The Big Leap (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

Big Dumb Life

1 - What time is it? - Show time.
- What time is it? - Show time! If you see anything in this show that you like, everybody, clap and make some noise.
Let me hear you clap and make some noise.
And if you see anything in this show that you cannot do, put some money in the bucket.
Hey, man.
Let's go.
Hold on.
ALL: Did that box just move? What on earth could it be? It's Justin, the boy wonder.
Ladies and gentleman, Justin the boy wonder.
Make some noise for him, y'all.
Yo, look at all that cash.
And this face is a money maker.
All right, little man, don't spend it all in one place.
That's me.
Gotta go.
- What's this? - Present.
For me? Where did you get the money for this? Me, Spence, Luca have been hitting for tips.
- Hmm.
- Don't tell Dad.
All right.
You gonna fire it up? - Yeah.
- All right.
You were the one My everything You are Yeah, aw You It's all because of you Yeah? [LAUGHS.]
You brighten up my day Come here.
EARL: Justin, there better be no standing water in that gutter.
And remember you're on a trial run here, son.
Let me catch you slacking.
What does he mean trial run? I told him you needed the job.
- What? - You know how he is.
I couldn't tell him I asked you to come back, he'd freak out.
Just act like you need the job.
Tell him you appreciate the opportunity.
I'm not gonna say that.
Justin says he's really glad you're giving him a chance.
He's too emotional to speak.
Look, stay focused, son.
Don't get all choked up and fall off that ladder.
You're the one that fell off the ladder, Dad.
- That was you.
- Dude! Too soon.
NICK: Okay, guys, we're excited.
All right, but also sad because Reggie's leaving.
All right? Who's even gonna watch the show if he's not on it? My Aunt Pat said she'd watch it live and on Hulu.
See Aunt Pat's in.
All right, guys.
Let's roll sound.
Cue the lights, please.
Guys, pretend like you like each other, everybody.
- Thank you.
And cue Reggie.
ALL: Reggie, Reggie, Reggie, Reggie, Reggie, Reggie.
Yeah, speech! Oh, man, thank you guys so much for all the support.
I will be thinking about you all while I'm out there playing, you know.
ALL: Yeah.
And, uh, you know, one more thing.
- Oh.
- What? Okay, what are you [GASPS.]
We're we're done here, right? Ha.
Check your contract.
Our cameras are gonna follow you until the show wraps.
Jessica's gonna be joining you.
Wheels up, everyone! - NICK: All right, hey, Alan? - ALAN: Yeah.
Look, I'll admit we've had a few setbacks.
Morale is low.
We lost Justin, our best dancer.
And Reggie, so-so dancer, but biggest audience draw.
I'm still here, though.
So I'm sure everybody's taking comfort in that.
But I gotta tell you, I feel the weight of this production on my shoulders.
I really miss Justin.
And Simon's anxiety is manifesting as some sort of savior complex, which I'm just I'm so over it.
They're just mad that I outed Gabby's trauma then got kicked off the show.
But now I'm back on the show in a bigger part.
So I am sorry that I am a phoenix that will always rise from the ashes.
Anyway, sooner or later they'll have to forgive me, right? This white girl suddenly taking the role of the prince.
Prince Trash.
And don't get me started on Aja.
She left us to be a Wizard.
She just dropped you guys.
- She's dead to us.
- Dead.
I'm the damn Wizard.
I had a vision for this show, but the one person I was counting on to pull it off left and betrayed me.
I thought Justin went home to care for his injured father and save his family's struggling business? Exactly.
Coldblooded betrayal.
If a company does not love and trust each other, our production is doomed.
That's why I've come up with an idea to bring everyone together.
I'm hosting an old-fashioned lock-in.
I'm sorry, are we seriously going through with this? A slumber party? I'm an adult woman.
You will love it.
Besides, it's mandatory.
Tonight, we confiscate their phones, force them to play games, explore their characters, and by sunrise, they'll be bonded.
So we're gonna lock a bunch of people in here that hate each other.
- So they can finally connect.
- It's kinda perfect.
I mean, putting angry people in a pressure cooker? Hoo hoo! I sign off.
I think you're missing the idea.
Just so you know, I sleep naked.
Well, the show will provide you pajamas, Junior.
That's also mandatory.
NICK: Oh, we're gonna have to blur those.
That's gonna be expensive.
I don't remember this part in "Swan Lake.
" I know.
I made it up.
Benno and his wife are the embodiment of true love.
And I think the Prince needs to see that.
Plus, Nick says you two test well, so.
Okay, let's take five.
Hey, you, okay? Yeah, I'm just tired.
I'm fine.
Listen, I was thinking, after chemo, let's get away.
My cousin's got a cabin in Cape Cod.
- Yeah, sounds good.
- Yeah.
I should report you to the lock-in police.
Huh? Oh, I'm texting my teenage daughter who got a detention from school because she was protesting their dress code.
She says it's sexist.
Which, of course, it is.
Well, she's got spirit, right? That's a good thing.
Yeah? You think so? How about this? This is her bedroom door.
Oh, wow, that's a princess flipping the bird.
Yeah, it sure is.
Teenagers, right? What are you gonna do? Hey, I um, I smuggled something in for you.
- Oh, gosh.
- Yeah.
Did I hear you say you're gluten-free? - I-I am.
- Yeah, me too.
This is life changing.
Wow, very cool, thank you.
Appreciate it.
Hey, little man.
Yeah, I'm just here for the night.
Look yes, Grandma knows to turn on your lava lamp.
Look, you and Grandma are gonna have so much fun and then I'm gonna be back in the morning, okay? I love you so, so, so much.
Hey, what you got there? Is that a cute brownie from a cute guy? I it's nothing.
It's just, you know, a friendly gift.
Yeah, well, he didn't give me one.
- Well, are you gluten-free? - Well, I'm not you.
I'll tell you what, Nick, I'm feeling positive.
Paula's got this.
She's gonna beat it.
- She's lucky to have you.
- You kidding? I'm the lucky one.
We're planning a trip.
Going to Cape Cod.
Lobster every night.
I am gonna treat her like the princess that she is.
That sounds great, buddy.
Ready, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot.
Set, go.
- Whoo! - [WHISTLE BLOWS.]
- Go! - [GRUNTING.]
Get it, get it, get it, get it.
Come on, man.
Pop up.
Y'all sure know how to welcome a brother back, huh? Hey, man, they just tackling 'cause they missed you.
Well, I wish they would miss me a little less.
Hey, just a reminder, you wanted this.
ALL: Hey! - That's him, huh? - Owen Aganno.
You want your spot back, you're gonna have to go through him.
He's basically you.
10 years ago.
No, he's talented, but he's cocky and he's an hour late for practice.
Like I said, you 10 years ago.
- Let's go.
Run it again! - [WHISTLE BLOWS.]
This is ridiculous and humiliating.
Well, you're the one who ate a handful of mushrooms and announced to the entire world that we slept together.
Now we gotta talk to some HR lady.
Just be honest.
Try not to get us fired.
- Don't tell me what to do.
- Hello.
- Hi.
BERNADETTE: I'm Bernadette.
The purpose of this meeting is to gain clarity on the nature of your relationship in the workplace.
Have you ever been intimate while at work? - No, we've never - Exclusively.
Here we go.
Hey, I get it.
I met Dale, my hubs, back on season seven of NCIS.
And what began as harried conversations at the microwave soon turned into lingering glances at the elevator and then, one sultry August night, in the accounts payable supply closet magic, pure magic.
And now we're married.
This is more of a transactional relationship, Bernadette.
She's got a lot of rules.
He's threatened by boundaries.
Look at you two.
A regular Sam and Diane.
I think what we're trying to say is, this isn't necessarily forever.
BERNADETTE: Don't be so sure.
These things have a way of blossoming.
Enjoy this part.
Drink it up.
All right, we about done, Bernadette? Hmm? Yeah, that's it.
I'm rooting for you two.
Bye now.
Thank you.
Whew! Bernadette's horny as a jackrabbit, ain't she? Never mention that woman to me ever again.
- Nice job, Sadler.
Not bad for your first day back.
What the hell was that? They hardly threw me the ball out there.
Hey, you just got back.
You might want to check your ego a little.
Man, I'm Reggie Sadler.
No, you were Reggie Sadler.
You gotta prove that you still are.
I tell you what, some of the team is going out tonight, you should come.
You know, meet some of the new guys.
Have a couple drinks.
Let everyone know that Reggie's back.
Look, man, I'm trying to avoid all that this time around, man.
I'm a new man.
You need to get back in with your team.
Why are we doing this? Contact improv is about trust.
Trusting yourselves and each other.
- Okay, somebody farted.
- Good! That means he's letting go.
- Oh! Just felt a boner.
- That's my granola bar.
I'm sorry, but is this entertaining? I don't know.
I mean, can we even use this? It's sort of disturbing.
It'd be fun to be in there though, wouldn't it? You don't know where one person begins and the other ends? No, Alan, I don't think it would be fun to be in there.
It'd be stupid if we try to do it up here, right? Is that a joke? You need to stop being creepy.
It was just an idea.
You're creeping me out.
You're creeping Kevin out.
Kevin, are you creeped out? Yeah, that guy wants to have sex with you.
No, he doesn't.
I mean, do you like him? He's very nice.
He's the hottest guy on the crew.
How do you not see that? I see it, I see it.
He's very hot.
You know, I fantasize about him like everybody else does.
- Dude.
- What? He's the sound guy, he can hear all of it.
- Oh, my You know what? You did that on purpose.
I'm just dancing my feelings.
- I've got your feelings - [ALL SHOUTING.]
And adding Tamara.
My doctor says I'm not allowed to do improv.
That sounds made up.
- Ow! - Ow.
- Ouch.
- Together, we become one - Oh, hell no.
I'm good, guys.
Thank you.
Well, on that note, we should draw our feelings.
I'll go get the markers.
We're gonna die in here.
REGGIE: So I called down to the front desk and I said, "When I ask y'all to send a fan up, I didn't mean an actual person.
OWEN: Hey, what's up, what's up, what's up? Damn, that was some of my best material.
What is it with this guy? Man, you know how these rookies are.
Fresh outta college thinking they God's gift.
How you doing, old man? Surprised to see you out this late.
Yeah, well, you know I ain't dead yet.
Getting there though, right? Okay, what is with all the jars? I ain't gonna throw away perfectly good jars.
How about we just put them in the recycling? Recycling is a fairytale.
Oh, my gosh.
No, it's not.
I don't know, man.
I think it all does go to the same landfill.
- 100%.
- Okay.
This place is like a museum of clinical depression.
Oh, look who goes to museums.
And makes a good point about clinical depression, Dad.
- Are these my mother's ashes? - Yeah, man.
Right next to the popsicles.
Would you stop digging bro? Dad, you've got a problem.
Hey, man, I gotta get home.
Justin, can I talk to you for a sec? Do you have to stress everybody out like that? I'm gonna need an edible when I get home.
I know, but it's crazy.
I mean, he's got like ten ironing boards.
It's like we said in the army, embrace the suck.
All you have to do is be here for him.
Call me if you need me.
And don't clean anymore.
All right.
Come here man.
- Love you, dude.
- Love you.
NICK: Paula, tell me what's going on with you outside of the show.
You know what, let's talk about your diagnosis.
I know you want me to be this inspiring woman who bravely battles against cancer, I get it.
But that's not my story.
Chemo's a horror show.
I'm not any kind of hero.
What does Mike think? Mike's the greatest guy in the world and he wants to be there for me.
All right, so you keep a positive attitude.
You let him be there for you, and you beat this thing, right? Positive attitude's not gonna beat this, Nick.
Paula, what's your, uh What's your prognosis? I relapsed.
I'm gonna jump into chemo, and hopefully that's the end of it.
Are you scared? Sure.
But you're right.
I'm strong.
I'm in love.
I've got something to fight for.
I can do it.
Let's get away.
My cousin's got a cabin in Cape Cod.
PAULA: Yeah, sounds good.
- Hey.
- Hey What are you doing? You know, I was just thinking never mind.
Wow, look at those jammies.
Somebody finally decided to join the slumber party, huh? [SULTRY PERCUSSIVE MUSIC.]
I'm sorry, is that is that a caress? Maybe.
I mean, life is short.
Bernadette's rooting for us.
I said I never wanted to talk about her again.
And you make all the rules, and it all has to be your way.
I understand.
You seemed pretty happy with the arrangement until now.
I'm just saying, what if we take this little show off campus? - I take you to dinner.
- No.
Because that would mean that we're, you know Dating.
Okay, you don't need to make that face when you say that.
Nick, come on, we're just We're just taking our minds off this horrible, all-consuming job.
This is nothing.
I got it.
I got it.
You know what? I'm just gonna go call Bernadette and tell her that this nothing is done.
Man, she's gonna be heartbroken.
Welcome to the feelings workshop.
- Oh, not this.
- Please, Wayne.
Oh, my God, can we vote Wayne off the island? - I know, right? - Ha, ha, don't talk to me.
- Okay.
- Our Swan Lake is a powerful allegory about overcoming our worst instincts.
The Wizard represents our greatest fears.
So why don't we write down those fears, our internal Wizard, and then dance them out.
Haven't we danced out enough fears? Mm, Wayne, do you think I could share my greatest fear with you alone? Yes! Brittany, of course! Come with me to my office.
I think that went well, and I am so honored that you trusted me with this.
Oh, sorry, can we go someplace like super private? 'Cause I have a deeply traumatic secret to share.
Maybe the stairwell? Well, I think that's a bit overkill, but okay.
Oh, let's find something to stop this door.
It locks from the inside.
I once spent hours in here on a Sunday.
Wayne, I'm sorry, but you're being really annoying and I want people to like me again.
Brittany, open this door.
Open this door right now! BRITTANY: Guys, guys.
I locked him up.
We're free.
I locked Wayne in the stairwell.
- Oh, thank God.
- We need a beer run.
ALL: Yes! - Can I come? - Uh, no.
- Hey, yo.
- Nick.
Boss man, we need the show credit card, stat.
What show credit card? Come on, we know there's a show credit card.
Yo, we need beer and tequila.
You guys looking to form a boy band? - Where's Wayne? - He gave us his blessing.
Booze is actually a pretty good idea.
I don't why I didn't think about it myself.
All right, just keep it under a grand, yeah? Whoa, metal credit cards are a real thing? The sucker's got heft, huh? - Is it giving you back problems? - Just go.
Julia, hey.
Oh, hey, Linus.
How'd you get out? Oh, well, there was a prison riot.
It's unbelievable.
Brief reprieve.
Fresh air.
Apple? It's gluten-free.
What is your deal? What are you, undercover? Part of the tall, handsome Australian bureau that knows and remembers everyone's food allergies? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You got me.
I asked to go undercover in Detroit as a union sound guy.
I knew it.
So onto you.
Same goes for you.
- What's your story? - What? You're this hot blonde dancer with a great laugh who's been shooting down my every advance for the last month.
- What? The brownie? - Yes.
- Oh, you need to up your game.
- Julia, the brownie.
What about offering to buy a guitar from you? You really think I need another guitar? I have ten.
I mean, jeez, what do I have to do here? Dance? Actually, don't.
- BOTH: No, no, no.
- I would, but I'm a horror show.
You put it on the table.
Come on, come on, come on.
I'm an excellent teacher.
I am.
- Oh, boy.
- Come on, let's go.
'Cause this hasn't been embarrassing enough.
You really have ten guitars? It's a huge problem.
How much wine are you gonna get? - All of it.
- Good answer.
Okay, have ever told you how much I love you? Aw.
Ooh, Aja likes rosé we should totally get her some.
Even though she's dead to us.
Ooh, ooh, get some champers for Brittney.
Look, I know she's in jail, but come on.
How'd you get out? Oh, long story, but you are missing so much drama.
We're out buying booze and snacky snacks.
Hi, I miss you so much.
Um, Wayne made us do a group cuddle.
- Ugh.
- It was horrible.
- Terrible.
- Terrible.
- Miss you too.
- Gabby, we need ice cream.
Oh, coming, coming.
I love you so much, Jay.
You doing all right? Pretty sure I have a staph infection.
Think my dad is really depressed.
Oh, look, here's 50 extra invitations to my Cinco de Mayo themed 7th birthday party.
I'm horrified.
You're a Taurus? I'm horrified you believe in astrology.
Uh, yeah.
I'm a Scorpio ascendant Leo with a Pisces moon.
So believe in that.
After we inhale all these cookies, we're never gonna be able to dance in three weeks.
I used to teach little kids dance at the Pulver Center before COVID, cookies never stopped them.
I'm on the board at the Pulver Center.
I love those kids I used to go to the recitals.
Really? I feel so lost without it.
That's why I came on the show.
That's so cool, Travell.
Why'd you audition, Tamara? I was an ICU nurse, and I wanted to change my life.
It's been amazing.
- Oh, I don't want it to end.
- Me neither.
I love this song! Whoo! - Yeah! - Turn the song up! - ALL: Whoo! - JUSTIN: What's going on now? Oh, gas station dance party.
Oh, I wish you were here.
Hey, when can I come visit? - Justin, I took a tumble down here.
- Okay, I'm coming.
EARL: No, you don't need to come down.
Okay, then why are you telling me? This is how he asks for help.
Sorry, I don't know when I can see you.
Didn't realize how bad things have gotten.
I gotta go.
And I'll I'll text you.
- Oh.
One more time, we're gonna celebrate Oh, yeah, all right - GABBY: Thank you.
- Don't stop the dancing - One more time - GABBY: Thank you.
We're gonna celebrate Oh, yeah One more time Music's got me feeling so free We're gonna celebrate Celebrate and dance so free One more time GABBY: Thank you! Yes! Come on, guys! Celebrate and dance so free EARL: Look, I told you, I don't need your help.
You gonna sit on the floor all night? [GRUNTS.]
Hey, hey.
you're okay.
You're good.
I got you, big man.
- You're good.
- Yeah.
I got you.
Your bed's like 15 feet.
We can do that, right? - Yeah.
- Okay.
We'll go slow.
Just lean on me.
JULIA: Side it's like doing a box 'cause we're going that way.
So you gotta keep going that way.
- Okay, okay.
- You got it, you got it.
Oh, I'm glad no one's filming this.
No, I can't guarantee that.
You know that.
Come on.
I'm not counting, too much.
You're totally counting.
You can stop counting.
- Not too shabby, huh? - Not too shabby.
Nothing comforts me to say As my brave friend who says I don't care if forever never comes 'Cause I'm holding out for that teenage feeling You know, I'd really like to take you out for dinner.
Um Yeah, that's I just I can't.
I'm in a really kind of a bad place right now with Divorce.
Yeah, of course.
So I should I should get back.
I'm sure they're sending out the guards for me.
- No worries.
- Very important.
I'll see you around.
Yeah, I'll hear you around.
- Hey.
- See what I did there? [UPBEAT CLUB MUSIC.]
Reggie, how dare you stop returning my calls? My bad.
I got busy.
Time off did you good.
- See you met Owen.
- Yes.
He is quite the conversationalist, as long as the topic's about him.
Marissa, babe, you left me hanging.
Come on, let me grab you a drink.
That's okay, I'm catching up with Reggie now.
He and I go way back.
- MIKE: Hey, hey, hey! - GABBY: Hey! We got pork rinds and boxed wine! Oh, Alan, go get my scotch and donuts.
- ALAN: Yes.
- NICK: Thank you.
MIKE: And high-calorie snacks! RAVEN: C'mon, tequila, baby.
Party don't stop! [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
Yes! Look who's out of the stairwell.
Sorry to disappoint you! But a cleaning woman heard my cries, which the rest of you were ignoring.
Mm, now we're talking, all right.
I need singles on Wayne and hold on the cast for their reactions, all right? WAYNE: I was a good one! Nick doesn't care about you.
If you pissed yourself crying, Nick would be delighted.
That's true, I would.
WAYNE: But I would be there with a clean pair of pants.
Not anymore.
You know, Monica thinks you're terrible.
Better, but still abysmal.
And you know what? She's not wrong.
Oh, did that hurt? Getting bitched slapped by honesty? You are going to be on live TV in less than a blink.
And you have yet to get through a single rehearsal without tearing each other apart.
Oh, that's great.
WAYNE: And I have done nothing but believe in you.
And in return, you have tested my patience, my optimism, and my dust allergies! [SNEEZES.]
That stairwell is extremely dusty.
Now, I wish you good luck on your final performance.
And I hope that it is everything Nick wants it to be.
I am going to bed.
I found this.
Oh, my God, look at that.
I got it for Mom.
It still works.
Oh, my God.
That was her favorite song.
Oh, my God.
She loved herself some Mary J.
Good God, where did you find that thing? You know, she used to dance to that song when you were a little baby? Boy, you were so stubborn.
She would just get you, and y'all would have these long dance parties.
Just you and her, right over there in that corner.
Yeah, if I'm being honest, I was a little bit jealous.
You were jealous of a baby? Yeah, I was.
Look, y'all were two peas in a pod.
And it was my second marriage, and I had my boys, and God bless her she was amazing with your brothers.
But the two of you together, you just had your own little special club.
You and her.
Yeah, you're even starting to look like her now these days.
Why couldn't we talk about her after she died? Look, man, I was just heartbroken.
Your mom was the love of my life, but she just couldn't love me back.
It was hard on her too.
I mean, she just couldn't be who she really was.
It's better now.
It's better for you, and I'm glad about that.
I'm sorry, Dad.
I never realized how, um complicated it was with you guys.
It's just big, dumb life.
I'm really glad that you're here for me.
Of course, I'm here.
We can talk about your mom any time you want.
Do you still think about her? Every day.
Me too.
JESSICA: There they are, there they are, there they are.
I'm glad you're back on the team, Reg.
You seem happier now.
Yeah, it's been tough being away, but you know, they say you never know what you got till it's gone.
You know? Hey, you okay? No, actually I'm seeing someone.
- The girl from the show? - Yes.
- It's a real thing? - Sure is.
Well, I never dreamed you had it in you.
You know, I tried to get you myself, way back when, and you told me you weren't the type for commitment.
I didn't think I was.
Marissa, I'm really sorry if I gave you the wrong impression tonight, - I just - One second.
It's fine.
Happy for you.
And honestly, I'm thankful you saved me from Owen, so.
Look here's me, um, so.
Here let me, uh JESSICA: Ooh, can you get any tighter? CAMERAMAN: I'm almost at the end of my lens.
MARISSA: Always the gentleman.
JESSICA: Did they just leave together? Yes, they're together.
Nick's gonna lose his mind.
- GABBY: How are there no vowels? - H.
Oh, so she said Oh, hello.
Where have you been? Yeah, spill it.
- - [ALL GASP.]
- Oh, yeah, buddy.
- Shut up.
I told you.
I told you.
- Man.
- What? - Are you crazy? - Why? Maybe she has her reasons.
She doesn't get broken.
- Mm-mm.
- Okay? Not true.
GABBY: Will you please just throw that list in the trash and just give it a shot? Listen, it is scary, yes, but it could be great.
- I suppose that might be true.
- Guys, we're bonding.
Wayne would be so proud.
I hate that he's mad at us.
I feel bad we locked the nicest man in the world in a stairwell.
- Just come on.
- Well, what is it? What's so important that you have to drag me out of bed? Oh, you'll like it, I promise.
Come on.
So when we talk about wizards we mean fears, right? Me and Junior are EMTs.
Yeah, I got my certification in February of 2020.
ALL: Oh.
Damn, you guys went through hell.
Yeah, we was in it.
Like 20 runs a day.
A lot of patients died right there in the bus.
Junior got real sick.
Yeah, so I guess my wizard is COVID.
I mean, it seems obvious.
It doesn't seem obvious.
Thank you both.
It makes my wizard seem a little wimpy.
Mine's a divorce.
I just never pictured myself alone at this point in my life.
Mine's Mr.
I think everybody knows that now.
I gotta be honest.
My wizard is stage fright.
What? I am terrified.
And the show will be here quick.
- Oof.
- I know.
Can you believe it? I was homeless for a while when I was a teenager, wizard.
My wizard is having to rely on somebody else financially.
I'm driven like hell, but, um it just comes out of fear.
My wizard is pride.
I push people away.
I miss Justin too.
GABBY: Wayne, what about you? Hmm, my wizard is impulse and excess, and it always will be.
I grapple with it every day.
Obviously, my wizard is cancer.
But being here with all of you has given me so much joy.
And I'm really grateful.
Um, I used to think my wizard was all my haters, but now I'm realizing that it's me.
I'm so good at tearing people down, like really good at it.
And I don't know why I do it.
I know that what I did to you and to your family was wrong.
I really liked hanging at your house.
And then I ruined it 'cause I was selfish and 'cause I was jealous.
I messed up.
I'm messed up.
And I'm really sorry.
And I really hope that one day you can forgive me because I would really love to be friends again.
I think, for the purpose of this show, we should find a way to come together.
So Apology accepted.
You can hug me.
- You know what? - Hmm? You know, screw Cape Cod.
Let's go to Italy.
Let's go big.
- I'd love that.
Can we talk? My cancer is aggressive.
It has metastasized to my bones and liver, and they found a handful of small lesions on my brain.
It's gonna kill me.
Best case scenario with chemo 5% chance that I make it longer than a year.
I haven't really told Mike the whole story.
Earlier I said my wizard was cancer, but now I think my wizard is chemo.
I don't wanna pollute the time I have left.
Mike has been so nice, and I I don't know how to tell him, but I'm not gonna go forward with treatment.
Is there anything I can do for you? I think you already did it.
Here's the popcorn you left in my office.
That's all the personal belongings I have to return to you.
What's up with you? I think Paula's gonna die.
- Oh, my God.
- Mm-hmm.
That's unimaginably sad.
I'm so sorry.
It's going to be awful.
For everyone.
For you.
Yeah, I don't know.
I'm sorry, you don't have to do this right now.
No, no, no, I want to.
I'm sorry for what I said.
This isn't nothing.
I don't know what it is, but I know that I'm your friend and we should probably help each other through this.
Hey, thank you.
Love you.
Bye! - Linus? - Hey.
Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.
Was that loud? That was loud.
I, um I have changed my mind.
I would like to say yes.
Do you copy? [UPBEAT MUSIC.]
Wow, that was the craziest all-nighter of my life and I might still be drunk.
- Yeah? - How was practice? Well, it only hurts when I stand or sit or lay down.
- So I can't complain.
- Aw, babe.
How was the rest of your night? Oh, it was, uh, uneventful.
Hello, Mr.
I'm Monica Sullivan from "The Big Leap.
" I heard you got injured on the job.
I brought subs and beer.
Can I have a moment of your time? Anybody with subs and beer.
- Come on in.
You do not know Idris Elba? I met him.
I sat next to him at an award show.
Close talker.
Sounds about right.
So I wanted to speak to you about Justin.
Yeah, I figured.
Your son is very special.
- I'm not much for compliments.
- Me neither.
Well, cheers to that.
But Justin is truly talented.
MONICA: When he dances, you can't take your eyes off him.
He's inspired me to think about dance in a different way.
When he left, I I told him he was replaceable.
That was terrible, but I can't replace him.
I know that he would love for you to see him dance in our show.
And I want you to see him too.
He's that good? He's precious.
But I know that he's precious to you too, so I'm here to see if we can work something out.
I'm sorry to interrupt, but, Monica, I can't go back.
I need to be here.
MONICA: What if someone else could help you with the business? Mr.
Calgrove this is Joel, Ellison, and Anthony.
"The Big Leap" would be delighted to pay them to work for you during Justin's absence.
I don't know what to say, but, uh I do know what your mother would say.
- Go.
- But, Dad No, no, no, no, no.
You boys know anything about gutters? - Oh, yeah.
- It's our specialty.
- Like the back of our hand.
- You kidding me? All I know is gutters.
Did you mean what you said? Every word, Justin.
I think your life is going to change.
I'll see you at rehearsals tomorrow.
La-zer Yeah, yeah Kane is in the building, yeah All right, already, the show goes on All night till the morning, we dream so long Anybody ever wonder when they would see the sun up Just remember, when you come up The show goes on One in the air for the people ain't here Two in the air for the father that's there Three in the air for the kids in the ghetto Four for the kids that don't want to be there None for the [.]
tryna hold them back Five in the air for the teachers not scared To tell those kids that's living in the ghetto That the [.]
holding back That the world is theirs, yeah, yeah The world is yours I was once that little boy, terrified of the world Now I'm on a world tour I would give up everything, even start a world war For the ghetto girls and boys I'm rapping 'round the world for Africa to New York, Haiti, then I detour Oakland out to Auckland, Gaza Strip to Detroit Say hip-hop only destroys, tell them, look at me, boy I hope your son don't have a gun And never be a D-boy All right, already, the show goes on All night till the morning, we dream so long Anybody ever wonder when they would see the sun up Just remember, when you come up The show goes on, all right Already, the show goes on All night, till the morning, we dream so long Anybody ever wonder when they would see the sun up Just remember, when you come up The show goes on So no matter what you been through No matter what you into No matter what you see when you look outside your window Brown grass or green grass, picket fence or barbed wire Never, ever put them down You just lift your arms higher Raise them till your arms tired Let them know you here That you struggling, surviving That you gon' persevere, yeah Ain't nobody leaving, nobody going home Even if they turn the lights out The show is going on All right, already, the show goes on All night till the morning, we dream so long Anybody ever wonder when they would see the sun up Just remember, when you come up The show goes on, the show goes on
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