The Blacklist s01e08 Episode Script

General Ludd

You hear that? - What was it? - I don't know.
We should head back.
We can play more later.
Come on.
It's almost 7:30.
Mom's gonna be upset if we one more kickoff! I'll return! Dad? The storm has come.
A wave of death and destruction aimed at the few who've left so little for so many.
It will wash away the greedy, and when it does, you can thank General Ludd.
Hey, what are you still doing here? Hey.
Uh, late start.
Teacher in-service.
I'm supposed to bring doughnuts as if Mrs.
Wempon's ass could use another bear claw.
What's, uh, going on here? - Hello.
- Good morning.
I'm working on it.
But the chillin' turn out fine I got the pieces if you got the time A cargo plane bound for Los Angeles sources say it exploded just 90 seconds after takeoff here in Washington.
- Hey, you see this? - Huh? Plane crash.
The debris and the eyewitness accounts say it looks like a bomb.
Investigators on the ground as to the nature of the explosion.
- It's my dad.
- Eyewitness reports are claiming that this could be the result of a terr Hey.
Is everything okay? What, I can't call my daughter unless there's something wrong? How you feeling? Oh, you know me.
Picture of health.
- Something's wrong.
- Yeah, this 12-year-old who claims to be an oncologist wants to run another series of tests.
- You're in the hospital? I'm coming.
- No, you're not.
I'm fine.
Listen, butterball, I-it's under control.
I got teams of medical people here.
Their teams have teams.
I'm fine.
When are these tests happening? - Today.
Soon as the doc finishes her Martini.
- No jokes.
If this is serious, I want to be there.
It's not.
Don't say that just 'cause you don't want to bother me.
You're my dad.
You're allowed to bother me.
It's just a test, Lizzy.
Leave your phone on and call me as soon as it's done, okay? All right.
- Dad, I love you.
- I love you, too.
Pretending doesn't make it any better.
She deserves to know the truth.
Shut up and hand me that snickers bar, would you? Absolutely not.
I'm not giving you access to the FBI's ViCAP system.
Then you'll just have to find another criminal to talk to Elizabeth Keen and make fun of Agent Ressler.
We have an agreement.
Yes, the agreement is for me to bring cases to you.
It doesn't work the other way around.
I'm not your consultant.
I have no interest in cases that I have no interest in.
Personally, I think my proposal was incredibly fair.
You have got to give to get, Harold.
You're asking me to go beyond the terms of our agreement.
If you want me to help you with this case, I will, but I need something extra to sweeten the deal.
Rest assured, granting me access to ViCAP will benefit you just as much as it does me.
Does this mean you know who took down that cargo plane? You're speaking as if an individual is responsible for this.
It's far bigger than you might think.
It's a movement.
Do we have a deal? Reddington believes General Ludd is behind the attack.
They take their name from the leader of a 19th-century group called the luddites, a militant wing of a popular struggle against early industrial capitalism.
Davos, Switzerland.
Ludd took credit for a car bomb that hit the economic international summit.
Nine people killed, including two European finance ministers.
the source code protecting trade data for international stockholders.
They caused a computer glitch that cost the market a few hundred million.
That I can appreciate trim the fat off the fat cats.
This group is incredibly well-educated.
They're as disciplined as any terrorist cell.
Identifying the members has been impossible.
- Does Reddington tell you he can I.
one of these guys? - Better.
Says he can identify the group's founder, Nathaniel Wolff.
Says he's the man ultimately responsible for taking down that plane.
This is the only known image of him that we have.
Get out there.
Find him.
I'll let the locals know you're coming.
Nobody sleeps until we have him.
It was definitely a bomb, not mechanical.
At the moment, we have two suspects.
The bomb was homemade, straight from the Oklahoma city playbook.
It was driven onto the tarmac by a cargo operator and placed onto the plane inside a shipping crate.
We got bomb residue inside to confirm that.
The driver's name was Roger Gard.
Haven't found him yet.
What about your second suspect? My guys just got word last night a fertilizer plant was robbed.
One of the part-time employees stole chemicals from a company warehouse.
Do you have a name? Plant manager thinks it was taken by an employee named Arthur Denning.
Here it is.
I got it.
Arthur Denning started at the Greenbow fertilizer plant three months ago.
attorney subpoenaed everything they have personal records, performance reviews, and this security footage.
He accessed a remote warehouse at 2:16 A.
There he is.
That's our guy.
That's Arthur Denning? I just got a company I.
on Roger Gard.
Aram, can you pull up that picture? Okay.
What the hell is going on? Arthur Denning and Roger Gard are the same person.
Can you pull up the photo of Wolff? Whoever that guy is, he is not Nathaniel Wolff.
Then who is he? Who has my itinerary? Flight 1143.
I want you all to know what an honor this has been.
I know you don't want to call me because you don't want to freak me out, but F.
, not calling me freaks me out, so call me.
Uh, I I just want to know about the tests.
I love you.
We compared the employee files of Gard and Denning.
- They have one thing in common.
- I'm sorry.
What? We got his home address.
Let's roll.
We went to the apartment, looking for the real identity of the man posing as Denning and Gard.
The one thing we knew going in was that the man we were looking for was not Nathaniel Wolff.
We were wrong.
Reddington was right.
What proof do you have? Well, the items we found at the apartment are basically a love letter from Wolff to his father.
Wolff's father was a mechanic who worked his entire life at PTB aviation.
When Wolff was 6, a corporate raider bought the airline and sold it off piece by piece.
Wolff's father was a union man, fought to keep the airline intact.
He lost, started drinking, his wife left, took the kids.
Six months later, Wolff's father committed suicide.
But, again, that isn't proof.
No, but we've got Nathaniel Wolff's fingerprints all over the place.
Two different people, both with the exact same print? You can't change his fingerprints.
He changed his face.
Malaysia is the future, Mary.
A whole new world is waiting there.
They are a starting a production line I am not moving to Malaysia.
I understand, but with your skills in a market like Kuala Lumpur I find it so reassuring the movie stars, the pop singers they really are just like the rest of us.
Reddington, I told you, I'm not interested in anything outside Fairfax county.
Caleb's in school.
He's 9.
I'm treasurer of the pta, for God's sakes.
- I can't just leave.
- Mary, darling, you would thrive in Malaysia, and Caleb would love it.
Those thieving little monkeys near Batu caves are absolute rascals.
What are you doing here? You're a little early.
We're not ready yet.
One of our most trusted couriers.
Please excuse us.
You have a suburban housewife printing fake money out of her garage.
Mary is an artist.
She has a tremendous gift.
I've been calling your people all morning.
Luli didn't pick up.
Luli didn't pick up because we are busy.
Well, then you should have dug that chip out of your damn neck.
Well, you're here now, so what's on your mind? We searched the home address listed for both suspects and were able to pull some prints.
They belong to Nathaniel Wolff.
I never tire of being correct.
Someone changed his face.
I understand your father is not well.
Excuse me? The cancer.
It's come back? My father's fine.
He's just Who the hell told you that? You should be there With him.
I am not doing this playing this game, guessing what you know or how you know it.
- What? - Abraham Maltz.
The best surgeon for this sort of business.
Before we do this, let me be clear I have business that requires further travel today, so this needs to happen quickly.
You need to follow my lead.
Maltz is not on the blacklist.
He's an asset I need to protect.
You want me to protect some plastic surgeon who might be linked to a terrorist organization? Yes.
What brings you in? I don't know how you do it.
I had that done once.
I couldn't bear the tickling.
How are you? We need to talk, in private.
Yeah, sure.
Give us a minute, please? Ray, look at you.
You look great.
I mean, the elasticity is amazing.
You been juicing? Beets, mostly.
Some celery, carrots, a lot of ginger.
The kale makes me dyspeptic.
And what's a beautiful young woman like you doing with this vulture? Trust me, it's not by choice.
So, Nathaniel Wolff you gave him a new face.
I need to find him.
You know I would help you if I could, Raymond.
I do, and I thank you for that, Abraham.
Normally, I wouldn't impose, but this is a personal matter of some urgency.
You know my business.
You know the rules.
It's all about confidentiality.
This conversation should never leave this office.
I just got done with six hours of surgery, and you walk in I mean, I don't know you or why you think you can come in here and ask questions about my clients.
Red, help me out.
My name is Special Agent Elizabeth Keen.
I'm with the FBI.
Reddington is working with us, helping us to capture high-value targets, and Nathaniel Wolff is one of them.
I need to find Wolff, and I know you can help us.
Wait a minute.
You're an informant now? How dare you come in this did you hear me? I said I need his new name.
Give it to me, or I'll have the Miami field office tear your practice apart faster than you can say "tummy tuck.
" Bradley Holland.
Okay? That's the name he goes under now Bradley Holland.
Abraham! I refer important clients to you, people who are vital to my business, people whose livelihood depends on your confidentiality, and you roll over like a cockapoo wanting his belly scratched? - You said this guy was solid.
- What? Wait a minute.
Some woman who claims to be an FBI agent makes a few ham-fisted threats, and you hand over one of your own clients? That's dirty pool.
God forbid this little incident ever gets back to poor Nathaniel Wolff.
Red, I don't know what's going on here what other secrets have you just given away? Nothing! Who knows about the work I've had done? Nobody, truthfully! You know me! I brought Christina to you specifically for your discretion and expertise.
I assured her you were trustworthy.
I'm sorry.
I was wrong.
Shame on you, Abraham.
I know another doctor.
Let's go.
No, red.
We we could make this right.
You know me.
I would never give out a name of any client! We believe Wolff is now using the name Bradley Holland, a pilot for Innova Air.
I'd buy him as a cargo operator, but a pilot? That would require licenses, documentation, a background check.
Anonymity is a cornerstone of this group's decentralized command structure.
Wolff has given up his identity for this cause.
Wall street destroyed the airline that Wolff's father devoted his life to.
So Wolff is now using the airlines in his efforts to destroy wall street.
Bradley Holland just swiped through security at Reagan national.
Get the TSA on the line.
Tell them to pull the surveillance feeds and backtrack the swipe point.
He's gonna bring down another plane.
Sophie, hi.
Uh, if it's okay with you, I'm deadheading to Denver.
Of course.
Let me check what seats are available.
Appreciate that.
I'm Bradley.
There's an empty seat in first.
Must be my lucky day.
Sir, the attack is imminent.
We need to contact homeland and have them move the threat level to code red.
All planes in the air need to be rerouted.
Nothing should be taking off or landing at Reagan.
How about that? Nuts, right? They're saying a father and son were killed on the ground.
That's terrible.
That group, the ones that took credit Oh, yeah.
Uh, General Something.
General General Ludd.
Within an hour of that plane dropping out of the sky, that company lost 30% of its market share.
Bunch of wackos, right? Oh, you said it.
Out-of-work, sexually frustrated, living-at-home losers, if you ask me.
What line of work are you in? Hedge funds.
Dolus capital.
So, uh, this General Ludd group, you're like the poster child for everything they hate.
How's that feel? You worried? Eh, not in the gold club, I'm not.
Know what I'm saying? Mm-hmm.
Sophie, do me a favor? Whatever you need.
I left my log book six gates away.
Would you, uh, watch my stuff? I'll put it in first-class overhead.
We're boarding any minute.
You're the best.
- Tom.
- Liz, aunt June called.
I'm sorry.
Now's not a good time.
Uh, she said your dad hasn't exactly been telling you the truth.
Apparently, he's a little sicker than he's been letting on.
Aunt June gets indigestion and thinks she's having a stroke.
The cancer's spread to his liver.
What? No, he was just going in for a few tests.
Apparently, it's a little more serious than that, and aunt June thinks that we need to be there, like, now.
I can't.
I Oh, my God.
I got to call him.
No, he's in surgery.
Listen, I'm on the next flight out of Dulles, and I got Ellie to watch Hudson, so surgery for what? Have you talked to his oncologist? No, I talked to June, and you're right.
She's probably overreacting.
But if you can't go now, then, uh Yeah, what do you got? then let me book you the 6:15 tomorrow morning, and you'll be in Nebraska by noon.
Okay? Lizzy, okay? Okay.
You all right? We got him.
Deadheading to Denver, flight 1143.
Lock off this runway! Clear that terminal! I want everyone out of here now! We need emergency vehicles on standby.
Bomb squad's en route.
I want every bag Hello, Sam.
It's been far too long.
Sir? I have a family emergency.
My father's sick.
- I need to catch a flight.
- Not an option.
I know the timing is terrible All flights are grounded.
What? Why? General Ludd.
FBI headquarters received a manifesto.
We are General Ludd.
Our uprising against the undue influence of corporations on our government has begun.
Today marks the beginning of a war.
Our enemy? The oligarchs of corporate America, who have destroyed the middle class on whose backs this country was built.
Our fight is for the soul of this country.
There will be protests, violent uprisings, planes will fall from the skies.
The corrupt corporate giants will be brought to their knees.
So, as it begins, ask yourself are you General Ludd? The F.
has implemented 9/11 protocol.
All planes are grounded until further notice.
This was the plan all along.
They wanted us to ground those planes cripple the economy.
I've got an address on Bradley Holland.
Let me guess same as Denning and Gard? Yes, but I've also traced a credit-card payment in Holland's name to a storage facility Brooklyn, St.
marks ave.
Let's roll.
Oh, my God.
I've never been more scared of a woman in my life.
She was thrilling in bed.
What a pair of legs.
I think she played field hockey in college.
I've missed that laugh.
You look like hell.
I finally had a chance to see her, Sam.
There's a fire inside she got from you.
She's volatile Unpredictable Soft then hard then Soft again.
Stronger than she knows.
You gave her an incredible gift, Sam.
Taking her in and Loving her as your own.
They've given me six weeks.
For what? So I can lay here and watch them take me apart? I wish they'd said six hours.
And I told them, I said, "you can get rid of those damn machines.
Go monitor somebody who's actually got vital signs.
" Mm.
I need to tell Lizzy.
I know what we agreed, but before I go, I have to tell her.
I can't let you do that.
She deserves the truth.
He created entire lives.
As if they were real people.
Who the hell is John Horlbeck? His whole plan rested on becoming John Horlbeck, a 45-year-old truck driver.
The trucking company he works for has contracts with the bureau of engraving and printing.
Every day, B.
moves billions of dollars in currency from the U.
mint and federal reserve banks all over the country.
They move it by plane.
But with the planes grounded, they move By truck.
This was all an elaborate heist.
How much is Horlbeck moving by his trucking company? $500 million.
Okay, just got the transponder frequency from American secure transport.
Target vehicle is crossing over the queensboro bridge, Delaware plates.
Daddy, thank God.
I was so worried.
What's going on? Tom just spoke with aunt June.
Aunt June talks too much.
Tom said you're in surgery? Look I'm sorry to bring you so late to the party, but About three months ago, I wasn't feeling so great.
So I went to the doc, and, uh She said the cancer came back And spread everywhere.
They're doing what they can, but, you know, it ain't good.
But obviously they think they can do something.
They think I should've told you the truth.
I should've been honest with you from the get-go.
But I couldn't.
I was trying to protect you.
I'm on my way, as soon as I can get on a plane.
You're gonna be fine, daddy.
I know that.
'Course I am.
I love you.
I love you, too, butterball.
Thank you.
You will always be her father, Sam.
I can only hope to love her and protect her As you have.
Uh, excuse me.
I'm here to see Sam Milhoan.
Do you know what room he's in? Are you family? Yeah, I'm his, uh, son-in-law Tom Keen.
I I'm so sorry.
We Th-thank you.
Okay, turning south.
Take the midtown tunnel.
You can get ahead of him.
Lizzy, how are you? Not a good time.
I was just thinking about you and wanted to see if you needed anything.
With the case? No.
With your father.
Are you gonna make it home to Nebraska? All planes are grounded.
Not mine.
Lizzy, are you sure There's nothing I can do for you? I can't talk right now.
Mind if I sit? No, go right ahead.
Visiting someone? A friend.
He died today.
Yourself? I, uh, came here to see my father-in-law.
But I I-I didn't get here in time.
Oh, my.
I'm terribly sorry.
It's hard to Not say goodbye.
I have lost so many people.
Never seems to get any easier.
I don't know what I'm gonna say To my wife.
I've been sitting here for I don't know how long trying to figure out how to tell her.
My wife and her dad, they had something He took her in when she was and raised her as a single parent.
She's gonna be heartbroken.
It'll undoubtedly take some time.
But I'm sure she'll be fine.
He'll always be there with her, standing in the shadows to keep her safe Laughing with her in the light Watching through her eyes all those who get close.
He'll always be there.
She will be fine.
I hope you're right.
I know I am.
We got him.
This was never about the money.
Wolff's people hit that truck for something far more valuable than the cash.
There was a safe on the truck.
In it was a hard drive containing software upgrades for the new hundred-dollar bill proprietary algorithms, plate design, watermarks, encoding techniques.
Every last hair on Ben Franklin's eyelash is on that drive.
Luckily, we got to him before he could access the safe.
- Any indication where Wolff may be? - We put out an APB.
All major roads, trains, buses, and ports have been secured.
With planes still grounded, flying out isn't an option.
That's not exactly true.
You said you could still fly? If you know what corners to cut, yes, everything is possible.
Wolff wanted us to ground those planes so he could steal the blueprints for the new hundred-dollar bill.
He's escaping by plane.
Nobody's watching the sky.
My guess is you're half right.
So if you were him, where would you fly from? Where was Wolff last seen? - Wall street.
- How fitting.
Let me look into the matter.
I'll see what I can find.
Dembe, tell Edward we're making an unscheduled stop.
Ready to go? Oh, I'm not your pilot.
He went for a stroll.
Well, get him back.
Years ago, I used to smuggle small shipments of oaxaca-highland gold into this airstrip.
Beautiful space.
Bumpy as hell.
You know, Mr.
Wolff, I admire your commitment.
Others may doubt you, may think your revolutionary talk is just that talk to cover your grief but I think not.
You really do want this country's financial system to fail.
And if I'm not mistaken, you've come up with an ingenious way to make that happen.
- Who are you? - No doubt, the feds are congratulating themselves this very minute for recovering the blueprint they assume is real, but you and I know it's not.
It's a fake.
How you know that? You swapped the drives, gave the feds a counterfeit.
If the mint uses it, billions of dollars of counterfeit currency will be circulated, bankrupting this country.
And you're gonna, what stop me? Turn me in? I'm gonna rob you.
Because unlike you, I happen to believe in capitalism.
I like money.
I like the lifestyle it affords me.
I like the things that happen when you give it away.
What becomes of you and General Ludd once you board that plane is none of my concern though it is worth noting that a true luddite would burn the plane rather than fly in it.
But whatever.
Your irony.
At any rate, have a safe flight.
And buckle up.
This runway is a bitch.
You got the tail number? Yes, sir.
Send it to Agent Keen.
Nathaniel Wolff, you're under arrest.
I'll call this in to Cooper, get the flight ban lifted.
I'll look after this.
Why don't you go see your father? Thank you.
Is it really worth it, this job? Risking your life for what the privilege of living in some crappy studio apartment? They own you.
Oh, oh, oh oh, oh, oh, oh oh, oh, oh oh, oh, oh, oh sleep don't visit so I choke on sun and the days blur into one and the backs of my eyes hum with things I've never done sheets are swaying from an old clothesline like a row of captured ghosts over old dead grass was never much, but we've made the most welcome ho-o-o-me oh oh, oh oh, oh, oh oh oh oh, oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh, oh, oh oh oh You get one bite of the apple.
I've come ho-o-o-me oh oh, oh oh, oh, oh oh oh oh, oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh, oh, oh oh oh I should've known when you agreed to help us catch Wolff that you would take something for yourself.
We didn't think he could access the safe on the truck, but he did.
And he swapped the original drive for a counterfeit, and when we arrested him, he didn't have it.
I'm sorry about your father.
How was the funeral? This is going to be a difficult time.
The best way to keep the memory of your father alive is to talk about him.
Tell me some stories.
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh oh oh oh oh oh oh ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh oh oh oh oh oh oh
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