The Blacklist s02e16 Episode Script

Tom Keen

1 Give me your cash and your supply.
It's bad enough you people have to live in my country you have to cut into my business too.
You don't sell in this neighborhood.
All right? Arkan knows that.
You have 30 seconds to give up your stash before he kills you.
He's going to kill me anyway.
Give it up and you have my word that you'll leave here with your life.
Understand? Understand? All right? Where? Where? There.
You said I could walk if I gave you what you wanted.
I told you that you'd live.
I didn't say that you'd walk.
You know what that is? Looks like a bullet.
It's your bullet.
Forensics team pried it from the floorboards of the Phoenix.
Ballistics matched it to your FBI-issued 9 mm.
There's more.
The crime lab found trace amounts of blood belonging to Samuel Aleko.
- Here's the report.
See for yourself.
- Why show me this? Because it contradicts every word out of your mouth since you walked in.
Because at a minimum, it is direct evidence of your perjury and I'm trying to decide if it should be exhibit A in your murder trial.
You made it very clear you never saw Samuel Aleko on the Phoenix.
I suppose shooting the man must have slipped your mind.
I sat right here and told you exactly what happened.
Maybe Wilcox is fabricating evidence to support his case.
You know my record, Agent Keen.
There's no love lost between me and the federal government.
That said, I do recognize that exceptional measures are sometimes required to preserve our security.
Talk to me.
Enough lies.
I see.
Well, in that case, you really leave me no alternative.
I can't shield your actions in the name of national security if you insist on concealing the truth of those actions.
I did not kill Eugene Ames.
- That's the only truth you need to know.
- A jury may feel differently.
And something tells me we're about to find out.
We're done.
I'll issue my ruling in the morning.
Die Entrechteten.
Really, Aram.
These misanthropes have been on my radar for years.
- The FBI must have some kind of file.
- No.
We do.
I'm just finalizing some translations.
Just a few more seconds.
I'm sorry.
I admit I don't quite follow this plan.
Agent Keen is facing an indictment for a murder she didn't commit.
I found us a lead on the whereabouts of the one man - Tom Keen.
- Wait, what? Tom Keen is dead.
He was shot and killed months ago.
Agent Keen shot him, but she didn't kill him.
In what may be Agent Keen's single greatest lapse in judgment she saved the imposter pretending to be her devoted husband opting, instead, to hold him captive in the rusty hull of an abandoned ship.
- Tell me you made that up.
- The harbormaster found Tom.
He was gonna go to the police, so Torn killed him to keep Liz from prison.
- That is - Insane? I was going to say "extremely romantic.
" If we can bring Tom back and get Denner to realize that Tom killed Ames then maybe we can still stop Liz's indictment.
Here we go.
According to our assets in Dresden you are looking at the leadership structure of Die Entrechteten.
What the hell does that mean? "The disenfranchised.
" They may look like common street thugs, but don't underestimate their authority.
They're racists masquerading as patriots.
"Germany for Germans.
" On the surface, they're all about anti-immigration preservation of the Aryan race, but look a little deeper and you'll find they care far less about white power than they do about white powder.
- They're drug dealers? - Among the most ruthless in Europe.
Somewhere along the line, they realized that keeping German neighborhoods white is more than politics.
It's economics.
They're fighting a street war.
Interpol estimates a dozen drug-related homicides in the last year alone.
Tom Keen, the four-eyes who taught third grade is walking into that? - How do we find him? I can check, but I don't think we have any friends on the inside.
I do.
- I'm coming with you.
- No, you're not.
She's my partner.
You might need help from this side of the law to clear her.
You open your mouth, Donald, and hay flies out.
You look and feel and smell like cop.
You are what you are.
It's admirable.
But this is my world, and you're a tourist.
You blink wrong, we are both dead and your partner goes to prison.
I'll keep my mouth shut and stay out of the way.
What's going on? Agent Ressler and I were just discussing travel arrangements.
- What are you doing here? - We found Tom.
We're gonna make him come back.
Tell the judge that you're innocent.
Can we talk? - What are you doing? - Whatever it takes to keep you safe.
Finding Tom will not keep me safe.
I lied to the court.
We can handle a perjury count.
It's the murder charge I'd like to avoid.
How? Judge Denner's right.
I covered it up.
At the very least, I'm an accessory after the fact.
Listen to me.
Juries care about intent.
You didn't intend to kill the harbormaster.
That was Tom's decision.
Right now, that judge may think you're guilty and it's not easy to let a cold-blooded killer go free even in the name of national security, but a cold-blooded killer you are not.
If we can prove Tom is responsible, it might just tip the scales.
It's my fault.
I never should've put him there.
He'll go to prison for the rest of his life because of me.
- One step at a time, Lizzy.
- He's not gonna come back.
He Will.
This journey we're on isn't over just yet.
You may have given up on us, but I haven't.
- Ruddiger.
- Oh! - I heard the good news.
- Good news? I'm in rehab.
It requires a great deal of courage and intestinal fortitude for a man to take that first step toward sobriety.
- I couldn't do it myself.
- It was court-ordered.
I got drunk and crashed my daughter's Passat.
She'll never speak to me again.
What's the ninth step, again? You make amends to those you harmed? What do you want? You do any business with Die Entrechteten? No, but I do know others who have.
Arms dealer name of Kohl.
Perhaps you could put me in touch with him.
You best try a Ouija board.
He was assassinated.
Shot dead in his car.
They do business now with an Austrian.
Becker, I think.
Since when did a pack of stuempers like Die Entrechteten get access to military hardware? - Word is they recruited a new boy.
They're looking for F2000 machine guns.
- You know where or when? - No.
But if you wire some cash into my patient account, they'll let me use the phone.
I'll ask around.
- Thank you, Max.
- Yeah.
And remember, one day at a time, pal.
So the man we're looking for is a Franz Becker? The holiest man I've ever seen.
- What church? - Heh.
God, no.
I mean, he is literally covered in holes.
Every square inch of the man is pierced.
It's impressive.
That's who you think Tom reached out to? That's who I would reach out to.
Unfortunately, Tom and I share some propensities.
Whatever you think you know about Tom Keen, forget it.
The bookish elementary-school teacher was a masterful illusion.
The man is an extremely talented covert operative.
I'm not surprised he convinced you that his persona was real.
Once he takes on a new identity, he convinces himself.
Down! On the ground! This shipment is being seized by order of the BMI on suspicion of trafficking in contraband weapons.
What is in the shipping containers? Answer me! Wool gowns.
Women's dresses.
I told you, Giftzwergen! Women's dresses, huh? Yes, Jeff, I understand.
You're my financial planner, but I'm not asking for your advice on this.
I just need you to do it.
Jeff, of course I know it's a lot of money.
Thank you.
You have the routing number? No, I want the account closed and the money transferred today.
Thanks again.
Sir, I was just coming I perjured myself.
I told the judge that you were on that ship for official business, under oath.
I've crossed my share of lines in this job but I always told myself that wouldn't be one of them.
Of course you know that.
You were counting on it.
I made it clear that I would not lie.
I ordered you not to put me in that position and you intentionally did exactly that.
- I'm sorry, sir.
- I never wanted-- - That is exactly what you wanted.
Grow up.
You wanna play the angles? Leverage friends and colleagues? Have the decency to admit it.
I'm not sorry for what I did.
But I am sorry that it had to be done.
I wanted Berlin dead.
I wanted him to pay for what he did.
To Meera, to you, to all of us.
I brought Tom to that ship for us.
I don't regret it, and I'm not gonna lay down and quietly go to prison for it.
Can you even hear yourself? You held another human being captive.
You set in motion a chain of events that cost an innocent man his life.
It wasn't right.
It wasn't necessary.
It was a crime way outside the lines of what we stand for.
I came in here to say that I don't recognize you anymore.
But after what I did today, the truth is, I don't recognize myself.
Sir, you're bleeding.
Are you all right? I'm fine.
Oh, sir.
I need help in here! So it's ink now.
My goodness, Franz.
As if you hadn't found enough ways to decorate that pink hide of yours.
Hello, Red.
You know, Freud hypothesized that tattoos are a defense mechanism a way of externalizing some internal trauma.
So tell me, what secret pain are you hiding beneath that already crowded exterior? - Dude, I just like tattoos.
I thought perhaps it had something to do with that recent snafu at the airport.
I heard about what happened with your shipment.
Give us a moment.
What do you want, Red? A quiet place next to a lovely stream where I can watch things float by.
But I do have a certain sway with the appropriate German authorities.
I can get your shipment released from customs.
This is very kind of you.
What's the catch? In exchange for getting your weapons released I keep 35 percent of the shipment.
- A transaction fee.
- Red, those weapons aren't mine.
They're earmarked for a client.
I'm about to close with another broker to replace the shipment.
- That'll cost you dearly.
- I'm supposed to make delivery tonight.
And those aren't the kind of guys you wanna piss off.
My evening's wide open.
And there's nothing I appreciate more than customer service.
It appears we're partners, Franz.
So just sit back and let that tattoo dry or set, or whatever it is tattoos do and I'll handle the negotiations on our behalf.
I'm Agent Keen.
I was with Cooper when he was brought in.
- You were present for the seizure? - That's what it was? - He seemed fine, and then his nose-- Liz.
My God.
- Charlene.
- What are they saying? This is Dr.
This is Mrs.
Cooper, your husband's being evaluated as we speak.
- Is he conscious? - I'm afraid not, but it's still early.
Your husband experienced a rather significant seizure that may be due to his condition, or his condition exacerbated - by a high level of stress.
- He was with me.
We were arguing.
But he's okay? I mean, he will be okay? Mrs.
Cooper, I wish I could be more specific, but as I said, it's still early.
Where is the Austrian? He's late.
He'll be here.
If this goes wrong neither of us will live to regret it.
You see? You worry too much.
I'll get Elias.
Good evening.
What the hell are you doing here? I know you were expecting Franz Becker.
But Franz and his men ran into some unexpected turbulence at the airport.
Turn your car around and get out of here.
I can't do that.
Elizabeth is in trouble.
Are you listening? You're gonna get us all killed.
She's about to be indicted for the harbormaster's murder.
- You need to come back with us.
- That's not happening.
Tell her she's on her own.
Is there a problem? You're damn right there's a problem.
Elias, my name is Raymond Reddington.
At the risk of sounding immodest, perhaps my reputation precedes me.
- Reddington.
I know who you are.
- Wonderful.
Here's the problem as I see it.
You were expecting a shipment of weapons from an Austrian dealer named Franz Becker.
Unfortunately, that shipment was recently seized by the Bundespolizei.
If you'd like to have your men confirm before we proceed, I won't be offended.
Let's assume I believe you.
Let's assume, also, you're going somewhere with this.
I am.
It turns out dear Franzie's the subject of a BMI investigation.
That's ridiculous.
Franz is clean.
You ordered guns from a trafficker who has been under heavy surveillance for the last two months.
I'm offering the same goods for the same price.
I don't like this.
I'm listening.
There is, however, one small matter to tidy up first.
This one, he brokered the deal with Franzie.
He has exceptionally poor judgment.
He's working with the German authorities.
I'm not enamored with either scenario.
He's lying.
And him? He looks like a cop.
Because I am a cop.
He's not just a cop.
He's with the FBI’s Counterterrorism Task Force, and he's on my payroll.
How do you think we know your guy's under investigation? - Elias-- Give him to me.
I'll bleed him for whatever intelligence he has and then eliminate the problem.
Or maybe I just take him out back and shoot him.
That works for me.
If Franz is under investigation, he put him there so he can get a cut of the deal.
We gotta go after him.
We came to deliver a message, and we have.
See? That's why we got the insurance.
Dembe? Brad? Brad? I told you she was guilty.
She's getting ready to run.
- What is this? - Keen closed one of her accounts.
She moved all the money offshore an hour ago.
It's not illegal to close an account.
What's illegal is monitoring her financials without a warrant.
Main justice wants to shut down our murder investigation and we have to play by the rules? - We do.
You wanna solve this, Marty, but you're taking it personally.
She knows she'll be indicted.
The money's leaving the country and Agent Keen is leaving right behind it.
- Ressler.
- Give me Reddington.
It's him.
You know, they say you can judge a man by the company he keeps.
Do you have any idea what you just did? I was in.
Yes, and now you're out.
You didn't seem inclined to leave your new friends willingly, so I improvised.
I was on assignment.
- I had a contract.
- Circumstances change.
Think, Tom.
I'm the one who told you to go and never come back so for me to be responsible for your return you must know I don't have a comparable option.
- No, I am not going back.
- She'll be indicted.
Not just for perjury, not just for obstruction, for murder.
The local authorities think she killed the harbormaster.
- She's going to prison.
- I'm the reason she's not there.
- That harbormaster was calling the cops.
- Yes, but that's all beside the point.
You know what to do, Tom.
Are you gonna let a crime you committed to protect Elizabeth - be the reason she goes to jail? - Like you care.
- What does that mean? - You are using her.
You have been using her from the very beginning.
You need her on the outside so you can keep your little task force up and running.
I'm glad we had this talk.
I know you'll do the right thing.
Listen to me.
I am gone.
Lizzy did this to herself when she threw me in that hole.
I am not going down.
Not for her.
And sure as hell not for you.
- Any word? - Mm-mm.
- You really don't have to stay.
- Well Charlene, the last thing I wanna do is pry but Dr.
Harper mentioned his condition.
Harold's a private man.
Harold has a brain tumor.
Glioblastoma, it's called.
Doctors found it last year when he was admitted after being attacked.
They suggested that he leave the Bureau.
Any undue stress could exacerbate his illness.
But Harold, that-- That job - it means everything to him.
- I'm so sorry.
I had no idea.
The original prognosis was less than a year.
But we found this experimental trial program.
By some miracle, Harold was accepted.
They were giving him some new chemotherapy drug.
We thought it might be working but after today I'm not so sure.
Liz, you can't say anything.
Please promise me.
Harold is so proud, the idea that you and the others feeling sorry for him-- No, I understand.
This stays between us.
You have my word.
Thank you.
I'm collecting signatures for a get-well card for Mr.
"Get well, bitch.
We've got some partying to do"? Too much? I just thought, I mean, I wanted to make him laugh, you know? I mean, if it's serious.
- Liz called from the hospital.
- She did? And is it bad? - It's bad, isn't it? - Apparently, he's hypoglycemic.
- Low blood sugar? - Worst-case scenario he's pre-diabetic.
He'll be fine.
- Wow.
Guess I don't need the card anymore.
Did you find Tom? Yeah.
Told him what was at stake.
He wasn't moved.
Didn't realize you were interested in his opinion.
We were interested in his confession.
He made it clear we weren't gonna get it.
So you went all that way and you didn't bring him back? All rise.
I will make this quick.
This whole business started because the Justice Department sought to quash a lawful subpoena issued to Harold Cooper Assistant FBI Director.
Miss Wright? Mr.
Cooper had a medical issue, Your Honor.
He's unable to be with us.
Is that right? Well, do send him my best.
Let him know he's not the only one sickened by this proceeding.
For the record, I have completed my in-camera assessment of the Justice Department's position.
Before you continue, may I have a word? You've made yourself amply clear, counsel - Sidebar, Your Honor? - Denied.
On behalf of the attorney general himself, I must insist.
The attorney general? Get up here, both of you.
If the attorney general is so interested in my courtroom he can come tell me himself.
He will.
Not in person, but I've been informed a representative will be here.
- Too little, too late.
- I'm asking the court to withhold ruling until the AG's rep has been afforded-- - Denied.
Look at my face.
Get as close as is necessary - to understand what I'm saying.
- Your Honor.
- What is it? - A situation in the corridor.
What the hell does that mean? There's someone out there demanding he speak with you.
He says he's the killer.
I see.
Well, then, I guess you should bring him in.
The officer informs me that you have confessed to the murder of Eugene Ames.
Tom? Yes.
- And you are? - My name is Tom Keen.
I'm so relieved.
Somebody told me you were dead.
Your ex-wife said you were dead.
She shot you in self-defense when you abducted her for Berlin.
- She saved me.
- She held you captive on the Phoenix to squeeze you for intelligence about your employer.
Yeah, look.
None of that matters.
The only thing that matters is that I killed that man.
- Wrong ship, wrong time.
- So you snapped his neck, just like that.
Took a few seconds.
Why are you telling me all this? You do realize what's going to happen to you as a result of your confession today.
I don't care what happens to me.
I came here for her.
All right, I need you to know that Elizabeth Keen would never have hurt - I don't even remember his name.
- His name was Eugene Ames.
I killed Eugene Ames without Liz's help.
In fact, she tried to stop me.
She begged me not to do it.
Hey, I just saw Charlene.
She said it was okay.
Come in.
From Agent Mojtabai.
Apparently, Aram thought I died.
You might have if you hadn't missed the corner of my desk on your way down.
Now, about what you were saying.
Our conversation.
- Agent Keen-- - No.
I told you I wouldn't put you in the position where you had to lie and I did and I am ashamed of that.
I know you believe you acted in the interests of the task force.
Doesn't justify it.
I wouldn't even be here if it weren't for you.
And I certainly couldn't have survived the last year and a half without you.
You're the only person in the world I completely trust.
And to hear you say that you don't even recognize me I'm not upset at you for changing.
After what you've been pulled into, it would be impossible for you not to.
I'm just I'm upset because I don't wanna see the person that I first met that good person I don't wanna see her get lost in all of it.
The doctor is ready to discuss the test results.
You know, before today, I would have said I had seen everything.
Now I know I haven't seen a damn thing.
Even if what you're saying is true Elizabeth still has a lot to answer for.
- Doesn't matter now.
We'll see if your wife agrees when she's serving felony time for perjury and facing an indictment for kidnapping witness tampering, obstruction.
- You can make all that go away.
Prosecution could still charge her with murder.
She didn't kill anyone.
They will argue that she acted in concert.
She didn't stop you.
She knew that the harbormaster would contact the police.
She wanted him to die.
At a minimum, she was an accessory after the fact.
She had no intent.
I was the one who made the decision to act.
Yeah, so you say.
The harbormaster would've saved you.
- Why kill him? - To protect her.
The woman you spent the last two years of your life betraying? Someone you lied to, spied on, sold out and betrayed? A woman you married as a job? She held you prisoner.
She wasn't thinking clearly.
I needed to do something, or she would've gone to prison.
You're in love with her.
I won't even try to express how twisted that is.
Okay, Mr.
Keen, or whatever the hell your name is.
You wanna fall on your sword for this woman, so be it.
I will recommend that Agent Keen not be charged with the murder of Eugene Ames.
But as to the other potential charges, I'm allowing the grand jury to proceed.
Find a seat for Mr.
Keen in the pens until further notice.
I will make a confession.
I will give you a full deal.
But you have to promise me that you leave Liz out of this.
- That deal won't happen.
- I'm sorry, Your Honor.
- I told Mr.
Connolly you were-- - It's fine, Rosemary.
Get him out of here.
Well, well, well.
Reven Wright said that main justice would be sending an attack dog.
You're out of your mind.
I mean, the Beltway's been saying it for years but you really are out of your mind.
Well, in 30 years on the bench I’ve learned their bark is far worse than their bite.
Not this time.
What did you do, Richard? What the hell did you do? I conducted an in-camera hearing, which I have every right to do.
You have no right, and you damn well know it.
You're not cleared to hear national security cases.
We have a FISA court for that, and you're not on it, period.
You compelled two federal agents to divulge national secrets under threat of imminent incarceration.
- They violated my order.
- To hell with your order.
Your order was a per se violation of The Espionage Act, The Patriot Act.
Intimidation, threats.
This is the way our government works.
I'm supposed to just take your word that the case involves national security? - That's right.
You're a superior court judge, Richard.
This case is so far over your head, it would make your nose bleed.
You intentionally accessed classified intelligence without authority.
I should have you arrested right here and now.
Smiling Tommy Connolly.
You always were a smug bastard.
And you were always a paranoid, self-righteous prick.
Your Honor.
Here's what we do.
You're gonna quash this subpoena.
- And if I don't? - You will.
In everyone's career, there's a crossroads, Richard.
A moment where what they'll say next will define their lives.
Decide their future.
Is this task force really that important to you? I don't know what that is.
And neither do you.
You crossed the line.
I'm willing to move past it.
And who knows? Maybe one day, when I'm AG, we'll get you on a real court.
It appears as if the treatment you were receiving in the clinical trial has slowed the growth of the glioblastoma.
But the seizure? Chemo drugs are powerful.
They have side effects.
That can include damaged neurons.
My guess is that's what caused the seizure.
- It was a side effect from the medication? - Yes.
No reflection on your overall health.
Which you're saying is improving.
This is one test, and your husband has a very aggressive illness.
But it does appear as if we should stay the course.
You'll be discharged this afternoon.
We'll continue to monitor these side effects.
All rise.
Oh, sit down.
The government has shown nothing but disrespect for this court's authority so spare me the hollow reverence.
Let me be clear.
Government secrecy, the idea that the federal government can act surveil, detain, interrogate, and even kill American citizens with no oversight or accountability with no obligation to present the people with evidence that led to their actions that, in my view, is the gravest threat to our national security.
It erodes the very foundation of our great democracy.
This is a system of checks and balances founded on a separation of powers.
The fact that any federal prosecutor who utters the magic words who invokes "national security," can suppress cases, can quash subpoenas can avoid grand juries, that offends me.
And so I'm very glad that, in this matter the government's done the responsible thing and complied with my request to review the evidence supporting its claim.
Having done so I am satisfied that if Assistant Director Cooper or Agent Keen were compelled to testify, it would expose national secrets and have the potential to do material damage to the national interest.
- Your Honor-- - Let me save you the trouble, Mr.
You and I, for all of our accomplishments remain rather small fish in this deep and dark federal pool.
If that point wasn't made clear to your boss - I'm sure it will be very shortly.
- You can't do this.
A man is dead.
A lieutenant in the Metro P.
And his death is a tragedy, sir.
Agent Keen, his name was Lieutenant Eugene Ames.
Never forget it.
Let the good work you do from this day forward in some way be a tribute to his memory.
That's it.
You have to live with that.
- You know what you did.
- Marty, let's go.
So that's how it is now, right? That the feds are just above the law.
You know, he was a good man.
Now I have to go out in that hallway and explain to his wife and daughter how there's no justice for a guy who gave most of his life in service to this city.
That's enough.
Can't really blame him.
He's playing a game with less than half the pieces.
Maybe it should have ended.
Maybe he's right.
What's gonna happen to Tom? Who? My ex-husband, Tom Keen? I never met him.
There's no Tom Keen in federal custody.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
It's just We tried.
We really did.
Missed you in court today, Harold.
I hope everything's all right.
You made it all disappear.
Just like that.
Hey, think of it this way.
Most Americans would kill for that kind of job security.
I didn't think you knew everything about our little task force.
Learn something every day.
I was serious when I said I'd be the next AG.
I've been briefed on Reddington and a handful of other things I instantly wished I didn't know, but that's the gig.
I'm starting to think maybe the gig is getting old.
- So am I.
- No.
You don't mean that.
Maybe you're a little dinged up but you're still at the top of your game.
You perjured yourself for one of your team.
I admit I didn't expect that.
But I sure as hell do respect it.
Guess my principles aren't what they used to be.
- Neither are yours.
- That's where you're wrong, buddy.
I never had any principles.
That's why I'm on a rocket to the top.
This thing with Reddington it's important.
You've done more since you started than most of our best covert units do in a lifetime.
We'd do worse than we did today to protect it.
And, hey now I have something to hold over your head.
Just kidding, buddy.
You have a good night.
The paperwork is complete.
The account has been established for Mr.
Ames's daughter.
You sure you wanna do this? Yes, and the scholarship it's anonymous, correct? Yes.
The bank will reach out, and they'll explain everything.
Thank you.
Now I understand why you sold the apartment I gave you.
Eugene Ames was 67 years old.
The only reason he was still working was to get his daughter through college.
Be careful, Lizzy.
Because the truth of it is, once you start down this road there's no logical place to stop.
You can see to her education, health insurance, housing.
You can watch her or have her watched.
Keep her safe.
Try to ascertain her hopes dreams, desires.
Pull strings, call in favors to discreetly smooth the path.
And for the first few years, it may work.
You'll draw some measure of virtue from being her invisible benefactor.
But that won't last.
It's all a fraud.
That it's really not about her at all.
That it's all about you.
And you're just going through the motions to salve your own guilt.
Look, all the money, all the time and effort all the favors in the world cannot possibly equal what you took away from her.
Everything else is just a nice gesture.
You knew about Tom.
That if he came back, they'd exonerate him to protect the task force.
He'd get his life back.
You saved a man you hate to save me.
- Keen.
- Hey.
It's me.
You Okay? Where are you? Are you okay?
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