The Blacklist s03e23 Episode Script

Alexander Kirk: Conclusion

1 COOPER: Previously on The Blacklist Alexander Kirk is the man responsible for Elizabeth's death.
Kirk has financed Senator Robert Diaz's presidential bid.
If we steal Diaz's money, Kirk won't be far behind.
I have your money.
I have your senator.
You don't have me.
If you get Kirk here, you get your illegal money back.
I am not gonna be an accomplice to murder.
You are ‭if you want to be President.
REPORTER: We're awaiting a statement from Senator Diaz, who has temporarily suspended his presidential campaign to convene a special hearing a to investigate allegationsz, that energy billionaire Alexander Kirk has been financing terrorism.
Kirk amassed his wealth in the '90s through mining and oil operations in Russia, but fell out of favor with Moscow after a series of politically motivated raids on Kirk's companies by Russian authorities.
He fled the country and has rarely been seen in public in recent years.
(INDISTINCT SHOUTING) Thank you all for coming.
When I announced my candidacy, I made the American people a promise that my desire to run this country in the future would not interfere with my current obligations as chairman of the Senate Energy Committee.
I keep my promises.
You've all heard the allegation that Alexander Kirk is financing terrorism.
Sir, can you be more specific? He's purchasing oil from radical jihadists, committing a federal crime by supporting the very organizations that export terror to America.
I will not let one drop of oil into this country without making sure that Wait, he's sending it here? That's what I intend to find out.
MITCHELL: No one in the organization knows anything about this.
They don't know because it's not happening.
This is all Reddington.
He bought and paid for Diaz with my campaign money.
A fact can't use as leverage against Diaz a revelation like that would hurt you as much as him.
As a foreign national, you violated the Federal Election Campaign Act when you donated to an American candidate.
Is that right? You think I don't kn I'm just saying it's not a defense we can use.
Don't do it publicly.
I hired your damn firm for its relationships and influence.
Earn your money.
CAMPBELL: Whatever this evidence is, you could show up at the hearing and fight it.
I said no.
a special hearing to investigate Senator Diaz, who has temporarily suspended his presidential campaign.
DIAZ: I want to know if these allegations are true.
Let Senator Diaz know I won't be at his hearing.
I believe the American people deserve the truth, and that's what my presidency will be about transparency.
All right.
That's it.
Thank you.
See you tomorrow.
(INDISTINCT SHOUTING) I have three days to make the ad buys or my campaign's over.
I'm doing what you asked.
That money you took I need it back.
A good man could make a real difference as President.
A good man might even inspire one's patriotic instincts, but a good man would never allow himself to be put under obligation to anyone willing to write a big check.
You just had me accuse Kirk of something he didn't do.
What makes you so sure he's gonna show up? Don't underestimate yourself, Robert.
One way or another, I'm confident Kirk will come.
I'll have his head, and you'll end up in the Oval Office, where you can pay off your debt to me with a full pardon.
You expect me to pardon you.
Not me.
Elizabeth Keen.
The FBI agent who murdered the attorney general.
She's dead.
And I want things put right.
I got the bowling ball blues When I first started bowling, just a spare was great And my score looked good at 108 And they said if I practiced, I could raise my game So I practiced and I practiced But I still bowl the same Thank you for coming on short notice.
I understand my associate's already brought you up to speed in the basics of the task.
The file? (MUFFLED SCREAMING) And my daughters, too I think I'll hang up my bowling ball My bag and my shoes Everything you asked for.
Photos of Tom Keen, his daughter.
Medical records? It's all there.
She was discharged from D.
General yesterday.
By now, she's likely under heavy guard.
Won't be a problem.
It can't be.
Kirk was very clear.
Take the girl, kill the father.
Understood? Are in a heck of a mess She reminds me of Elizabeth.
(CHUCKLES) Thank you, Kate.
For everything.
No thanks necessary.
All I care about is Agnes' well-being.
(SIREN WAILS IN DISTANCE) Saw the news conference.
What's the word on Kirk? - Is he coming? - It's under control.
That's not how this works.
We have an understanding I let you into Agnes' life and you let me help bring down Kirk.
RED: If you have the spare time, I would think you'd be spending it trying to learn about your parents.
I understand Scottie Hargrave offered you a job.
She'll have to wait.
You must have many questions.
But right now, ‭the only question that matters is where are you on finding Kirk? In exchange for getting his campaign funds back, Senator Diaz agreed to pressure Alexander Kirk to come to America.
We're giving it back, the money we stole? Why did we take it in the first place? I thought taking Kirk's money would be enough to smoke him out.
It wasn't.
And as I understand it, he's already sent word to the good Senator that he's disinclined to testify before the committee and answer to what, as of now, are false charges.
Diaz accused him of buying oil from radical jihadists.
You're saying that never happened.
But I felt it was just the kind of lie Diaz would enjoy telling, as it'll inevitably ‭score him political points hit the sweet spot of jingoistic outrage.
So Kirk's not financing terrorism.
RED: Not yet.
Why don't I like the sound of this? The oil you had us intercept from Kerogent in Amsterdam that came from terrorists.
That's why you hijacked it before it made it into evidence.
I hijacked it because I'm a criminal.
I'm parting with it because Alexander Kirk needs to be killed, and if it takes planting a little evidence on him so be it.
Is there any line you don't expect us to cross? Yes.
This one.
I don't expect you to dirty your hands planting the illicit oil.
I simply need you to arrest Kirk's employees once they possess it.
And how is any of that gonna happen? Have a little faith, Harold.
BARNHILL: Lord, guide us on this long and treacherous journey, for judgement is coming.
Judgement walks among us, and Lord knows when it comes for you, there will be nowhere left to run but the waiting arms of the Lord.
Amen, brothers.
Thanks thank y'all for coming in.
May God keep you safe out there.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
God bless you.
- I appreciate it.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
God bless.
Thank you.
Powerful sermon, especially for an old faker like yourself.
I know it's important for you to know what's moving where, but damn it, Red, I'm three ex-wives into this ministry.
And seven children.
You're like a rockstar without the income.
And I appreciate your help with the child-support payments.
I do.
The Good Book.
We've had a lot of precious cargo move through this week.
Big-screen TVs, 4k that's the good stuff.
Designer suits, ‭brand-name pharmaceuticals.
A lot of poaching options, but nothing you'd be interested in.
Actually, I'm looking for something very specific.
What can you tell me about a gas company called NexaCo? (CELLPHONE RINGS) Yeah.
Tom, it's Dr.
Thank you for calling me back.
Listen, we got the panels back, and I just wanted to put your mind at ease.
Everything looks great.
Agnes has a clean bill of health.
Just keep her on the feeding plan continuous supplements, and I'd like to see her again in two weeks.
Uh, thank you, Dr.
Swanson, for everything.
- I appreciate it.
I did what you asked.
You don't have to do this.
(GUNSHOT) (CELLPHONE RINGS) (CELLPHONE BEEPS) Did you get it? MAN: Triangulation looks good.
We've got a location on Keen.
(CELLPHONE BEEPS) Alexander Kirk owns companies all over the world, including a prominent energy subsidiary here in America NexaCo Gas that supplies gasoline to stations all over the country.
Reddington's gonna intercept one of his trucks and swap out the tanker with one full of the contraband oil.
NAVABI: How? According to Reddington's source, NexaCo trucks make regular supply runs to Kirk's refineries in Baton Rouge.
One of the drivers makes a regular stop to pick up lunch at a place off of Route 17.
They'll have less than 10 minutes to make the switch.
Doesn't leave a lot of room for error.
What exactly is his plan? What's the difference between the pastrami Swiss cheese dog with sauerkraut and the Reuben dog? Aren't those the same? Honestly, the amount of options overwhelms.
Serial number's 513.
See you on the other side.
Here we go.
I know what you need, huh? There, buddy.
All right.
We're all friends.
And come on, come on, come on.
Come on.
You want to go for a little ride? (ENGINE STARTS) Go.
So it'll be one Chicago double dog, hold the pickles, and one, uh The, uh, ‭Brooklyn Baconeer with cheese.
Oh, and throw in some of those house-made sea-salt chips.
WOMAN: Will that be all? What do you recommend on the dessert front? You know what? Toss in two of those little fried pies.
You only live once, right? Thank you.
Excuse me.
Chili dog, fries, to go.
You're good to roll.
34? Go easy on those doughnuts, all right? Really, Boscoe? (DOG PANTING) (BRAKES HISS) What's the problem? We're operating on credible intelligence that you're transporting smuggled crude.
Smuggled crude? What are you I'm hauling gasoline.
MAN: You want my papers? Actually, we're gonna need to see your product.
Does that look like 87% octane to you? - (DOG BARKS) - I don't know ‭anything about this.
Hands behind your back.
Come on.
MITCHELL: The FBI just released a statement.
The oil they recovered has high CH 4 levels chemically consistent with crude originating from northern Syria.
They're saying it was en route to one of your refineries on the Gulf Coast.
Reddington's moving beyond theoretical accusations.
We spoke to our U.
contacts, including Senator Bolson, the majority leader.
He has a lot of sway with Koepke and Talbot on the Energy Committee, however Let me guess.
They're less inclined to go to bat for us now that there's actual evidence.
They're not gonna stick their necks out for a foreigner who's hiding from the U.
investigative process.
Which is why we're hoping you'll reconsider your position and show up for the hearing.
Act like a friend and your powerful friends will respond in kind.
And if I don't, I'll be indicted.
Justice department will freeze all your American assets billions of dollars.
Your most prized asset in the U.
will be lost.
Get the senator on the phone.
So, uh it worked.
Apparently, Kirk had a change of heart and he's flying in tomorrow for the meeting.
You know what that means, right? You know what Mr.
Reddington's gonna do.
I'm not okay with this.
Are you? These charges against Alexander Kirk for financing terrorism are ludicrous.
And no one's gonna touch him for what happened to Elizabeth.
So I'm gonna kill him.
He won't live long enough to see the inside of that hearing room.
I'm gonna kill him the instant he steps out of his vehicle.
You and I both know nothing less will protect Agnes and avenge Elizabeth's death.
Red how come Harold, you and your people I will always be more grateful than I could ever express, but I don't expect or rather, I couldn't accept your involvement in this final act.
I entered into this relationship with my eyes wide open.
So did Agent Ressler and the others.
I admire that about you, Harold.
I know so many zealots, men and women who choose a side, an ideology by which to interpret the world, but to get up every single day and do the hard work of deciding what to believe, what's right today, when to stand up or stand down that's courage.
It's been a privilege to see firsthand why the people you lead love you the way they do.
But sadly, our time together has come to an end.
On this case.
You don't mean I do.
(INHALES DEEPLY) We've done some good work.
But with Elizabeth gone there's nothing more for me to contribute.
Please take care of yourself and the others.
Aram set him up with someone, for God's sake.
He's like a kid with his first erection on the school bus.
(CHUCKLES) Raymond.
Thank you.
I just got to pick up a few things paper towels, formula, diapers the usual.
Do you want me to grab you some of those little sandwiches that you like.
Thanks, I'm good.
It's all clear.
I'll be outside.
- Be quick.
- ‭Yeah.
Okay, what do you think? Red can or green can? I agree.
Green it is.
She's beautiful.
Thank you.
I dig the bow tie.
(CHUCKLES) What happened to you? I spit up on myself.
What do you think happened? Will you watch the cart? We got to go wash up.
I'm coming with you.
I think I can find the bathroom on my own, thanks.
Reddington left specific instructions not to let the kid out of our sight.
I'll take the child.
- Thank you.
- ‭Go.
Okay, sweetheart.
She has a real round head.
WOMAN: Oh, my God.
He was right here! I don't know what happened to him.
That's him! That's my son.
No, oh, wait.
What are you talking about? Ma'am, I need you to hand over the boy.
Hold on.
I think there's been a misunderstanding here.
Her name's Agnes.
We're just waiting for her father.
I don't know how this happened.
I'm so sorry.
They must've gotten mixed up somehow.
Tom gave us the slip.
He left with the baby.
Something's going on.
MAN: I think they lost him.
What makes you say that? Because I'm still tracking his cell signal, and it's moving west on Millbank.
Vector me.
Kirk's flight just arrived.
What's the security? He brought his own team.
There'll be a convoy of at least three vehicles.
Minimum of 8 to 10 men.
(CELLPHONE VIBRATES) Put Everly in the ‭Veterans Building, looking west.
Sandoval to the south.
Our source says the Capitol Police have asked the Bureau to assist with security.
They're expanding the perimeter.
Advanced teams will be all over the Veterans Building.
Every window and roof within 200 yards will be scoped and cleared.
We need to find another perch with a clear line of sight, and we need to find it now.
I want you to get on the FAA database, pull a flight plan for me.
It's a Hawker 400, November-6-4-5-2-Delta.
(CELLPHONE RINGS) (CELLPHONE BEEPS) You have an update for me? There's gonna be a delay.
Keen went AWOL, just boarded a flight to Baracoa with his daughter traveling under an alias.
I'll get in touch with our contacts in Cuba.
In the meantime, you get on a plane and get down there.
We need that child in our custody by the end of the day.
It's time for recess.
Simon says put your hands on your heads.
- Let's go.
- ‭Don't fret.
RED: We won't be long.
My associate will keep you company until our business is finished.
This'll work nicely.
Everly, right there.
You can't do this.
Agent Ressler.
Aren't you the dog on a scent? There was one empty building with a line of sight to the front and one to the back.
Started with the front.
You spoke to Harold.
Reddington, grab the guy, put him in a hole, get what you need from him, but don't kill Kirk.
There's nothing I care to take from Alexander Kirk - except his life.
- ‭Trust me.
I want him as badly as you, but I'm not gonna let this happen.
Oh, this is gonna happen, Donald.
This is gonna happen in about 10 minutes.
STALDER: I just heard back from our man in Baracoa.
KIRK: And? He checked with his local sources.
An American recently purchased a villa on the western edge of town.
High walls, very private.
That's where you think Keen's taking his daughter? We sent a team down to do some initial recon, and you need to see this.
(HORN HONKS IN DISTANCE) Senator Diaz, we're hearing that the FBI made a seizure yesterday in connection to this case.
Can you comment? We recovered raw Syrian crude from one of Kirk's gasoline tankers.
Kirk has a lot to answer for, and he'll be given every opportunity to do so in today's hearing.
Thank you.
(INDISTINCT SHOUTING) REPORTER: We're told that Kirk's arrival is imminent.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) NAVABI: Do you have a minute? We can't reach Ressler.
He left, and he's not answering his cell.
You think ‭he went to find Reddington? Probably.
He'd never admit it, but I think he took Liz's death almost as hard as Aram did.
We are still waiting outside the courthouse So it's happening.
Kirk is here.
Touched down a few minutes ago.
Alexander Kirk to arrive.
We're gonna take a closer look Are you all right? A man got off that plane, and he has no idea that he'll be dead within the hour.
I've spent my entire life in the service of stopping people who do what we're about to let happen.
Not so long ago, ‭this task force felt compelled to hunt down Elizabeth Keen for intentionally killing a man.
Now she's gone, and we're about to do the very same thing.
If you're asking whether you'll regret it someday no.
I don't think you will.
To be honest, I crossed that line a long time ago killing in the name of justice, vengeance.
After a while, you don't just get over it you get used to it.
DIAZ: export terror to America.
I believe That's what I'm afraid of.
and that's what my presidency would be about.
RESSLER: Listen to me.
If he pulls that trigger, this building's surrounded in seconds.
Not minutes seconds.
There's no getting out.
Yes, I know.
If Liz were here, she'd tell you not to do this.
Elizabeth isn't here, though.
Is she, Donald? That was Mr.
Keen made a move.
He took Agnes.
I want to know where.
- Kaplan's on it.
- Step away.
RED: Donald.
RESSLER: I meant what I said.
This isn't gonna happen.
I said stand down.
Look, Reddington.
If you want your man to live, you're gonna tell him to do what I say.
It's okay, Everly.
Step away.
Go find Baz.
Give him a hand.
All right.
Let's everyone take a deep breath.
Everybody relax.
All right.
Nobody's gonna get hurt.
Kirk's 60 seconds out.
What the hell do you think you're doing? I was willing to fire on your man, and I'm willing to fire on you.
Yes, I believe that, Donald.
But are you willing to die in the process? I said step away.
You want justice for Elizabeth.
Justice, not vengeance.
In my experience, they're the same.
RESSLER: What are you gonna do, Dembe? You gonna shoot me in cold blood? 40 seconds.
(GUN COCKS) I know how difficult ‭this must be for you, Donald.
I will do this.
You have faith.
I envy that.
Justice, integrity, faith in humanity nobody embodies those principles more than you.
DEMBE: 20.
And I know it must be hard for you to believe that you'll continue to embody those principles even after you watch me do this.
Oh, this isn't about me.
This is about the rules what's right.
When Elizabeth was a fugitive, you played by the rules, did what you thought was right.
But Elizabeth's gone.
Alexander Kirk took her away from us, and she's not coming back.
RESSLER: Take your hands off that trigger.
What do you think's going to happen if you stop me, Donald? That you'll arrest Kirk? That justice will be done? Let go of the weapon.
Do you want a bullet in Alexander Kirk's head or one in mine? Decide now.
What's it going to be, Donald? What? It's not Kirk.
He's not there.
(TIRES SCREECH) Unfortunately, Mr.
Kirk wasn't able to attend today's hearing due to an unexpected development.
I'll be testifying on his behalf.
I thought we confirmed Kirk on that flight.
Aram, the manifest.
I'm looking at it now.
Kirk was definitely a passenger on that jet.
Not only that, he was pre-cleared by U.
Customs and Border Protection at Abu Dhabi Airport.
He's here.
Then why wasn't he in that car? I don't know.
Wait, this can't There's a second flight plan, a new one, filed a few minutes ago.
Kirk's plane just took off again.
To where? Abel Santamaria Airport in Cuba.
I don't understand.
Why would Kirk clear American customs, fly all the way to D.
, just to turn around and go to Cuba? Something changed his mind.
RED: Aram, run another search.
Every private flight to Abel Santamaria from the D.
area in the last six hours.
- ARAM: What are we looking for? - Tom and Agnes.
He slipped my security detail earlier today.
Well, he wouldn't be traveling under the name Keen.
Okay, hang on.
There is something.
A Hawker 400 November-6-4-5-2-Delta left a private airstrip for Cuba with two passengers - a man and his infant daughter.
- ‭My God.
Kirk's going after Agnes.
Aram, the plane Tom was on.
Who owns it? Reddington! Hey! Ow! What the hell?! What's going on, Omar? I've known you for over two decades.
I was there when you renewed your vows with Eileen.
And suddenly, you're the person who takes Tom Keen and his child out of the country? Out of my sight? I don't know any Tom Keen.
Wrong answer.
Stop, please.
Of all the people with a private air fleet, Keen just picks your name out of a hat? I don't understand.
I was under the impression arranging this flight is exactly what you wanted.
Why in God's name would you think that? Red, I would never do anything to upset you.
I just assumed ‭when Kaplan came to see me, she was coming on your behalf.
- Kaplan.
- ‭She made all the arrangements.
She had all the documentation for your friend and his daughter.
I just did what she asked.
Raymond, I'm sorry.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) I have nothing for you, Kate.
No parables about loyalty, no florid speeches of trust belied, deception, treachery, or false devotion.
I'm simply too bereft.
It will have to suffice to say I would name every human being on the planet before you if asked who might betray me.
- Raymond - ‭I know what you've done.
I know you helped Tom and Agnes leave the country without my knowledge.
What do you want to know, Raymond? If I'm sorry? Yes.
I'm sorry you weren't more honest with Elizabeth from the beginning.
I'm sorry you wanted to know her so desperately that you convinced yourself we could keep her safe.
I couldn't sit back and watch you make the same mistake with Agnes.
I didn't betray you.
I did what I've always done protected you this time, from yourself.
- You're wrong.
- ‭I won't tell you where they are.
You don't understand, Kate.
I know where they are, and so does Alexander Kirk.
- Kirk? - ‭He was tracking Tom.
He knows they're in Cuba.
He's flying there as we speak.
‭I need an address.
I know you had her best interests at heart, that you were trying to protect her, but now, because of you, Agnes is in grave danger.
Not just Agnes.
(SIGHS) You made it.
Oh, my God.
Oh, she's beautiful.
Just like her mother.
Are we okay? Liz, it's over.
There's nobody coming after us.
It's just you and me and her.
We did it.
We're free.
How? The how won't change anything.
I suppose I knew what I would do that afternoon in the car on the drive to the mobile ICU.
That poor girl, so afraid.
Always looking over her shoulder, in the dark about who she was and why it mattered.
But it wasn't just about Elizabeth anymore.
Her child was already paying the price for her association with you.
Get out.
Please, go away.
Make him go away.
LIZ: This is my daughter.
Just wait out here.
Let me talk to her.
I saw my opportunity.
I know you're afraid, sweetie.
You should be.
Agnes will never be safe in Raymond's world.
The question is, how far are you willing to go to protect her? I saw her die.
You saw what the doctor allowed you to see.
If he finds out, he'll kill me.
I can keep this from him, protect you.
Just tell me what you need.
This is insane.
It'll never work.
Maybe not, but we have to try.
Most heart monitors ‭come with simulation devices for training purposes.
All I have to do is connect her heart leads to the simulator and I can make her vitals do whatever we want raise her heart rate, drop her oxygen levels, crashing her blood pressure.
What else? If I can make Liz seem unstable enough, it would be indicated for me to put her on a ventilator in a medically induced coma.
But there's a risk.
Of course there's a risk for all of us, but it's possible, right? What's possible? I sat over her body and watched her die.
You saw what we needed you to see.
Once she was safe on the ventilator, one large dose of a beta blocker dropped her cardiac output and pulse to a level just barely detectable under the best of circumstances, let alone with a gunfight raging outside.
You didn't want her body taken to the morgue.
That made things easier.
Elizabeth was in the body bag for less than two minutes.
Nik was standing by with the antidote, glucagon.
I found a suitable body for the funeral.
Need I continue? Had it really come to that? She loved her daughter that much.
Yes, Raymond.
It had come to that.
Hey, I'm back.
I found the cutest little bakery on the beach.
They make those little pastelitos that you love.
What is it? What's wrong? Come in.
Sit down.
A couple hours ago, I had the opportunity to stop Reddington.
He was ready to take one life to avenge another, and in the end, I, uh I was gonna let him do it.
I actually wanted him to do it.
Thank God Kirk wasn't in that car.
Well, now we know why.
Reddington called from the air.
Let's hope he gets to Tom and Agnes.
And Liz.
She's alive.
(GREG LASWELL'S "DODGED A BULLET" PLAYS) I'm not gonna try and make it even You're way ahead by now I'm not gonna try and make it all even Even though I know how And everyone thinks I dodged a bullet But I think I shot the gun And everyone thinks I dodged a bullet But I think I shot the gun I'm not gonna tell my new friends about you No, I'm gonna let that slide I'm gonna be lazy when I write about you Even though it takes all my might And everyone thinks I dodged a bullet But I think I shot the gun And everyone thinks I dodged a bullet But I think I shot the gun Kate.
What are we gonna do with you, Kate? I'm gonna get back to believing It's been a long, long time now I'm gonna get up and make it look easy Even though I don't know how My daughter, my husband where are they? What have you done with them? I'm not gonna try and make it even Hello, Masha.
I'm way behind by now I've been imagining this moment for the last 25 years.
Who are you? Alexander Kirk.
That wasn't always so.
Once, a long time ago my name was Constantin Rostov.
Everyone thinks I dodged a bullet But I think I shot the gun And everyone thinks I dodged a bullet But I think I shot the gun Masha, I'm your father.
And everyone thinks I dodged a bullet But I think I shot the gun
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