oh, I didn't know I wasn't allowed to speak Gabby's truth.
I'm sorry.
Who threw that? That was assault.
Oh! - Oh, hell no! - What are you guys doing? - Brittney, you don't do that! - Ladies, break it up.
No, I just wanna talk to her.
Do you understand me? - Should we go to Motown? - No, not yet.
Stay on Brittney.
Now give me Gabby.
You're making it worse! Find Justin for me.
I need a reaction shot of Reggie.
Guys, Miriam's down.
Now I need a wide of the cast, guys.
I need a wide of the cast.
There you go.
Hey, hey, cue up the Motown package.
But you wait for my word.
Hear me? Really feels like it's time to go to Motown.
- You good? - I'm fine, I'm fine.
Okay, everybody.
She's good, she's good.
Oh, yeah.
She's good, everybody.
- She's fine.
- Ahh! Okay, let's to Motown.
Ain't no mountain high, ain't no valley low You should have gone to Motown.
You should have gone to the hospital.
I knew what I was doing.
I mean, as soon as the twins' crazy mom hijacked the teleprompter, I followed the story.
I couldn't help myself.
You followed it straight off a cliff! Months of work, and this is all anyone's going to remember.
That was great.
Can you believe it? A reality show about ballet is trending.
Brittney is already a meme.
That girl's got star power.
Why the poopy faces? We're having a funeral for dignity.
- I feel bad about Gabby.
- A shred of humanity.
Well, better late than never, I guess.
Guys, that was a success.
It was juicy and sticky and noisy.
Yesterday nobody even knew what The Big Leap was, and today they do.
And Nick is being received warmly.
Like "Forget about Atlantis" warmly? Nobody's ever gonna forget about that, ever.
But add this to the stack of greatest hits.
Nobody serves up a hot-ass mess like you, Nick.
Put that on my tombstone.
We couldn't even get through a Q&A.
How are we gonna get through Swan Lake? Not to be prescriptive, but if Swan Lake turned into just a giant brawl and people are just grabbing at tutus and biting faces, I'm gonna watch that, and so is my daughter.
That's good TV.
Nick, top-notch.
I should have gone to Motown.
You should probably go to the hospital, yeah? This could not have worked out better for us, baby.
This is from Gabby, before you blew up her life.
Simon, can you please celebrate your sister? She's trending.
Ah! Is this why you did that? Mom told me to, why? Lovewells against the world, right? I don't No, Brittney.
What's the matter with him? Mom, I did not know you could move like that.
Yeah, you were so light on your feet.
I keep telling you guys, your mom used to be a pretty good dancer.
No, no, I mean when you dodged that water bottle, I mean, you were like a cat.
Yeah, that was a close one, wasn't it? All of my friends are texting me.
I mean, they're all gonna watch the show.
And your dancing was pretty cool too.
Boy, that Brittney turned out to be a real piece of work.
Are you okay? Not really.
Poor Sammy.
This is gonna follow me everywhere for the rest of my life.
Hey, look at me.
This is one thing that happened in your life, and it gave us Sammy, but it does not define you.
That teacher is a creep and a predator.
You are a talented, beautiful, fantastic woman.
And I am so proud to be your mother.
I only wish you would've told me when it was happening, and I would've spent the last seven years telling you that.
And I'm so sorry that you were so alone.
Oh, Mom.
Gabby! Gabby, I am so sorry.
Brittney's a mess.
My mom's a monster.
This is for you.
What is that? It's a note from Reggie.
Justin, I swear.
I didn't know.
No? 'Cause your family seems super tight-knit.
Look, it's hard to explain, okay? But it was just the three of us growing up, and we moved around a lot, and my mom has got this power over us.
So she told me to push you away.
And I did because I'm a mama's boy, and my mom is a cult leader.
So that's me.
I have some stuff too.
You saw my dad.
You read me right from the beginning.
I've never hooked up with another man sober.
So that's me.
Well, have you had anything to drink tonight? If you should fall short of your desires - Hi.
- Mike, now's not a good time.
I need to tell you without the cameras and the craziness that I am sorry for how I acted.
I'm an idiot.
I'm sick of being angry and getting in my own way.
And I just wanna move forward with my life.
And I think that maybe that life includes you.
So can we give it a shot? I'm sorry.
What I said on the show was real.
We're just friends, and that's all we're gonna be.
I gotta go.
No river wide enough To keep me from you Ain't no mountain high enough Nothing can keep me, keep me from you Hey, you okay? You wanna come inside? Yeah, yeah, I'm good.
I'm good.
I don't wanna talk about that right now.
Did you write this? Yeah, yeah, I did.
Do you mean it? Oh, yeah.
Little dinosaur is not me, though.
Ain't no valley low enough Ain't no river wide enough Nothing can keep me, keep me from you Nothing in this world Nothing in this world can keep me from you
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