The Blacklist s02e02 Episode Script

Monarch Douglas Bank

You're late.
- How many? - Three.
This is the second time in as many weeks.
Everything was very polite a few questions, a few answers.
Then things got contentious.
This business with your wife, this pursuit, it's pushing you in ways that I don't like.
Don't start with me, Kate.
I'll handle my business, you handle yours.
It's Worboliski.
- It's Warsaw.
- What happened? They were hit 20 minutes ago.
What do we know? Professional crew.
Military precision.
Six minutes in and out.
We have an inventory? Safe-deposit boxes popped, some cash missing.
They're running numbers now.
But you and I both know what they were after.
Notify Dubicki.
See if he knows anything about the team.
I want a report within the hour.
Kaplan, I'm sorry.
You're right.
I'm out on the far end of the limb.
Take a moment.
Read a book.
You will find your wife.
Oh, dear.
Aw, hell.
Hello, darling.
Listen, you've got it all wrong.
Hurting me won't Reddington doesn't care about me.
It it's why I'm in hiding, is to protect my ch my child.
You know what? You have such beautiful mouth.
It's perfect.
Lizzy! I'd like to introduce you to my manicurist, Rosa Heredia.
She's the one I was telling you about, who was dating that nine-fingered bullfighter from Juarez.
This woman is an artist, trained at the Latin-American school of medicine in Havana.
- Medical school? - Trauma surgeon.
Dropped out in the last year of her residency.
Discúlpanos por un momento, por favor.
Your ex-wife Have you found her? Jennifer.
What have you learned about Jennifer? I confirmed your daughter was placed in protective custody with her mother in 1990.
The Marshal service lost contact seven years ago.
She is unaccounted for.
Monarch Douglas Bank.
What? The preferred bank of international criminals, dictators, terrorists, hedge-fund managers.
They're headquartered here in the U.
, deposits insured by the FDIC, which places them firmly within your agency's jurisdictional bailiwick.
They have branches in 63 countries, but their criminal operation is run out of an unassuming little branch in Warsaw.
And it is the last place on earth that anyone would ever want to rob.
Well, less than two hours ago, Monarch's Warsaw branch was assaulted.
What was stolen? According to the official statement, nothing.
And according to you? Everything.
Dante Stewart, the notorious arms dealer, the Juarez cartel, the entire Marbella crime syndicate.
Reddington claims these are just a few of the criminals who funnel money through Monarch Douglas.
Our contacts at treasury say Monarch's records are spotless.
They're in full compliance.
Despite that, according to Reddington, they're legendary for laundering the money of the criminal elite without any traceable accounting.
There has to be some kind of record.
That must be what they're looking for.
- The ledger.
- Which is apparently more valuable than the millions in assets they left lying in that vault.
Well, the bank can't cooperate without implicating itself.
We take down Monarch, we get the names of every criminal who funnels money through them.
I'll contact our legal attaché in Poland.
I want you and Ressler on the next flight to Warsaw.
Yes, sir.
Everything okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Just missed my train.
What? What is it? It was at the front desk.
Agent Paul Salerno.
Agents Ressler and Keen.
We've established joint cooperation with the locals, as well as standing extradition orders for any suspects charged, but while you are in-country, you do not have the power to make arrests, and you will, of course, be unarmed.
We had a thorough briefing before we left.
Hear you guys are part of some, uh, elite task force? Where's the vault? The scene's still being processed.
We're just in time, then.
Our sources said that nothing was reported stolen.
Your sources were wrong.
Matt Strickland, E.
of branch operations.
Agents Ressler and Keen, FBI.
We understand you're headquartered in Manhattan.
I flew out the minute I got the news.
Our fault snafu in corporate communications.
The first press release was wrong.
They got away with over $400,000 in bearer bonds.
We're releasing a corrected statement first thing in the morning.
We need access to your data Operating procedures, your employees.
Of course.
I'll make arrangements.
Anything you need I can assure you you'll have our complete cooperation.
Thank you, Mr.
If you'll excuse me.
The Formula is missing.
That means the money is missing.
Clients are calling.
They're concerned.
If we don't fix this now we're all dead.
Make me one.
- Huh? - Colonel Yusuf.
No inconsistencies in my witness statements.
They hacked the system, shut it down, deleted everything back to a half-hour before they hit.
What? Traffic-police services forwarded their feeds.
- You got picture? - Yep.
But lousy angle, though.
Can't see what went down inside.
But they caught the bad guys coming in and going out.
I'm mirroring the feed now.
You seeing this? Yeah.
Got it.
We got five unsubs.
Not so fast.
Check this out.
I got six.
Is that right? Yep.
Five went in, six came out.
Uh, Aram, can you zoom in on number 4? Copy that.
That's a woman.
She looks scared.
This wasn't a robbery.
It was a kidnapping.
There was only one employee who swiped into the Warsaw branch the day of the incident who didn't swipe out Kaja Tomczak.
What can you tell us about her? Nothing, I'm afraid.
As E.
, I typically have little contact with branches of this size and no contact with junior account managers.
Before robbery, she went home sick.
She must have forgotten to swipe her card on way out.
Had that one locked and chambered, did we? I'm sorry I do not understand this "Johnny-on-the-spot.
" That'll do, Kloza.
This is your American comedy? I'm sorry, Agent Keen.
Tensions are running high.
We've never been robbed before.
We're gonna need a copy of Kaja Tomczak's employee file.
Of course.
The apartment is owned by Monarch? Yes This one, five, six more.
Employees here on long business trips.
Better than hotel.
Did you know Miss Tomczak well? No.
Was nice, very nice, but never spoke to her alone.
Men are always with her.
- Men? - Walk her to the door, pick her up.
Bring food, take her to work like guards.
Always guards.
We'll be right in.
They found the getaway van.
Unsubs tried to torch it with some kind of accelerant.
Fire burned itself out.
They should've cracked a window.
Hey, you guys see this up here? Is that blood? I don't think so.
You know that's where people sit, right? Smells like roses.
Set a match to it See if it burns.
Check if it's flammable.
- What? Why? - You got a light? Yeah.
It's flammable.
From the heart of the rum-soaked, rose-petal Paczki.
I'm sorry, I don't know what a rum-soaked, rose It's a jelly doughnut.
Now what? Now? Nothing.
Just get some rest.
I'll be there in less than three hours.
Then something.
The copper mine will have to wait.
We're going to Warsaw.
Your assets are safe.
It's a minor systems problem.
I was told Warsaw was hit.
Completely unrelated.
This is an I.
issue that will be resolved within the next few hours.
I'm waiting to take possession of vital cargo that's now sitting in a container ship just off the coast of Mogadishu.
I can't get the cargo until I have a confirmation of a wire transfer I made 36 hours ago.
And we would be more than happy to advance funds.
You talking about a loan? Interest-free, of course.
Strickland, I think you will come to New York and I will talk to you face-to-face, you will answer all my questions to my satisfaction, all right? Hey! No more food, suka.
Raymond! Apolonia.
Oh! Oh.
My darling.
Ohh! And Dembe.
How is my sweet, gentle boy? Oh.
I've been dreaming of Paczki.
I tried to curb my cravings in this little shop in the West Village in New York, but they fill them with prune jelly.
- Can you imagine? - Idiota.
Mmm! Tastes just like Patty Sutton.
I must admit, mój droga, I have ulterior motives Little business.
Sales up, business good.
I finish inventory.
Then you have something nice to pick from.
And maybe something for my little favorite, too.
My grandmother used to keep flour in the refrigerator.
Why is that? To keep the weevils out.
Oh, of course Weevils.
It's come to my attention that the Monarch Douglas bank was robbed yesterday by some of your Customers.
And if your customers come under scrutiny, Apolonia, your business comes under scrutiny.
Mój boze.
God can't protect you.
But I can.
Rece do góry! Hands in the air! Kaja Tomczak.
What are you doing here? Wow.
Good to see you, too.
You're safe now.
I was safe before you got here.
I was trying to escape.
What's the rendezvous point? The safe house just across the river.
We're sending you the address now.
Agent Salerno's on his way.
Head toward the Vistula River.
And her associates? Have you identified them? A Warsaw gang called the Mayerchak group, known for armed robbery and money laundering.
Rough trade for a bank clerk.
Get her statement I want to know everything she knows before this extradition deal blows up.
If the police know where I am, so does Strickland.
We're doing a threat assessment.
You money men, you love military terms.
Your tactics, strategies, your campaigns and hostile takeovers, huh? Now, you promised me that this would all be resolved by now, and it isn't.
Do you think I would have flown to New York, met with you personally if I wasn't confident in our handling of the situation? Uh-huh.
The situation is fluid.
You need to be patient.
I like you, Mr.
I like the way you and your people do business.
But I need you to understand If you bungle this, the people I'm working with, they expect me to set an example To peel you like a grape.
And I can assure you, as your banker, that your assets are protected by the Formula.
Oh, yeah.
The Formula.
Tell me How does she do it? It's called hyperthymesia Highly superior autobiographical memory.
Like a photographic memory.
It's why the bank hired me so there wouldn't be any paper trail.
Pick a day Any day, any year.
Um December 21, 2010.
It was a Tuesday.
I had dry toast for breakfast, bigos for lunch.
I picked up a copy of the Fakt.
Two earthquakes One in Japan, Bonin Islands, another in Iran, 6.
- There was a lunar eclipse.
- That's incredible.
It could not be seen here, but Anything interesting? She drained the accounts of every criminal who had money at that bank.
She keeps it all in her head.
That's how the bank does it.
She can give us account numbers, amounts.
- Who are our friends? - I'm not taking any chances until she's safely turned over to the local police.
Out of the question.
She's coming back to the States.
You don't make that call.
Agent Harold Cooper already did.
Perhaps you'd like to spe A sheet of paper, I I don't just look at it and remember every word.
I relive it the temperature of the room, the light.
The cameras in your apartment, the guards They were watching you.
For my protection.
Then You became the prisoner.
Ressler!! I staged it at the bank to ensure there'd be an investigation.
Aah! Ressler! It's over, pal.
Who do you work for? You don't understand the national-security implications of what that woman knows and the damage she can do.
They're coming! Who the hell are you? Samar Navabi Mossad.
You're outgunned.
I'll cover you.
How do we know we can trust you? Go! What was that back there?! You almost got me killed! Sorry wasn't expecting the mirror to explode 3 feet from my face.
Guess it took me a few seconds to regroup.
More than a few.
Your reaction time was crap.
Bullet fragment.
Must have passed through the house on our way out.
Okay, I know, I know, I know.
Just stay still.
Stay still.
- It's bad? - Yeah, it's bad.
You know I can hear everything you're saying?! Okay.
Good, good, good, good, good.
- You're not going to - I need you to stay still, okay? On the count of three, all right? One What is it? It's my stomach.
I'm I'm so sick.
Bathroom? Please.
What's going on? Why are we stopping? They're watching every move.
We got to get out of here.
Uh, w where do we go? How do we get out of here if they're monitoring the streets, the sidewalks? What do you mean you're in a stolen car? We had to! Salerno's dirty.
The safe house was assaulted by a TAC team.
And why the hell are we being trailed by Mossad?! - Say again? - Samar Navabi? She took down Salerno, covered our escape.
But Kaja's been shot.
Listen to me You two need to ditch the car, dump your phones, and get off the grid right now.
Where's the nearest landline to their current location? Um okay, uh, four blocks ahead, corner of Stalowa and Srodkowa.
Find it.
I'll call you there in 10.
Got it.
Who the hell is Samar Navabi? Mrs.
Reddington! Enough is enough! There's no escape! And the more time we waste, the harder it's gonna be for you when we find you! Cooper? Harold tells me the local police may not be your greatest ally.
Get us out of here.
I've reached out to an old friend for assistance.
Kaspar Dubicki's my man in Warsaw.
He's waiting for you under the Swietokrzyski Bridge 2 1/2 kilometers east of your current position.
2 1/2 kilometers is a world away.
There are a million dirty cops between here and there, and they're all after her.
I've arranged for a small diversion.
Just get to Dubicki.
Can we trust him? No.
You can trust me.
Tell Reddington it is done.
Yeah Big boom.
It's clear.
The tracks run all the way to the bridge.
All right.
Hang on.
Reddington! Shh.
You're a clever girl.
Keep that down.
Take these.
It'll help with the pain.
Thank you.
Account number 924386.
Shell company is Gonzalez Cargo.
What are you doing? Dying declaration.
You're not dying Not today.
I wasn't always a prisoner.
In the beginning, the bank paid me Gave me apartment, a car.
I knew what they were doing Terrorist cartels, organized crime.
But I looked the other way.
I helped them stay in business.
I'm no better than they are.
What the hell? We've got to be 10 minutes out.
- Reddington.
How did you - Enough with the guns.
I love trains.
My grandfather rode the rails.
Have you ever seen "The General"? Buster Keaton? Oh, my goodness.
What are you doing? Dubicki said the bridge was swarming with police.
We need to move quickly.
And Kaja? Quite safe, I assure you.
On her way to my gulfstream.
I'll arrange for an onboard medic to tend to her wounds.
We'll be wheels-up in 20.
I've also booked the two of you first-class tickets home.
No, you can't take her! No! Y guys, guys.
Enough with the pointing.
Don't worry, Donald.
They won't shoot you.
But they will restrain you rigorously if necessary.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have business to attend to.
Be sure they make their flight.
Ooh! Ah? No.
No, no.
Come on.
Let's make some music, huh? Yes? It's him.
Yeah, hello? I think it's time we met.
Well, well.
This has been a long time coming.
I hope it's been worth it.
What a terrible waste.
Time, blood, money.
And in the end, for what? Revenge.
That's my passion.
Revenge isn't a passion it's a disease that eats at your mind and poisons your soul.
I attended summer camp with this little stick of a girl Twila Stansberry.
Hell of an athlete capture the flag.
Had an unrelenting passion for fitness.
Never skinny enough A pound here, a pound there.
Ran like a deer.
Until she couldn't could barely walk.
Turns out she was anorexic.
The disease caused her to lose her sight.
I've never known anyone more obsessed with their body than Twila.
Spent her entire life chasing something that destroyed her.
Make sure your passion isn't your sickness.
Your wife is coming apart nicely.
We have a common enemy.
Who? Whoever told you that I killed your daughter.
You are finished with my wife.
Think so? Yes, you are.
I have something I suspect you value far more than revenge Your money.
What you're telling me is we have totally lost control of the situation.
Reddington and the witness are gone.
Berlin gone.
Red's wife gone.
Can any of you tell me one thing that we've got going for us at this point?! Coffee machine still works.
Uh At least it's finally clear now who our perpetrator really is.
Is it? Illuminate me.
He's the one who put the spotlight on Monarch Douglas My guess is, because he had significant funds on deposit.
And once he identified Kaja as their human hard drive He put us on her trail, had us deliver her into his custody.
Reddington double-crossed us.
He's up to something else.
We need to find that girl, find out where she's being held.
She's wounded Reddington's going to need to find her a doctor, someone he can trust.
Rosa Heredia.
Who? His manicurist.
Manicurist? Well, she was trained as a surgeon.
Of course she was.
Find her now.
I have the girl.
And because I have her, I have control of all your assets at Monarch Douglas.
I've transferred every penny into a numbered, thoroughly untraceable escrow account.
You're broke.
Hear that? That's the sound of your checks bouncing From here to St.
Petersburg, from Bangkok to Mozambique.
So, my proposal your money for my wife.
You can give her back and we can continue this war, or you can kill my wife and I keep your money.
I almost gave up looking for you.
You were like a ghost for 12 years.
Heard rumors.
And I followed them From Barcelona to Melbourne to Stockholm.
But always nothing.
Until one day I made a connection.
Elizabeth Keen.
That's why we're sitting here today Because of Keen.
I know you care for her as much as you care for your wife.
I think underneath it all, under that hat of yours, you're not much different from, uh, Twila Stansberry.
You have the power to destroy me, but you're offering me a way out because you're blinded by passion.
Guess we both are.
Have your associates set up the meeting.
Okay? Hey, Rosa.
We know you're treating Kaja.
Where's your patient? I I don't know I came alone.
I don't want to have to call for backup.
How was your flight? I know what you're trying to pull, and it's not gonna happen.
What I'm trying to pull? Is that how we speak to each other now As if I'm some kind of cheap, dime-store confidence man? Bank robber, embezzler, thief.
You put us on this case so you could get to the girl so you could steal Berlin's money.
Once she left the bank, the girl was vulnerable.
I simply took advantage of an opportunity.
You're gonna use her to get your wife back.
Storybook ending.
Not for the thousands of people who are gonna lose their lives because of his actions.
This man is a psychopath! That money is going to fund terror all over the world, and I'm not gonna let that happen for the sake of one woman.
You don't have a vote.
I found Kaja.
She gave you the routing numbers.
We froze the escrow accounts where you parked Berlin's cash.
My wife will die.
I'm sorry.
No, you're not Not yet.
Maybe someday, if you're very lucky, you might wonder, "at exactly what point did I become this thing?" But not now.
Right now, you're just doing your job.
Don't go through with it.
We can find another way.
The deal is moving forward.
You can't hold up your end.
He'll kill you.
Wish me luck.
My wife.
Give him the codes.
7 million on deposit from the FBI Wichita field office.
It's linked to Agent Salerno.
- He was laundering money through that bank.
- There is no such person.
The Bureau uses Monarch to finance sanctioned operations, including this one.
We're funded through Monarch.
You will purge all records of his role in this matter.
You're not protecting the bank.
You're protecting the Bureau.
I'm sorry.
- For what? - In the taxi in Warsaw.
I came at you pretty hot.
Fog of battle.
When Kaja was down, you talked her through the worst of it.
We could have lost her.
You did good.
You're right.
I was amazing.
This is very thorough.
I don't suppose you'd be willing to share your sources How you came by this information? I followed leads, exploited a few hairline fractures in the wall that surrounds your operation.
Most of it, I gathered myself.
And the rest? What do you want? Your door was open.
Thank you.
You're an asset I'm charged with protecting.
I transferred the money to keep you safe.
I was just doing my job.
As far as I'm concerned, every life that that psycho takes from this point forward is on you.
I hope she's worth it.
It's funny.
When I was standing there wondering if you had decided to let me die, a thought struck me How did you know that Berlin had his money in that bank? At first, I thought it was the girl that she told you.
But the accounts would be coded, moved through shell corporations Layers of protection.
And then I realized, "no.
Somebody has a secret Santa.
A source.
" Bravo, Lizzy.
When you're ready to share, I'd love to hear.
How do we know Kaja gave up all the accounts at Monarch? What would possibly motivate her to do otherwise? A new identity when this is all over A sizeable contribution to her pension in exchange for protecting you and your friends.
Lizzy, don't be absurd.
I don't have any friends.
How did it go? I'm in.
I look forward to working with you.
Well, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

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