The Blacklist s07e05 Episode Script

Norman Devane

KELLER: I don't know what to say.
Abbott has some of the most impressive college acceptances in the country.
KELLER: And this scholarship - it would cover full tuition? - DEVANE: Yes.
Along with room and board and a stipend for books and supplies.
- So I'd live at the school? - We could visit anytime.
Yeah, we're only a few hours away.
DEVANE: Howie, your reaction is natural.
But I want you to know our scholarship committee combs through thousands of nomination letters from across the country.
There were more than 2,200 submissions for the Booth-Farnwell seat this year alone.
And the selection committee agreed that you, Howie, you're the one who shows the most raw academic potential.
So if you want to become a member of the Abbott Boarding School the scholarship's yours.
KELLER: Thank you! And remember to mark your calendars.
Parents weekend will be here before you know it.
KELLER: Uh, Howie, shake the man's hand.
You Sorry.
Just getting over a cold.
Drive me Crazy, baby - Crazy, baby - Crazy, baby - Crazy, baby - Crazy, baby - Crazy, baby - Crazy, baby Oh, when you hold me Oh, when you tell me that you love me [ENGINE STARTS.]
That you need me, drive me - Crazy, baby - Crazy, baby - Crazy, baby - Crazy, baby - Crazy, baby - Crazy, baby Oh, when you're holdin' me Oh, when you're telling me that you love me That you need me, drive me - Crazy, baby - Crazy, baby - Crazy, baby - Crazy, baby Oh, when you kissin' me with your sweet lips You know, you know you drive me crazy I can feel it in my head right down to my toes Yeah, yeah Like you never did before Come on, you're drivin' me crazy Well, I guess fourth time's the charm.
William Burroughs said the same thing to me once.
I have two leads.
Tell me.
Ah! Ernesto's a concierge nurse.
Ernesto coordinates a burgeoning portfolio of urine samples and blood draws.
As a bonus, he doesn't understand a lick of English, so, please, speak freely.
One lead is still a work in progress.
The other one is solid.
What do you know about Norman Devane? - He's an assassin.
- He's a genius.
Well, he's an ingenious assassin.
Who hides murder behind illness.
Our friend in Paris made a series of payments to him under the alias of Constance Drucker.
Paris was not your fault.
Devane can get us to her.
I spoke to Linda.
She says you haven't slept well since it all happened.
I underestimated her.
Well, we both did.
I should've known better.
Linda tells me your goddaughter's getting married Saturday.
- You should go.
- No.
Get drunk, dance the hora, and forget.
I-I am not leaving your side until this is done.
My friend.
I have a case for you.
The man we're looking for is Norman Devane.
Oh, uh, that's, um Uh, sorry.
We all know Devane as the mastermind behind the Libyan bioweapons program, but Reddington says that represents just a single line in a very lengthy résumé.
In Reddington's world, Devane is known as a killer for hire.
Simon Vestergaard was a shipping magnate who died of liver cancer.
Senator Jessica Tandler died of drug-resistant pneumonia.
And Ronald Perchik was a federal judge who suffered a deadly stroke two days after receiving a shingles vaccine.
Did Devane kill them, or did they die of natural causes? LIZ: Both.
And according to Reddington, Devane is in the U.
and active.
Subject is a 14-year-old Caucasian male.
Type B-negative.
Full immunization record.
THEO: Hey, uh, you new? You look new.
Howie Keller.
Howie? Cute.
Uh, I'm Theo Wolf.
Sort of the, uh, unofficial Abbott welcoming party.
- So he kills sick people? - No, he kills people by making them sick by giving them cancer or pneumonia or some other deadly disease.
He gives them cancer? Is that even possible? Theoretically, if a healthy person is injected with a high concentration of cancerous cells and those cells got into his or her bone marrow, they could, you know, catch leukemia.
- Catch it.
Like a cold? - Yeah, just a super bad one.
The world believed these three died of natural causes, but Reddington says they were murdered.
THEO: You don't get it.
Uh, Brandon Durso got a B-plus on his French presentation had a full-blown panic attack.
- Because he got a B? - A B plus.
My point is, you can't take all that "truth and excellence" crap too seriously.
You got to be able to relax here.
And if you need any help with that, like some some weed or, uh Well, I don't do drugs.
Says the new kid.
ARAM: The woman who abducted Mr.
Reddington in Paris - she's in business with Devane? - LIZ: Apparently.
Did she hire him to kill Reddington or someone else? He doesn't know.
So all we know is that an insidious assassin is on the loose and we have no idea how to catch him.
The WMD Directorate oversaw our response to the Libyan bioweapons.
If Devane is the mastermind, he might be on their radar.
COOPER: Get there and see.
At this point, "might be" is the best we've got.
LIZ: Elodie Radcliffe? The woman whose husband is in a wheelchair? Yes.
I'm the "other man" to I mean, I'm not yet, but I want to be.
Which is worse.
I think it's great.
Great? I slept with a married woman.
I think it's great you slept with anyone.
I appreciate that she's taking care of her husband.
But she needs a life, too.
And so do you.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
But Putin has a new nuke, and it turns out the Ayatollahs have more heavy water than a surrogate carrying twins.
And now that I've kept you waiting, I can't help you.
Uh, we called ahead asking for any information - your office had - Norman Devane.
We know what he did, but not what he's doing.
After Libya, he went to Syria.
Helped Assad gas his own people.
He was smart.
You name it bacteria, virus, fungi he could weaponize it.
You hit him with a drone strike outside Damascus.
We hit his lab.
Never found him.
But you traced a payment he made to an Anatole Kuragin.
Who's he? A Ukrainian hacker.
And the payment was seven years ago.
We haven't heard from him since.
Do you know where we could find him? He's in Havana.
So, yes, I know where he is.
But you can't find him.
I know someone who can.
October 25th.
1:35 a.
Subject Howard Keller.
Administering pathogen A-21.
You're going to feel a little pinch.
Un amor a llegado a mi vida RED: [CHUCKLING.]
Y a iluminado mis pasos sin saber Cuando mas obscuridad habia [RUSSIAN ACCENT.]
Who the hell are you? A friend told me you had a keen eye for salt and pepper shakers.
She was wrong.
You have an exquisite eye.
What do you want? I once saw the most adorable little ceramic set in a junk shop outside Topeka salt in a straw hat, pepper in a bowler, both delicately balanced on a tiny green hat stand.
You're a collector.
Eh, an admirer.
Of all things precious.
Including information.
What kind of information? Whatever you know about Norman Devane.
I don't know anything.
As a rule, I also admire loyalty.
But as I have pressing business with Mr.
Devane, I'm afraid you'll have to make an exception.
I don't make exceptions.
Perhaps these will change your mind.
Technically speaking, they're pepper casters.
Handcrafted American silver from the workshop of Paul Revere.
Original or replica? I'm surprised you would even ask.
I don't mean to press, but I have a meeting in an hour with Raúl.
Raúl? You're meeting with Castro.
Yes, and unlike Fidel, he's a stickler for punctuality.
He paid me to create backdoor access to National Diagnostics Lab's server farm.
Why? Is this a Frommer? I knew a gaucho who had a pearl-handled one in Patagonia, of all places.
- What was Devane looking for? - RED: He swore by it.
Though he did say the trigger was a little sticky.
- Ooh! Ooh! - Raymond! [LAUGHING.]
Oh, what the hell? I barely touched the trigger! It has a grip safety.
Well, he must have disabled it.
Ohh, God! Obviously, he set it to a hair trigger.
The man clearly had a death wish.
Now we will never know what Devane was looking for.
You should take a shower.
Get some clothes from his closet.
Write this down.
National Diagnostics Lab.
A warrant? To access our system? We believe that it's been hacked.
By whom? For what? Your company does diagnostic testing for hospitals and clinics all across the country, which means your system has information.
On 110 million patients.
110 million.
From children to presidents.
If the system was hacked, whoever did it has detailed medical and financial information on one in three Americans.
We're gonna need access to that database.
- I'm not falling for it, Theo.
- It's not a joke, man.
That janitor freak had you in the laundry bin and wheeled you into the south wing.
I would've woken up.
Besides, if you really saw something, why didn't you say anything? Yeah, and tell Dr.
Mitchell that I was hot-boxing Lancaster's room? - Not happening.
- You were probably hallucinating.
Your bed was empty, man.
I know what I saw.
Look, you're a newbie, so you wouldn't know this, but weird stuff happens at Abbott, all right? [LAUGHS.]
So he sleeps with her and then never calls her.
He wants to, but it's been two weeks.
"He" is right here, tracing the hack.
How can anybody be so smart and so dumb? - It's a gift.
- Well, call her.
Say you've been on assignment.
Lying? That's your advice on how to start a relationship? No, that's my advice on how to salvage one.
That's weird.
Um, not not your advice.
Well, uh Well, definitely your advice.
But it looks like, uh, Kuragin hacked the system to give some root access that they used to order a test.
- What kind of a test? - Full genome sequencing on a 13-year-old boy named Marcus Sinclair.
Are you telling me Devane hired a hacker to access the medical records of 100 million people just so he could sequence one teenager's genes? Actually Actually, it seems like they hired him to sequence the genes of 20 teenagers.
Why? What makes them special? [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS.]
TEACHER: Howie! Hey.
I wanted to congratulate you on Tuesday's quiz.
You were the only student with a perfect score in the cl Howie? You look awfully pale.
Are you feeling all right? I'm okay.
Just a little Ohh! Get a nurse! - What happened? - Yeah, she's coming! THEO: You passed out in the hallway, man.
How could you still not believe me? Maybe 'cause you were high.
Would you let that go? I'm telling you, whoever took you last night clearly did something to you.
You're being paranoid.
The nurse said I was probably dehydrated.
The nurse could be in on it for all we know.
I told you weird stuff happens at this school.
Kids get sick, disappear.
- Look.
I swiped these from Dr.
Mitchell's office so that we can get into the south wing a-and find wherever Dr.
Who took you.
Do you even watch "Dr.
Who"? Are you coming with me or not? [SIGHS.]
There's 20 teenagers.
All white, all male.
And all with B-negative blood or similar biomarkers.
Devane used the hack to identify patients who fit a specific demographic, then sampled and sequenced their DNA using NDL's automated system.
So Devane's looking at kids who fit a particular biochemical and genetic profile.
Why? We don't know, but of the 20 kids he sequenced, five developed life-threatening cancers or infections.
Three died.
Two recovered.
Why would a man who assassinated world leaders start targeting kids? And why would some of the kids he targeted survive? Not to mention how any of this connects to the woman who abducted Reddington in Paris.
Keen, Ressler, meet with the parents.
Aram, stay with the National Diagnostics files.
I see a lot of smoke.
Now we just have to find the fire.
Doesn't matter how I know.
I know.
Short December pork bellies.
Yes, the full five million.
- [BEEP.]
- It's done.
Cheer up! Dembe found a text on Kuragin's phone.
It seems Mr.
Kuragin hacked into the agriculture department and learned that the Chinese are about to impose a tariff on pork bellies.
He may have expired before telling us all he knew about Devane, but we're gonna make a fortune in the futures market.
I'm not like you.
I may have been once, but not anymore.
What happened in Havana and Paris, I I just can't shake it.
Neither can I.
But I can accept it.
Things happen.
You, a fatalist? Save that for someone who doesn't know you so well.
You leave nothing to fate.
I try to leave nothing to fate, but I'm perfectly comfortable with chaos.
That's why I trust that whatever happens is probably meant to be.
Like accidentally killing a guy and finding he has intel on hog futures.
Cosmic, huh? Like you ending up in a velour tracksuit.
It looks comfortable as hell, I must say.
You know, I came out of retirement for Paris.
For you.
For us.
I look forward to going back to my hammock.
You said you had two possible leads.
What's the second? I have a source.
Won't give his name.
He sent me a secure message saying he could identify the man who coordinated your abduction.
He's skittish.
I know he's in town, but he's refusing to meet.
How about this wedding? I told you, I'm not going.
Because it's a distraction.
It has nothing to do with Paris.
But what if it did? What if the wedding helped us solve Paris? Would you go then? Of course, but it doesn't.
Weddings, for the most part, are safe, happy places.
Places that even the most skittish source would be comfortable in.
You want me to invite the source to the wedding? Drunken revelers, interminable toasting, cheesy cover bands I can't think of a better place for a covert meeting.
I doubt it will work, but I will try.
That's all anyone can do.
The rest, we leave to fate.
Two rounds of chemo.
Then radiation.
Then surgery.
I can't imagine how hard that must have been.
On all of you.
They put Peter into a coma to try to buy him some more time, but none of the antibiotics that they tried worked.
I didn't even get to say goodbye.
Insurance paid for some, but we had to take out a second mortgage on the house.
Don't know if we'll ever be able to pay it back, but he's alive.
How long has Ben been in remission? - Five years.
- The doctors said it was a miracle the tumor didn't metastasize.
Crane, can you tell me if anyone might want to harm you or your family? I'm sorry? Are you saying somebody purposefully made my boy sick? I don't understand.
How can you give someone cancer? We're just investigating every possibility.
Do you have any enemies? Someone who might have hurt Ben to get to you? - Enemies? - We're from Wisconsin.
What about at school? Can you tell me about his friends, their families? Peter went to boarding school.
- LIZ: Boarding school? - That's right.
Ben loved it there.
What was the name of the school? MITCHELL: Earlier this morning, Theo Wolf was rushed to St.
Mary's Hospital after being found unconscious.
Despite the best efforts of the hospital's doctors and staff, I'm sorry to tell you that Theo has passed away.
If you'd like to talk, if you feel like you're struggling, please, do not struggle alone.
Reach out to a friend, a teacher, or myself.
All of us at Abbott are here for you in this difficult time.
Mitchell? Mr.
What can I do for you? There's something I have to tell you.
About Theo.
"It's Aram.
Hello? Hey, uh, Elodie.
It's, um It's It's Aram.
Hello, stranger.
Yeah, I, uh I know it's, uh, been two weeks since I've I've called.
I wanted to.
I just, um You have no idea how much I, um Okay, um, a friend says I should tell you I was busy at work, but I wasn't.
I mean I mean, I was.
I just Uh, not not too busy to call.
It's okay.
I didn't call, either.
You're You're married.
You're loving, honoring, and, uh, cherishing while I am I am lusting.
Which, of the seven deadly sins, if I'm not mistaken, is, uh, number one with a bullet.
I'm meeting some people at the Fremont tomorrow.
You want to come? Um uh, sure.
You'd have to wear a suit and tie.
That, uh That sounds, uh, fancy.
You, uh Are you sure it's okay if I join? Of course not.
That's why you have to.
Meet me in the lobby at 7:00.
ARAM: Sir, I found a connection.
In the files we pulled from National Diagnostics, each of the boys listed two addresses one where their families lived, which were all different, and a second one, which was all the same.
2725 Hollow Mill Lane.
Old Falls.
How can that be? None of the boys we identified are from Virginia.
No, but they all went to boarding school there.
Abbott Boarding School.
RESSLER: And from what their parents told us, all five of the kids who got sick were Abbott students.
- Became Abbott students.
- How do you mean? Devane had Benjamin Gansky's genome tested in February 2012, seven months before he enrolled.
He tested Peter Crane four months before he enrolled in 2016.
Sounds like gene sequencing was the final part of some sort of entrance exam.
Every student that passed wound up at the school.
We don't know what Devane is doing or why, but we do know where.
Are any students currently at Abbott whose profile Devane hacked? One.
Howard Keller.
Get to the school.
Alert the headmaster.
I don't want anything happening to young Mr.
Keller on our watch.
MAN: We have a situation.
I just hung up with the police.
I don't know what they know, but they know.
They're on their way now.
- O-On their way? - You need to shut it down.
Y-You got to get out! You need to deal with the boy, too! Okay.
Just calm down.
I'm on the verge of a breakthrough.
Take care of it, Norman.
Do you understand what I'm saying? It's not just Theo Wolf or Howard Keller.
It's the FBI.
I can stall them.
But this is over, Norman.
We're even.
Now get rid of the kid and clear out.
You need to go now.
Why are you Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
It's okay.
There you go.
Just go to sleep, little man.
It'll be over soon.
It'll all be over very soon.
Uh, so, I should've caught this before, so let me start by saying, um, I'm sorry.
- Sorry for what? - You know how you told me to notify the headmaster at Abbott and let him know that Howard Keller may be in danger? Yes.
What did he say? It's not what he said.
It's who he is.
The headmaster at Abbott Boarding School is Kelvin Mitchell, and his son, Thomas Mitchell, is on the list of names Devane hacked from National Diagnostics.
He's one of Devane's subjects.
That's That's just absurd.
RESSLER: We know your son was involved.
More importantly, we have reason to believe Howard Keller is in danger.
I'm sorry.
I'd like to cooperate.
But if you think I'm about to grant you access to one of the children under my care without proper authorization Hey, you! Yeah, you.
You want to go to jail for obstruction of justice, too? Or are you gonna show me to Howard Keller's room? Norman Devane.
Where is he? I'm not talking to you without a lawyer.
Or a warrant.
So why is he bringing students to your school? I said I want a lawyer.
Howard Keller? - Where is he? - I have no idea.
Hey! He's been sedated.
Lock down the school! Now! You want a lawyer? How about this for legal advice? Cooperate.
Because the man you're protecting is wanted not only by the FBI, but by MI6, the FSB, the Mossad.
I'm telling you, I-I can't help.
Why the hell are you sheltering this guy? I'm not! You don't understand.
Oh, I understand that you're lying.
But I don't understand why you're protecting the man who tried to kill your son.
Norman Devane didn't try to kill my son! He saved him! You're gonna tell me where Devane is.
Right now.
LIZ: Call an ambulance! Flip him for me.
Howard! Howard.
Talk to me.
Can you hear me? I need you to talk to me.
The man who did this do you know where he went? Talk to me, Howard! Do you know where he went?! [SHREDDER WHIRRING.]
Norman Devane! FBI! Put your hands where I can see them.
I said hands.
The kid what did you do to him? [CELLPHONE CHIMES.]
You were right.
About the wedding feeling safe.
Meeting is confirmed.
Then you need to change.
We'll have you home in a jiffy.
Things are looking up! Between you and Devane, we now have two lines in the water.
A fish will eventually bite.
Because everything happens for a reason.
Even if that reason is as random as my goddaughter's wedding.
Did you find Devane? Yes, and he's still infecting people.
Only now the people he's infecting are children at a boarding school.
- I need to speak with him.
- There was a fight.
He was injected with the disease he gave one of the students some sort of flesh-eating bacteria.
Ressler's taking him to the hospital.
Why children? I don't know.
Some died.
Some made miraculous recoveries.
We're taking one to Children of Mercy now.
Children of Mercy.
So Ressler isn't with you.
No, he's taking Devane to Walter Reed.
License and registration, please.
- What are you doing? - I've always wanted to say that.
Please, unlock the doors and step out of the vehicle.
- Very funny.
- No, really.
Unlock the doors.
I'm taking Devane.
What are you doing? Who is that? He can't tell you anything if he's dead.
- Come on out.
- He's in federal custody.
He was.
He's not anymore.
You know what? Have it your way.
Wherever he goes, I go.
You know what I always wanted to say? I have no idea.
This is gonna be a gas! [GRUNTS.]
Some kind of Vibrio bacteria.
- Vibrio vulnificus.
- It's a bacteria that aggressively attacks the body's soft tissue.
It can be treated with antibiotics.
Not this strain.
How do you know that? Because I created it.
You're Norman Devane.
You're Spalding Stark.
We arrested you! You brought an FBI agent here? It was a two-for-one sale.
The boy is he alive? What do you care? He wasn't trying to kill the boy.
He was trying to cure him.
What are you talking about? He got the kid sick.
He experimented on them.
On all of them.
And some of the children survived, but only because he wanted them to, because he cured them.
That's right, isn't it, Norman? - Is the boy alive? - I know that's what you've done.
What I can't figure out is why.
RESSLER: Try blackmail.
Make people sick and demand a ransom for the cure.
Is the boy okay or not? I understand what you've been exposed to is what you gave him.
But you also gave him the cure, and you're wondering if it worked.
Well, we'll just have to get back to you on that.
Let's take a stroll down memory lane, shall we? The drone strike.
After the strike, you went from hundreds of victims to ten? Why? What changed? I have all day.
You? What? An hour, maybe less? The drone strike.
In the hospital after, I got an infection.
Nearly killed me.
Everything I did to make other people vulnerable I never thought how vulnerable I was.
So that's what all of this is about? Protecting yourself? Finding cures to diseases you might get? It seems the germ doctor is a germophobe.
A word to the wise and dying you can't cheat death.
You can't predict it or protect yourself against it.
I can.
By testing immunotherapy drugs, I learned to harness the body's immune response to fight untreatable bacteria, cancers.
You learned to do it by experimenting on people.
And you didn't? I gave terminally ill hope.
I didn't infect children.
RED: Which brings us back to the boy.
Immunotherapy drugs are carefully calibrated to a particular individual.
The hack at the NDL.
100 million patients, and you find a handful who have enough in common with you to guarantee that if the cures worked for them, they'd also work for you.
Did it work? Please tell me.
As soon as you tell me about a Russian operative you did contract work for in 1986.
She reached out to you recently.
I want to know why.
The cure if it worked Tell me about the Russian.
Tell me about her, and I'll do everything in my power to get you the cure.
RESSLER: Trust me we want you to live.
So we can try you for mass murder.
Constance Drucker.
That's her name.
She was looking for a treatment.
Is she sick? Not for her.
Someone she cared about.
She cares for no one.
Do I have your word? You do.
His name's Patrick Masuda.
- Done.
- Who are you calling? Keen.
She's at the hospital with the boy.
She'll know by now if the cure worked.
- That won't be necessary.
- And why not? Because I have the cure right here.
He looks better already.
You're telling me that's why Howie was admitted? To be a lab rat? Devane cured the headmaster's son.
He had a terminal illness, and somehow Devane put it in remission.
So he let some maniac infect my son with some biological disease?! Devane agreed to continue treatment on the headmaster's son if he agreed to allow him to experiment on the students at the school.
- To make him sick.
- To test his treatments.
He gave Howard immunotherapy that he designed for himself.
I assume he did that for every boy.
Were they all cured? No.
They weren't.
Keller? I've reviewed the tests we've run on your son.
And? And the results are very unusual.
I apologize, Spalding.
You offered your services, and I returned the favor by acting intemperately.
My research.
This lab.
It can't be compromised.
It won't be.
I just called my cleaners.
They'll take care of everything.
An FBI agent saw what you did.
Reddington killed Devane.
For refusing to cooperate? No, Devane told him what he wanted to hear.
Reddington shot him anyway.
Agent Ressler is as crooked as the crooked man's cat.
You have nothing to worry about.
But apparently I do.
You haven't mentioned my blood panel results.
We've been too busy.
Not for good news.
His cleaners are on their way to mop up now.
You want me to let them? You're asking if we should look the other way.
Let me get your chart.
No need.
I have it right here.
Hello, Mr.
Mister? And Mrs.
Isn't it great? Come on! Name tags at a wedding are genius.
One side never knows the other.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Uh, we're going to a wedding? No, silly.
We're crashing one.
As As Mr.
and Mrs.
Bloom? They were the first ones I saw on the table.
FYI, we're on the groom's side.
RED: It's better this way.
No, it's not.
But it's the way it is.
About my chart.
I didn't look at it.
Why not? Because sometimes you're supposed to look the other way.
It was a pretty thick file, though.
I'd appreciate if you didn't mention anything about it to Elizabeth.
I wouldn't want to cause her any unnecessary concern.
It's no skin off my nose one way or the other.
But I'm pretty sure honesty really is the best policy.
I'm glad you think so, Donald.
Because I honestly don't want her to worry.
Whether she does or not is entirely up to you.
And loving it all Ohh-ohh, hold me now Ohh, warm my heart Oh! I love this song.
The song is, uh Song's great.
Us, um Us being here, it's Let loving start, let loving start You say I'm a dreamer We're two of a kind [CLEARS THROAT SOFTLY.]
Both of us searching for some perfect world we know You're saying he's gonna be okay? That he's been cured? His infection is resistant to every antibiotic we've administered, but he's improving on his own.
We're rerunning the tests to confirm, but, yes, it appears whatever that maniac gave him is working.
Nowhere that I'd rather be than with you here today Ohh-oh-oh, ohh-oh-oh-oh-oh Hold me now Ohh-oh, warm my heart The man you're looking for is Gregory Flynn.
Let loving start Uh [CHUCKLES.]
Excuse me? Frank Bloom? Oh, yes, but, um MAN: His real name is Berdy Chernov.
Oh, warm my heart Stay with me Let loving start Excuse me.
We're Mr.
and Mrs.
Our name tags seem to be missing.
Ohhhhh [LAUGHS.]
Who were you just talking to? - I have no idea.
- But he knew who you were.
Oh, my God.
I'm telling you.
Name tags at weddings.
Pure genius.
You ask if I love you Well, what can I say? Mrs.
Bloom? Yes, Mr.
Bloom? Wanna dance? Games that we play Ohh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh I don't know what the big deal is.
It's just a silly name tag.
Ohh, hold my heart Warm my cold and tired heart Stay with me Ooh-ooh, stay with me Let loving start, let loving start Oh-oh, hold me now Constance Drucker? It's an alias used by the woman who kidnapped Reddington.
Now, she hired Devane to develop a treatment for a man named Patrick Masuda.
And Reddington thinks Masuda can lead him back to her.
- So we need to find him first.
- So we can get to the woman who might have answers about my mother.
But I don't think I want them.
We went after Katarina, and my grandfather nearly died.
You deserve to know.
Yeah, but I don't need to.
I'm happy.
I've got Agnes back.
I'm not gonna risk that to hunt for answers about a woman I've never really known.
It isn't worth it.
Well, it's nice.
I mean, seeing you happy.
It's been a long time comin'.
Too long.
I-I meant to ask.
What was Reddington doing with Stark? Looks like he set him up after Stark got out of prison.
He always believed the guy was a visionary.
Probably wanted to reinvest.
It didn't happen.
There was a mix-up.
Now my contact's in the wind.
I'm sorry.
I told you with two lines in the water, we were bound to catch a fish, and we did.
After all that.
The shooting in Havana.
The wedding fiasco.
But I kept feeling like there was nothing but setbacks.
But here we are.
Made a killing on hog futures and got a lead.
And a prognosis.
Wich was? Stark's treatment was inefective.
I'm sorry.
Sometimes, things happens for a reason.
And sometimes I just don't know what that reason is.
Is there anything I can do? There is actually.
Some guy, Patrick Masuda I need some help to find him.

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