The Blacklist s05e20 Episode Script

Nicholas T. Moore

- Aah! - [GRUNTS.]
You okay? Huh? - Can you keep going? - Yeah.
- Is it them, Daddy? - Stay put.
All right.
Here, honey.
Stay right here.
I'll be back.
- [GASPS.]
Whoa! Right on, sister.
Power to the people.
What was he doing here? Smokey? Just a quick visit.
Bless his heart, he was worried about me.
Should he be? - Yes.
- No.
The gunshot wound's not the issue.
What concerns me is the concussion.
You have a concussion? So it seems.
Dembe and I were in a minor car accident.
Reddington, you suffered a significant blow to the head.
Any brain bleed appears to be under control as of now, but that could change.
You're on bed rest no argument.
If the headaches get worse or you experience any slurred speech - or delayed motor skills - This is all wildly inconvenient.
So's dropping dead from a cerebral hemorrhage.
I'll have a trauma team on standby.
I don't want him leaving this apartment.
So, how does it feel? - [DOOR OPENS.]
- How does what feel? To know the man responsible for killing Tom is dead.
- Tom died so I could know the truth the secret hidden inside that bag.
That's still out there.
Garvey must have hidden it.
Now that he's gone, we have to accept the fact that it may never be found.
And I'm guessing you have no idea where to find it? It was Jennifer, wasn't it? How you knew that Garvey would betray our agreement and try to kill me at the meet.
You knew where she was, and you didn't tell me.
She spent most of her life hiding from you.
I thought I should honor her request.
I agree.
So you accept that she doesn't want to see you.
I do.
So you won't go and see her? You heard the good doctor.
It appears I'm not supposed to go anywhere.
Reddington is gonna try and get to this girl.
- NAVABI: I thought he was on bed rest.
- He is, which gives us a head start on finding out how she's connected to Ian Garvey and the missing duffel bag.
A girl with leukemia found walking alone on the western edge of New Hampshire.
No name, no parents, no fingerprints or I.
on file.
They think she walked out of the woods.
What makes you think the article has any connection to the location of the bag? Reddington was reading it this morning, and when I saw him, he tried to hide it.
Not very well, apparently.
This girl is important, I'm telling you.
Look at this story It has all the hallmarks of a case on the Blacklist.
ARAM: A young girl appears out of nowhere, completely untouched by modern medicine.
Not only is there no evidence of vaccinations, she has zero trace of the toxins we encounter on a daily basis.
I'm telling you, the only thing that Reddington cares about is finding that bag.
Do you really believe he would stop his search to read some random article about a girl with cancer who suddenly walks out of the woods? Pay the girl and her doctors a visit.
See what we're dealing with.
Whatever Reddington's hiding, it's time the truth came out.
You shouldn't be here.
I'm fine.
Lomay has always been a Nervous Nellie.
I'm not talking about Dr.
- You told Elizabeth - I told Elizabeth I understood why Jennifer wouldn't want to see me.
I never said I wouldn't try to see her.
What? Ian Garvey.
I know he meant a great deal to you.
The answer's no.
And I'm sorry for your loss.
I know why you're here.
It's to to see if he gave me a duffel bag, and he didn't.
Yes, I believe you.
You should.
I don't care about your bag, and I don't care about you.
If Garvey didn't give it to you, it's possible he gave it to your mother.
You're never gonna find her.
Which means you know where she is.
After you abandoned us, we lost everything.
Mom lost everything.
Her house, her friends, her entire history.
Everything but her decency.
That you cannot take from her.
I need to find Naomi.
Maybe, but you never will.
BROOK: When she was brought in, she was violent with the staff.
We had to sedate her.
She tries to refuse treatment, doesn't want anyone even touching her.
What's that on the floor? It was in her backpack, some mineral concoction.
Lab says it's harmless.
Psych team says she believes it has protective powers.
- From what? - Mind if I go in? Be my guest.
It's okay.
I'm a friend.
Did someone hurt you? Your parents, are they okay? [BREATHING SHAKILY.]
They took my dad.
Who took him? What happened? No! No! You're infected! Stay away from me! No! No! No! MOORE: "It seemed to him that he had gone a terribly long distance when something tickled his nose That wonderful nose could smell the" - [BREATHLESSLY.]
- The Scout team from the north, they've signaled.
They found one of 'em.
They're bringing him in now.
Secure the perimeter.
Sound the distress signal.
Uh, notify the men we're bringing in an "afflicted.
ROBERT: No, please! [GROANING.]
Please, no more.
- Where's the girl? - Couldn't find her.
We think the Ollo may have taken her.
He's infected.
Won't last the night.
Prepare the inglenook.
ARAM: Okay, so, I think I have a lead.
There was another one found 46 miles from where our Jane Doe turned up.
Okay, you have our attention.
2003 maintenance workers from RBX Rail discovered a deranged man walking on a remote section of track in Grafton County.
The man claimed his name was W.
Frost, that he was lost, but law enforcement couldn't confirm his identity, find any family, or even the community from which he says he wandered.
- He appeared out of thin air.
- Just like our girl.
Like our girl, he had no modern dental work, and his blood work exhibited the same rare biological pathogens.
Is Frost still alive? Can you put us in touch with him? Between '05 and '08, he was a ward of the state, committed to the Heinritz Psychiatric Center in Concord.
He was under the care of a Dr.
Francis Woerner, who is an expert in something called "Anomalistic psychology," which is the study of extraordinary behavior and experience, including those which are often labeled "paranormal.
Woerner, thank you for meeting us - on such short notice.
- Of course.
I'm quite curious about the child, the one you found.
- Have you seen her file? - I have, yes, but I'm curious about what wasn't in the file.
Did she tell you about - the Contagion? - [DOOR OPENS.]
Anything from Stav? Not in the last 10 minutes.
He's on her person and her phone? Yes, and checking in more often than my mother before the cancer got her.
If Jennifer visits Naomi or calls her, we'll know.
Garvey must have had a death switch in place a way to get one of them the bag.
We just need to find out what that is.
Smokey needs to find out.
You need to rest and take your antibiotic.
I'm sure Smokey'll find out as soon as he's finished adjusting his collar.
No, Smokey won't, because Smokey's a genius who already found it out, or at least found the guy who can tell us what iis.
- Mm-hmm - Garvey's number two.
- Judson.
- As we speak, he's clenching his keister at the Holt Federal Detention Center an hour and small change from here.
- Can we trust him? - Pardon my French, but d-eaz-oes eaz-a b-eaz-ear eaz-in th-eaz-e w-eaz-oods? As Alexander Fleming should have said but never did good intel is the best antibiotic.
When I met Frost, it was as if he'd come from another time.
His knowledge of history, science, pop culture they all ceased in 1957, as if they'd been erased or simply never happened at all.
How did he explain the present your computer, modern vehicles? The Contagion.
I don't know what that is, the Contagion.
Frost was a paranoid man haunted by delusions.
Early in his treatment, we believed he might be enduring hypnagogic hallucinations, but in the end, there was no clearer explanation other than what Frost believed to be real was real, that he'd somehow survived a cataclysmic event he called The Age of Contagion.
- Found it.
Perhaps it would be best if you heard it from Frost himself.
WOERNER: Tell me again when it happened.
June 24, 1957.
And what happened on that day? How did it get out of control? Carl Davies.
He was a tech at a medical research lab called Cyntax.
Suffered an accidental needle stick within six hours, they'd lost containment of Cambridge.
England was infected by the next night America three days later.
But you you got out? Not me, the elders.
They made it into the woods.
Only survived because there was a wretched freeze, killed most of 'em, but a few of the uninfected survived.
Those survivors who went on to found New Haven, they remain isolated? Free from infection by the What do you call them? The Ollo.
Remind me, who are the Ollo? The others.
Like you.
The ones who carry the strain.
That's why we guard New Haven, keep it pure.
What happens if someone wanders away or gets infected? Gotta get purified, set clean, taken to the inglenook.
Let all mortal flesh keep silence And with fear and trembling stand Ponder nothing Earthly minded [ROBERT WHIMPERING.]
- For with blessing in his hand - [SCREAMS.]
Christ Our God to Earth, descendeth [SCREAMS.]
Our full homage to demand [CLANKS, LATCH CLICKS.]
King of kings yet born of Mary No! [BREATHING SHAKILY.]
As of old on Earth he stood I can't imagine how you must feel, - but remember - [SNIFFLING.]
- he strayed.
- No, no, no! He got himself infected.
He did this to your family.
What about my Maybelle? We're searching.
But remember what has to happen if we find her.
Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia, Lord most high! DR.
WOERNER: Frost was convinced that the Ollo would come for him, that, if he were found, he would have to be purified by the inglenook.
His only protection was a dust he called "rhyolite" no spirits could cross it.
He left circles on the floor of it, lined the windows.
We'd like to speak with Frost.
Do you know where he is? We received a call one night from security window was broken, sign of a struggle.
- So, he escaped? - Either that, or Frost was right, and the Ollo came for him.
RED: You all right? My car.
It was parked right here.
You see what happened to it? See? '66 Mustang, burnt orange metallic, white racing stripes? Ronnie, I couldn't take my eyes off it.
Stunning, really.
Who are you? How do you know my name? Oh, I know quite a bit about you, Officer Glanton.
I confess, my first thought was to kidnap your wife, but word on the street is you may love that vehicle of yours even more than the wife.
I'm calling the police.
That won't be necessary.
I just need a small favor.
What kind of favor? There's an inmate on the cellblock you supervise.
His name is Judson.
I need to have a word with the man.
Judson? - This is about Judson? - Help me make contact, and we'll return the car unharmed.
I took the liberty of calling you a cab.
Think about it.
I brought you something.
Rhyolite to keep the Ollo away.
What's your name? Maybelle.
That's a pretty name.
My name's Elizabeth.
Are you from New Haven? How did you I know a lot of things, Maybelle.
I know about Davies, Cambridge, the infection.
I know about the Ollo, but I'm not one of them.
Can you take me to New Haven, keep me safe? Are there others like us? The Ollo came for us when we tired to leave.
I got away.
They took my dad.
Why did you try to leave? I'm sick.
My dad said he heard about people who could help me.
Your daddy's a very smart man.
What did they do to him? That's for Mr.
Moore to decide.
I'd like to meet him.
Can you take me to Mr.
Excuse me.
- It's going to have to wait.
- Sorry, lady.
- They need her downstairs.
- I can call her doctor.
Her doctor's the one that wants her in microbiology.
Evidently, she's needed downstairs.
Don't let him take me, please.
- I don't want to go! - It's okay.
We're gonna figure this out.
- Is this really necessary? - The child is ill NAVABI: And the victim of a crime.
We need to find her family.
- Can I help you? - Yeah.
I'm, uh I'm here for the patient the Jane Doe in 314.
No, that patient was already picked up I'll take the service entrance.
I've got the front.
Notify security.
Have them lock down the facility.
Tell them our Jane Doe's been abducted.
Put your hands up.
Gone? What do you mean she's gone? Overcome.
She's vanished.
I've run, uh, hospital feeds, uh, CCTV.
And what about the van? ARAM: Uh, there's no plates, no clean shot of the V.
The laundry service and phone number are fakes.
And her cell? Found on the side of the road a quarter mile from the hospital.
- It's gonna be okay, Aram.
- Um, okay.
I pulled one image of the abductor, but - I can't find any matches in the system.
- Send it wide.
I cannot believe this is happening.
It's gonna be okay.
Everything is gonna be okay.
Stop staying that, Liz.
Everything is not gonna be okay.
Samar was taken by a professional, and we do not have a single credible lead on how to find her! I think I got something.
Keen said our Jane Doe mentioned a name - before she was taken.
- Yeah, Moore.
And I ran that through our database.
Get a load of this the Bureau has an open file on a missing male.
Nicholas Tyler Moore 30 years old when he vanished back in 1973.
And you think he's connected because? He vanished from Grafton County in New Hampshire.
Where our Jane Doe was found.
And where W.
Frost was found wandering the tracks.
Any friends, family? He's got a widow in Tamworth.
One day, he just takes off don't show up to work, don't come to church.
Nobody's seen him since.
He didn't leave a letter, ever try to call? No explanation at all? Nicholas and I didn't have what you might call a healthy relationship.
We found a young girl we think may have seen your missing husband.
No, that ain't right.
Miss Moore, have you ever heard of a man by the name of Carl Davies? What does that got to do with anything? - So, you have.
- Well, of course I have.
He's the whole reason for New Haven.
New Haven.
Where is that? What is this really about? The girl we found We think she may be from a place called New Haven.
Is that a fact? Afraid of the Ollo, think they're coming to get her, use rhyolite for protection? I'm sorry.
Uh, how do you know this? The girl ain't seen my husband.
She just read his book.
Officer Glanton, welcome aboard.
I deliver the earpiece, and our business is finished? That's the agreement.
How do I know you'll hold up to your end? Look to your left, Ronnie.
You'll find the car right here when we're done.
The keys and a bonus prize for playing will be under the left rear floor mat.
Pick it up.
Here you go sir.
What Shut up.
Take it.
Don't look at it.
It's an earpiece.
RED: Mr.
Judson, good to see you up and about.
For a moment there, I thought you might've suffered the same fate as your employer.
Reddington? We have unfinished business.
You have something that belongs to me.
You mean the duffel bag? I don't have it, and I don't know who does.
Careful, Mr.
You're at a crossroads.
What you say next could determine the rest of your life.
Look, Garvey knew you were closing in.
A few weeks before he died, I took him to the airport.
He had the bag with him when he went, and when I picked him up after, it was gone.
Where did he go? [SIGHS.]
Costa Rica.
You want the duffel, that's where it is.
She's here - [VAN DOOR CREAKS.]
- delivered as promised.
Who's she? Don't you worry about her.
Yeah? Why not? You contracted for the girl.
You got the girl.
I'll take care of this one.
Edward has fueled the jet.
If you insist, we can leave within the hour.
You're a good friend who takes better care of me than I deserve.
The pilot on Garvey's jet says a town car was waiting for him on the tarmac.
Company dispatch gave me the address where he was taken.
- Why would they tell you that? - They didn't.
Detective Rodrigo Vallejo, del Organismo de Investigación Judicial.
My last fiancée taught me español.
It's her.
I can take you to Naomi.
What changed? I have questions I need you to answer.
I don't think you'll be honest unless properly motivated.
A car will pick you up in half an hour.
I-I-I-I thought we were wheels up A.
You still are.
Track down that address.
Call me when you have.
I'm I'm I'm going without you? Best-case scenario, Costa Rica tells us where the bag has been and where it's going.
Finding Naomi Hyland may tell us where the bag is.
Dembe, inform Edward there's been a change of plan.
ARAM: "The Age of Contagion" is a little-known paperback written by Nicholas T.
Moore in 1971.
It tells the story of a group who survive a plague that nearly wipes out civilization.
They then retreat to the forest to hide from the infected, or the Ollo.
Everything we've learned from the girl, W.
Frost, it's all in this guy's book? New Haven, the rhyolite, the warnings about leaving camp.
LIZ: You think Frost wandered away and stumbled upon modern civilization? And the sick girl? Her father? She told me they went in search of modern medicine for her, only to have him dragged back.
Just like Frost.
ARAM: If these people are actually isolationists like the characters in the book, then they think that we are infected.
And according to the book, once you're infected, the only way you can be purified is by burning in some giant, furnace-like fire.
Which is what they'll do - The girl.
- And Samar.
- Why even bring her back? - She could expose us.
So, you're gonna what burn her? She is just a child.
The rules are the rules.
There's no way around it.
Look, Vera, I don't like it, either but it's what has to happen.
It's what's best for everyone.
You said you had some questions.
How does this happen? How do you close a restaurant down in the middle of the day? How can you be so calm when you're on the FBI's Most Wanted List? Please.
Would you like coffee or tea, something to eat? No, thank you.
Just answers.
You haven't asked any real questions yet.
You've expressed curiosity about the tricks of my trade a pedestrian form of legerdemain mastered by any number of experienced outlaws.
That's not why you're here.
Okay, here's a question Why am I here? You want to know why your father abandoned you.
I'll have tea.
Green, please.
Sir, I think I found something.
Okay, so Jane Doe was found along a remote stretch of road in New Hampshire.
Frost was found 46 miles to the south.
- Both in Grafton County.
- Yes, which is important because Moore's book refers to something that he calls an Invocation Ceremony.
It's like a baptism.
It takes place in a waterfall.
Now, out of 85 waterfalls in New Hampshire, 25 are in Grafton County, and one, Stinson Brook Falls, is located just 2 miles from where Jane Doe was found.
That's excellent, but does it give us a specific search parameter? No, but this does.
Okay, tax records deeding 580 acres of wooded land to a non-profit entity the same year that Moore vanished.
Notify the team.
- Thank you, sir.
- For what? Not saying it's gonna be okay.
So, you're saying you were framed? I'm saying a perfectly plausible narrative was created.
By some shadow government called the Cabal.
Secret societies exist.
The Cabal, the Trilateral Commission private organizations that harness powerful forces to tip the scales in their favor military engagements, U.
interventions, treaties.
The Cabal is the one I stumbled across and tried to destroy.
To prevent that, they tried to destroy me.
How does you getting targeted by a scary group of people who think they rule the world explain why you abandoned us? You weren't abandoned.
You were protected.
So, you forget my ground rules, which is I take you to Naomi in exchange for honest answers.
In 1990, the KGB and the CIA had almost nothing in common except the mutual determination to hunt down one individual.
Being a fugitive from American law enforcement is a lot easier than being a fugitive from the two most powerful nations on Earth.
And anyone close to a target of theirs becomes a target themselves.
- Family.
- Especially family.
Unless they're abandoned on the side of a road on Christmas Eve.
After you left, we went into Witness Protection.
Put where the Cabal wouldn't find you.
Or my father.
An effective, albeit excruciatingly painful solution.
Effective? You survived, as did your mother, to whom I hope you are now willing to take me.
He will give to all the faithful His own self for heavenly food [CRYING.]
Mommy, please don't let them take me! Rank on rank, the host of heaven Don't listen to her, Pearl.
Don't let that tainted spirit into your head.
- Remind yourself she's been infected.
That is not our girl.
No! Mommy! No! Help me! [SOBS.]
- Help me! [CRYING.]
Mommy, no! Help me! No! Mommy! O God, we humbly beseech Thee - for the soul of your servant Maybelle - [CRYING.]
that today Thou has commanded to depart from us, that Thou wouldst not deliver her into the hands of the enemy, but command that our precious Maybelle be received by Holy Angels There's something in the trees! The Ollo! - [ALL MURMURING.]
- Sound the alarm! - At his feet the six winged seraph - MAN: Everybody inside! Positions! Mommy! [SOBS.]
- Cherubim with sleepless eye - [ALARM BLARES.]
King of kings yet born of Mary [GUNFIRE.]
As of old on Earth he stood Look behind you! Look out! Look out! [GROANS.]
Veil their faces to the presence As with ceaseless voice - We have containment! - they cry - [CRYING.]
Alleluia - Alleluia - It's okay.
Maybelle, I'm here to help.
Okay? Alleluia, Lord most high! Come on.
- Did you find her? - No, not yet.
What do we know? Dozen, maybe more inside the big house another 20 confirmed in the building behind.
They're well armed, but with older weapons.
My men are clearing the out buildings as we speak.
- They're forcing a stand-off.
- So, you haven't found her? - Found who? Who's this? - Aram, hold up.
Look, I need a line inside to speak to whoever's in charge.
If they haven't found her, then she's gotta be inside with them.
- We don't know that.
- Or she's not inside, and then she's in even more danger, but someone in there knows for sure.
We have to go in.
- We can't, and you know that.
- HRT's en route.
We cannot wait for a negotiator.
We have to do something now.
Aram, I know how scared you are, but you have to calm down.
We have a protocol.
They think that we are the enemy, that we are infected with some kind of virus.
They are not gonna just let us walk in.
Okay, we have a perimeter at a 100-yard radius.
Snipers on the mark.
State's Patrol's flanking along route 116, but HRT can't land here the terrain's too rough.
We're staging in Benton and driving in.
- How long? - Hour.
45 minutes tops.
- Did you get that line inside? - Not yet.
My men can't find phone lines.
We're working on radio - Hey! Get him back here! - Aram.
- Wait! - What are you doing, Aram? MOORE: Stop him.
That's far enough.
ARAM: I'm unarmed.
My name is Agent Aram Mojtabai.
I'm with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
There was an FBI way before 1957, so you you know what that is, right? There's no FBI anymore.
Oh, boy.
Yeah, see, uh, you think that.
I-I-I know you were taught to believe that, but, uh, I'm here, and, you know, we're we're here, and we are not infected.
We are not the Ollo.
What do you know about the Ollo? The things that you've been told, the story about Carl Davies and his experiments, how he was accidentally stuck by a needle which triggered a plague it's it's all fiction.
You're saying it didn't happen? What I'm saying is that it is literally fiction.
This book This book that I'm holding It's called "The Age of Contagion," and it was written in 1971 by an unemployed, aspiring novelist from Tamworth, New Hampshire.
And his name his name was Nicholas T.
Shut the door.
He doesn't want you to know the truth.
He doesn't want anybody born here to know that he has been lying to you.
He never even really existed.
He's, um He's just a character who worked at some made-up company called - Cyntax.
- Yes, Cyntax, the fall of Cambridge how the plague spread through Europe to America.
It's That's Chapter Three.
A group of survivors survive a plague and avoid infection.
They then retreat to the wilderness to to start their own society - New Haven.
- That's enough! You're him.
Nicholas T.
You tell them.
You thought civilization was doomed, so you created one of your own, based on your book.
Back away now, or I swear I'll shoot you myself.
I can't do that, not without Agent Navabi, the one inside.
You let her go.
- I don't know who that is.
- There's no Agent inside.
Is she hurt? Just Could Could you Could you just tell me if she's okay? You heard Mr.
Back away.
Do it now! Okay, okay! Just read it.
Read it.
You will understand everything if you just just read it.
MOORE: Pearl! Pearl, what are you doing? Pearl, stop.
Stop! Get back in here! PEARL: How is this even possible? Carl Davies, the Contagion, the Ollo they're in a book.
The book is real Every date, place, the invocation, and the waterfall, all of it! No, we want to hear this.
SWAT COMMANDER: I just got word from my team.
We searched every inch of this compound, and your agent she's not here.
- How far off is the negotiator? - 25 minutes.
If I hear so much as a gun cock, we breach on my command.
PEARL: He spells out everything the compound and the elders, our security measures, the rhyolite.
- Is it real? - This is what the Ollo do! They creep into our minds and try to corrupt us and drive us apart.
My baby is out there now.
Tell me, is it a lie? Mother, are you part of this? VERA: Pearl, no! Pearl! My daughter! Where is she? Hold your fire! Hold your fire! What have you done with my baby girl? [GASPS.]
MOORE: The writings in that book is simply the story of what is to come.
What does that mean? A story? A prophecy about the sickness that's overcome our society, one that we must protect ourselves against.
If you leave, I cannot save you! Do you hear me?! I cannot protect you from their plague.
No! Nicholas! [GUNSHOTS.]
Go now.
Breach, breach! [GUNFIRE.]
Go, go, go, go, go! Hurry up! [GUNFIRE CONTINUES.]
When I wake up I know, I know I'm gonna be the one Who wakes up next to you When I go out I know, I know I'll be the one who goes along with you We searched the entire place.
She's not here, Aram.
I'm sorry.
And if I get drunk Hey.
Hey, where is she, - the agent, Samar Navabi? - [GROANS.]
You know exactly who I'm talking about, and you're gonna tell me where she is.
Come on! Answer me! Where is she? - Where?! - Gone.
- Gone away.
- Come here.
Come here.
What do you mean, "She's gone"? He knows something! I'm gonna be the one who's havering to you - And I would walk - This cannot be right.
500 miles See for yourself.
And I would walk 500 more Just to be the one Who walks a thousand miles To fall down - What happened? - You did.
at your door How? She was shot twice coming out of her apartment.
No one knows why.
I thought maybe you did.
When I'm working, I know I'm gonna be You didn't abandon us to protect us.
You just abandoned us.
And you know how I know that? 'Cause I know what it's like to have somebody love me so much they would rather cut ties than see me hurt.
My mom did that.
And not by slinking out in the middle of the night, by sitting me down when I was in college and patiently explaining how terrified she was of you, that one day you'd want back in my life, that you'd force her to tell you where I was.
I know I'm gonna be the one Who comes back home to you To protect me from that, from you, she walked out of my life.
I didn't even know she was dead until she'd been gone nearly a year.
I'm sorry.
Her husband finally tracked me down told me some enemy of yours once kidnapped her, cut off her finger.
Is that your idea of protection? No, it's not.
It wasn't nearly enough.
An honest answer, at last.
And I hope you give me one more to my final question.
Will you please never contact me again? Yes.
I'm gonna go, leave you to a long overdue apology.
Da da da dun diddle un diddle uh da Da da da Da da da Da da da dun diddle un diddle uh da Da da da Da da da Da da da dun diddle un diddle uh da [VEHICLE DOOR CLOSES.]
Da da da Da da da It's okay, Mom.
Because of your husband, Maybelle's gonna get the help she needs.
All he cared about was her.
And thanks to him, she's gonna be okay.
Da da da dun diddle un diddle un diddle uh da No demands for ransom yet.
- I'll call you back.
- Anything? - No, it's not good.
Still no sign of the van and zero matches on the surveillance photo of the unsub - from the abduction site.
- Reach out to Keen.
Have her notify Reddington, see if he can help.
Tell her time is of the essence.
Da da da dun diddle un diddle un diddle uh da Da da da Da da da Da da da dun diddle un diddle un diddle uh da Da da da Da da da Da da da dun diddle un diddle uh da Any word from Smokey? Not yet.
We're waiting on Dr.
I asked her to join us.
That won't be happening.
I just spoke to the good doctor at your apartment.
Imagine my surprise when she told me you were headed to Costa Rica when you told me you'd be convalescing at home.
I said those are the doctor's orders.
I never said that I would follow them.
And I never thought you would, but you knew that, didn't you? Which is why you played that little game with the newspaper article the one about mysterious girl? You knew I'd clock it, follow up on the case, and go on a wild goose chase while you went after the duffel bag.
Best laid plans.
Now, if you'd excuse us, we're wheels up in about 10.
I will not excuse you, - and you're not going anywhere.
- Why is that? Because Samar is missing, and I need your help to find her.

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