The Blacklist s06e02 Episode Script

The Corsican

1 MOREAU: You don't know me.
You may think you do.
You may have heard things, stories, about the way I work, jobs I've done, and what I'm capable of.
MCMAHON: I know your reputation, which is why we hired you.
The incident will appear to be part of your political agenda.
No one will know its real purpose if you can get it done.
Everything is on schedule.
I haven't heard from you in nearly a month.
- Not a single word.
- I told you, I couldn't do your job without making a few changes.
Those changes have been made.
Target will only be in town for a day.
He knows about the coup attempt.
If he tells anyone I told you, it's on schedule.
MCMAHON: But you haven't told me how you'll do it.
Will it be on-site? If so, how do you intend on getting past security? How will you get out? Do we have assurances this won't get back to us? Are you saying you want me to call it off? No, what I'm saying is that the fate of an entire country rests on you doing your job.
- MOREAU: So stop talking.
Consider it done.
What is this? Who are you? Believe it or not, I'm you.
Yes, I only need you to recover the data.
And, no, I already told you.
I can't tell you why.
Buck, did I ask you questions when you needed me to pretend to be your girlfriend at the last reunion? Yes, I Yeah, okay, great.
Thank you.
Call me back.
Well? What did he say? He asked a lot of questions.
But can he recover the medical files Reddington erased, - tell us what he's hiding? - Look, Liz, I get that we're on our own and that Reddington can't find out what we're doing, but can you explain to me again why we can't just go to one person in the FBI? It's too risky.
- Because you think he'll find out? - He will.
Anyone who's ever gotten close to the truth about who Reddington was before he became Reddington ended up dead.
My husband, Dr.
Ian Garvey.
Jennifer, trust me.
We can't go to the Bureau, not yet.
We've got to stick to the plan and see if your friend can restore the medical files Reddington erased.
RED: Elizabeth? [WHISPERING.]
Help me pick these up.
You can't let him in.
He can't see me.
No, he can't.
No one else is gonna die.
The friend who wants to help us is a really good guy.
We can't let anything happen to him, please.
No one.
Bad time? No.
May we? Hmm? As a fugitive from justice, I prefer not to linger in public hallways.
Of course.
Come in.
Have you lost weight? Hmm.
Five pounds.
Seven pounds when it's in the morning.
Let me look at you.
Well, you look fantastic.
Thai chi and spinach suit you.
I feel like a different person.
I'm sure you do.
I have news about the Corsican.
LIZ: According to Reddington, Moreau wasn't deterred by the shootout at Dr.
Koehler's operating room or our near miss at Reagan National.
Instead, he's reaching out to arms dealers about an upcoming job.
What job? Did he have any details? Reddington doesn't have any, but he's reaching out to his contacts now.
But if he's right and Moreau is arming up, that means he's going to work.
Which means people are gonna die.
What's the latest on Moreau? Any hits from the airport authority or local police? Well, we've scoured CCTV feeds, but he was obviously avoiding the cameras.
Nothing clearly shows his face.
So we're hunting for a killer, but we have no idea what he looks like.
Correct, but we do know that he purchased a ticket under the name Dino DiPasquale and was all set to board Premium Sky flight number 206 to JFK.
Now, the alias is burned, but He's headed to New York.
No, he's already there.
We put out an alert on his vehicle, the one that he stole from the employee parking at Reagan.
Port Authority flagged it passing through the Holland Tunnel just after 6:00 p.
We may not know who this guy is, but we know who he was A nationalist, a hit man who targets globalism in all its forms.
Navabi, alert possible targets Wall Street, the media, consulates.
Ressler, Keen, get to New York.
There's an assassin in the city, and we need to find him.
ALBRECHT: I don't know about the others.
I only know how it works for me.
- The first basement.
- Yes, the first basement.
It's a door marked "C2," northeast side of the building.
Once inside, there's a checkpoint I'm not interested about the first checkpoint.
Tell me about the second one, where they check your badges.
How do you know that? Please, why are you asking me these things? Talk to me about the second checkpoint where they check your badge and your access code.
How do you know these things? The one they sent you this morning, I need you to write it down.
Now! You sure? Yeah.
Now it's time for you to get into the trunk.
What? Please, no.
- Just - Wait, quick, quick, give me your badge.
Now Get in the trunk.
Wait, no.
AARON: Are you listening to me? The network cut my license fee in half.
I'm paying ICM 10% off the top, and now the studio claims that it's still in deficit? Yes, I want to sue.
Yesterday, if possible.
Finally, people I can trust.
I warned you, Aaron.
How many times? The arms business is like Ring Around the Rosie compared with this business you call show.
Hand to God, I'd rather my daughter marry Arafat than a network or studio executive.
At least he paid you the courtesy of lying to your face.
I once provided transportation for a Chinese cobalt magnate who insisted on funneling his ill-gotten gains into a three-picture deal with Woodman Blake.
Huge hits, each one bigger than the last.
Careers were made.
Awards were won.
A single dollar over a billion in net profits, and he stood to double his investment.
The movies grossed almost $3 billion worldwide.
In anticipation of his windfall, my associate purchased a mansion in Sydney and a yacht in Montenegro.
When the studio accountants were finished sharpening their pencils, the net was $999 million to the crooked penny.
He went into receivership, and his wife left him for a talent agent.
Not that that's gonna happen to you.
I mean, financially, you're screwed, but look at the bright side Your wife's dead, may she rest in peace.
You said you had a question about Moreau.
Yes, his whereabouts.
I'm told he reached out to you recently.
Mm, he did, but, um Aaron, I wouldn't ask you to divulge information about a client if it weren't urgent.
I appreciate that, my friend, hmm? From you, I have no secrets.
If I knew his whereabouts, you'd know his whereabouts, but I don't.
Oh, then how about the place where you're sending the material he ordered? He didn't order any.
I had a cache of RPGs, mint condition, no interest.
All he wanted was a reference for a contractor.
And who was that? Maxwell Ruddiger.
Name mean anything to you? Like a blast from the past.
RESSLER: If you're good with it, I'm good with it.
I already told you, I'm good with it.
What am I missing? See, I know you, and I know there's no way that you're okay with Reddington killing a guy in our custody so he wouldn't have to identify that skeleton.
No, you don't want to tell me what's really going on, I'm okay with it.
But don't insult me by saying you're good with it.
- Thank you.
- For what? For being okay with it.
What you got for us? MAN: Charles Albrecht.
He was a courier for the Turkish consulate.
When he didn't show up for work, the consulate reported him missing.
They were on alert because we put word out.
Did the consulate say whether he was in possession of any privileged or classified documents? He was carrying a diplomatic pouch that contained classified information.
The pouch is missing, and since the Intel was classified, the consulate won't say what it was.
Well, we already know what it was Something Moreau's willing to kill for.
Even if it was Moreau.
A Turkish courier? How does that fit into his nationalist M.
? What else can you tell us? The diplomatic pouch wasn't the only thing missing.
His I.
was taken, too.
ARAM: Okay, I think we have a problem.
ARAM, what is it? - Okay, it's about Albrecht.
Cooper spoke to the ambassador at the Turkish Embassy, who confirmed that Albrecht was headed to a meeting at Get this The United Nations.
That's how it fits his M.
ARAM: All right, U.
Security Police says Albrecht's badge was swiped six minutes ago at the first basement level, - [SIREN WAILS.]
- entrance C2.
All right, ARAM, coordinate with security, put that building on lockdown, and see if they can't get a location on that badge.
- We're on our way.
- Keen.
- Elizabeth I have news about the faceless assassin you seek.
LIZ: He's headed to the U.
Yes, to deliver a bomb.
A bomb? You know this because? The device was purchased from one Maxwell Ruddiger A lush, a scoundrel, an old friend, and a consummate technician of all things explosive.
That's why Moreau targeted the courier.
This was about access.
RESSLER: Moreau simply needed a way to get his device into the building.
LIZ: Well, the badge will get him in, but not the bomb.
They'll scan it at security, stop it there.
RESSLER: Unless they don't.
Moreau didn't choose just anybody with security clearance.
He specifically chose someone carrying a diplomatic pouch.
LIZ: Which they won't seize because it's not subject to search.
Elizabeth, the contraption you're hunting for is a binary device that contains enough ammonium nitrate and hydrazine to wipe out the entire General Assembly if not take down the building itself, and it's volatile.
The slightest bump or jostle could detonate the thing without warning.
- How do you know this? - I know this because I'm sitting with the madman who built the damn thing.
Maxwell Ruddiger is with you? We're en route to you as we speak.
You need to clear the building, locate that device, and find a way to get us to it, but do not let anyone near that widowmaker until I can get Ruddiger there to undo the devil he's created.
- Understood? - Yes.
Max, perhaps you should put down the gin and tonics.
You have a job to do, and you'll need steady hands.
The gin and tonics are exactly what give me the steady hands.
Better have another.
Crawling Over your window You think I'm confused I'm waiting for the divergent wasp - To complete my current ruse - [BEEP.]
You use a plate-glass screen To protect my chosen target But there's an air-pellet hole I can crawl through to you Jean Topperwien, head of security.
Agents Ressler, Keen, FBI.
You need to evacuate this building.
We have an evacuation plan, but there's no guarantee we won't lose your unsub in the process.
Well, that's a risk we're gonna have to take.
You have to clear this building.
Do you have a location on Moreau? MAN: We know where the badge was last swiped.
Take us there, now.
I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly Fly in the, fly in the ointment - [ALARM BLARES.]
- Attention, all personnel, this is an emergency.
For your safety, please immediately locate the nearest exit.
- This is not a test.
- Fly in the, fly in the ointment [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE.]
I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly Fly in the, fly in the ointment Sir! Stop.
Put it down.
- Special Agent Elizabeth Keen, FBI.
- I am the fly, I am the fly We have reason to believe that case contains - an explosive device.
- I am the fly, I am the fly I need you to put it down slowly - and do exactly as I say.
- Fly in the, fly in the ointment I am the fly Okay, uh, all right, I have the feeds up now.
RESSLER: All right, I'm putting you on with the head of security now.
MAN OVER INTERCOM: Attention, all personnel Agent Mojtabai.
- Hello.
- Hello, we're holding evacuees on the north lawn.
I'm trying to get you access to those feeds now.
Okay, thank you.
- Move, move! MAN OVER INTERCOM: Attention, all personnel My gun, he's He's got my gun.
Officer down.
Repeat, officer down.
North atrium.
Suspect's armed and on the move.
MAN: Our evacuation protocol is clear.
I've been authorized to change it.
The FBI has no authority here.
Besides, we won't evacuate emergency personnel - During an actual emergency.
- You need to leave, including all UN Personnel, NYPD responders, NYPD bomb squad, HDU, everyone.
That was my superior officer.
The Secretary General just hung up with Homeland, and they've requested we evacuate all emergency personnel.
Who are you people? What's going on here? 10-4, we're clear.
This is certainly a first.
Move aside, and let the man go through Let the man go through Move aside, and let the man go through Let the man go through Move aside, and let the man go through Let the man go through Move aside, and let the man go through ARAM: Okay, I think I got him.
All right, ARAM, talk to me.
Which way? - Let the man go through, through - All right, turn left.
No, right.
No, no, no, your right.
He can't be more than 20 yards ahead of you, moving west.
If I stole somebody else's wave to fly up RUDDIGER: I apologize, it's probably a silly question But why are the police escorting us, again? The police and I have a special kind of relationship.
Yeah, but this, they treat you like Elvis.
Yes, except the President gave Elvis a badge, and I don't really need one.
Too fat, fat you must cut lean You got to take the elevator to the mezzanine - Chump change - Okay, I can't tell.
- And it's on, super bon bon - Uh Come on.
Where'd you go? All right, I, I lost him on the feed.
- Too fat, fat, you must cut lean - I do not have a visual.
You got to take the elevator to the mezzanine Okay.
I just picked him up again.
You're close.
Super bon bon, super bon bon Drop the weapon, Moreau.
Don't do this.
You've got bigger problems than me inside that building.
I'm only worried about you.
Maybe you should be worried about my hostage.
You must cut lean - Hang on.
- You got to take the elevator Hold on.
Hold on.
Super bon bon, super bon bon Too fat, fat, you must cut lean Hang on.
Hang on.
Chump change, and it's on, super bon bon Super bon bon, super bon bon LIZ: Your men need to vacate the premises.
Funny, it's all so much smaller than I'd imagined.
A little tacky.
Reminds me of that road trip we took.
To Memphis.
Yes, exactly, Graceland.
I had the same reaction at Graceland.
All rather unimpressive, actually.
It smells kind of funny.
How much time before this thing goes off? I don't have a clue.
Elizabeth, maybe we should find someone to get the man a drink.
Tell me about the perimeter.
We're working with NYPD to set a line from Midtown to the east and 59th down to 42nd to the south.
- Any sightings? - ARAM: Not yet, but I've got NYPD analyzing footage of the area as we speak.
Pull surveillance, find an image.
I want Moreau's face on every TV in the tri-state area.
Any news from Keen? I'm on my way to her now.
Ahh, honestly, the suspense.
Shh, quiet.
Do I really need to be here? [WHISPERING.]
Ugh, I hate needles.
Wait, wait, wait.
What are you doing? [LAUGHS.]
I'm going to smack the lock.
I'm going to whack it to pieces and pray that opens the case without tripping the secondary in-line bypass switch.
You're gonna pray? Okay, I really don't need to stay for this part.
All of the smacking and the whacking and [INHALES SHARPLY.]
Are you okay? What is it? [SNEEZES.]
Oh, okay.
Ruddiger, if there's nothing else I can do for you, I think I'll go exploring.
Wait, wait.
You're gonna leave me here with him and the bomb? You can come to the U.
any day of the week.
For me, this is once-in-a-lifetime.
The tug of history and all that.
You should be fine.
- Should be? - [DOOR OPENS.]
That's comforting.
Now my bed don't weigh the same Change my clothes and wash my name Does the well go down that low? [LAUGHS.]
Oh, my! Let me breathe, and I'll let you go Oh! I knelt down in desperation I felt around for something real There's a radio station Playing wrong in my ear [LAUGHS.]
You keep coming alive, keep coming alive Keep coming alive, keep coming alive [SWITCH CLICKS.]
You keep coming alive, keep coming alive Keep coming alive, keep coming alive Mr.
Secretary General, Mr.
President, distinguished members of the General Assembly [LAUGHS.]
I come before you on the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - Now my bed don't weigh the same - Humbled to be the latest in a long line of politically questionable, formerly dashing strong men to address this hallowed hall.
Castro, Gadhafi, and my personal favorite Where your cross - [THUMPING.]
- and your flowers survive [CHUCKLES.]
Ah, Nikita.
You may have helped the Soviet Union lose the Cold War - I knelt down in desperation - But you did it in style.
Today, I want to bring to your attention a topic of great interest to me - There's a radio station - And I believe to anyone who cares about this revered institution Cary Grant, or, specifically, his acid trips.
You keep coming alive, keep coming alive - Moreau? - RESSLER: We lost him.
NYPD's blanketing the city as we speak.
- What is it? The gel-cap housing is stuck.
I don't think I can remove it.
Which means I don't know yet.
Here, do me a favor.
- Hold this.
- Hold what? This white wire.
And not the yellow one.
Don't touch that.
Steady hands, my friend.
RED: Through five marriages, numerous lovers, allegedly both male and female, and over 70 films, including "North by Northwest," arguably the greatest work ever produced here, he just kept right on tripping, and why not? Before LSD was weighed down by the counter-cultural baggage of Timothy Leary turning on, tuning in, and dropping out LSD was used to treat addiction, anxiety, and depression.
Keep coming alive, keep coming alive Keep coming alive, keep coming alive - Oh, boy.
- What do you mean, "Oh, boy"? That means this is not a good thing.
Standing here in the heart Of an institution dedicated to diplomacy, I can say, from personal experience, LSD has made me significantly more enlightened, kind, considerate, and loving, and if people are more kind and loving, then the world will be, too.
Honestly, do you have any idea what the hell you're doing? There will be less crime, fewer acts of terror, more joy, more diplomacy, and far more fun.
Ha, ha! Ha, ha! - Mm! - RED: Cary Grant once said after a particularly evocative LSD trip, "I imagined myself as a giant penis launching off from Earth - "like a spaceship.
" - LIZ: We lost Moreau, but your weird little German friend did it.
He defused the bomb.
I'm not surprised.
After all, he did build it.
We've notified NYPD.
You got to get out of here before they arrive.
Does it - Bother you? - What? Knowing that a catastrophe at the United Nations was averted, that people's lives were saved because of you.
That you do Good that no one will ever know.
Did you know that Cary Grant's original name was Archibald Leach? That he was born into poverty, the son of an alcoholic father and a depressed mother, and then reinvented himself as the paragon of WASP virtue and charm? Good for you, Archie.
I'm a great fan of reinvention.
Of keeping your true self hidden.
Or of becoming your true self, even if you have to take on a new identity to achieve it.
Care to join me and Dembe and Ruddiger at the Red Brau Tavern? Celebrate with a warm pretzel and a cold beer? Whatever happened to tai chi and spinach? [SCOFFS.]
After saving Manhattan, I feel I deserve a few carbs.
You go.
I got to stay here and figure out how to explain this to EOD.
Second thoughts? LIZ: I just want to talk about our plan.
What we're doing is the right thing.
I know.
I do.
It's just, um Whoever he is, he does do a lot of good.
The only thing that you just said that matters is "whoever he is.
" That's the point, we don't know, and this is the only way we're gonna find out.
But we do know who he is.
Raymond Reddington.
Not the real one, the reinvented one.
The one who's been Raymond Reddington for 30 years, longer than anyone else, and whatever we find out, it's not gonna change that.
This man, the one we know, is the concierge of crime.
A very bad man capable of an incredible amount of good.
Look, I get it.
I mean, I mean, I, I don't get it, but I accept it.
He's part of your life.
He drops by unannounced.
He's like family.
But being like family isn't family.
We have a plan, and if we stick to it, it's gonna work, but I can't do this without you.
So what's it gonna be? Max, we can fly you tonight, just as long as we are back in the hotel in time for the tennis.
I don't want to miss a moment of the women's doubles, all right? Go ahead.
I'll meet you inside.
- I'll take mine salted.
- As if there was any other way.
Three salted, two with mustard.
BALDWIN: Excuse me, sir.
Can I help you? You look lost.
I am, metaphysically, but aren't we all just a little? Let me see some ID.
George Murphy, Senior VP at Fine and Clean.
We sell shower curtains, curtain rods, liners, the occasional soap dish.
What are you looking at? Is there a problem, Officer? Turn around.
Hands on the cart.
You don't want me to do that.
This is my good side.
1085, officer needs assistance.
Assistance with what? Deciding whether to go salted or unsalted? I'm not gonna ask you again.
Fine, salted.
Just don't blame me for the aneurysm.
Hands on the cart.
Isn't this exactly the kind of harassment that makes people hate the police? - Are you carrying a weapon? - And here I was hoping to surprise you.
Murphy, tell me What's a curtain-rod salesman doing carrying a loaded handgun? Curtain-rod salesman? Shower curtains, mildew-resistant fabrics.
Baldwin, do you have any idea who this guy is? I know he's a wiseass.
Wiseass? That's who you think? This is the most wanted man in America.
LIZ: ARAM, what is it? He's been arrested.
That's great news.
Great? Why would you say that? - The guy's a killer.
- I know, but, look.
I know theoretically that I should be happy that someone who's done what he's done has finally been caught, but I'm not.
I'm sad.
- Sad, about Moreau? - Moreau? You just said he was arrested.
We haven't found Moreau.
We're still working on that.
Well, then who are you talking about? Mr.
Reddington is the one that's been arrested.
What? When? Less than an hour ago, he was, uh, buying a pretzel.
30 years on the run, and a beat cop picks him up at a pretzel cart.
- Where is he now? - NYPD is holding him at the 27th.
Well, we have to go get him out.
Police precinct, the most wanted man in America? - There's no getting him out.
- Of course we can.
We We, the government.
We have an agreement.
Keen, he's in the system now.
Does Cooper now? He's in with Panabaker.
She's not gonna do anything.
Is that what you know or what you want? - No one wants that.
- For Reddington to get arrested so we don't have to work with him anymore? Go ahead, Keen, say it.
I know it's what you're thinking.
- Thinking what? - That I called it in.
Reddington's whereabouts, that they arrested him because of me.
That's crazy.
None of us would betray Mr.
Reddington like that.
I don't believe you did it, but I do believe you're relieved it happened.
Keen, all I do know is that it's over, and nothing Cooper says is gonna change that.
You can't just walk away.
Actually, Harold, I can't do anything else.
You know the good this Task Force has done.
Yes, I do, and the bad.
We knew this was a possibility when we made his deal.
Which is why the government lawyers who papered it were very clear about what our position would be if it did.
In the event of Reddington's arrest, we disavow.
We papered it five years ago.
Since that time, thanks to Reddington's blacklist, this Bureau has killed or captured over 100 high-value targets and saved a tremendous number of lives in the process.
Harold, I like you, and I admire the way you have milked this mad cow, but you knew from Day One that the government would never publicly acknowledge having an immunity agreement with the number-one man on its most-wanted list.
I'm not asking you to go public.
He was arrested in New York.
If you inform the U.
attorney of the Southern District The publicity hound who wants to run for governor and, God forbid, president? You have any idea how long she'd sit on that Intel? We'd be in turtle mode for a month of Sundays.
There must be something you can do.
There is, and we are very good at it.
Absolutely nothing.
Cynthia, I know that the Task Force has crossed lines.
I know that there has been collateral damage, that Reddington is a criminal who someday must answer for what he has done, but that day is not today.
Today, because of Reddington, we stopped a terrorist from bombing the U.
You disavow, and, tomorrow, we may not be so lucky.
And that would be a tragedy, but there is nothing I can do about it.
- BALDWIN: One driver's license, one watch, Rolex.
$2,000 in cash, no wallet, no credit card, no keys, no phone.
You travel light.
Trick of the trade.
The soap dish trade.
You know what you fellas always say, that phrase? "We can do this the easy way or the hard way.
" Well, that's up to you, isn't it? Actually, it's entirely up to you.
One way or the other, I'll be set free.
Indictments and trials are obviously the hard way.
The easy way is for you and your family to suddenly become grotesquely rich, buy one of those offensive mega-yachts, and travel the oceans like a nouveau Jacques Cousteau.
Is that a bribe? A statement of fact.
You simply haven't lived until you've skinny dipped in the clear blue waters off the coast of La Ciotat.
The ADA is gonna want a statement.
A phone number.
A pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow for anyone smart enough to make the call.
Let's try that again.
What's this? My autograph, and a short dedication.
Something to make it personal.
If you insist on being a flatfoot for the rest of your life, you should sell it on eBay, buy some orthotics.
We'll take it from here.
Who's "we"? The prisoner is now in the custody of the federal government.
I made the arrest.
You're just gonna take my collar away from me.
He's facing multiple outstanding federal indictments.
That puts us at the head of the line.
You're a hero, Officer Baldwin.
I'll be sure to mention your name at the press conference.
Would've been a nice boat.
Let me be clear.
You will never be free again.
You'll be tried, convicted, held in a federal prison until we execute you.
As pleasant as that sounds, I'm afraid I've made other arrangements.
This is gonna be fun.
Winning always is.
Miss Holt.
- Harold Cooper.
- Hi.
- Thank you for coming.
- Sure.
When you asked me to come to your office to talk about Reddington, I assumed you meant the Hoover building.
What is this place? A blacksite facility for the Reddington Task Force.
This is where you've been hunting him from? That's what I wanted to talk with you about.
We haven't been hunting Reddington We've been working with him.
Say that again.
Several years ago, the government entered into an immunity agreement with Reddington.
Now that he's been arrested, I've been instructed to keep that agreement secret, but I thought you should know.
Has the agreement born fruit? A cornucopia.
You want to keep it in place.
Yes, and I think you'll want to, as well, after you understand just how many cases Will he be an effective C.
from prison? No.
You want me to kick him.
I want you to know all the facts.
- I want you to - I came here assuming that you were going to help prosecute Reddington.
Instead, you want me to conspire with you to let him go.
Once you go public, all this goes away.
Cooper, I can protect the Bureau's relationship with Mr.
Reddington for now, but the most wanted man in America, maybe the world, has been arrested in New York City, and I will prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law, immunity agreement or not.
So the rumors are true.
You are running for governor.
Good evening.
Today, I can report to the American people and to the world that earlier this afternoon, Officer Michael Baldwin of the New York City Police Department arrested international fugitive and traitor to the United States, - Mr.
Raymond Reddington.
As of this moment, I cannot speak to the details of his arrest, but I can tell you this, in the coming days and weeks, my office will be exploring all options regarding charges and sentencing against Mr.
And to the victims of his crimes, I want you to know that this case is my top priority, and I will not rest until Mr.
Reddington is held to account for all the pain and suffering he has inflicted on too many for too long.
Can we have a minute? He's my father.
They won't acknowledge the agreement.
I need you to focus.
- They're not gonna release you.
- Focus on what happened.
They're gonna put you on trial.
How it happened.
How? This wasn't an accident.
My luck didn't just run out.
Someone tipped them.
Someone close.
What makes you think that? The cops were tipped off.
Not specifically about me.
That would've triggered a larger presence, and I would've noticed.
Whoever did this told the cops as little as possible.
Something about a middle-aged white male carrying a concealed weapon, something a couple of cops could follow up on quietly, discreetly.
Do you have any idea who it was? That's what I need your help to find out.
Forget about the prosecutor and all this.
I've been a step ahead of them for decades.
I'm confident this won't change that.
How can you say that? I need to find the person who betrayed me.
So you can kill him? I see hard times coming I'd say that depends.
I feel the flood in my veins I hear a warning in the thunder I got a sinking in my chest These thoughts keep running, running, running, running These thoughts keep running, running, running, running I see hard times coming Ohhhh Ohhhh Ohhhh [SIRENS WAILING.]
Ohhhh Ohhhh Ohhhh I see blood in the river As the current pulls me down I slowly fade into the darkness JENNIFER: I know you were having second thoughts.
And I scream without a sound It was the right thing to do.
These thoughts keep running, running, running, running What's the biggest obstacle standing between us and finding out who he really is? It was him.
He deleted his file.
He dropped by unannounced.
I had to hide in the closet to keep him from seeing me.
As long as he's free, we're never gonna find the truth.
Ohhhh Ohhhh Personally, I think it's cause for celebration.
Ohhhh Ohhhh Ohhhh He asked me to find out who tipped off the police.
It's all that matters to him.
Not that he's been arrested or With all these worries taking over That he's gonna be put on trial It's getting harder and harder to breathe [VOICE BREAKING.]
And face the death penalty.
I see hard times coming All he cares about is finding out who betrayed him.
I see hard times coming I see hard times coming I can't imagine what he'll do I see hard times coming If he ever finds out that it was me.
Ohhhh Ohhhh Ohhhh
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