The Blacklist s02e08 Episode Script

The Decembrist

1 - No.
- Can't leave him alive.
Please go.
I'll finish it.
This is between us.
Do it quickly.
I'll be waiting outside.
Hey, what happened to you? I went out front and you were gone.
There were police.
Is it done? Yes.
He's dead.
Call Ellie.
- Hello? - Hey, it's me.
It's about Tom.
It's urgent.
I could lose my license for this, go to jail.
- You owe me.
- Why aren't we at a hospital? - He could die.
- He cannot die.
I'm gonna need supplies, proper tools.
Steven, hey.
It's me.
Listen, your boat Is it still sitting empty or did you find a buyer? He's lost too much blood.
- You're a fed.
- He is responsible for Meera's death.
You were her Cl.
You said if I found the man responsible-- - I thought you would arrest him.
- I will.
I just need you to babysit for a little while until I get some info.
Let's get this straight.
I did not save you because I care.
I saved you because you have intel on Berlin.
I want a name.
- You bitch.
- Oh, I don't know, Tom.
From where I'm sitting, you look like the bitch to me.
You spied on others? This what you do? - I don't remember.
- I want a name.
What bank? Monarch Douglas in Warsaw.
It's where Berlin keeps his money.
What about accounts, names of shell companies? Did you murder Jolene Parker? What about Reddington? - I don't know.
- What do you know? - I told you I don't know! - What do you know about Reddington?! Stop asking me, I don't know! When you're convinced I have nothing left to offer, what then? I asked you a question.
Gina Zanetakos.
Because you know when this is over, you're gonna have to kill me, right? How often did you communicate with Berlin, his associates? Tell me about the guests at our wedding.
If you want Ellie to look at that infection you have to answer my question.
- I need a doctor! - I need a name! - What about the adoption? - Isn't that what married people do? You know, all this time, you never asked me if I ever really loved you.
Because I know the answer.
I don't think you do.
You told me if I gave you Berlin that you would let me go.
I knew the second you brought me down you had no intention of letting me leave.
So here's the deal, Liz.
You're gonna do whatever you're gonna do.
You always have.
Just do me one favor.
Look me in the eyes when you do it.
Your daughter told me your name is Milos Kirchhoff.
All these years, Mr.
Kirchhoff you've believed with the blackest of hearts that I murdered your daughter.
And yet here she is.
The story was wrong, Milos.
Please enlighten me.
What were you told and who did the telling? It was in '91.
The Soviet Union was falling apart.
A small group of us, members of the Politburo the military, KGB, Stasi we had a plan to push back the progressives to stem the tide.
We were meeting and discussing strategy when a bomb The Kursk bombing.
Fifteen men were killed and with them, our resistance.
Rumors began that the Americans were involved.
One name emerged.
You came after my daughter.
You exposed her as a dissident.
She went to jail.
After that, my loyalty was questioned.
I was exiled to the Gulag where one by one her bones were sent to me.
You fled.
You must have had help.
Who? There was a man.
He said he could protect me from-- From you.
- What was his name? - I never met him.
I don't know.
His people, they called him The Decembrist.
That's all I know.
You killed my friends.
You destroyed my life once.
Isn't that enough? At some point I may call, ask for your assistance.
- About what? - The Decembrist.
We can't let him walk out of here.
We agreed when this was over, I'd arrest him.
That was four months ago.
If you turn him in now, we'll both go to jail.
- I am not a murderer.
- Neither am I.
Look, you don't have to be the one to do it.
There are people.
But he can't walk out of here alive.
Close that door.
Keep him quiet.
Whoa, whoa.
- Easy! Harbor master.
Put the gun down.
- I'm gonna need to see some kind of ID.
We got a call, reports that someone's trespassing.
That's why I'm here.
We're searching for two fugitives escaped last night.
Cleared the boat but they're said to be in the area and armed.
My office wasn't contacted.
Bureau would have reached out.
Homelands running point.
If you do see anything - Be careful.
- Yeah, you too.
Where is he? You're working with Berlin? I need to talk to you about a bombing in the Soviet Union, Kursk, 1991.
- Fella won't talk! - Keep pushing him.
I'm telling you, he's more scared of talking than he is of dying! - Keep pushing.
- I'm gonna need lunch! Tuna on rye! Coleslaw if they have it! - What the hell is going on? - We're shaking a few trees.
There's been a development.
It seems Berlin is merely a pawn who's been tragically manipulated.
- Manipulated by who? - That's what Brimley's trying to ascertain.
Berlin killed Meera, he put Tom in my life.
Every time you have a chance to stop him, you let him go.
Berlin will be held accountable for his actions after I acquire the name of the man who set him against me a man they call the Decembrist.
If you want to find the one ultimately responsible for gutting Harold Cooper and killing Meera Malik, I suggest you help me find him.
The man we're looking for is known as the Decembrist.
His acts contributed to the end of communism in Eastern Europe.
- How's he connected to Berlin? - Tried to assassinate him during a meeting and faked his daughter's death.
Berlin's been hunting Reddington, hunting us.
Reddington wants to help Berlin get revenge? That bombing, the men who were killed were leaders of the Soviet Old Guard.
Think we should be helping these two settle scores? Our goal is to take down Berlin.
If that means solving a terrorism case along the way, I'm fine with that.
- I'll contact the FSB.
- They won't help.
The bombing was considered an act of patriotism, they never pursued it.
Pull the Russian reports, crime-lab data.
I want our own analysis.
- They have the bomber's DNA? - Yes.
The Russian crime lab reported finding epithelial cells on the lip of a coffee tin found in the debris.
How do you know it was the bomber's DNA? Didn't anyone else like coffee? The reports ID'd the explosive device as Semtex same explosives a bomber used to down Pan Am 103 by hiding the explosives-- - In a coffee tin.
Our guy copied that? - They have a name? - Only a DNA profile which was useless 20 years ago before they had a database to run it against.
- But today-- - You found the Decembrist.
Kiryl Morozov.
Twenty years ago, he was a low-level KGB operative.
- And today? - One of the most powerful men in Russia.
Hey! Someone there? Okay.
Oh, thank God.
Kiryl Morozov is one of Putin's most trusted advisers.
The man runs the Finance Ministry.
And we have reason to believe he's responsible for the 1991 bombing in Kursk that left-- - Twelve people dead.
In Russia.
FBI investigates crimes that happen in America or against Americans.
Reddington won't give us Berlin until we give him Morozov.
At the least, we should question the man.
I'm not sending you to Moscow to interrogate a high-ranking Russian official about an act of terror he may or may not have committed 25 years ago.
If Reddington gets to Morozov first-- Harold, that's an order.
That's it? You're just gonna stand down on this? You heard her.
My hands are tied.
But Reddington has anonymous sources.
I'm sure he'll get that name somehow.
- Won't he, Agent Keen? - Yes, sir.
I'm sure he will.
Tell me you have a name.
I do, but this can't come back on the task force.
Are we clear? Hold on.
I'll be right back.
- What? Everything okay? - No, everything's not okay.
We got a situation here.
- I'm sorry.
I got to go.
- Lizzy, what's going on? The Decembrist, his real name is Kiryl Morozov.
- Something's wrong.
- Kiryl Morozov.
- I got a name.
- So it's done? - No.
- What are you proposing? A trip to Moscow.
- Went out for a smoke, he was here.
- What the hell? - Homeboy had a gun.
- Are you out of your mind? - It was him or me.
- He's got blood on him.
- How are we supposed-- If he doesn't answer someone is gonna come looking for him.
Here's what we're gonna do.
We're gonna let him go.
- We'll move Tom.
- Let him go? He's gonna talk.
So let him talk.
He says anything, it's his word against mine.
- And he's an informant.
- Look, lady.
This is obviously official business.
I can look the other way.
- You got to kill him.
- No, please! Listen.
Look, if you let this guy go, he's going to the cops.
When he does, we are all going to jail, starting with you for torture, kidnapping, wrongful imprisonment take your pick, sweetheart.
You got to kill him.
I can fix this.
I have a storage unit.
We'll wait till dark.
We'll keep him here temporarily until we can find ano-- No! It's better this way.
Let him do it.
Get off me! Get your hands off me! Tom, no! Tom, stop! - Aah! - Next one goes in your chest.
Tom, let him go! I think maybe you should call Mr.
Mercury City Tower.
Kiryl Morozov is paranoid and well protected.
He has no clear weakness for women or drink.
However, like any politician he does have an unending need to hide his ill-gotten gains.
The diamonds.
Which he buys and sells through your broker at Mercury City Tower in Moscow.
There was a friendly and rather convenient diamond heist this morning.
When Morozov learns the broker's been hit he'll insist on a meeting to assess his exposure.
When he does, we'll be there waiting.
Milos, focus.
I've made Morozov millions and he's the one who set all this in motion? The meeting at Mercury Tower, when it happens it'll happen fast before the MUR arrives.
My people will be ready.
Who are you? What do you want? I am retribution.
I don't know what you're talking about.
- Milos? - The bombing, my daughter all of it brings us here.
- I did what I was told.
- You're not the Decembrist.
- It was the American.
It was him.
- They gave the order.
- What people? I can't say.
Who is the Decembrist? Fitch.
His name is Alan Fitch.
- Milos, this you cannot do.
- Give me one reason.
- Because he's mine.
- Yours? He gave the orders discredited you and you want to protect him? - This is not for you to do.
- But I will.
Alan Fitch is dead.
Call the florist.
The joint chiefs want another forward base.
That will only happen if we can convince Islamabad.
Which is unlikely.
It will happen if we tether it to foreign military investment.
Alan? Sir, will you make the call? A little early in the day, don't you think, Ray? I'm still on Moscow time.
Just got back from calling on an old friend of yours, Kiryl Morozov.
You met with the Russian finance minister? - To what end? - To his end as it turned out.
Drink? The finance minister of Russia is dead.
If a single word of this gets out, if anyone suspects we sanctioned it-- - I didn't sanction anything.
- Damn it.
Your team discovers Morozov was behind the Kursk bombing and 18 hours later, he's dead? Reddington is behind this.
Reddington called an hour ago.
He believes Fitch's life is in danger.
Did Reddington bother to tell you why Berlin is suddenly interested in killing Alan Fitch? He believes he's the one who orchestrated the Kursk bombing.
Are you accusing the assistant director of National Intelligence of being a terrorist? - We need to bring him in.
Alan Fitch is not your concern.
I'll contact the secretary of Homeland Security and have the situation handled.
- Ray, will you listen? - We had an agreement.
- Yes.
- I don't go after you you don't come after me.
- I know the terms, Ray.
- But Berlin predates it.
- You ordered the bombing in Kursk.
Then you pinned it on me.
You blamed me for killing his daughter.
Some years ago, a copy of this photo was left on the corpse of an associate of mine.
Taking it as a warning, I traced the girl to a man they call the Stewmaker.
He told me a story about the girl.
She was sent to him by a man she'd never met.
She was in trouble, needed to disappear so he took her photo, put it in a locket and sent it to her father.
All those years spent searching for the man who supposedly murdered his daughter, and it was you.
You sat here in this very room and pretended you had no idea who Berlin was or why he was coming for me.
He was coming, Alan, because you sent him.
I sent a lot of guys.
You and I were not on the best of terms at the time.
And since you're playing the innocent victim in all this, let me remind you you stole some very damaging information about us when you disappeared.
- You violated our agreement.
- No.
I honored it.
I got the others to hold off but Milos Kirchhoff Berlin, whatever the hell name he's using he chewed through the leash.
I couldn't stop him.
Well, now your dog is tracking a new scent, yours.
And there's nothing I can do about that, Alan.
I have my people looking for him but Berlin has gone into the wind.
And he's coming for you.
You have no allies in my group.
Without me to protect you they'll take you down and they'll let the chips fall where they may.
So this is as much your problem as it is mine.
ODNI has credible intel that there might be an attempt on your life.
- What did they say? - Still waiting to hear.
They want to move you to Fort McNair to do a full briefing.
Deputy Fitch, Homeland Security.
We need you to come with us.
Guardian's en route.
Delivery on schedule.
Our office has notified the university.
We have the package.
Contact the D.
field office.
Get me an update on any eyewitnesses, satellite footage.
Alan Fitch's abduction must be on Mossad's radar.
Reach out to your people in Tel Aviv.
And you, talk to him.
Elizabeth, we need to talk.
- What? - You told me Torn is dead.
He's not.
Who told you he's alive? I'm disappointed you haven't felt that you could trust me enough to tell me this.
Look, okay, I lied.
But I only kept it a secret because I know you want him dead.
You kept it a secret because you didn't want to admit to yourself that you still love him that even after everything he has done after how horribly he treated you, you still can't let him go.
So you're playing house.
I've been using him as a source and he's been incredibly valuable.
Normally, any intelligence you could gather from Tom Keen would be yesterday's news but Berlin has gone to ground and is likely dependent on former assets he used when your husband was in his employ.
So it seems Tom may be of some value after all.
I need to know everything he can tell you about Berlin's former safe houses former contacts.
All that matters is finding Alan Fitch.
- This ends now.
- I already gave you Berlin.
- I told you where to find him.
- Yes, and he disappeared.
- I did everything I could from in here.
- Forget it.
- I already told you-- - And I told you it's the only way.
Take a look, Liz.
This is a problem.
- And time is not on your side.
- I need information, not advice.
We both know that you are in over your head.
You are not equipped for this, Liz, because you are not a killer.
It's why I'm still alive and you've got a corpse there that you have done nothing with.
And your bodyguard the one that you shot, where do you think he is right now? He's getting a gun so he can kill me and then probably kill you too.
Now, I told you there is a way out of this.
I can give you Berlin and all you have to do is let me go.
Gosh, he's a popular guy.
I bet somebody's gonna miss him.
- Orenburg six.
- Scorpio.
- That function Is no longer valid.
- Wait, wait, listen.
Tell him Tom Keen wants to talk.
Liz, why would you do this? I mean, you're risking everything.
To find Berlin.
You're a federal agent harboring a fugitive.
I mean, worse than that, you're keeping him captive.
Five hundred cops are out looking for Fitch right now and we're gonna find him because of this.
I thought you were dead.
- I need you to bring me in.
- No.
- Listen to me.
I can help you.
- Well, time has passed.
- Plans have changed.
- I know you have Fitch.
I know everything they know about your operation.
You're gonna want to hear it but I'm not telling you anything until you bring me in.
Whether he leads us to Fitch or not, I got to take him in.
Are you hearing me? You had to know when you told me that this is where it was gonna go.
- Liz, I can't be part of this.
- He's an informant like Reddington.
The difference is you're not in love with Reddington.
- I got an address.
- Where? Where? What difference does it make where? What? You're gonna follow his lead to someplace he says Berlin is hiding? - No.
There could be 50 guys waiting.
- That's stupid.
- Hey, shut up.
I wasn't asking you.
- You want Berlin or not? No way I'm gonna let you go in there.
This is a setup, an ambush.
What are you, her boyfriend? Hey! What address? 3952 Spalding Street, Apartment 24.
- Hey, pal.
I'm coming for you.
- Good luck with that.
Down! Target's neutralized.
- I think we have a problem.
- Clear it out.
Let's go.
Clear out.
Looks like we're dealing with a plastic explosive, C4 “approximately 2 kilos.
Sir, the blasting cap's wired to a receiver.
- We found our detonator.
- Can be detonated remotely.
We need to jam the frequencies in case this nutjob tries to set it off.
- Then you're gonna disarm it? We have a vehicle for controlled detonation.
Should be big enough for Fitch and one of my men.
Once he's contained, we can attempt to disassemble and disarm the device.
How long will that thing take to get here? Half-hour minimum unless you've got another R.
-resistant armored box that fits two.
Actually, I think it fits four.
We managed to gain access to the internals trying to circumvent the keypad.
Here's what we got so far.
The Semtex runs along the circumference of the collar, as you can see.
Encased within that, approximately 14 inches of solid core wire connected to a microprocessor which - creates a closed circuit.
- Cut the collar off you interrupt the circuit and bang? - Then how do we disable it? - Cautiously.
We need to chip through the Semtex to see what's underneath make sure there aren't any redundant circuits.
And you can do that without triggering that thing? We'll find out, won't we? Look, I know I disobeyed a direct-- You found him.
That's all that matters.
- Fill me in.
- We got played, Keen.
I mean, look at it.
Berlin's gone.
- Tom's free.
- He brought us Fitch.
Berlin handed us Fitch on a silver platter after he had a bomb strapped to his neck.
Look, I've been thinking about what I said in the car and-- Don't worry about it, Ressler.
I'll tell Cooper.
I understand you're responsible for finding Fitch.
- About the source - Yeah.
- Does he have information about Berlin? - Yes, we believe he does.
I don't care if your source is confidential or what promises you've made him.
I want him here, I want him interrogated and I want his name.
- You must be kidding.
- Do I sound like I'm kidding? It's Reddington.
Her source is Reddington.
Please excuse my intrusion.
I'm curious.
Your father, I assume he's been trying to reach you.
Has he called? I thought as much.
Sir, the device has a secondary detonator built in as a safeguard.
- What kind of safeguard? - A timer.
Think it was activated when the receiver broke radio contact.
- How long do you have? - Unclear.
We see the timing circuit but no display.
Could be a minute it could be an hour.
- You're not hungry? - It's fine.
Let's get you something else.
Huh? Whatever you like.
- I can tell them to go.
- No.
I'm the one who should go.
No, no.
They make you uncomfortable.
I'm glad you called.
You're scared.
I am too.
I don't know how to talk to someone like you.
- I really should go.
- No.
Please don't.
I know you have your life.
I have no place there.
I know.
But I just want you to stay a little longer.
Hello, Milos.
Thank you, my dear.
Passports, tickets and my eternal gratitude.
The bomb.
I need to know how to stop the bomb.
- I don't know.
- That's the wrong answer.
I'm telling you, I don't-- Think harder.
- What's your name, son? - What? Your name.
What is it? Sir, I need to be as still as possible.
Any movement, the vibrations of your voice You have a wife? Kids? That's what makes it the hardest a wife and kids.
I've been in the intelligence field a long time now.
On my orders, 763 men and women have died in service to their country.
And there wasn't a grieving wife or mother or husband I didn't either call or visit personally.
Thank them for their sacrifice.
That's what makes it the hardest, the families.
You can't disarm it, can you? Sir, I asked you to be as still as possible.
Seven hundred and sixty-three.
That's more than enough.
I'm not gonna make it 764.
What's your name? Mike.
My name's Mike.
Go home, Mike.
You've done everything you can.
Harold, I know you're listening.
Tell Ray I need to see him.
What a long, strange trip it's been, Alan.
Listen to me, Ray.
I don't know how much time we have, so you need to pay attention.
I've been able to hold everyone off convince them that it's in their best interests to let you live.
But people aren't as scared as they once were.
Some aren't so sure you even have it.
Do you have it, Ray? Do you have the fulcrum? They're gonna demand proof.
I can't stop this thing, Alan.
I tried.
I can't.
My death will trigger a series of events.
The moderates were already outnumbered.
The closer we get to 2017, the more radicalized they'll become.
Talk to Mitchum and Hobbs.
They might be persuaded.
Jasper sides with the Chinese.
Listen to me, Ray.
This is critical.
I have a safe.
Get to it.
The combination, 8-30-44.
- Remember that.
Say it back.
- 8-30-44.
Margaret's birthday.
You've had a wonderful life together, Alan.
Fifty-one years last month.
The safe.
Yeah, the safe.
It's at St.
Petersburg in the wall on the second floor of-- Untie him.
Thank you.
I remember the parades from when I was a young boy standing by my father seeing those trucks that went by with the rockets and cannons.
And all those men marching as one saluting at me as one.
Our soldiers, our nation.
Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space.
We were so proud.
Your gentleman friend with the earring said he moved the body.
Kaplan is with him now.
We're trying to contain the situation.
You should have come to me.
- I didn't need to.
- Look around you, Lizzy.
- We found Fitch because of Tom.
- It wasn't worth it.
Not if the cost was you here in this filth.
I couldn't do it.
I told you I could kill Tom but after you left, I just After all the lies and everything he did to me I told myself I was using him, that I was finally in control.
When you love someone, you have no control.
That's what love is being powerless.
I don't know what's wrong with me.
There's nothing wrong with you.
There's nothing wrong with you.
Do you have it? You are never to see her again.
Yeah, I got it.
I don't think you do.
Look at me.
You are never to see her again.
You know, for what it's worth, I spent four months on that ship chained up and I never told her about us.
Not one word.

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