The Blacklist s04e18 Episode Script


1 [Ambient jazz music playing.]
Man: Put that on my tab.
Be right back.
No strings attached.
You just look like you're having a tough night.
Thank thank you.
- Lippinger-Carter, right? - [Knocks on bar.]
I thought you looked familiar.
I've seen you in the elevator.
The elevator, yes.
- Marketing.
- Portfolio management.
Which is what exactly? - Boring.
- Mm.
- Do you mind if I - No.
I have to warn you, I am [Sighs.]
- not very good company.
- No problem.
And if you, uh, if you're looking for a good bridge to jump off, I know all the best.
Roosevelt's closest.
Yeah, but Key Bridge is so much more picturesque.
- I'm Joe.
- I'm Philomena.
[Kissing, moaning softly.]
Wait, can anyone see us? No.
All good.
Wait, wait, wait.
- Wait, I'm stuck.
- [Laughs.]
Ow! [Laughing.]
What happened? [Electricity crackles.]
I thought I was dead.
I know.
The reports were greatly exaggerated.
[Birds chirping.]
A Katai Fellowship you do realize how prestigious that is? - When's the meeting? - This afternoon.
Panabaker's here and she does not look happy.
Samar was nominated for a Katai Fellowship.
No kidding.
That that is so fantastic.
We should see what she wants.
She can't hate me forever, right? Well, that depends.
Define "forever"? 86 bodies at an ice rink in Reston.
An anonymous tipster claims every one of them's a former associate or competitor of Raymond Reddington.
- Yeah? And? - 86 bodies, Agent Ressler.
86! Wasn't our idea to paper a deal with the most dangerous criminal in the Western hemisphere.
That decision was made by Diane Fowler at Main Justice.
Please, Harold.
Is that the "just following orders" card I hear slapping the felt? Wasn't my idea to be put in charge of the task force.
Ressler was chasing after Reddington for years, trying to put him behind bars.
Agent Keen has had her life turned inside out.
And I sympathize.
Really, I do.
But we've got a political hurricane on our hands, and everybody is headin' to the storm cellar.
And if they connect those bodies to you, Main Justice will cut ties and disavow.
- [Camera shutter clicks.]
- The AG has fast-tracked an investigation into the bodies.
Way I hear it, man in charge on the case is as wild as a peach orchard hog.
What a stink.
Yeah, that stink that stink is the smell of injustice.
These people aren't victims.
They worked with Reddington.
Whoa, whoa.
What's that supposed to mean exactly? That their wives didn't love 'em? That their kids don't miss 'em? That their murders should go unsolved? Is that what you're saying Officer Winchell? Hmm? You're messin' with me, right? [Chuckles.]
[Police radio chatter.]
I ain't messin' with you.
It's a pleasure to meet you, Officer Winchell.
Special Agent Julian Gale.
Now I'm gonna need some space.
Everybody, I want this site clear! Yes, you.
Let's go.
All of you.
Come on.
- Fitz and the Tantrums: Hey! - Let's go.
Everyone out.
Thank you.
And goodbye.
Broken man and his wife With a child ain't got no hope Outta work, outta time Old man winter's comin' on I'm sorry.
One meal ain't enough for three This is all my fault.
Is this the way it's supposed to be? Daddy just walked out - Mama raisin' family - [Huffs loudly.]
Hey Put your foot down And take a look round Don't like what you see Excuse me.
Carl? Sorry to bother you at work.
Ethan Begby.
- Sheriff gave me your name and address.
- Sheriff? Oh, no, no, no.
Nothing like that.
I'm looking for my aunt Kate.
I understand you picked her up along the highway a few months ago.
Apparently, someone happened to spot her in your truck and mentioned it to the sheriff.
She said her name was Sheila.
Ah, I was afraid of that.
We think she was in an accident.
We found her car in a ravine along with her medication.
Sweet as pie, Kate.
And still fairly sharp when she's on her meds.
But without those pills My ma had dementia before the cancer got her.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
It's a terrible, terrible thing.
The whole family's been frantic since she disappeared.
She was okay last I saw her.
Yes? Where was that exactly? [Clattering.]
[Door bell jingles.]
Good afternoon.
I'd like to inquire about one of your previous guests.
And you are? Officer Simmons.
State Police.
I can always tell.
Must be something in the voice.
So what can I do you for, sir? I'm looking for a woman traveling alone.
She's gone missing, and all evidence indicates she may have stayed here on the night of November 10th.
- I'm hoping you have some record.
- Yeah.
Ah, let's see here.
Yes, Sheila Barker.
Five nights.
She paid cash.
Room 4.
I need to look at that room.
Your life as you know it is over, Joe.
But I'm gonna give you the chance I was denied.
All you have to do is walk away.
Leave Raymond Reddington.
I won't betray him.
The answer is no.
Liz: The person who unearthed the bodies goes by the name of Mr.
She's Reddington's cleaner and one of his closest confidants.
Why is she at war with him? [Cellphone rings.]
- Ressler.
- I got two questions for you.
One, what are you working on? And two, can you get reassigned? - Gale.
- Donnie.
Uh, what do you mean reassigned? I didn't know you were still with the Bureau.
I I had to, uh, step away for a bit, but but I'm back.
And I'm standing in the middle of a freezing cold ice skating rink surrounded by 86 corpses.
Bureau called me up.
They want me to connect them to Reddington, so I called you to see if you want to work together again.
- I don't know.
- What do you mean you don't know? Do you not hear me? We're talking about Reddington.
Look, I heard what you said.
I'm just, uh I'm just in the middle of something, all right? Okay, well, does it involve bringing down Reddington? [Sighs.]
Not exactly.
Well, then it's not important.
Do me a favor.
Think about it.
Actually, no.
Don't think about it and get your ass down here so we can finally finish what we started.
[Cellphone beeps.]
Everything okay? No.
It's not.
That was the peach orchard hog.
Name's Julian Gale.
We worked together on that Reddington task force.
He asked me to join him.
Maybe you should.
Keep up with the investigation.
- Stay a step ahead.
- You don't need me to stay one step ahead of his investigation, 'cause I'll tell you right now what he's gonna find the truth.
What must be known eventually should be known immediately.
[Door closes.]
[Traffic passing.]
[Cellphone ringing.]
- Yeah? - Raymond? We have a problem.
- Peracchio's been arrested.
- What? How? Trussed like a tom turkey and dumped in front of the 9th Precinct, a detailed financial statement tying him to you pinned to his chest.
It would seem Kate has started her endgame.
Pull the fire alarm, Marvin.
Let the others know.
- Go to ground.
- Got it.
That includes you.
Wherever you are, leave.
- Assume you've been made.
- I didn't just get born, Raymond.
I've been at large for two years now.
You're not safe.
Nobody is.
I'll be in touch.
[Cellphone snaps closed.]
Uh, something else I can help you with? You're entirely too helpful.
I wanna hear those tapes.
I'm not some type of sicko, you know? People fascinate me.
I'm not here to judge.
I just need to hear Sheila's tape.
She was a peculiar one.
A real loner.
Hardly a word from her all day and then she'd cry like a baby in her sleep.
I-I get it all 'cause the recorders are voice-activated.
If you'll give me a minute, sir.
Kaplan: Hello, I'm staying at the Pine Needle Motor Court.
Do you deliver out this way? - [Clicks.]
- No.
No service today.
I only need a few clean towels, please.
- [Clicks.]
- Thank you for coming, Miss Philomena: Please, call me Philomena.
[Tape rewinds.]
Please, call me Philomena.
[Tape ejects.]
She uses a mononym Philomena.
This woman has elevated the rickety practice of bounty hunting to a sort of performance art.
One of the most effective ways to retrieve an unwilling target is to slip under their radar, get close, make a friend.
That's where Philomena shines.
Sorry to interrupt, but Agent Keen told us about Mr.
Kaplan, and I need to ask.
Is it true that you shot her because she tried to help Agent Keen and her family escape to a normal life? Yes.
Unfortunately, Mr.
Kaplan's efforts ran counter to her intended consequence.
Kaplan has told the authorities about the ice rink.
The bodies.
Cooper: They've ordered an investigation.
- I'm sure they have.
- This is a real problem.
We're talking about 86 bodies.
Not an innocent bystander in the bunch, Harold.
Still [Inhales sharply.]
I suppose it's lucky they haven't started popping up overseas.
Still in all, the problem we're talking about, Harold, is a political one.
Rest assured, your government will sweep this whole tawdry mess under a rug, providing we continue to deliver the goods on my list.
So Philomena.
After studying her subject for weeks or even months and acquiring whatever skills she might need along the way, - Philomena enters her target's life - [Car door closes, engine starts.]
as if by mere coincidence or accident.
- [Tires screech.]
- [Thud.]
Oh, my God! Are you all right? - Yeah, I think so.
- No, don't move.
No, it's okay.
It's okay.
I'm fine.
- Oh, my God! - I'm okay.
I'm totally fine.
At least let me pay for the damage to your bike.
Let's just exchange information, okay? Philomena's patience and subtlety are what make her so credible.
And you think Mr.
Kaplan hired her to kidnap your finance guy? Joe Peracchio, yes.
And if my instincts are correct, she's going after more of my people right now.
I'm off to see an individual who I believe also employed her services.
I suggest that you start at the bar where Peracchio was last seen.
[Paper rips.]
Navabi, see what you can find at the abduction site.
Keen, go with Reddington.
So I get a babysitter now? I haven't had a babysitter since Brenda Gilroy.
My God, pot pies, Lawrence Welk, bath time with Brenda.
Still my perfect Saturday night.
[Singing in Hebrew.]
[Red laughs, applauds.]
- Red: Excellent, excellent.
- Can I help you? Yes, congratulations, Congressman Edelstein.
Aron's going to make you and your wife very, very proud.
Do we know you? Howard Klein.
The Swidlow bris.
It's okay.
Just consider me a fellow traveler, one who understands and appreciates the importance of strong family bonds and the critical role these milestones play in forging them.
Yes, of course.
It's the small things, hmm? Like bricks in a fortress.
Red: And well worth defending, by the way.
Or hiring someone to defend.
Like, uh, ah, Philomena, for instance.
Can you give us a moment? Who the hell are you? You engaged Philomena to compromise a certain tennis instructor at the Town & Country Racquet Club who was carrying on a long-term fervid affair with your wife, thereby preserving your marriage for this happy occasion.
I believe his name was Chip.
What kind of name is that? Chip? Is that short for something? - Chipper, Chipwick or - What do you want? Money? All I want is to know the means by which you contacted Philomena.
Consider it a mitzvah.
There's a place on 29th Randy's Boot Emporium.
Go to the repair counter in the back and ask for ticket 652.
After you've been vetted, - if you're cleared - [Door bell jingles.]
you'll get a call.
[Knock on door.]
Sir, Mr.
Reddington was right.
20 seconds after he left, the owner of the boot store made a call.
I'm tracing it now, but the root package is hidden within multiple layers of encryption.
Metro found Peracchio's car abandoned in Adams Morgan.
There's not much to go on, but they did find traces of cement powder on the floor mat.
- Cement powder? - It was mixed with copper, which indicates that the powder was transferred from an active construction site.
Dispatch ERT to gather samples from construction sites, starting where they recovered the car - and fanning out from there.
- I'll do it.
Agent Navabi has her interview for Katai Fellowship today.
How could I forget? Good luck.
They'd be lucky to have you.
- [Knock.]
- Yeah Ah [Clapping.]
Special Agent Donald Ressler.
Good to see you, too, Julian.
Get that hand out of here.
Mm! Good to see you, man.
Uh, by the way, you're welcome.
For what? Inviting me to the morgue? For what? For yanking you away from whatever's the Bureau's got you working on to do some real work.
Come on, you remember the leads that we used to have on Reddington that would just evaporate every time some person of interest would magically, uh, vanish? Guess what? They're all here.
They're no longer missing persons.
86 bodies.
What do you think that means? 86 active homicide investigations.
You remember Tiger Branson, right? Hmm? Lou Capote? - Junior Mm.
- Wallace.
Jesus, these are guys that we all tried to turn.
Guys that we got killed.
Look, Don, this is our chance to wash the blood off our hands.
We're not gonna get Reddington with the Lou Capotes of the world.
These are just scumbags nobody cares about.
Ladies, can I have a second? Thank you.
Agent Ressler, I'd like for you to meet the former head of the Criminal Division of the United States Justice Department, - Miss Diane - Fowler.
Miss Diane Fowler.
This, these bodies, they're like a big, wet kiss on the mouth.
Now I don't know who the kiss is from, but whoever it is, they obviously want Reddington's head as badly as we do.
And I didn't think that was possible.
Come here, I wanna show you something else.
Red: Tell me, how's Tom? Liz: He's having a hard time, actually.
Is he? Finding out truths about who you really are is never easy.
How's Agnes? She's amazing.
May I come up and see her? [Door closes.]
- If you'll do something for me.
- Name it.
When I thought you'd killed Mr.
Kaplan, I felt responsible.
Not just responsible.
I felt complicit.
It wasn't about you.
She made her choice.
Not you.
Yes, but she did it for me.
Can't you see that if you hurt her, you're hurting me? I will help you stop her, but I will not let you hurt her.
Now I need you to look me in the eye and tell me you won't harm her.
I can't do that, Elizabeth.
Then you can't come up.
[Engine idling.]
[Car door closes.]
[Woman humming.]
[Agnes fussing.]
[Humming continues.]
I haven't laid eyes on Agnes since the night I helped you escape.
So big.
Whatever are you feeding her? You risked your life for our family, and he shot you for it.
- [Agnes fusses.]
- He shot you.
I can never make that right, but I can protect you.
I can keep you safe.
But that would mean that I'd have to take you into custody.
You are safe.
You are loved.
- You are wise.
- [Mouths words.]
Where'd did you hear those words? I I know those words.
Yes, deary, you know them because I said them to you many times a day when you were a baby.
That can't be true.
Regular affirmations build a child's self-confidence.
You're proof of that.
It's no surprise you don't remember with all you've been through.
You and I were very close once.
You know me as Katya.
I was your nanny.
I don't believe you.
Your mother hired me to care for you.
I promised her that I would defend you with my life.
The reason I'm telling you this now is so that you'll listen to me when I beg you walk away.
I gave the authorities enough to put him away forever.
But you and your team must disavow any knowledge of the task force.
So you served Reddington up on a silver platter to the FBI.
You did that for me.
Not you, Elizabeth.
I've already failed you.
I did it for Agnes.
I can protect my own daughter just fine, thank you.
Like you did today? What if I was one of Raymond's enemies that would do anything to get at him? Please, do what your mother never had the courage to do until it was too late.
Walk away from Raymond.
[Door opens.]
[Cellphone ringing.]
- [Ring.]
- [Clears throat.]
Uh, hello? Bronwyn, hi.
It's Alexa.
I'm the one who hit you with my car.
Oh, yeah.
I'm sure my insurance agent would kill me for calling you, but I just I need to know that you're okay.
I'm okay.
- Did you see a doctor yet? - I didn't need to.
No, you can't be too careful with head injuries.
No, I really, I wasn't hurt.
Well, if it's a matter of money, maybe I could help out.
[Sniffles, crying.]
- Hello? - [Crying continues.]
Bronwyn? - It's just I'm sor - What's wrong? My husband, um, my ex-husband, I, uh [Sniffles.]
I left him, and, um, we're in a custody battle.
He's trying to steal my little girl, and if he found out that I caused an accident Honey! You were on a bicycle.
I should've been more careful.
No, I just need to keep my job and my head above water.
What can I do? Just tell me.
I mean, you can just [Sighs.]
just forget about me.
Just forget about the accident.
I'm [Sniffles.]
I'm so sorry.
I have to go.
[Line clicks, beeps.]
[Clears throat.]
[Breathes sharply.]
Is it true? She was at my apartment.
- What did she want? - A clear shot at Reddington.
- Cooper: That's not gonna happen.
- She knows that.
It's more of a wish, a hope to protect Agnes.
Uh, I got a hit on the trace.
It's a pay phone near a construction site in Anacostia.
There are vacant warehouses all around that area.
Could be we've located our Blacklister.
- I'm rolling out there now.
- Let's do it.
[Indistinct conversations.]
So what's all this? Diane Fowler's living room.
It was catalogued, crated, and stored in evidence.
Seems the Bureau spares no expense for their leadership.
We're gonna reconstruct the whole scene, and we're gonna dissect it until we find exactly what we need.
This is extreme, even for you.
I'm just getting warmed up.
Are you working on anything related to Reddington? Is anybody? Were you ever given a satisfactory answer as to why the task force was disbanded by the Bureau? Hmm? Why all of a sudden everyone just gave up from one minute to the next? You didn't, did you? Well, he flipped.
Nobody's looking for Reddington because he already turned himself in.
Now, that right there, what you just said, is why I love you.
'Cause you're a crazy son of a bitch.
Yeah, what can I say? I'm here to amuse.
He turned himself in.
That that's good.
With you down for the count the last few days, I've felt the consequences of your absence on my soul.
So you bought me shoes? No, no, no, not now.
They're not shoes.
A parting gift.
I don't understand, Raymond.
Most of my associates are under the impression that once I've granted them a favor, they're indebted to me for life.
But it's a false assumption.
They're indebted to me because I make them a lot of money.
They're loyal to me because I've earned it.
It's good business.
But at the end of the day, it's just business.
In service of what? Safety, security the health and well-being of the ones we love? Well, I really only have one friend.
You're my friend.
And I I misjudged you in a way that no apology could suffice.
I'm ashamed of that.
I want you to keep that box, and on the day you decide to leave I'm not going to leave.
But you can.
At any point of your own choosing, I'll insist that you do.
No questions asked, no debts accrued, with our friendship intact and flourishing.
For we'll have new lands to discover.
Not as coworkers, but as cohorts.
Whether that's today or tomorrow or 10 years from now, that's when you open the box.
[Door thuds.]
FBI! Move! All right.
I wonder how long she's been staying here.
Alexa Feist.
And who might you be? We're missing a brown leather wing-back chair.
I mean, just like that one.
They were sold as a pair.
It's clearly where Fowler was sitting when she was shot.
It's easier to throw out than to clean.
They didn't find any trace evidence? No.
And therein lies the tale.
There was no unaccounted-for DNA anywhere.
It all belonged to Fowler and to Teacup, her, uh, her dog.
Watch out.
Pomeranians have tiny bladders.
Now this chair no hairs, no fiber, no DNA, no nothing.
I mean, we're talking antiseptic.
Obviously cleaned by a professional.
So the killer sits here [Grunts.]
Directly across from the victim.
Red: You're the dirty rat, Diane.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Relax, Donnie.
Come on.
[Holsters gun.]
All right, now the turntable was scrubbed of DNA.
So was the record that was on it.
- Gordon Lightfoot.
" - [Record needle pops.]
So what are you suggesting? That Reddington put on some music after killing a woman in cold blood? No, the evidence suggests it.
In addition, a path was cleared of DNA from the killer's chair across the floor to that window.
I can see her lying back In her satin dress Now, that windowpane was cleaned at a center height of 5'10".
Reddington's height.
Take that to a judge.
I-I'm not saying we have enough to hang the guy.
I'm saying that we're we're closing in.
Sundown, you better take care Diane: I know the truth, Red.
Sometimes I think it's a sin When I feel like I'm winnin' when I'm losin' again Ressler: You think she's setting him up? Gale: Who? His cleaner.
Why'd you just say "she"? Well, fits Reddington's profile.
He's extremely comfortable in the company of women.
Guy's a gentleman.
He's old-fashioned.
Since when do you profile, Donnie? Hmm? I mean, you might be right, but So he shoots Fowler, he comes over here, and he stares out the window.
He's listening to "Sundown.
" The strum of the guitar, the voice of a man who's seen too much sorrow.
You know, there is a chance this music was on before Reddington got here.
And I think you're right.
I think the cleaner is a woman.
She comes here, she cleans the turntable, she cleans the album.
Sundown, you better take care If I find you been creepin' 'round my back stairs But did she clean this? Ressler: A record cleaning brush.
When I feel like I'm losin' - It's full of prints.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, partner, we're finally gonna nail Reddington.
A skinny mocha latte.
I'm not stalking you, I swear.
Well, I kinda am, but I need to talk to you just for a minute.
How did you know where I work? You were wearing the shirt when I hit you.
- Listen - Mnh.
I know how hard it is to be a young working mother.
No, this is just temporary.
I mean, you know, to show the courts that I have a stable job.
- I'm gonna go back to school.
- My point exactly.
To be doing all that alone and fighting a spiteful husband in court, you need help.
My brother's a trial attorney.
Like, born with a silver tongue.
He said he'd consider helping you as a favor to me.
Will you just meet with him? [Exhales.]
That would be amazing.
What's with the long face? We pulled a print off the Fowler crime scene.
- Reddington's.
- Possibly.
If it is, it ties him to our murder.
Haven't run it yet.
And you don't know if you should.
Oh, I know I should, but if I do, this could all end and we might end up in jail.
Remember that number we found? Alexa Feist? - Did she finally answer? - No, but I looked into who she is PTA, Rotary Club.
Pure vanilla.
Why would Philomena have anything to do with her? Well, she isn't interested in her.
She's interested in her brother.
Alexa Feist's maiden name is Gerard.
- As in Marvin Gerard.
- Reddington's lawyer.
Kaplan's using Philomena to go after his closest allies.
[Knock on door.]
Boo! Marvin.
This is Bronwyn, the woman I was telling you about.
Open the door.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Reddington.
- Red: What's going on? Marvin Gerard is Philomena's next target.
She's trying to pull him out of hiding by using his sister.
- We're headed to her place now.
- No, first, secure Marvin.
I'll call to alert him you're coming.
Once he's safe, you see to the sister.
Write down this address.
Look, I can't represent you in court, but I can draft up some briefs that you can bring to any attorney and, uh, your ex-husband? He won't know what hit him.
I-I don't I can't thank you enough.
Both of you I mean it's the least I can do - after what I put you through.
- Hmm.
If you're gonna get yourself hit by a car, you can't do much better than my sister.
She's been taking in wounded animals her whole life.
Yeah, that's what I hear.
[Cellphone ringing.]
- I thought you two just met.
- [Rings.]
Hello? Red: You've been targeted, Marvin.
Our people are on their way.
Until they arrive, don't let anyone in.
- Marvin? - Too late.
Hang up.
[Phone beeps.]
I'm so sorry.
Alexa, this is not your fault.
She's a professional.
This is what she does.
Look, I will do whatever you want.
Just let my sister go.
Well, that's good, 'cause I'm only here for you.
Hold it to your neck.
- [Electricity crackles.]
- [Whimpers.]
[Tires screech.]
FBI! Man: Clear.
- Clear! - Clear! [Alexa whimpering.]
- Here.
- [Muffled shout.]
My brother she took him.
- How long ago? - 10 minutes.
Did you see the vehicle she was driving? She drove me here.
A green SUV.
- Gray interior.
- Did you see the license plate? - Any identifying marks? - No.
- Oh! - Aram.
Uh, there was a bar code sticker on my side window.
It's a rental.
The bar code's used for scanning the vehicle in and out.
We found a local company that rented a green SUV to a woman matching Philomena's description.
Does the vehicle have a GPS system we can track? Actually, the rental company already enabled the stolen vehicle recovery feature for us.
We've tracked the target heading south on 210.
Agents Keen and Navabi are en route.
That's her.
[Siren wailing.]
[Engine roaring.]
[Tires screech.]
[Tires screech, crash.]
Don't move! [Sirens wailing.]
- Hands in the air! - There's no one there.
On your knees.
Where's Marvin Gerard? Hello, Marvin.
I wish I could say it was good to see you.
[Door closes.]
Tell me how I can find Kaplan.
You're not leaving here until I know.
Why are you so worried about her? I mean, she's doing her job for you, going after Reddington.
- I'm trying to protect her.
- Hmm.
Sure you are.
Kaplan: Nothing? No stream of invectives? No mediation offers? Perhaps a lecture on criminal ethics? What's the point? I'm looking at a dead woman.
I've been underestimated before.
Why the hell didn't you run? You survived a gunshot to the head.
Lord knows how.
That's the mother-loving lottery right there.
Take your ticket and board a jet plane, sister.
Why come back to this cesspool? To clean it up.
You think maybe you're taking this whole cleaner concept a bit too far? Look, it's pretty simple.
Either we find Kaplan first, or Reddington does.
Who do you think she stands a better chance with? Put yourself in my shoes.
How could I possibly believe that you want to protect Kaplan? Because I just found out Kate Kaplan helped me as a baby.
I'm not cleaning Raymond's mess.
I'm taking responsibility for my own.
I enabled him, Marvin.
You did, too.
He used us.
That's an alternative truth.
I provide Reddington with a service for which I am very well compensated.
- He takes care of me.
- Does he? He forced the FBI to release you from prison a week before your parole so that you could become his accomplice and help him escape during a police standoff.
You had a new fiancée at the time, a whole life waiting.
What do you have now, Marvin? Alone, on the run till you die? Unless you help yourself.
I'm not turning state's evidence against him.
No way.
I'm sorry to hear that, Marvin.
I'm so honored that you could meet me here.
Just to be considered for this is such Katai Fellowships are designed to groom members of law enforcement to become policy leaders on a broader scale.
Now you've written extensively about Islamaphobia in law enforcement.
As a female and a Muslim, you've got a unique perspective on this perceived issue.
I do.
Enough to know that it's not a perception, it's a reality.
I'm sorry.
You know what I mean.
No, I don't.
People are afraid.
Because their leaders tell them they should be.
But since 9/11, 180,000 people have died from gun violence in this country.
Only 94 have been killed by Muslim terrorists.
That is what I would call a perceived issue.
I won't apologize for being passionate.
Nor would I ask you to.
Tell me about growing up in Iran.
And? It didn't match.
What? The print it's not Reddington's.
That's impossible.
Did they even run it through AFIS? Yeah, the unsub wasn't in the system.
Well, there you have it.
The system's rigged.
- What are you talking about? - [Chuckles.]
The system's rigged by Reddington, for Reddington.
It's the only explanation.
I mean, he's he's got somebody on the inside.
You said so yourself.
- I was kidding.
- Well, I'm not.
What about that Fed he went on the run with, hmm? Hmm? The one you hunted? That's our next move.
We start with Elizabeth Keen.
She finally turned.
Kaplan's headed to Vienna.
Ah! Springtime in Vienna.
The market's are a bit crowded, but the flowers oh, my gosh.
A simple walk to the U-Bahn is full of glory.
- I'll let you two talk.
- Like hell.
Stay put.
I'm contacting Homeland Security.
Then we'll come up with an action plan.
Excellent work, Agent Keen.
How'd you do it? How'd you change the fingerprint? - The fingerprint? - Don't play dumb.
The one Gale and Ressler found that connects you to the death of Diane Fowler.
I assure you I know nothing of it.
I heard about the fingerprints.
- You did the right thing.
- Yeah, I know.
I sent the prints in.
Your guess as good as mine as to why they came back negative.
You think Reddington has someone else at the Bureau - in his pocket? - I don't know.
But what I do know is that working with Gale I mean, the guy's an inspiration.
He never lets anything slide.
Kind of reminds me of the way I used to be.
The Reven Wright case.
Laurel Hitchin murdered her.
I know that in my bones, and I'm not gonna let this go until I can prove it.
[Cellphone rings.]
[Cellphone beeps.]
- Navabi.
- Congratulations, Agent Navabi.
I'm pleased to inform you the board has selected you for the fellowship.
Uh, that's Thank you so much.
I I don't know what to say.
No thanks necessary, except perhaps to Agent Mojtabai.
He was the one who recommended you.
Agent Mojtabai? Yes.
He sang your praises quite convincingly.
[Soulsavers' "All the Way Down" playing.]
Is this your way of trying to appease me? With this fellowship? I know you nominated me.
- Because you'd be perfect for - Well, I got it.
- That's amazing.
- I turned it down.
I have wanted this for years.
You never nominated me before.
And now I catch you in a lie, and all of a sudden - you think I deserve it? - You do.
Well, I deserved it a year ago, and the year before that.
The tide takes you under, you're rolling alone [Siren wails.]
Follow the tune that the siren would sing Follow the moon, do you find anything? Help me, please.
All Thank you.
The way down What are you doing? What are you doing? Sir, as we've explained to your counsel, the Bureau will protect you and your family as long as you cooperate fully.
Now let's start from the beginning.
Why don't you tell us how you first met Raymond Reddington? All the way [Speaking Italian.]
- All the way down - All The way What are you doing here? Looking for you.
You should be resting.
I'm tired of resting.
We should find Kate.
All Okay.
Let's get some supper first.
All the way down [Door thuds.]

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