The Blacklist s03e21 Episode Script

Susan Hargrave

1 Previously on "The Blacklist" Mr.
We're going to work.
I can't look the other way.
Not this time.
Stand down.
- Nez Rowan - Go! who let her go free? There are certain U.
government missions.
They require the expertise of an independent organization.
The Artax Network.
You think our target is using them? You ready to roll in the mud? Thought you'd never ask.
Stalder told Ressler and Navabi he never left his suite.
Was he lying, or did he just forget? That doesn't look like a woman or a conversation he'd have forgotten.
No, it's not the money.
You're offering a fair price, Scottie.
I just don't have a place to hide the expenditures.
I'm C.
of a multinational corporation.
There's no line item for engaging the services of armed mercenaries.
I'm beginning to think it would be better Samuel.
- Shh.
- It's okay.
Take a deep breath.
Let's start over.
Let's start with what you want.
You want to hire Halcyon for a covert operation to increase your corporate profits.
Okay? And you're a little apprehensive, am I right? Pretty much.
How long you been married? 23 years.
Have you touched another woman's breast in 23 years? Uh no.
How's it feel? What are you feeling inside? Apprehensive? No.
I'm actually feeling pretty confident right now.
So many people live in fear of how they'll feel if they step outside the lines.
The surprise is, it usually feels just like this.
Well, as long as the breast belongs to someone you can trust.
Be right back.
Why don't you look over the contract? Might be some wiggle room in our fee.
I wouldn't interrupt unless it was an emergency.
It's Operation Cobalt.
There's a problem.
They didn't steal the weapons.
- - They didn't come for the weapons.
What's the point of this? Scottie.
Didn't want to open it.
It's addressed to you.
Reddington says her name is Susan Scott Hargrave.
Reddington told you this at your apartment? Right.
Okay, yeah.
So I'm sitting there eating a half gallon of ice cream rum raisin when he suddenly shows up.
Reddington at my door in the middle of the night.
I know.
Kind of weird.
Although, truth be told, we do sort of have a special relationship.
Anyway, I showed him the picture, and he recognized her right away.
Called her Scottie.
Says she and her husband, Howard, own a corporation called Halcyon Aegis.
Halcyon provides security services.
According to their website, yes.
But Mr.
Reddington says they are a private military-intelligence agency who specializes in operations too sophisticated or politically incorrect for anyone else, like working with Israel to sabotage Iran's nuclear program or negotiating with terrorists for the release of hostages in direct violation of American foreign policy.
Or to abduct an FBI agent from her own wedding.
So, what? You're the, uh, new Agent Keen? He's here at my invitation.
We all want the same thing Susan Hargrave.
Or whoever hired her to go after Liz.
The White House Counsel specifically told me not to investigate Halcyon.
After Panabaker did that, I tasked Tom to follow her.
She made a beeline for Hargrave, presumably to warn her that the FBI was about to investigate her.
So you're saying that our government is protecting the people who took Agent Keen, hiding them from us? Please tell me that is not true.
Solomon led the attack on the church, so we know he works for Halcyon.
I don't care what Panabaker said.
That should be enough to get a warrant which brings us to Benjamin Stalder.
He lied to us about knowing Hargrave.
- Where are we on him? - Nowhere.
We don't know why Halcyon was after him, and he has been off the grid since we let him go.
But we do know that his assistant is Amanda Bigelow.
If her boss can get us to Hargrave, we need to force her to get us to her boss.
Or we could try and get the intel without her knowing.
If one of you could get close enough to her, - I think I can get what we need.
- I can.
Work with Aram.
And Reddington What's his plan? Halcyon's off limits.
Elizabeth Keen is dead.
I heard.
And after all you did to protect her, too.
Boy, I can't wait to hurt you someday.
- I'm sorry.
- Are you? A former Cabal operative led the assault that resulted in her death Matias Solomon.
You bungled his execution.
He works for Halcyon now.
I want him, and I want Scottie Hargrave.
I despise Halcyon.
They're powerful, arrogant, and unchecked, but our government depends on them.
Your government.
Not mine.
Give Halcyon a call, Laurel.
Inform them that you have a job that requires their immediate attention.
I'm a National Security Advisor to the President.
I don't have the authority nor the discretion to act on my own.
That's nonsense.
If Henry Kissinger taught us anything, it's that the National Security Council has tremendous latitude in both advising the President and shielding him.
You do many things he doesn't want to know about.
And I can tell you the President doesn't want to know about what I have in store for Halcyon.
The Cabal disavowed Solomon and made peace with Keen.
We had nothing to do with this.
Elizabeth Keen was well hidden from the demons of her past until you went after her, until you told the world she was Masha Rostova.
You put a target on her back and invited someone to take a shot.
Do not try my patience, Laurel.
On this topic, I have perilously little of it.
What's the job? Amanda Bigelow is a creature of habit.
She goes to the same coffee shop every day for lunch, laptop in hand.
All you need to do is get close to her.
You'll have a device called a wireless packet sniffer.
It has the ability to mirror her computer.
The sniffer looks like a mobile hotspot, so just set it out on the table, and I'll do the rest.
Thanks a lot, man.
You just alerted the target to my presence.
Are you set up? I'm not getting anything.
I'm set up.
How far away? Maybe 20 feet.
Okay, get closer.
All right, I'm sitting right next to her.
I cannot get any closer.
Something's wrong.
I'm not getting any signal from her computer.
Did you say "abort"? Uh, whatever.
Just We need a new plan.
- those things that I - They're all drafty.
What's that? I saw you switch tables.
You're trying to get away from the vents, this is the best spot.
You're welcome to join me.
Oh, that's, uh Oh, I'd love that, but it was work calling, so I should get back to the office.
That's unfortunate.
It is unfortunate.
- What's your name? - I'm Reggie.
I was in with Scottie when you called.
She wants you to know the company's full resources are at your disposal.
How can we help? I've always liked you, Brad.
It's important to me that you know that.
I'm glad to hear it.
Always nice to have a fan in the White House.
You do.
Unfortunately, my job at the White House has nothing to do with why you're here.
I don't understand.
You're here at my invitation.
No, no, no.
Please, Bradley, stay seated.
This is an informal meeting.
You know who I am? Yes, of course.
I didn't realize you two were acquainted.
Oh, my, yes.
Laurel's as crooked as a dog's hind leg.
I'm so sorry.
About what? If this is about Agent Keen, what happened at the church, I had nothing to do with that.
Friends and loved ones are dead.
I need to speak with Scottie about the matter.
I sent her a message.
She ignored it.
She's scared.
Can be a terrible thing for all when someone as ruthless as Scottie gets scared.
I need you to reach her for me, Bradley.
I trust you would get through to her.
I need her to pay attention to this.
I understand.
Believe me, Mr.
Reddington, there are very few people that Scottie pays better attention to than me.
Yes, I'm counting on that.
God, I'm starving.
What time is it? We'll be hitting various facilities, but I want you to spearhead the main operation at the Port of Amsterdam tomorrow.
That's not a lot of lead time.
Is the oil on a tanker? Barrels loaded into cargo containers.
- Less conspicuous.
- That's too bad.
I never got to sink a ship before.
How big a team will you need? I'd keep it small.
Just me and a transport crew.
Single charge, let the oil do the work for me.
How bad? He killed Brad Clark.
This was pinned to his body.
You look frightened.
You should be.
What do you want me to do? About this? Nothing.
Reddington's not gonna stop, you know.
Neither are we.
You have your assignments.
Go do them.
Susan Hargrave has a wanted fugitive on her payroll.
Rumor has it so do you.
Nobody's issuing a warrant for your arrest.
Matias Solomon coordinated the assault on my team that resulted in the death of Elizabeth Keen.
How do you know Solomon wasn't working on his own? The man with Susan Hargrave is Benjamin Stalder.
An hour after this photo was taken, Solomon and his team attempted to abduct him.
She met with him, then tried to abduct him? Why? For the purposes of a warrant, all that matters is that she did.
I'm simply trying to dot the "I's" and cross the "T's.
" Spare me the scrupulous-lawyer routine, Rodney.
We go back way too far for that.
I'm just looking for probable cause.
Who got to you? The A.
? The White House? Who? My agent, my friend is dead because of Susan Hargrave.
Then I suggest you get the evidence to prove it.
I have the evidence! I'm sorry, Harold.
But I disagree.
The warrant was denied.
On what grounds? Power, influence, fear.
- Where are we on Amanda Bigelow? - Nowhere yet.
We tried hacking her laptop, but she was on a highly encrypted network, so Tom started talking with her, and seriously, this guy should write a book.
Anyway, we are implementing plan "B" tonight on their date.
How come that doesn't surprise me? So, no warrant, no Stalder, no Susan Hargrave.
No, but we do have this.
Reddington got access to a secure cellphone from one of Halcyon's account reps, Bradley Clark.
Based on the bloodstains, I don't think it was given voluntarily.
Clark made three calls today to another secure cell.
Now, we can't trace the owner of that cell, but believe it or not, it is on right now, so I have been triangulating its location.
They are somewhere on this block near Eighth and King.
I'm still running algorithms, but I should be able to vector it down within a few hundred square feet.
Get there now.
If we can't get to Halcyon through the front door, we'll have to kick down the back.
Aram, we're on site.
Signal is on the move.
Halfway up the block on your left.
Target should be walking south.
How do we know who the target is? It could be anybody.
Hang on.
Let me lock onto both of your signals, guide you that way.
Okay, you need to cross the street.
They are heading towards you about 100 feet up the block.
You should be able to see the target.
Aram, I'm seeing a lot of people here.
You are right on top of them.
What What just happened? It's gone.
Gone? What do you mean, it's gone? Lost the signal.
Maybe they went into a building.
Target's back.
Okay, now look right behind you.
Excuse me, sir.
I'm on the phone.
Hey, FBI.
I need to see some identification.
Okay, that is him.
You are on the dot, literally.
Um, I got to go, Ted.
I'll call you back.
No, let me see your phone.
This is not a secure phone.
- Do you have another one on you? - No.
What is this all about? Guys, what is going on? You are letting him get away.
Okay, look for a car.
- Guys, look for a moving vehicle.
- Hey! - Stop! - You are letting him get away.
Did you get a plate? Yes.
And one better.
Samuel Rand.
Vice President of Vestant Petroleum, - an oil and gas company.
- All right.
Let's bring him in, find out what their business is with Halcyon.
We bring Rand in, he brings his five lawyers with him, and we get nothing.
Just like we got nothing with the U.
Yes, maybe, but what? Because it's not good enough, we're just gonna do whatever it takes? As far as I'm concerned, Susan Hargrave has Liz's blood on her hands.
When I watched them lower her into the ground, I promised myself that people would be held accountable, that I would see to it.
And by any means, that's what I'm gonna do.
You're late.
I stopped to pick up your perfume.
There's a man here who wants to buy our brownstone.
A Lester McSomething-or-Other.
He's a friend of the Realtor.
- Our brownstone isn't for sale.
- It might be.
You should hear the numbers he's throwing around.
Really? Okay.
Guess it doesn't hurt to listen.
Lester, right? Hello, Lester.
You must be Samuel! What a pleasure.
What a garden.
I love daffodils.
My wife tells me you're interested in buying our house.
They say gifting a bouquet of daffodils ensures happiness, while presenting just one means bad luck is on the horizon.
Okay, boys.
I hope you're hungry.
I have a triple crème, some Jarlsberg, water biscuits, and my mother's famous cucumber dip.
That sounds delicious, Cynthia.
Tragically, there's no time for snacks.
Well, maybe some of Mom's famous cucumber dip.
Who are you? - What do you want? - Mmm.
You recently contracted Halcyon for a job on behalf of your company.
I'd like to know the details.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Cynthia, is that a touch of Cayenne in there? What a nice little kick.
Samuel, just tell him.
Tell me what? - It's about oil.
- Shut up, Cynthia.
No, I will not shut up, Samuel.
He has got a gun.
A competitor of Vestant's is buying oil from terrorists the really bad ones.
So Vestant hired Halcyon to get involved for some reason.
I don't know what.
Tell him, Samuel.
You're doing nothing wrong.
These people are evil.
- I can't believe this.
- I read his e-mails.
Ever since I found him with the nanny, I look at everything.
We don't even have a nanny! It was a movie.
A nanny movie? Not just nannies.
Schoolteachers, nurses, and a ridiculous threesome with two completely unbelievable policewomen.
Cynthia, they're just movies.
I have never cheated on you.
And besides, I don't think he wants to hear about it.
Yes, I want to hear about it.
All about it.
Unfortunately, I do need to hear about your contract with Halcyon.
So business first, and then, Cynthia, I'll be all ears.
So, if we couldn't get into Amanda's network today, what's gonna be different tonight? Tonight, you jump her air gap.
Oh, I'm not No, what I'm suggesting is that you insert this thumb drive into, uh, her laptop.
It It's got an exploit that will give us access to her computer and her company's proprietary telecommunications infrastructure e-mails, phone calls.
Should lead us to her boss.
Look, what you thought I was suggesting before, I would never, ever suggest that.
What's the catch? No catch.
It is just plug and play.
Downloads automatically in one to two minutes.
Got it.
Hello, Harold.
Hello, Reddington, Dembe.
Please, sit down.
I had an enlightening meeting with Samuel Rand today.
More to the point, with his wife, Cynthia.
What's the connection between Rand's company and Halcyon? He contracted them to help tame a savage competitor, Kerogent Holdings, who's been flooding the market with cheap oil and driving down prices to which I would normally give a hearty free-market thumbs-up, but the oil in question is being purchased from radical jihadists, the proceeds being used to fund all manner of nastiness.
You're telling me Halcyon was hired to fight terrorism? No.
Given the recent glut on the market, oil companies around the globe are hemorrhaging.
This is about profits.
Halcyon will be attacking on multiple fronts.
I'm only interested in one aspect of the operation.
Kerogent is acquiring a large shipment of the offending petroleum at the Port of Amsterdam.
Halcyon has plans to prevent the sale.
And you want us to let it go through, even if it benefits terrorists? No, I want you to take the oil.
The terrorists lose, we force Scottie Hargrave from the shadows, and turn a tidy profit in the process.
Profit? If we do this, the government gets the oil, not you.
Harold, smile.
We're this close.
I'll task a team to stake out the docks.
As for a smile how are you holding up? As long as we keep moving forward, I'll endure.
Still no movement here.
Here comes Headband again.
Wave to Dreadlocks.
They're nothing if not consistent.
At this rate, it's gonna take all night to finish loading.
You would have thought that Kerogent would have just sent a tanker.
Too conspicuous.
It's illegal oil.
They had to ship it in barrels and hide it in shipping containers.
Anything you can feed me from the aerial view? No, all quiet.
Still no sign of Halcyon.
Maybe they're waiting for the convoy to get on the road before they hit it.
That's what I'd do.
"Fast-and-Furious" -style.
Get some street racers to board the trucks and overpower the drivers, right? No.
Headband back already? That was fast turnaround.
That's not Headband.
It's one of Halcyon's people.
SWAT Command, move in now.
Nobody gets in or out of that yard.
Where is she? Eyes! Do you have eyes? We're under fire! Talk to me, 3-8.
Proceed to the end of your aisle, turn left, then down three more.
That's where you'll deliver the package.
Guys, I'm getting reports of explosions at Kerogent facilities across Europe and the Middle East.
They're coordinating their attacks.
We need to get to Rowan before she sets off that device.
Keep moving north.
Next container on your right.
You're dead center.
Maximum bang for your buck.
You're gonna want to move quickly.
Roger that.
SWAT, you need to find that device.
I've got it.
Looks like a remote trigger.
If the detonator is built into that case, there will be no way to disarm the device in time.
If this thing goes off, every one of these containers goes off with it, one after the other.
Okay, you need to evacuate as many people as possible.
I, uh I'll try to get it someplace where it can't do much damage.
Are you crazy? Leave it.
She could detonate it in your hands.
Just get the people out.
Fall back.
Move the civilians to safety.
I've got a container here.
If nothing else, it will help contain the SWAT Command.
SWAT Command, come back.
Do you copy? Strike team got away, but the detonation was contained.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
We're gonna find these guys.
Make no mistake.
We're gonna find them.
I told you my whole long, boring life story.
Now it's your turn.
All right.
Well, uh, I also was a teenage beauty-pageant winner.
You promised you wouldn't make fun of that.
Come on.
What's hidden in there? There's got to be some sort of flaw, some deep, dark secret.
Every guy I meet has one.
Shouldn't you find out a man's deep, dark secret before you invite him into your apartment? Where's the fun in that? I was married.
She, uh - She died.
- I'm really sorry.
And I am dipping my toe back into the dating pool for the first time.
And I have a daughter.
Do you expect that to scare me away? I-I don't know what to expect.
- Mm! - Oh! Did that spill? - No, it's fine.
- Are you sure? I'm so sorry.
- Oh, my God, I feel so - Hold on.
Oh, no.
Let me, uh - I - I'll be right back.
That's fine.
I feel like an idiot.
I'm okay.
Sorry it took so long.
It was totally worth the wait.
What's wrong? Um sorry.
I-I thought I was, uh, ready for this.
I'm probably moving too fast, huh? No, no, you're you're wonderful, but I think I might be moving too fast.
So, this is it? We're in the system? Yes.
I don't want to know how you did it, but yes.
Actually, I do want to know how.
I don't understand how you could do it.
Agent Keen loved you.
I know it's none of my business, but I loved her, too.
Okay, good.
No, it probably shouldn't matter, but it somehow does.
So, uh, let us see what our Ms.
Bigelow is up to.
Hello, Raymond.
Scottie, you got my messages.
Well, Amsterdam was a little hard to ignore.
Attacking my people is one thing, but you're driving away my clients.
So, let's get this over with.
What do you want to discuss? The death of Elizabeth Keen.
A tragedy.
By all accounts, she was a fine woman for whom we went to great lengths to deliver to a caring party.
But then you felt the need to interfere.
Might I suggest your anger isn't with me, but with yourself? - I want to discuss this in person.
- Fine.
5:00 p.
today, BWI Airport, first-class lounge, Concourse F.
That's impossible.
I'm on every apprehend list from here to Siberia.
I cannot step foot in an international airport without being arrested.
All that pesky security and facial-recognition software and whatnot.
Oh, not to mention all those annoying metal detectors, all of which is exactly why I will feel safe to meet there.
If you want to meet with me, you'll figure out a way.
I'll be there.
5:00 p.
, Raymond.
You know I don't like to be kept waiting.
I don't have a return date yet for Mr.
Stalder, but I know that he's anxious to talk to you, so as soon as I do, I'll get back to you.
I mean, this is going nowhere.
I think you might be a little too patient.
What? Oh.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Believe me.
You wouldn't understand.
You know this is gonna end, right? Reddington was only here because of Liz.
You, Samar, all of you we're only here because of her.
So before it ends just tell her.
You'll never know what she's gonna say unless you do.
Stalder's office.
How may I be of service to you today? It's Susan Hargrave.
Put him on.
- Holy crap.
- Jackpot.
I'm sorry to call, Mr.
Stalder, but you said you wanted to know when Mrs.
Hargrave contacted your office.
Put her through.
Turn it up.
You're on with Mrs.
You got a lot of guts calling me.
Hello, Benjamin.
I have to imagine you are a little confused by recent events.
Rest assured, we are not in the habit of kidnapping our own clients.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
No, I'm not confused.
No, I understand perfectly.
My employer paid you to kidnap Elizabeth Keen, and then you not only failed to deliver the target, but your people got her killed.
So then you went after me so you'd have a bargaining chip against my boss, who wants you dead.
Simmer down, Benjamin.
I'm calling to offer your employer an olive branch, but if you don't want it, I'm more than happy to shove the branch up your ass.
Go ahead.
I'm listening.
Raymond Reddington.
If I recall our original conversation, you want him dead.
If I kill him, would that help make things right between our companies? Well, I'm sure it would help, but that's impossible.
No one's been able to get to Reddington.
And yet I'm on my way to meet with the man now.
Will you be so dear as to convey my offer to your boss? Sure, that's not a problem.
She's here.
Bring him in.
Copy that.
She's inside, Raymond.
Yes, Tom? Stay out of the airport.
Don't go inside.
We intercepted a call from Hargrave to Stalder.
It's a trap.
Can't say that I'm surprised.
Disappointed, perhaps.
Kill or capture? Kill.
Your head is a peace offering for them botching the job with Liz.
Thank you, Tom.
Shall we turn around? No.
Let's keep our appointment.
Scottie hates to be kept waiting.
All belts, cellphones, keys.
Empty pockets.
Please put them in the bin.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Boarding pass and I.
, please.
Belts, cellphones, keys.
Put them in the bins, please.
Empty your pockets.
Video cameras, cameras, cellphones.
Next, please.
You've been randomly selected for a check.
Good, thanks.
My campaign does not coordinate with any PACs.
I'm honored they want me to be President, but I don't tell them how to spend their money although I like how they're spending it.
Have you seen the ads? Attention, travelers.
You are not required to As President, I will say no to amnesty, defend the Second Amendment, and return the job of educating our children to where it belongs at the local level.
I will stand firm with the American people whether Washington likes it or not.
What's your emergency? Hands in the air now! Over your head! On the ground.
Arms behind you.
It's him.
Raymond Reddington.
Been staring at your "Wanted" photo in the break room for years.
Can't wait to see the captain's face.
We're gonna get medals before this thing is over.
Sorry, brother.
Whatever she's paying you, I'll triple it.
She told me you'd say something like that.
All right, watch his head now.
If you care so much for your partner, what are you gonna do when he wakes up? You just hit him on the head.
He got jumped from behind by your man, who kidnapped me and helped you to escape.
That's what will be in my report.
There's no cameras back here.
She'll have me killed.
You know that, right? You're walking me to my execution.
All I know is, Mrs.
Hargrave's fully sanctioned by the U.
Figure that makes me a defense contractor.
I'm gonna buy my wife one of them candy-colored houses in Bermuda she loves retire with the money from this job.
I once spent part of a summer in Bermuda.
The island.
Certainly not the shorts.
Not a lot to do there except ride motor scooters and play checkers with the locals.
I'm more of a chess man myself.
But one tactic that came naturally was the concept of forced capture sacrificing a checker to force your enemy in one direction while your forces lie in wait for the exquisitely satisfying double jump.
One quick look at the airport schematics revealed why Scottie chose the lounge on Concourse F.
Conveniently located near ?a little-used loading dock.
- Shall we? - Please! Don't kill me.
I said "double jump.
" You're merely the first capture.
Please, if you would.
Here he comes! Close the door.
Sniper! Where is he? I don't see him! Step out slowly.
God, that door is slow.
I was hoping for a somewhat more dramatic entrance, but what the hell.
Aren't you the challenging woman to pin down.
The FBI just received a call from Airports Authority.
Reddington escaped police custody from a first-class lounge at BWI.
That can't be right.
Tom called Reddington and warned him the airport was a setup.
All I know is that one officer's missing, one's injured, and I cannot reach Mr.
Get over there and find out what happened.
I have to give you this, Raymond It's been years since a man worked this hard to gain my attention.
Who hired you to go after Elizabeth Keen? Howard would be so happy to see you.
He still tells that story at dinner parties about the night you two were jumped in Kuala Lumpur.
Each time I hear it, ?there are five more machetes you two had to fight off.
My fondness for your husband holds no currency here.
I didn't kill Masha.
Elizabeth Keen, whatever you want to call her.
She died in childbirth.
Perhaps if she'd been in a proper hospital Aah! Damn you! Oh! I couldn't foresee what happened to that poor girl any more than you.
I told you I was hired to abduct her, not take her life.
Who hired you? You know exactly who hired me.
I'd like to be sure.
Alexander Kirk.
Talked to the guard.
He says that his partner jumped him from behind.
Why? To help Reddington? More than likely the guard was in on the abduction, which Reddington walked right into despite knowing it was a trap.
I'm looking at a report that says the containers of oil we seized never made it into evidence.
It seems the entire convoy was hijacked this morning.
You think Reddington took it? Let's just say I get the feeling he has an agenda here he's not sharing with us.
You know, I used to have such high hopes for your organization.
High hopes for Howard.
Halcyon was once such a promising company like AOL.
Put an entire generation online.
Companies can so easily lose their way.
Forget what it was that made them great to begin with.
I remember a time when your husband never would have taken a job from a man like Alexander Kirk, if only out of respect for his friends.
Howard didn't take that job.
We haven't had sex in four years.
We're rarely in the same country, let alone the same bed.
What bed have you been occupying? I've been assuming a larger role in a management position lately.
You don't say.
We've never been more successful.
Listen, Red I regret what happened to Elizabeth Keen.
But her kidnapping was simply a business decision.
You of all people should recognize that.
We all do what we have to in order to survive.
I know Howard and I do.
Survival is all relative.
There are limits, even for people like us.
Especially for people like us.
When Kirk hired us to abduct Masha, he also wanted me to kill you.
Sorry I didn't take that job.
Here's where we stand.
Elizabeth Keen is dead, which means you are, too.
Alexander Kirk is coming to kill you.
The only surprise is that I got to you first.
You killed a lot of people trying to reach me.
Well, here I am.
Finish what you came to do.
You have it all wrong, dear.
I didn't come to kill you.
I came here because you and I are about to climb into bed together, just for a quickie.
We now share a mutual enemy.
So, let's get you bandaged up, not that you aren't even lovelier with a little blood trickling down your arm.

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