The Blacklist s03e03 Episode Script

Eli Matchett

No, don't.
Should be nine more workers inside.
Just rotated on shift.
Security? Two in the lobby, one in the lab.
Let's get to work.
_ Forget it.
Liz needs all the help she can get.
Since when are you interested in helping her? All you've ever done is betray her.
Says the guy who's hunting her down.
You really think Liz is a Russian agent, a terrorist? - If you know where she is-- - I don't.
That's why I'm here.
I know you don't trust me.
If it's any consolation, I don't trust you, either.
Like I said, forget it.
Don't you want to know the truth? Don't you want to know what happened? Easy.
Your ex is a wanted killer.
You want to help her, let me do my job.
I know you care about Liz.
You can act like you don't, but I know you do.
Then let me help.
I can go places.
- I can do things.
- Break the law? Work around it.
Next time, I break that arm.
We were out.
You said the ship we were on was headed to Spain.
Change of plans.
Because? Because after far too much time playing defense, today's the day we switch to offense.
Take a look around.
We are hardly in prime position to be fighting anyone right now.
The Director needed permission to have me killed.
And he only got it by convincing others that I didn't have the Fulcrum.
That was a costly mistake.
And now members of the Cabal will be exposed as a result of investigations.
His own people are questioning his leadership.
We need to capitalize on that by wreaking such havoc on the Cabal that they will choose to exonerate you and sacrifice the Director.
How is that ever gonna happen? Our journey begins in the home of the double-bacon corn dog.
Welcome to Iowa.
What do you know about Verdiant Industries, Lizzy? Nothing.
They're the world's largest agribusiness.
They sell seeds.
More to the point, genetically engineered seeds.
In fact, they're the single largest manufacturer of genetically engineered seeds on Earth, and not just any seeds.
Corn, soy, the crops at the very foundation of our food economy.
I've read about this.
Modifying the DNA of the seed itself, teaching it to create a protein that kills common pests that would eat it.
Yes, and those seeds are very expensive.
Most small farmers can't afford them.
Many of them have been driven out of business.
And when people feel their homes and livelihoods threatened, violence is never far behind.
A few days ago, a Verdiant facility was attacked by a group of small farmers who call themselves Los Segadores, men determined to kill Verdiant before it kills them.
Damaging one building will hardly kill Verdiant.
They did more than damage a building, Lizzy.
They stole data, a cache of proprietary files detailing how Verdiant modifies its corn genome.
That's a trade secret worth billions of dollars.
You and I are gonna take those files from the men who stole them.
Assuming we could do that, why would we? Verdiant launders money for the Cabal.
Hundreds of millions of dollars a year.
If we get those files, we have leverage over Verdiant.
We have leverage over Verdiant, we have leverage over the Cabal.
I know how Mr.
Reddington and Agent Keen got out of the diner where the standoff happened.
The tunnels, the ones they used to escape from the diner, they were built to sneak in contraband from the port of Baltimore.
Coordinate with the MPA.
- I want a full accounting of all ships-- - Already did.
One particular freighter caught our attention.
The DMC Peña set sail the siege of the diner ended en route to the Spanish port of Valencia, but 70 miles into their journey, they turned back to the US, citing engine trouble.
Where's the freighter now? They docked at Norfolk late last night.
According to the cargo manifest, only one thing came off the ship.
Container number 358202 was offloaded and placed on a westbound flatbed at 12:23 AM.
Stowed away in a corrugated sardine can.
The glamorous life of an international fugitive.
I want to know where that truck's headed.
Find that crate.
What is it? Dembe.
This is the rendezvous point.
Something's wrong.
We're gonna need transportation.
This'll do.
_ I'm not talking to you.
Dembe's missing.
They were here.
The FBI.
- When? - When? What does it matter when? They were here.
And when I refused to answer their questions, they took me in.
Don't try my patience, Glen.
I'm sorry, Red.
I'm hypoglycemic.
My blood sugar crashed and I just lost it.
- Glen.
- I must've spent six hours in the box.
- I nearly had a stroke.
- What did you tell them? I didn't have my crackers with me, I couldn't get a juice box.
I rolled, Red.
I'm sorry.
I told them everything.
Everything? I'm yanking your crank.
What do you think I am, a snitch? I'm clean as a whistle, which is more than I can say for your shorts.
I can hear you dropping a steamer through the phone.
We got wheels.
Safety! Okay.
What's the 911? You're a fool.
You think because you would risk your life to save Reddington that he's gonna do the same? He won't.
Reddington won't come for you.
You are protecting a man that has left you for dead.
We have a colleague of yours.
He's being prepared.
Unless you tell me where I can find Reddington he will suffer.
Nothing? So be it.
What you hear next is a consequence of your misplaced loyalty.
Please, no! Gentlemen.
- A moment of your time.
- Eduardo! I wouldn't.
You're members of Los Segadores, am I right? A simple nod is acceptable.
I was hoping to have a word with your leader.
- That's me.
- I don't believe so.
I was told to speak with a man named Eli Matchett.
What are you, cops? Goons working for Verdiant? Either way, I'm not telling you-- The next one goes in your leg.
Eli Matchett.
He's gone.
Gone where? I don't know.
I don't! Look, Verdiant has a warehouse up in Silver Ridge doing some top-secret research.
We were working on how to take it out when Eli-- he just snapped.
Started saying how we were a joke, how none of us had the balls to make a real impact.
So he walked.
Next we hear, nine people are dead.
You think Matchett is responsible? We got a guy on the inside at Verdiant.
Gabriel Costa.
If Eli did this, he had Costa's help.
We're gonna need Mr.
Costa's address.
And maybe some directions.
My associate prefers to steal cars made before the advent of GPS.
_ Were you able to crack the server files? All 5 billion nucleotide pairs.
Verdiant's patented prize pig.
I'm uploading the file to a couple dozen hosting sites.
Look, I know we agreed to open source this, but this is Verdiant's most guarded trade secret.
- It's worth a fortune.
- So what? You want to sell to the highest bidder? I want to get back what that seed cost me.
My farm, my family.
We sell and get back our losses, but no one else's.
This doesn't belong to Verdiant, it doesn't belong to us.
We release to everyone.
Sorry, friends.
But I got something else in mind.
_ Sure is one hell of a sardine can.
The man does have style.
Aram? I found something on the AP.
A bombing in Fairfield at a facility owned by Verdiant Industries.
Reddington comes to town a few days after a major attack? That's not a coincidence.
I thought the same thing.
So, I cross-referenced every senior-level employee with Mr.
Reddington's file, and I came up with one name.
Verdiant CTO Susan Hanover.
Why do I know that name? Because it was listed in the Fulcrum.
a low-level staffer on the Hill.
A bombing with a direct link to the Cabal.
That's why Reddington's in town.
How many employees were lost? We think 15.
Nine are confirmed dead, the other six are officially listed as unaccounted for.
They say some of the bodies are, uh, unidentifiable.
You've been hit before? The company, yeah, but not this facility, and never like this.
There's a group, calls itself Los Segadores.
Up to now, it's only been property damage.
So why the escalation? Because certain secure terminals can only access the company mainframe during business hours.
Whoever did this accessed our proprietary files.
They downloaded information detailing how we modify our genomes.
That's a trade secret worth billions of dollars.
This was a robbery.
If that data is released publicly, it's only a matter of time before our product is being mass produced on the black market.
The price of our product will fall permanently.
Our stock won't recover.
Uh, sorry to interrupt, but I just received a call from the medical examiner.
What is it? They ran preliminary DNA tests on the remains recovered inside, and everyone was accounted for except for one employee.
A, uh, Gabriel Costa.
That's not possible.
His badge was used to swipe in that morning.
He was here.
Unless he walked out with the attackers.
Maybe Gabriel Costa's our inside man.
How long do you need? Delivery system's done.
Now it's just two more hours for the completion of the replication period, and you'll have your virus.
Costa isn't here.
Then we look for anything that may reveal his whereabouts.
I don't know what happened.
I used to consider myself lucky.
I had a husband I loved, a job I always wanted.
I was the kind of person good things happen to.
Have you ever heard of Mugs Kalinowski? Lovely guy.
Ugliest man I ever laid eyes on.
That's why everyone called him Mugs.
Except his dear mother.
She was an art professor at Bard.
Lovingly referred to him as Picasso.
That's kind of sweet, actually.
Well, it was an apt nickname.
His face was all over the place.
But perhaps as a result of that nickname, Mugs grew up with a great appreciation for art.
He fenced some of the most extravagant pieces in the world.
He only had one rule.
Out of respect for dear mom, he'd never lift a Picasso.
Felt it was bad luck.
Then one day, he got a tip from a source about a piece sitting in a huge loft in Soho.
So one evening, Mugs shimmied up the drain pipe, broke in, and lo and behold, there hung on the wall, Les Femmes D'Alger.
A spectacular Picasso.
One of a series of 15 and astronomically valuable.
Did he take it? No.
And Mugs was convinced that was the single biggest stroke of bad luck he'd ever suffered.
Well, what he didn't know was the source who'd given him the tip was working with the feds.
The painting had a tracking device on it.
Sometimes, bad luck is the best luck you'll ever have.
What ever happened to Mugs? Did he land on his feet? Unfortunately, no.
Mugs had borrowed $500,000 from a loan shark against the value of the painting.
When he didn't steal it, he couldn't pay it back.
A few weeks later, the loan shark shot him dead.
There's something going on with that vent.
Time to go.
I don't understand.
How did they find us? They didn't, and they won't.
We need a drill.
Forget about the box.
We need to leave.
They're one step behind us.
This is the life, Lizzy.
Someone's always one step behind.
Aram, I'm sending you a photo.
I want it sent wide.
It's not Aram.
Keen? Why are you doing this? It's my job.
You know me.
You know I've been framed.
If you're innocent, come in.
Let me help you.
We know about the Verdiant attack.
That's why you're here, isn't it? I'm just trying to get my life back.
Verdiant is connected to the Cabal.
Reddington thinks that if we get enough leverage-- Reddington's not capable of telling the truth.
You know that.
If you're interested in the truth, back off.
Let me do what I have to do to clear my name.
You were at Costa's apartment.
I'm getting close, aren't I, Keen? Keen? You were right.
Reddington and Liz were here.
We just missed them.
Was there a surveillance camera? No, but I pulled this off a responding officer's dash cam.
He was dispatched to meet us at the scene.
It looks like he blew right past them.
Run that plate.
Find out who that vehicle belongs to.
Put out an alert for the car.
Looks like Costa was copying Verdiant documents and feeding them to Matchett and his crew.
He kept this ledger to keep track of the documents he stole.
He's got internal memos here tracking some development project called Genesis.
He was sending them to a feed store in Wilson Park? Wait, wait, look.
We can't just go charging in there.
We had a hard enough time handling the Cabal when the FBI was backing us, let alone hunting us down.
Don't be anxious.
We're still a step ahead.
I'm not anxious.
I'm scared.
Where are we? to be released into the wild.
You can hold in one hand everything you need to bring humanity to its knees.
Table for one? Or are you waiting on the rest of your party? No, just me.
And this order's to go.
Is the Chicken Gorgonzola gluten-free? I believe so.
You believe, or you know for sure? Because although that may just be a small lexical distinction for you, for me, it'll determine whether I spend my entire evening on the can with two rolls of triple ply.
Why don't I ask the chef? Rover keypad.
Four-digit PIN.
Could be thousands of combinations.
Only if you don't know the four digits.
Now there's only Gabriel Costa.
Agent Navabi.
Where? Copy that.
Wilson Park.
Have your officers secure the vehicle and stand down until we get there.
Patrol found the car.
What is this place? This is it.
This is the genome data they stole from Verdiant.
Let's get what we need and go.
_ That's the car.
Is that Ressler and Samar? We're fine.
Keep working.
They're in the building.
- How much more time? - I don't know.
These files are massive.
We should go.
I saw a storm door on the side of the building.
Not yet.
The desk.
We're not gonna make it.
Reddington! Clear.
Think if you stare long enough, it might ring? What's her name? Elizabeth.
She's gone.
I was hoping that You know, when we meet she was seeing this other guy, He worked, I didn't.
But we started seeing each other anyway.
Anyway, we had this, uh signal, way of communicating so he wouldn't know.
She would call that phone at exactly 7:00 PM, and I'd pick up.
- We'd meet.
- How'd that work out? Not so great.
Hey, uh, sorry, would you do me a quick favor? Um Just if that phone rings, if she calls, would you give her my number? I just spoke to the owner of the building.
He said he leased the space to a man named Eli Matchett two months ago.
- Did you get a background? - I did.
Matchett had a farm that adjoined one of Verdiant's properties near Abingdon.
Apparently, some of their seed blew onto his farm.
They claimed he illegally infringed on their patent and they sued him.
The defense cost Matchett a fortune.
Must've lost everything.
Aram, did you get those files? You stumbled on a state-of-the-art virology shop.
Matchett didn't steal Verdiant's genome blueprint so he could release it publicly.
He needed it to identify its weaknesses and design a virus tailor-made to destroy it.
He wants to sabotage their GMO crop? is genetically modified, and Verdiant is the largest producer of it.
In fact, this one strain is planted all over the world.
If this virus gets out, it will spread fast.
How fast? It would cross state lines in weeks, maybe even days.
With months, it would migrate overseas.
If Matchett unleashes this virus, we could have a global food crisis on our hands.
We've got around 90%, but I'm not sure it's readable.
We'll probably need help accessing the data without a complete download.
How the hell did Ressler-- I called him while you were in the store.
Why would you do that? I told him to back off because I thought if he was interested in the truth, maybe-- Ressler is a law-enforcement robot.
The FBI winds him up.
That's not true.
He's a person.
He's a good person.
Look at me.
You need to let that go, Lizzy.
I have survived for a very long time now, and I assure you, I didn't do it by relying on the goodness in people.
We should go.
I'll check the parking lot, find us a new ride.
Meet me out front in a minute.
Yes, sir.
That was Gordon Pierce at Verdiant.
You know that lawsuit against Eli Matchett? Yeah, what about it? Matchett didn't just lose his farm because of it.
After the bank foreclosed, Verdiant purchased his property in a short sale.
In fact, they bought out several other places in that area and turned them into one large industrial farm.
Verdiant's growing GMO corn on the very land that Matchett grew up on.
You think that's where he plans to unleash the virus? I think we just found ourselves ground zero.
Must be my lucky day.
Drop your gun! Can't do that.
Raymond Reddington.
You got any idea how many people want to see you dead? Some idea, yes.
And you.
You're the girl on the news.
The Russian.
You seem like an intuitive guy.
At least intuitive enough to know when you're in over your head, so whichever lowlife you're working for, he's gonna have to wait to get his revenge.
Set it down.
- What's your location? - We have to leave.
We can't.
We're in the middle of nowhere.
He'll be dead by the time the ambulance gets here.
I'm not leaving him.
Help! We need help here! Single shot to the chest! He's breathing, but barely any pulse.
About 15 minutes ago.
Hey! Yes, but send two more units to Ash and 3rd.
We're five minutes out.
No visual on Matchett yet, but State Police have locked up all roads leading into the Verdiant property.
So, Reddington was on a ship bound for freedom, and he turns it around to come back here for Verdiant.
Does he really think that taking these guys out is gonna get him closer to clearing Keen's name? Do you think he has a family? - Lizzy.
- He's gonna die.
- Don't.
- You saw that hospital.
They wouldn't have a thoracic surgeon on call.
They'd have to medevac him to a different county.
You're right.
Thoracic surgeons would be very rare in Fairfield, Iowa.
What does that tell you? Focus.
Who else would be rare in Fairfield? A virologist who specializes in GMOs.
So, where did Eli Matchett find one? The documents we got from Costa-- the ones he stole from Verdiant.
They were talking about a special development project-- Genesis.
And Eduardo this morning at the Segadores farm.
He said Verdiant was working on some top-secret R&D at a warehouse in Silver Ridge.
What are you thinking? That Agent Ressler may be of some use after all.
Possible suspect sighted.
Stand by.
Suspect sighted! Headed north! Head him off! You boys about finished? He's all yours.
I just received a cache of internal research documents from Verdiant.
Definitely not the kind of stuff they'd want out there.
Got them how? Where'd they come from? That's the crazy part.
They came in on the fax hard line.
I think from Agent Keen.
I think she wants us to search a Verdiant warehouse in Silver Ridge.
- Why? - Are you sitting down? Because you are not gonna believe this.
I don't understand.
What's the delay? What exactly do you know? That's unacceptable.
Get me an update.
My God.
You're Raymond Reddington.
And you're Susan Hanover.
Chief Technology Officer at Verdiant Industries.
And corporate shill for the Cabal.
Come on.
Why don't we let the boy play? I have some bad news, Susan.
The virus you helped Eli Matchett create has been contained.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, I think you do.
See, I thought Eli Matchett was Verdiant's greatest enemy.
I assumed he left Los Segadores because he wanted to be even more radical, but that's not true, is it, Susan? The truth is he was co-opted by your company.
You paid him to attack that facility.
You wanted him to steal that data.
That's outrageous.
Oh, well, we certainly agree on that.
You provided him with everything he needed, including the scientist who synthesized the virus.
That's enough.
Sit down, Susan.
Let's not make a scene in front of the boy.
This virus you're talking about.
Why would we do that? Why destroy our own product? Perhaps you were willing to create this disease because you already possess the cure.
It's ingenious.
Hire a madman to unleash a catastrophic threat, and then wait just long enough for the world to panic.
Why would we do that? For the money, Susan.
So you and your company could come rushing in with a new product at the perfect time, a seed immune to the devastating scourge and available, of course, at a much higher price.
You can't prove that.
Oh, but I can.
I know about the Genesis project.
By now, so do the FBI.
At the risk of sounding immodest, I'm on their Most-Wanted list.
Number one with a bullet.
They came here looking for me.
Unfortunately for you, what they found were dozens of internal Verdiant documents which will lead them to your warehouse in Silver Ridge, and I don't need to tell you what they'll find inside.
A stockpile of new seed waiting to be sold to a desperate world on the verge of calamity.
You would've made a fortune and looked like heroes in the process.
I knew Matchett was a mistake.
Never met the man.
Wouldn't judge him too harshly, though.
He seized his chance to terrify the world, shine one glorious spotlight on the dangers of planting the same seed in fields all over the globe.
It's a bitch.
What do you want? I came here to ask you to deliver a message to your friend, the Director.
This is only the beginning, and I won't stop until his own people realize that their only way forward is to exonerate Elizabeth Keen and to leave the Director to me.
Tell him I'm coming.
The Verdiant arrest warrants are coming through.
They're being executed now.
There's something else.
We just got word Liz shot an undercover cop earlier today.
What? What happened? I'm not sure.
The details are still coming in.
But it does look like the guy's gonna make it.
I shot a cop.
Yes, you did.
And killed the Attorney General of the United States.
And when you did that you crossed a threshold, leaving your world, entering mine.
Bad things are gonna find you now, Lizzy.
This life has a mind and a momentum of its own.
That's a reality you need to accept.
Bad things happen to good people.
Am I a good person? I'm not so sure anymore.
I'm sure.
Reddington obviously thinks that he can take the fight to the Cabal.
But look what happened.
This time, Keen shot a cop.
The next time, she's gonna be the one getting hurt.
You know, I've watched you run the task force all this time, I don't think I ever appreciated how damn hard it was.
I'll deny it if you ever repeat it, but there wasn't a day when I didn't feel I was in over my head.
You should trust your instincts, Agent Ressler.
I do.
Tom Keen came out of the woodwork.
Keen? Does he know something? No.
No, he just wants to help.
And did you take it? What, are you kidding? That guy's a liability.
And a loose cannon who would shoot a guilty man in the back to prevent him from escaping, but in a case like this, there could be a place for a man like that.
You tell me to trust my instincts? My instincts are telling me to stay as far away from Tom Keen as possible.
You know what? You're right.
You should trust your gut, not mine.
After all, look where my instincts got me.
You're a good agent, Donald.
You made the right call.
Red, yeah, hey, it's me.
It's about Dembe.
We got a problem.
I think he's been taken.
The price of silence.
We're gonna die in here.
Thank you.
In case you get tired of waiting.
What would you do to help Elizabeth Keen? How did you find-- What would you do to help her? Anything.
I don't trust you.
I certainly don't like you.
You're a liar, a thief, and a murderer.
Which is exactly why you're perfect for the job.
What job?
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