The Blacklist s04e20 Episode Script

The Debt Collector

1 ["The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World playing.]
[Indistinct conversations.]
- Hey - [Woman laughs.]
Don't write yourself off yet - It's only in your head - [Laughter.]
You feel left out Or looked down on - Just try your best - Ouch.
Hey, stop.
Try everything you can It's a clasp.
Let's go back to the house.
My parents won't be back from the club till after midnight.
Mm, fine.
But let me tell Jennifer.
She'd kill me if I ditch.
- [Chuckles.]
- [Kiss.]
Everything, everything will be just fine - Everything, everything - [Car door closes.]
Will be all right, all right - Hey, you know they're - [Lighter clicks.]
- I was thinking, maybe later we should go - [Car door closes.]
to the Joey Schoenberger's cabin and Who the hell are you? - Stop! - [Air hisses.]
Takes some time, little girl You're in the middle of the ride Everything, everything will be just fine Everything, everything will be all right, all right - [Engine revs, tires screech.]
- It just takes some time Ty? You bastard! [Sighs.]
[Heavy breathing.]
Do you remember Eileen Kropp? What the [Panting.]
Why can't I move my legs? - Give me out of here.
- You know, she's she's dead now.
Overdosed under the Long Beach pier on some cocktail of drugs you sold her.
Body still, unable to move.
Then, when the tide came in, all Eileen could do was lie there and listen to the waves lapping over her.
Look, whatever this is, I promise I can fix this.
This is called recompense.
Eileen Kropp's father, you see, he tasked me with doling out your penance.
And so, like Eileen, you will lie and listen - and breathe until you're still.
- [Grunting.]
- Recompense.
- What? I can I can give you money.
Say it with me.
- That's a good boy.
- No, no, no, no, please, God.
No! No, no, no, no! No, please! Oh, God! Please! Please, God! [Whimpering.]
- [Hammering continues.]
- [Lighter flicks.]
[Grunts, gasps.]
- [Whimpering.]
- [Lighter flicking.]
Oh, no! No, no! No! No! [Birds calling.]
[Screaming continues, muffled.]
[Classical music playing.]
Baldur! What are you doing here? Admiring your tasteful decor.
You don't spend much time here, do you? - Get out.
- You're not still upset about our little misunderstanding, are you? You wanted to kill me.
I was prepared to kill you.
Being prepared for something doesn't necessarily speak to desire, and here we are.
I'm told you're opening offices in Paris and London.
My accountant's untimely demise left the door wide open for you to purchase that fleet of cruise ships for a song.
- Well, now - I know what happened with Von Hauser.
Everyone does.
That's why you're here, isn't it? For safe passage? Yes.
Werner's death has cost me my travel routes in and out of the continent.
And I'm sure whoever has my jet at the moment is trying to decide whether to keep it or at what astronomical price they'll sell it back to me.
In the meantime, I have urgent business in the States and no way to get there.
There was talk before Von Hauser, rumors that you were under siege.
People are sharpening their knives.
Are they? Baldur, you and I are deal-makers.
We buy low and sell high.
Getting that cruise line on the cheap was better than sex with your mistress.
Either of them.
- [Chuckles.]
- I'm a little down on my luck.
A penny stock.
Invest in me now and when I rise, you'll be able to afford three mistresses.
I may have something in steerage.
My goodness, I haven't been in steerage since Li Yanping and I stowed away on a Chinese destroyer off the coast of Pulau Belitung.
He's known as the Debt Collector, a mercenary paid to exact revenge.
Exact revenge on me? For what? All I can tell you is he's coming to Washington.
But who hired him? Mr.
Kaplan? No.
Kate may be targeting people around you, but not you.
Someone else put him up to this.
Unfortunately, I'm in no position to help.
- Where are you? - Not there.
You need to take this to Cooper.
- Are you sure? - I've spent 30 years building an intelligence network of spies, informants, patriots, traitors.
I've used it to build an empire that exists for only two reasons to keep me free and you safe.
Elizabeth, I may not be there, but I have eyes and ears everywhere.
And they tell me the Debt Collector is coming for you, which means he's the next Blacklister.
The Debt Collector is an avenging angel who's hired to exact poetic revenge.
His terms are simple whatever the perceived crime, he exacts an equal measure of punishment.
A pound of flesh.
An extra-legal way to even the score.
I'll assign a round-the-clock detail to your apartment.
Does Reddington have a lead? Just a 15-year-old murder story about a Senator's daughter who bought cocaine laced with ketamine.
Ultimately, she passed out on the beach and drowned when the tide came in.
Samar: Reddington says the Senator hired - the Debt Collector to get revenge.
- [Lights humming.]
Against the kid who sold her the drugs Tyler Obermeir.
Story has it, the Senator wanted him to die exactly like his daughter did.
You need to contact the Senator.
I already tried.
He died last year.
- Cooper: What about the dealer? - Tyler's body was never found.
Aram: You said the Senator wanted the dealer to die exactly the way his daughter died.
- Yeah.
So? - So exactly where did she die? Long Beach, under the pier.
Alert local authorities.
Tell them to start digging.
- Any news on Ressler? - Getting out on O.
I'm going to pick him up right now.
I shot a Secret Service agent.
You'd been drugged, manipulated.
Well, there's a defense for you.
I mean, "I'm sorry, Your Honor, but he was manipulated.
" You were.
And Dr.
Krilov's in custody negotiating an immunity deal in exchange for information about his patients.
The truth will come out, and you won't be charged.
In the meantime, you're off active duty, which is exactly what Kaplan intended.
Picking off another Reddington loyalist.
I'm loyal to the task force.
I know, which is why this terrible situation - may have a silver lining.
- Gale.
You're free to work with him full time.
He thinks Reddington's feeding Keen intel on criminals.
That in exchange, she's keeping him a step ahead of us.
And you need to keep it that way.
[Police radio chatter.]
What do we got? One hell of an informant is what you got.
Whoever tipped you two had incredible specifics.
15 years later, it's a miracle we found anything.
The body hasn't decomposed.
Desiccation must've slowed the decay.
He mummified.
Tyler M.
Obermeir, 140 Edgewood Avenue, Bridgehampton, New York.
After all this time, you think toxicology could give us anything on the killer? I'm gonna be able to tell you what this guy ate for his last two meals, but it's gonna take time.
- How long? - Two weeks.
10 days if we throw everything we got at it.
[Cellphone rings.]
Elizabeth, tell me something good.
We found Tyler Obermeir, but even if toxicology can tell us something about the killer, this Debt Collector, - it's gonna take some time.
- We don't have time.
Medical examiner said two weeks.
Elizabeth, you can flip through every Rolodex at the Bureau, but when it comes to the matters of death and necropsy - [Cellphone ringing.]
- there is one technician who has gifts that simply cannot be matched.
How did you get this number? Kate, I need your services.
Said the spider to the fly.
I wish I were that clever.
This is for Elizabeth.
I need you to look at a body.
Okay, Mr.
Cooper, are you ready? [Typing.]
Okay, here we go.
[Beep, static crackling.]
Raymond notified me that the Bureau may require my assistance.
You're wanted for crimes ranging from kidnapping to murder.
We are not offering you a deal in exchange for your assistance.
You're targeting me because I'm targeting Raymond.
- You targeted Donald Ressler.
- Collateral damage.
To get to Raymond, I may need to get to his enablers, including you.
Hello, Elizabeth.
It's good to see you.
I know you have good intentions, but you've got to stop.
- I don't need your help.
- If that were true, deary, we wouldn't be having this conversation, would we? The body from the beach.
Tell me about him.
He was murdered by the man we believe is hunting Agent Keen.
We're hoping the victim or some trace evidence on the victim may help lead to his capture.
I'll examine the body under terms and conditions that guarantee my freedom.
I can't very well protect Elizabeth from prison.
I don't need your protection.
You do know why you're being hunted by the Debt Collector, don't you? No, do you? It's because you're in Raymond's life.
As long as you are, killers will be in yours.
What are your terms and conditions? I need you to dead drop the body.
Dead drop a corpse? Sounds fun, doesn't it? Here's what you're gonna do.
The corpse will be transported to a warehouse near the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
Once on site, - it will be inspected by my people.
- Cooper: You have people? Mr.
Kaplan: Once they're confident we're in good hands, they'll transport the body and are not to be followed.
["One Man No City" by Parquet Courts playing.]
Where I'm from, no one lived there I look back now, nothing's changed Stay with them.
Get me HRT.
Where I'm from now, still no one lives there Look back again and lock the door Mr.
Kaplan: If the transport goes as expected, the body will be delivered to me for examination.
One man solitary And no city One man solitary And no city One man solitary, and no city They stopped under the Brooklyn/Queens Expressway.
Rodney and Meeker.
They're making some kind of a swap.
Stay with that truck.
If I find something, when I find something, I will report back.
"Cogito ergo sum" people say But think again 'cause - [Tires screech.]
- have no faith I find building blocks filled with nothin' - Seen an inkblot page - [Typing.]
Roll out HRT.
We breach on my command.
Outside? I'll check it out, it's just a mirror Look back now, an empty page - Yet I maintain, I still remain - [Brakes squeal.]
- One man solitary - [Sirens wailing.]
- And no city - [Tires screech.]
- One man solitary and no city - [Sirens stop, guns cocking.]
One man solitary and no city [Police radio chatter.]
It's a decoy.
[Distant sirens wailing.]
This coffin has a false bottom.
That body never left the drop point.
[Door slams.]
Thank you.
You can leave us.
New digs, nice.
You get tired of the, uh, ice rink? The crime scene's been officially processed.
B-But these these bodies, they're still talking to me.
You want to know what they're saying? You tell me.
You're the ghost whisperer.
They're saying that Reddington is untouchable.
I mean, these were powerful people, Donnie, yet they're all here.
Why? Hmm? Because they crossed Reddington.
Because they informed on him.
Because they they actually thought that they could defy him.
Now the living the living are telling a whole different story.
This is about Keen helping him.
That's not a story.
I mean, that's a fairy tale.
I know you don't want that to be true about Keen or or any other agent.
Neither do I, especially after everything that we did trying to bring down Reddington.
But I'm not talking about Keen.
I'm talking about Reddington's cleaner.
She unearthed 86 of his victims.
You know what that tells me? That she thinks he's touchable.
And if she thinks he's touchable, I'm willing to bet that others do as well.
Let's find out, Donnie.
Come on.
Where are we going? Hey, were you gone? I feel like you were gone.
Things got crazy on another case.
Crazier than an ice skating rink full of dead bodies? I got brainwashed into thinking that the President's national security advisor had kidnapped an eyewitness to the murder she committed.
Brainwashing, huh? [Laughs.]
Come on.
- Where are we going, Julian? - Federal Building.
We have an appointment with Marvin Gerard.
- Reddington's lawyer? - Yeah.
How'd you know that? Come on, how many years did we track him for? Line two.
[Presses button.]
Were you able to find anything? I was.
The man you're looking for is Edgar Grant.
Did you pull a print or find blood? Grant was too careful for that.
He left no trace evidence and did everything he could to make sure the body was never found, which is how I found him.
- Zeolite.
- Zeolite? Mr.
Obermeir died of suffocation, which tells us nothing.
The tell is in how he was buried.
Zeolite absorbed the odors from the decaying body, which is why he wasn't found.
Zeolite is commonly used to control odors in hospitals and schools.
Get a list of schools and medical facilities in the area.
- You don't need a list.
- Why is that? Grant works at Horizon Middle School in Fairfax County.
I suppose next you're gonna tell us what he does there.
- He's a janitor.
- On a hunch, I ran the Long Beach police logs the night Obermeir vanished, and it turns out a pickup truck was cited for a broken taillight four blocks from where Obermeir's body was found.
Let me guess, the driver was a janitor from Horizon Middle School named Edgar Grant.
Get a last known address.
Navabi, Keen, get there.
Not Elizabeth.
The Debt Collector's looking for her.
She's right.
It's too dangerous.
I want to be in the field.
I know.
But you should be at the safe house with Agnes.
We'll notify you when we have Grant in custody.
We have agents at the school now.
He's not there, and he didn't show up for work today.
Do you have any idea where he might be, how we can reach him? Edgar's working late.
There's a dance at the school tonight.
Is my husband in some kind of trouble? Agent Navabi.
What's in here, Mrs.
Grant? - Edgar's antiques.
- Antiques? He's a collector garage and estate sales.
It's where he dilly dallies, his workshop.
Edgar says the collection's quite valuable.
[Switch clicks, lights humming.]
[Footsteps descend stairs.]
[Line ringing.]
Hey, it's me.
Is everything okay? Under control.
Red's people took Agnes and everything I need to the safe house.
I'm headed there now.
I just have to pack a bag.
- What's going on? - We found his place.
This guy, Liz, he's a special kind of strange.
Take photos.
I wanna see everything.
Hey, let me call you back when I get to the safe house.
[Phone beeps.]
[Floor creaks.]
Don't move.
Just be still.
I'd like to ask you to turn around very slowly.
That's it.
- [Hisses.]
- Aah! - Reddington.
- It's true.
Agnes is safe with my people, but it appears the Debt Collector grabbed Elizabeth before she made it to the safe house.
We're getting the word out now, local and federal.
How did this happen? I thought your people were protecting her.
- So did I.
- It had to be Kaplan.
She must've hired the Debt Collector and told him where to find Agent Keen, which makes no sense.
She helped us to identify a suspect.
His name is Edgar Grant, a janitor at a public middle school.
- Do you have him? - No, but Navabi and a tech team are at a home as we speak.
I don't believe Kaplan is behind this.
We're not seeing the whole picture.
Find your suspect and do it fast before he collects on whatever debt Elizabeth allegedly owes.
- Where are you? - Traveling.
I'll do what I can from here, but my reach is limited.
You need to find Elizabeth, Harold.
[Cellphone beeps.]
Listen to me, Edgar.
That's your name, isn't it? - Edgar Grant? - How do you know that? The FBI raided your house this morning.
So if you hurt me, you'll only make it worse for yourself and your family when you're arrested.
Why are you doing this? You don't know me.
Oh, I'm a debt collector.
My client wants what you owe him, and he hired me to make you pay.
- Who? - Your old friend Tyson Pryor.
Tyson Pryor's in prison.
Why would you want to help him? Like I said, it's my job.
Things got a little rough for Mr.
Pryor in prison.
His face got disfigured because of a faulty deep fryer while he's doing kitchen duty.
So that's my fault? He wants to kill me 'cause he had a rough go inside? Kill you? Nobody's saying anything about killing you.
My instructors were not to harm a hair on your pretty little head until he's present.
Cooper: So it's him? Edgar Grant is the Debt Collector? Definitely.
He keeps the items he's collected in his basement along with detailed specs on each object.
A pair of hands taken from a man who physically abused his wife.
An eye from a witness who supposedly made a false ID.
- It's all body parts? - No.
Paintings, cash.
He doesn't return what he's taken to the person who's hired him.
He keeps them for himself.
What they get is revenge.
The satisfaction of knowing that their debt has been repaid.
Agent Navabi, you asked about anything relating to Elizabeth Keen? Hang on, I think we might have something.
Please tell me it's something we can use to track this guy.
No, not him.
But, um, maybe the psycho who hired him to grab Liz.
What do we know about Tyson Pryor? In 2012, eight handwritten envelopes were sent and delivered by the U.
Postal Service to the president of eight Universities around the country.
Inside the envelopes were blank pages.
And highly lethal doses of anthrax.
Yeah, I remember.
It was a huge news story.
Cooper: Three of the presidents targeted were killed.
Three more spent time in intensive care, but survived.
The Bureau launched a manhunt for the individual or individuals responsible.
Ultimately, the case was solved by a young FBI profiler who was on the New York Mobile Psych Unit.
- Liz.
- Keen's profile led to the arrest of one Tyson Pryor, a sociology professor at one of the schools who was angry at his university president because he was denied tenure.
- I thought he was sentenced to life.
- He was.
But according to the Bureau of Prisons, he has terminal cancer.
Pryor was granted compassionate release to a hospice in Baltimore two weeks ago.
So that's why he hired the Debt Collector, to get revenge before he dies.
Navabi, get to Pryor.
He's got to know a way to find this guy.
Gerard, I'm Special Agent Julian Gale.
This is Special Agent Ressler.
Yes, Agent Ressler.
W-Wait, you two know each other? Well, Donald was the public face of the manhunt for Raymond when he was on the run with Elizabeth Keen.
Everyone in my world knows Donald Ressler.
We're here to make a deal with you.
If there's a deal to make, I'll make it with Agent Ressler.
Yeah, that's not happening.
During the manhunt, I watched Agent Ressler's press briefings.
He was smug, arrogant, and professional.
You, my friend, just seem smug and arrogant.
You may go.
Listen, pal, you don't get to decide who stays, who goes.
No, only whether to talk or not.
Well, I'll just be right outside then.
Have a nice chat, Mr.
[Door opens.]
- That seemed to go well.
- What the hell was that? - He doesn't know anything.
- Clearly you wanna keep it that way, which is why there is a deal to be made.
You get me out, and I keep my mouth shut.
A deal requires that you talk.
No, a deal requires that I cooperate, which in this case means not to talk.
So if we say no, what are you, gonna betray Reddington? No way.
When it comes to self-preservation, there is only one person that I am more devoted to than Raymond, and you're lookin' at him.
My freedom for my silence.
Or I tell Agent Gale the truth about why you and I are such great pals.
I did what you requested, Raymond.
The FBI has my findings.
She's gone, Kate.
Elizabeth's been taken.
- How? - You tell me.
Her home was breached.
Whatever our issues, please tell me you didn't If Elizabeth is in danger, you know it's not because of me.
You may not have ordered her taken, but because of you, I am here.
If Elizabeth is harmed because of all this - I gave the FBI a name.
- Yes, Edgar Grant.
And the FBI is doing everything they can.
But he's already got her.
Whatever it takes, whatever you need, this conflict of ours can wait.
- Goodbye, Raymond.
- [Cellphone beeps.]
Please, I assure you none of this is necessary.
Tyson Pryor's killed a number of people already.
I need you to stay here.
[Door creaks.]
Put your hands in the air and turn around slowly.
You're having doubts.
I am.
I haven't loved many people in my life.
Kate is one of them.
You know, as much as her betrayal hurt, what really hurt was [Breathes sharply.]
knowing what I would have to do in response.
She was wrong to think Elizabeth and her child were safer without me in their lives.
But in the end, she was [Inhales sharply.]
she did what she did out of love for the little girl she swore to protect what seems like a lifetime ago.
It broke my heart.
That day in the woods.
Hearing the gunshot.
Leaving her behind.
Right or wrong, it was between you and her.
This war she started must stop.
Kate must be stopped.
I agree.
I'm just not at all sure of the right way.
And depending on the way, whether I'd be up to it.
I need to look her in the face and see if I still recognize her.
Raymond, she has gone too far all to prove that you have gone too far.
She can't see what she's become.
What if I'm the one who can't see? No, Raymond.
Remember why you surrendered yourself to the FBI in the first place.
Remember what all of this was about.
You can't give up now.
You can't let Kate destroy everything that gives you purpose.
Our work is not yet done.
I loved Kate, too, but it's time to end this.
Stop it.
Stop her.
[Door opens.]
[Door closes.]
I got nothin'.
- Did you tell him he could walk? - Yeah.
For the keys to the kingdom, and he says no deal.
He won't talk.
Is that a fact? You don't believe me? You wanna go talk to him? I'd love to.
Except he insisted on talking to you alone.
What what are you suggesting here, Julian? I'm suggesting the two of you know each other.
You're nuts.
Nuts or am I just blind to what's right in front of me? Don't go there.
When I mentioned Reddington's cleaner, you knew it was a woman.
You were Keen's partner.
Let me ask you something.
Where'd you disappear to for those three days, huh? - Look, I was working a case.
- Right, right, right, you were, uh, brainwashed, right? I mean, is that really your cover story? Because - That's the story.
Okay, Julian? - Yeah.
And I shot a Secret Service agent because of it, and they've been holding me.
That's where I've been.
Do not doubt me.
You got that? Loud and clear.
Elizabeth Keen where is she? - [Monitor beeping steadily.]
- Burning in hell for all I care.
Who are you? Part of a team that doesn't exist.
Which makes you a very unlucky man, Mr.
Because I can do whatever I want in this room.
[Beeping continues, lock clicks.]
And no one will stop me.
Lady, I just got out of prison two weeks ago.
Where you were overheard swearing revenge on Elizabeth Keen.
Every day to anybody who would listen.
[Breathes heavily.]
They put me in maximum security prison.
Do you know what they do to guys who look like me? I'm nothing but busted parts thanks to that woman.
Which explains why you had her abducted.
- Now where is she? - Keen's been taken? [Chuckles softly.]
I thought the sky looked a little bluer this morning.
You can drop the act, Tyson.
We found this in the home of the man you hired.
Detailed correspondence between you and a man known as the Debt Collector, proof that you paid him to abduct Keen.
Well, I don't know what that is, but it ain't proof, - because I didn't do no - [Thuds.]
- [Gasping, groaning.]
- Where'd he take her? I swear to God, lady, I don't know what you're talking about.
Where is she? Where would I get the money for a computer, much less a hit man? [Groans, exhales sharply.]
I got a wife, you know.
She was a dancer till a drunk driver hit her, took her legs.
Six years for aggravated vehicular assault, out in four for good behavior.
That don't seem fair, now, does it? Let me guess, you killed him.
No, no, no.
When that trucker got paroled, I tied him up, pounded his legs into meat with a sledgehammer.
So you see yourself as a crusader? Oh, heavens, no.
I'm a sociopath, clearly.
Turns out I-I enjoy inflicting pain, and I'm very good at it.
But there's not really a market for open sadism.
Crimes of revenge, on the other hand? [Chuckles.]
Now there's a gold mine.
And Tyson Pryor he's gonna get his money's worth.
- [Bell dings.]
- Woman: Can I help you? Miss Brady Boatright.
I'm here to sub.
Sixth grade, I believe.
Come on in.
Sign in at the office.
[Door buzzes and unlocks.]
[Indistinct conversations.]
[Door closes.]
[Switch clicks.]
Ike: Yeah, I posted it.
And I'm not taking it down.
Jenna: Ike, she's super upset.
Ike: What do I care? Not my problem.
- Please, delete the post! - [Door opens.]
She said she's not coming back to school.
You say that like it's a bad thing.
[Keys clatter.]
I'm so sorry.
Young man? Young man! Cyberbullying is grounds for expulsion.
I didn't do anything.
You're gonna take that post down.
What are you gonna do? Send me to the principal's office? No, son.
I'm gonna send you to the morgue.
[Gun cocks.]
Delete the post.
[Cellphone clicks.]
Do it.
[Engine turns off.]
- [Hisses.]
- [Grunts.]
Hey, looks like the gang's all here.
Come on! [Grunting.]
Ha! Ah.
Kate: I know where the Debt Collector's taking Elizabeth.
- Have you called Harold Cooper? - To arrest me? No.
They've already double-crossed me once today.
Then call my people.
Your people will kill me on sight.
[Door creaks.]
Pryor? Where are you? I got a young lady here who's dying to get reacquainted.
- [Grunts.]
- There you go.
We're talking about Elizabeth.
I guarantee you won't be harmed.
I'm closer than your people and the FBI.
I'm handling this myself.
If something goes wrong You'll what? Shoot me? Again? - Please be careful, Kate.
- [Cellphone beeps.]
[Door creaks.]
[Restraints tighten.]
No need for alarm, Edgar.
Who are you? Where's Tyson Pryor? I'm sorry to have misled you, but Tyson Pryor didn't hire you.
I did.
Hello, Elizabeth.
Sir, I could be wrong, but, uh, I think I might know where Agent Keen is.
Some kids at Horizon Middle School reported seeing a woman matching Mr.
Kaplan's description, and she was holding a key ring that said "Troop 1-4-4-4-1.
" And their old cabin is on Johnson Lake.
Get me the local authorities on the line.
[Bird calling in distance.]
Who are you? What what do you want? From you? Nothing.
This is all about getting to Kaplan.
By taking advantage of her love for you.
The only emotion powerful enough to get her to set aside the rage that consumes her.
A rage that I'm not sure she'll ever recover from.
I didn't hurt her.
That must've been dissatisfying for you.
You're a glutton for vengeance.
I understand.
There's almost nothing as satisfying as revenge, wanting someone to hurt because you hurt.
An eye for an eye.
Feels like God's work, until you realize there is no God and you've committed sins for which there is no absolution.
I just did what you asked.
Nothing more.
Word to the wise before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.
[Shell casing clatters.]
Stunningly applicable even after all these years.
Two graves? Is the other one for you or for Kaplan? Neither, I hope.
That's up to her.
[Restraints stretching.]
ID'ed all but six of the John Doe's.
Nice work.
I guess being a monomaniacal prick has its benefits.
You're all that - except for the monomaniacal part.
- [Cellphone ringing.]
[Cellphone beeps.]
- Liz is in trouble.
- Talk to me.
I know where she is and I've got backup.
But you need to be there.
Forget the suspension.
Look, just text me the address, all right? [Cellphone beeps.]
It's a it's another case.
You don't have to explain Donnie, look, what I said before, I didn't mean it.
No one's worked harder to find Reddington than you.
And I'm I'm sorry.
- I mean - Forget about it.
- All right.
- It's all good.
[Cartridge clicking.]
You lied.
You said you were trapped in steerage on a ship.
I thought I was until I was able to trade one of my last supply routes in the Balkans for a ride on Prince Hajjar's jet.
You had me kidnapped.
You put Agnes at risk.
Agnes was never at risk.
And I gave explicit instructions you were not to be harmed in any way.
Untie me.
I said untie me.
I wish I could.
She's on her way here now thinking she's going to save me.
I assume so, yes.
And you're gonna kill her.
As I said, that's entirely up to her.
I want to believe there's another way.
After everything that's happened? What could she possibly say to convince you? She doesn't have to convince me.
You already did that.
But for a war to end, both sides have to be willing to find peace.
And up until now, it seems Kate has believed the only satisfactory outcome would be if one of us dies.
If that's true, it has to be her.
Dembe: She's here.
Reddington, don't do this.
Thank you for coming, Cliff.
We believe Elizabeth's inside.
One unsub, likely armed.
The men are in position.
- [Beep.]
- Pascal, she brought a lot of backup.
Is this gonna be a problem? No, sir.
This will not be a problem.
Reddington, there has to be another way.
- Please don't do this.
- We move quickly.
Two men from the south.
Two from the north.
I count four body men plus our Betty.
Betty's on the move.
I can take the two at Betty's six and nine from my perch.
Ricardo? Copy that.
I can take the big one at her one and three.
- [Beep.]
- On my command, fire only if you have a clean shot.
Remember, she is not to be harmed.
- [Static crackles.]
- Kaplan! No! It's a trap! [Muffled scream.]
We've been set up.
I got eyes on a grass man 60 yards out.
There's another on our wing to the south.
No, don't shoot.
Pascal: I'm made.
I can take one shot, maybe two on your ready.
Repeat, I can take the Betty now.
Right now.
One shot.
- [Beep.]
- No.
They've got over-watch.
I count three.
Everyone, hold your positions.
[Beep, speed-dialing.]
[Cellphone rings.]
[Ring, beep.]
Hello, Raymond.
Said the fly to the spider.
[Door creaks.]
We go where our hearts take us.
Yours took you to Elizabeth.
And yours kidnapped her.
Thank you, Raymond, for proving my point better than I ever could.
You underestimate yourself, Kate.
The deaths you've caused in the name of crippling me have been more than adequate to prove what you've become.
I've watched you hold Elizabeth emotionally hostage.
I never thought you'd hold her physically hostage as well.
I wanted her here to bear witness.
I regret any hardship it caused her, but I believe, in the end, she'll agree it's a small price to pay for the truth.
I was your friend.
I protected you.
I comforted you.
I loved you.
The truth? This is the truth.
And it came at an excruciatingly high price.
What he did is indefensible.
But it's done and it can't be changed.
What matters is now, the truth today, and that is Reddington has given me his word that he can coexist with you.
Will you give me your word that you can coexist with him? No.
Because I can't.
FBI! Hands in the air! There are snipers in the trees! I count at least two! Bring them out.
Do it! Both of you.
I'll show you mine if she'll show you hers.
- The Debt Collector - Is dead.
Reddington hired him to lure her out.
I gave you 86 victims and you're arresting me? I don't know what to say.
Because you've already said it, deary.
When you called out to warn me.
To protect me from him.
[Cartridge clicks.]
["On Fire On a Tightrope" by JBM playing.]
In the morning tide In a role that I - Stop! Don't shoot! - Had filed Stand down! Stand down! Long away I resolved in the deeps In the hope To find a way Did I become - Any sign of Kate? - Nothing yet.
A search party is still on site.
You let her get away.
Liz: I couldn't stop her.
Well, you heard it yourself.
Her truth.
That we cannot coexist.
We ran the ballistics.
Kaplan's men didn't take that shot.
So we have a new actor in the mix.
[Door opens.]
Hey, Donnie.
So? Any luck on that case you mentioned? No.
- Two steps forward and three back.
- [Chuckles.]
I know exactly how that feels.
A new actor.
How is that even possible? Nobody even knew you were at that cabin.
That's what makes our mystery guest so intriguing.
I know Mr.
Kaplan said that the two of you can't coexist, that that was her truth, but I still hope it can change.
I have found in my experience people rarely change.
And when they do, they're not to be trusted.

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