The Blacklist s05e17 Episode Script

Anna-Gracia Duerte

I learned the truth at seventeen Reva, I'm home! Where are you? That love was meant for beauty queens And high-school girls with clear-skinned smiles Reva? Who married young and then retired - [MUSIC CONTINUES FAINTLY.]
- Hi.
How can you concentrate with that thing playing so loud? It keeps me focused.
Your grades don't show it.
Don't start, okay? The Friday night charades of youth You want help? I'm good with numbers.
I've got it.
Do you want to eat? Dinner's ready.
Maybe in a bit.
- I have a work meeting.
What can I do? It's work, hmm? - Mwah.
- Whatever.
And those of us with ravaged faces Lacking in the social graces Desperately remained at home Inventing lovers on the phone Their small-town eyes will gape at you [PHONE DIALS, CLICKS.]
I detest waiting.
Tell me something good, something worth waiting for.
We have a deal.
I have what you're looking for.
When will I get it? If Garvey ever finds out He won't.
Leave now.
You can be here in 30 minutes.
Wait, no [GUNSHOTS.]
But Jerry? Jerry? [CELLPHONE BEEPS.]
What happened? Nothing good.
Forensics says the report's gonna be ready later today.
I promised that we would protect him that I would protect him.
Aram, we're gonna find out whoever took this witness, all right? Tony Mejia was gonna testify that he saw Ian Garvey murder a cop.
And thanks to me he probably never will.
Whoa, wait.
Is that what I think it is? Oh, uh it was my grandmother's.
Amethyst is Samar's birthstone.
Now, here I thought you were all doom and gloom.
When are you gonna pop the question? What? [CHUCKLES.]
No, no, no, no, no, no! This is not an engagement ring.
It's just a ring.
But you guys have been dating for over a year.
You You give her just a ring, she's gonna think it's a proposal.
That's insane.
How can she think it's a proposal if I if I do not propose? I can guess what a woman's gonna do, but why she does it, I got no clue.
Apparently, I don't, either.
Well, why don't you ask one? Hey.
what's up? Yeah.
I, uh I want to ask you about, uh, the feeds from when I lost Tony Mejia.
You did not lose him.
Garvey took him in a highly sophisticated attack.
NAVABI: I have been telling him that for days.
Good luck trying to make him believe it wasn't his fault.
He has been looking at mug shots day and night trying to identify the man he saw.
Trying and failing, with the I.
and the surveillance feeds.
Three different feeds from three different businesses all blacked out 10 minutes before the attack.
Which means that you were vectored to that point.
Garvey knew exactly where we were gonna be and when.
- The feeds are worthless.
We're back to square one.
Good morning.
RED: I hope you have indigestion.
But if it makes you feel better, I'm in a bad mood.
- Excellent! - He's making fenugreek porridge.
My ancestors learned that it can cure a troubled stomach and soothe aches and pains.
Medicinal South Sudanese cuisine.
Cooking it up in their embassy's kitchen.
Aren't you living large? Thanks to Dembe.
His cousin was recently named foreign minister.
Of a country without an extradition treaty.
How convenient.
I'm not here hiding from American law enforcement.
I could dodge those raindrops and never get wet.
I'm here because of Garvey and you should be, too for your protection, and to cure what ails you.
Garvey is what ails me.
He took our witness out from under Aram.
I'm trying to re-trace how it happened, but if there's anything you can do Did you bring the file? Will you help or not? I'm trying to.
Are you saying this is connected to Garvey? Jerry Jawal wasn't just a port manager.
He was an important associate for the Nash Syndicate the man responsible for bringing product into the country safely and with the proper documentation.
He was killed yesterday while talking on the phone to me.
If he worked for Nash, why was he talking to you? He worked with the Nash Syndicate, not for them.
I've known Jerry for some time.
We were in the process of making a deal.
He'd agreed to bring me a ledger a list of every Nash Syndicate shipment and its point of origin for the last 14 months.
And you think Garvey found out and killed him first? 'Cause our agents have an entirely different explanation.
There's no mention of a ledger recovered at the scene.
They think it was a hate crime.
The safe was cleaned out.
Maybe the ledger was in it.
To make a hate crime look like a robbery? Now I have indigestion.
Tell me your theory.
Who's your hater? And what does he hate? Coogan Hudnutt, publisher of National Pride Weekly and the founder of the alt-right group known as the United Brigade.
A neo-Nazi with a fancy vocabulary, hiding good old-fashioned fascism behind a lot of America-first doublespeak.
The Bureau thinks that he's the one who killed Jerry Jawal.
When Jawal took over the port in Baltimore, he changed the management team, hired his own countrymen from India.
If they're supplying opium to the Nash Syndicate, it would make sense he would want his own crew in charge.
Coogan Hudnutt and his merry band of xenophobes weren't on board with that idea.
They started making threats.
Then, a stevedore got jumped and stabbed, and now Jawal's been gunned down in his own home.
I assume the agents in charge paid Hudnutt a visit.
They tried, but he was already in the wind.
I thought you went to talk to Reddington about the witness.
I did.
Reddington believes that recovering Jawal's ledger - is more important.
- Why? Because it contains the identity of the Nash Syndicate's supplier the original supplier, the one with the thousands of hectares of opium poppies that feeds their business.
And he says finding the supplier is the key to bringing down Garvey.
How? Can he connect them, prove Garvey is protecting the syndicate? All Reddington said was that we should use every conventional method at our disposal - to find Jawal's killer.
- And Mr.
Reddington? I think the methods he has in mind are a little less conventional.
Good afternoon.
You're good.
This stays outside.
- "This"? - Raymond, I'm fine.
I'll wait outside.
WALTER: What do you want? I'm looking for Coogan Hudnutt.
You must know where he is.
You're the guys who provide security at his tiki-torch rallies.
$10,000 goes to the first man to speak up and tell me where to find him.
- I'll tell you.
- Shut the hell up, Donnie-Wayne! That's a lot of money.
Come on.
Coogan talks a good game, but he's not feeding my I said, "Shut up"! Oh, dear.
Aah! Looks like we have a winner.
Where's Coogan? [GUN CLATTERS.]
- Ohh! [TAPS DOOR.]
Rumors are you're the man who killed Jerry Jawal.
You must have an item I'm looking for.
I didn't kill anyone.
And here I was afraid you might make this easy on yourself.
I can't believe we did this.
It's understandable you feel that way.
Just remember he was a terrible man, and what he did to you was unforgivable.
It's gonna be fine.
They have no idea.
You're late.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Wait, you you're not Are you her? You reached out through the network, asked for my help.
I just didn't realize that you'd be A kid? I'm 17.
Is it true? Can you help me? I can.
But you need to be very clear about what that means.
If I get involved he dies.
No second guessing, no second chance.
You're asking me to kill him for you.
Is that what you want? [SIGHS.]
Look I know exactly what you're going through.
Believe me.
Take this.
My number's in there.
If you decide you want my help, call.
- I can pay you.
- Mnh-mnh.
I don't want your money.
What I get is a name someone you know who also needs my services.
You pay it forward.
I need to get some pastrami.
What the hell are you gonna do with pastrami? Eat it.
What do you think? - Oh, well, I mean, is he - Not your man.
On the bright side, he is three inches taller.
Who knew skin was so elastic? [CHUCKLES.]
I've missed you, Teddy.
It's good to have you back on the job.
May we join you for lunch? Does an opossum have 13 nipples? I have no idea.
I would think it was an even number.
I'll give Dembe the address for lunch.
Walk with me.
Elizabeth, I have news.
According to Reddington, Hudnutt ordered the attack on the stevedore, but he had nothing to do with Jawal's murder.
NAVABI: So, we're back to Reddington's theory Garvey got to Jawal before he could give him the ledger.
But before we settle on any conclusions, I want to investigate every option rival drug organizations, domestic disputes.
Jawal was married.
Start with the wife.
See what she knows.
Uh, thank you.
Okay, so, uh, I'm sure it's nothing, but the forensic lab just called.
They have new information on the ambush.
I'm coming with you.
We're pulling it apart just to be extra careful.
But it didn't take too long to find out why your vehicle lost power in the attack.
- What is it? - Oh, I have no idea what it is, but I do know what it does.
It wirelessly accesses the power train control module and ECU software to allow for remote command of the vehicle.
Okay, we need to take this.
I need to open this up and see exactly what we're dealing with.
I know that look.
I had the same expression the first time my dad let me tune up his '76 Trans Am.
Let me get the paperwork.
How great is this? If we could connect this to Garvey Liz [CHUCKLES.]
Uh, so, um okay, so, there's this ring, and, uh, I wanted to give it to Samar.
But Ressler seems to think that, if I do, she'll think that I'm proposing.
He thinks that, because we've dated more than a year, that any woman would think that, but I disagree.
And, uh, you're, you know, any woman.
What do you think? She'll think you've proposed if she wants to marry you.
If she doesn't, the thought won't cross her mind.
Or if she doesn't? You mean, like, now or like, ever? Now, ever.
She knows if she wants to marry you, Aram.
But if she doesn't, which is it? I have no idea.
But if you give her the ring, you'll find out.
DALE: Do you have any idea what time it is? I'm sorry.
You want to tell me where you've been? Practice ran late, so I must have lost track of time.
And you didn't think to call me, let me know that you're okay? Tara, if you want more independence, you're gonna have to show me that you're ready for it understand? Go.
Get ready for bed.
I'll be up in a minute.
- [SIGHS.]
DALE: You know I don't like being stern with you.
All I want is for us to get along and be happy.
That's what I want, too.
I know, sweetheart.
Open the door, please.
Agents Ressler and Navabi.
Reva, baby, who is it? - It's the FBI.
- Sorry to interrupt.
I know this is a tough time for you and your family, but we're here to investigate what happened to your father.
My father? Nothing happened to my father.
He's here inside.
I'm sorry.
Is your mother at home? We need to speak with Mrs.
I'm Mrs.
Uh Jerry wasn't my father.
He was my husband.
NAVABI: I'm sorry.
- How old are you, exactly? - 16.
In our culture, it's not uncommon for women to marry young.
Her mother and I arranged the marriage in Maryland.
It was all perfectly legal.
Please tell us you know who did this to Jyothish and our family.
Ma'am, we're doing everything we can to try to figure that out, which is also why we're here to ask your daughter a few questions.
ADESH: Reva's a minor.
You can't question her without our presence and our permission.
It's our understanding that you were here in the house when Jerry was murdered.
Is that right? [SIGHS.]
I was downstairs, doing my homework.
You didn't see or hear the killer beforehand? Jerry came home and said he had a work meeting.
He couldn't stay for dinner, and then, he just went upstairs, and I heard the shots.
So the killer was already in the house, uh, when Jerry arrived? I don't know.
I guess so.
NAVABI: How long had you been home? Maybe an hour.
Uh, more, maybe.
I mean, I never went upstairs, so After the shooting, what did you do? I screamed.
And then, I called 911.
From which phone? My cellphone.
You can check it.
I'm not lying to you.
You didn't hide? You heard shots upstairs, you didn't think you could be in danger? ADESH: What are you saying? And the shooter if you stayed here and called 911, you must have seen the shooter leave.
Um Whoever did this could have fled from a window I-I really I don't feel very well, and RESSLER: Yeah, the police didn't say there was any forced entry, no broken glass Child brides? That's what this was all about? We got a warrant for the Jawal house and took a look at her personal computer.
Her files had been wiped, but using a flashing module, I was able to track some of her online activity, - and I found this.
It's an underground chat room of sorts.
I can see 83 members, all girls under 18, all legally married.
- Girls from where? - Everywhere.
Child marriage is happening all over the world.
And according to this, over 700 million women worldwide were married as minors to adult men.
And before you say, "It couldn't happen here," it does.
Half our states have no age limit.
More than 200,000 American children were married in the last 15 years.
Apparently, all that's needed is parental consent - or judicial approval.
- Look at this thread.
It includes Orthodox Jews, Mormons, Muslims, Christians.
It's like a child-bride support group.
They're talking about being forced to have sex, forced to be wives in middle and high school.
That is not all they talk about.
- They also talk about her - [KEYS CLACKING.]
a guardian angel, sort of like a mythic white knight that appears to set them free.
Set them free murder their husbands.
NAVABI: They can't do it through divorce.
As minors, they need adult consent, but the adults in their lives want them to be married.
Nine of the girls in Reva's group have husbands who have been killed or died in accidents.
COOPER: Keen, talk to Reddington.
See if he knows anything about this.
Ressler, Navabi, talk to the girls.
Press them for details on this guardian angel.
We could, or we could forget we ever heard about her.
Is it so wrong, what she's doing? These are adult men marrying children.
It's murder.
That's all our job description allows us to consider.
Go do your jobs.
Samar you okay? What's this? That is how Garvey stole the witness.
Based on the digital signature, I'm pretty sure it was made by the same person who created the next-gen surveillance gear used by the Invisible Hand.
That makes sense.
We know he worked for Garvey.
No, that part makes sense.
What doesn't is how he got it into the engine bay of a car in our motor pool.
The vehicle never left the building.
So, either Garvey got in Or he knows someone who can.
- You didn't answer my question.
- Am I okay? No.
I spoke with the hospital.
The reason Reva Jawal fainted she's pregnant.
It appears we were both wrong.
Our killer is neither Garvey nor a white supremacist.
Whoever it is, I'm sure the girls who hired him won't tell us.
They refer to him or her, as their guardian angel.
You were half right about Jerry Jawal's death.
The ledger, the contents of the safe the whole robbery scheme was clearly staged to cover the crime.
So, in order to find the ledger, we're gonna need to find the killer who staged it.
The young lady who fainted, was she taken to a hospital? Those agents clearly thought you were hiding something, Reva and I have to say, so did I.
It's ridiculous.
Reva, tell him.
RED: Yes, please.
And if you won't tell him, do tell me.
Excuse me.
This is a private room.
Who are you? A friend or a foe.
I'm fine with either one.
Let's just say, an interested party.
My name is Raymond.
The woman who killed your husband am I right in assuming it was a woman, Reva? [BEEPING CONTINUES.]
I understand why you've been protecting her.
She saved you.
Freed you from the unimaginable nightmare of a forced marriage with a man three times your age.
I need her name, Reva.
Your husband was a drug dealer.
He worked with a particularly vicious organization, helping to smuggle their drugs at the port.
And now you killed their man a critical asset.
What do you think they'll do when they realize it was you this gang of killers notorious for showing no mercy to their enemies? [BEEPING CONTINUES.]
I'm so sorry.
I don't want to hurt her, Reva.
But she has something I need.
It means nothing to her and everything to me.
Who is she? I don't know.
She never said, and we couldn't ask.
All I know is that you pay her back by finding another girl who also needs her help.
You referred her to another client.
I'm starving.
When's breakfast? I'm going to be late for school.
You know I love a hot breakfast.
I could write you a note.
You've decided? I can't do this anymore.
Kill him.
Stick to your regular routine.
I'll be in touch when it's done.
- Hey.
All right, so, this is the composite sketch of the man I saw take our witness.
Were you able to identify him? No.
But, um, I was talking to Samar, and [KEYS CLACKING.]
Did you give her the ring? And risk finding out that she doesn't want to be with me? Um, no.
I'm sure she wants to be with you.
You're a catch.
Uh, yeah, that really hasn't been my experience.
I'm, uh, sort of more a more of a catch and release.
All right.
Point being, "A," she would crush me, and, "B," I realized that someone put the remote access device on the transport vehicle while it was in the motor pool.
I assume you checked the log books, surveillance feeds.
I did, and I found nothing inside the building.
Maybe they looped the feed or found a way to avoid the camera.
I don't know, and I don't care, because outside the building, I found this guy here it is walking towards the post office.
And he and this guy are the same person.
I got nothing off the sketch, but at least we now have his photo.
Crazy, right? Eyes like a wolf.
I'm running it through NCIC to find his connection to Garvey.
Good morning.
You You won't find one.
Why not? B-Because he has no connection to Garvey.
How do you know that? Because he works for Reddington.
Reddington called.
He has the name of our Blacklister's next client Tara Rayburn, 16 years old.
Woodbridge address, but at this hour, she's probably in school Mandell High.
After-school activities apparently include cheerleading and conspiring to commit first-degree murder.
Her husband's name is Dale Rayburn, owns a used car dealership here in D.
If Tara's already connected to the killer, he could be in serious danger.
What a shame that would be.
Navabi, get to the girl.
Ressler, secure the husband.
Tell me it wasn't you.
Tell me that, after we finally found a witness to corroborate my I.
on Garvey, you didn't take him.
Elizabeth, hold on.
I will not let you avoid a direct question to try and confuse me or leave me in the dark.
Well, now I'm confused.
Answer me! Give me a direct answer to my simple question.
- Elizabeth - Not now, Dembe.
Answer me did you or did you not steal Tony Mejia out of FBI custody.
You know that I did.
Because Garvey has your duffel bag? He owns you.
You betrayed me the entire Task Force so that he wouldn't expose the truth.
I betrayed no one, least of all you.
I told you I was going to get that duffel bag.
If Garvey is in your custody, that will be impossible.
If Garvey goes on trial, that will be impossible.
So, until I have that bag, I will do what I must to prevent that from happening.
But I will get it, and then Garvey is going to die.
Is Tony Mejia dead? Did you kill him? You know the answer to that.
It's more complicated than you realize.
I need to contact our lawyers, Tara's parents She's the subject of a murder investigation.
I'm not asking your permission, Principal Cohen.
This is a criminal matter.
There are procedures.
Tara, this is Agent Navabi.
She I need this room.
What? Sorry, no.
As I said before, we cannot discuss And as I said before, I am not asking for permission.
Now, step outside, or I will have you arrested for obstruction of justice.
We know, Tara.
We spoke with Reva Jawal.
We know she murdered her husband with the help of a woman she heard about online.
As payment, she had to refer a new client.
I don't know any Reva Jawal.
It's not too late.
Have you met with her? Is your husband in any immanent danger? Kill me? Come on.
You can't seriously believe Tara wants me dead.
Oh, it's far more serious than that, Mr.
We think she may have actually arranged for somebody to do the job.
- Ridiculous.
Tara is happy.
We're happy.
Listen to me however unhappy you are now, it is not worth destroying your life.
If anything happens to him, you will go to prison.
I don't I don't know if I can stop it.
So there is an active plan.
You need to call it off.
My partner's already talking to Tara.
Then Tara can tell her herself.
She wanted to get married.
Her parents approved.
Our minister blessed it.
We have a good life.
Somehow, I doubt that.
- [BEEPS.]
- Bill, I thought I told you to get the '06 Audi in to Service.
BILL: Yeah, Boss.
Already did.
Then why am I looking at it outside my window? Get down! Witchy child put a spell on me And there ain't no way I can be freed I've been imprisoned by your demon lust Cursed by your black magic touch Stop! FBI! It ain't easy, but you've got to change your evil ways Help! Please, please! That man he's trying to kill me.
Hey, buddy.
What's going on? Damn, you know I've burnt some sinner's fire [GRUNTING.]
Chased the devil, now I've seen the light Ain't no escape from these evil ways FBI.
I must break free She touched your coat.
I need it.
Come on.
Come on.
Let's go.
It ain't easy, but you've got to change your evil ways JUDSON: We got a problem.
You gonna tell me what it is, or you want me to guess? Keen.
She's searching for Tony Mejia.
For some reason, she must think he's still alive.
She reached out quietly to a few law enforcement-agencies, asking for help locating him.
- That's a problem? - It's not.
If you ask me, it seems like just the opportunity we need a perfect way to secure our leverage.
I think we should help Agent Keen find what she's looking for.
Back up.
Reddington attacked the convoy? He's the one who took the witness Reddington, not Garvey? Why would he do that? Because if Tony Mejia ever testified, then Garvey would go to prison, and Reddington wouldn't get his duffel bag.
And until he does, it seems that Mr.
Reddington will do whatever he can to protect Garvey, including steal a material witness right out from under us.
We figured Mr.
Reddington would try to move him, try to get him as far away from Garvey as possible.
So, we put a BOLO out to every private airfield on the East Coast.
- Any luck? - Maybe, yes.
There's a customs officer who thinks he saw Mejia board a private plane just a few hours before we issued the BOLO.
Go both of you.
If you get confirmation, we'll get a manifest, track down where he was going.
We got an I.
on the Blacklister.
She's 17? This young woman's responsible for killing at least 10 men.
I couldn't believe it myself.
She's old enough to research how to build a bomb in a backpack.
So, when she ran, she grabbed a guy, touched his leather jacket.
Now, I had the lab run it for latent prints.
- And you got a hit? - [KEYS CLACKING.]
We did.
An immigration record.
Anna-Gracia Duerte, born in Brazil 17 years ago.
The State Department says that she entered the country at 13 with her husband.
Can that be right? 13? She married an American businessman by the name of Robert Corbin.
He was working for a publishing company that had offices in Brazil.
He was 43.
And this an official copy of their marriage license.
So, the killer who's freeing child brides is one herself.
The marriage license has an address in White Oak.
Get there, now.
I'll take the roof.
You take the alley.
Stay back! Don't come any closer! - I'll jump! - Please don't do that.
I will! Stay back! Look I can only imagine what you've been through.
One minute, you're a child, the next, you're married to a man 30 years older than you.
I wasn't just married to him! [VOICE BREAKING.]
He raped me! He lived near my family's home.
One day, he invited me in to see his apartment, and I reported it.
Went to the police.
When my parents found out, they were angry at me.
For shaming them, for causing a scandal.
To make it go away, they told a story.
They said we were in love.
They went to Robert and made a deal, like I was something to be traded! I'm so sorry.
I survived in his hell for almost three years.
Until one afternoon when I freed myself.
Salvation from a $10 kitchen knife.
I knew then what I would do.
That I would die, if necessary, trying to save others.
My parents were murdered when I was 9.
My brother and I, we were sent to live with our father's family.
And then, slowly, I began to heal.
This was thanks in large part to my cousin Yana.
She was 15.
She was like a second mother to me.
Until one night at dinner, my uncle announced that she was going to be married to a man that none of us had ever met.
That night, Yana and I, we sat and we cried.
'Cause the next day, the man came, and she was gone.
I didn't have the chance to help her.
Please give me the chance to help you, Anna-Gracia to tell your story.
This isn't where your story should end.
It's a private terminal, so Customs and Border Patrol comes out to meet any foreign arrivals, you know, just to make sure everything checks out.
And it was this young man you saw.
- You're certain of it? - Pretty sure.
I had just finished clearing a flight from Buenos Aires, and I was driving back to the office right past this hangar here.
He was in pretty bad shape.
ARAM: What exactly did you see? The hangar door was slightly open.
I saw that guy getting out of a car with a second man.
Now, the second man was wearing a hat and a long coat.
You know, one of those hats that's got the fancy little - A fedora? - Yeah.
We have an idea of who that might be.
They boarded a Gulfstream G650.
The manifest says they were headed for the Antilles.
Officer Officer, what are you doing? We've been set up.
JUDSON: Hello, Agent Keen.
We're gonna need you to come with us.
You work for Garvey? He's waiting.
DEMBE: Elizabeth! [GUNFIRE.]
You understand what you're asking? She's guilty of multiple counts of murder.
The first was her husband, a crime she committed when she was 16.
Her age doesn't legally justify what she did.
I'm not excusing it, Gerald.
I'm explaining it.
A 13-year-old rape victim, forced by her parents to marry a man over three times her age a girl who couldn't drive a car or consent to legally have sex with a man over 18.
Her parents consented for her to a live of repeated sexual assault.
The marriage was legal.
And in most states, if you marry the man who allegedly raped you, he can't be prosecuted.
Imagine that girl's state of mind, Gerald.
She could argue duress, insanity.
Maybe for killing her own husband, but then, she kept killing.
To save others.
In her mind, she was protecting other girls victims, like she was.
Her lawyers will make her the poster child for stopping forced marriage for minors a martyr to the cause of ending the most widespread sanctioned abuse of women in the world today.
And you will be the man fighting her.
She's just a kid.
She's learned everything there is to know about pain and betrayal.
Let's teach her something about mercy.
Why didn't you pull me off of him before? I know you could have.
I found it mildly therapeutic.
I owe you an apology.
You were watching me in Boston.
I suggested you take refuge here.
You chose not to.
So, yes, I was watching you in Boston.
I don't accept your apology for taking our witness.
I'm not apologizing for that.
I'm apologizing for telling Garvey that I would kill him if he ever came after you.
And why would you apologize for that? Think like a criminal, Lizzy.
Because by threatening him, you told him how important - I am to you.
- Yes.
By telling him not to come after me, you guaranteed he would.
I don't expect you to accept my apology not until this ends.
And when it does maybe.
I don't know if this is your fault or not.
But I do know I'm only here because of you.
So thank you.
I understand you have the young girl who killed Jerry Jawal in custody.
I need you to ask her a question for me for us.
I'm tired.
We're almost done here.
Anna, the U.
Attorney has made a decision.
He has the right to charge you as an adult for your crimes.
Instead, he has agreed to charge you as a juvenile offender.
I'm not sure what that means.
It means that you'll have to plead guilty to everything, agree to counseling and the need for rehabilitation.
But it also means that you will not be going to an adult prison.
If you do the time and stay out of trouble, you could be out by the time you're 21.
21? How? W-Why would they do this for me? Because for the first time in a long time, someone is going to treat you like what you are a child.
Thank you.
Anna, there is something you could help us with.
Reva Jawal's husband had a safe.
Before you left that night, you emptied it out.
- Do you remember? - Yes.
There was a book a black bank ledger.
We searched your apartment, but we couldn't find it.
I threw it away.
It's very important.
I found you at the window again Looking out, watching the leaves falling in Isn't this delightful? RED: Ha! Some kind of back scratcher, I think.
And it was something like a dream [GRUNTS.]
Here's a bag of noodles.
Wow, so perfect, couldn't talk to me Remind me again why a list of drug routes is more valuable to us than the key witness you stole out of FBI custody.
Your witness presented a legal threat.
Unfortunately, Mr.
Garvey isn't afraid of legal threats.
Or of you or the police or the cartels.
But he is afraid of losing his power, which is exactly what I intend to take from him when we find this damn ledger.
And the time moves slow Wow.
Palm Thai.
What is what is the occasion? No occasion.
I just had a tough day.
I thought I could wash it down with a little Pad See Ew.
Do you not want Thai? Because I think we have other stuff.
No, no, no.
Thai is good.
Thai is No, That's great.
It's, uh, just that, uh it's, uh, it's so dumb, really.
Uh, you know how my grandmother's she's getting rid of a lot of stuff.
Well, she just thought that, um What? It's, uh It's, um It's, uh It's nothing, really.
You just didn't love me like I do [BOX CLICKS OPEN.]
Like I love you It's beautiful.
The sad thing is we're better off this way She'll be so happy to hear that.
It's really more from her than it is from me.
Stop it.
I know it was your idea.
I love it.
Thank you.
And the time moves slow when you're all alone So, should we eat? Eat.
Yes, you know food.
I'm starving.
Time moves slow Are you sure you want Thai? Because I can order something else.
No, no, really, I'm good.
Everything I want is right here.
To run away is easy It's the leaving that's hard Running away is easy Ah.
Running away is easy [CELLPHONE DIALS.]
- It's the living that's hard - [RINGING.]
And loving you was easy GARVEY: Yeah.
You tried.
You failed.
Well, you know what they say.
If at first you don't succeed You've had your turn.
Now it's mine.
Well, don't get too eager.
I've still got what you're looking for.
But now I'm not the only one who's missing something of value.
What are you talking about? I'll be in touch.
When you're so alone Time moves slow [SIGHS LIGHTLY.]
Time moves slow
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