The Blacklist s02e13 Episode Script

The Deer Hunter

1 Previously on The Blacklist - I went out for a smoke and he was here.
- What the hell? You let this guy go, he's going to the cops.
We are all going to jail, starting with you.
Detective Martin Wilcox, Metro PD.
I'm looking into this missing-persons case.
Lieutenant Ames, DC Harbormaster.
I had no idea Tom would kill him.
What about witnesses? Just want to ask you a few questions, then you're free to go.
You are Samuel Aleko.
I know you were there.
My father was killed because of the Fulcrum, because you and your people came for it that night.
This charade of you pretending to care about me was a waste of your time because I don't know where it is.
I have a safe.
It's in St.
The number from the safe traces to a blind exchange.
We can't identify the party you'll be speaking to.
Who the hell is this? Our suspect is patient, calm.
He likely spends hours scouting the prey.
He's only interested in big men, the ones who are hard to take down, like the big bucks in the wild.
Now, you're looking for an incredibly smart offender, highly organized.
White male, likely 35 to 40.
It is the sport that he's seduced by, the ritual of the hunt.
When he does finally make his move, it happens fast, striking in a blitz-style attack most never see coming.
His heart-shot prey rarely make it over 100 feet before bleeding out.
That moment is everything to him-- the rush of control.
The typical mutilation killer focuses on a specific area of the anatomy that suits their interest-- the face, the eyes or mouth, the extremities, hands, breasts, genitalia.
But this one's different-- he's interested in total domination of the body.
He guts them, removing the organs with surgical precision, but then leaving them in a pile.
But these aren't sex crimes, which indicates they are instead crimes of domination, an effort on his part to gain control over men who, based on their physical similarities, represent a man who once had dominance over him-- a father, an older brother.
It is my belief that "The Deer Hunter" is, in fact, a very slight, rather weak man.
Yes, blue shirt.
They say he takes a souvenir.
It's not a souvenir, it's a final act of domination.
While his prey's body is still warm, he carves out the liver and takes a single ceremonial bite.
Man, we had a deal.
I testify against Keen and her husband, I tell you how they killed the harbormaster, and I walk.
Yeah, you will walk, when the trial's over.
Until then, you're being charged as an accessory.
I told you everything.
And because of that, you're gonna be the star witness in the murder trial of FBI Agent Elizabeth Keen.
You're gonna testify in open court.
You're gonna testify before the grand jury.
You're gonna be deposed until you're blue in the face.
And if you change your story by so much as a comma, your immunity deal will be voided and you're gonna go to prison for the rest of your life.
Am I clear? Yeah.
Yes? Sorry I cut our previous call short.
I was not confident the line was secure.
- Tell me your name.
- Not yet.
Then you have me at a disadvantage.
Alan Fitch directed me to that safe.
Your number was inside.
He wanted us to talk.
Why? What does he want me to know? It is happening.
What is? What's happening? No, not like this-- in person.
2:00 PM tomorrow.
Broadway and 92nd.
Center island, south side.
A graduate seminar.
Was there a slide show? We need to talk about the Fulcrum.
I told you, I don't know anything about it.
Elizabeth, one of the reasons I'm still alive is due to my love of reading, whether it be words on a page that reveal the author's thoughts, emotions, imagination, or whether it be people in conversation, to ignore what they say and instead read their expression, posture, their gesture.
Lizzy, you're lying.
I'm not.
What if we made a deal? I help you find your serial killer, and you tell me about the Fulcrum.
You're not even interested in serial killers.
I find them unimaginative and woefully predictable.
But I am interested in the cases that you and the FBI have wrong.
Wrong? The most critical assumption you're making about The Deer Hunter is wrong.
Do we have a deal or not? This brute they call The Deer Hunter isn't a buck at all, but instead a delicate doe.
A woman? I disagree with you.
But your killer attacks from a distance, indicating the predator's smaller, perhaps unable to overpower their prey.
Men tend to kill in close proximity-- strangulation, blunt instrument, a knife.
By contrast, women tend to favor weapons that can be used from further away-- poison, a gun, a crossbow.
Richard Kuklinski was 6'5", 300 pounds, and one of his favorite weapons of choice was cyanide.
Yes, but male serial killers are predominantly, overwhelmingly sexually sadistic.
In this case, there is not the slightest indication of a sexual motive.
Aileen Wuornos was a prostitute who lured her victims in with the promise of sex.
The Deer Hunter has been active for over a decade, from the truck driver in Des Moines in 2003 to the doorman in Adams Morgan last night.
That's 12 years.
The average length of a killing spree for a man is two, perhaps three.
Yes, Agent Keen, for every rule there is an exception.
Each factor, taken separately, is not conclusive, but put them together and it's clear-- you haven't found your man because he's a woman.
Uh, Agent Keen, uh, the ME called.
He just finished his autopsy on the latest victim.
I used to have a teeming mane just like that.
Uh Thank you.
Every kill is identical.
Same clean incisions at the stomach and the liver, same knots binding the anus.
No variations? When field dressing's done well, it's like an autopsy.
The way he opens subjects, I want to show you What is it? I left that body covered.
The hallway.
That was him! He was at my lecture! Hey, you! Brown coat, stop! Hands where I can see them! - Okay, okay, okay! - Don't move! It's just my phone! - Hands! - Okay.
It's just my phone, okay? say nighty-night and kiss me just hold me tight and tell me you'll miss me while I'm alone and blue as can be Stop looking at me like that.
I'm fine.
I'll be fine.
It's not-- I don't like it any more than you do.
But someone has to do this! This is Chad Henning.
Mommy has to go across town to see him.
To see Chad Henning.
I won't be long.
What the hell were you doing in the ME's office? I told you, I write Metro Crime Diary.
That's why I was at your lecture-- research.
There's no research in that rag sheet.
It's gossip and innuendo.
So, what were you really doing there? You used fake credentials to get into the ME's office.
You took my phone.
You know all I was doing was taking pictures.
You're obsessed with serial killers.
You write about them all the time.
How do we know you're not The Deer Hunter? You're not looking for The Deer Hunter.
What's that supposed to mean? The first six victims, Mark Rodgers through Perry Holloman, he was experimenting.
The field dressing became cleaner, he switched from a folder to a field blade-- We didn't overlook that.
He was learning, evolving.
Evolving implies that he wanted to improve.
Are you saying he didn't? The techniques and incisions used on the last six victims are all identical.
The Deer Hunter loved to explore.
There's no way he would repeat himself.
You think we're dealing with a copycat.
The Deer Hunter is an artist.
The guy you're looking for is a forger.
Agent Keen? It's Detective Wilcox.
I-I don't know if you remember me.
We-- we spoke some time ago.
Yes, Detective.
I remember you were looking into the disappearance of the DC harbormaster.
It's-- it's not a missing-persons case anymore.
We recovered the body.
I'm sorry to hear that.
I was hoping for better news.
Well I-I need you to tell me what you know.
I would like to, Detective, but as I told you, the reason I came into contact with the harbormaster-- t-the case I was working on at the time-- it's classified.
That's not gonna fly anymore.
See, the thing is, recovering the body is not the only development in the case.
I also found Samuel Aleko.
He places you at the scene, Agent Keen-- you and your ex-husband.
He tells quite a story.
Says the two of you are stone-cold killers.
Even if I wanted to answer your questions, before I could talk, you would need to get-- A federal judge to rule that my investigation supercedes your case.
It's-- it's in the works.
An AUSA's gonna sit down with Mr.
Aleko, hear what he has to say.
And I-I have no doubt that, as a result of that conversation, a petition's gonna be filed in federal court requesting that I have complete access to any of your allegedly classified information.
This conversation is over.
Well, I-I-I think it's just beginning.
Hello, Edgar.
Samuel Aleko will be transferred tomorrow afternoon.
That's not gonna work.
Look, he has to talk to the guy.
This is the window.
He leaves the V Street station between 2:00 and 4:00.
You have to reschedule the transfer.
There's somewhere else I need to be.
Look, you know I'd do anything for you, Mr.
Reddington, but, I mean, this thing's in motion.
This is the window.
It is what it is.
Cinnamon-nut crumble? Brown-sugar pecan.
Oh, my.
Lucinda knows how you love her coffee cake.
Oh, I do.
Mmm! Be well, Edgar, and tell Lucinda if she ever leaves you, I'd like to marry her.
Just remember, tomorrow between 2:00 and 4:00.
I've been through every case file, and I'll be damned if kruse doesn't have a point.
I mean, the last six kills are identical.
We assumed that was because he'd perfected his craft, that there was no room for improvement.
But the more I look at it, the more I think we're wrong, that there really is a copycat.
I just can't prove it.
What is it? What? Nothing.
Come on, Keen.
What is it? I know you better than that.
Where's your head? That cop, the one investigating the harbormaster? He's got evidence.
He found the body.
And the witness.
Did he talk? I think he did, yes.
It's your word against his.
I've hidden behind the task force for as long as I can, told him I couldn't talk because it was classified, but he's taking the case to a federal judge.
- Tom is the one who killed this guy.
- But I was there.
- I should have-- - What, stopped him? Liz, you tried.
They'll have enough to arrest me.
Then go to Cooper, ask him to talk to the AUSA.
The last thing he wants is some cop poking around asking questions about what we do.
Liz, listen to me.
Tom may have killed this guy, but "FBI Agent Goes To Prison" is the headline.
All they're gonna care about is taking a bite out of y-- That's it.
What? Kruse was right about the copycat.
I can prove it.
I'm sorry.
I don't mean to second-guess you.
Oh, Mary, please.
You have nothing to apologize for.
It's just-- my son.
If anything were to happen to me-- Nothing's going to happen to you or your son.
It's entirely natural for you to feel this way, to have second thoughts.
If you didn't, I'd be very concerned.
If there was any other way You've tried every other way.
You've been reasonable, worked within the system, begged, pleaded.
I know, but-- Mary, look at me.
Is there evil in your life? Yes.
Is it not just and right to eliminate evil? Say it.
So are you in, or are you out? I need to know, because if this comes back on me, it's going to come back on us both.
Do you understand? I'm in.
Well, that's good.
Then it's done.
I pulled the forensics like you asked and had the lab compare the bite marks left on each liver for the first six kills with those from the last six.
What are you doing? What? Um, nothing.
I'm updating the team.
Aram? - The bite marks.
- Right.
Uh, turns out, the, uh, distance measurements on the upper arch are 2.
8% wider in the first six victims than in the second six.
Two different bites at the proverbial apple.
Nice work, Ressler.
So, it's official-- we're looking for a copycat.
Okay, are you sure you have your glasses? Yes.
Okay, well Mrs.
Jost called me again about you squinting at the blackboard all day.
It's why you keep getting those headaches.
Mom, it's not the glasses.
Jost just has crappy handwriting.
Okay, now, don't forget, your father is gonna pick you up after-- Elsa, honey, what is it? The bus is here.
Oh, my Oh.
We're very sorry for your loss.
How long were the two of you married? Five years, together almost nine.
I just This can't be happening.
The Deer Hunter, right? - The killer on the news? - Yes.
Of course, we're limited in what we can disclose, but The Deer Hunter has a very specific method of operation.
The manner of death, the treatment of the body-- it's consistent with his profile.
I knew something was wrong.
Chad works in construction, and he didn't come home after work.
We have a son.
He's only 4.
What am I supposed to tell him? You tell him we're gonna find whoever did this.
How? According to the papers, you don't even have a suspect.
We have some promising new theories.
Actually, one in particular-- we believe this may not be the work of the actual Deer Hunter.
We think it's a copycat.
- We really shouldn't-- - No, it's okay.
She deserves to know.
We're getting closer to the truth.
That's Thank you.
No, thank you.
We appreciate your time.
I can only imagine how difficult this must be for you.
What the hell was that? She was covering.
I don't know what, but that woman knows something.
Yeah, I picked up on that, Keen, but since when do you hand a person of interest your profile? My profile is wrong.
There was nothing specific connecting the original Deer Hunter's victims other than the physical, but the copycat, his victims-- You think the copycat's targeting a specific type of victim? What if he is? I had assumed he was operating like the original killer, but what if he chose those victims based on a different unifying reason? He could be masking his agenda by making it look like the work of a different serial killer.
Well, maybe there's something in the victims' histories we missed.
But how does Mary Henning fit in? Don't know yet.
But I rattled her.
We should let her stew and take another run at her tomorrow.
Yes? Who the hell are you? Mr.
Reddington asked me to-- Why are you wearing a sidearm? He needs to reschedule.
No, no.
That's not how it works.
I told him to come alone.
I gave very specific instructions.
Reddington's a man of his word.
If it were possible, he would be here.
Wherever he is, whatever the hell he's doing, I hope it's important.
What the hell's going on? Hang tight, pal.
90 seconds.
When I was young, I wanted to be able to dance just like Gary Goddard.
I still remember going to the Snowflake Dance and watching him for the first time.
That kid, man, he could move.
Won the eighth-grade talent show.
He was on the Yell Squad.
Gary even danced his way into Helen Hummer's pants, and let me tell you something, that was like breaking into Fort Knox.
Pops, who the hell are you? Then in the summer of '88, I saw Gary in the diaper aisle at Safeway.
He looked like hell.
Out of breath, fatigued.
Turns out Gary had a bicuspid valve, needed a heart transplant.
He was on the wait list until the day he died.
How long has Isaac been on the list now? How do you know about my brother? Six months? A year? Two? How long is he gonna have to wait? They won't say.
I can get your brother a heart within the week.
Best surgeons, best post-op care, and it won't cost you a dime.
Why would you do that for me? Because you're gonna do something for me.
We found the link, or at least what could be the link.
We have seven victims, so we started over with the most basic question.
- "Do they know each other?" - Right, but that theory died quickly.
There are seven victims all from different states, different ages, no schools in common, no family relations.
So, they're not connected, but something about them is? Makes sense, but everything we tried was a bust.
And then it hit me-- maybe the one thing we know about the victims is the one thing holding us back.
Maybe the victims aren't victims-- not entirely.
Joseph Riggs, the copycat's second target.
The guy had a rap sheet, including a conviction for misdemeanor menacing.
He pointed a knife at his girlfriend, said he'd kill her if she left him.
Which brings us to target four, Andrew Cosgrove.
Divorced from his second wife, Diane.
The transcript for a family court proceeding makes reference to a restraining order.
Okay, so that's two.
What about the others? Number five, Judd Liggett.
No criminal record, but a year before he was murdered, he was disciplined by the graduate school program he was attending.
Let me guess-- after complaints were made by a female student.
Aggravated harassment.
Nonstop phone calls, stalking her in class.
The girl was terrified, but no criminal charges were filed.
That's why it wasn't on our radar.
Stalkers, obsessive types, men who get violent when the women they want reject them.
That's what Mary Henning was hiding-- she was afraid of her husband.
Whoever killed him might have been protecting her.
If we're right, these seven men had dangerous fixations on seven women.
The copycat killer was protecting those women.
Yeah, but those women were in five different states.
How did the killer even know they were in danger? Hang on a sec.
Diane Cosgrove got legal help with her divorce from a local nonprofit called Docket One.
Uh, the student advocacy group that went after Judd Liggett - was called - Bright Voice.
Bright-- Bright Voice.
They're both affiliates of a national organization called Whitehaven Shelters.
We are the largest nonprofit victims' assistance association in the US.
Every year, there are 7 million victims of harassment and stalking.
We help to provide those people with legal, medical, and social services.
Do you keep records of the people you provide assistance to? Of course.
Why? It's our understanding that these seven women obtained aid from your Whitehaven affiliates.
We'd like to know everything we could about your interaction with them.
As you can imagine, we take privacy very seriously here.
I assume you have a court order.
We'll get one if necessary.
Unless there's some kind of danger of imminent threat or harm, I don't feel comfortable-- Are you familiar with Chad Henning? - Name sounds familiar.
- It should.
His body was found hanging from a tree this morning in Takoma Park.
You're talking about the serial murders.
Chad Henning was the husband of Mary Henning, a woman who received legal counsel from a free clinic provided by Whitehaven.
In fact, all the names on that list were in relationships with victims of The Deer Hunter.
The only other thing those seven women have in common is your organization.
It's quite possible that the person committing these murders interacted with these women through Whitehaven.
We're gonna need a full list of your employees and volunteers of the last five years.
I'll get you everything I can.
Just give me a few hours to put it together.
Thank you.
I know, I'm-- I'm overreacting, right? I mean, I don't know if she talked with the FBI.
But if Mary did talk, she'd expose everyone.
And I don't care about myself.
But the other women I have to do something, right? You're right.
I'm overreacting.
I should just relax.
She'd never betray me.
None of them would.
The last victim's wife, the one you let stew, apparently you did a really great job, because she is boiling over.
- She called? - Just got off the phone with her.
- She wants to talk.
- Let's go, Keen.
Look, if you're here because you want to give me more unsolicited advice about my case-- Tempting as that may be, I'm here to speak to Agent Mojtabai.
No one ever calls me that.
Aram I need your assistance locating the source of a call that was placed to a pay phone - at 92nd and Broadway.
- I need a warrant.
You won't need a warrant.
Of course I won't need a warrant.
This is the number.
The call was placed at exactly 2:00 PM yesterday.
- Aram? - Yes.
I can't stress enough the urgency of this matter.
me and you and you and me Thank you for coming.
I-- Tracy, hello.
I was expecting someone else.
We have a situation.
so happy together What is it? What happened? The FBI found the connection.
They came to Whitehaven asking for the names of every employee.
The FBI, they came, but I didn't say anything, I promise.
for all my life when you're with me, baby, the skies will be blue Who were you expecting? Friends for book club.
Oh, you're lying.
It's you.
You're the weak link.
After what you've done for me, for us? Tracy, honestly, before you, I was in a desperate situation.
You saw the marks.
He threatened to kill me.
I tried the police, all the right channels, and no one lifted a finger.
ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba - ba-ba-ba-ba - I'm grateful to you.
I would never betray you.
ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba - ba-ba-ba-ba - You Hello, Miss Henning? no matter how they toss the dice, it had to be Miss Henning? I'll take the back.
so happy together ooh ooh ooh ooh so happy together ooh ooh ooh ooh and how is the weather? - ba ba-ba-ba-ba - Miss Henning, FBI.
ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba so happy together ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba we're happy together ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba so happy together ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba happy together ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba happy together Miss Henning? ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba we're happy together ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba so happy together ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba happy together ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba we're happy together Keen! ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba so happy together Ugh! It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Oh! Did Ressler get a visual from the witness? No.
She's still unconscious.
I've been screening service providers-- uh, therapists, lawyers, doctors, anyone who's worked with the wives of our copycat's victims.
Someone connecting the women.
Right, but I got nothing.
Then I took a look at Whitehaven's employees and volunteers.
At one time or another, all of the victims' wives reached out to one of Whitehaven's affiliates for assistance.
Legal, medical, financial-- that's how he's finding his victims.
All but one.
In every case, their husbands were murdered by the copycat after they sought help, except her-- Tracy Solobotkin.
Her husband was the first victim of our copycat, and she was hired over three months after his death.
Why after? Her problem was already solved.
Maybe she wanted to help women who were still in bad relationships.
Maybe she wanted to help other women end them.
Says here she works in accounting, which would give her access to the names of every woman who got assistance from Whitehaven.
Perfect opportunity for her to identify violent spouses.
- Talk about a target-rich environment.
- I'm on my way.
Get a BOLO out on all vehicles registered to Tracy Solobotkin.
We got a Code Nine.
Deploy every available unit to her address.
I don't want to do this, but I have to.
Nobody can connect me to Mary but you.
ME won't buy it.
Victimology's all wrong.
The Deer Hunter killed men.
Is that what you call them? Men? This wasn't supposed to happen this way.
I didn't want to hurt Mary or anybody else, anybody but them! I understand.
Maybe a jury will.
That's what I said.
To The Deer Hunter, the real one.
He was my husband.
My God.
His father, a bastard, pushing him, pushing him, picking on him, cutting him down.
He didn't want to face what he was, so he overcompensated.
Always pretending macho, tough trying too hard with the ladies, but I knew.
After we got married, there's-- you know, there's nothing that can hide that.
You'd think that after his father died, that he'd come to grips with it.
He got angry, mean, isolated.
Every weekend on hunting trips-- that's what he called them.
You had no idea.
After the separation, I was staying at my sister's.
I came by the house one night to get my things.
I thought he was gone, but he was in here, in the garage.
He had blood on his mouth, on his clothes.
The Deer Hunter had been all over the news.
So, in that moment, I knew what he'd done.
And I tried to leave, but but he came towards me.
He knew I knew, so he couldn't let me go.
And I'd never held a weapon.
I-I-I-I I'd fended him off with a knife before, but that? I never held a bow.
Before I knew it, the arrow went straight through his heart.
And I thought about calling the police, turning myself in, but then I realized You could continue.
You could Well, yeah.
All those women Whitehaven had helped, just like me-- I could give them their lives back by becoming him.
And it's not easy.
It's hard work.
It's filthy work, but it's worth it Just to he-- just to see them scared for a change, to hear them whimper and and-- and beg.
All the things after-- you know, with the cutting, the mess-- I hated it.
But I-I didn't have a choice.
I'm sick.
I know.
Disgusting, but that's the way Ron did it, so I have no choice.
I mean, from-- f-from beyond the grave, he still pulls the strings.
You got to do what you got to do.
But can you please, please just do me one favor? Yes? Shut the hell up and get it over with.
What? You think I don't know why you're really doing this? You think I'm buying this whole "justice for victims" crap? Well, it's true.
You're just like your husband.
- I'm nothing like my husband! - You're exactly like him, like all the sick, psychopathic animals we lock up.
Oh, you haven't heard a word that I've been saying.
I've heard every word.
"I could give them back their lives.
" Why don't you just admit it? You get off on killing people.
It doesn't matter if the victim's a scumbag or a saint-- you get off just the same, just like your husband.
Tom, no! Let me go! Keen! Keen! Stop.
Keen, don't.
You okay? Yeah.
Back there, uh I can't do this.
Maybe you need some time, a couple weeks.
When's the last time you took a vacation? You're kidding, right? I would have killed her if you hadn't shown up.
You would have done what you had to do to survive.
Same as on the boat.
No, that was different.
That was Tom.
- You tried to stop him.
- But I didn't.
I hesitated.
And maybe I thought for just one second it would be better for me if he were dead.
- Liz-- - No.
That man had a family.
He had a life.
I'm gonna go to Wilcox.
I'm gonna tell him everything.
How many people do you think are alive today that wouldn't be if it wasn't for the work that we do? - Please.
- 50? 100? How many, Liz? How many families haven't buried a mother, a father, brother, sister? Children? That doesn't make it right.
It's never gonna be right.
See, the only question is the body count.
So, you go ahead and you nail yourself to a cross, and while you're up there feeling sanctified, you consider how many people are gonna die because this task force gets shut down and the rest of those animals on Reddington's list are still out there feeding.
- Ressler - No.
Don't ask me to feel your pain, Liz.
I got more than enough of my own.
Do you, Samuel Aleko, swear under penalty of perjury that the following is true and correct? Yeah.
Please tell the US attorney exactly what you told me about Agent Elizabeth Keen's involvement in the murder of DC Harbormaster Eugene Ames.
calling to join them, the wretched and joyful shaking the wings of their terrible youths Mr.
Aleko let me remind you, you're under oath.
I don't remember.
You confessed that Agent Keen was present when the harbormaster was killed and that she deliberately covered up his death.
That's what you want me to say.
That's not how it was.
she's the angel of small death and the codeine scene Dembe.
Uh, yes.
Uh, Mr.
Reddington said I should call as soon as I traced the call.
Uh, yes, I have an address.
Uh, 3130 Sheridan Road, Park Slope.
I figured it out.
What? What you're doing.
The hairline.
Guys don't get it-- most women don't care if men go bald.
Did you think I-- You're sexy no matter what.
I'm not going bald.
I just-- I have a high hairline.
Wait, what? Did you just say that Yep.
Just don't get fat.
with her sweetened breath and her tongue so mean she's the angel of small death and the codeine scene Do you have a phone? with her sweetened breath and her tongue so mean she's the angel of small death and the codeine scene Spare change? - There you go.
- God bless you, sir.
It's gonna be a freeze tonight.
There's a place about, uh, two blocks up called The Grant.
Give this to the guy in the cage.
His name's Ronnie.
- He'll, uh, cut you a rate.
- Thank you, Officer.
Go get a shower.
Get yourself cleaned up.
For sure.
she's the angel of small death and the codeine scene You all right? Yeah.
What were you thinking running after a killer alone without backup? - Are you scolding me? - Yes.
Yes, I'm scolding you.
That was foolish, Lizzy.
You could have been-- - Killed.
- Exactly that.
What are you gonna do? Ground me? Take away my phone privileges? You were right about The Deer Hunter-- he was a man.
And a woman.
We were both half right.
Together, we were right.
I have the Fulcrum.
Tell me what it is, and I'll tell you where to find it.
I've already told you what I can.
To elaborate would place you in grave danger.
- I don't need your protection.
- Oh, I think you do.
If it weren't for me, you would have been indicted today.
As it is, you needn't worry about the harbormaster any more.
What did you do? Nobody was hurt, if that's what you're concerned about.
In fact, a young man's life was saved.
I don't want to hear any more.
I'm leaving.
I believe I know the real reason you don't want me to have the Fulcrum.
That is? Because you're afraid that once you give it to me, you'll be of no further use to me and you'll never see me again.

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