The Big Leap (2021) s01e11 Episode Script

We Make Our Own Light!

1 Where to begin.
I guess we start with the blackout.
Hey, Alan, do you remember why we lost power? Because I plugged in a Christmas tree my mom sent and it overloaded the electrical system.
Second time your mom's ruined the show.
Yeah, she's she's so stupid.
But we love our moms.
Oh, yeah.
It was crazy.
It was like there was a curse on us.
This was a disaster.
It was shaping up to be a tornado of diarrhea.
- Category 5.
- I mean, it was the perfect ending to my year of humiliation.
What did I do to deserve this? - You know? - What do you think you did? Well, lots of stuff.
Like, it was a real [BLEEP.]
Yeah, total cluster[BLEEP.]
- Can I say any of this on Fox? - The things - No.
- That are inside of me, I can't say on network television.
And not even in Spanish because they catch us.
Look, we have a generator, but there's only enough for emergency lights.
The crew is setting up what they can.
Guys, we are live on television in 8 1/2 minutes, guys.
8 1/2 minutes, okay? - Nick? - Yes? This is Vernon, the facilities manager.
Vernon, tell me you can fix this in the next eight minutes.
Whoops looks like the lights went off.
All right, he's dead.
Is there anybody else? Okay, look, it could be an issue with the breaker.
I can take a look at the control panel.
What are you, an electrician? I am indeed! IBEW Local 58.
Union strong, baby.
- Let's go! - Whoo, whoo! Yeah, you should've already known that, Nick, but, uh Anyway, luckily, I rewired my whole house three years ago, so Aja and I just tag teamed it.
You know, even though I was in the first dance, and I rehearsed it for, like, a month, but you know who's keeping track, right? All right, guys, plan B: we light the stage ourselves.
Okay? We gotta get some flashlights.
All right, there's a drugstore around the corner.
- Who can we send? - Uh, I'll go.
I'm really good at picking out flashlights.
- Simon, come with.
- Why? Oh! Brittney, why was it so important for you to go get the flashlights? I just really love spending time with my brother, Simon.
That's all.
- That's the only reason.
- Brittney, Brittney! Slow down! Why are we doing this? I wanna be back with the drama.
Oh, believe me, you are with the drama! I need to get a pregnancy test! - What? - Yeah, I missed my period and I feel nauseous, and if I am, it's Reggie's.
Okay, well, you've always been irregular.
Hang on, I have your Clue app synced on my phone.
Oh, my God, you're two months late! I know, that's what I'm saying! Oh, my God, it's the twins from that TV show! Hi! Can I get a selfie? - Of course! - Okay.
- Be well! - Love well! Oh, it's so cute.
- Tag us! - Thank you so much! Five minutes fifteen seconds, come on, guys.
- Found the breaker.
- Perfect, light me up.
Got you.
Good? Easy wham.
Good? - Yeah.
- Flip the switch.
Whoo! Light it up, baby.
I looked away.
It got in my eye.
Okay! Oh, that's a lot! Okay.
Wayne, Wayne, we're gonna have to scrap the first number.
- The Wizard's busy.
- Great! Well, we could just start with the prince meeting the White Swan.
But the Wizard scene sets up the entire show.
I need you to go out there.
I need you to explain the premise, Wayne.
It is already clear through the language of dance! Nobody speaks dance, all right? America does not like to be confused.
Do not argue with me! This is an emergency, Wayne! Honestly, I was the only one who stayed calm.
I was.
But look, I was sad.
You know, 'cause I wanted to be nice for Paula.
And for you.
And Monica.
- For Monica? - Mm-hmm.
Nick, do you wanna talk about Monica? No, Wayne, I don't.
I can't breathe.
I'm too stressed out! Why am I so stressed out? Because you invested and you care about these people.
Look at me! The show is going to work.
Now I have to go figure out a flashlight dance.
God help us all, but - we will make it work.
- Okay, yeah.
That's Mm.
Thank you.
Yeah, don't wanna talk about Monica.
We got the flashlights! We're here! We're back! Everyone, everyone, keep breathing! We are resourceful and inspired, and we make our own light! What a perfect metaphor.
Everyone, grab flashlights and batteries.
Simon just broke up with me.
What? No! Hey.
I love you.
I love you too.
- Why isn't this working? - Because you don't know your plus from your minus, so please just give it to me Hey, are you okay? Yeah, I just, um I left a ticket a will call for my mom and she didn't pick it up.
Yeah? Well, maybe she's just running late.
No, she doesn't really understand my life.
But I thought she might like this.
Well, she should be proud.
And you should be proud of yourself.
You know what? You built a business.
You don't owe anyone anything.
I am proud of you, you know that? And I'm proud of the two of us for forming this friendship under the circumstances.
Okay? So cheers.
Hey, do you feel like we're on the "Titanic," or what? Oh, yeah, this is a disaster.
- Dad, this is crazy.
- It's a wild one.
Isn't it, Hen? I I know.
Zach, good to see you, buddy.
How you doing? Nick, we've got to pull the plug.
I have Million Dollar Money Drop - locked and loaded.
- Nope, this is gonna work.
The cameras have power from the truck.
This is gonna be the most inspiring hour of television you have ever seen.
Where is Reggie Sadler? Uh, he's in Hair and Makeup.
Reggie wasn't in Hair and Makeup.
Last I heard, he was on the 75 North out of Toledo.
Mike, Aja, how we looking? Working fast but some stuff melted in the fire Some of it important.
Probably all of it.
- Well, hurry up! - I am playing the Wizard and a cygnet, and I'm fixing the electrical.
I am doing the best that I can, Nick.
Good update.
Just keep going.
All right, everybody, have a good show.
Just a reminder that this is actually happening.
This is not a dream.
Get up, you stupid little bitch.
You do whatever's asked of you.
And you get no food or water until the job is done.
All right, we are live in five four, three, two, one.
Never before have I started a show knowing so clearly that we were [BLEEP.]
Our story begins with a curse.
On a solitary walk by a lake, a young princess named Odette encounters a wizard, wicked Von Rothbart.
Hey, does this look cool or stupid? I don't know.
Lemme check Twitter.
Definitely cool, Dad.
Rothbart casts a spell on Odette, transforming her into a swan.
She can only return to her human form at night.
And don't look until I get offstage.
- Okay.
- The only way the curse can be broken is if someone swears true love to Odette.
What the hell is going on here? Oh, the power's out.
Not your problem.
Keep moving.
Reggie has landed.
We're here.
- We're gross, but we're here.
- Get him to costumes.
You know, a thank you would be nice, Nick.
- Just once.
- Oh.
Oh, thank you so much.
- Come on.
Reggie is here.
- What? You said that Reggie was already here! All my friends at school are watching the show.
Oh, thank God.
Where are they watching, on what platform? Are they young? It's very important - that they're young.
- They are young.
You know, they're actually my age.
12 to 28s.
That tale beings tonight.
Prince Siegfried, Detroit's favorite son and most eligible bachelor is about to fall in love.
I don't know, I didn't really understand the story.
Then I explained to him it's basically Shrek, but she's a swan.
It's also a similar structure to Frozen.
Frozen? I don't know nothing about Frozen.
I'm a grown man.
I'm just waiting for Justin to come out.
- Is my dad here? - House left on the aisle.
I don't remember any of the choreography.
Justin, it's in your cells.
Don't worry about anything.
I'm so proud of you.
Does Mike know he's in this? Where the hell is he? I'm in this.
You know what? Go, I got it.
I got it, I got it.
Costumes, I need a clean shirt STAT! I'm just gonna crush it.
I'm just gonna go out there.
It's in my cells.
Justin! I love you! - Dad, this is amazing.
- It's working! Look at that! We might actually pull this off.
When is Reggie coming out? Will you look at that! That's great.
That's a bunch of nobodies.
- Stop it.
It's great.
- It's great bunch of nobodies being great.
Brittney, you suck! You're the worst! It's Gabby! All right, come on, come on.
Come on.
Don't embarrass me.
Mm! Mortifying.
Also Reggie's fault.
Ooh, I feel like that was my fault.
Personally, I like that they took some license with the music.
I mean, I will take Whitney Houston - over Tchaikovsky any day.
- The Bodyguard.
Now, that was a good movie.
Yeah, no, they should do that for season two.
- Mm-hmm.
- I need to get rid of this walkie! Thank you, Tom! Okay.
- Thank you, Jasmine.
- Oh, yeah.
You're a dream.
Couldn't do this production without you! Come on.
Super late.
Super late! And we are into commercial.
- That was awesome! - So awesome.
Twitter is having Gabbygasms.
- I love her.
- She's the best, isn't she? 'Scuse me.
Uh, these are for Julia.
Do you know where her stuff's at? - Yeah, it's right there.
- Okay.
Ooh, they smell so good.
Hate to give them up.
Ooh! I got to.
Okay, see ya.
Thank you.
- Oh, hi.
- Hey sweetheart.
Um yeah.
- These are for you.
- Oh, my gosh.
How did you know that I like chrysanthemums? So the plan was, I was gonna dance in the party scene, right? You know, small role.
But sure, I can eat some humble pie.
And then, boom! Grand gesture.
And then it was explained to me that that was a a terrible idea.
- No, no way.
You can't be here.
- Come on, Gabby.
This is important to you and you're important to me.
Yeah, this is important to me, and you wrecked it I fell.
Gabby, I've come so far.
Do you see me going onto the field during one of your games to be a wide receiver? I am trying so hard to move on.
Can you please just stop making it harder? Mm-mm, no.
You're staying in the greenroom and watching the show on the monitors.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
- I told you.
Get the camera out of my face.
- Season two pitch.
- Hm? Detroit, same cast.
Whoa, new cast member! Live kangaroo.
No, God, Zach, we don't need any of that.
Are you not seeing this? Look, Wayne was right about everything.
Get people together.
Let them make something.
Art is inspiring.
So you're an artist now? As a matter of fact, he is.
- Yeah.
- Okay, Paul Cézanne.
- But guess what? - What? Your overnight number is a giant turd that drops on my desk every Tuesday morning.
No, you said the overnights don't matter, so Of course the overnights matter! I need something to show my bosses! I need a hook! I need something sticky! Zach, when did you become so cynical? I suggest you watch the rest of this and allow yourself to be moved by the power of dance.
I mean, look at them out there! Taking what? A big leap! - Amen.
- Amen, yes! It's great! I feel like randomly hugging people.
In fact I need to go talk to someone.
I'll be right back.
Hey, you okay? - Mm-hmm.
- All right.
Hey, Monica? Go to two.
- Yes, Nick? - The show is amazing.
You're amazing, and I don't know how you do it.
You know it's not over yet, right? Yeah, I know, I know.
I can't wait to see the rest, but listen I'm renting a cottage in the English countryside for the holiday to see Henri.
Come with me, all right? We'll stay for six weeks.
We can put on wellies and we'll hike and shoot a 9-point buck and whatever else they do on The Crown, I don't know.
If those dancers can walk out onto a pitch-black stage, and make something gorgeous why can't we give us a shot? Wow, that's a a bold speech.
Are you drunk? Yes, yes! I'm drunk! I'm drunk on inspiration! Come on, look think about it, all right? You don't have to say anything right now.
No, no, no, no, no.
- No, no, no.
- Babe, we'll take care of it.
Well, do you mean "we'll take care of it" take care of it or we'll take care of it? No, I said, "We'll take care of it.
" Not, "We'll take care of it.
" Well, I don't know which one is which.
Okay, just come here.
Oh, honey.
I still don't know which one it is.
- Julia? - Yeah? Uh, your estranged husband insisted on coming backstage.
There you are.
Oh, my God.
You look beautiful.
Kevin, what are you doing? - I'm about to go on.
- Oh, sorry.
The girls made you these cards.
- Aww.
- And I forgot to put them in with the flowers that I gave you.
Oh, no, no, no.
- Linus gave me those flowers.
- What? No, that scumbag didn't give you these.
- Please don't call him - Did he say that? - Yes, yes.
- If he said that, - then he's a scumbag.
- Okay, Kevin.
Kevin, calm down, okay? A nice man gave Julia flowers.
I believe you're familiar with my friend Raven? I am, no, I am.
I but Raven, he's not a nice man! Okay? He's not! I am! - Oh, my goodness.
- He did not give her these.
- I did! - Oh, okay.
- It's not fair if he - No, Kevin! Oh, oh! Thief! Stop, thief! - You stole these from me! - Hey! - Admit it.
- Just back it up.
Kevin, please stop.
This is embarrassing.
- No, no! - See? They're leaving.
But wait, wait, wait, wait! Okay, did you tell him that your favorite flower is chrysanthemums? No, I didn't, but that doesn't mean Wow, you look absolutely beautiful, babe.
No, no, no, no, no! Linus, I already said that - Oh, come on.
- I think she looks beautiful.
- This is ridiculous.
- You choose something else! Julia, Raven, 30 seconds.
- Vamanos, vamanos.
- Let's go, please, Raven, I - I'm gonna come support you - Right behind you, babe! - I think you look like - Break a leg! Beautiful! Julia! - Julia, you're my hero! - Two mommies! I like that dance where the two moms are trying to marry off their son.
- Oh, yeah, TLC "No Scrubs.
" - Mm-hmm.
Like that one.
Julia! We love you! That was incredible! Hey! Oh, my God.
Stop! What is happening? Kevin! - Oh! - What the hell? Stop! What is wrong with you? - Julia How did it go? - Get out! He's a mentally ill Tarzan.
Kevin, we have to talk.
Nick, where is Reggie? Yeah, he should be out there.
Alan, where's Reggie? He won't go on.
All right, let me talk to him.
Gabby told me she doesn't want me to be in it.
When did Gabby become an EP on the show? Just Reggie, big guy, come on.
Look, we all know that she's in love with you.
She just needs you to get out there and show her! All right, and believe me, love is in the air tonight.
Yeah, well, I'm gonna show her by respecting her wishes - and doing what she asked me to do.
- No, no! Reggie? Hi, Zach Peterman, head of unscripted at Fox.
Reggie, sometimes women say that they want something, but they mean that they want something else.
And it's our job as men - to decide what they mean.
- That doesn't sound right.
- It's not.
- Yeah.
I think you're wrong about this one, buddy.
I'm gonna sit right here where she told me to sit.
Fine! And when people ask you where you were during the greatest rendition of Swan Lake ever to air on Fox and then a few hours later on Hulu, you can tell them that you were sitting in the greenroom ruining the show! What's wrong with this guy? He's a bow-tie guy.
Justin, I love you! Oh, you gotta be kidding me.
No, I don't want no scrub A scrub is a guy that can't get no love from me Hangin' out the passenger side Of his best friend's ride Trying to holla at me I don't want no scrub A scrub is a guy that can't get no love from me Hangin' out the passenger side Of his best friend's ride Trying to holla at me What the What the hell was that, huh? It was like falling through the gates of hell.
It wasn't the first trapdoor mishap I've seen onstage, unfortunately.
But it was one of the more calamitous ones.
Simon! So just before Simon and I stepped onstage, I told him I was gonna bang every guy in Paris.
Wow, and what did he say? That's fine, I'll take North and South America.
He can have Europe.
- That's a lot of people.
- Yeah, that was the energy that we were bringing to that dance.
Be sure to pack enough fashionable beanies for Paris.
Oh, I think they're gonna love my beanies.
You gonna come by and pick up your 300 racerback tanks or should I just open up a Lululemon? Those are not Lululemon.
My boy can really, really dance.
I'm telling you.
And you know what else he got? Star quality.
Believe Believe in me Believe I'll be too busy to call.
I'll be too busy to answer.
Tonight Tonight Tonight Whoa! I mean, what are the odds? - Are you kidding me? - Why the hell, - is there a trap door? - A trap door? - An open trap door.
- Is it nobody's job - to just make sure it's closed? - Is this a cartoon? - People's careers could end.
- Does Lin Manuel Miranda - have to deal with this? - I could have died.
Guys, nobody's gonna understand what you just said.
Do they understand this? What the hell? We're trapped.
Like rats.
And throw to commercial.
Yes! All my friends are texting me.
- It's so good.
- It's so good, right? - It's so good.
- So good, I know.
I mean, a stone house in the English countryside for a whole month? Nick's inviting you to a Hallmark movie.
Are you considering saying yes? - Hot mic.
- Ah, yeah.
Is it a good idea to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with Nick Blackburn? He has his moments.
He's a sleazy reality show producer.
He's an animal without a conscience.
The man would rather tell a lie than get a massage.
Okay, can we shut that off? Please? Turn it off.
Yeah, for the record everybody, I would rather have a massage, okay? That's not a lie.
That's not a lie.
Sorry, Dad.
- Nah, just - Hey, hey.
Not everyone understands what we do, okay? Of course, yeah.
You are an animal.
A noble one.
Like a hyena or a jackal.
That is a compliment.
Thank you.
Um Okay, you know what? I'm gonna go.
I need to get some air.
I'll be right back, all right? I'm just gonna get some air.
Get some meat, you jackal.
Hot take.
En fuego.
What is it? You're in love with Nick.
- What? - I said what I said.
You're both tough, prickly people but you get each other, and I dare say, soften each other up.
You can't tell me you weren't the least bit excited when he asked you.
Well, sure.
But what if it's a disaster? Love is risky.
But you've been taking risks.
Look at all you've accomplished tonight.
Am I really going to do this? You are going to the countryside with Nick! Guys, guys.
Huge problem, we're missing Brittney and Justin.
What? Okay.
How do we get out of here? We don't.
This is where we die.
I have to be on stage in six minutes.
I have to be onstage in no minutes.
Tell me this isn't happening.
No, stop yelling.
We can't waste the oxygen.
There's two of us now.
I'm gonna send a message to Simon using twin telepathy.
Yeah, I didn't get that.
You have this.
You have spatial awareness Nick, Nick! We need you! Who has eyes on Nick? Nick.
Nick, pick up.
This is a 911.
Where are you? - Go for Nick.
- Justin and Brittney, we can't find them.
- They've disappeared! - What? Ah! We cannot find Justin or Brittney, and Brittney is in the next dance.
Well, put someone in a swan costume and shove 'em onstage.
All right? This is a reality show.
No one's winning a Peabody for this.
Well, thank you for your support.
- What? - Suit up.
We're missing a Cygnet, and you know the choreography.
Wayne, you know I'm not supposed to dance.
We both know that only means going en pointe.
Suit up, you're on! Go! Destiny made Brittney fall through a hole so that Monica can be an honorary member of the House of Lush.
- Sounds about right.
- Truth.
Can you get it? No, it won't budge.
It's like it's super stuck.
Can't do it.
Wait, what's going on right now? Are you crying? I'm such a loser.
No, no you're not.
You're you're a winner.
It says so right in your Instagram bio.
No, I am.
I'm a loser.
Everybody booed me when I went out there.
I hurt my ankle, Mommy disowned me, and other stuff I can't talk about.
Listen People out there, they don't know anything about your pockets of humanity.
And your ankle, it's probably just twisted.
And your mommy, she's kind of a psychopath, so maybe you're better off without her.
I'm gonna show those people.
Season two, I'm gonna be a total sweetheart.
Season two, did you hear something? I mean, the word of mouth is pretty good.
Um, I think I saw an opening over there.
I'm gonna get us out of here, okay? Wow, she is a good dancer.
And hot.
And mean.
She was perfect for you, Nick.
Must feel awful to know she thinks so little of you.
What is wrong with you? It's fine, Hen.
I'm okay, thank you.
- How's your ankle? - Bad.
Thank you for carrying me.
You're the best.
Try telling your brother that.
- He just broke up with me.
- I know.
I'm the one who told him to do that.
Ow! Why would you do that? What is wrong with you? Oh, because we all know that you're gonna go off to Paris - and cheat on him.
- No, I'm not! Everybody's not a horrible person, Brittney.
I'm so monogamous that I dated a woman for four years.
- You know what? You're - Justin, Justin, Justin.
I just really love my brother, and I've never seen him be so into somebody before, and I just don't want to see him get hurt.
You get that, right? I guess, but it still sucks.
Well, I'm sorry.
I screwed up.
I didn't know what a great guy you were.
So what do you say you pick up his sister, and we go up there and make this right.
I'm doing this for him.
- Not for you.
- Hold my shoe.
One, two, three.
I'm gonna go backstage.
You call me if you need anything.
All right? You're missing Mike? Felt like the end of that dance I was gonna lose another piece of Paula, and I started to feel really scared and empty, and I did not want to go out there.
I'm sorry.
I You're not the same person from And there's more of you.
They're coming from everywhere.
You're beautiful, thank you.
You, soft and only You, lost and lonely Thank you.
We love you, Mike! It was perfect.
I love you.
I hope you know that.
I will always love you too.
This is really it, isn't it? Yeah.
Thank you for being the mother of my children.
- We have great kids.
- Yeah.
I'm so sorry for all the damage that I caused.
No, I pulled away too.
But you know, just because this part is over doesn't mean we can't support each other.
We'll always be a family.
I'm terrified.
You get used to it.
So, um, I'm getting a divorce.
Uh, we're gonna sell the house.
I'm gonna get a place in the city with my girls.
So yeah, that's what's happening.
Uh, that's not all that's happening.
Endings are beginnings too.
Like, if you could do anything fun right now, what would it be? Quick.
I would take the girls to Tokyo.
That was fast and specific.
Well, it's something I've always wanted to do.
And I think that the girls need some attention.
You know? - Well sayonara then, bitch.
- There we go.
You could come.
Really? I was planning on doing some traveling.
Ooh! Maybe I'll swing by for some sake.
Hi! Did you see Mike? Oh, it was so beautiful.
That was such a good idea you had.
- It's just what everyone needed.
- Oh, thanks.
Listen, I think my invitation before was a bit of a lapse in judgement.
You know, I got caught up in the moment.
I mean, us? Together? Alone? We'd kill each other.
So just forget I ever asked.
I suppose you're right.
It's just a transactional thing, after all.
- Yes? - Yeah, yeah.
It's best to just leave it here.
Plus, I gotta find a hook for season two.
There's so much work to do, that, you know Okay.
Well, I should, um, I should go out there.
- Yeah.
- So Oh, come on, guys.
Hey, you gotta turn your receipts in So I made up this hokey ending where Odette has to love herself, but I was a fraud.
See, I don't remember a time when I looked in the mirror and didn't want something to be different.
Or when I wasn't beating myself up over something I said, or I did.
But being on this show, playing the white swan and having all these dancers supporting each other It's just I got it.
It happened.
I was able to feel love for myself.
And what did that feel like? In that moment, I felt about me like I feel about Sam.
Like, I want to protect me, and, like, I love myself.
And I was proud of myself.
And it was suddenly so clear that there is always another chance for everybody.
And you just can't always see it right away.
How do we get that feeling to last? I don't know.
Practice? Surrounding yourself with good people? That sounds just right.
Odette didn't have to make a destructive choice.
Because she loved herself.
That's some Motown gospel, right there.
I love this show.
And then, where was the prince? Um, where's the prince? Where's my son? We needed a prince.
We needed a second season.
I did what I had to do.
Hey, cheater.
Go back to the NFL.
She's a single mom, you monster.
So I'm thinking, I mean, everyone already hates me, I mean, the show's pretty much ground to a halt, I don't really know the choreography, so there was only one thing left for me to do.
He made a speech.
I made a speech.
Merry Christmas, I got you Reggie.
- I know! - Yes! Which was always the agreement, but still And Henri's friends have really been shipping Reggie and Gabby.
I can't take it.
What's gonna happen? All right, put the thing up.
Hey, put the thing up! Whoo! Rabby forever! Come on, Reggie.
Give me gold.
I know you told me to stay in the greenroom, but I wanted to be your prince.
And I need to tell you something.
I came onto this show looking for a second chance in my career.
But the second chance I found was you.
I should have never put myself in a position to mess up what we have, and I hate that I did.
Look, I know I broke your trust.
But I will work every day to try to change that.
'Cause Gabby, I love you.
- Don't do it.
- It was one kiss! And he pulled away! Not soon enough! There was tongue.
I zoomed in.
If we turn our back on love, what's the point of living? No, he can't be redeemed! Oh, come on, y'all! I love this woman! Everybody, shut up! I need to think.
So I love myself, right? Does that mean I love myself enough to not give my heart to the man who betrayed my trust? Or does that mean I love myself enough to give the man I love a second chance to make us both happy? I didn't know what to do.
So I just said We can grab an afternoon coffee.
- Okay.
- No! - What? - Not okay at all.
- Come on, that's good, right? - It's reasonable.
Not for TV! - Not to be on TV! - Coffee.
Coffee, whoo! Well, I guess that's okay.
Let us know how it goes.
I'm here! I'm sorry! - Justin.
- What'd I miss? Reggie declared his love for Gabby.
It was straight out of a rom-com.
But she just agreed to coffee because she's a strong, independent woman.
Thank you.
- Are we still live? - Yeah.
Show's still going.
Here goes nothing.
Simon! Simon! - Can you come onstage? - No.
Oh, suddenly you hate attention? I know you broke up with me because Brittney told you to.
Get out there, you big baby.
- Go! - You guys broke up? - No! - Yeah, right before the show.
But Listen Can we give this a shot? Simon? I love you.
You do? Since when? What does that matter right now? Well, I just feel like everybody would like to know the details of the timeline.
- We wanna know! - Yes, thank you, ma'am.
Since the roof of the hotel in Chicago.
You were standing there and you had this big neon sign behind you.
We were practicing that dance.
You looked so hot.
And you totally had my back, and that was great, and Yes! Yeah, no! - Yes, yes! - Oh, whoa! - I love you too.
- Then we shouldn't break up.
Yeah, God, whose stupid idea was that? Dad, this is my boyfriend, Simon.
I'm a big fan of your son.
How do you feel about that, Mr.
Calgrove? Well, my boy's in love.
It's hard to argue with that.
You like football? Go Lions.
Oh, you a Lions fan? Yeah.
Okay, Wayne.
Get ready to cue the orchestra.
You stay here.
I'll be right back, all right? - Mm-hmm.
- Got some work to do.
Yes, yes, here we go.
I think everybody would like to dance with somebody.
All right, dancers, take a bow! First of all, I wanna say that I respect your boundaries.
Oh, shut up.
How much do you wanna bet we turn around and there's a camera? We got it! Pure gold.
Monica? Monica? We ended the show with one big sloppy, unprofessional dance party.
The show was wonderful.
And you did that.
You did that.
You did too.
We all did.
Not everything worked out, of course, but um We did pull off something great.
And I'm very proud of all of my dancers.
I hope we get to do it again.
I wanna dance with somebody With somebody who loves me Oh, I wanna dance Oh, Mike, you know what? I almost forgot.
We got a letter for you at the office.
It, uh, I don't know.
It looked important.
You okay? What is it? It's from Paula's lawyer.
She left me Everything.
Nick, it's millions of dollars.
With somebody who loves me Oh, I wanna dance with somebody I wanna feel the heat with somebody Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody Hey! You don't wanna go out there and dance with everybody? I can't my ankle.
Oh, thank you for getting those flashlights today.
- You saved the day.
- Yeah, no problem.
I like to be of service.
Did you pick up anything else while you were there? You know.
Is it Reggie's? Yes! What are you gonna do? Could create some interesting possibilities for season two, depending on what you decide to do.
You know, if you wanna stay on TV a little bit longer maybe in a bigger role.
So I'm the villain again? Everybody's gonna hate me.
No, come on.
Everybody loves to hate you! Wow, you really are the Wizard.
Aww, you're sweet.
Hey, Gabby! - Hey.
- Hi.
What you did for the show, I mean, it's beyond impressive, so how would you feel about joining season two as a choreographer? - Seriously? - Mm-hmm.
Oh oh, my God.
Um, yes, yes! What about Monica, though? Oh, well, she could use the help.
Plus, you know, a little healthy competition never hurt anybody.
I have a great story arc planned for you.
- Okay, yes! - Yeah? - Yes! - All right, congratulations.
You pulled off something wonderful, Nick.
You made magic.
You know, I feel like you raised the floor of your humanity.
Yeah, sure, Wayne.
Will you be joining us next season to see where our story goes? Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I wouldn't trust anyone else.
It's gonna be full of surprises.

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