The Blacklist s01e10 Episode Script

Anslo Garrick (2)

Previously on The Blacklist We have credible intelligence that you're being targeted.
Anslo Garrick got you to bring me here so that he could attack this facility.
You're going into the box until the threat is neutralized.
Neutralized? Harold, do not make a stand.
He means to take me, Agent Ressler, and kill anyone in his way or in his wake.
Hello, Red.
- Where is everyone? - Captured.
I think Ressler's in bad shape.
We're gonna go find those jammers.
Red, I don't have to explain what happens now, do I? You open the box, or Dembe dies.
Come on.
North Arlington Furniture Warehouse.
Can I help you? UhHatchling 5591.
Stay on your knees.
I got the signal out, but I need a dispatch co Dispatch code Cavalry's on their way.
You're about to get your ass kicked off the planet, pal.
Want to bet I can drop you before you can get one shot off with that pistol? Well, I'm gonna kill him now, aren't I, Red? Open the box! Go! Wow.
I killed him.
We need to move now! Aram! Listen to me We need to move now! Hold it! Well, who might this be? Someone you know, Red? Please.
Ressler! - Aah! Son of a bitch! - Look at me.
- I need you to focus.
I need the code.
- What code? What code? - To open the box.
- Oh, God, my leg Tell me the code now.
Do not give him the code, Agent Ressler! That's an order! Oh, come on! Telecom has been restored.
They have an open signal out.
In about five minutes, an FBI assault will retake the building.
Get out now.
You might survive.
- Lizzy.
Hey, what's going on? - Lizzy isn't available right now.
- May I ask who's calling? - This is her husband.
Who the hell is this? I'm the guy that's gonna put a bullet in your wife's head.
Who is this? - Put my wife on the phone.
- It's for you.
- Tom! - Liz, are you okay? What's going on? - Are you safe? - Tom, listen to me! Call the FBI! No! No, no.
What are you gonna do? You gonna kill me? You just saved my life.
Circumstances have changed, Donald.
If you can't save her, you're of no use whatsoever.
Look at me.
Look at me! Agent Keen will die.
Now is the time.
The access code is Romeo.
R-O-M-E-O Romeo.
Anslo, what are you doing here? Let them go, Anslo.
Are you pleading for the lives of the feds? There's enough blood on the floor.
- It's time to get the hell out of here.
- Oh, I know what time it is.
You watch out for Old Red here.
He may not look like much, but I once saw him kill a Somali with a wire hanger.
Simpler days, Anslo.
Simpler days.
Bring her.
She doesn't do anything for you, Anslo.
She's dead weight.
Do I look like I care what you say, Red? Everyone get down now.
Secure the area and contact headquarters! Don't move.
We're getting help.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
I need a phone! I have to admit, Red, I was starting to think you'd never come out of the box.
But then her.
She was unexpected.
Old boy's still got the touch, does he? Well, whatever blows up your skirt.
Hold on tight.
Breach team 5! Identify yourself! I'm Assistant Director Harold Cooper! Help these people get to the Washington Hospital Center's trauma unit.
I need that chip! The emissary hotel in Chicago Mr.
Hurry the hell up! FBI! Follow that ambulance! Drive! Now! Give me your phone! Give it to me! Hello? - Aram! - Agent Keen, are you okay? Sir! Are you Are you with Mr.
Reddington? I'm in pursuit, but I've lost visual! I'm headed west on Constitution.
Do you have a location? They're trying to pull his chip.
Hurry the hell up! Close to the drop point! - 30 seconds! - I'm trying! Just give me the bloody chip! Come on! Aram, where are they? Okay, six blocks west.
Turn right at the intersection.
Turn right! Right here! Right here! Get me that damned chip! Okay, you're close.
He just turned south on 7th.
Okay, the signal has stopped moving.
He's right there.
He's in the street.
Yeah, this is the right location.
Dispatch, we've got nothing.
Agent Keen, did you find him? No, he's gone.
We lost Reddington.
Oh, this shall be fun.
How did this happen? Anslo Garrick was a known associate of Reddington's.
He came in with a tactical assault team.
- He knew the floor plan.
- Then I have no choice.
- This task force is decommissioned.
- Diane Do you understand what has happened, Harold? You obviously have a mole.
We have to find Reddington.
The only thing that matters right now is how quickly we contain this.
This did not happen.
Reddington is, and always has been, a fugitive at large.
Aram, wait.
- You can't - We're done.
I'm done.
Listen to me Red's alive.
Liz, this is out of my hands.
- Okay, assuming - Mm-hmm? I could help what would you need? Closed-circuit feeds from the block around the building from when Reddington came in, going back an hour.
Supposed to hand off the security feeds to the new team of investigators.
I suppose I could make us a copy.
Thank you.
How do you think Ressler's doing? He's in surgery.
They're hoping they can save his leg.
Aram we got to keep this between us.
We don't know who we can trust.
Emissary Hotel.
How may I direct your call? Yes.
Kaplan, please.
He's not available.
Can you be reached at this number? This Uh, yes, I suppose.
The girl.
The agent.
I want to know who she is.
You came out of the box for her.
Traded your life for hers.
Red Reddington placing somebody else's life ahead his own.
What makes her so special? I learned so much watching you, Red.
You taught me Gave me a taste of the good life.
But that's all I was allowed A taste.
You're greedy, Anslo.
You went behind my back, made deals you knew I wouldn't approve.
What did you expect? I suppose I expected something better than a bullet in the face, Red.
- Are you okay? - Yeah, I - I didn't know what was happening.
- I know.
Who Who Who was that man on the phone? It's nothing.
- What happened to your face? - I'm okay.
Damn it, you need to stop.
You need to stop.
You need to walk away from this job before it destroys you.
Listen to me.
Don't answer it.
All right? Look at me.
We can go.
- Go? - Anywhere.
We talked about moving there someday, at your dad's funeral.
I got caught up in the middle of something.
I have to take this.
Aram, what do you have for me? I sent you the files.
Our cameras cover five blocks around the office in every direction.
Okay, I'll look through them right now.
Don't bother.
Red wasn't followed.
He came in at 5:15.
No tail cars, no eyes on the street.
Damn it.
How did Garrick know he was in the post office? My question exactly.
So I started thinking What if somebody inside already tipped him off? - You found the mole? - No.
But I think I have a lead.
We routinely collect all cellular transmission from inside and directly around this facility.
So much data I had to play around with various mathematical structures knots, multivariate polynomials - Aram, the lead? - Right.
I found a pattern in the transmissions a series of calls made from a burner cell.
Each call was placed just seconds after Reddington arrived at the post office.
- All from the same burner? - No.
All from different burners, but all the calls were to the same number.
I vectored the address to a private residence a few miles from here.
The address is 8123 12th street.
What? I'll call you right back.
As with everything involving you, things are more complicated than they may appear.
If I could, I'd end this right now Give you the horrifying death that you so deserve.
Then do it.
When it's time.
You see, sadly, this isn't my surprise party.
I am merely the hired help.
My job was to get you to the venue.
And while I would pay a high price to silence you forever, others have paid much more for the chance to hear what you have to say.
Anesthesia blocks the impulses to the brain so one doesn't feel the sensation of pain.
The drug that the kind doctor is giving you does the opposite.
It enhances the impulses received by the brain.
When he's finished, the feeling of a breeze wafting against your skin will be enough to make you beg me to kill you.
Agent Keen? Agent Keen, are you there? Mr.
Kaplan? What color is the sky? Red.
You? You're Mr.
Kaplan? - Who else knows you're here? - Nobody.
- Have you phoned anyone? - No.
- Who is he? - I don't know.
Every time Reddington came to the post office, a call was made to this address I assume to him.
He's been watching.
When he got word that Red was at the post office, he must have called Garrick to trigger the hit.
- I'll handle the body.
- "Handle"? We need the bullets.
We can't have ballistics traced to your weapon.
Okay, wait.
I can't do this.
I'm a federal agent.
I have two directives To protect you and find my employer.
I intend to do both.
My team will be here soon.
Find his car.
Increase the dosage.
We're already 12 cc over the max.
Then why isn't it working?! He's resisting somehow.
I can stick him again, but if his heart goes into v-fib, we could lose him.
Stick him again.
I ran his face against the database.
What database? No matches.
The car is registered to Borderland Cargo a shell corp with a dummy address.
What about the GPS data? If he works for the man holding Red, then maybe he's been there before.
You have six addresses.
Five are centrally located A motel, a church, two gas stations, and a restaurant in Alexandria.
But this? This is something.
Why? It's an industrial neighborhood, remote.
The kind of place I'd find for Mr.
Reddington if I didn't want him to be found.
Time for a road trip.
Armed lookouts.
What are you doing? Calling it in.
We need backup.
Stay in the car.
My orders are to keep you safe.
I think we're ready here.
About bloody time.
We've got company.
What the hell is this place? He's not here.
How are we? He's ready for you, sir.
Hello, Ray.
It's been, what Tell me, Agent Keen, which part of "stand down" was unclear to you? This wasn't my operation.
Fowler may have shut us down, but did you really think Reddington's people weren't gonna try to find him themselves? They did this without your involvement? The only reason you're standing here is because they trust me enough to involve me.
Enlighten me.
What is all this? Some kind of operations outpost three miles from the post office.
Seems to be manned by the same people who infiltrated our facility and kidnapped Reddington.
That doesn't concern you? I lost a dozen people today, Keen! That isn't on you.
It's on me.
No one wants the men who did this more than I do.
But riding shotgun on an unsanctioned massacre isn't the way to get it done.
- Excuse me, Director Cooper? - What is it? There's something you need to see.
I thought I was clear This task force is done.
I think you'll reconsider.
Why in God's name would I do that? Because this isn't just about Reddington anymore.
Agent Keen located a surveillance outpost a few miles from here.
Next-gen tech, better than anything we have in the field.
- Surveillance on what? - Us.
They've been watching this task force for months Phone taps, communications logs We're not sure to what extent.
We were able to recover very little.
The equipment and data were rigged to self-destruct.
I don't understand.
How is this even possible? Something else you should know.
They've been watching you, too.
All right, that's enough.
Let him down.
Come on.
Get him a chair.
I don't understand, Ray.
None of this had to happen.
I thought we had an arrangement.
We do.
Eh, I don't know.
The people I represent, they're they're nervous.
We don't know what to think.
We could've killed you.
I don't mean today.
I mean any day.
I mean every day for the past two decades.
But we don't.
We know what you have, Ray.
And we know what'll happen to it if you turn up dead.
So we do nothing.
We let you live.
And in exchange, we we trust that our secret remains secret.
- Nothing has changed.
- Oh, no.
I'd say everything's changed.
Everything changed the minute you surrendered to the FBI.
Did you think we wouldn't know? Maybe you wanted to change our arrangement.
Maybe you thought you could turn yourself in and, uh, find some new friends to protect you.
- Maybe you plan to expose us.
- No.
What have you told, Ray? Nothing.
Then what the hell are you doing here? My reasons have n-nothing to do with you.
Well, I hope so.
I really do.
Because I've always liked you, Ray.
You're a pain in my neck, but I like you.
Just know this You were walking in the park this morning.
We could've taken you then.
Instead, we dragged you from the safety and security of the bed you're now sharing with new friends.
Why would we do a thing like that? To make it abundantly clear There's nowhere you can go There's no one you can trust to keep you from us.
Hmm? You were there? When Reddington's people took the building? How many people were killed? At least six.
It was an outpost.
These people were highly trained.
Like Garrick.
What's all this? A waste of time.
By Cooper's directive, I reached out to a few of our colleagues at the Agency, informed them of our situation, and offered to contact my counterparts at the other black sites to share intel.
All these names are redacted.
So much for inter-agency cooperation.
You really think that Garrick had someone on the inside? It's possible.
The only one beyond suspicion is Ressler, unless he used Garrick to shoot him in the leg to cover his tracks.
- Is he still in surgery? - Four hours and counting.
Hollins Ferry Road.
I know that address.
It says DCM What does that mean? Decommissioned.
Here I am trying to help, and the only names that aren't blacked out are sites that are no longer in use.
Is that a church? Well, that's the cover story.
I'm gonna need satellite access to this address.
Why? Because I think this might be where they're holding Reddington.
- Is this in Franklin Square? - Yeah.
Why? The ambulance that was used to abduct Reddington they found burning in a garage a quarter mile from there.
I think we found Reddington.
Where? A church in Baltimore A decommissioned black site.
A black site? You think that's where they're holding Reddington? It makes sense.
It's the last place we would think of.
And if he knew about this site, he'd know about others.
What about it, Diane? I need an answer.
Are we shut down or not? You should go, sir.
I'll take care of Reddington.
We had a deal.
I delivered him for interrogation.
I took that risk because you promised I know what we promised.
What I don't know is whether he's telling the truth.
If you kill him, it could trigger whatever he has in place.
With all due respect, sir, that's not my problem.
Excuse me? I lost a lot of men today Couple of good ones.
You had your talk.
Now it's my turn.
Just you and me again, Red.
Just like the old days.
Oh, give it a rest.
We both know Fitch won't let you finish it.
That's as may be.
But you know what I can do, though, Red? I can find Lizzy.
I can hurt her.
I can make her suffer.
And when I'm finished, I can kill her.
Sometimes you just have to take what you can in this crazy world.
Guess who taught me that, Red.
You did.
What? No smart quips? No? You're not actually feeling something, are you, Red? Regret.
He was here.
In what world is any of this okay? The fact that you don't see that, - that this is somehow normal to you - I'm sorry.
A man told me that he was gonna kill you.
I've been attacked, I've been accused of murder, and now people are watching us.
Apparently, there are cameras in our bedroom.
- They're gone.
- Do you believe that? I need us together and safe.
I meant what I said earlier.
We need to leave this place.
Audrey? Hey.
What are you doing here? I got a call.
You okay? Yeah.
Yeah, long story.
Uh I'm fine.
They called you? Bureau did.
I guess I'm still on as your "next of kin.
" Right.
Your name's still on that list.
I meant to take it off.
I've just been so busy, I No, no, no.
It's okay.
I get it.
So, you're okay? You're engaged? It's crazy, right? Tell me he's fat and unemployed.
He's fat and unemployed.
Mind staying for a few minutes? He was there.
Lab tests confirm the blood was Reddington's.
Which means? As far as we can tell, he killed his captor and escaped.
- Then why aren't you out hunting him down? - I'm sorry? I thought we were in the "cover our asses" business, in containment mode.
That ship has sailed, Harold.
Someone is surveilling us, and we don't know who.
- Reddington does.
- You don't know that.
We have a mole.
That mole leaked intel leading to the abduction and torture of Reddington.
It's a simple math problem, Harold.
Whoever is after Reddington is after us, and that means, as far as I'm concerned, that Reddington still has real value.
The unit has a new focus Finding him.
As of this moment, the only target on the blacklist is Raymond Reddington.
* Can't know what's high * It's done.
* Till you been down so low * * The future's bright * * Lit up with nowhere to go * * To and fro the pendulum throws * * We are here and then we go * * My shadow left me long ago * Hello? Lizzy.
Where are you? Gone for a short while.
Dembe's looking for you.
He says it's urgent.
Dembe will have to wait.
Lizzy I want you to know, wherever I am, whatever I'm doing, if you are in need, I will be there.
The task force, Cooper They're searching for you.
What should I tell them? - I have to go.
- Wait.
One question, please.
It's about my father.
Growing up, Sam He raised me like his own.
He was my whole world.
But he wasn't my father.
What is the question, Lizzy? * I'm in the fire, but I'm still cold * Are you my father? * Nothing works, works for me anymore * No.
* Ah, ah-ah-ah ah-ah * Lizzy be careful of your husband.
* To and fro the pendulum throws * * Ah, ah-ah-ah ah-ah * * To and fro the pendulum throws * * Ah, ah-ah-ah ah-ah * * Ah, ah-ah-ah ah-ah *
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