The Birch (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Thee Who Breaks Me

[clock alarm.]
[clock alarm.]
Mind if I kill the rest? Leftovers.
Yes, no? Yup.
- [Evie.]
Uh, hey, Dad.
- Yeah? If you had the ability to take out all the evil people in the world, - would you do it? - Oh, Jesus, Evie, that's out of my pay grade.
Don't worry about the perfect dadding right now, just honestly.
Well, honest to God, I just I don't think it's up to me to judge who's bad or not.
But like, what about those people where you look at them and they just have a vampire stare? There's nothing warm looking back.
The Polks? Um You can get eaten up by the "if I coulds.
" If I could, I'd have a Bugatti in the driveway, but I but I don't.
However I do have this leftover House of Chow's kung pao beef and I've got a "Pawn Stars" marathon tonight.
And I've got you.
And that's a win in my book.
Hating the Polks isn't gonna bring her back, hun.
I'll see you when I punch out, okay? [girl.]
What do you mean he didn't show? Where did he go? [girl 2.]
He just ghosted you? Ryan picks me up every morning at 7 sharp with a caramel macchiato.
You got him well trained.
It's just It's just not like him.
Come on, let's go.
My name is Kelly Bernstein.
And I really, really hope you're watching this out of boredom and not need.
I'm in the woods, near Mount Hood, where my brother was last seen.
[PA beeps.]
[woman over PA.]
Charlotte Dunaway to the office, please.
Miss Dunaway to the office.
[students whispering.]
[police radio chatter.]
Hey, do you need a ride? Or we could [woman over PA.]
Any available nurse, please report to cardiac intensive care.
[alarm blares.]
- Okay, right now.
- [woman over PA.]
Code blue, six south.
- [male nurse.]
- [female nurse.]
What's happening in there? [nurse.]
We're not letting anyone in here, I'm sorry.
I need this hallway cleared.
get in there.
Ryan! [nurse.]
Hey! Nobody can come in there.
Sorry, I need this hallway cleared.
We're doing everything we can.
I'm sorry, you can't come in right now.
[mom and nurse arguing.]
I need this hallway cleared How'd you do it, huh? - I'm leaving.
I'm leaving.
- Good news.
I'm gonna come to your house with the dullest, rustiest knife I can find and I'm gonna slit your throat.
Then I'm gonna slit your bitch dad's throat and you can have a nice family reunion with your junkie mom.
- [gasping.]
- That's not a threat, it's a promise.
I'm gonna watch your dad bleed out like a fat little piggy! What did you do to him, huh? What did you do to him, huh? [screams.]
Keep running, Evie! I'll see you at home! [gasping.]
God, what am I gonna do? [dad.]
I'm at work, Evie.
What's up? Hey, you okay? Evie, are you there? "For Thee who makest me, I shall come.
Thee who breaks me shall come undone.
" [tree cracking.]
[sirens blaring.]
Everybody stand back.
Easy now.
[chattering continues.]
Well, hello, Evie.
You looking for this? [officer 2.]
Miss Grayson? [police radio chatter.]
[officer 3.]
Young lady, I'm gonna need you to back up.
I'm gonna ask her a few questions in the car.
Make sure it's all locked up down there.
Look, Evie.
I wanna play on Team Grayson, okay? I feel for you.
And your old man.
Everything you've been through.
But this is some nasty business you've got yourself mixed up in.
One of the last things that boy said before he died was your name.
Now he seemed pretty damned scared and I can't say I blame him.
I didn't do this.
[Sheriff Baker.]
All righty.
Well, why don't you tell me who did? Please protect me, please protect me, please protect me, please protect me, - please protect me, please protect me - Evie.
- It is not looking good.
- Please protect me, please protect me - [Warren.]
Paging 1-6.
- Yeah, go for it, Warren.
We have another boy killed.
Body's maybe 20 minutes old.
It's bad, sir.
[Sheriff Baker.]
What's the name on that? [Warren.]
Wesley Reid.
Respond to 2022 Marson Drive.
Hey, Evie, is that you? Come watch TV with me.
[tree cracking.]
[TV playing.]
[inhales, exhales.]
- [light switch flicks.]
- [TV stops playing.]
Goodnight, Dad.
Dad? Dad? [wind chimes.]
[light breathing.]
[Birch growling.]
It's beautiful.
Thank you.
Hey, buddy.
Get your ass in the car.
We're gonna be late.
I'm helping Uncle Seb with some bookkeeping.
Gavin doesn't touch the business.
That was the deal.
- [mom.]
Ryan? Honey? - [Ryan coughing.]
Something's happened.
Did Evie do this?