The Blacklist s05e07 Episode Script

The Kilgannon Corporation

Did they go all the way down to Arctic Avenue? Yeah, if you hit Arctic, you went too far.
No, turn back.
Yeah, you're gonna hang a left on Ashley Street.
All right, I'll see you in a bit.
All right, Brax.
Bring it on! Whoo! There you go! [WAVES CRASHING.]
Mom! Michael! - Come on.
Come on.
- Yeah, I see them.
Come on.
Brax, Poppy, go to your mother! - Come on.
Come on, Brax.
- Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! [COUGHING.]
- If you answer your phone - Ohh.
- we are getting a divorce.
I have to meet Reddington in 30 minutes.
No! No, you don't! Just tell him you're on your honeymoon.
Tell him that your second husband insists - you take one day off.
- Um, technically - One day - you are my first husband because our first marriage was annulled - Uh-huh.
- and last night was our first time - Mm-hmm.
- sleeping together as husband and wife.
- Hmm.
- Well, actually, like, the third time - Well, first night.
- Mm.
- And morning.
- Mm-hmm.
Guy really has a problem.
That's your phone.
"No Caller ID"? - That's very mysterious.
- I want to keep it that way.
Hey, you could've won a set of steak knives or the lottery.
You know what? I did win the lottery when you agreed to marry me - Aww.
- again.
- And I have steak knives.
- So we're good.
It's fine.
Don't need to answer.
- Ah.
Are you okay? I'm better than okay.
I'm great.
We're great Tom and I.
We got married.
See? Now's normally when people say "congratulations.
Tom and I have had our differences, but I believe he wants what's best for you.
And Agnes.
Congratulations, Elizabeth.
Thank you.
You know, um for the first time in a very long time, I feel I don't know [INHALES DEEPLY.]
Then I see what's going on in the world.
Migrants hidden away in a Chinese freighter bound for South Carolina.
Human trafficking.
"Trafficking" implies the passengers are being moved against their will.
These people paid for the privilege.
All over the world, criminals are smuggling people into countries they can't enter legally.
Some are hoping for a better life.
Others are escaping war or persecution for a price.
People like me can help them.
Like you? You're in the human-smuggling business? I was.
My organization provided access to the Americas, various European countries, select destinations in Asia.
For a fair price, I provided a quality service.
Kaplan put an end to that.
In her feverish desire to destroy me, Kate destroyed my relocation networks.
Why are you telling me this? Because, as you can see, a ruthless and unscrupulous player has stepped forward to fill the void left by my absence.
- The ship these people were packed into like sardines was a death trap.
It wasn't fit to make the journey, which is why it sank two miles off the Carolina coast.
Zhang I'm a simple man.
When I hire a mechanic [CHUCKLES.]
I expect him to know how to fix my car.
When I hire a Snakehead, I expect him to know how to ship our clients without killing them.
It was a mistake.
29 clients died.
Clients who were supposed to pay a balance upon arrival.
But that's obviously not gonna happen now that they're dead.
We did what you said.
We put a-as many people on [GUNSHOTS.]
- [THUDS.]
Sorry, Da.
I wish you didn't have to see that.
Dead clients don't make us money.
But neither do dead employees.
RED: Elizabeth, whomever has filled the vacuum left by my downfall has to be stopped, or more innocent people will die.
So, Reddington was moving people illegally across borders.
Do I have that right? In his mind, he was giving people hope.
Some are only alive because he got them away from, you know, whatever they were running from.
Don't assume that all those people were good people.
Most, perhaps, but border control is essential.
Whatever you believe about the business, bottom line, people are dying, and that needs to stop.
The player who took over Reddington's routes - He doesn't know who it is? - Which is why he needs our help.
COOPER: Sounds to me like what you want is help getting rid of the competition.
There are much easier ways to earn a dollar than moving migrants.
I did it because someone will, and if it's going to be done, it should be done well by someone who holds to certain standards.
Very noble.
A man in your position has the luxury of acting on his own conscience.
I am the Assistant Director of the FBI.
I'll help you take down whoever took your place, but the Bureau can't be responsible for putting you back in the global smuggling business.
- Fair enough.
- Good.
Then where do we start? Greece.
The route north, through Macedonia.
It's the most traveled and the most lucrative.
It's a simple plan.
We put someone in the pipeline.
He gets the name of the person who took over my routes.
- We pull him out.
- Does that mean you know the access point they're using? I do.
Normally, I'd suggest we insert one of your people to get the name, but this time I suggest we use one of mine.
ARAM: We'll stay in touch via this device I can embed in your rear molar.
It works like a microphone and allows me to pick up your voice.
And I can hear you because the same transmitter allows the sound of your voice to travel up the jawbone and into my inner ear.
Yeah, that's that's right.
Um, how'd you know that? Khan Academy.
I took their course in electrical engineering.
Uh, don't you also speak, like, five languages? Eight.
You know, other than the fact that you sometimes have to kill people for a living, you're, like, my role model.
Open up.
He's in.
Aram, you have ears? ARAM: I do.
We are up and live.
Okay, heads up, people.
We have no idea what we're walking into here.
Aside from the fact that we have no legal authority in Greece and we're sending a civilian in undercover.
He's gonna crush it.
Welcome, friend.
Help you find something? I was told you have a copy of Eratosthenes' map of the world.
It's not for sale.
I was also told everything's for sale.
You'll have to ask the boss.
Let me look at you.
What's your name? Malik Charef.
Where you from, Malik Charef? Oran.
I see.
And how does an Algerian find himself so far from home? I traveled to Zawiyah, bought passage across the water to Lesbos.
And now I'm seeking safe transport to Berlin.
Search him.
He's onto something.
He's checking for a wire.
Who are you? The police? The Astynomia? Open your mouth.
Sir, what do you want us to do? Hold.
Let it play out.
You're not from Oran.
You've had dental work done in the West.
Maybe I should kill you.
Who are you? Count down from five.
If I'm with the police, they're listening.
They won't let you get to zero.
They'll storm this place, and then you won't have to guess who I am.
You think this is a game? [GUN COCKS.]
Let's play your game.
Five - Sir, they're gonna shoot him.
- We got to move.
No! Hold your position.
three two one.
Be here tomorrow, 10:00.
I'll have you in Germany by the end of the week.
The cost is 3,000 Euro, and payment is due up front.
The Irish are no longer accepting funds upon arrival.
LIZ: The Irish The coyote Dembe met with mentioned something about the Irish.
Do you know who he's talking about? Yes, the Irishman Arthur Kilgannon.
I've never met him.
He lives in Sofia.
That's not a city I frequent.
Hello, old man.
Is the sun past the yardarm? Perhaps I'll have a drink, too.
- TOM: Hey.
- I wasn't sure you'd come.
I couldn't take your calls.
My wife and I were, uh occupied.
- What have you got? - You were right.
Pete's been using my account information to take out a credit card in my name.
- And he used it here? - The fraud unit called, asking if I could confirm using one of my cards here yesterday at 6:43 p.
, so he was here.
Come with me.
Excuse me.
Can I help you? Sweetie.
Do you have somewhere I could try this on? Uh, no.
Sorry, I don't.
Figured as much.
Mind holding my purse? [KEYBOARD CLACKING.]
What do you think? Too tight? No.
No, it I It looks good.
Hey! Y-You can't be in here.
Hey, did you hear what I just said? [BOTH GRUNT.]
That one.
Time to go.
Thanks again.
You're a life saver.
Your reputation precedes you.
But unfortunately for you, so does yours.
You've had a setback.
Yes, of which you've taken full advantage.
Well, I doubt you came all this way just to compliment my efforts.
I have a proposition.
Well, then, you've come to the wrong Kilgannon.
My son handles all the day-to-day now.
He rebuilt your smuggling network in next to no time.
It's easy to move quickly when you don't care about quality control.
The ship from China? Colin said that's an isolated incident.
My sources say otherwise.
The way I hear it, travelers are dying all over the place.
In six months, the business you took from me won't exist.
My proposition is a 50-50 split.
Colin cedes operational control to me.
Mortality rates plummet.
Profits soar.
My son knows what he's doing.
The reputation that precedes you is one of a man with exacting standards.
I'm sorry to see that's not the case.
LENA: He's hurt.
TOM: Yeah, well, it's not easy killing a man.
I'm sure Nik put up a fight.
You don't know he killed him.
Well, he changed his appearance, so he's hiding something.
That one.
There that's his car.
What is that? A key? "Red Birch Motel.
" COOPER: Meet Arthur and Colin Kilgannon.
On paper, they're consultants to the shipping industry.
In reality, they smuggle illegal objects and substances around the globe.
- Including people.
- ARAM: They operate out of Bulgaria, protected by the older Kilgannon's political connections.
So local authorities won't cooperate - on warrants or subpoenas.
- Which will make it impossible to track their operation.
Not if we have someone on the inside to document it for us.
Absolutely not.
I've already been approved for transport.
You went in to get a name.
You got it.
- Mission accomplished.
- People are dying.
Which is why you mustn't go.
Or why I must.
I know what it feels like to be seen as less than human.
A thing transported for money.
You saved me from that.
Which is why I know you'll want me to try and save others.
I'll fly you back to Thessaloniki, then head up to Berlin and wait for your arrival.
If we lose contact, the Task Force will track you from the point of departure.
And I can work backwards from the destination until we find you.
- If something goes wrong - It won't.
If it does I'll look after your family.
I know you will.
But my concern is, who will look after you? [SCOFFS.]
GOGA: I commend you for getting this far.
Now all that stands between you and your destination is me.
Do as I say, and I will make sure you get there.
Disobey me, and I will make sure that never happens.
I'll see you on the other side.
That Chinese ship! You knew it was in no condition to make that trip, but you sent it anyway.
Who told you that? Raymond Reddington.
He'd say anything to get his routes back.
No, Colin, I've checked it out.
Hundreds dead.
And you gave the orders to overcrowd the ships and the trucks.
We're moving people in equipment unfit to transport livestock! - Da, listen.
- No! It's my fault.
I thought if I gave you the business, you'd change, but you've always had a mean streak, even as a child.
You've proven yourself to be unfit to run this business.
Sorry, Colin.
You're out! You can't do that.
Get off me! No! Colin! You can't do this.
Do you hear me?! [GRUNTS.]
Colin! Do you hear me?! Are they in Macedonia yet? Yeah, they just crossed the border using a series of tunnels along the Suva Reka River.
COOPER: I spoke to their Minister of Internal Affairs.
He knows that we have agents in-country watching the van, but that's all we're allowed to do.
Any official action has to be taken by the Macedonian police.
Hey, Dembe.
Everything is okay here.
We've got a solid fix on your location.
- LIZ: Looks like we've hit our first way-station.
Armed guards and gates.
You guys seeing this? All right, I clock multiple warehouses, rail cars, trucks a lot of movement.
I have eyes on a secondary exit, but there must be more.
There's no way we can cover them all.
No talking.
Let's go.
Come on.
Stay together.
GOGA: Quiet! Go, go, go, go.
ARAM: Guys, this place is the perfect cover a shipping complex housing over a dozen corporations.
Everything from smart-phones to frozen fish.
Shipping containers moving in and out.
How would anybody know some of them are packed with people? We could be looking at a lot more than just a way-station here.
This could be the Kilgannons' European base of operation.
If it is, there's probably enough evidence in that building to build a damn good case against them.
We should move on it now and get Dembe out - before something goes wrong.
- COOPER: I agree.
Let's end this before we get in over our heads.
I'll ask the Macedonians to secure a warrant.
LENA: There that's Pete's car.
You sure? Yeah.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing? - What does it look like? - [GUN COCKS.]
You don't know that he killed your friend.
We don't know he didn't, so if it's all right with you, I want to make sure he doesn't kill us, too.
You have a problem with that, you're welcome to wait in the car.
PETE: Who is it? It's Lena.
I need to talk to you.
- What are you doing here? Miss me? - Where's the suitcase? - Were you followed? - Suitcase.
- Shut the door! Where are the bones? You have no idea what they're capable of.
I know what you're capable of killing Nik.
He said you killed his friend.
Me?! If anyone's responsible for what happened to him, it's you [GROANING.]
for what happened to me, too! Oh, my God.
H-He came into the clinic looking for you.
You disappeared.
I was worried.
You lied to her about being married.
Why should we believe you about this? I don't care what you believe.
You roped us into this.
And the guys who did this They knew it, too.
They knew I put in a request with CODIS.
I don't know how, but they did.
So they came to my place to get the bones and kill me.
- Kill you? - Yeah.
After playing mumbly peg to try to get me to give up the names of anyone else who knew, which I didn't, FYI.
They did get the suitcase, I bet.
And Nik? He showed up after I passed out.
And when I came to, I heard a noise, a struggle.
I looked out.
I saw this guy.
He had his arm wrapped around Nik's neck.
I ran.
All I know for sure is that if he hadn't shown up, they would've killed me, too.
Up! Time to go! Let's go! Hurry! Quick! Quick, quick.
Move, move, move, move.
All right.
You, this truck.
- You, over there.
No! Move! I said move! [SHOUTING CONTINUES.]
- Wait! - Move! Please, that's our daughter! - Don't do this.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
We just lost the connection.
It sounded like he was hit.
- Get him back.
- I can't.
- Sir, we need to get in there.
- Nobody's going anywhere.
I'm not sending you blind into a building full of armed guards.
And we were specifically told not to take any action without the local police.
- I'm begging you! - It is my daughter.
- Please! - Mama! SAMAR: Tactical units are pulling up now.
- Anna! Anna! [SOBBING.]
- Ohh! - [GROANS.]
MAN: He's got a weapon.
Dembe? Do you see him? I don't have him.
He's not here.
Keen, check that truck.
MAN: Let's go.
- Dembe.
- Ohh! - Dembe is gone.
- What do you mean gone? We believe his truck left the premises before we got to the building.
Well, they couldn't have gotten very far.
We set a perimeter, but it's not that simple.
They used tunnels to get into Macedonia.
Elizabeth, somebody in that warehouse knows where to find that truck.
I know.
We're working on it.
Cornelius Goga.
You're losing a lot of blood, Cornelius.
Hey! Do not pass out on me.
That truck that just left Get on the phone and contact the driver now.
You won't find them.
"Them"? How many are still out there? The minute you raided, our dispatch sent a burn signal to our drivers.
- I don't believe you.
- You're too late.
Our drivers know.
They ditched their trucks, walked away.
Nobody can find them now.
Only our drivers know where they are.
- LIZ: Cooper? - We're here, Agent Keen.
- The photos you sent are coming through.
- Reddington? I'm right here.
Tell me what you know.
As of now, there are still seven trucks unaccounted for.
The police are looking for them, but the drivers were instructed to abandon them in hard-to-find places.
Dirt roads, parking garages.
- Then find the drivers.
- The drivers are in the wind.
ARAM: Uh, everyone, uh, I think we might have another problem here.
The truck in the photo you sent Is it the same size and style - as the one we think Dembe's on? - Yes.
Why? It's a refrigerated truck, meaning its cargo bay is airtight.
- If the truck stops running - The air stops circulating.
COOPER: Aram, can you pull up the specs on the truck? Tell us how much oxygen the cargo bay can hold? Actually, it's it's not the oxygen that's the problem, sir.
It's the carbon dioxide we breathe out.
3% is fatal to humans.
When the air reaches 3% CO2, everyone inside will asphyxiate.
How long? - Aram, how long?! - Hang on.
The truck's cargo bay is just under 1,000 cubic feet.
The average person produces about 1.
7 cubic feet of CO2 per hour, times 15 people.
- Maybe 2 1/2 hours.
- I have to go.
- Do what you can.
Hey! Can you hear us?! Why have we stopped?! Shh! You will give us away! You're afraid of being caught? We've been abandoned! - Someone will come.
- Staying calm will not keep us alive.
We have to get out of here.
There's not enough air.
It's okay.
Someone will come.
All right, I'm coming! [DOOR CREAKS.]
Where is Arthur? - I'm sorry.
Who are you? - I need to see your husband.
Please, It's important I speak to your husband.
My husband is dead.
Your Uh, your son? If you could get your son on the phone.
No, whatever on earth is the matter, please Mrs.
Kilgannon, someone I care about a great deal is in imminent danger, and I have very little time.
The only person who can help me is your son.
So unless you want this exchange to become considerably more heated you'll get him on the phone immediately.
- The entire facility lost! - [CELLPHONE RINGING.]
Do you have any idea what that means?! That one location was funding most of our operation! - [CELLPHONE BEEPS.]
- [SIGHS.]
I can't talk now! The seven trucks that received burn signals in Macedonia I need the names and addresses of the drivers.
You told my father I was unfit to run the company.
You tried to have me pushed out.
Why would I help you? Allow me to pay you the courtesy of being blunt.
I need your help to find those trucks, or I'm gonna have to put a bullet in your mother's head.
You'll kill my mother? That's your leverage? You have five seconds.
Oh, let's not waste time.
Go ahead and put her down.
Put a bullet in the old lady.
I would've done it meself eventually, - but you can save me the trouble.
I'm I'm so sorry.
Colin drives an old American sports car.
It was very expensive.
He had the vehicle outfitted with GPS tracking.
If you let me go to my computer I can give you his exact location.
GARVEY: Did I wake you? I'll make this simple.
I have the suitcase.
And because I have the suitcase, I need to speak with Raymond Reddington.
So here's my offer.
The person who puts me in contact with him first will live.
I can't guarantee the quality of your life, but breathing is part of the package.
The other two will die.
Thoughts? Questions? I can't tell you what I don't know.
That's more of a comment, really.
Tom, tell him, damn it.
Tell him! Look, he's the one who knows.
He ran it all.
He hired me to extract the DNA.
I just ran the search.
I see.
So you're of no use.
It's no small thing to betray a man like Reddington.
I'd want to think about it, too.
But, unfortunately, you don't have that luxury.
Maybe this will aid in your deliberations.
Wait! Wait! She doesn't know anything.
I don't.
I-I won't say anything.
I-I don't even know where we are.
I could just go - I'll just go.
- Go? You don't have to do this.
Darling, I-I'm not uncivilized.
I just need the information.
Go on.
You're free to go.
Then there was one.
Pull any docs that tie us to the facility and destroy them.
The bank records, payroll, evidence of our payoffs in the border - [GUNSHOTS.]
- Oh! Your mother brought you into this world, Colin.
Did you really think she couldn't take you out? Aah! I want the names of those drivers.
I can get them.
They're in his briefcase.
How convenient.
Who's he? My financial adviser.
He handles the payroll.
Thanks, Colin.
It's not working.
We need to save the air we have.
You need to slow your breathing.
This just came in from Reddington.
Those are the drivers happen who received the burn signal.
I don't understand.
How did Reddington He got to Kilgannon, got the payroll records.
We have their legal names and addresses and the routes they were assigned.
They've found three trucks so far two in a forest, one in a parking garage.
There's no sign of Dembe.
- How much time do we have left? - About 35 minutes.
All right, we need to get to these guys and find those trucks before they turn up full of bodies.
There were seven trucks.
There's only six on this list.
Reddington is going after Dembe's driver.
We all don't have to die.
- Sit down.
- No.
If there is something we can do, something to give a few of us - more time to be saved - What are you saying? I'm sorry, but if there were fewer people, there would be more air for the others.
- Enough.
- Let him talk.
Who do you propose? I was thinking by age.
The oldest first That seems fair.
Fair? To murder my wife? Yes.
To save others.
And who will do this? You? Look her in the eye as you choke off her last breath? I am not going to die here! And you will not kill anyone either.
I don't remember anybody putting you in charge.
Maybe you will go first.
Even with fewer people, the air won't last long.
We will not start killing each other just to die anyway.
Whatever happens we do it together.
Can you feel that? Can you hear it? That's your heartbeat.
Concentrate on it.
Slow it down.
It's okay.
Driver's not here.
I'm too late.
LIZ: You don't know that.
All of his stuff his clothes, prescription bottles It's all still there, right? He knows the police are after him.
He can't run with nothing.
He has to come back.
You ever wonder why Dembe stays with me why anyone so decent would spend his days at the side of someone so indecent? You saved him.
He owes you his life.
He protects you because you protected him.
No, Elizabeth.
Dembe didn't stay with me because he saw me as his savior.
He stayed with me because he saw me for the man I really was a man surrounded by darkness.
No friends who could be trusted, no faith that loyalty or love could ever truly exist.
I was Well, I was younger then.
Dembe connected his life with mine to show me, that day and every day, that the world is not what I fear it to be.
He is the light in the darkness.
Living proof that there is another way, that life can be good that people can be kind, that a man like me might one day dream of becoming a man like him.
He pledged his life, offered it up as evidence that I was wrong about this world.
Dembe guards my life because he's determined to save my soul.
You were wrong.
Nobody knows we're here.
Nobody's coming.
It's okay.
Your parents will be waiting when you wake up.
The truck.
Where is it? DEMBE: She barely has a pulse.
The ambulances are on their way.
She won't make it if we wait for an ambulance.
She's alive.
And sleeping.
The doctors expect a full recovery.
The resilience of the young.
I thought I'd lost you.
Not yet, old friend.
The world can be such an unsparingly savage place.
One could be forgiven for believing that evil will triumph in the end.
Those who believe so are wrong.
If you'd died today, like that, it would be all the proof I needed that you are the one who is wrong.
And here I am.
And here you are.
They found all seven trucks, packed full of people.
The police say some might not make it, but we saved a lot of lives today.
So that they could be arrested and deported like the others at the warehouse.
What about them? Ressler is on with Cooper now.
15 passengers as expected, yeah.
Three were taken to the hospital by ambulance.
And Dembe and Reddington took the girl.
- So you have 10 there.
- Correct.
Police have their hands full with the warehouse and the other trucks.
And once everyone's been cleared by medical, they asked us to transport everyone we've got back to the station house.
Sir, look, I have to say, I-I knew this was happening.
I knew people were risking their lives by the hundreds of thousands.
But, I mean, knowing it and seeing it It's different.
Agent Ressler, stay on the line.
Harold! I'm here with Dembe.
Thank God.
Oh, we have some good news.
It seems the young Anna Elazar will live to see a brighter day.
Another day, maybe.
I'm not so sure about brighter.
Her parents were arrested.
Who knows how long it'll take to reunite them? And even then, her future is back at that migrant camp in Greece.
Bleak business, Harold.
Yes, as we speak, my agents are preparing to transport 10 recovered migrants into the custody of the Macedonian police.
10 people with only minutes left, perhaps, before they wind up back in a cell.
Of course, were my agents to encounter any resistance while making the trip to the local station house, our hands would be tied.
We have no formal authority in Macedonia.
In fact, we've been specifically ordered not to engage with hostiles of any kind.
Donald! So I rise I rise I rise I'm not sure what will happen with the girl and her parents.
Well, I've found a little bribery goes a long way.
Who is in you? High rise [SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY.]
You hide them behind you High rise - Who is in you? - [DOOR OPENS.]
You know, all this time I've given you to think has prompted me to do some thinking of my own.
And, uh I got to tell you, I'm stumped.
When you consider all the people on the planet who would be interested in the contents of that case and you multiply that number by an even greater number of unspeakable things those people would do to get it, how the hell could it end up in the hands of a little pissant like you? Maybe because I'm not the pissant you think I am.
Oh, no? Do tell.
Your man got the drop on me at the Red Birch.
I'll give you that.
But that story has a different ending in a fair fight.
Shame I won't get a chance to see that.
Thinking time's over.
Listen, listen, listen! He's my boss.
CRESPIN: We've got a very serious problem.
Someone grabbed Keen and the case.
You want to know why I had that case? 'Cause I work for Reddington, and he sent me to get it.
- You're lying.
- I'm not lying.
I got a wife and a kid.
I'm not dying here, not from you, not for him, and certainly not for whatever the hell's in that case.
I don't even know why everybody wants the damn thing.
You want Reddington? I can give him to you.
He trusts me.
I can deliver him to you.
Just give me a chance.

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